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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 11, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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i don't know where to go from here. new owner of the south jersey diner distraught after overnight fire destroys his business. more breaking news from south jersey shots fired at police from a man barricaded inside a home. we're live where neighbors have been ordered to shelter in place. today is thursday, january , i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. turf say this warmth has been so nice even though it seems typical for january it feels good compared to what we have had. we will check the forecast with katie and traffic with meisha. >> for the first time in a long time i walk outside and felt like i don't need a jacket. i do need one this morning. but i have to say, it felt really good, with this minnesota blood running through me. it felt so nice and the water or i was going to say water on
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the roadways which is true because everything is melting. it is not so much ice. >> definitely no ice concern today. we will continue the warming trend. you know, not necessarily a bright day but should be a very nice one for you, as temperatures continue to climb , and it will continue as well. it is a nice day that we're looking ahead to here. we may encounter fog here and there as warmth invade as well certainly moving over any snow on the ground but here's where we currently stand. we are floating at 40 at this hour. as morning progresses that may fall but with time it will rebound further once sun comes up. wind flow is much more southerly at this point. by the time we are at 9:00 a.m. we are at 40. don't worry about ice to go day just a little damp outside fog continues all the way up to 53 degrees, so, we will be above average but meisha, that is not the end of this. i will let you know when we will peak in this forecast later. >> thanks katie thank you so much.
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we have an accident, and water main break. this is the accident investigation stage, accident happened around 3:00 a.m. route 38, right now eastbound is close i had near cherry hill mall. use chapel avenue or route 70 is your best bet. water main break in cinnamon son, route 130 north bound at riverton road that right lane is compromised a void this area where this car accident is and would i second that by saying staying away from that area where water main break is as well, if you cannot, good news, the right lane is still open. construction schuylkill westbound is closed right now south street to the vine, eastbound that left lane is closed snapshot of what you are working with around here. volume levels picking up, a little bit an construction vine westbound between broad street and ben franklin parkway off ramp to 22nd street is closed. jim and rahel, back over to you. breaking news, shots fired at police in camden county as person remains barricaded inside of a home in sicklerville. police set up a staging area at timber creek high
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school where trang do just got an update. what are our officials saying. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. this is on going situation going on eight to nine hours now. we are being kept a half mile from the scene at timber creek high school for our own, safety, lets take a look here a huge response here, in the parking lot with police here, at the high school, as well, as on scene, and police chief not giving us a whole lot of details because this is a very delicate, active situation, he is not ready to reveal person 's gender and whether anyone else is inside the home just after 8:00 p.m. gloucester township police responded to reports of shots fired near yorkshire and ham sevenshire road in the sicklerville. it turned into a barricade situation in gloucester township, camden county swat were called the two scene. police chief larry earl says that the person inside of the home there fired shots at officers and at an armored vehicle. fortunately in reports of any civilian or officer injuries.
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>> this is ongoing flute situation our most important message to the community right now as we posted to our social media site a map showing those areas of the neighborhood approximately three square blocks, follow thanks we want to shelter in place and we have also evacuate sod residents approximately 18 to local fire department. >> and again, this barricade situation is happening in the area of yorkshire and ham sevenshire roads in the brittany wood development. people not home are not allowed to get to their homes but there is a shelter at local fire department to go to for time being, right now they have not made a determination whether this will affect school but they will keep us updated throughout the morning we are live in gloucester township new jersey, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" rahel and jim back to you. >> active situation there, thank you. more breaking news, we are getting our first look at camden county diner that went up in flames overnight. "eyewitness news" at country
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town diner on white horse pike in berlin, restaurant formally known as white horse diner was closed when the fire broke out mother of an employee rushed to the scene when she heard the news. >> pretty high flames coming, pretty scary, it looks lake they were coming through the kitchen. i'm hoping they will rebuild and stuff. >> the good news here no injuries were reported, the cause of that blaze is under investigation. murder mystery involving a university of pennsylvania, student, authorities are investigating the death of 19 year-old blaze bernstein a sophomore at penn, his body was found in the park in southern california. he had gone missing last week while home on winter break. >> blaze was brilliant, colorful charismatic man shined light on all of the lives in the communities that he touched. >> authorities right new don't have a suspect or motive. meanwhile support session will be held at u penn at noon, it is opened to anyone who wants to tend. viewing will be held for fallen philadelphia fire fighter matthew latourneau, it is a public viewing at
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cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, scheduled for 4:30 this afternoon until 9:00 . second viewing will be held tomorrow morning followed by a funeral mass. lieutenant latourneau died saturday while battling a house fire in north philadelphia, he was 42 years old. james kaufman will make his first court experience in atlantic county today, the husband charged in the murder of his wife, april kaufman. on tuesday authorities charged kaufman in the killing of his wife. investigators say he arranged to have april killed after she threatened to expose his involvement in an illegal prescription drug ring. she was murdered almost six years ago inside their home in linwood, new jersey. also today former penn state football prospect and philadelphia charter school i she will young. he was just 17 was arrested along the wawa employee, win gate. man accuse of driving the get away star. johnson was also charged, all
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three face robbery and other charges. officialness southern california are still, in search and rescue mode following tuesday's deadly mud slides, at least 17 people have been confirmed dead and several people remain missing. parts of a freeway in santa barbara county are buried under 3 feet of mud, road will be shut down until monday while crews can clear that area. investigation underway at new york's jfk airport, to figure out why the airport was so badly crippled during and after last week's snowstorm. former transportation secretary ray lahoud will lead that investigation. the snow, record low temperatures and a water main break caused hundreds of flights to be delayed or cancelled, thousands were stranded through the weekend. we will see, that is what president trump said when asked if he is willing to be interviewed by special counsel robert mueller. question came up with a joint news conference. president's lawyers are negotiating with mueller's team over when and how an interview would happen but president trump says an interview is unlikely anyway
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and again, defended himself against claims that his campaign includedded against russia. >> i will see what happens but when they have no collusion and nobody has found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview. >> now last year president trump said he would be willing to talk to mueller under oath, discussions between trump and mueller's team could take weeks. command center is so the up in harrisburg after governor tom wolf declared opioid crisis a public health emergency. command center will treat crisis like it would respond to a natural disaster, and the declaration provided, wider access to the state's prescription drug monitoring program, and it also makes it easier for medical professional to get people into treatment more quickly and it is also lessee mergecy responders use an, while responding to calls. and it is reverses overdosees. and pennsylvania has the fourth highest overdose rate, in the country. and meanwhile philadelphia 's mayor jim kenney is praising governor tom wolf declaration and
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looking into a way to respond to the opiate crisis here in the city and one idea that he is thinking business controversial, safe injection sites, and if the city creates safe injection sites it will be first u.s. city to do so, the sites would provide a supervised location, for people to use heroin without the risk of prosecution. new philadelphia district attorney larry krasner has spoken out in favor of the idea. >> he is very opened to the idea but he wants to be clear that he wants to work closely with many different stake holders to make it happen in the most states effective way possible. >> mayor kenney recently traveled to vancouver to study safe injection sites and he plans to make a decision on the idea sometime soon. well, coming up, a head up if you have a amazon account. >> thieves are hacking into accounts. >> plus buyer beware warning to eagles fans hoping to grab tickets for saturday's playoff game, we are back in two
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back on eyewitness news police in chester county are on the hunt for thieves hacking into people's amazon account to place expensive order. hackers ordered, mack book pro computers and had them shipped to ups facility. when thieves picked up package s they presented fake driver's license. there have been seven victims already. >> while we were there we discovered two more order that need to be pick up and they later determined both to be fraud through amazon. >> very scary, very scary because they were in my e-mail , comcast, amazon account. >> and officials are encouraging amazon customers to change their pass word. well, fire fighters banned together to save a dog that fell through ice in atlantic county. take a look at jackson road in mulika township. sweet water and mulika township fire departments teamed up to save quincy a german shepard. fire fighters used a boat to
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reach quincy and then safely brought him back to dry land. you know i have a thing for german shepherds, beautiful dogs, glad quincy's okay. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast. it looks like we could see some rain. >> it will be here as early as late this evening that we will see rain drops but mainly into tomorrow that you will need umbrella. for now pieces of puzzle are coming together. moisture lift nothing. you can see movement of the precipitation and cloud indicate ago this southerly wind flow shoving the warmth our way and allow temperatures to moderate up as nicely as they will, starting to day and over next few days but for now you can see also some very cold air, in the wake of the storm, just because, it is snowing, on the back side, and beginning of everything starting to move in. we are going to see a big shift in the pattern here. we will warm up big time, we will see rain, cold air rushes in and temperatures just dropped off again. as early as nine or 10:00 poconos could see rain drops but we should get
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through evening commute without any major problems. then those showers, rain, begin to fill in a lot more readily here, by about the same time tomorrow, even. there will be more to track by this time tomorrow, and for now though we will just see some cloud but yeah, when this rain comes in there will be rounds of it quite heavier at times. we could have several inches as a result. there aren't any advisories, or warnings in regard toss flooding but i will not be shocked if that happens f we have a few inches of rain on top of the warmth melting that snow we could have minor flash flooding problems at minimum here. it it is something to watch. rain is still out there there may be a few breaks along the way you have to assume that it could still, you know, be a soggy rest of the day. keep umbrella at the ready. looking outside right now at palmyra cove nature park or from the nature park is there chunks of ice here, that is what the shadow is in the fore ground of our neighborhood network shot of the delaware river. melt down continues. that chunk of ice is bigger
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then it has in recent days but still out there. meanwhile look at friday's high, 64 the current call but we are going to see a huge drop off, through the day on saturday so we won't be in the 50's, meisha. >> thanks, very much. we are looking outside right now, picture here, construction going on 95 south between allegheny and girard, two left lanes compromised flashing lights and cones in the roadway but you can see how many vehicles are already out there. so again 95 south between allegheny and girard might want to start to factor in a couple extra minutes plus we have 15 minute intermittent closures as well, we will let you know when crews are on the way but give yourself a couple extra minutes slowing down here. construction schuylkill westbound closed south street to the vine, give yourself a couple extra minutes here as well, lots of vehicles already out there then we are looking at where we have an accident investigation, accident happened around 3:00 a.m. in new jersey, route 38 eastbound closed near cherry hill mall, use your chapel avenue or
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route 70. this is where we have a water main break in cinnaminson. route 130 northbound riverton road that right lane compromised there. rahel and jim, back to you. battle of the bird comes to lincoln financial field in south philadelphia this saturday. >> it is eagles/falcons in a nfc game. last time eagles were 13-three was all the way back in 2004, stars on that eagles team including mcnabb, owens, dawkins. eagles went to the super bowl and beat falcons to get there. current flock of bird knows opportunities like this are rare. >> whenever we have something special we have to capture it. i think these guys understand that. the way we practice. we don't need a lot of guys going. that is what i like. we just get out there and work it is not pretty all the time. everybody is striving to try to be perfect. >> and, just as eagles hit the field for playoffs, scammers are hitting internet to try to rip off fans. ticket vendors like stub hub and ticket master are warning
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everyone to be careful. they say never buy ticket from scalpers outside stadium and never use cash. after you buy your ticket stub hub warns do in the share pictures of your tickets on social media. >> we know a lot of people after they purchase their ticket they share with their friends, which is great but those tickets do have bar code and they can be duplicated. >> and stub hub says it still has 5,000 tickets available for saturday's game but lowest price $150. most expensive so far was $3,500. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", this morning, a lawmakers looks to get to the bottom of why apple slowed down older iphones. >> that is embarrassing, largest consumer electronics she suddenly find is it self in the dark. what is being blamed for power outage, coming up
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welcome to crock country. lights are back on at ces tech show in vegas, power went out for two hours in the
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showrooms at last vegas convention center wednesday. officials are blaming them on heavy rainfall this week. some of the people used the blackout to tout their battery operated products. >> good idea. >> smart. >> 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. so, a u.s. senator is demanding answer from his apple after they admitted to slowing down older iphones. tell us more. >> reporter: that is right, good morning, jim and rahel. senator john thune sent a letter to apple ceo tim cook saying co gave users enough information to slow down some of its devices. apple said it slowed older devices with aging batteries to keep them from shutting down unexpectedly. the company has until january 23rd, to respond, jim and rahel. >> so, i understand more companies are trying to help their employees get healthier but there are obstacles in place in the work force, what is this all about. >> reporter: yeah, i noticed
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more message that is come in on our e-mail about trying to get up into this health and wellness kick. new survey by office team, staffing firm that found that 66 percent of hr managers say their co have expanded, health and wellness programs over the past five years, some firms motivating staff by offering free massage, fitness trackers and yoga and meditation at work. employees report that the biggest obstacles to getting healthy are food at office celebrations like those birthdays and snacks, brought in by co-workers. >> yes, it is not even celebrations. we have a food table here. >> yes. >> every day. every day there is something here. >> chicken wings, pretzels. >> yes. >> candy. >> i know, it is so hard to keep up with your resolutions when you have that in front of you. >> that is right. >> i will not name names, there is two sitting right here. >> whatever it takes to get through the day, thanks, dianne, we will check in next hour. >> all right.
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>> ♪ feel that warmth, really beginning to build across the delaware valley and when you look at this shot from our very own station headquarters where we are overlooking 15th and vine, right here, you know , they are have been mound s of left over snow. i can barely see anything left , at this point do you see any. >> no. >> it has all finally melted away. it looks damp. >> yes. >> it is something we can get behind. more snow we can melt away before our next storm gets here the better because that will exacerbate flash flooding potential that may come our way by tomorrow with this new storm system starting to take
4:55 am
shape, develop, show its hand and it will effect a lot of us it is one helping to draw in this warmth, you can see this southerly push by looking at precipitation band working their way through the south east. they are moving north, as the warmth is coming from the south, everything starting to come together, in advance of the storm, we have just warmed up and we just have cloud today but even as early as later tonight but especially tomorrow we will see bulk of the rain moving in. it is just rain, folks that moves in tomorrow. just too warm. we probably don't drop below as cool as mid 40's overnight. but look at rainfall we are talking about here. we have snow in the ground in places like southeastern new jersey and delaware certainly do and a extra inch or two or three of rain is going to help really, again, melt away that snow, and then you end up with clogged drains and whatnot. we have to concern ourselves with the possibility have flash flooding out of this but at the moment there is nothing posted from the weather
4:56 am
service for our area. that may change. we will let you know if it does. expect by friday we are in the mid 60's, it does not last long we are still in the 50's saturday but we will hit that temperature early on. temperatures only drop through the day, no way we are in the 50's in time for eagles kick off but we should remain dry. >> 64 degrees, unbelievable, talking about that we're still in january. sounds good to all of us. thanks so much, katie. looking outside, warmer temperatures nice thing, we will not be dealing with slick roadways but that is first time i have said that in a long time but still very wet out there and because of the warming temperatures we will get mercon trucks. that is what we have this morning. ninety-five south where we were looking at construction moving out between allegheny avenue and girard. two left lanes were closed. we are starting to see backups forming but it looks like that has started to alleviate itself. construction schuylkill westbound is closed south street to the vine, hopefully, this is also, starting to move out of our way now.
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i want to call your attention to an investigation of an accident. it happened 3:00 a.m. in new jersey. tim, help me out, it looks like we're frozen here route 38 eastbound split is closed near cherry hill mall. your alternate chapel avenue route zero seven. water main break at riverton road and 130, use the left lane. rahel and jim, back over to you. almost time for girl scout cookies. >> they go on sale a week from today and one troop leader is already getting ready. last night 12,000 boxes were delivered to patty's house in fairmount. the, street was blocked off, and they formed a human chain to get the cook is in to her house. others will pick up their cookies including the daughter of our executive producer steve lindsey. >> i look forward to this every year. >> steve lindsey's daughter. >> yes. >> coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news latest on two breaking news stories we are live, in sicklerville where shots were fired at police leading to a all night standoff.
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>> we are hearing from the owner of the south jersey dine their caught fire overnight leaving behind lots of damage. armed with axes thieves in paris pull off a jewelry heist we will tell you how much they got away with, we are back at the top of the
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we continue to follow breaking news in south jersey shots fired at police and now a person is held up inside a house. authorities are warning neighbors to stay inside, we're live with an update. more breaking news also in south jersey where a landmark diner goes up in flames overnight its owner tells cbs-3 it is a total loss. and a live look at lehigh valley from high atop the hotel bethlehem, some parts could see morning fog, then up in the 50's for another warmer day but winter's cold, will soon make


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