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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 11, 2018 2:07am-2:38am EST

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at 11:00, unhappy workers in america, why i didn't have to travel far to find them amazon accounts packed, who local police say a ring of thieves is targeting. people oh done for our son and his memory. >> parents share their heartache after a pennsylvania university of pennsylvania students is
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found dead, authorities are offering few clues as to what happened. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. 19-year-old blaze bernstein's death is being investigated as homicide. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in the stat center with the latest developments in this case. david? >> sad story, blaze bernstein was supposed to be back on campus for spring semester. instead, his parents found out this horrible news earlier today that authorities in orange county, california located his body in a nearby park. how the search is on for the killer. >> as the sun set in southern california, friends, family, even complete strangers came out to remember 19-year-old blaze bernstein >> we just learned that our family's worst fears come true and they've positively identified our son blaze's body, >> you can hear the pain in his voice as he stood before a slew
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of cameras hours before he found outlet orange county sheriff's departments located his 19-year-old son's body at a local park >> blaze was brilliant colorful shined light on all the lives and people and communities he touched >> bernstein went missing while home on winter break in southern california. authorities spent a week searching for him. he was a sophomore at u penn involved in many publications on campus. wednesday night students joined together inside the kelly house on campus to remember blaze, asked us to leave the camera outside. authorities will not say how he died but calling it a homicide. they have interviewed a person but are not using the term suspect or person of interest >> there was a search warrant that was served in the city of you in port beach. your question was about a friend, we have interviewed that friend several times, that
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person is not in custody. and we are not prepared to comment on persons of interest at this time. >> reporter: a campus released a statement expressing grief over bernstein's death, a support session will take place tomorrow at noon in the ben franklin room of houston hall. open to anyone. reporting live, david spunt cbs3. we are in midst of a winter warmup. it's not nearly as cold as it's been in recent nights. come tomorrow, temperatures will rise rise more. meteorologist kate bilo joins us with the first look at the forecast. >> we're under the influence of an advancing storm system and that's the system you see here, very strong cold front over the northern plains ahead of it is warm front is lifting through, this is the temperature change in the past 24 hours, eight degrees warmer in philadelphia than it was at this time last night. ten degrees warmer in reading and mount pocono. 13 degrees warmer in trenton, and that's notable because temperature the likely won't
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drop below freezing meaning we don't have to be quite as concerned about black ice. around the area right now, we're still hanging on to 40 in philadelphia, 39 in millville, 37 in dover, last night again, we were down in the 20's, so big change here and you can see warmth kicking in gear, look at the strong cold front, single digits across the dakotas, and that's the front headed our way it will start to push in by tomorrow night, this rain will get heavier, i'll show you the timing for friday into saturday how much rain will fall and a blast of cold air perhaps just in time for the eagles game. ukee >> tom wolf cleared the opioid crisis a public health emergency and signed an order for the 90's-day disaster declaration, pennsylvania has the fourth highest overdose rate in the country, killing more than 5200 people last year, it establishes an opioid command center in harrisburg and makes it easier
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for addicts to get into treat. knocks zone can be left behind at overdose scenes and it expands the state's prescription monitoring program. the governor wolf's declaration is drawing phrase the mayor, the city is considering its own proposal addressing the opioid crisis, and it's controversial. alexandria hoff is in center city tonight with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're talking about faith injection sites beings used in our countries and essentially what they are, the supervised spaces for people to use her wynn but have access to narcan and life saving tools. it is controversial and one of many that the city is considering but to better understand this, we wanted toing to what is known as ground 0 for happy new year use in philadelphia. >> i can't be in philly.
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i can't be near kensington. there's something about this place that just -- it -- it's sucks you in. >> in the neighborhood at the center of philadelphia's opioid crisis, a community brainstorm is taking place. >> this group is open about their own struggles with her wynn addiction. they're also to open solutions. because like city officials, they're discussing the potential for philadelphia to become the first u.s. city to open a supervised safe injection site. something that the city's new district attorney larry krasner spoken out in favor of >> he's open to the idea but wants to be clear that he wants to work closely with many different holders to make it happen in the most safe and effective way. >> reporter: the idea is these sites would provide a supervised
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location to use her win free of risk of prosecution. >> there is they don't safe injection sites, because overdoses there will be negative things. >> reporter: the feedback from the self proclaimed users was diverse and most told i guess so it would only be effective coupled with counseling. >> it can help you get into a apartment and, >> you're saying there has to be more than letting people. there has to be a ladder >> yes. >> reporter: mayor kenney told us city officials recently visited vancouver where they're utilizing safe injection sites. we also spoke with police commissioner richard ross who was very clear in telling us, quote, i have not pushing this idea. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you the search is on for a ring of thieves hacking into the accounts of amazons customers,
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they ordered mac computers and had them presented to up facilities. presented fake driver's licenses to pick up the you packages, so far, there have been at least seven victims >> we discovered there was two more orders waiting to be picked up and they were later determined both to be fraud through amazon >> it's scary, because they were in my e-mail, they were in the comcast -- the amazon account. urge amazon customers to change their pass words. at least 17 people are now confirmed dead in massive mud slides in santa barber county california. several missing, at least 500 rescuers and ten dogs searching for the missing people. while anxious family members hold out hope. searchs are poking through the mud with sticks. the mud slides carried huge bolders, trees and other debris downhills, sweeping homes right off their foundations. at least 100 homes have been destroyed. some parts of the 101 freeway buried under mud.
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president trump refused to say whether he would be willing oh to to be interviewed by robert mueller's team investigating russian meddling in the election, he made the comments during a joints news conference with the norwegian prime minister, the response comes as his lawyers discuss how they will respond to an interview request from mueller which they are anticipating. >> i'll see what happens, but when they have no collusion and nobody is found any collusion, at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview. >> the president's attorneys are looking for ways to limit the president's exposure including requesting mueller abide by certain parameters. the battle of the birds comes to south philly. >> don bell is here what the players are talking about today. >> it's been a long tomb since they've been in this situation right here. the eagles are in rare air, they have 13 wins in a season only the second time in franchise history.
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making the most of the moment is on everyone's mind. the last time they were this good was back in 2004 when they made it to the super bowl. there was no twitter, instagram, the iphone was three years away from invention. look how grain me this video is. the eagles start playoff on saturday against the falcons and they know these opportunities are rare. >> you got something special. got to capture it. these guys understand that the way we practice, the way, you know, you don't really have to get a lot of guys going. we just go out there and work, and it's not pretty all the time. but you know, everybody striving to be perfect >> this is what you work for. the otas, back in april. this is what it's about >> it's on. one of the eagles get set to hit the field, scam artists hit the internet to try to had rip off fans, ticket vendors like
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stub hub are warning everyone, never buy your ticket outside of the stadium or with cash. after you buy your ticket, stub hub said be careful not to share it on social media. >> there are a lot of people after they purchase the ticket they want to share with their friends they're going to the a game but the tickets have bar codes and they can't be duplicated >> stub hub said its website has 5,000 tickets left, the lowest 150, the most expensive went for $3500. happiness in the workplace turns out how your job makes you feel may depend on where you live. at 11:00 the states with the happiest workers. where our region falls on the list and the occupation that is bring the most joy. social media lights up after the lights go out at the biggest tech show in the world. what caused the power outage and how long the rare black out lasted >> the effects of road salt. does it have a negative impact on the environment? experts are issuing a warning.
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here's a live look at center city philadelphia. even warmer weather is on the horizon. that comes with rain, kate is checking it off. when the cold makes its return.
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. most won't admit to liken their work at least not on camera, but a new study reveals pennsylvanians are among the most harper workers in the country. >> maybe it's the climate >> no one is surprised by that. >> i would definitely go there. if you think it's the warm weather, it's not. alaska comes next followed by
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wyoming >> no thanks, the east coast occupies four spots in the bottom five with pennsylvania coming in 48th overall. >> it's the temper minutes >> researchers say it comes down to a lack of autonomy and variety often found in service based locations dependant jobs like telemarketers >> i would hate to do the same thing. >> the happiest employees had more creative job that is allowed more control over their work. >> being creativity has something to do with it >> people want to be able to put themselves into their work. >> when selecting a career maybe it's less about the state you're in and more about your state of mind. >> require as lot of self interest >> not only what you're good at, what you enjoy doing >> they have all the answers out there. according to the survey, the happiest jobs were film director, music producer and comedian and while they weren't
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at the bottom the list, new jersey and delaware had less than stiller showings as well. >> they have the right approach. find something you really passionate about. >> hello >> maybe the money hopefully the money comes. >> exactly >> and a very happy working for you, you, you and all of you out there. that's what we do >> thank you, nicole. electronics need power and simple truth was proven in a big day in las vegas. a power outage plunge add portion of the consumer electronic show into total darkness as the las vegas convention center and people had been to evacuated. took about two hours for the power to be restored, condensation from heavy rain caused a problem with the transformer >> a new report finds rock salt to keep the streets safe in winter weather to be adversely impacting the environment. the schuylkill river become nearly ten times saltier than in the 1950's and experts say it's due to road, salt run off.
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he teaches biogee yo chemistry at the university of pennsylvania worried about the amount road salt used. all that salt goes into the sewer system, then our rivers, and streams, eventually making its way into the water supply. >> detrimental at an extreme point and the salt then can accumulate in the soils, making the soils saltier, making the soils potentially less productive. >> professor plant said an easy fix so useless salts on the roads and situation >> kate joins us and hopefully we won't need that for the immediate future >> we've had enough >> take a little break. >> we ended last week with a snowstorm we were recovering from a storm on friday this week, it will be a rain storm because things have really changed around and now temperatures on the way up. rain you don't have to shovel it >> maybe minor flooding >> maybe we got a lot of melting
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snow to talk about in addition to the rain. outside right now, pretty quiet. really nice night. temperature warmer by about ten degrees than they were last night. there is still a snow pack. especially across central and southern new jersey. from any spots still have six inches on ground and it will be kind of a slow melt that's the good news leading up to this rain, kind of melting it a little bit each day but the soil is becoming very saturated because of that. and we are going to see when temperatures warm up and the rain comes in, possibly the threat for some poor drainage minor flooding out there late this week and into the weekend. here's a live look at the palmyra cove nature parking all ice on the delaware river, and things are slowing a little bit better out in the middle of river, all of that will be melting as well. and we're under the influence of this large storm system so there's that cold front, strong front across the northern plains, warm front is helping usher a southwest flow in for us and temperatures rising as we await the arrival of that cold
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front so we hit the surge of warm moist air into the region. but also some rain when the front approaches. overnight mainly cloudy, not as cold, 35 is your low. tomorrow, most of the day is dry. mostly cloudy. nice and warm. 51 the daytime high which certainly when you compare it to last week, when we were in the teens, going to feel much better. as we head through day, the clouds stick around not a lot of sunshine with your 51 degrees. by tomorrow about 8:00 or 9:00, the heaviest of the rain will be on and off through the day friday. one batch of heavy rain earlier then possible a little bit of a low in the action friday night, another round of heavy rain and you can see ice north and west heavy snow across great lakes but it will be too warm for us to get in on that snow. so saturday morning starts with rain, maybe ending few flakes in the poconos, this looks like all rain for the vast majority of our area. that's the good news. behind the front temperatures are going to plummet just in
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time for the eagles game on saturday. so forecast rain amounts as we head to friday and saturday, some spots as much as two and a half inches of rain when you couple that with the snow melt it could lead to the threat for minor flooding and ponding on the roads possibly even a few rumbles of thunder with this and then temperatures will tumble, we'll be in the 50's around midnight friday into saturday morning behind the front, a 33 degree drop in 24 hours by midnight saturday night 24 and temperatures for the eagles game barely better than freezing. the good news is it won't be raining and it won't be snowing. the bad news is cold but don't look at those 50's saturday pretend they're not even there. that's at midnight. temperatures will be in the 30's, 20's even for the entire of the eagles game and much colder next week, right back to winter with the chance for light snow tuesday. this little spring vacation is a couple days and it's wet and gets cold again
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>> still feels nice. >> nice right now. >> thanks. >> for now. >> and saturday >> hopefully the game is hot. the captain gets the call. the eagles know run zone, and villanova with a top ten pick in south philly. sports coming up
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birds have so much to prove, the falcons will invade the link -- and their win over the rams, they ran 32 times with a pair of running backs, free man led the charge for 66 yards. defensive tackle journey gan
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knows him well >> we came in together. i know exactly what he bringing to the table. everyone here does too. you know what i mean. >> we're not taking him lightly >> not even a little bit >> birds have the number one run defense in the nfl. on saturday, join me, lesley van arsdale, pat gallen and the great merril reese as we get you ready for the game at chevy kickoff at 3:30. number one and under the gun. on monday, villanova regained the top spot in the land be two days later, a top ten match-up with number ten savior, jalen brunson, nova goes up by ten. and the second half, brunson can play tenacious defense, gets the steal. punches it home with left hand be 17 points. nova up by 17. later on, almost an identical play this time, stealing a slam.
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he led nova with 21 and the wildcats stomping the music tears with a 24 points win. temple on the road against smu trying to snap to five game losing streak. hits the jumper, game tied at 64. he had 16 and feeling it. time winding down, what can brown do for you, hit the bucket. temple wins 66-64, snapped the home winning streak. big time. captain is an all star. the nhl name their all star and claude giroux is the home representative. his move to the wing and being healthy have a lot of sit tie for second and the nhl in points, flyers fans are upset that shawn couturier and jake
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almost girl scouts cookies season. >> one troop leader is getting ready. 12,000 boxes of girl scouts cookieses were delivered in fairmount. they formed a human chain passing from one person to the next. cookies will be stored at the house until distribution begins january 18th. that's a lot of cookieses >> we're always looking toward the weekend as i'm sure you are at home and it will feature a blast of cold air. spotty rain showers and temperatures take a hit
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