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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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year-old. in a news conference just within the last hour those authorities say they found his body, his parents were at that news conference, and spoke to reporters about that terrible news. >> positively identified our son, blaze's body today. blaze was a brilliant, charismatic man who shined light on all of the lives in the people and communities that he touched. it was needless to say our family is devastated by the news and we like so many of you around the world love blaze, and, we wanted nothing more then to seek his safe return. >> reporter: i want to read a statement we got from the university of pennsylvania, the vice provost for university life, i came to know blaze and grief his passing as i do all student deaths. i realize these losses have potential to effect many, many , many members of our penn family, support session will take place at 12:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon january 11th in the ben franklin room of houston hall. again this coming, friday the
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provost at penn. students were back in class on campus first day after break, orange county authorities say they interviewed someone about this crime in california but they would not say anything specific about a suspect or person of interest. we will continue to follow this story. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you for that. our january thaw, continues, and it is only going to get warmer in the coming days. a brief taste of spring is in the forecast, meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck to show us how warm it will get, kate. >> reporter: jessica today is a couple degrees colder then yesterday but still felt good, sunshine in the morning and then as predicted these cloud, came in the afternoon and we have more cloud then sun, in our future over the next couple of days, temperatures rising but also, the threat for rain enters the forecast. lets take a look what is happening right new not a whole lot, you can see increase in cloud cover this evening, all across the delaware valley, south jersey and delaware, we are looking a bit overcast right now, and
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that is kind of an indication of the warm front that is surging toward the region. it will get even warmer, then it was today and today temperatures have gotten above normal again we are up to 42 degrees in philadelphia 40 in reading. thirty in mount pocono. 39 degrees in atlantic city. peak of this warmth will be on friday, as the thaw, continues with temperatures back to the 40's, and again, today, 50's tomorrow, 60 on friday, and then 57 degrees to start your saturday but that is misleading. a major drop inre will come through by the time we hit sunday what to expect moving forward as we track our next system. we will see period of rain coming through starting late tomorrow evening, and then this will continue through friday, and right into saturday morning. period of rain heavier at times, one to 3 inches of rain could fall across the area that coupled with the snow melt could lead to a risk for ponding on road and flooding and a few rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out as this strong cold front moves into
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that warm, moist and thus very unstable air. so everything changing quickly as we head in the weekend. we have had two weeks of below freezing temperatures in the delaware valley up until now and is there ice on area rivers. chopper three flew over delaware river forbidders eye view of the ice flow, that ice should really melt away, over the next couple of days, and, for more on that and what it means for our area we will send it out to meteorologist chelsea ingram, hi there kelce >> reporter: hello there everyone. we are live with the mobil weather watcher and snow pack still here right on the ground and there is a good amount of it, as well, also taking a look at the frozen schuylkill river behind me right here now , we are starting to see parts of the river, thawing out just a little bit and that is yes, indeed courtesy of these temperatures that have warmed above freezing. let me show you a look at current conditions with the mobil weather watcher. right new we have numbers that are checking in the mid 40's,
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so that is easily helping, with the melting of the snow pack out here, helping with the melting of the ice from the schuylkill river, and now, i will show you a look at snow pack across the region and delaware valley, is there still a good amount especially when we see those darker colors toward jersey shore, but even right around philadelphia, snow pack, measuring up to anywhere half inch to up to 3 inches depending where you live, and there are several factors that can help, with melting that snow pack, also, melting the ice, for example like we have out here on the schuylkill. here's some of the things, dirty snow believe it or not melts quicker then fresh fallen, white snow that is because it does not have reflectivity factor so it absorbs the sunlight and heat and can melt faster. sunshine and wind also, can help speed up that melting and then heat transfer from falling rain, that can help to melt snow very, very quickly. you heard kate mention we have rain on the way. i do anticipate that will help
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melt the snow pack very quickly. help to melt ice on the schuylkill river and many of our other local rivers and lakes and ponds as well and kate will have more on that in your full forecast, for now, back to you. >> chelsea, thanks. >> every winter we hear warning do in the walk on ice but first responders are still trying to react as people don't heed that warning. members of the philadelphia police marine unit plunged into freezing water to practice their rescue skills. they donned protective suits and took turns rescuing each other near both bet house at fdr park. lieutenant andrew naply explained that the unseen danger of the frozen lakes. >> ice looks safe, consider it dangerous. there is areas where you can have an area of 10 feet in diameter that can be within inch and 12 inches thick in that same diameter. >> even they marine unit trained on lake, ice today, lieutenant naply says officers are also prepared to respond to rescues, from river ice,
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which is weaker, due to under currents. despite return of seasonal temperatures delaware river is still partly frozen. chopper three caught this boat making its way through icy water, similar conditions plus le water levels on the, delaware bay are continuing to effect operation of the cape may lewis fury. melting snow, rain in the forecast all that salt on the road and sidewalk will be soon washed away. what effect can it have on our water supply once it makes its way in the sewers. our greg argos did some investigation and he found answers tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. authorities in camden are investigating a shooting that left a 17 year-old boy dead. officials are asking for public's help identifying two women in this surveillance video, they say woman may have information about the shooting which happened, monday afternoon on south 29th and clinton streets. if you know those women call police. police are still searching for suspect who attacked a fellow passenger on a septa bus.
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chopper three over germantown avenue where route 23 bus pulled over this morning. police say a man stabbed another passenger in the face with a screwdriver after they got in the argument. the victim received four stitches in his lip and the attacker remains at large. today members of the chester city fire department expressed their condolences over the death of philadelphia fire lieutenant matthew latourneau. they laid a wreath in his honor at fireman hall museum this morning. latourneau taught classes that included chester city fire recruits at philadelphia fire academy. members was a instructor who wanted to share his love for the job. >> and he told us he volunteered to come to the fire contacted my because he cared about chester city and chester fire department and he wanted us to be best fire fighters we could be. >> latourneau died saturday fighting a house fire in north philadelphia, his funeral is set for friday. a new generation of guard will be soon serving
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philadelphia's prison system. latest correctional officer class graduated this afternoon proud family and friends gathered for ceremony at lincoln high school in the northeast, cadets have successfully completed 13 weeks of tactic california and cognitive exercises at department of prisons training academy, congratulations. we are another day close tore saturday's playoff match up between eagles and falcons. >> eagles fans are anxious and players are as well, sports director don bell joins with us more on what players were saying. >> how long have we been wait ing ? >> long time. >> we knew they were in the playoffs but i feel like we have been waiting forever. hurry up and get here. eagles haven't played a meaningful game in 17 days in nfl life that is intern. falcons have played in two must win games, during bye week eagles worked on fundamental but since sunday they have been game planning for falcons team, that has won seven out of their last nine, bird had to wait until this week, to learn how their opponent would be and now that the reigning nfc chapel
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presidents are in their sites they cannot wait until game day. >> it was just waiting to see who we were going to play. it was almost like christmas all over again, so, i'm just ready to go out and play. we have been putting in the work. we have put in the time. there is nothing to be stressed about. i think on saturday we will get out and just play. >> i love it. nothing to be stressed about just another football game one that you got to win. coming up later in sports, guys, sees the day, this is a rare opportunity with the guys , and what they are saying about that. >> i see you started your playoff goat tea. >> nice. >> playoff beard, thank you. >> well, sexual misconduct schedule grow was one hollywood heavyweight coming up on with an apology. another open up how james franco react to allegation from his a 80's movie star. also ahead. leave a number of neighborhoods buried under debris i'm chris mar teen
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necessary burbank, california where clean up is now underway and one of your resolutions was to lose weight or if you wanted to drop a few pounds, we have the list of the best diet, we are coming right back.
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act offer james franco says sexual misconduct allegations against him are not accurate. >> the golden globe winner spoke to stephen colbert on the late show, last night. when james franco won golden globe award sunday he was wearing a times up pin promoting a new campaign to fight sexual harassment and gender discrimination but following his win, a number of women went on social media to accuse him of sexual misconduct including actress violet paley who tweeted franco push her head down in the car toward his exposed
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groin. last night stephen colbert asked the actor about the controversy on the late show on cbs. >> you got criticized for wearing that. do you know why and what -- do you have a sponsor anything you want to say about that criticism. >> first of all, i do support the things that i heard, on twitter, they are not accurate but, i completely support people coming out, and being able to have a voice. >> reporter: franco responded to actress ally she hady appeared to write james franco just won, please never ask me why i left the film/tv business. >> i have no idea what i did to ally shedy i directed her in a playoff broadway i had nothing but a great time with her, total respect for her. >> reporter: franco says if there is restitution to be made, he will make it. >> if i have done something wrong i will fix it. >> reporter: new york times cancelled a panel discussion
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tonight featuring the actor because of the controversy. franco won a golden globe sunday night for his role in the disaster artist a film he also direct. actor michael douglas is denying sexual harassment allegations against him. the oscar winner came forward preemptively after being contacted by two publications, an employee worked for douglas more than 30 years ago said she was harassed by him. douglas is apologizing for any offensive language but he says he did in the harass her. all of the money in the world may be raking it in the box office but too little money was paid to michelle williams. movie had already finish filming when sexual misconduct claims prompted replacement of one of its stars, kevin spacey film makers had to reconvene cast to reshoot space i's scenes. u.s.a. today reports that mark wahlberg was paid 1.5 million-dollar, while his co-star williams got $80 a day in per die em pay totaling less than a thousand.
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kate joins us now with our forecast and still on that up and down, roller coaster. >> we're still on the up, today was a lot like yesterday , we had sound in the morning, more cloud this afternoon but temperatures once again above average. didn't feel too bad today and even warmer by even of the week but the warmth, comes at a little bit of the price. we are talking about some rain on the way, lets take a look what is going on outside we will get outside to plymouth meeting from the place one apartments, a bird eye view out over the region and not a whole lot of sunset to seew here. we have included cover that just started, really kind of advancing on the region late this afternoon, and, then the cloud, will hang around for a while, so any sun we saw this morning that may be last of the sun we see until maybe saturday afternoon, by the time this next system clears on out. sky looking very similar, up at junior/senior school in bernville where it is 38 degrees. lots of snow on the ground there looks to have melted, seeing a few breaks in the cloud cover but now that the included are in they will stick around as we await
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arrival of the next storm, and it is a ducey this one will bring heavy rain to the area, possibly a few bits of thunder coupled with warm temperatures and snow melt and especially in areas as chelsea showed us across central new jersey where we have up to 6 inches on the ground we will see risk for some, poor drainage flooding especially. looking at storm scan three you can see where system is over portions of the upper midwest warm front across the northeast, cold front is all the way back here, this storm will be a long duration system with the rain starting late tomorrow night, and continuing into early saturday morning. so, friday is really the crux of it especially friday night when some of the heaviest rain will fall for us. temperatures right now comfortable 42 in philadelphia forty-one allentown. forty-one in trenton. forty-one in millville. warm across the nation as well , look at this green as we await that warm front to push through we have got temperatures in the 50's in columbus. fifty-eight in rail durham. sixty-five in nashville. see how warm it is in wichita
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60 degrees. forty-nine in omaha. here comes that strong front single digits in bismarck and billings. our high 44. normal 40. we are 1 degree short but pretty seasonal all across the board. lets time out rain as we head through next couple of days this system will take hold, tomorrow is just a cloudy day, mild day, most of the day dry, showers come in by 11:00 tomorrow night but friday starts with rain. here's 7:00 a.m., continues through midday a break in the action but then at 9:00 in the evening another round of heavy rain comes through and this one may in the clear coast until saturday by about 10:00 a.m. we will see all this moving out. it is warm enough that the snow stays to the north and this is all rain but it is heavy rain, blue shading, indicating half inch to an inch and a half, some spots could see up to two or 3 inches especially north and west of philadelphia, so, through the overnight hours we will drop down to 35. not as cold as recent nights, it will stay above freezing
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tonight which means concerns for black ice are much less then they have been, despite the snow melt and here's difference heading toward eagles playoff game it will be colder, saturday afternoon then it will be saturday morning, 39 degrees, you can see warm up, saturday looks like high would be 56 but again as it is a very difficult time hit that in the morning and whole lot colder by the time eagles take the field and another arctic blast , highs not even getting to freezing by the time we start next week. >> put the heat on the dirty bird. >> yep. >> thanks, katie. still to come dieets that give the best results. >> they look like something out of the jetson's flying cars and more high tech vehicles this years at the consumer electronics show, we will show you more, coming up. carp die em, in matter what term it means know what it means but with the playoffs three days away eagles talk about seizing the day, sports coming up
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eagles fever is high, and many bird fans are snatching up tickets to saturday's playoff game with the falcons. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what you should look for, to make sure thaw get your tickets you buy actually get you in the game. you don't want to find out the hard way that they are not real. >> yes. >> don't be that person. >> indeed. >> all right. it is almost here. >> it is almost here. >> the count down, it continues. >> yes. >> all right. >> the eagles are in rare air, they have 13 wins in a season for only second time this century. making the most of the moment is on everyone's mine, the last time they were this good back in 2004, the was no twitter. there was no instagram. the ieven if was three years away from invention. look at how grainy this video is. eagles start their playoff run saturday with the falcons and they know, the opportunities are rare. >> we have got something special. we have to capture it. i think these guys understand
5:24 pm
that. the way we practice, you know, we don't have to get a lot of guys going, we just get out there and we work. it is not pretty all the time but everybody striving to try to be perfect. >> it has been great, intensity at practice. everyone has been focusing, laser focus, you know, we understand, it is win or go home, it is three games, this is a team in the way of what we want to accomplish. we understand what the outside world thinks of us right now and we are okay with that. we believe in what we have, who we have, and that is just in our eye sight. >> we will get you ready for saturday's game right here on cbs-3. chevy kick off is saturday at 3:30. join me, leslie van arsdal, pat gallen and the great mer ill reese. they were this good in 2004 and they made it all the way to the super bowl. hey, back then you know that sign on your phone, that was
5:25 pm
just a pound sign. >> back then. >> now it is a #. >> yes. >> even #do smart phones were even in the main stream, i mean black berries. >> yeah. >> think back. >> way back in the day. >> come on back to the future now, all right, let's win this thanks, buddy. coming up next, the state with the happiest workers, where do we fall on the list in find out. teacher dragged out of the school board meeting for questioning a pay raise for the superintendent is getting support, good and bad, what the prosecutor say about the charges filed against her up next. if you are trying to slim down for 2018, we have a list of the best diets, the won you might want to try coming
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fifteen people have been confirmed dead in california, that is after the worst mud slide, rescuers have ever seen
5:29 pm
>> officials say hundreds of people are trapped in one neighborhood and parts of the busy highway are closed, cbs correspondent chris martinez has more on the rescue efforts >> it is a race against time for families searching for missing loved won. >> calling out her name all night long. >> emergency crews are still looking for more than a dozen people missing since tuesday's deadly mud slide. the coastguard helped rescue this family of five including a new born and two young children trapped inside their santa barbara county home. >> get out of here go. >> reporter: second after warning a driver. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: marco ferrell caught this dramatic wave of debris crashing down his street. his family was able to stay safe. >> close the door. >> reporter: bulldozers are working non-stop to clear mud, ruble off 101 freeway. here in burbank another massive mud slide sent dirt and debris flowing through this neighborhood damaging a number of homes. >> the rushing of the muddy
5:30 pm
water and power was amazing. >> reporter: heidi, saw water more than 5 feet deep, rush past her house. >> there was cars washing down , power lines washing down , huge boulders coming down, huge trees coming down. >> reporter: wide express destruction could take months to clean up. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump held a joint press conference with norway's prime minister this afternoon and he used the opportunity to bash the legitimacy of the russia election meddling investigation. >> there has been no collusion , between the trump campaign and russians or trump and russians, no collusion. for 11 months they have had this phony cloud, over this administration, over our government and it has hurt our government. it does hurt our government. it is a democrat hoax that was brought up, as an excuse for losing an election that frankly the democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the electoral college.
5:31 pm
>> the president also emphasized there will be no deal, to save the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as dak a without funding for a border wall. meanwhile today a federal judge in san francisco blocked the trump administration's effort to end daca on march 5th. the obama era program provides protection for deportation for certain immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally as children the judge's ruling says daca must remain in place while litigation over president trump's decision to end daca plays out. caught on video arrest of the louisiana teacher has led to harassing calls and e-mail is a begins the school district. that is what the superintendent told the associated press. the video shows a teacher being handcuffed and led away from the cool board meeting monday night. she was forcibly removed after questioning the superintendent 's pay. teachers in the district are rallying behind her. >> educators, community members, parents are all invited to come together and
5:32 pm
stand behind her and to support her and her decision of not being silent. >> reporter: she face is two charges including one count of resisting arrest but cities prosecutor said he will withdraw the charges. leaders in philadelphia's animal welfare community have joined forces to create a no kill coalition. the organizations announced their new effort at city hall this morning. it focused on ending the killing of healthy treatable animals that end up at city shelters. the coalition is a partnership between the pennsylvania spca, act philadelphia and paws, the philadelphia animal welfare society. the school district of philadelphia today announced partnership with lasalle university. "eyewitness news" was at signing ceremony at philadelphia high school for girls. the district partnered with lasalle's higher education dual credit program. juniors and seniors from philadelphia high school for girls, girls high, central high, will be able to take a college course during the spring 2018 semester, tuition
5:33 pm
and textbook costs are covered by the district. your commute could one day look a lot different from self driving cars to a taxi cab drone to controlling a car with your brain waves, the future of transportation is on display at consumer electronic s show in vegas. >> cara suboy was there and shows us is what down the road. >> reporter: cars of the future will did more than drive you around, and autonomous vehicles won't be just confine to the road. at ces in las vegas they showed off this air taxi, a flying you around the sit friday point a to point b. >> great potential, lies in using these on the land, just like an uber to day, share our serve that is we offer. >> reporter: self driving cars the focus is shifting. if cars can start driving themselves then we need to be entertain. movie screen in the dash and seats, so i can chat with my
5:34 pm
passengers. electric car maker biton has created what they are calling a digital lounge in their concept car. you use hand gestures for controls and your face to unlock the car and customize your ride. if you do to have steer you may not to have use your hands , nissan is working on what it calls, brain to vehicle technology which read your brain waves to help control the car. c-net road show editor emmy hall tried it out. >> if i'm decide to go turn left or right it will put that input in a little bit quicker essentially reducing my reaction time up to a half second. >> reporter: samsung has a concept car that can help you decide what to make for dinner >> i don't know what i need from the grocery store so i will tap refrigerator button and i'm getting a live feed and i know what i have to pick up and how much. >> reporter: it is not clear how much this technology will make to it market but gives us an idea of what is coming down the road, i'm c-net cara suboy for cbs news, las vegas. >> say what. >> is that necessary.
5:35 pm
>> too much distractions, that is just crazy. ow, well that is the future. are you happen ate work? don't answer. that find out which states have the happiest workers. >> also more proof it is dangerous nes, we have new startling information in our healthwatch report. new revelation from his tennis great serena williams when she had a major health scare that left the the at bedridden, kate? well, we're always looking toward the weekend as i'm sure you are at home and weekend will feature a blast of cold air, spotty rain showers especially to start your saturday and then temperatures , will really take a hit through course of the day, it will be cold by the time eagles take the field for the playoff game and real arctic blast on sunday as temperatures struggle to even hit the
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well, if you find yourself unhappen ate work maybe it is not what you are doing but where you live, that makes the difference. >> new survey is out that shows which states have the happiest workers, hawaii takes the top spot followed by alaska and wyoming. the survey asked about 150,000 people and 600 different careers. >> so where did pennsylvania ra forty-eighth. the only place with even fewer satisfied workers were massachusetts, and washington d.c. forty-eighth. >> i know. hawaii, um. >> yeah, well... >> i guess. this new years resolution was to lose weight or just want to drop a few pounds we have advice for you. >> the list of the best diets is out and we will have it for you u
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best diets of 2018, topping that list mediterranean and dash diet diet approach toes stop hypertension. coming in, third, the flexitar ian which gives you
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flexibility to eat meat and fish on occasion, fourth, weight watchers, mind diet, tlc diet and died for sixth and dukan and keto. >> try eat right, eat right and keep it tight. new research on how easy it is to get addicted to smoking cigarettes. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the study. >> reporter: that is right, it just takes one. we know nicotine is very addictive but how long does it take to actually get hooked? doctors say smoking is different for different people and some are more prone to addiction but this new research says it can happen very quickly. thirty-five year-old ana creek tried her first cigarette at just a teen and now she's a regular smoker. >> it is just great place to gather my thought, check my phone, sometimes it is just a social thing really. >> reporter: new british study found more than 60 percent of people who take that first
5:44 pm
puff will go on to become daily smokers. researchers looked through surveys of more than 215,000 people from teenagers on up and they found experimentation often lead to habitual smoking >> it doesn't mean that these people are hooked for life but they will progress to daily smoking for at lee a period of time. >> reporter: despite declining smoking rates in the united states 36 and a half million adults are still regular cigarette smokers. new study published in the journal nicotine and tobacco research also looked at e cigarettes. >> almost no young people who tried e cigarette become vapors they don't progress to smoking. >> reporter: she says she plans to quit. >> bad habit, it is a personal choice and it is also very expensive. >> reporter: she's not loan, stopping smoking continues to be one of the top new years resolutions. now cdc says more than 60 million americans are currently living with a disease caused by smoking that includes things like cancer, heart disease, strokes and
5:45 pm
diabetes. very serious. sad parties people start young they think it is cool, and then they get addict. >> how about it. >> thanks, steph. camera captured an avalanche in the swiss alpine resort, cascading snow was caught on two cameras from a avalanche monitoring system n1 of the victims man is seen, moving away from the path of the snow slide n1 was injured. kate, our snow is just starting to disappear here shortly. >> big difference today. >> you can see the snow pack just, disintegrating and re absorbing in the ground and it will continue to do so as we have warmth, rain on the way and that will wash it away lets look outside, we will take you out to ocean city in one of the areas hardest hit, of course, shore was last week 's storm got over a foot of snow and you can still see snow on the boardwalk and on the dunes there in ocean city, this snow will be slow to melt because there is a whole lot more down the shore then there
5:46 pm
is in the city but eventually, with temperatures staying above freezing generally starting right now and continuing through the even of the week it will, mainly, be melting by even of the week. with temperatures about freezing we have less to worry about as far as icing is concern. checking with our weather watchers you can see quick look here, take you through temperature map or temperature list from our weather watchers and runs gamut between 30's and 40's depending where you are. eileen at 39 in gilbertsville. gar any landingberg at 39. thirty in david mitchell's house in norristown. thirty-nine at ed's house, and that is a popular temperature. right around 40 depending where you are today. lets look at our live neighborhood network camera, the schuylkill river looking live from the palmyra cove nature park. that little area we see there is ice, dark area, right in front, there is still a lot of ice, on the river, and this is of course, delaware river looking from palmyra cove, schuylkill river similar sight
5:47 pm
, this is ice, river running behind it and city sky line in the back gun. storm scan three s cloud moving in, the cloud are coming in now and they are here to stay for a couple days as we widen out our next storm warm front about here, warm air starting to spill into much of the eastern half of the country but once that front comes through late friday night into saturday morning temperatures will plumet once again. saturday is transition day. temperatures still comfortable 42 in philadelphia. thirty-nine in wilmington. 39 degrees down in wildwood, winds are light, not too bad and big changees from last week. last thursday 29 degrees, this thursday, 51 degrees, last friday in the wake of our storm it was only 17, this friday it is forecast ted high , 60 degrees, a big change and average is 40, so you can see where averages come from when you add this all up, it will average out to 40 degrees even of the week system comes in thursday night, friday morning one batch early friday
5:48 pm
, probably a break in the action and steady rain friday night and even saturday morning although i don't expect accumulation snow for poconos may start to fall on tail end of the storm before it gets out of here. it is warm enough to be mainly rain, showers start thursday night potentially heavy rain through friday and showers wrap up saturday with a brief hit of snowflakes in the mountains, to finish out system saturday morning. tonight's low drops down to 35 , mostly cloudy not as cold, so temperatures staying above freezing in the city, it looks like we don't to have worry about black ice but north and west there could be refreezing your seven day forecast is kind of a tail of two forecast , we have split it on saturday big warm up and major cool down just in time for eagles game, sunday, monday are cold and light snow is possible, again by next tuesday. ukee and guess. kate, thank you. amazon accounts hacked, search is on for ring of thieves hacking and stealing from customers in our area. >> thieves are using accounts
5:49 pm
of pricey items, natasha brown shows us how theft ring works from west whiteland township chester county. >> reporter: police are working with amazon and ups after several people in chester county found themselves victims of the internet fraud. i spoke to a victim who says their safety is shaken. >> delivery delay your amazon package with apple's mack book pro stills on the way. >> reporter: had it not been from this alert message from amazon hunter would have never known she was victim of internet fraud. >> very scary because they were in my e-mails. they are in our comcast, amazon account. >> reporter: someone ordered a $2,100 mack book pro computer by hacking her amazon account. thieves went as far as hacking her personal e-mail address adding filters so she was never notified of the purchase >> whoever is doing this the way they are getting into these peoples e-mail, amazon accounts are able to do things they are not aware so they cannot see. >> reporter: detectives scott with the west whiteland
5:50 pm
township police department tells us so far there have been seven to eight victims of this crime in chester county. in each case same computers were ordered. amazon accounts and personal e-mail addresses have been compromised and suspects diverted packages to ups facilities like this one on ward avenue, with fake drivers licenses to pick up ship. >> they advised us of a couple people coming there recently five or six times and they also suspect they are up to something. while we were there they discover two more order there waiting to be pick up and they later determined both to be fraud to through amazon. >> reporter: police are looking for suspects matching these descriptions. >> somehow they are also hiding it on amazon. check amazon, you look in your shopping cart or whatever, that there is no indication an order is placed. >> reporter: hunter's thankful she has been refunded her money but she's taking steps to never become a victim again >> changing my pass word on my comcast e-mail and checking all of those different
5:51 pm
advanced security settings and i would recommend because i dent change my pass word often enough, you know, change ago this pass word more often. >> reporter: hunter was also, victim of internet fraud through another on line accounts and another computer was ordered and sent to her home and she was able to quickly return it. in chester county, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". surprise pregnancy announcement has a grandmother going viral. >> but first nfl's top quarterback will show us how other half lives. >> bex from today's the 6.5 has it all in the hot minute. >> we are kicking off with tom brady who is giving us insight look at his life, off of the field in a new six part series we see him at home with his super model wife gisele and their two children. brady calling the documentary quote interest meant and in depth no set release date has been confirmed but it is expect out in the even of the nfl season. up next, serena williams who grazed latest issue of
5:52 pm
vogue magazine well, carrying her four month-old alexis olivia. she opens up for the first time about her major health complications, while in labor, that forced an emergency c-section. serena revealed she was bedridden for six weeks post delivery and despite pulling out of the australian open she says she's almost back to full strength, showing us her dance moves in the new video shared by vogue. while we're talking, babies i wanted to share this sweet video making its way around internet, chantell who struggled with infertility for 11 years wanted to share exciting news in a very clever way that she was finally expecting. >> there is a bun in the oven. >> a bunnies in the oven. >> it took sometime for her mother-in-law to grasp the announcement but moment that she does is so special. >> are y'all presenting nan. >> i absolutely love that
5:53 pm
video. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> so sweet. dream job for many young ladies to be a phillies ball girl. >> as our vittoria woodill found out it takes more than just at let ache built to be part of the team. we will take you to the
5:54 pm
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i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while not for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (announcer) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing, or swallowing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin
5:56 pm
may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. many local young woman dream of being a ball girl. >> today a group of girls took a giant step closer to making that dream a reality, phillies held ball girl try outs and vittoria woodill was there. crack of the bat, roar of the crowd, baseball season's just around the corner, really , it is. these young ladies hope to be on the field at citizens bank park on opening day. >> a lot of people look up to the ball girls, difficult as well. my dad took me to games all the time and i never really
5:57 pm
thought i would have this opportunity. >> reporter: today they are trying out to be phillies ball girls, of course, in order to be a ball girl you have to have serious skills, on the field. >> wow. these girls are good. batting and fielding aren't the only part of it. >> not only will they test their skills but also knowledge of phillies history and their comfort level with the media what is your comfort level like with the media. >> i think i'm comfortable with it. it is like talking to family if you are comfortable enough. i don't mind it at all. >> over 150 events that they do other than baseball games, and i feel like that is what i would enjoy because i like making people happy. >> reporter: for these girls it is not just try out but it could be a tipping point to a life licensing dream. >> migrate grandfather was induct in the hall of fame and ever since then i wanted to follow in his footsteps. >> made me stop playing softball and doctors told me would i never be able to play again and i proved them wrong.
5:58 pm
i want to give mine set to young girls no matter difficulties you get through you can work through it and get back on the field and anything is possible. >> reporter: yes, anything is possible and wouldn't it be great to be able to hang out with the best mascot in the world. >> is there a classic fanatic move like i will try to do that on the field. >> definitely belly move. no one can to that but him. >> that is true, true. >> good stuff. >> tori fits in anywhere. >> she does. phillies played a select nine or 10 new ball girls. >> baseball is just around the corner just over a month, february 14th, valentines day pitchers and catchers report for spring training and phillies home opener is april 5th, against miami. we will having video them loading up the truck with the sunflower seed, balls, bats and new skip inner toe. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 university of pennsylvania student found dead in california and tonight , the response from his parents and investigators. plus...
5:59 pm
>> it is slightly warmer, that means the snow is melting but what else is going down our drains? i'm greg argos in center city and i'll explain what some are saying is a concern that is going directly into our water supply. there are still signs of that bitter blast on the delaware river today, but spots still frozen solid but the milder temperatures are getting things moving again, blocks of ice now being swept along as the river thaws. kate? and that is a thaw that will continue as we have very warm weather on the way, temperatures surge go to april -like highs, but with the warmth, comes some rain and that lead to the risk for minor flooding concerns, i will break it down, coming up. i'm hyped up, okay. i have been a philadelphian all my life and, you know the history but i mean this year, they are doing it. >> it is that passion for eagles, has you looking for saturday seat at the linc we have a warning tonight hear from the experts about how to make sure that the tickets you
6:00 pm
buy are for real. our families worst fears have come true and they have positively identified our son, blaze's body to day. >> heart broken family university of pennsylvania student missing since last week is found dead in california, tonight, police are trying to piece together exactly what happened. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we know this is treated as a homicide investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on the university of pennsylvania's campus with the very latest on this still developing story, david? >> reporter: it is a terrible story, very sad and there are many more questions then answers in this case. his name, 19 year-old blaze bernstein, he was a sophomore here at u penn speaksed to be back in class today. today when classes started for


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