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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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n ith how it all happened greg? >> reporter: jessica, good o'clock last night a volley of0ñ gunfire so neighors at first it was fire works, others say they knew it was coming from a rifle and we have cell phone video t you just how ints barricade situation bee came. hours this sicklerville new jersey lock down. members from the gloucester wat teamd, year-old man barr home. >> unaudible. >> standing right here when we heard approximately four or five shots. >> reporter: that was 8:00 wedne van i and his wife says those shots, continued throughout the evening. >> and when we heard these off we just hit the deck. >> reporter: gloucester township police are not releasing the name of the suspect but they say he is a 24 year-old multiple shots at police and their swat vehicle with an assault rifle from the second floor of his home. >> struck there, struck here.
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>> reporter: fortunately vehicle known as a bear cat officers inside. cent, officer's live today. >> reporter: shortly after 6:00 without having fired one shot police say they have breae, and found the inside. >> at this point we are still reporter: as officers worked to figure out why this all suspect's neighbors who have known him for years are themselves and,. >> and now neighbors who for a year same won who lived a vficult there are still very surpriseurs of in sicklerville. investigators still trying to figure out a motive. live from sicklerville, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. family friends are taking part in the final farewell to a fallen fire fighter lieutenant matthew latourneau was killed, battling a house fire in north philadelphia, this past weekend. natasha brownies live at the cathedrater city where a viewing is now underway natasha. >> well, tell you that the viewing here at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul got underway at 4:30n but lines
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began forming, long before that, as hundreds and hundreds, came to pay their respects to lieutenant matthew latourneau. lets take a look at video from earlier this afternoon a somber procession long jfk boulevard as a hers carrying body of fallen fail fire fighter lieutenant matthew latourneau wound its way to the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. lieutenant latourneau was killed battling a two row hous philadelphia when a floor collapse trapping him. he wasearthe engine 45 to day fellow engine 45 fire fighters filed into the viewing with heahearts, the fallen fire fighter also served mo25 years volunteering with the springfield fire company inre county. now chopper three showed lines wrapped around cathedral as hundreds came to honor a fallen >> because y show respect, for the police and firemen that do their job putting their life on the line for us. and this is my way of showing respects. >> the fire is on brotherhood, so, we're just across the bridge but we suffered a pain of the
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philadelphia fire department, and we here in solidarity we could not imagine families going through the hardship that philadelphia fire department, family is going through but just being here, we want to be able to give them strength and our prayers. so many fire co, coming to show solidarity, grief, and heartfelt prayers today with the philadelphia fire company you can see also, members of the philadelphia community peppered in the crowd as many are just coming here, to pay tribute to this fallen hero lieutenant latourneau. public viewing tonight, will be happening until 9:00 o'clock, public viewing will begin start tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. followed by a mass here at 11:00 a.m. at cathedral of saints peter and paul. reporting live, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon funeral procession from cente city, to springfield, will force some time. they include vine street from logan circle to the interstate
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676 entrance at broad street, and eastbound i676 at the schuylkill express southbound i-95 at i676, and northbound, blue route from i-95, to exit five, that is happening around 1:30 tomorrow you can watch lieutenant latourneau's funeral on our web site at cbs stream services live tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the search is on tonighthom police say victimized a man new years eve. take a look at these photos of the suspects, police say victim met women at a bar in manayunk and then later ended up in the hotel room in bensalem, without his phone wallet, keys or clothes. he tells police he doesn't have any memory of what happened after the bar and his credit card were used. our anita oh is working on this and will have much on "eyewitness news" students at the university of pennsylvania, are remembering, the life of 19ze sophomore found deadhile at california, from winter break. authorities in southern california as a homicide, het week,
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and his body wasat a park in orange county tuesday afternoon. a support session was held at the school's ben franklin room >> very genuine just kind of shy, you know, and he seemed like a very cool, good person and. investigators have no word on a suspect or motive for killing. south jersey doctor accused of killing his wife, made his first court appearance today. doctor james kaufman appeared via video, he is charged with killing his wife, radio host april kaufman in 2012 at their linwood new jersey home. doctor kaufman is accused of running an illegal prescription drug ring with a met or cycle member of that gang, to murder his wife. well, our winter weather winter warm up comes with a price, wet weather we are tracking rain that could be heavy. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck to let you know when we might need to grab those umbrellas kate. >> you may need them by the time you wake up tomorrow
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morning and certainly overnight rain will during the day tomorrow, lets t look at temperatures outside boy, it felt great outside today even though it was a mostly cloudy day sunset, just happened, i watch it here deck a beautiful sunset across the area tonight temperature wise, it feels great, 54 in the city, 52 in wilmington, 51 in millville and 50 in allentown. much more milder then we have been in quite sometime but changes are on the way. you can see cloud locally scan threeany rain just yet but only have to widen out a little bit to see the rain starting to western pennsylvania , through showers lift nothing over virginia, and then there is heavier rain as we head down south as well with snow on the back edge of this storm. future weather shows mainly just cloud through next couple hours but as we move in the overnight we have got some showers by 3:00 a.m. and steadier rain starts to move in and in time for morning commute, it looks like heaviest will be in the afternoon. we also have a wind advisory that will go into effect tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. as this system moves in the winds will
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be strong this one is for the city of philadelphia, alsodelaware county, portions ofcentral, new jersey, and wind gusts of 45 miles an hour, so you will want secure any loose items outside your house trash cans can be blowing down the street as we head in the day tomorrow but we have some problems on the back edge of the storm as winter rushes back in. i will tell but i major cool down and which areas could see wintry mix and icy conditions saturday morning for now back inside to you. >> tha down you can lding for saturday, eagles nation, ready for this playoff game with the falcons today team had another day o >> but this time at the linc. >> don bellies here. >> switching gears, everybody is talking about this game no you go, people are talking about this game coming up. >> can't wait, let's go. >> there will be two for sure. >> quarterbacks are the pretty boy, faces are on billboard and featured on commercials but if the eagles beat falcons then the defense will likely be the star of the game the bird will move their
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practice to the linc today giving for most of the season the d has been top notch they need to take advantage of the falcons team that struggled to score points. they are only averaging 19 points per game over their last six eagles defense has been especially tough at home and doug pederson expects the home crowd to lend a hand. >> we want teams to come into to feel, to feel our fan feel the excitement and to feel the noise,eel everything about philadelphia, you know. i have been a visiting player coming into this stadium in a playoff atmosphere and tough to play our loud, from the opening kick off to the last whistle of the game, so, this is what, you know, obviously we expect saturday afternoon. >> big time movie star bradley cooper also a huge eagles fan will hear from him later in the show and sixers are playing, in london, these guys, in
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the fourth quarter,. >> wait, >> highlights coming your way. >> all right don. >> with that. >> with that we will see new a little bit. >> thanks, don. behind bars accused of leaving dollars worth of packaged heroin outside of a bensalem s the suspect 26 year-old natasha police say willis admitted to leaving drugs in thear the seal use snider middle school by accident last month. school employees found the drugs in a backpack, and called police. know now through investigation that this heroin was ear marked for the city of trenton and that is a lot have lives that have been saved not only in trenton but also in the delaware valley as solve these drugack to this well, he was arrested yesterday and faces drug possession being held in bucks county to powe 10 percent of bail. popular diner in south jersey gw owner is left wondering if the business just midnight when firefighters responded to white in berlin for a fire at country town crews placed flames
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under control and no one was hurt. restaurant's owner says he has only had the business for a few months. >> i put t up, this year. we were struggling, to do a lot of things in the diner and it was another bread and butter. >> camden county prosecutor's office and berlin boro police department are conducting a joint invhe fire. coming upws" police are investigating sexual assault allegations against a hip-hop mogul and we are learning more, about sexual misconduct allegations against anchor james franco latest up next, chelsea. philadelphia and sea level rise somber picture a new tool painting for the city of brotherly love. i'm meteorologist in gram with the details coming up. and president reveals one of the biggest ways he embarras hisand how other dad cid the same predicament, we are coming right00 deaths in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough.
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well, new york police are reportedly investigating new sex abuse claimsp producer russell simmons. according to tmz two women filed complaints accusing sherry heinz in a november interview with the l.a. times said limb opposite raped her in 1983 as a teen. other accuse shore wants to remain anonymous said simmons raped her in 1991. simmons said in a statement he vehemently denies, the accusations. several women have made
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further claims of inappropriate sexual behavior against actor james franco n a l.a. times article actresses described, negative on setexperiences, with franco while being directed by him. franco appeared on the late show with stephen colbert earlier this week and saigainst him were no accurate but he supported people coming out and having a voice. six more women accusing conduct are charles d sexual salt and one woman said she wasaped in 1988. eighty-one year-old grammin denying allegations. he has resigned aspirinnductor of the royal in london. he led more than 600therchestra which recently cut ties with him. all right, dadpresident barack obama has advice how not to to to em new show premiering tomorrow and recalled a time his doubt are pulled him on dance with former pdent says that the key to not embarrassing sascha was to keep his dad moves simple. he calls it, the pocket. >> staying in the pocket. >> give the mike, to al
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again. >> staying together. >> that is good. te has your ft and want rain down the inand it will just get more we head through the day tomorrow but what a beautifu turned out to be. >> it was reallyot a lot of sunshine.>> it was frigid. wasn't even in the realm of frigid. today was feeling more like, spring, and tomorrow we will be warm, as but tomorrow not as much t and enjoy milder weather because it will be raining on and off heavily at times for most of the day as i just showed you it will be very windy as well. win a to 45 miles an hour. not the best day to be outside lets l speaking of that, taking you to a beautiful sunset in cape may we have lost snow cover across the region, if you remember, yesterday chelsea showed you a map of the current a lot of the area in south jersey was still seeing three to 6 inches snow. coming up we will show you map because it is le bit and we will see snow melt with that sun and mild conditions, this afternoon, and here's a look at our live neighborhood network at junior/senior school in bernville at 48
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degrees and look at that beautiful sunset as well. here's good news about a month ago i could not show it to you because it was pitch black but we are seeing those days lenghten again so that is how are getting, daylight is getting at lee longer. 58 degrees today it is 18 degrees above average. we were only 8 degrees off a record and morning low of 39 well above the average as well today felt great. it is thanks to an advancing system. we have a warm front that lifted through bringing warm air today is still way back here snow, ice on the northern edge of the storm but rain out ahead of it and that rain will be lift nothing through the day tomorrow. time it out it is start to go move, already into western pennsylvania but in the seeing much here just yet. ever night-light showers by 3:00 a.m. but midday testimony that the first round of heavier rain starts to move through, and this is 11:00 a.m. mount pocono right through the city of all afternoon. look at 3:00 p.m. friday's commute tend to be earlier out friday and messy out there right throug about 5:00 p.m.
5:17 pm
and then it looks like a break in the action friday evening before another round of comes through sa morning 5:00 a.m. and wintry mix on the northern edge as cold air rushes behind the storm. forecast rain amounts from an inch to 3 inches of rain, possible, the course of about 24 hours and we have a winte weather advisigh valley and berks county for sleetain on the back storm saturdayning th a a up there until about that expires. forec colder,uldn't have a day like today peopl there tailgating, enjoying weather but i breezy, cold with the kic temperature of 32 degrees. colder every day this week. so that 57 degrees, i put an arrow next to it because we hit that at midnight on saturday and temperatures will plumet through the day sunday 's monday, it is very cold and then we chance for light snow, nday or wednesday sotill a look like something that could happen next we will be watching, appreciate it. dell has found a unique parts of the old computers and a fashion statement. also ahead last weeks storm kept many people couped up and apparently a lot of
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a birthday for a gorilla inspired by the bird. coming up on "eyewitness news"cial celebration at philadelphia zoo and the scene in of our localeam. you do not want to miss this at from that, to this, don's
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here now with one of the eagl fans. >> eagles super fan. >> i have cooper wearing that beanie, around new york. >> support hometown. >> y >> paparazzi, catch shop, and that. >> yes you. >> lets talk bit. crashers, the hang over, american snipperive bradley cooper has b a ton of movies but he also stars in eagles matter here, orook like alhat matters is finding a way to keep this going. >> we're top dog around here. >> to find the strength, find an inch, find the seems or make your own lane, find somese more this mean of this.>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> some of his best work. >> oh, yeah. >> we appreciate you. >> make sure your pass forward is ready to go eagles wil jacksonville jaguars next season. game will be either october 21st or 28th, the bird d in the
5:22 pm
league's international series. and, speaking london the celtics and sixers hooking up in london's otwo arena tip off at 3:0 by 22 points but irving and celtics startedshots li and then things got chip i. ben simmons incomin down marcus morris, and he takes exception, technical foul exchanged but the story of this one once sixers blowing another second half lead, they lose 114-103 and ben's a big dude highlights coming up at 6:00 because this thing just went final moments ago and -- >> up 22. >> this is disappointing. >> you have to find a way to e out >> wow. >> it is troubling. >> got to close it out. >> long way to get to lose.>> thanks, buddy. >> coming up next hour we will have prince william feeling leftn it brother's upcoming wedding. >> did you get your flu shot, number of flu cases on the rise, up next, find outist from being this
5:23 pm
years strain chris. i'm chris martinez in massive clean up continues after tuesday's providers promise you a lot. let's
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. at 5:30 a growing and hospitalizations are being blamed on the flu which is spreading rapidly across the country. >> cdc says flu is widespread in 46 states, that includes, our tri-state reporter stephanie stahl is here with alarming update, i feel like
5:26 pm
everybody is, getting sick. >> not everybody has the flu. there is a lot of respiratory stuff. you have to figure all currently four times as many flu now as compared withhis same year, it is still say just this flu be but it could reach near epidemic young being especially eight month-old kensington smith is hospitali 10,000 children under the age of four been >> abo he started breathing i drove here to the hospital and, you know, we need to keep him. >> reporter: n widespread of the 100 people hoff died from flu so far this season, 13 are >> complications, children can get severelyck and be in the icu. been one confirmed pediatric flu death and 11 severe cases. across the state there are 2,000 confirmed cases flu activity is high, every where but in the south making the problem more worse is the type of flu that is spreading h3n2 the strain that tends to hit older
5:27 pm
people harder then other where is there3n are more deaths. >> reporter: in pennsylvania where flu is widespread with 11,000 cases there have been 18 deaths a in delaware flu casesased dramatically in the first week after the holidays. >> it is possible that folks got together during winter those folks getting together they to transmit flu and take it to other folks. there has been a that, a lots season and because of those things we can seenfluenza transmitted. octors also sa vaccine is not as in years past, here in thee mediaphiladelphia area flu numbersower then they are in other areas but experts say it is just a matter of timee catch up. we have a lot more of this our web site at cbs, including advice on how to avoid it. lots of people talking about th you need to wash your hands when you are sick and please stay home. >> good point. >> wash your hand, yeah.>> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. doctor tomorrow for his first known checkup since taking office. ayent's physical will take place at walter reid medical center in maryland. a physician who also treated while
5:28 pm
in office will conduct exam and report the results, teslaims from the bail that raised concerns about president trump's healthl f president has licensing maintain he is healthy. it didn't take long for author michael wolff new book to reach number one on sales lists. fire and fury inside trump white housew york times and amazon's seller list. a shortage of hard covered to the spike in book, says hard cover copies of the likely ship in to two to weeks. dork granted citizenship to jewel january assange he sp years asylum at ecuador embassy. ecuador gave himsylum after he sought refuge in the embassy to avoidn for investigation sexual related crime. sweden dropped case but he has remain in thehe is still subject to arrest in britain for bail. ble u.s. extradition for his leaking of classified state departmentnts. search and rescue crews progress after deadly, mud slide, and has and eighsing.
5:29 pm
correspondent chris martinez ha fromr: crews are working to move mountains of mud from downtown small community hit hardest by the deadly and mud slide. search and rescue teamsmbing through neighborhoods check damage home for any signs of any life >> i have a few friend they are missing their parents brothers stuff like that and they don't know where they>> only about 9,000 live in this part of the santa barbara home to many celebrities including oprah and ellen bet of whom have expressed concern for the people affect in this >> it is not just wealthy community, it is filled with different types of people from all backgrounds, there are people missing famil they are finding people, and bo >> reporter: among those confirmed dead riskin a well men area realké estat agent, roy router, and jim and alic ce mitchell. >> everybody that turned outs cousin, someone teacher and that is worse part of it all i think. >> reporter: in los angeles county new video shows the
5:30 pm
intensity of the floods, this when a nearby debris gave way much of the highway 101 main road between los angeles and santa barbara remains buried, under several fe chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". louisiana school perintendent, is speaking out about the controversial arrest of one of his teachers. day gentleman hardgrave was taken custody after questioning the superintendent 's $30,000 pay raise at a meeting. former teacher of the year was booked but prosecuted, school officials are receiving threats since the arrest, of that middle schoolteacherí[. see it is tough. >> is right is and and when you see something you should stay it is wrong. >> in one on the board directed the police officer to hard grave from the meeting. as we continue tonight dell has found a unique way to old and they become a fashion statement.
5:31 pm
more and more businesses are making a switch that could leave you cold if you still pay with bills is popular and why some say is a bad idea.of the rising sea leve very interesting way google is showing us what philadelphia could look like, in the future kate? we're looking ahead to the weekend and it is like today has been, rain will come to
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vá dell computers is adding a fashion forward venture to its electric tronics empire, the company just launched a new gold jewelry line, gold made of reclaimed pieces of the recycled computer parts. items up for sale include rings earrings, cuff links and price s range from 78 to and rew up coast it brought record low temperatures, many people found their comfort in their favorite >> grub hub says take out order surged during the storm here's a look at the most popular storm food by city. in washington d.c., honey butter biscuits, were most popular in new york city and it was all about, fried rice and here in philadelphia, you may have guessed take top honors but it was the chicken euro
5:35 pm
sandwich that took the top spot on the popular app. >> that surprises me. >> i dw what else it would be. >> first thing i thought of when wed it earlier i stake but um-hmm. >> it is cold, maybe i wan soup, i don't know, yes. >> bring back mama jama sandwich. i will tell but it during the break. >> okay. how creative philadelphia students are leg ace irv doctor martin luther big news from advil... advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief.ze... that's fast, 'cause it's liquid. you'll ask... "what pain?" advil liqui-gels minis. if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness you're spreading. x. nothing cough, cold and flu.
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(elevator bell ringing) robitussin cf max severe. becaus
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do you still buy things with cash? ot some businesses and growing cash list trend that explains why some think its a idea. >> delays secret to keeping line moving at this bus lunch is off limits. >> every cash transaction the payment process was slowing down significantly. >> reporter: debit or credit card only and most customers to be embracing the switch. >> they never have carbon me, they have their card one and for me it is easier. >> reporter: from coffee shops to larger restaurant chains more bus bills, and proponents say eliminating cash isn't just faster but risk it saybiting without card who may be low income some are even pushing to businesses in banning chicago law illegal, it already is in mass >> it is not that everybody has plastic. >> reporter: recent survey found 11 percent of americans e cash, as their preferred
5:39 pm
form of payment. >> i don't use cash, it seems strange to use cash. >> reporter: credit card companies seems to like the cash list business concept visa offered thousands of dollars to small businesses who only take card. your side i'm jim donovan. dozens of wigs created by local hair and wig stylist where is donated to cancer patient is todayt sidney r centeromas philadelphia based fight like foundation helped gather wigs and organize the campaign, their gel to give 100 wigs to help woman battling cancer look and feel their best. the fight like a girl foundation was founded in memory of a philadelphiaoman , a woman who who her battle tn 2015. philadelphia, all across sit are create ill mine helps these nine sculptures of doctor martin luther king unveiled this morning at philadelphia's creative and performing arts high school, quotes from theil rights leader inspired design of the 6-foot tall sculptures, they will be displayed at nine locations around the city through the
5:40 pm
end of february, and in celebration of the martin luther king day and black history movement. >> fan>> yeah. >> new google map is raising concerns about the effect of climate change as sea levels are expect to continue to rise >> our einstein health careience center report meteorologist chelseacould look about 80ars. >> reporter: portions of the delaware valley are vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by climate change and new tool and interactive map is painting a sobering pictures of what parts of the philadelphia and surrounding counties could look like in the year 2100 as sea levels continue to rise. google earth is putting research findings on sea level rise in 3-d with climate central extreme scenario 2100 overlay. climate central meteorologist sean sublet said this tool c predict areas in jeopardy. >> we can see what areas are most vulnerable regardi somebody's house somethe seas rise.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: according to climate central global sea level listen 8 inches since 1880 and here in philadelphia listen 6 inches since 1980's. among the cause a warming ocean causing what the tore span shrinking ice due to warming air and water temperatures and sinking while others cities may be more exposed to sea level rise philadelphia isn't in the clear. for instance, take philadelphia international fdr park. once we turn on the overlay and show thaw war case scenario both of those locations are actually, under water. >> you will have more frequent flooding taking shape several areas are coming under recurrent flooding. >> reporter: here's good newshia is taking steps to mid gate the causes of climate change, by the year 2030 the city plans to do reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut energy use among other measures. >> well, at lee some future sea level rise is una sprayed able there are steps we can all take to reduce our footp risk
5:42 pm
and impact. find more fur at cbs philly .com new back to you. got to be pro active. >> kate joins us how about that. >> yes. >> wow. >> what? >> i know, kate has our forecast now. rain has we get in the day tomorrow temperatures going up, up but rain will be coming down, down, down all day licensing and then temperatures will follow suit and again as we head in the upcoming weekend. winter is around the corne on enjoyed today. you will not as much time to get outside tomorrow because it will be wet for most of the day. lets get in to it we will start off with a look outside up to the poconos where it is, under a winter weather aturday morning for some ice freezing rain and even a little bit of snow, and then it will get a whole lot colder so skiers will be making snow for the weekend, jack frost big boulder people out on the slopes tonight and slushy out there with temperatures well above average but nice looking shot there at jack frost big boulder. looks good for anyone planning to head out there this weekend
5:43 pm
liveghborhood network shows south fog beginning across the delaware shore points, it is still the boardwalk with mild air in place, there will be a threat for fog in a overnight tonight as well. storm scan three shows this i a large scale system, it is bringing warm air, tapping into some moisture and warmth gulf of invading eastern half of the country back to the weshas moved in, and a sharp turn to colder behind this system, and snow on the back edge of it. not a ton of snow butle bit of that cold air rushing in. this will be mainly rain in philadelphia, we are entering into the coldest time of the tomorrow o the 25th is the coldest average stretch for us here in philadelphia average high around 40. average low is 25. and tomorrow though, it is not going to follow suit. tomorrow's high well above these numbers sixty-three in trenton. sixty-one sixty-five in philadelphia. sixty-two in millville. if only it weren't going to rain be a great winter day to eneather but we have got rain on and off throughout the day. within batch through the mid
5:44 pm
afternoon and early afternoon early evening hours and thenatch as well coming in early saturday morning before this winds down. once it winds down it will get out quickly, 10 or 11:00 this is all out oe but could end as a brief period of ice or freezing rain, sleet or snow for lehigh valley, poconos, for us in the city just rain. a few showers pop up tonight locally heavy rain and strong gusty wind through the day tomorrow and temperatures will plumet on saturday behind that storm. on the roads tomorrow, some light rain on and off through the morning commute afternoon probably worse mid afternoon especially around three or 4:00 o'clock heavy a few he evening before that second round comes through overnight and into saturday morning. saturday morning could start with snow, sleet ice in the poconos, ice mixing with sleet just as the storm win in the lehigh valley and and suburbs same story delaware but no precipitation area. temperatures do tumble on saturday 57 degrees at midnight but by the time we get to midnight saturday intosunday
5:45 pm
it is only 23, a 34- degree drop in 24 hours. this is backward. we will hit this temperature late friday night and hit this temperature late saturday night, temperatures dropping through the and sunday, 30 degrees a chill return and machinist a very cold day as well for luther king day junior of tuesday and wednesday the chance for alittle snow or sno will keep you posted on that, ukee and jessica. coming up rock and role legend who says he is hearing but says it won't stop him from performing. and why prince williamstle left out when it comes to his blotter's upcoming wedding stories in the hot
5:46 pm
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dding of the year but not
5:48 pm
know if he ill have a role in the big day. >> but diagnosis, for a today's 96.5 has all that in the hot minute. >> thanks, eric clapton is making headlines the seven two-year old musician revealing he iter being diagnosed a condition, called tonit is that ringing his ears. the retired rock and roll hall of fame inducte is not letting it playing a showsn across the nd we have royal news, since we cannot avoid it with the big wedding only four months away. as all of the final pieces are coming together, is there one harry may have overlooked, his brother prince renilliam wasn an interview what his best man speech would entail to which he responded. >> unaudible. >> and it may have just slipped prince harry's mine as he has been trying to coordinate music for this big day this video went veial after a radio host handedince business card, wedding.
5:49 pm
you can hear him shouting back ground. the hoe was do to get queen on the dance floor, to which he responded he would just drop a remix of the national hey, you got to seized your moment. that is your hot minute i'm be today's 96.5. >> that is pretty can see the quedo it for "eyewitness news" at 5:0 bensalem police say a his wallet keys and phone after a night out i'm anita oh the surveillance ou see of the female suspect. also saying good bye to a hero hundreds gather remember fallen fire fighter matthew latourneau. kate. and it has been a mild, clo is on the as surge of warm air but it is not going to last, tomorrow will mnd of the january thaw and we will tellmuchand when temperatures head back below freezing. plus, lets take it outside doug pederson bringsthe bird out of the bubble, with two days left unt battle at the linc, the latest on the eagles
5:50 pm
he just remembered passing out and whe up, the girls money gon everything was >> a new years eve night out that started in manay end in bucnd tonight police are trying piece together and catch two suspects that are on the run. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight officers think there may be more victims. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh manayunk tracking the investi anita. d jessica police what started as a night out ended as a nightmare. when he woke up next morning all belongings were gone as was his memory of the evening.e facesm police want to you see two female s bing a new racking,500 worth ofs credit card. >> when he woke up t next morning, he found that his credit card, hist, his cell phone stolen. he two women i but doesn't remember what happened before waking up the next morning at holiday inn in >> the moral is you picktrangers bringing them
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