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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 11, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> i don't know what to expect here. >> that owner says he closed up shop around 10:30 last night, what happened between that time and when fire started it is now under investigation. shots fired at police. >> this standoff has been going on for nine hours now. >> neighbors are ordered to shelter in place as a barricade situation unfoldness south jersey. >> our family is devastated by this. >> reporter: parents of the university of pennsylvania student search for answers. after the 19 year-old was found dead while home on winter break. first responders are racing against the clock after deadly mud slide hit southern california. >> i heard that you never went to prom. >> no, never. >> so i was wondering if you will get to prom with me.
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>> ♪ >> today's morning minis sponsored by roberts proton therapy center at penn medicine abramson cancer center. >> so has them dancing sarah jessica park der not go to prom because she was, too busy filming foot loose. >> i'm glad stephen colbert got her flowers. weather might feel like promises on around here, katie >> i like that, all stan in the rose garden, take pretty picture, yeah. >> if you get to prom you have to do it big. >> you got to go big or go home, exactly. i think mother nature is channeling that too. it will be so incredibly warm over next couple days especially tomorrow because it comes at a price and typically these pattern changes tend to did that but we are expecting some rain that moves in not necessarily today but rather later on tonight but for now it is that warming trend that continues. it is still chilly right new but very far cry from recent mornings where we were below freezing at on set. this morning not so much. you do have a few cloud out
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there not finding too much fog just yet but that is a possibility so watch out for it, simply because we do still have snow on the ground especially true for southeastern new jersey and warmer air moving over it. wind flow tells the story coming in from the south right now, even up at mount pocono we are at 39 currently, rahel with those temperatures. as day progresses, the primary overhead theme you will see a lit the sun but not a ton, daytime high hits le to mid 50 's. later tonight when those showers move in. we have got one more day to get things ready or at lee find your umbrella, dust it off you will need it come tomorrow our high hit 53 degrees and again, it is a pretty quiet day but just looking forward that things get really, interesting, in the weather department, meisha , we will walk you through it all later on. >> perfect, all right, katie, thank you so much. we are looking outside with a couple things we have a disable vehicle schuylkill eastbound past 202 pulled off
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to the far right shoulder, some major slow downs but we will see as more vehicles hit the roadways when we will tap our breaks after seeing something like this. good news we are in the dealing with icy conditions this morning. that is good news but still use caution, boulevard near wissohickon avenue headlights moving in the southbound direction, a quick look at what is going on, volume levels picking up ever so slightly on the boulevard. i wanted to call your attention to the accident investigation that happened around 3:00 a.m. in new jersey , route 38 eastbound, it is closed near cherry hill mall so use your alternate. chapel avenue or route 70 is your best bet. then cinnaminson we have a water main break here route 130 north bound right lane is closed, you have to use your left lane around that. i will say avoid that, if you can we have another break here in west philadelphia on the drexel campus, market street at third fourth street head up on that and another water main break on the university of delaware campus, cleveland avenue at college avenue we have a lane shift in place,
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for those heading out in these area head up with water main breaks it can change every five to 10 minutes in terms of what is block. in the world of mass transit, ac rail line 45 minute delays delays. new jersey transit buses will be cross honoring and just make sure to check those schedules on line, rahel and jim, back to you. thanks, meisha. following breaking news standoff continues in camden county after shots are fired at police. >> this has been going on for more than nine hours. police set up a staging area while neighbors are told to shelter in place. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with an update. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel, yes, this is still ongoing situation. we remain a half mile away from the main scene here at timber creek high school. take a look at the staging area still pretty quiet. many officers here and on the scene and we are told quiet at the scene as well. a neighbor who cannot get to his home said it has been
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quiet since about midnight which is last time his girlfriend heard gunshots. police chief in the ready to reveal person's gender and whethe inside that home but just after 8:00 p.m. police responded to a report of the shots fire at york shire and hampshire road in the bring any wood development in sicklerville. it turned into a barricade situation and swat teams were called to the scene. police chief larry earl says person inside the home fired shots at officer and armored vehicle. the chief stresses at no point did police return fire, fortunately so far no reports of any civilian or officer injuries. >> this is an ongoing fluid situation our most important message to the community as we posted to our social media sites a map showing those areas of the neighborhood approximately three square blocks, of the folks we want to shelter in place and we've vac waited some residents approximately 18 to a local
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fire department. >> reporter: again this barricade situation is going on in the brittany wood development in sicklerville. i do have the map and streets affected on my facebook and twitter pages. in the meantime again police are urging people who live in the area but aren't able to get to their homes to find some other place to go they have a shelter, at the local fire department, and they are urging people at home right new to continue to shelter in place, again we have been monitoring the situation about school, no decision has been made about that because we are at high school at the moment so police are still, going to update us on. that we are live from gloucester township camden county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back to you. >> very fluid situation, thanks, trang do. an investigation is underway in the cause of the fire that destroyed a popular south jersey diner. fire broke out late last night at country town diner on white horse pike in berlin. restaurant formally men as white horse diner was closed for the night when fire broke
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out. mother of an employee rush to the scene when she heard the news. >> pretty high flames, pretty scary, it looked like it was coming from the kitchen. >> i'm hoping it will rebuild because food is really good. >> no one was injured. investigators will begin looking at a cause for daylight. our jan carabao spoke to the owner. we will hear from her and him in a live report at 6:00. race against time in southern california to find survivors trapped after deadly mud slide. officials confirmed at lee 17 deaths and dozens of injuries, cbs news correspondent tom wait is in california with more on the rescue efforts. >> reporter: search for victims continues in southern california. >> we are doing what they do when is there an avalanche you go around and poke, if you feel something different you try to figure out what it is. >> reporter: nearly two days have passed since rain storm triggered mud shrined in the santa ines mountains. this is still a search and rescue operation. first responders say other survivors may be trapped in the mud somewhere. >> there are several factors that go into determining how
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long a victim will be viable, air temperature, soil temperature, weather conditions and the like. >> reporter: 500 rescue workers have been combing through debris field, they have already canvassed more than 75 percent of it but what remains are hardest hit and lee accessible areas. much of the rescue efforts are taking place here in northwest of los angeles where hundreds of homes have either been damage or destroyed, by the mud slide. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: using his cell even if marco capture the scene at his parents home. >> it is just roaring and bang ing against the house, and the most vicious, violent, sounds that you have ever heard. >> reporter: several major freeways in the region are still buried under several feet of debris. they won't reopen until next week. tom wait, cbs news,mont seat owe, california. in other news rescuers are trying to desperately save crew of the oil tanker burning since saturday off the coast of china the body of one crew
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member was fun on tuesday, 31 other crew members are still missing, rescue efforts were temporarily stopped after an explosion. there are concerns another explosion could sink the tanker all together. back here at home opioid crisis is officially a public health emergency in pennsylvania, governor tom wolf made the declaration yesterday, it calls for setting up a command center in harrisburg and will treat crisis like it would treat a natural disaster. declaration provides lighter access to the state's prescription drug monitoring program, medical professionals will be able to get people in treatment more quickly and first responders will be able to use narcan while responding to calls. narcan reverses overdoses, pennsylvania has the fourth highest overdose rate in the country. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney also looking for ways to respond to the opioid crisis, one option he is considering is safe injection sites, safe injection sites would allow people to use heroin without being prosecuted. they would have access to life saving tools like narcan, in
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philadelphia, and with the idea it would be first u.s. city to do so. we have spoke to several people in the neighborhood in kensington largely considered the center of the philadelphia 's opioid crisis. >> there really noise safe injection sites because there will be negative things. >> yes. >> it has to be american then just letting people go somewhere there has to be some kind of a stepping stone. >> district attorney larry krasner has spoken out in favor of the idea. mayor kenney expects to make a decision sometime soon. authorities are urging amazon customers in chester county to change their pass word after a ring of thieves hack into several accounts and placed pretty pricey order. west whiteland township police say thieves ordered mack book pro computers and had them shipped. officials say they presented fake drivers licenses when they went to pick up the packages. >> while there we discovered there were two more order there that needed to be pick up and they were later
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determined to be fraud through amazon. >> very scary because they why in my e-mails, comcast, amazon account. >> now police tell us there have been at lee seven cases, reported so far. up next i'll tell you new performers taking part in the grammy award. also ahead a middle schoolers idea end up with a passage we will tell you how he is changing the way kid play with legos, katie. >> i'm all ears, especially fit involves not ever stepping on one. well, folks we are looking ahead to the huge warm up, and very drenching rain is in the card for us we will time it out coming up and talk about a huge thermometer drop as well but first your cure auto insurance travel forecast.
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! we showed you trailer for black panter earlier this week and people are anxious to see it on the big screen.
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according to fan dango they sold more to see black panter in the nurse 24 hours of pre sales then it has for any other marvel super hero movie, action adventure, opens up february 15th. i got to tell but the packed list of performers for grammys, superstar bruno mars is set to take the stage on the music's big night. r and b star will perform alongside cardi-b who has add a big year. she will made her debut. and, they had number one song. lady gaga, so many other stars will be there to take the stage. and the 50th annual grammys will be held in new york city, james corden set to hoe, catch the show right here live on cbs-3 on sunday january 28th at 7:30 p.m. and, philly's on eve, easy eve was a grammy winner her debut as new hostew look
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on the show back in november and even got rest of the laid toys join in on her new years pledge, she decided thursday's show, as of today, without make up. eve's co host julie chen called it an empowering experience. remember you can always catch eve and her co host right here on cbs-3, talk airs weekday afternoon at 2:00. of course, the ladies have famously done that no make up challenge before. so eve is sort of joining in, today. >> very self-conscious about it but i have no doubt that she will be stunning with or without make up. >> i talk to her bit. she said she was really self-conscious. make up is her safety blanket. she wears make up to the gym. she will bear it all today, really nervous but i'm excited for her. >> we show up looking this way every day. >> yes. >> coffee and concealer is my
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motto. >> and lots of mascara, some lashes. >> we have some breaking news, the schools in gloucester township are closed today because of that barricade situation, we will have an update but just posted an update on my twitter, facebook page. >> yes. lets talk about weather. >> we're really warming up. we will take a quick peak outside, sky scan three it is all just wet. temperatures has listen in the poconos that you do not worry about icing, there is still some snow on the ground but those worries, you know, taking a tumble just as we step outside this morning those worries are over for now but what we will fine in the days ahead is a huge warm up, it continues today, snow will continue to melt. it will be still damp out there over next if you days and tomorrow, certainly, just wet because of a storm moving n eyewitness weather watchers are up and adam way different just consistency on the numbers here this morning. there is consistency. we have been in the 20's. we have been in the teens,
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single digits so often as ovulate, across the region. kennett martin, i culled not resist he had funniest comment i just loved it. anybody who remembers the nare commercials back in the 80's, who wears short, short it is warm enough. i don't know if we are ready for short shorts but it tickled me i thought it was hilarious. we will look at other observations we will jump up to 35. john jenkins record that had value above freezing, obviously but this is first time in almost three weeks that he and his house has been above freezing, at the on set. so really cold air in recent days and allowing that snow to stick around new that the next storm comes along way too warm with the southerly push of air keeping that warmth in place so strictly rain so it helps melt that snow and with heavy rain with it you could easily, end up with minor flooding issues as of this too. let me walk you through, quickly, jumping to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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a little bit of activity on the radar is probable, but it is really not until we head into friday that things fill in. so we are still scattered as we are's on tv but heavier rounds of rain are coming in. you want to walk out with the umbrella. when this comes through we are getting drenched. don't be caught off guard. there may be a lull in the action but still more to come. this is saturday early morning on the heels of the storm as if it just quickly drifting away here, but with the issue of the temperatures being so warm it comes with a own set of problems, melting snow could have an half inch of water and then couple inches of rain over span of the storm with all of the ice on the river there could be ice jams, that would allow banks of the river to out flow their banks, so small streams and creeks is a concern. we will keep an eye on it. 64 degrees is tomorrow's high those temperatures will just dramatically drop through the day saturday. high of 57. we will hit it early on so
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probably more like lower 40's at best for eagles kick off. >> good to know, very good to know, thank you so much, katie we are looking outside, right now, so vine street is starting to heat up but westbound side we are looking okay but eastbound side we are keeping an eye on. ninety-five south, starting to build levels up here around that s curve and into center city. still this accident investigation still out there in new jersey this accident happened around 3:00 a.m. but 38 eastbound is still closed because of the investigation near cherry hill mall so use an alternate chapel avenue or route 70. cinnaminson we have a water main break route 130 northbound, that right lane is compromised there. then we have another water main break in west philadelphia on the drexel campus market street at third fourth street and another what the are main break on the campus on the university of delaware campus cleveland avenue at college avenue we have a lane shift in place there as well, rahel and jim, back over to you. georgia middle schooler is getting jump on investors.
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>> he has his name on the u.s. patent and selling his own product, around the world, nine year-old tripp phillips invention is a non-permanent glue intended to keep your leg owe creations together. dissolves easily in warm water , he entered it and brought home first pry when tripp and his father decided to market the stuff. >> we were selling maybe two a day but then started to get up to 10 and our mine where is blown. >> we sat around the table and making some almost every night >> new we are just running out weekly. >> even though amazon, etsy are selling this it is sold in 100 countries. family sold about 7,000 containers of this stuff. >> simple, yet so brilliant. >> like the post it note. >> good stuff. coming up next prince william makes a surprising admission about prince harry's wedding. >> you will definitely want to hear this. >> plus...
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>> background music is hilarious, talk about a ritzy taco we will tell you how much it cost and is what on top.
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we're talking prince william, of great britain is still waiting for his brother to be his best man. >> his brother prince harry is marrying megan markle in the spring so she will be a royal. prince william made a joke during a visit to london charity and launched the best man project. >> unaudible. >> prince william also told crowd he shares a special relationship with his brother they grew especially close after the death of their mother, princess diana. so how much would you pay for a good taco, maybe three dollars, maybe even five dollars. >> how about 60 bucks. >> we are not talking about
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fast foot tacos here. restaurant in dearborn, michigan is serving a taco containing beef, caviar and black truffles and roasted grasshoppers. >> when i heard about $60 taco and with the kobe beef and definitely higher even ingredients. it doesn't surprise me that this restaurant would create something that imaginative. >> that is good. >> now, chef says he hopes that the taco will break stereotype of mexican food being cheap, by the way, if you want to try this thing out you cannot just get one, you have to order three, meaning you will end up spending $180. >> well, that is unnecessary i was all in until i heard grasshoppers. >> sixty bucks didn't frighten you for a taco. >> paying for those ingredient that is how much you would pay >> i'm so thrifty i will get to taco bell. coming up next, future of cars is on display at consumer electronics show, we will show you flying cars and movie
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screens, oh, my goodness, for dashboards. >> um-hmm. >> that is dangerous. >> akc introduces two new dog breedings find out what they are and why they will not compete in the west minister dog show up
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a neighborhood is on lock down after shots fired at police, we got word all
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gloucester township schools are closed while standoff with police stretches in tie tenth hour, we are live with the very latest. more breaking news fire destroys land mark diner in south jersey, hear from the own shore just bought the place a few months ago. do or die, baby, it is playoffs, baby. former eagles great hugh douglas works in atlanta and taking us behind enemy lines ahead of the playoff showdown with the falcons. it is thursday, january 11th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha getting us outside the door, this thursday, friday eve. >> good morning, happy gateway we are looking outside. everything has been looking good, very wet, we have a few accidents and story is water main breaks all over the place right now. >> that is right. >> yes. >> interesting, temperatures finally rebounding too in a very substantial way, but at lee at the moment storm scan is still empty, you are likely to see more activity on satellite then you


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