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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 6, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> it is still colds out there this morning, folks, windchill is making it feel like it is below zero. this is a live look at center city from our studios in spring garden. just how long will these sub zero windchills last? now, we're not the only ones taking a hit from old-man-winter. the entire northeast is. and some people will have windchills as low as negative 40 today. we'll tell you how the cold impacting travel. and, someone is waking up $450 million richer this morning. we will tell you where one winning ticket was sold for the mega millions lottery. >> today is saturday, january the sixth, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. let's get right over for a look at our forecast. here is meteorologist, chelsey ingram, with eyewitness werth. boy, chelsey, winning ticket would take the edge off this cold werth, and unfortunately we're here, that's right, very cold outside, great day to
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spend inside, great day to maybe make a pot of soup, warm you up, and it will be cold out there, throughout the entire day, it will feel sub zero for most locations. let me show you a look at current numbers across the region, this is the actual air temperature. we start you out with a look at this. 8 degrees right now in philadelphia. seven in wilmington. it is eight in millville. nine in atlantic city, ten in wildwood, right around six in allentown, reading as well as lancaster, in the poconos, it is 3 degrees below zero. now, that's the actual air temperature. when you combine the air temperature, and also the wind , which we're dealing with , and today we could see gusts around 30, 35 miles per hour at times, well, that means it feels below zero when you put all of that into that windchill equation. feels like 12 degrees below zero in philadelphia. 78 degrees below wilmington, 12 below in allentown, and 27 degrees right now below zero in the poconos. now, the poconos we have
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windchill warnings in effect through 10:00 a.m. sunday morning, everybody else, windchill advisories are in effect and that's for those windchills anywhere from 5 degrees above to around 15 degrees below zero. so, throughout your saturday, across the region, talking high temperatures only in the teens for philadelphia, and the shore, 18 down the shore today. feeling sub-zero, and 4 degrees in the poconos, it will be a cold one, and it will be even colder as we head into sunday morning, air temperature wise, i'll have details coming up in your full forecast, jan? >> chelsey, thank you. time 6:02, time to check the roads. let's go over to matthew work mizer in the cbs traffic center. hey, matthew? >> thank you, jan, busy throughout this saturday morning, weaver two incidents going on right now. starting montgomery county route 309, due vehicle crashing into a utility pole, they had both directions closed on route 309, from 202 through stump road. we do have good news. they have opened the northbound lanes, how much,
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southbound lanes at nap road are still closed as they try to repair the utility issue. turning to new jersey, we have a water main break in cherry hill on route 38. they've crossed -- or closed the off ramp to clove avenue. water main originally broke on church road. crews working to clean up the area as standing water on the roadway is turning to ice, so i would be careful driving in this area. finally, looking at live we can see some ice in the secondary roadways in philadelphia. this is state road at cottman avenue, on the left center of the screen you can see the roadway has patches of ice. might want to give yourselves extra stopping distance today due to these conditions. live from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm matthew workmizer, back to you. >> thank you, matthew. taking warmer climate, just try anchorage, alaska, it is 19 degrees there, actually warmer than right here in philadelphia, and that's not even counting the windchill. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at city hall this morning, as the region continues to feel bone
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chilling cold. and eat, a i bet you never thought would you want to go to anchorage alaska in the middle every winter. >> i never thought i would go there but i would actually prefer to be in al lasts did a than be here right now. it is just bitterly coal. you know when you see people stirring along because it is freezing, that's what we're seeing for the very few people braving these temperatures, this morning, but, on serious note, the city's code blue still in effect, city officials are taking special measures to keep those without homes safe. in the city's fairmount section, specifically, villanova student are taking the lead, to help those who are homeless, and they're actually pretty cool thing. they're actually trying to open up pet friendly shelters, as well, and people there say something warming their hearts in these bitter temperatures. >> what you want when you come home, a hot meal, and a decent place to lay your head. and that's what she has given us. >> reporter: now, it is cold and that means that parts of the schuylkill river have frozen over. coming up at 6:30, i'll tell
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you what officials are warning against, some people are taking a dangerous chance in these temperatures, live at city hall, anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> and we caught that on video , so definitely something to look at at 6:30, thank you, and eat a. >> well, tough job but the philadelphia street department says it is making headway clearing the snow. friday was the second full day of snow removal operations. plows wade down the salt, spent the day covering a lot of grounds out, there but there are still some unplowed residential streets. still, some people tell " eyewitness news," they are happy with what they see. >> i think it is great. i'm very happy with it, you know, the day that it was falling, it was very hard getting up the hill. but once that snow stopped falling, they cleared everything out. >> now, if you live on an unplowed residential street, philadelphia want to hear from you, just call 311. >> it is a tougher clean up job down the jersey shore. people working to clear the streets there had to deal with high winds, which made the job
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even more difficult. on thursday, margate got 16 inches of snow. although some say it looks like the resort town got even more than that. >> that's because there is no place to put the snow. so the winds piles it up. then we come down with our plows and push it to the side, and basically we're just moving the same snow from place to place. until it get warm enough. >> and never ending job. the clean up will continue throughout the weekends, with windchills that will make it feel well below zero. and, it is not just the philadelphia region that's freezing and digging outment many more people in the northeast will experience windchills as low as 20 to 40 degrees below zero. omar jimenez in virginia beach with the latest on this deep freeze there. >> as many across the northeast try to dig out, after thursday's heavy snow and flooding, the winds was blowing, just blowing the storm, sand, snow was going sideways. >> they need to get ready for dangerously cold weekends ahead. >> just amazingly cold.
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it goes through you. just this weather just goes through you. it is amazing. >> millions will see temperatures in the single digits, and the wind will make it feel even colder. as low as 20 to 40 degrees below zero, in parts of the northeast. >> we're asking people other than going out to shovel, we're asking to stay inside as much as possible, if you do go outside, make sure that you dress for the weather. >> and air travel continues to be a problem as thousands are forced to wait and see if their flight will be operating . >> flying out any time soon? >> more than 1400 flights canceled friday adding tore more than 4,000 canceled the day before. as the arctic air blanket the region, authorities are asking people to just stay inside. >> i've never seen any weather like this before. the weather the way it is, i'm just scared. >> in virginia beach virginia, i'm omar jimenez. >> new this morning, a gas leak briefly forced people in west philadelphia out of their homes. the call came in just before 3:00 this morning, to the 100
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block of north hobart street in cobbs creek. there are buses so neighbors could warm up. no reports of injuries. pgw working to fix the leak. neighbors are getting the okay to go back in their homes. >> sixers legend julius erving is undergoing an evaluation at a philadelphia hospital. doctor jay got sick at last night's game against the detroit pistons at the wells fargo center. now, late last night, a spokesman for his management team tweeted he is expected to be released after this evaluation. >> guess what, folks, someone in florida apparently has won last night's mega millions drawing. there is only one winning ticket for that jackpot worth at least $450 million. but just in case your ticket maimed some of the numbers, and maybe you won a smaller prize, here they are, the winning numbers are: twenty-eight, 30, 39, 59, 70, and the mega ball is ten. the jackpot for tuesday's drawing is now a measley $40 million. and even though the mega
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millions drawing didn't make us the mega millionaire, tonight's powerball jackpot might. it is now worth $570 million. that has alum p sum value of roughly $358 million before taxes. we'll have the winning numbers tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11. and fingers are crossed. >> investigators say fire that damaged the home of one roy moore's accusers is being called suspicious. and this morning, that woman is speaking out. hear what she has to say as this investigation unfolds. >> where many of us see white, young entrepreneur sees green. meet a ten year old boy from west philadelphia who is making a little extra cash, by shoveling people's sidewalks. we will be right back.
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>> fire has gutted the home of one of the women who accused former u.s. senate at candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct. tina johnson says house caught fire tuesday morning. while it is under investigation, as arson, authorities have a person of interest, but investigators do not believe this fire has anything to do with johnson's allegations against moore. >> too incidental to me. but whatever they say, i'm go with. but right now, i'm just so devastated that i can't -- i'm devestated. >> now, fortunately, no one was home at the time of the fire. a go fund me page is now set to up rebuild johnson says home, so far it has raised
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more than $55,000. moore denies the accusations by johnson and the other women >> a new book on the trump white house is now the top seller on line, and at book stores, the author of fire and fury, inside the trump white house, went on tv to stand behind his work. but president trump is attacking the book, he says, he did not authorize access to the white house, that he never spoke to author michael wolf, and that the book is full every lies and misrepresentations. now, the president tried to stop the release of this book, his lawyer sent cease and desist letters to wolf, and the book's publisher threatening legal action. and in response, the publisher moved the book's release date from last week to yesterday, siting unprecedented demand. i absolutely spoke to the president, whether he realized it was an interview or not, i don't know, but certainly was not off the record. >> regardless of whether or not there is a lawsuit, they should be concerned about peddling fake stories, they should be concerned about putting out information that's not true.
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>> five and fueros number one on amazon's best seller's list and on the barnes and noble website. well, this extreme cold is being felt as far south as florida many animals like sea turtle are not used to the low temperatures, so nos there is an effort to save them from the cold. chelsey kushner reports. >> as temperatures in southwest florida continue to drop below average, experts are scrambling to rescue stunned sea turtles. >> they get real lethargic, can't move f they get too cold they will die. >> experts say the near freezing temperatures are putting a strain on sea life, leaving turtles floating helplessly. >> the turtles are not used to this, and because they're reptiles, because they're cold blooded, their metabolic demands is shot g down, they're getting little stranded and disoriented as a consequence. >> since the colds snap started wildlife officers have rescued more than 200 stunned turtles across florida scientists say their bodies go into survival mode and
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shutdown, boaters like mike white are on the look-out. >> casino every crazy but just one of those things that mother nature does, and it protect the animals, and tosses boaters, we just need to be hyper vigilant. >> florida fish and wildlife released the warnings to both tears watch out for turtles floating in the water or washing up on shore. they also said to watch for manna tee's huddles together. >> i'll stay away from place that is are near power plants, because that's where they'll form, more warm watt letter come out of and then obviously look for the shallow err water , because the sun reflect off the bottom, and it warms up the water and that's where the animals will be. >> and that was kelsey kushner reporting. >> well the cold weather also cents creating challenges right here at home. if you have had to shovel over the past few days, you already know that. but this morning, we are meeting young boy who is taking advantage of this winter weather to make a little extra money. ten year old amid branch is warming hearts, with just a shovel and some salt. the young entrepreneur is cash
6:16 am
ing in on by helping neighbors dig out in west philadelphia. his mom posted about his shoveling operation on line, business certainly took off, they had to set a cap of 20 customers. >> the sidewalk and the stairs are $5. and the salt is $2. and in a simple way, just work hard. >> good advice there from quite a young man, someone in chicago, who heard about amin 's endeavor even offered to donate shovel equipment. good for him. >> and unfortunately, chelsey, probably corks you know, still have some work to do out there today. >> you know, a lot of people, especially down the shore, and speaking of that, it is possible down the shore we could still be dealing with some blowing and drifting snow out there. so, keep that in mind. because that can reduce the visibilities. so let me show you a look at some of the weather watcher pictures, we start out with this first, this is from allen. this is his weather station. okay, where he lives, outdoor temperature right around 7 degrees, but the windchill in his neighborhood is right
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around 5 degrees, below zero, how about that, and then ed, he lives in chesterfield, new jersey, picture assume interesting yesterday, he said , his neighborhood was just plowed, but it was really a mess, roads were not clear, and many locations will still be dealing with some of the problems, as far as the roads are concerned, and not in the best shape, especially as you head east of i-95, where we got some of those higher snowfall totals. but slowly but surely we will see things improving right, see the temperatures improving , as well. but, take a look at these numbers. single digit across the board for our weather watchers, that don't even have to read them off. just see 5 degrees for john, in pennsylvania, we have frank in nottingham says 5 degrees in his backyard, too, so dangerous cold out there this morning. dangerous windchills, as well. so here is a look at what you can expect as we head throughout the day today. windchills are going to be below zero. for pretty much everybody. you'll be lucky if you get a
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windchill around 0 degrees, or one or 2 degrees above zero today. everybody's going to be dealing with that dangerous cold, and also, that risk for some blowing and drifting snow , still possibility, especially as you head east of i-95, where we had some of the higher totals, and specially down the shore. high temperatures, only in the teens today. here is a look at temps right now. 8 degrees in philadelphia. eight in wilmington. seven in millville. six in allentown. right around 3 degrees below zero in the poconos. six in reading. 6 degrees in lancaster. but then we have got these winds on top of it. coming in out of the west, around 22 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. later on, this afternoon, we could be dealing with gusts as high as 30, 35 miles per hour. that combination of cold, and wind, well that create windchill values, right now, that are below zero. 12 degrees below zero in philadelphia. twelve below in allentown, 27 below in the poconos, that's where we have windchill warning that remains in effect through 10:00 a.m. on sunday, carbon, monroe
6:19 am
counties, then everybody else under that windchill advisory, and until 10:00 tomorrow morning. here's your forecast for today , frigid, dangerous windchills. high temperature only around 17 degrees. but it is going to be feeling sub-zero for much of the day. and i'm forecasting low temperature right around 1 degrees in philadelphia. as we head into sunday morning so, if that does verify, we will break the current standing record of around 4 degrees setback in 2014. and in philadelphia, not the only place where record low temperatures are in jep aired, as we head into sunday morning , also, allentown, the current standing record for below, reading, currents standing record 0 degrees, trenton two, wilmington three, atlantic city also current standing record right around 4 . that record will also be in jeopardy, as we head into tomorrow morning, and really the coldest core of the air arrives. not going to be dealing with as much winds as we have been today. the coldest core, the colds he is actual air temperature
6:20 am
arriving as we head into tomorrow morning. forecast high temperatures, though, would we will see improvement by monday, how about that? finally above freezing. how does that sounds? tuesday in the 40's, wednesday back down into the upper 30's, but there are some 50's, and in the seven day forecast, and i'll show you that, quiet view on storm scan3, we have clear skies as we start out your day today. sun, clouds, as we led into sunday. mostly cloudy by monday. then tracking another system, this could actually bring in a bit of a wintery mix. as we head into the afternoon, evening hours, even into monday night. so, monday temperatures climbing above freezing, but late day wintery mix possible. main forms of precipitation will be freezing rain, and snow, but mainly light, in nature, so keeping close eye on. that will eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 44 tuesday , i told you there were 50's in the seven day, and jan , there it is, on friday. back to you. >> you've delivered. friday never looked so good. thank you, chelsey. you play not like the brutal cold. who does? turns out your car doesn't either. coming up hear how the low
6:21 am
temperatures can damage your car, what you can do to protect it from this chill. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, the colds weather we've been dealing with is tough on people and cars, as "kyw news radio" reporter justin tells us, car care in the cold is critical to keep you moving. >> many of cuss go inside in the temperatures, but most vehicles are not that lucky, they spends days and nights in the elements, taking a beating , and that beat have big effect on their performance. >> the cold really takes the live out of the battery, at 30 u lose about 35% of your battery life. and about 0 degrees you lose 60% of your battery life. the cold weather also makes it harder to start, so it takes a lot of the power of the
6:24 am
battery to start your car. >> in philadelphia, like jamal , drive an older car or having a lot of battery issues due to the inclement weather. >> this weather is horrible. battery, waiting for the car to heat up. >> dan with triple a says on news year day, more than 1,000 calls for bari service. >> i had more than five towings, when i walk in today that needed batteries, cold weather just zaps life out of batteries. >> signs you should get your battery looked at sooner than later. there is a simple solution to keep your vehicle out of battery trouble, whether the weather is extremely cold or not. >> if you haven't had your battery replaced within three years, you might want to start thinking about it or have it test dollars more often. >> a lot of mechanics say believe it or not those jumper cables that you lever in the back of your car in case of an emergency may do more damage than good. they're recommending you use jumper box, instead. >> i don't even have jumper cables in my car. >> dan says, jumper cables can damage car batteries or other accessories. >> a lot of times newer
6:25 am
vehicles like 17's, 18's, don't like to be jump started. they really want you to service the bari correctly. there is an issue where if you mess up the cables wrong, you're basically going to damage the pcm or the computer of the car. may see a die in your alternator burn out. >> triple a offers free battery checks for members and non-members, if they look to keep drivers on the road, and out of the cold. justin uto, "kyw news radio," for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and in other news today, scary sequel and a golden globe nominee, are the big movies? theatres this this weekend. a a preview of insidious, last key, and molly's game. >> people, matters that can't be explained come to me. >> insidious, the last keys, the franchise fourth film is the only wide release hitting theatres this weekend. the plot follows paris psychologist, doctor elise rain ear, played by lynn shea, as she faces now a personal haunting.
6:26 am
pundants predictions vary variety pegging insidious opening of 15 to $18 million, while deadline posits 20 to $22 million debut. >> i'm in a room with movies i stars, director, business titans, going all in, all the time. >> thank you, million. >> i molly's game ups its and tee to 1600 screens for golden globe's weekend, the movie has a pair of globes nominations, jessica, for best performance by actress in a motion picture and best screen play motion picture for aaron core sin. offers molly's game similar bets of six to $8 million weekend n hollywood. >> still ahead, if you have to go outside, bundle up, and bundle up some more, and maybe just stay inside. a live look from our parkway central library, feeling like sub zero out there this morning, we will tell you if the harsh cold will stick around all weekend long. plus: look at this penny. it is rare. it just sold for $300,000.
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these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy, call 1-833-cvs-medd and transfer today to cvs pharmacy. >> good morning, today is saturday, january 6, i'm jan carabeo. today is groundhog day, and not in a good way. it is cold again. meteorologist, chelsey ingram here with the eyewitness weather forecast, chelsey,
6:30 am
brighten up my day. tell me it will be above freezing? it is not. it will feel below freezing all day, jan, but there are some above freezing temperatures in the seven day forecast, and we will talk about that this half hour. let me start you out with a look at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth on the live neighborhood network. you can see the snow pack still sitting on the board, footprints in the snow, but it is feeling below zero there right now. temperatures, are in the single digits, for most of us, with the exception of wildwood , right around 10 degrees now, the poconos, 3 deg. but it is eight in philadelphia. seven in wilmington. it is eight in millville. nine atlantic city. seven in trenton. right around 6 degrees currently in reading. but it feels so much colder when you factor in the wind. feels more like 12 degrees in philly. feels like 10 degrees below zero in he had rag, eight below in wilmington, 12 below in philly. nine below in millville. seven below in the atlantic city area. so this is why whipped chill
6:31 am
advisory remain in effect through 10:00 tomorrow morning for the region. wind chills anywhere from five above, 15 below zero, win chill warnings in effect up into the poconos for windchills anywhere from 15 below, to 25 degrees below zero. so throughout the day, actual air temperature, rise to the teens, later this afternoon, remember, get that bitter sunshine, we have the win, so it will feel below zero. i'll show you where those above freezing temperatures lie in the seven day forecast, coming up in a bit. jan? >> chelsey, looking forwards it, thank you. time now 6:31, and time to check the roads. let's go over to matthew work mizer in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, matthew. >> reporter: thank you, jan, gotten little busier. three incidents going on right now, but i have heard right now we will start in delaware, there was accident on i-95 northbound, delaware service area, right lane blocked, and crews working hard to get it cleaned up. i just heard that it has cleared. also, staying right in
6:32 am
delaware, earlier we had an accident on route one southbound at new castle road, red lion exit. all lanes were blocked. the good news: as always, it is a cruise just cloned up this accident, and now all lanes are back open. >> finally, up in pennsylvania , you can see here , it is a live, accident in wayne. this is on route 422 eastbound at route 202. the accident is right behind the ramp in the middle of your screen. you can see the police little bit off to the right see the lights, as well. had tow truck there earlier, looks like just cleared 422, that's good news, as well. live from the cbs-3 traffic center, jan, back to you. >> mat you ooh, thank you. philadelphia feels more like the arctic tundra this morning , appears to be no escape from the bitter blast as the temperature heads into the single digits, and the windchill makes it feel even colder than that. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:33 am
anita oh, knows all too well how it feels out there. she is coming to us live from city hall this morning, hi, anita. >> hi, jan, well, even though i'm bundle up, in multiple layers, you can just feel this bitter cold, it is brutal, not pleasant, if you have no where to be today, stay inside, the wind chills very dangerous, another danger that you can see, that fire officials warning against, parts of the schuylkill river have iced over. we saw yesterday, that some people were taking this plunge so to speak and walking their dogs across the ice, not along the schuylkill river, but actually on the ice. fire officials have harsh words for people doing that. >> you really need stay off the ice. it is not safe, frankly, no booed way of saying it, it could be the last thing you do >> absolutely right. and right now, the city's code blue remains in effect, city officials are making sure that those who are homeless have a
6:34 am
place to go, and can go into the shelters, villanova student also, are working on that city shelter up in the fairmount section of philadelphia. so everybody, if you are headed out today, if you have to be outside, bundle up, it is so cold out here, but better thing to just stay inside for the day. for now live in city hall, anita oh. >> you're trooper, thank you, anita, appreciate all of your coverage out there. >> thanks. >> now while the storm is moved out, sub freezing temperatures are sticking around, as kenneth craig reports, wiz are -- winter weather advisory are in effect from the midwest to the east costes far south as the carolinas. >> days like this, tough getting around boston. >> it is cents challenging, you have to watch where you're stepping. >> bostonians kept their heads down and did their best to dig out and dry out. the combination every winds, high tide, and a supermoon,
6:35 am
produced the highest tied this coastal area has ever seen. strong winds sent waves bursting through a sea wall. >> i think has to do with the global warming. >> in boston, water from the harbor submerged this entire area, crews have been working around the clock to try to clear these streets, so this doesn't all turn to solid ice. in michigan, detroit river has frozen over, and the windy city lift up to its nickname. >> real really cold. just like ice. >> it is cold nerve cleveland, than greenland. cold nerve minneapolis, and in north dakota, it is minus one. in florida, man atee's are huddled together in a canal to stay warm. several hundred sea turtles being rehabilitated after becoming disoriented in the chilly water. the colds he is temperatures, may be felt sunday morning, from portland, maine to the nation's capitol where it is not expected to warm up until next week. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news".
6:36 am
>> the storm and cold snap are now being blame for at least 22 death. >> two cars collide in the upper darby killing one person , sending another to the hospital. this crash happened just before 1:30 this morning at twp. line road, and lansdowne avenue. the surviving driver is now in critical condition, the cause of the crash, under investigation. >> major shake up underway at the philadelphia district attorney's offers, larry krasner fired more than two dozen assistant d.a.'s and other employees. the former staffers packed up boxes cents and loaded them into waiting vehicles outside of the offers yesterday. krasner was just sworn in this week. he ran on a platform of reforming the criminal justice system. the district attorney's offers released this statement da larry krasner long promised to bring cultural change to the philadelphia district attorney's offers or dao. this includes a broad reorganization of the structure of the dao.
6:37 am
as part that far process, 31da o employees were asked to resign from their positions cents today. which was yesterday. >> former eagles quarterback, donovan mcnabb, is out of a job. espn fired him after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. mcnabb, hall of famer marshall folk, other former players, all named in a lawsuit. mcnabb accused every sending inapropriate text messages to award robe stylist when they worked together at the nfl network. there has been no comment from mcnabb just yet. meantime, actor ben vereen has apologies dollars to several actresses for inappropriate conduct, all of them claim it happened while the tony award winner was directing a production of the musical hair in florida three years ago. the women say the misconduct included unwanted kiss, making demeaning and deviating comments, vereen says his intention was to create an environment that replicated the themes of hair during
6:38 am
rehearsals. well, right now book stores are having very tough timekeeping a new book about the trump administration in stock. fire and fury inside the trump white house went on sale yesterday, days earlier than expected. already top seller on line. correspondent mola lenghi report, publisher released it despite threats from president trump's lawyers. >> the author of the an explosive new book about the trump white house is defending his work from attacks by the president. >> i have recordings, notes, i am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported in this. >> president trump tweeted that he did not authorize access to the white house. that he never spoke to the book's author, and that it is full of lies and misrepresentations. but michael wolf tells nbc " today show" the president is wrong. >> i absolutely spoke to the president, whether he realized it was an interview or not, i don't know, but it certainly was not off the record. >> president trump tried to
6:39 am
stop the release of the book and had his lawyers send cease and desist letters to wolf and the book's publisher threatening legal action. >> regardless of whether or not there is a lawsuit, they should be concerned about peddling fake stories. they should be concerned about putting out information that is not true. >> in response, the publisher moved the book's release date from next week, siting, unprecedented demand. >> not only is he helping me sell books, but helping me proof the point of the book. i mean, extraordinary that a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. >> fire and fueros already at number one on amazon's best seller's list. mola lenghi for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and in other news today, this morning, someone is $300,000 richer, thanks to a penny. take a lock at this. this coin was just sold for that incredible amount. and it was made right here in philadelphia. so what makes it so special? well, the penny is one of the first copper coins to come out of the u.s. mint in philadelphia, back in 1793.
6:40 am
coin experts say this is one of only about 500 in existence pretty cool. well, coming up. ment some scary moments for passengers when two passenger planes collide on a tarmac. take a look at this. cell phone video shows what happened after the accident and we will tell you where this also played. >> plus we will tell you and take you to a farm where goats are feasting on used christmas trees. why the trees are healthy meals for the animals. we will be right back.
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>> canada cancellation board, two planes on the grounds at the, take a look, videos show explosion, from neighboring plane, west jet says an inbound flight from mexico was waiting to go to a gate there when sun wing aircraft moving back from the gate hit the plane. >> all over the wings. now, in about a two later it just all ignited big fireball. >> then everyone started yelling and panicking. >> west jet says all 168 passengers and six crew members are on board its plane are safe, sun wing says there were no passenger over crew on board its planes at the time of the collision. >> new video shows what it was like on board a cruise ship that sailed into this week's powerful storms.
6:44 am
>> passengers say, it was hit with 20 to 30-foot ocean swells, for two days. water and ice slipped into elevators, and state rooms, many passengers even had to go to sleep in the atrium, norwegian cruise line has apologized to the impacted passengers. >> where do you start? >> cbs news correspondent laura shows us why you may want to try working out in a group. >> student at the university of pennsylvania says this exercise class helped relieve her stress. >> school, work, applications, and whatever else is that's going on just be in the moment , let your body take over, listen to whatever the instructors are telling to you do. >> can have bigger benefits compared to exercising alone. those who participate in the
6:45 am
group exercise had 12 to 26% improvement. held al, fill call emotion of life. >> published in the american osteopathic investigation, followed about 70 medical student for three months, participants could choose to work out in a group, by themselves r or not at all, researchers found only those exercising in a group reported emotional and physical improvement. >> real power of group exercise is in connection. and it is an opportunity for people to connect with each other connect with their bodies in positive way. >> doctor putting her studying finds togs good use, teaching exercise class at the university of pennsylvania. student darian believes in the benefits. i walk out of the class happy every single time even if it killed me. >> she said a feeling she would never achieve working out in the gym by herself. laura, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ".
6:46 am
>> a lot coming up on cbs morning this saturday, anthony mason, alex wagner join us live from new york with a pro view, good morning. >> hey, jan, good morning, coming up the days headlines, plus it is the annual exhibit that shows us what is next for consumer electronics, we preview the biggest gadget show in the world. plus pioneering in a language that's all but dead. coming up meet one. few living people that can speak latin fluently, see what he's doing to save it. >> and from portugal to the motor editor, peter greenberg shows us the must visit travel destinations of 2018. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music in our saturday session, that is just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> lot of good stuff, see in you 14 minutes, now, right at 7:00. >> thank you. >> dotes will eat preach i much everything, but within plant happens to be their
6:47 am
favorite. west jerrell in slam spain illinois, has more than 100 goats to feed there. just so happens, they really like evergreens. so the farm hopes before most people decide to ditch their old christmas tree, they think about feeding these furry friends, instead. >> they like the pitch, the leaves, the they eat the twiggs, too. it helps digestion to help keep the goats happy give them something to do for quite a while. >> so typically the goats eat alfalfa in the winter months, trees will almost like a taste of summer for them. chelsey, coy use a taste of summer, i think everyone could right about now. >> unfortunately today, going to be feeling below zero. sub zero all day, when you factor in the windchill. >> check in with eyewitness weather watchers, jenny in cherry hill, four blows below, alan in delran, five below
6:48 am
what it feels like in his neighbor into, five below for he had ned chesterfield, eight below for phil in philadelphia , no surprise there. med forwards, new jersey, says feeling like 2 degrees below zero, fran in hot ingham says it feels like 12 degrees below zero at his house. see, here is a look what you can expect throughout your day today. sub zero windchills, on tap. no escaping them unless you stay inside in the warm, maybe even pot of soup, dangerous cold throughout the day today. even have the risk with winds coming out of the west anywhere from west to northwest anywhere from 30, 35 s where we see the gusts at, anyway. that calls blowing and drifting snow at times, especially down the shore in areas east of i95, keep that in mind, that can quickly reduce the visibility, and high temperatures only in the teens. 8 degrees in philadelphia, eight in wilmington, right around 7:00 in millville, 10:00 in wildwood, 9 degrees down the shore in atlantic city three degrees below zero
6:49 am
in the poconos, then factor in the wind, right now, coming out of the west, these are sustained winds, not even gusts, gusts will be even hire , 30, to 35 miles per hour , but sustained at 22 in philadelphia. fifteen in allentown 22 in the poconos, you combine that coal air, combine the wind, and that windchill, this is what it actually feels like outside 12 below in philadelphia, 12 below in allentown, feels like 27 degrees below zero up in the poconos, and that's where we have a windchill warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. sunday morning everybody else windchill advisory until 10:00 . for today. frigid and dangerous windchill , high temperature only around 17 degrees, but it will be feeling sub-zero all day. then, as we head into the overnight hours, tonight, the real core of the air, setting in, the winds aren't going to be as bad tomorrow morning. but, the temperatures going to be even colder.
6:50 am
so forecasting low right around 1 degrees in philadelphia, if that does indeed verify that will break the current standing record low of 4 degrees setback in 2014. there are several other areas, outside of philadelphia, where we could see the records in jeopardy as we head into tomorrow morning, allentown, current standing record of four below setback in 1940's, reading, trenton, records low temperatures setback in 2014, wilmington also include in the that then atlantic city the current standing record right around four. setback in the 1800s, that record will be in jeopardy as we head into tomorrow morning, as well. the good news is temperatures will slowly warm by monday we finally make it above freezing 33 degrees, that's the forecast high temperature. headed into tuesday, we're in the four's, 39 on wednesday. i do have some 50's in the seven day forecast, and i'll show that you storm scan3 shows we are quiet but tracking our next system, as we head into monday, we could be talking about wintery mixon way, mainly headed into wednesday afternoon and actual
6:51 am
monday evening. mainly in the form of some freezing rain, also some snow. so we are keeping close eye on that, eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like there is as we head into tuesday, high temperature right around 44 degrees, so how about that? making it into the 40's on tuesday, 39 wednesday, we're going in the 50's headed into friday. so slowly but surely we are getting there, jan, but one family really loving these cold temperatures, the fox chase man, definitely has the best backyard in the area, on days like today. take a look. david built his backyard ice rink for his children and other kids in the neighborhood , the weather this year has been specially cooperative. for the homemade ring. >> it gives the kids a great chance to skate, and enjoy the winter instead every sitting inside playing xbox. all of the worker has it do is n times again, just as she is a kid skating like this. >> and i was there yesterday,
6:52 am
jan, just so cool. his son actually wakes up at 6:30 a.m. in the morning before school to practice on the ice. he is a really big into hockey , awesome hockey player. >> why not? pretty cool there. got to embrace it at this point. thank you, chelsey. well the miserable cold is actually a blessing for one philadelphia business. selling heated clothing. as our david spunt shows us, the manayunk based company got very big boost on national television on new years eve. >> sub freezing temperatures are un for giving. >> this is great. it is freezing outside. >> and those low temps mean big business and batteries for philly native justin silverman , he co-founded the warming store in 2009 and he calls it the hub of everything heated. >> our most popular items are going to be heated socks, because people feet tends to be the first thing cold. >> business has always been good this time of year. things got even better when journalist anderson cooper boarded his battery operated
6:53 am
heating clothing new years eve he talked about his new favorite store on cbs late show with stephen colbert tuesday night. >> i call up the store, called the warming store in philadelphia, i found it on the internet. and i bought -- >> the warming store? >> the warming store. so i spent $2,900 buying electric clothing. >> i always watch colbert, except i went to bed early last night, this morning i woke up, my facebook and my cell phone was just vibrating like crazy. >> during our interview a curious customer who saw cooper came in to escape the cold. >> i'm an eagles season particular holler, i wanted to come to buy something for my head and feet because i was coal sunday. >> while the warming store is an actual store here in philadelphia, majority of the business is done here in this warehouse where heated gear like this is shipped all around the world. silverman's cups inch, alley, is also with the company. >> he surprises people when i say, you know, we design heated clothing, sell heated
6:54 am
clothing. like that exists, i can't believe it. >> believe it. and silverman is confident his industry is only growing because of brutal winters like this one. >> really great way to keep yourself warm. >> in philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! amazing produce prices. only at giant.
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>> women come back, just enough time for one final check on the wetter. >> finally some 50's in the forecast, just hang in there, get through this weekend, all right, today high temperature of 17, but it will feel sub zero out there. near record lows, or record lows, possible, as we head into sunday morning, high of 19. less wind, though, that's good news, making improvement. late day wintery mix, possible , on monday, mainly in the form of some snow, freezing rain, keeping an eye on that, 44 on tuesday, jan,
6:57 am
as we head free friday, nor casting high temperature in the low and mid 50's, across the region, that's going to be like taste of summer, for all of us that have been in this deep freeze. >> just incredible. i can't say often that i look forward to the work week, since above freezing monday. >> yes, can't wait. >> love it. thanks, chelsey. that's it for "eyewitness news " at least for now. you may be signing off on tv but always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend, everyone >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ good morning. it's january 6th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." the arctic in america. 100 million in a dangerous deep freeze, with some seeing windchills to around 30 below. plus, forced onto a frigid tarmac. two planes collide on the ground, sparking flames and panic. president trump huddles with his team at camp david. their plans for 2018 and new fallout from that explosive tell-all book. and is the multi billion dollar pot business going up in


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