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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 9, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> this this is cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning >> a commuter alert. last night's wintery mix could make for tough trip to work this morning, liver checking the area roads to help up get out the door. and, this is a live look in center city near 15th and market. we're in for winter warm up, that should see much of the ice and snow in our region melt, in fact, we could be hitting 06 degrees later this week. and there are few new developments in the tensions between north and south korea. find out what both nations agreed overnight. and, today is tuesday, january 9th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. we have lots of school delays, you can see them scrolling at the bottom of your screen, and meantime, katie and meisha
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keeping an eye on things this morning getting us out the door. >> hey tuesday, guys, yes, doesn't surprise me, weaver all of the school closings just because of how slippery it is out there. i know, in my commute in, i was kind of whipping it around little bit. i have all wheel drive. winter tires on the whole bit. even i was cents slipping around. seeing some issues already out there. >> yes, and it is really just the next couple every hours, i think flip side from yesterday , where yesterday was the pm drive. today it is the am drive. temperatures get enough above freezing, so it will be probably as late as 10:30, 11:00 a.m., before we are far enough above freezing, that you're safe, good to go, so, up until that time, careful. obviously that includes our entire typical morning rush. but at least storm scan is quiet. we have that working for us, but justice turn ands that brought in the wintery mix, become the buzz words of the last 24 hours, that's now made its full departure, and it is cents just the aftermath that we are stuck with here. at the moment, though, temperature readings are currently below freezing from i95 on north and west. still in the mid 30's, though, millville, ac, dover, wildwood
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, and though you're technically three, 4 degrees above freezing in these areas, i would still be careful. you know, i would keep close watch on your car thermometer, bridges, overpasses, will be slicker, perhaps, than any of the other treated surfaces, you just got to expect and assume, you know, get out ahead of the problem, and pro-actively expect that it could be slick. you're in the 20's, though, in a loft outlying suburbs, yes, still cold enough, that anything that fell yesterday has now since iced up, and if it wasn't treated you could real be facing some problems out there. so please careful, the high heads the mid 40's with time. won't that feel just delightful? probably still little damp, things starting to be thawing out, but the sun will shine brightly, even the poconos finally getting past the freezing mark today, meisha. >> how nice it will be to see that sunshine, that makes all the difference. good morning, everybody, still very dark out, there and as katie pointed out, yes, very, very slick conditions today, dealing with it all morning, and we've got some flares in the roadway here, i95 north
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past cottman, because we did have disable vehicle pulled off to the right blocking little bit of the right lane, that's now since been moved. thank goodness, because when it is that slippery we don't want to have too many people putting on the brakes as they come around the s curve. that's been moved out of the way. we are starting to see levels build ever so slightly, quick peak at the schuylkill near spring garden, volume levels looking good, there speed restrictions in play on the bridges, take a look, talcony palmyra, burlington bristol down to 25 miles per hour there, in delaware, as well. so 495, you are down to about 55 miles per hour, and i would absolutely adhere to those postings just because of how slick it is. construction crews out there, long with standing we will be out there until january 21, 422 westbound the ramp to route 724, that's closed, like i said, going to be out there almost for the entire month. then, oh, we do not like this, big eye roll. talking about these toll increase when is we come back in the next ten minutes, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, shovels came in handy during last week's snowstorm, now it is the ice
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scrapers turn get some use. >> yesterday's freezing raincoat dollars cars, roadways, leads to go difficult commute this morning , "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, has been riding around in the mobile weather watcher checking out the road conditions, she joins us live now from south smedley street in south phillyment trang, good morning, how is it looking now? >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. i showed you guys the street here on south smelledly street , now i'll show you the sidewalk even worse, i've been able to find a little dry patch here, but take a look at this. this goes all the way to the street. just a layer of ice on the sidewalk. so this is real the most dangerous part that we've been talking about, is actually getting to your car. from your front door to your car. specially if you live in the city with the sidewalks here. but take a look at this video. you're also going to be experiencing this ice on your cars, this is what i was doing earlier this morning. just chipping, chipping away at this layer of ice that formed on my car. and, as you can imagine, that
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also formed on the roadways, this layer of ice. you see it, just driving around, little slick looking, looks like, water but it is actually a thin, thin layer of ice. definately be careful when out and about this morning, to where ever your destination is , and we are actually going to hop into the mobile weather watch err, at a different vehicle today, and show you some different areas to see how the conditions are there. but, yes, so i'm going to be very careful, walk over there, and hop back in, and i'll see you guys in just about a half hour. >> all right, take it easy, trang. >> thank you, trang, watch out out there. and freezing temperatures are causing other problems, as well. a broken water pipe has forced residents of the fairview care center in glennside to relocate. the pipe burst yesterday afternoon in a non-patient area on the first floor. 108 residents and patients live at the facility. no word on when they will be allowed to return. >> in other news, driver in police custody after allegedly injuring a philadelphia police
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officer during a traffic stop. the incident happened last night on the 2900 block of north american street in kensington. police haven't said how the officer was hurt. but we're told he's in stable condition. a pre-trial conference is scheduled for this morning, for the alleged killer of a temple university student. twenty-nine year old joshua hoopertore charged with the murder every 22 year old jenny belly. investigators say he called her in august in his apartment in north philadelphia. police say hoopertore then took her body to his grandmother's property in wayne count. >> i president trump meeting with bipartisan group of senators to discuss immigration reform, comes a talks after the president traveled to atlanta to see the ncaa football game, also stressed advantage to the tax overhaul during farmers convention in nashville. >> and, north korea sending delegation to the winter olympics in south korea next month. officials for the communist country reportedly said so during talks with the south, north korean officials say it
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delegation will include officials, athletes, journalists, tensions between north and south korea have escalate in the recent years over the north's nuclear program. >> well, new jersey governor chris christie heads to the state house this afternoon to deliver his final state-of-the-state address. >> eight years in offers includes pension overhaul, fighting the opioid crisis, and a gas tax hike to pay for multi-billion dollar transportation program. the tax hike was offer set by other cut, christy at this will address the state legislature at 3:00 p.m. coming up: alabama wins its fifth national championship in nine years. pat is here from highlight from last night's game which went into over time. >> also ahead, dash cam video captures the moment a semi truck smashes into a police patrol car. we'll hear from the officer and tell you what he was doing at the time of the crash. >> and there is new speculation about the launch of that space x zooma satellite we told but yesterday. why the fate of the mission is unclear this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> cool shot. "skycam 3" high above the schuylkill in manayunk yesterday. there is plenty of frozen spots. the good news, though, we're going way, way above freezing today. katie is here to tell us which day we could even reach 06 degrees when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> more mystery about the space x mission. sat lied code named zooma may have had mission ending failure, supposedly burned up in the atmosphere after failing to separate perfectly from the rocket, space x says it did not comment on classified mission. so the mystery continues. >> a michigan police officer on the mend after he's hit by semi truck and the whole ordeal caught on his dash cam.
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>> i've been hit. i'm hurt. >> the officer was hit while responding to a call to help a driver who had slid off the highway in icy conditions. the officer says the truck was simply going too fast, and lost control, slamming into the back of his patrol car. >> i didn't know the hit was coming, so it kind of made it a little worse, kind of jolted my head forward, i lost my breath. i mean, really what goes through my minds, hey, i'm breathing, i'm alive and i'm going home. >> the good news the officer and the driver only suffered minor injuries. >> well well, mandatory evacuations underway in parts of southern california as major storm bathrooms down on that region, storm began yesterday, and already triggered mudslides. officials say areas recently devestated by wild fires are most at risk for dangerous water and debris flow. now, the same californians who had to flee from those huge wild fires are once again packing up. >> last night was my first night back since the fire. so that's why it is a little hard today to think about
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maybe leaving again. it has been very stressful. so it has been a long four plus weeks. >> boy these folks can't get a break. flood warnings now in effect for much of the region until tonight. the american red cross cents is assisting those who are displaced. >> cbs news correspondent carter evans is life in california, with the latest on this threatening weather. you can see his report on cbs this morning, that's at 7:00 right after "eyewitness news" this morning here on cbs-3. >> and here at home, katie, we know we have the arctic stretch until or at least going back as far as new years eve. but looks like a change. >> down the pipeline, very substantial warming trends will take place, will at least last us for couple of days before another drop off on the thermometer which we will get to in the seven day, there is another one, yes. couple of days away. and we will have the opportunity to see a lot of the snow that did fall last week, but what we are finding at the moment locally, definitely icing concerns. here's a shot being taken by
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our very sure footed kyle hall our photographer out at 15th and marketment look at the sheen, just expect that at this point, if it is still looks like it is just wet, that is slick, guys, and, you know, even though there may be some treated sidewalks and whatnot, you sort of just have to assume that the salt may not have reached every single spot. so just take it easy, i don't think it will be assisi trying to just russian run for a treanor a bus this morning. you're going to need to be on time, and ahead of schedule. so try to walk out the door, little extra early, if you consideration it is tough to hit the alarm and get out the door early. i get that. one of the mornings where you don't want to chance it, meantime, the ice should start to become less after problem later this morning, i would say 1030, 11:00 a.m., when the temperatures are well enough above freezing not so much of a concern. here's that storm just talking about in california. across the rest of the country , though, things looking relatively quiet. for now. and we are eventually going to see new storm take shape though later in the week, that is what's going to bring the next round every rain, as
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early as thursday night, but specially into friday. now, because the temperatures are warming up so much, this is just a rainstorm. initially on friday. the daytime high is likely to hit 06 degrees at that point. there will be a cold back side to this, however, almost possibility we wrap up the storm as it is quickly making departure friday into saturday with a little bit of wintery weather. that's not a guarantee yet. so we'll keep an eye on that for you, but the general gist is this, it warms up substantially, and you need an umbrella by weeks ends, friday specifically, let me just jump you right to the seven day here if i can. we start to warm things up on thursday, and in a big way, 60 is the day that we peak obviously here on friday, but you will need the umbrella. saturday for eagles playoff it , looks right now as though the temperatures will likely be in the mid 40's or so, around kick-off. and we should be drying out by then, too. meisha? >> all right. katie, thank you so much. i'm loving seeing the 50 and 60s on the weather map. looking outside, like we've been talking about all morning long, it will be very slippery
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out there. give yourselves extra time this morning, we will need it. peaking outside route 309 at the turnpike, taillights northbound direction. starting to see levels build basically anywhere that we look right now. you will have to give yourself extra time, probably driving less than posted speeds. and in a lot of areas: hence, we have some markers out there , letting us know we have some speed restrictions in play, as well, particularly 495 in delaware, some of the bridges, as well, this is a look at 95 near columbus boulevard, heads up, walt whitman bridge, letting us know down to 35 miles per hour , that time looks like eight a, but actually says 35. now speaking of which, ben franklin, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross, commodore barry down to 35 miles per hour, and talcony pal my, a burlington bristol, down to 25 miles per hour here. you will have to follow those postings just because it is so slippery out there. that's where we lead to problems whether we think we can drive posted speeds. same in delaware here. you're reduced to 55 miles per hour, rahel, jim, back to you. >> meisha, thank you.
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now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> press of the atlantic city press of lewes ferry has suspended operations early due to continued ice build up. the suspension includes all departures up to and including the 1215 amedy par tour, call center will be open from 8:00 to 6:00 today. for people who have reschedule questions. >> propane truck caring 2,000 pounds every liquid gas slid and slipped on route 252 yesterday afternoon. the driver was not hurt and was able to climb out of the truck on his own. that was just a one every number every accidents throughout the area, as freezing rain fell during rush hour. >> in the news journal delaware governor john cash ski expected to back a bill that would provide 12 weeks of paid leave for hundreds of new parents employed by the state. sources tell the newspaper that the governor already included funding for the measure, in the budget proposal that he will unveil later this month. that's a look at newspaper led lines from around the delaware valley. college football crouds a new champion. up next, pat is here with your morning sports.
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- [announcer] sponsored by nacdd, with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. (pleasant electronic music) >> welcome back to cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning , thanks for being with us. >> pat is here with sports, and thrilling college football national championship game. >> no doubt about that. we tend to over use the term great else every all time. but last night's college football national chap john chip is certainly in the running for the lofty title. that after back up quarterback steels the show in the second half to give the alabama crimson tide their fifth title in the last nine years.
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the georgia bulldogs held commanding 20 to seven lead. when jake from hooks up with meek, he goes 80 yards, on the bomb. uga closer to their first title since 1980. but that's when the legends begins. the freshman back up replaces starter jaylen hurts, 6 yards score. obama -- alabama had a chance, but in over time, rodrigo, gives george at lead on 51- yard fields goal. but it ain't over yet. after 16-yard sack, pushes them back, a 41-yard championship winning touchdown that is your ballgame. twenty-six-23 the tide win wild one in over time. >> oh, this is a great win. that is great team win. somebody tried to give me a game ball. i don't think you could give anybody a game ball. it has to be a team ball.
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>> i don't know how coach found me all the way in hawaii from alabama, so i just thank god he found me, and, you know , we're here right now. >> the eagles remain hard at work, ahead of saturday's match up with the atlanta, 4:30 kick off saturday. players haven't forgotten. they know the deal. they know the falcons are favorites against the top seeded eagles, and that may be all the motivation the birds need. so do the birds feel disrespecting. >> we've been underdog our last game ever since 11 went down, and we just found a way to win. you know what i mean, regardless whether offense, defense, defense have enough offense, best teams coming into play, so i think as far as that goes, go out there, play. >> i think down, shut them down, because at the same time , lockerroom. >> now, of course, the obvious reason the birds are underdogs , rather than heavy favorites, is because of the carson wentz injury. the birds struggled with nick foles at quarterback to finish the regular season, but he has
5:24 am
playoff experience. the experts have cooled on the eagles chances. the fans are feeling good. >> they have about 40% chance every winning. >> if you're an eagles fan, you're eagles fan 100% all the way. >> i think if we try hard, and we play our best ever, we can do anything. we can beat them. >> no one plays better than philadelphia, right? >> as you may recall, foles led the eagles to the 2013 post-season where they lot to the saints. different team. different year. we'll see if they can pull off the upset saturday. have to get their hands on falcon quarterback matt ryan just happens to be from this area, the exton native star at penn charter from 1999 until 2,003. matt's the most successful athlete to come from the school. but we have to ask. who will penn charter faculty students be rooting for saturday afternoon? will it be ryan or the eagles? >> well, i admitted as
5:25 am
director every admissions years ago, i know his family very well, spectacular guy, i wish him the very best of luck , good health, hope he has great game. but i'm eagles game, i'm rooting for the eagles to win. >> my family, my family's always said that blood is always thicker than water. and, you know, i always have to support family members and all of that. >> we are rooting for the eagles, i've always rooted for the eagles, i can't stop rooting for the eagles. >> now, our sports team will get you ready for the battle of the birds on saturday. it is myself, don bell and lesley van arsdall along with the voice of the eagles, merrill reese. for chevy kick off catch it at 3:30 p.m. saturday afternoon right here on cbs-3. now from the number one seeded eagles to the number one team in the country, the villanova wildcats, they're back on top. they fell from the top spot in the polls after losing to butler on december 30th. michigan state and duke both lost this past week, meaning, nova regains its spot at number one, back in action at the center tomorrow night against number ten xavier. the sixers have held their
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final practice stateside before heading across the atlantic to london. they play the celtics in merry old glands, thursday afternoon , for the tip-off at 3:00 eastern standard time. >> is that good? getting better. >> it was all right. >> all right, well, joel embiid practiced after miss sunday work out with a bad back, add that issue to the problems with the right hands that he injured new years eve in phoenix. nonetheless, jo-jo is looking forward to the game. >> you know, i enjoyed it a lot. so i loved it. i can't wait to go back and i'm excited. >> there is no free time. like we have no free time. it is going to be, again, it is going to be a business trip >> turns out i have to work on my accent. >> ya. >> coming up in the next half
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hour of "eyewitness news," the biggest electronics show kicks off today in vegas -- vegas? we'll show you the new tv that can roll itself up for storage trang? >> reporter: i'm trang do, traveling around in the mobile weather watcher. i'll show you a live look, the conditions, very icy and slick conditions, from the streets and sidewalks. >> also, an update to story we first told you about yesterday morning. finds out if the supreme court of the united states will hear the case every this elaborate and very expensive tree house, we'll have the latest when " eyewitness news" continues
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute, today is tuesday, january 9th. >> icy concerns for the morning commute. >> i'm going to show you the sidewalk. i've been able to find a little dry patch here. but, take a look at this. just a layer of ice on the sidewalk. >> open rap's speech sparks rumors of a run for the white house. >> long time partner. >> added fuel to the fire. telling the la times that winfrey would absolutely run


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