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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we continue to follow breaking news in south jersey shots fired at police and now a person is held up inside a house. authorities are warning neighbors to stay inside, we're live with an update. more breaking news also in south jersey where a landmark diner goes up in flames overnight its owner tells cbs-3 it is a total loss. and a live look at lehigh valley from high atop the hotel bethlehem, some parts could see morning fog, then up in the 50's for another warmer day but winter's cold, will soon make a big return, it is
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thursday, january 11th, good morning i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things and getting us out the door. >> it is very wet. not so much slick or slippery. we are not dealing with ice. but we have a few accidents out there and, ready to put bumper to bumper conditions out there as well. >> that is a bummer. >> we are finding no icing today. way too warm for that. a lot of the snow is starting to melt so you will in the ruin your favorite pair of shoes walking outside on the sidewalk at this point. things are drying out nicely. it is not completely gone that snow melt or that snow pack rather but with the temperatures climbing as they will continue to do, you will see a lot of it melt away, almost entirely which is good. i say good rid of it because we have a large storm system looming by tomorrow and that will bring in heavy rain, so any snow still left and there will be some down near southeastern, new jersey when
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we got hit with the last snow storm we will have the possibility of flooding as a result. storm scan will stay empty. only thing we will see is more activity on the satellite overhead more cloud cover with time and there may be a hint of fog, with the warmth, light wind is a lug for key ingredients to form but we will see signs of life off the two north, west and south, it is like we are getting encircled by wet weather and with time it will work its way in our area we are just way too warm. mount pocono in the upper 30's icing isn't a issue. could it be damp? i found myself using windshield wiper flute too because it is still kind of, you know, a little messy out there, meisha but we are dry for one more day. tomorrow, different story there. >> we will stand by for that, thanks, katie, yes, still very wet, i also had to use my windshield wiper flute as well make sure you have that in your vehicle take a look at 42
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freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295. levels are ever so slightly starting to build there as well. we are getting an early start this morning. however look at our gorgeous ben franklin bridge traveling from new jersey westbound into center city we are looking nice here, really quiet levels there. this is an accident investigation underway right now in new jersey, accident happened around 3:00 a.m. route 38 ease bun closed near cherry hill mall so use alternate chapel avenue and route 70 as your best bet. not too far in new jersey in cinnaminson we have a water main break route 130 north bound at riverton road you will be using your right lane. avoid the area if you can. then we have another accident in new jersey this morning as well 295 north bound before route 541 that right lane is compromised there and then we have two more water main breaks coming up in the next 10 minutes, jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. some breaking news, this morning a gunman remains barricaded inside a home in sicklerville after opening
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fire on police. >> police set upstaging area at timber creek high school. trang do is there good morning what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim this standoff has been going on for nine hours and police are keeping us far from the scene for our own safety. we are at timber creek high school, take a look you can see plenty of officers here at the staging area as well, police are not giving us a whole lot of details because it is a very delicate, ongoing situation. they are urging people living in the brittany wood development to shelter in place and they've vac waited 18 people from surrounding homes. but just after 8:00 p.m. gloucester township police responded to shots fired at brittany wood development in sicklerville in the area of york shire and hampshire road. it was a barricade situation in gloucester county and camden county swat were called to the scene. police chief larry earl said person inside fired shots at the officer and armed or vehicles. at no point did police return
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fire. in reports of the civilian or officer injuries. one man we spoke to said he has in the been allowed to go to his home but he has been getting updates from his girlfriend who has been home for the entire ordeal. lets listen. >> my significant other, she heard the first gunshots around 9:00 he clock. she heard another series of gunshots, maybe a few minutes after that. she didn't stop hearing them until after 12. she heard a lot have gunshots. >> reporter: we will put up a map of the area where police are advising neighbors to shelter in place. i will read off these streets prospect avenue between carr lane. parson's car, prospect court, evenshire road from procedures tech to brookshire road, hamp shire road from prospect to the event. so people are urging, police are urging people to stay inside and in place. no decision right new has been made as far as school, in terms of the delays but we will bring thaw information as soon as we get it. for now we are live from
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gloucester township new jersey , i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. more breaking news as fire destroys a camden county diner overnight. >> jan carabao is live in berlin where restaurant owner spoke with us about the loss, good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. we will hear more from that owner in just a moment but first and foremost no reported injuries as a result of this fire, this morning, that is the good news, unfortunately though there is a whole lot of damage done in this south jersey diner. if you look at the video we will get better idea what we're talking about. fire started the back side of the building and you can see how flames ripped through a gaping hole there this morning fire marshall is scheduled to come down here when there is day lied to fix another out how this got started. volunteer fire fighters made quick work of the flames. they got the call before midnight and had this fire under control, 40 minutes later this diner's located on south white horse pike in berlin, lot of regulars comes
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here each and regular day. it is country town diner but those in this area known as it old white horse diner. the restaurant was sold last year and "eyewitness news" was able to catch up with the new owner on the scene this morning, he said this fire is just the latest blow for him personally. let's listen. >> i had an accident back in march of this year. i have been on the walker, wheelchair. you know, it is hard to get a job in this business. >> now that owner there says he closed up shop rite around 10:30 last night. what happened between that time and fire started is now under investigation. as i mentioned fire marshall expected to be back out here at 8:00 when they can go in there and search to see what the cause was. the good news again this morning there were no injuries here overnight as fire fighters fortunately had more milder conditions to work in,
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and we are above freezing out here this morning in south jersey. reporting live from berlin camden county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. >> very good point there jan. authorities in southern california are investigating the death of the university of pennsylvania student as a homicide. body of 19 year-old blaze bern stein was found in the park in orange county. sophomore had gone missing last week while home on winter break. >> blaze was a brilliant, colorful, charismatic man who shined light on all lives of the people and communities that he touched. >> authorities right new do not have a suspect or a motive , a support session will be held at u penn at noon opened to anyone who wants to attend. and students at penn state university are also morning the death of the fellow student, authorities say 19 year-old william denton was fund dead monday night. his family in north carolina asked penn state police to perform a welfare check. authorities are awaiting reports to determine the results of his death. new jersey man charge in
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the 2012 killing of his wife, april kaufman, will make his first appearance in court. doctor james kaufman is set to appear in atlantic county courtroom today. authorities charged him with murder on tuesday. officials say doctor kaufman arranged to have his wife, april killed, after she threatened to expose an illegal prescription drug ring the murder happened almost six years ago inside of their house in linwood, new jersey. tolls day former penn state football prospect and, imhotep high school football star ichin young. he was 17 at the time of the robbery and arrested wawa was employee, wingate and the alleged driver of the getaway car, rocky johnson. all three face robbery and other charges. first of the two viewings scheduled for fallen philadelphia fire fighter matthew latourneau will be held it in. >> viewing will be held at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. second viewing will be held tomorrow morning followed by
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funeral mass. lieutenant latourneau battled a house fire in north philadelphia he was just 42 years old. coming up high end heist in paris, ax wielding thieves make off with valuable jewels. >> wait until you hear how much they are worth up next. plus caught on camera a suspect points a gun at a teenager what happens next surprises even investigators, we will show you. >> dream come true for this 10 year-old he just signed a contract with a college men's lacrosse team. >> ♪ a newti attention, these das , we will tell you what it is and you may always do why didn't i think of that when we come r back. 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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back on "eyewitness news" with a jewelry heist, police are on the hunt for two thieves got away with $5.4 million worth of jewels, thieves were reportedly armed with axes when they broke in the ritz hotel shop yesterday, office's rested three suspects
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at the scene but they are looking for two who escaped with the jewels. in an attempted armed robbery endness failure when victim fights back as it was caught on video this happened tuesday in new york city, man walked up to the teen, pulled a gun, demanded coat, teenager refused and you can see what happens next, man hit teen with his gun a few times before running off empty handed, victim suffered some injuries to his face. effort is underway to figure out why new york's jfk airport was so badly affected by last week winter storm. >> former transportation secretary ray lahoud. the snow combined with record low temperatures and water main break created a backlog of flights, we talk about this in the week. thousands were passenger were stranded through weekend. speaking of snow, we may see last of it sort of melt nothing our region and it is about time. >> yes. >> at least from the last storm but it is still january, we have a return of potential, at least some snow, in the
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seven day, yes. talk about being all over the place, wait until you see seven day we have 30's, 40's, 50 daytime high so you are really running gamut here. s quiet that proverbial calm before the storm. wind with the warmth working its way in to lead to some much of that in our field camera. we will let you know if that its right before dawn anyway. looking outside, bad from our own station headquart area lookg east we should have a nice sunrise but there willverhead majority of the day. it looks damp, notcydoot worry s time around. lets get to our other live and expect this side on the boardwalk the snow that is still on the this completely mes i don't think it will beill totally gone.
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potential for flooding in to tomorrow because we got this really drenching system coming our way and that brings in a very heavy rain and with the warmth that will continue to melt snow that is an additional concern. little bit of issue with the frames here, you get idea when this is put in when there is moisture lifting south, that is getting you nice and warm here and storm off to the west that will join us. we will end up with drenching rounds of rain as early as late this evening in the poconos but especially tomorrow, so this same time tomorrow we will have plenty more to track, but it looks like it could be scattered in nature, really heavy stuff does come in as the day goes on, if this pans out, it is about the time kid are getting out of school. they will need umbrella come typical evening rush, that is based on whether this timing pans out, the key to remember if you plan to be out there, just have your umbrella ready and yourself luck if i you
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dent get in anyway rain. so temperatures temperature look at this, midnight saturday at 57 degrees to 23, and 24 hearst later. i mean talk about a drop off. i heard that grown, pat gallen it is not pretty. don't expect that the eagles game will be in the 50's. the temperatures will continue to decline. but at least it will be dry by then at the linc. >> look at that, nice, big, sun glare there on 30 degrees. that is typical football weather. there will be big games this weekend. good morning, everybody. we are looking outside at construction here 95 south between allegheny and girard, two left lanes have block, and it has been cleared. we are looking at flashing lights construction crews pulled out to the far left shoulder, should in the slow you down too much, might put on your breaks but in the slippery this morning. that is good news. just a head up make awe wear construction crews are still out there pulled off to the
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schuylkill. the quick shot here traveling east bound into center city. we are looking good. volume levels on the schuylkill are looking nice this morning. but we do have this accident investigation, accident happened around 3:00 a.m. this morning, so route 38 ease bunnies closed near cherry hill mall. your alternate chapel avenue or route 70 is your best bet. in cinnaminson we have a water main break route 130 north bound at riverton road that right lane compromised there, rahel and jim, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the cover of the trenton ian, social services director jeff is accused of to have -- alleged to have sexual ly harassed an employee at work. witness spoke to the paper on the condition of privacy said he poked a senior employee in the stomach saying he wanted to tickle heavier belly button. she did not return message to the trenton ian. paoli thorndale septa regional rail line was closed in both directions yesterday morning after a pedestrian was
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struck and killed by an amtrak train near wynnewood station. chopper three was over that scene. amtrak says unidentified person was trespassing on the tracks when they were struck by the train. it is always nice to visit with family army pilot chad did it in a black hawk helicopter, dropped into heritage field there in limerick for refueling and maintenance stop and he was able to give his mom, donna a big hug. that is some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. sixers are tipping off in just a few hours. up next pat has your morning sports. >> get you caught up on the eagles and what is hanging inside novacare complex that is fueling their fire. plus as you said sixers are in long than playing this afternoon, nova looks to stay number one in our hearts and number one in our hearts and our pin america last year.00 des we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices.
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is that my choker? are those my bangs from three years ago? is that my earring in your nose? (huffing) winning tastes so good. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. simply smarter shopping. welcome back. eagles continue to be portrayed as under dogs this weekend. >> yes, correct, despite being
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number one seed eagles feel they are being disrespected as under dogs on home turf they are using that as motivation, with signs hanging throughout novacare complex reminding them. haters must have forgotten the eagles have fourth ranked defense in the nfl. falcons come with a balanced owe even if led by former penn charter star matt ryan. in the win over rams, duo of freeman and coleman, ran the ball 32 times. freeman led the charge with 66-e tackle tim journigan knows him well. >> i played with him in college we came in together at florida state. i know exactly what he brings to the table. we are not taking them lightly not even a little bit. >> against run eagles have the number one defense in the nfl. on saturday we will get running at 3:30 p.m. join me and sports director don bell, leslie van arsdal and one and only meryl reese, cherry kick
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off at 3:30 on saturday right here on cbs-3. sixers will play afternoon basketball today, at lee afternoon here, sixers will take on celtics today at 3:00 p.m. eastern in london. joel embiid and squad worked out in london after towering the city as a group, sixers are playing well, having won four straight games, they are now 19-19, first place celtics have won six in a row and they have the best rorrer in thee at 33-10. last night villanova wildcats showed why they are number one team in the nation against strong xavier squad ranked tenth in the country. a big east showdown at wells fargo center last night where jaylen brownson gets buckets here and three ball puts wildcats up double digits, second half, more brownson burner, a steel, and a slam. two of his 17. villanova up, 17 later, phil booth exact same thing, booth
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led wildcats with 21. nova beats musketeers 89-65. nova will play st. johns saturday at madison square garden. temple on the road against fmu, looking to end a five game, losing streak, they tie it at 62 here. obi had 16. final second josh brown with the tough lefty runner, game owls. temple wins 66-64. the win doesn't just end owls losing streak but ends smu's 33 game home winning streak. next up memphis tigers saturday at liacouras center. holy cross mens lah credits team has a new member. >> new member of the holy cross mens lacrosse team, austin jones. >> let's give it up. >> wow. >> ten year-old austin jones is new crusader, austin has been battling lymphoma a fast growing cancer and he is feeling better these days and is excited about his team.
5:26 am
>> i'm just feeling really happy. i feel happy. >> to be honest with you self ishly i think we get more out of it then austin does. >> this was made possible by boston based non-profit called team impact. austin is hoping for a healthy 2018. we, of course, wish him the same. that iswe >> yes. >> austin super cute, he has mastered the dab. i still haven't master my dab but he has. >> he was good in front of the microphone. >> natural there. >> thanks, pat. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" a warning for people in our area to use amazon. >> find out which county thieves have been targeting, plus this. first responders are racing against the clock after mud slide hit southern california. i'm tom wait in california where search and rescue operation is underway. and believe it or not this oil tanker, off china's cozies still burning we will tell you new concern rescuers have this morning when we come right
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today, thursday january 11th. fire destroys a popular south jersey diner. >> i don't know what to expect
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here. >> that owner says he closed up shop around 10:30 last night, what happened between that time and when fire started it is now under investigation. shots fired at police. >> this standoff has been going on for nine hours now. >> neighbors are ordered to shelter in place as a barricade situation unfoldness south jersey. >> our family is devastated by this. >> reporter: parents of the university of pennsylvania student search for answers. after the 19 year-old was found dead while home on winter break. first responders are racing against the clock after deadly mud slide hit southern california. >> i heard that you never went to prom. >> no, never. >> so i was wondering if you will get to prom with


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