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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 10, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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complete devastation we have had heavy wind, rains that came in overnight and obliterated this little neighborhood. turns houses in to match sticks, blew them off found tation and threw them begins trees. developing right now mud slide in california have left 13 people dead and we are live with the update on the damage left behind. and daca program will go on as president trump and lawmakers try to come to an agreement on immigration and border security, a federal judge temporarily revived the program that protects young immigrants from deportation, i'm hena doba with more on the late night ruling ahead. sky scan three with live look at center city high atop cbs-3 studios, chilly start,
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but our winter warm up, will continue. today is wednesday, january 10th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are getting us out the door. good morning, guys. >> happy hump day we are looking outside, everything is looking okay, slick, we were talking about this all morning , it was on my commute and we have an accident out there. it is, a few minutes ago, half an hour ago, we have had no accident. i jinked it again. >> yeah, yeah. you just to have worry about that refreeze that take place from yesterday it felt down right balmy outside would i say by comparison to what we have been facing as ovulate but we will have it basically the exact same story taking place here where we will eventually hit the 40's, which is going to help, to continue that, thaw, that will take place, but for now, overnight, we will lose the heat from the having the chance to build up from the day before, it goes right up to the atmosphere under generally clear sky and that means temperatures will respond to that.
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it will drop below freezing. anything that had chance to melt away, if it didn't totally dry up, it has since refrozen, so would i just assume it is slick for yet another morning. we are in the 20's here in fail to wilmington, allentown at 19 at this her but as day progresses we are in the lower 40's with some sunshine. melting will continue. this warming trend does the same, meisha. >> good, see you later, but we ll be dealing with it a little this morning. take it easy out there even if it just looks wet as katie pointed out and we have been talking about all week long it might be black ice and that will cause some problems, this morning. we do want te a moment looking at the vine west and eastbound side maybe heating up quicker then westbound side , schuylkill westbound between vine and south street closed diverted off 30th street that has been moved out of the way. we have a big thumbs up on the schuylkill looking good there, i-95 cleared but we have an accident in delaware in bear. red lion road is closed
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between old summit road and summit point circle so use your alternate. howell school road is your best bet there. disabled truck on the northeast extension is still there northbound before lansdale, right lane is compromised there. start to give yourself a couple extra minutes plus weak talk about these two water main breaks coming back in ten minutes, jim and rahel, back to you. developing out west rescue operations are underway in california where mud slide have left more than a dozen people dead. >> you can see devastation in this video people there are dealing with, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the cbs-3 sat center and crews have been working overnight to find people still missing, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, search and rescue efforts continue at this hour, crews have rescued more than two dozen people by helicopter, some 20,000 residents have been ordered from their homes, this is as a huge wall of mud has taken out pretty much everything from the path from trees and shrubs to cars, and even knocked homes off their foundations.
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rescue crews are working around the clock picking through mud, deprice as they search for survivors as night fell an unknown number of people remain unaccounted for following monday's mud slide. >> so loud, it was just constant roar. >> roar. >> reporter: dramatic rescues have been necessary, some involving people hoff been trapped in the mud for hours. >> how deep the muddies. >> reporter: oprah winfrey posted video to her instagram account from her home in santa barbara she can see rescue helicopters and this fire fueled by natural gas leak and winfrey attempted to walk through her backyard where muddies knee deep now a familiar sight in southern california. >> it looks like a world war one battle field, it was literally a carpet of mud, debris, every where. >> reporter: this disaster began with the storm that dumped 9 inches have rain in just 15 minutes, water triggered mud slide on hills left baron by last in's wild
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fires. >> this is way scarier then that, because at least fires you can see coming. >> reporter: evacuation order have been issued for communities below the mountains but it is in the clear just how many people heated those warnings. >> when i saw evacuations yesterday, i really, i thought i cannot evacuate again and i didn't think it could be this bad, but i it was. >> reporter: several road were buried beneath tons of mud including 101 freeway, main highway between ventura and santa barbara and now closed until further notice. today's forecast calls for clearer weather in the region but clean up and recovery is expect to go for weeks if in the for months. and, authorities there are still trying to figure out just how many of these people still unaccounted for are actually, missing or just haven't contacted family or friends since this disaster truck. but for now we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> those poor people, thanks,
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jan. cbs news correspondent carter evans is on the ground in california, look for his reports on the damage coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning right here after "eyewitness news" this morning here on cbs-3. today is beginning of the new chapter for cbs this morning, face the nation host john dickerson is joining the broadcast with gayle king and norah o'donnell. he takes over for charlie rose who was fired in november after accusations of sexual misconduct. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a man in critil condition. vick them was found after midnight on the 400 block of west norris street. police say the four two-year old was shot once in the back, witnesses however told police that they didn't hear any shots and investigators have been unable to find any evidence. >> we did find a property on the block that had surveillance camera that showed the victim after being shot staggering on the sidewalk holding on abdomen, yes. >> reporter: we are told
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victim was close to where he was found. people in manayunk are upset after yet another water main break. neighbors posted video of the water flowing downhill, this all happened last night in the area of silverwood and du pont people complained about the situation on line saying water main breaks are becoming a normal occurrence in the neighborhood. it was not a water main break but a contractor's mistake that sent water flowing in west oak lane. chopper three over that scene last night at washington lane and rodney street, water department says the contractor accidentally pulled a small line off the main, triggering the leak, water services to the area was not affected. meanwhile a broken water pipe is forcing camden high school to close until next week, it burst late sunday or monday when temperatures took that nose dive, the plan to reopen the school next wednesday, now while school is closed breakfast and lunch are available for all camden high scol students. federal judge is blocking president trump's efforts to end daca a program that
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protects young immigrants from deportation. hena doba says immigration reform topped the agenda during a meeting with president and lawmakers just hours before. >> reporter: in an unusual month, cameras were rolling for nearly one hour on tuesday , at president trump worked with republicans and democrats, to hash out a daca deal as part of bipartisan immigration legislation. >> you cannot reenforcing, we need to be fair to the daca kid. >> reporter: last fall the department of home land security says that the deferred action for childhood arrival is allowing young people brought to the u.s. illegally as children to stay, and work, would be phased out starting in march. a move quickly challenged in multiple federal courts. the late tuesday night a federal judge in san francisco ordered trump administration to start it backup while lawsuits play out in court. >> i feel, i feel bad for some of these young people, i think they are being used as a
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bargaining trip for to do immigration reform. >> reporter: democrats pressed hard to get daca deal done first as republicans zeroed in on border security ending the lottery and limiting immigration based on family ties... . >> i guess we're having technical issues here. okay, i guess we're having technical issues. in other news steve ban on is out of the job again, he is stepping down as executive chair of the conservative web site breitbart. >> he led web site after andrew breitbart died six years ago. he left when president trump named him chief strategies and returned after president trump fired him. >> president trump slammed ban on last week after ban on was quoted criticizing the president's family in a new book. coming up trapped for days we have an update for efforts to rescue thousands of tourist from heavy snowfall, plus this
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maybe not. >> well, we will have video of a new jersey man, house stuck in frozen waters, we will tell you where he is now forced to live. hear from actor james franco responding to accusations that he acted improperly to female co stars, we will tell you the event he was supposed to be at today but that has now
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welcome back to this incredible video of flooding from las vegas rain came down fast, hard breaking 121 day dry spell, several people became trapped in the flooded, had to be rescue and there is relief and it is supposed to be sun any las vegas today. thousands of tourist have been air lifted from a swiss ski resort as they face high avalanche risk. 13,000 tourist were trapped in recent heavy snowfall and all road in the region are impass able were closed yesterday. hiking and skiing in the area has been band. and, swept away in the blizzard and now stuck in ice. here it is, five three-year old danny davis from highland lives on that boat, stopped along the river in highland monmouth county became loose before it was frozen in the middle of the sandy hook bay. davis is heart broken. >> it is my life.
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that is my life. only place i can afford in life. >> it is still out there. a lot of people are worse off then i am but i will get my vessel back hopefully. she's still afloat. >> oh, boy. davis was living in the van right now with his dog. you really do feel for him , and katie, we're hearing apparently someone offered a hotel for that man. >> yes. >> get that boat back where it belongs, hopefully in damage. >> that is his livelihood. >> that is tough. >> the power of mother nature, boy, oh, boy. >> yeah, no kidding and talk about a warming trend in the days ahead we will get to the point where it looks like the delaware and schuylkill are moving again. they just look like, solid, chunks of ice, for the last couple of days, but new we're beginning that rebound. it is still cold today but seasonal day on tap which is odd it will feel as warm as it is. if you had are getting spring
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fever, we will show you where we are currently stan. we are 60 days away from daylight savings time when we springford, 69 days until spring begins at equinox, and then, 84, 85 days and change here until the average hh will hit 60 and phillies home opener, begins. miami, is that who they are taking off, miami, phillies home opener. >> that is a good question. >> twitter knows. >> i know, my memory, i'm in the sure if my memory is serving me. lets look at, storm scan, things are generally clear storm system working in the inner hundred tane west. we will be dealing with our own storm system tail end of the week and that storm system is gng to bring especially friday some rain to the area. here's the issue that comes with that. we tend to see this with spring-weather and first big rainfall that comes in the wake of any snow. potential for flash flooding, it is a concern f this rain comes down as heavy as models indicate very strong likelihood of that happening
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and we have continuous snow melt there could be issues. most of friday is just rain but it is mild, storm then gets out, come saturday, and depending on how quickly it retreats and cold air moves in we may see, may see snow or ice mix in far north and west not in philadelphia and temperatures begin to klee kline. i think we are back in the mid 40's come eagles kick off come sunday back to sunshine and arctic chill, will have returned again. >> yes. >> it is coming back, we know, being only january so we have to enjoy those 40's, 50's that within day in 60 but this morning commute why give yourself a couple minutes because of icy conditions, cold weather lingers around here this morning it will sustain that cold to hold that freeze. schuylkill at boulevard, looking good, but mostly volume, starting to heat up ever so slightly right now, boulevard at wissohickon, same story here around this area we're still looking g volume levels in the aro yet we know it is still too early but as we crawl,
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progress through 5:00 he clock we will see it pick up. ninety-five at the airport looking busy but i wanted to move our way right here to bear, delaware where we have an accident this morning. red lion road closed between old summit road and summit point circle, use thisalternates your best bet around that, plus, two water main breaks and a accident out there, we will pull this up, accident, call your eye right here madison avenue at route 30 white horse pike we have two water main breaks in the too far away. we will talk about this coming up in a little bit, rahel and jim, back to you. meisha, thank you. new for newspaper head lines across the region. >> delaware county daily times police rested three men on gun neighborhood where the same a 14 year-old boy was wounded sunday night in the drive by shooting. police say there is no immediate indication that the men are connected to sunday's shooting but investigators are exploring links. on the front page of the reading eagle as commercial build initial reading continue
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to fill up with tenants some berks county groups are pledging 1.7 million-dollar to keep downtown revitalization effort rolling along. routes include berks county community foundation, greater reading chamber alliance and the first alliance. in the times, her mind can do it but her legs and feet are giving out. ninety-one year-old carmelo walk in the cafeteria for the last time ending the 30 year career serving lunches to the students of that school district. carmella started as a lunch laid any 1988, after retiring from her first job as a radio welder. well, good for her, enjoy some nice, time off. >> she certainly deserves it, yes. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up we're hearing from eagles quarterback nick foles ahead of the saturday's playoff game, up next pat has your morning sports, good morning, pat. >> we are three days away from playoff football in philadelphia, we have not seen that here since 2013? what is message from the coach and players?
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we will tell you next. plus sixers in the uk, that is coming up in sports. >> ♪ >> yes, a little bruno mars and cardi-b, this is first time we have played cardib on the morning he show, pretty good to be us, yesterday, sun shies was shining and for a few minutes you could ditch the heavy winter jacket. we will be right back.
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we >> pat ease here with sports and we are hearing from doug pederson about saturday's game >> yes, we are. as eagles prepare for matt ryan and at plant falcons last years mvp and his biggest weapon julio jones both missed practice. matter,t team due to an
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jones sat because of an ankle injury but very likely superstar duo will play on saturday. nick foles and bird were in the bubble yesterday prepping for atlanta, 4:30 saturday start, defending nfc champions have explosive owe even if and fast defense and coming off a big road win over l.a. rams. coach pederson says stay focused. >> the outside, whether it be the media, fans can make it bigger then it is. when you boil it down, it is football, at the end of the day. do what youeto do all week longe it your best effort on saturday. fit is good enough, great. if not, then we will focus on next season. but, it is football, these guys are football players. they will be coached up and ready to go. >> back to foles, eagles will need him to step his game up, bird scored just 13 points in the two games foles started and struggled mightily on
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third down. nick has more than a week to go over some film and realizes he has in the been at his best >> i have not executed as well as i have wanted the last couple of get out there and play, having this time to self scout, go through practice, and you realize that okay, just play and maybe i was than the doing that as much those games. it is as simple as. that sometimes hardest things are simple things basically get out of your head and play the game you know how to play. >> eagles lost their leader on offense a few weeks back but they need their man in the middle fletcher cox, a key for victory on saturday but before that the big man was out and about yesterday with the fans, cox, visited the modells sporting goods store in clifton heights delaware county, some fans waited in line for 90 minutes for the chance to get an autograph and wish the bird well in the playoffs. >> i love fletcher cox, big fan, been a fan ever since five or six years ago, you
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know. >> he is one of my favorite. i am 6-foot three. i thought he would be taller then me but we were almost eye to eye. >> philly fans are all up in it and real and they are the best fans in the nfl. >> whefans asked cox about under dog title being tossed around around about the bird, cox does not buy it and eagles are nfc's top seed for a reason but they are three-point under dogs according to vegas if you are in to that vegas sort of thing while eagles are in the playoffs sixers are in england , tomorrow they are playing the boston celtics and make note game tips off at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. coach brown wants them to enjoy themselves but, of course, take care of business. >> we will make this a positive, we will enjoy each others company, the club has be generous to allow each of our players and my staff to bring a mom, a wife, a friend, and we will treat this, in a way, that will produce, you know, a real
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enjoyable experience where bottom line is we are coming here to winnie game. >> robert covington, dario saric, trever booker exchanged jersey was members of the crystal palace soccer team, basketball, of course, ape global sport on the nba's opening night there was a record 108 international players from 42 countries, thursday game marks the 25th anniversary of the first game played in london. >> okay first nb. game played in london. that is really interesting. i didn't know they were doing that it long. >> they don't do it every year but make note it is 3:00 o'clock thursday start which is kind of abnormal. ut because it is inlayed at london 8:00 o'clock start there. >> set your alarm. >> thanks, pat. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we will tell you what some ofst. >> results of the brand new list just out this morning, trang do. >> now a radio hoe now charged with her murder we will have the wild details prosecutors
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say lead to this murder for hire. plus you tube respond toss criticism over a controversial up load from video blogger logan paul, coming up we will tell what you they are saying bit when
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good morning aim rahel solomon. aim jiovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day on wednesday , january 10th, 2018. >> i have never seen anything like this. look at the road. >> more than a dozen people are dead after a powerful storm hits southern california and literally a carpet of mud, and debris, every where. >> this video shot by oprah winfrey as thick mud swamped her own backyard. >> another night, another water main break, manayunk neighbors post this picture of the steady stream running down their street. >> the daca program will go on , as president trump and lawmakers try to come to an agreement on immigration and border security. >> have you seen the shape of water, in the film, sally play s a woman who falls in
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love with an creature, this sort of


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