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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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afternoon i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. we are watching radar and effects tonight we have live team three coverage and we will start in our weather center with meteorologist kate billow with what is happening right now, kate. >> as you said, the timing is, the problem, here really this is generally light precipitation we are not expecting much in the way of accumulation a few hundreds of an inch of ice, possibly a few half inch of snow in our north and western suburbs. most of that has started to wind down but it is timing. ice on the road during evening commute during school dismissal hours you will have some problems out there lets look at what is going on out there on storm scan three and you can see from the radar picture this is not heavier precipitation, rain is a light drizzle, very light rain coming through but the problem is the ground temperature. ground temperatures, soil temperatures around 20 degrees thanks to our prolonged duration of the cold air so anytime you get rain to fall and sub freezing surface it will freeze, on contact, this looks like it is winding down
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it is spinning right here how this is starting to fill in ever virginia and maryland i am concerned another wave have rain could come through for south jersey and delaware through the later, hours of authentic and that is why weather winter advisory for suburbs goes until midnight. philadelphia getting the brunt of it right now, heaviest have the rain we have seen so far that, quarter pink shade over the city right over 76 and 476 , could lead to some very slick conditions now, on side streets, untreated surfaces. main road thanks to the salting and friction on, keeping the road warmer that should help, the conditions on the main road. but your driveway, front walkway, any back road, bridges, overpasses these are areas to be most concerned b temperatures just below freezing in philadelphia, 31 degrees. raining at 31 degrees. that is problem. rain will freeze on contact in any sub freezing surfaces. mid 20's in allentown and reading, above freezing down the shore but ground is cold
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so any rain that falls, could freeze, on contact there, how much are we talking there? most of the snow is done for the poconos and that is where the snow has been. there was light snow in the far north and western suburbs but mainly wintry mix have freezing rain, sleet, snow around city and suburbs. rain freezing rain and sleet for shore points and down into delaware but threat of ice, it is every where. your winter weather advisory goes through this evening at 9:00 in the city, midnight down the shore and that is indication that the road could be treacherous so stay off them if you can. while we keep track of the system here, cbs-3 mobil weather watcher is on the road with meteorologist lauren casey passing the streets in the wintry mix. lauren's live on the schuylkill expressway eastbound with the very latest , how is it out there. >> reporter: it is slow, everyone taking it slow and road are glistening which means that they are wet and or icy. we will give you a live look at schuylkill expressway heading eastbound toward
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direction of south philadelphia, freezing drizzle is coming down right now, you can see we are using our windshield wipers, is there precipitation, on the mobile weather watcher and roads do appear to be very glistening, so we do have that precipitation that rainfall, kind of accumulating on the roads and concern as kate mentioned the soil temperatures that it is just so cold, ground temperatures, at around 20 degrees, so this rain is going to freeze, on contact, and so it is extra cautious of icy conditions on the roadways, throughout our evening commute, with falling freezing rain and drizzle, remember, freezing rain, is, rain, it looks exactly the same as rain, it just freezes on contact with the ground with temperatures freezing or below air temperatures or those cold ground temperatures at 20 degrees. so everything will be freezing , on contact, also, we do have this left over, snow, in the mixture as well and if that starts to melt that could exacerbate slippery conditions
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in the next several hours, so again, be sure to use extra caution, and guys, the road are not looking as busy as they typically would around this time it would be packed on the schuylkill expressway so i think people are heeding that advice, heading home, early from work and that warms my meteorological heart that people take advice they headed home early taking it slow, taking it easy so everyone stays safe what could be a dicey commute. >> in, lauren, thanks very much. we will check back with you in the mobil weather watcher throughout our broadcast this evening. meanwhile tonight, we're also watching the road from our traffic camera is a evening commute continues, this is a live look at i676 in center city not too far from where lauren was. delays are mostly in the eastbound lanes. driver should use extra caution authentic. this wintry mix is causing slick spots on the major roadways. now lets get over to "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live from the schuylkill express weighed near city avenue with how the commute there is shaping up, anita. >> reporter: ukee, the rain is
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really freezing on any untreated surface that it hits we are here at the schuylkill expressway westbound opposite direction of lauren and it does look like is there less traffic then there was earlier this afternoon when it was just back to back grid lock and traffic moving along very, very slowly. at this hour we are getting a handful of reports of accidents in the western suburbs and also, reports of streets that have completely iced over. as freezing rain moves through our region drivers are trying to escape it. >> i know better then to be out so i'm just trying to get back home. >> in work today just trying to get off the road. >> reporter: 350 penndot crews are on the treating the road but officials say this kind of mixed precipitation can be tricky. >> not a good situation, isis never good, there is no clean way to get rid of it. >> reporter: that goes by kyle freeze have lower merion township he has a truck full
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of salt to melt slick spots. >> freezing rain sleet is worse. >> reporter: freeze says treatments of the street is prioritized they have the streets categorized in one's, two's, three's bell machines avenue is considered a one, that is first priority and, streets are a three. >> reporter: we are getting reports of the worse conditions in berks county but again here a wrong the schuylkill expressway you can see traffic has lightened up, quite a bit, it seems that drivers are taking it, relatively slowly and also a lot of drivers have gotten off of the roads but if you are still heading out, for your evening commute officials are urging you to take it slowly. for now live along the schuylkill expressway, anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" alycia nieves is keeping an eye on conditions in new jersey and joins us from a camden county, salt yard in stock and alycia, preparations started well ahead of the precipitation. >> reporter: ukee and jessica they are right along route 70 out here and we have seen salt trucks loading all day in this
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area and all day all over this state, everyone preparing for conditions that we are right at this moment, precipitation, at this moment, it is not that bad, little drizzle coming down but that may be deceptive that is why i say. that looking behind me the ground is just frozen still from the cold as we have had over the last couple of days, last two weeks and as that rain comes down as lauren mentioned it will start to freeze and we will see black ice certainly very dangerous road conditions. as one plow and salt truck leaves another one pulls in the camden county department of public works salt barn in pennsauken and a all hand on deck situation crews preparing in thon stop all day for expect afternoon and evening wintry mix have light snow, sleet, and freezing rain. >> it has been non-stop, we are started to wash off the trucks from friday/saturday, and we just got halfway through that when we got the
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weather bulletin saying that we will have, precipitation possibly in the ice. >> reporter: camden county plow and salt truck crews could not finish combining after the last storm that slammed new jersey. when they already had to load their trucks up and prior to tackle this one. to try to make the roads as safe as possible the county has about 100 pieces of equipment out spreading salt on roughly 1400 lane miles of roadway. >> we have the salt, as long as it doesn't start again tomorrow. >> reporter: we're holding our breath. >> yes. >> reporter: chris, supervisor for camden county highway department jokes because in his 20 year career it has only been a handful of time that his crews have been this busy backeling back to back snowstorm and severe wintry weather. along with camden county crews , new jersey department of transportation, has about 1500 salt trucks, out and
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about throughout the state, trying to really make sure these road conditions are as safe as possible, but everyone is really saying the most safe thing that drivers can do is try to avoid roadways try in the to be out here and if you abs routely must be out here try to take it slow drive very cautiously. reporting live from pennsauken alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good advice, thank you. if you are heading out in the slippery weather we have advice forgetting around safe ry, that is coming up. and, count down on for eagles playoff on saturday. why eagles do you hard fans might be just, a little bit, torn about the game. >> unaudible. >> we are hearing the frantic radio call from the weekend fire that took the lives of a philadelphia fire fighter and another man, a live report is up next. why the rumors once again swirling oprah winfrey may get into politics it is what her long time partner steadyman
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we're cooping an eye on the road with our traffic
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cameras as this wint whichry mix tracks travel. thinks i-95 at allegheny avenue, headlights you see are heading northbound, and while other things seem to be moving , you can see precipitation falling as the rain continues tonight. flags are flying at half staff across pennsylvania in honor of the philadelphia fire fighter killed over the weekend. we're learning more about the fire of colorado street in north philadelphia that claimed that fire fighter's life and the life of a 61 year-old man. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live in northern liberties tonight with more, chantee. >> the causes still under investigation, black bunting, however, hangs outside of this local union office of lieutenant matthew latourneau and similar scenes all across the city in honor of their fallen hero. investigators filled the 2200 block of colorado street, a neighbor's cell phone captured flames two days earlier overtaking this row house.
5:14 pm
two lives were lost, an 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department 42 year-old lieutenant matthew latourneau and resident 61 year-old d dellrid lane. >> that was first man that i loved. he was the first. we were close. he was a hands on dad when i was little. >> reporter: this is lane's only child she said father/ grandfather grew up in the neighborhood and was a star basketball player seen here in jersey number ten in germantown high school. lane says he had a giving heart. >> when my grandmother fell ill in 2015, he was there. he sat there on saturday. just left her that night on friday night. he was, loving, and he cared. >> he was a nice guy, nice neighbor. he always spoke when he saw me , i saw him the night before , at 2:00 a.m. he was walking to his house. he got a i new space heater because he didn't have heat. >> reporter: smith is new displaced as flames spread to
5:15 pm
her home her neighbors rescued her. >> they wanted to answer so we had to kick the door in. we were banging on the door for 20 minutes. >> reporter: across the city and states flags fly at half staff as ordered by pennsylvania's governor, black publicitying hangs outside a fallen fire fighter's local 22 union office. and funeral arrangements have been just made public for lieutenant latourneau, two public viewings at cathedral basilica on saints peter and paul, one on thursday from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m., the other at 9:00 a.m. on friday a funeral mass will follow the second viewing on friday, now back out here live, many will continue to honor that fallen fire fighter, and all the way through the funeral, and on. that is very latest live here from philadelphia, chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you chantee. horses that used to be owned by philadelphia carriage company have a new home. they are living out their retirement at a non-profit rescue in maryland.
5:16 pm
city reese latin inquired ownership of the horses after the fail carriage company, shut down, on the first of january. the company seized operations after complaints, about inhumane boarding conditions, for the horses. and a dramatic rescue in wilmington delaware has a happy ending for a man and his dog, after, some frightening moments, just before 10:00 o'clock last night first responders were called to the brandywine river, near south park drive, and south market street. they say a man had become stranded on a frozen patch of ice trying to save his dog. after a rescue operation that lasted nearly an hour both were pulled to save t neither one never went into the water and we're told that both are now, doing fine. >> oh, well, that is good to hear. meteorologist kate billow is joining us here now and people made their way home early or, they are in the presence zest. >> or waiting for someone to get home, it could be a slow go out there but as lauren and anita were telling us not a lot of traffic. schools dismissed early.
5:17 pm
we had that mess a couple weeks ago with the snow they weren't taking chances.le folks felt the same leaving work early, maybe working from home to avoid being outside on the icy roads. main road should be handling this well, from what we have seen all of the friction on the tires on the schuylkill expressway, treating of the road in advance of this event really has help. what you have to worry about are slow patches, front walkway, driveway, parking lot , certainly back road and bridges, overpasses will get slick as rain continues to fall on a very, very cold ground tonight. lets take a look outside take to you bethlehem where you can see how shine that i road surface looks. now, that is scary part out there driving it doesn't look like snow. driving in snow and ice any day of the week because if you see that slick road you don't know if that is patch of ice or wet. most main road it is wet but with temperatures on the ground, soil temperatures around 20 degrees, is there still a chance that any of those road could be icy. temperatures will stay at or below freezing overnight. meaning any roadless traveled
5:18 pm
have a better chance of being icy. slow go up there in bethlehem, slow go looking west through reading at whitefield elementary school. you can see car lights going slowly. they have a coating of slow here back to the north and west when this system came through earlier. 27 degrees now, temperatures still below freezing. anything that falls could stick and get icy. you can see how thinks filling into the south. rain moving into portions of delaware. do i expect that to fill in more over south jersey and delaware through the next several hours, north and western suburbs, thinks pretty much over, may take its time getting out of the city, a little bit over next couple of hours but eventually by midnight tonight i expect this to be completely off the coast we may see a little quick hit of snow in the back edge of this moving through the city within the next hour or so but still cannot rule out a few sprinkles at lee until seven or 8:00 o'clock tonight. temperatures right now again all depends where you are in the mid 20's in reading and allentown. more snow then freezing rain. in philadelphia it is below freezing, but again that
5:19 pm
precipitation, falling through a warm layer of air and melting, falling as rain and then hitting that frozen ground and refreezing, and we have got temperatures freezing down the shore. wintry mix through 7:00 p.m. when you can see it through the west and through 9:00 p.m. in the city and through midnight along the coast that is when you have to worry about the rain, and freezing rain. here's what that looks like, you can see quick hit and then we will clear it out tomorrow, sun will return, tomorrow looks a whole lot nicer then today. we're not talking about a lot here a few-s of an inch of ice but that is all it takes to make road, slippery, outside. and then we will thaw out and start that you go process tomorrow and you can see jet stream looking well up to the north by thursday and friday it will feel like a little taste of spring in the city. our temperature tonight down to 29 degrees, wintry mix end, temperatures don't go anywhere , and then tomorrorow we are back to normal or maybe even a couple degrees above normal, 43. mostly sunny and beautiful. no, sir as cold. speaking of not as cold, wednesday, seasonal near
5:20 pm
average, thursday, 51 with a stray sprinkle and then by friday, we will hit 60 degrees , and now maybe a wet 60 degrees, but it is 60 degrees and then saturday, temperatures plumet, sunday's cold again but yeah. >> i know, right you saw that right. >> yes, 60. >> other day it was 17. >> i know. >> quite a up and down. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it we now know who will sing the national anthem at this years super bowl and this person is a local products. also ahead tonight we will wrap up golden globes with some of the fun, before, during, after including this video of justin timberlake and their wife jessica beal on the way to the a ward, leslie. eagles get nothing love from the odd makers some players upset, and a hint or they should be routeing for matt ryan or bird. hear from a divided school next up in
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we're not playing in super
5:24 pm
bowl 52 yet, but we no who is performing national anthem. doylestown native pink will sing before the big game. it will be grammy award winning artists first super bowl performance, the half time show is being head line by justin timberlake. it is all happening february 4th in minneapolis. leslie van arsdal, i don't know who these odd makers are but i bet they have not played a down of football in their life. >> listen, it is metvation for the eagles. eagles went back to the novacare complex to start watching film of the falcons for saturday divisional playoff game. eagles are a two and a half point under dog to the falcons they are first number one seed not to be favorite in the divisional round. and there is a reason why odd makers are not feeling birds? that injury to carson wentz. so will the team play the we don't get any respect card this team, obviously, we have been having a chip on our shoulder all season. we just want to get out there
5:25 pm
and play a good game. >> i don't get really, excited about bulletin board material. i think we're better then that it toss than the matter unless we show it which is more important then talking about it. >> game will be home coming for falcons quarterback matt ryan, exton native went to penn charter from 1999 through 2003, and, of course starks quarterback of the team. we went to the campus to see who the faculty and students will be rooting for come saturday afternoon. >> well, i, i admitted, matt ryan of penn charter, and i necessity his family very well spectacular guy. wish him very best of luck, good health, hopefully he has i great game but i'm rooting for eagles to win. >> the falcons. my family has said, bloodies always thicker then water and i have to always support family members and all that. >> rooting for eagles. i have always rooted for eagles. i cannot stop rooting for the eagles. >> yes. >> i love it. >> and, of course, matt ryan's
5:26 pm
cousin better be. >> yes. >> that is right. >> all right. >> it will be fun over there. thanks, leslie. coming up next half an hour, heading out in this latest run of wintry weather we have some advice on how to handle those slippery road. earlier today expect could be seen pouring from the roof of trump tower in new york city. we will tell what you happened and who was injured, that is up next. also the glitz and glamour of the golden globes spilled from the stage to the after party. we will take you inside some of the hottest bash west help from our friends at entertainment tonight, we will
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as we continue our cbs-3 mobil weather watcher is on the go surveying conditions. this is live look at i-95 south doored delaware county. it is mostly clear but drivers should take it slow if the road are wet, decrease your speed. trucks are out in force as
5:30 pm
this latest round of winter weather is coming through. >> freezing rain is falling as everyone head home for the evening. meteorologist kate billow is closely watching this system as it makes its day around our area, so kate what do you think, how long will we be dealing with this type of situation. >> it looks like in the city for next couple hours we will watch for a light rain, drizzle, possibly snow, sleet mixed in and that could cause problems especially on untreated rose ways. talking about major road like schuylkill, i-95, probably okay, there is so much traffic keeps road surface warmer but you can see where rain and snow is falling pink you see is rain falling on a frozen ground so freezing on contact. you've got just plane rain across delaware and even into snow in the northern edge here portions of the lower montgomery county and delaware , chester counties and new castle county delaware seeing snow right now. we have a mixed bag of everything, precipitation is not heavy in the looking a lot of accumulation or high amounts of ice but doesn't
5:31 pm
take much to cause slippery conditions and even slippery walking conditions. not even to mention the roads but out there on the sidewalks you could hit patch of ice and fall so please be safe, you can see through next couple of hours freezing rain, continues down the shore but even at 9:00 o'clock we may see light rain in the city, down toward the shore points and then clear the coast by around 11:00 o'clock tonight, biggest impact with this freezing rain and impacts on travel, this evening and through nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight and then we will clear out and we have better news with the seven day forecast, ukee. >> kate, thank you. traffic is moving tonight but people are taking it slowly, in and around philadelphia. this is a live look at roosevelt boulevard just past i-76, those headlights are north bound and so far, we're just seeing normal volume out there nothing serious, to slow commuters down. this wintry mix could make area roads slick throughout the night. >> but there are some things to do to stay safe. joining us live in new castle delaware is kathleen miller
5:32 pm
from triple a. thanks for being with us. give us some advice, for, driving safely in bad weather like this. >> triple a, is always, saying if you do in the have to go out, please just stay off the roads. as far as people on the road at this moment you want to make sure you slow down, slow down, and then slow down some more. look ahead, look past the person who is in front of you, and look for brake lights. once you see brake lights make sure you start to slow down and give yourself, like three times more space in between you and the person in front of you then you normally would have. >> great, great advice. kathleen, the washington household has four cats, so we have kitty liter on the ready, so talk about that and whether items, we should have in our cars in case of dangerous conditions. >> you always want to have a winter emergency kit in your car for days just like this. so, one thing to consider is not only the icy conditions, but also, the frigid
5:33 pm
temperatures. make sure you have a blanket, extra gloves, a hat, just things that will keep you warm in case you have, unfortunately been stranded on the side of the road and as you said kitty litter is a good thing to have. it will give you extra traction should should you get stuck in the icy spot. >> always good. >> kathleen what about the actual vehicle itself what should people be doing in between these snow events, to make sure that their cars are holding up, okay. >> reporter: well, as far as your car is concern concerned, before you head out on the road, make sure thaw can sianni thaw can be seen. so make sure your head lights and your taillights and your turn signals are working. as far as freezing rain that is falling at the moment make sure that you pull your windshield wipers away from the windshield so that they do not get frozen. >> yes. >> make sure you get your battery checked. get your tires checked. low pressure, on tires, that
5:34 pm
is a, that is something that happens quite a bit during the cold, and low pressure with your tires can be pretty bad for your gas mileage. >> in doubt about that. >> kathleen miller with triple a thanks very much for great advice, great trip home. >> safe travels. >> thanks, kathleen. a fire fighter and two others are recovering from minor injuries after a fire in new york's trump tower. investigators say flames broke out in one of the vents in the roof of the sky scraper. fire crews got to the scene just after 7:00 this morning there was reportly in smoke or fire inside the building, no word on what caused the vent to catch fire. president trump has expressed his theory over new book that criticizes his job in the white house. the author of the book, fire and fury has told cbs news that everything he wrote is 100 percent accurate and that remarks remarks from one of the president's former staff ers. >> everything in the book is true. >> reporter: michael wolff, author of the explosive new book about president trum april period on cbs this morning to defend his work.
5:35 pm
fire and fury inside the trump white house paints a picture of the president who doesn't read, and some question whether he is even fit to serve. president trump fired back on twitter saying he is a genius, and a very stable genius at that. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> reporter: president also says that wolff doesn't necessity him at all. >> i never interviewed with him in the white house at all. he was never in the oval office. we didn't have an interview. >> reporter: wolff was less definitive on whether or not he interviewed the president. >> he had no idea he was speaking to me for this book. when would i meet the president in the white house we would, we would chat as though we were friends. i'm sure he didn't think they were interviews, and in all fairness, he might say i was not being interviewed. >> reporter: steve ban on, the president's form chief strategies is walking back his most explosive quotes that appeared in the book. ban on is quoted assaying donald trump junior 2016 meeting with russian toss obtain damaging information on
5:36 pm
hillary clinton was quote treasonous. he now says those comments were not aimed at don junior but rather aim at paul manafort the trump campaign chairman who also attended the meeting. but it may be too little too late to repair damage with president trump who now calls him sloppy steve. >> i i i guess sloppy steve brought him in the white house quite a bit and one of those things that is why sloppy steve is new looking for a job >> reporter: ban on tolls donald trump junior a patriot and now a good man. ban on insist there is was no collusion between trump campaign and russia. hear more from fire and fury they're michael wolff, a guest on the late show with stephen colbert at 11:35 tonight right here after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still to come, oprah in 2020? her rousing speech at golden globes had many wondering, and then her long time love, steady man graham spoke up, wait until you hear what he had to say about oprah for
5:37 pm
president. are your children addict to their phones? the surprising group that wants april toll look into it, and look into potential side effects of having a smart phone, kate? as we head toward upcoming weekend we will start off on a very mild note, temperatures will be that you go especially friday and saturday with highs near 60, and some rain showers are likely though and then it looks like temperatures will fall back to some colder levels by sunday but either way get ready for a taste of april to start the upcoming
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well, move over google glass, there are now augmented reality glass that he is work with alexa. >> smart glasses debuted at consumer electronics show in
5:41 pm
las vegas. after communicating with amazon's voice assist tenth it cast display like weather conditions, directions and sports scores. amazon enabled glasses will set you back a you this dollars. apple is facing new pressure to curb smart phone addiction in children and teenagers. two of the company's major investors sent a letter to apple over weekend asking for iphone software to be change, so that parents can limit their children's phone use. investors also want april toll look at impact of over use, on mental health. well, could oprah run for president? what her long time love has to say bit. >> it can be an icy commute home, wintry mix is spreading through the area kate will let us know when the weather clears out, next.
5:42 pm
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full of rich pro-v nutrients... ...and infused with air. for 100% conditioning, with 0% weight. strong is beautiful. new pantene. foam conditioner. many of you are already home but if you are planning to hit the road, consider the conditions out there this is a live look at i-95 those headlights are heading south toward cottman avenue in the northeast. use extra caution making your way through the roadways this evening, this wintry mix is causing slippery spots on a lot of area road.
5:45 pm
oprah winfrey's golden globe speech sent social media in a frenzy last night with many people wand fairing she's considering a run for the white house in 2020. >> according to cnn who quotes friends said she actively is thinking bit. oprah's long time partner steady man graham ramped up speculation by telling the l.a. times quote it is up to the people, she would absolutely do it. but last night oprah took home prestigious cecil demill award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. >> speaking your truth is the most powerful tool, we all have, and i was especially proud and inspired by all of the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. >> oprah became first african-american woman to receive the award, other big winners of the night included ... >> the golden globe goes to
5:46 pm
three billboards outside ebb ing miss surey that film four golden globes including best motion picture, drama, best actress and best supporting actor. well, you may have noticed a sea of black on the red carpet and in the audience. of the award ceremony. majority of the guests wore black in support of the times up movement. we will tell what you some actresses are doing now with their dresses to help the cause coming up in less than ten minutes in tonight's hot minute with bex. well, after the award it is time to celebrate, time to parity. >> for some celebrities it was time to catch up, continue the theme of the evening and for others it was time to let loose. >> entertainment tonight's kevin frazier takes us inside the post globe celebrations. >> reporter: ukee and guess cat stars know how to let loose as we take you inside the big golden globe after parties. nicole kidman, golden globe in hand kicked things off she gave her trophy a kiss inside
5:47 pm
popular hbo bash where times up message was still running very strong. >> did you feel the warmth, and kind of the sisterhood and comradery in the room. >> yes, enormously. >> reporter: hell inn mir ren was still co-star and fellow globe winner laura dern could in the contain her excitement. >> interest is place to be 100 . >> reporter: just a few doors away globe nominee army hammer with his wife's list bet chambers were ready to party, army snagged a picture with james franco who clutched his best actor trophy for the disaster artist. >> i just feel really special, and a night that makes me feel filled with hope and excited about all of the work we still to have do. >> reporter: carrie with deborah messing and eva longer a celebrating, but selma heye k-turn the golden globe into her own karaoke mike. >> i'm in beast mode for 2018. >> reporter: halle berry the
5:48 pm
beast showed her best at amazon party while at u. sa network celebration justin timberlake celebrating his wife, jessica beal, also pointed out the man of the hour, this is us star sterling kay brown. >> well, we will have so much more on entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, new back to you. >> catching up. >> yes, yes, we have to watch some. >> i have two or three more to go. >> i love them. this royal is learning her style. princess charlotte displayed a pink and red outfit. she's daughter of prince william and kate middleton. charles's mom took the photos in front of the home in kensington palace in london before she set out for her first day. princess charlotte will turn three, in may. >> time is fly. >> yes. >> she looks so proud, ready to go. >> um, um, um. >> i love it. >> kate joins with us a forecast and i'm still trying to get over that 60 i saw but lets talk about the here and now. >> generally speaking when we have a swing from the teens to the 60's you will have a
5:49 pm
battle ground in the middle, and that is what is happening today. we have warmer air moving in. that warm air coming over a still very cold surface, so when you have added precipitation to the mix it melts, falls as rain and hits that ground and that ground is so cold. we have had days and days of at or below normal temperatures, just absolute cold out there and ground is frozen solid. when you pour water on a frozen surface it will freeze on contact especially if that surface isn't treated. that is what we are dealing with today. main road, treated road handling this well. precipitation is relatively light coming through during the day when temperatures are warmer then they would be at night but we have some issues out there lets get in to it. we will start off with a live look in center city philadelphia, you can see those glistening roadways, and mess of this is just, wet, and not seeing a whole lot, many more reports of major accidents, or, a lot of cars skidding off the road in the city. what you are seeing there as we look live from our parkway central library camera just some wet road but you can
5:50 pm
never be too safe. if you are out there tonight and you see a road that looks shiny and wet just assume that it is ice, take your time, slow down, and then that will help you stay safe out there in this dicey wet they are evening. and checking with our eyewitness weather watchers tonight they are reporting temperatures hovering right around that freezing mark, it is a very close call, we have got temperatures in the 20's to the north and west, we will check with phil in chestnut hill reporting a little bit of the wintry mix at 28 degrees there. twenty-seven as we head further north and check with jeff moore in hatfield, generally dry there now north and western suburbs probably done with the precipitation unless we get a light shower or a flurry here, eileen in gilbertsville just reporting cloud, 27 degrees there heading to the south that is where more of the steady precipitation is now shifting, our friend david dutch in, clementon report ago this icy mix, 30 degrees, he is rooting for alabama role tied he says, nice warmer weather down south then there is here in philadelphia 31 degrees at
5:51 pm
kenneth martin's house in willingboro. notice temperatures below freezing. that means we will get a little bit of the mix as it moves through, precipitation moves through a layer of cold air at the surface. cold enough to refreeze into sleet pellets, or it could stay rain and freeze on contact so, it is messy no matter which way you slice it. looking in delaware where things are quiet at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, we have snow on the boardwalk still left over from last week's storm you can see footprints in the snow doesn't look like any precipitation really getting in there just yet, it it is starting to fall throughout delaware and delaware beaches though you can see how it is a mixture. some areas seeing plane rain as temperatures are far enough above freezing but note is what we have going on across south jersey and right through the city right along i-95, new jersey turnpike, this is freezing rain and, again, any spot that hasn't been treated this is going to get slick. we have a little bit of snow trying to fall too in delaware county and chester county but it is freezing rain, freezing drizzle in the city of philadelphia right now with
5:52 pm
temperatures, just slightly below freezing mark. we are in the 20's in allentown, reading, lancaster so any wet road especially if they are not well traveled road we will have a refreeze tonight if temperatures stay below freezing but they have cancelled the winter weather advisory for lehigh valley, still remains in effect for rest of the area, through this evening but good news is precipitation is ending, to our north and west. and now if you have a tenth of an inch of ice or less which is what we're look at tonight, a few hundreds of an inch, coating on the windshield a few slick spots on the road, light icing on trees, generally not enough to bring down tree branches and cause power ought ages, another round of good news with this wintry mix this evening. wintry mix will come to and he , temperatures don't drop too far 29 is our overnight low, mostly sunny, not as cold for tomorrow. forty-three in the city. upper 30's to the north's and lower 40's in south jersey sunshine. tomorrow is nicest day in quite sometime. wednesday looks okay, couple degrees cooler, we're up to 51 on thursday with a stray
5:53 pm
sprinkle and then rain on friday, could be heavier at times but boy, is it worth, 60 n temperatures plumet as we head toward sunday, ukee and jessica, back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news", we have breaking news, right now we want to get to first this video just into our news room officials are evacuating a nursing home in montgomery county after a pipe burst. this is the care center located on the 800 block of paper mill road in glenside. officials have relocated 108 patients and residents to other facilities, and we're told that center is using a generator for power, no injuries reported at this time , we will continue to keep an eye on this. well, coming up next you don't get anymore philadelphia then this. >> taking a measurement with a cheese stake, how one dad's photo collection is burning up social media, we will be right
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
sea of black at golden globes last night after their time in the spot light what will be done now with the
5:57 pm
dress test help the times up movement. >> bex from today's 96.5 has that and plus, not so tiny cheese steaks and a tiny child in today's hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and jessica, the seventh fifth annual golden globes was black was color on the red carpet and everybody walk in solidarity to show their support for victims of sexual harassment and assault. elizabeth moss was one who stunned on the red carpet, confirming that she as well as many other actresses will be donating their black gowns to the auctioned off for times up legal defense fund which has already raised more than 16 million-dollar and counting, to help sub dies legal support to women and men hoff been victimized in the work place. before the celebrities hit the red carpet many shared their looks on social media including milly bobby brown who had most liked picture on instagram. young fashion and star of stranger things received more than 3.1 million likes as she donned calvin kline.
5:58 pm
justin timberlake was a close second with this photo, selfie with his wife jessica beal, who was nominated for best actress in a limited series, and although picture is great, my favorite moment came in this video jt shared of the two jamming out as they sang his new single filthy on their way to the show. and while we're all talking about big stars we have one right here, in philly, brad williams has become an internet sensation, at going viral for using cheese steaks to measure his infant son, for a year. brad says that what started off as a joke became a inly tradition and not, this confirming greatest philadelphia debate of who has best cheese stake, but did say he gets his steaks from della sandra, daddy's in win more an jersey sports bar in glenside. you cannot get anymore philly then brad and his son. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> that is pretty cool. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. slippery surfaces, wintry
5:59 pm
mix moving through the region in the middle of the evening rush. cbs-3 mobil weather weather watcher is out on the road and see how things are shaping up, kate? i'll show you latest on storm scan where that wintry mix is right new and how quickly it will move out, plus when we could get 60, again. and are you ready? we're gearing up for battle of the bird, the eagles prior to host falcons, the reason, the history making game, before even a snap has been played. plus taking out cash, but with this transaction has police on the case. where philadelphia police say a suspect successfully broke into an atm and how much he got away it is 6:00 o'clock. here's a head up beware of slippery surfaces a wintry mix moving through, drivers take caution you may see slick conditions if you are hitting
6:00 pm
the road tonight. taking a live look at ben franklin bridge, so far, so good, many of the major road are moving well despite precipitation tonight but once again if you have to go out please, slow your roll. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. people heated warnings and got home earlier before the winter weather moved in. >> we have team three coverage for you tonight as what he track a messy condition. lets begin with meteorologist kate billow with the very latest on our wintry mix, kate >> that is right, guys, it doesn't look too bad on the main road but this is an ongoing situation and we do still have the threat for slick conditions, out there as freezing rain, continues to fall, shift nothing to south jersey and while this is, trying to come to an end, in the philadelphia area look how it is back building, you can see more rain moving into northern maryland, starting to kind of creep back into portions of southern chester county. so this won't be completely over in the city of philadelphia at least for the next couple of hours and now focus shiftnt


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