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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it. a somber journey for a fallen hero just after 8:00 this morning funeral procession for lieutenant matt latourneau began, fire engine carrying his casket left engine 43 in center city. normal hustle and bustle brought to a stand still. >> ♪ >> and, short time later the procession arrived at cathedral basilica of st. pet er and paul. lieutenant latourneau's casket was carried inside as his
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fellow fire fighters stood outside arms raised in solute. latourneau's funeral mass is underway hundreds are gathered to remember the 11 year fire department veteran who lost his life fighting a fire on saturday. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon, jim's off this noon. falling rain marks solemn occasion as family, friends and community come together to remember life of the fallen hero. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live outside services in center city with more now, greg. rahel, good afternoon hundreds of fire fighters from across the united states, even canada are gathered inside here the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, they are paying their last respect to lieutenant matthew latourneau. the four two-year old died this past saturday giving his life, while battling a house fire in north philadelphia. now, his casket placed atop engine 45, the very fire truck that he would ride while
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heroically doing his job, latourneau worked for philadelphia fire department for 11 years, surrounded by his brothers and sisters this morning, the procession, inched down market street, making a left on 18th street toward basilica cathedral. glummy rainy day perhaps fitting for this very solemn occasion, at 10:30 the remarks of remembrance began, mayor kenney noting lieutenant latourneau's love of animal and his commitment to his faith, family and his job, of course, of which he committed his life. philadelphia fire department commissioner adam tiehl also speaking by all accounts describing latourneau as a fire fighter's fire fighter. >> saying he breathed and slept his job and was entirely devoted to our city. >> he will be with us, every step of the way. for matt is not gone, he has simply gonna head, he has gonna head and joined a
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company of other heroes and there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smokey hallway making it safe for the rest of us. >> you are looking live, right now, inside cathedral about a sill cat mass for lieutenant latourneau still being celebrated, holy ukee chris about to be served to the community here, gathered to remember those who celebrate an 11 year veteran of the department. the philadelphia fire department announced this afternoon it will posthumously promote lieutenant latourneau to captain, following the funeral mass, here, he will be buried at st. peter and paul cemetery in springfield, and the procession, to the cemetery is expected to leave, the cathedral basilica around 1:30 this afternoon.
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i'm live at the basilica here in center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, greg, thank you and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the funeral of philadelphia fire lieutenant matthew latourneau, you can watch rest of the services on our web site at cbs through can find road closures and funeral procession leaves center city for burial in springfield, delaware county. as we just saw in greg's shot it is a damp dreary day and temperatures are rising, rain is falling and it has been heavy at times. meteorologist are tracking the soggy system. lets begin with meteorologist katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weather center. how long will this rain stick around. >> pretty much rest of the day or early hours of tomorrow before this whole storm is completely gone, so for now we're stuck in, a holding pattern which rounds of this rain coming through for the rest of the day at anytime and certainly at anytime it could come down heavily. we will look at the snapshot view and the tri-state sweeping, made here on storm scan three, we're in the thick of things. we have very drenching rain
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right now along a good portion of the i-95, here's things in motion in the last couple of hours, lot of rain moving over the exact same spots, too, so while it may not technically be raining at this hour across southeastern, new jersey you could see rain at anytime but bulk of the heavy stuff has been falling, right smack dab in the center of that radar here in philadelphia and that is the case. visability have been far less than ideal as well, that is an issue too. under a mile at the airport and down to i half mile visibility at the ac airport this hour. so watch for potential of that change being visibility as you travel, and make your way around here the rest of the day. that aside, you're also going to encounter certainly the rain out there as well, even if it is not actually range at a giving time the spray from other vehicles and what not could hold you back. keep that in mind. here's a look at in just one observation outside our live neighborhood network 61 currently. that snow has melt add way out side boardwalk plaza in rehoboth but get set for a huge, drop off, on that term
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ter, and while we're expecting officially to hit a high of 59 tomorrow very early on, the temperature will drop, 37 degrees, in the span of 24 hours, so it is about to get a lot colder, around our area and we will have much more later but while we monitor those conditions here in the weather center, meteorologist chelsea ingram, on the road with the cws3 mobile weather watcher as she's lives surveying conditions on broad street, chelsea what are you seeing. >> hi katie good afternoon. let me tell you conditions are by no means, ideal out here. we will look at our dash cam here's what i'm seeing, rain coming down, windshield wipers are going like crazy and by the way it is a law if your wipers are on your head lights must than on as well. that is one of my pet peeves. make sure other drivers can see you while you are driving. kind of a mess out here. visibility is not all that great, a lot of people out here just trying to make it through the rain, and it is coming down from light to moderate from time to time, so here's what you can expect as
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we head into tonight we will still be dealing with, even at this afternoon rain at times and then tonight we will have periods of rain, and fog, so some low visibility will be sticking around, katie was talking about that visibility, it will be a problem as we head in the overnight hours tonight and then saturday morning, we could deal with slippery road for areas to the north, so really we are giving you yellow light all day, even into tomorrow morning, and we ask those winter weather advisories going in to effect overnight lasting through tomorrow morning. poconos, lehigh valley, traveling out that way keep in mind there could be some slick road, all the way until about 10:00 a.m., at the very, very warm conditions, and i'm going to switch over, show you our roof cam, kind of showing you off to the side, you will notice, that there is no snow left, on the sidewalk, there is no snow left on the grass area. that is because this rain is actually transferring heat to what used to be the snow pack and therefore it is melting it while that snow pack that we
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have been dealing with has melted, across the philadelphia area, we do expect it to even more melt ago cross the delaware valley, with this rain that continues to come down throughout the day-to-day, and, we do have the chance for a little bit more snow on the way, and meteorologist katie fehlinger will talk about that coming up in the full forecast, for now, rahel, back to you. chelsea, thank you. residents of the southern california, are still, dealing with the aftermath of those mud slide at the destroying dozens of homes and, killed 17 people. search for those missing has entered a fourth day. highway 192 has been washed away completely further complicating rescue efforts. the emergency workers on the ground has doubled since thursday with more than 1,000 people working around the clock. president trump is denying reports he used vulgar language to describe immigrants from haiti and from african countries. correspondent weijia jiang reports the president's alleged controversial comments are now drawing outrage from lawmakers on both side of the aisle. >> reporter: reaction to alleged comments made by
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president trump were swift, and strong, from democrats, and republicans. >> the statements of the president are reprehensible, they are racist, they are totally incorrect. >> this by a president of the united states smacks of blatant racism. >> reporter: during a meeting in the oval office on thursday senator dick durbin proposed restoring protection from his immigrants for haiti, several african countries and el salvador as part of the immigration package. the president reportedly interrupted durbin said why do we want all these people from expletive hole countries here we should bring in more people from places like norway. >> i don't think we can defend it. >> reporter: president denied reports on twitter, he wrote language used by me at dak a meeting was tough but this was not language used. what was really tough was outlandish proposal made a big setback for daca. >> to surprise the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those
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words. it is not true. he said these hateful things. he said them repeatedly. >> reporter: haitian government called the president's comments racist, and summoned america's top diplomate in the country, for a meeting with the haitian president. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump has also cancelled an upcoming trip to london because he thinks the new u.s. embassy there was a quote bad deal, in a tweet, president accused the obama administration of selling old embassy for quote peanuts and building a new one in a less desirable location but cbs news reports that the decision to move u.s. embassy was made in 2008 before president owe bam what's electric. new embassy still has a 1 billion-dollar price tag. laundry detergent danger coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" why a governmental watch dog group is raise ago alarm over detergent pods, who is putting them in their mouths on purpose and posting the video on line.
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and as we go to break lets go back inside cathedral basilica of the saints peter and paul where funeral mass is underway for lieutenant matt latourneau a hero who died in the house fire on saturday. we will be right back.
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latourneau killed on saturday battling a fire. the funeral services are underway inside cathedral basilica of saints pertain paul. after the services he will be laid to rest in springfield, delaware county. governmental watch doggies warning parents about the tide pod, in the latest social media fad, teens are putting these pod in their mouths and up loading had results to you tube. cbs news correspondent anna warner takes a look at why it is so risky. >> reporter: many of the social media videos are recorded and posted by minors. they are putting poisonous laundry pod in their mouth, for quick, and internet fame. >> three, two, one. >> they call it, the tide pod challenge. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: nineteen year-old michael did it on a dare, he told us, he knew better but dit anyway.
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>> a lot of people were saying how stupid, i was or why would i be willing to do that. no one should put anything like that in their mouth. >> reporter: now authorities say. >> this is what started out as a joke on the internet and now it has just gone too far. >> reporter: ann marie berkel is acting chairman of the consumer products safety commission. she said suggesting any liquid carries a deadly risk. they are bright, colorful and children can make it look like candy. ten deaths have been linked to ingesting the pod, two were toddlers, eight were seniors with dementia. proctor and gamble the maker of the tide products told cbs news they should not be played with even if meant as a joke. safety is in laughing matter. berkel said her group has worked with manufacturers to make the packets less attractive to children. >> making that laundry packet opaque, less attractive, less colorful reducing the toxicity and the strength of laundry detergent. >> reporter: cdc also found elderly adults with dementia
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were confused by the product and also ingested it. danger to little kiddies so high that researchers have recommended that parents of young children in the buy them at all, and instead, use regular detergent only. anna warner for cbs news, new york. well, if you are heading out to the eagles game tomorrow you will notice a big change in the temperatures, katie. >> indeed, you will, we will see a huge drop off, in the coming days, here but there will still be lingering rain from this same storm system even as late as, into tomorrow morning, but then cold air justin sprayed, and we are back to sunshine come sunday but we are stuck in the 20's at best, by then, we will have the rest of the
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♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ fight, eagles fight, score a touchdown one, two, three. >> well, of course, that would be eagles pep band performing eagles fight song this morning in the great hall right here on cbs-3. they are ready for tomorrow's big game a battle of the bird as they take on the falcons at lincoln financial field. >> um-hmm. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> we know linc will be packed tomorrow. >> oh, yes. >> very warm today, it will be quite different tomorrow. >> we're talking opposite extreme here, so today maybe upper 60's, come tomorrow game time it might feel in better than the 20's. >> incredible. >> it is, i think, until you actually experience that kind of a drop off you don't have perception, of what it will feel like so just be ready,
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remember kind of cold we experienced like this, and be prepared, that it will feel, like winter, all over again, and that will linger, heading in the next few days. and, pattern change. and, here's just a shot from the opposite side of our station headquarters new we're facing east, spring garden, telltale rain drops on the camera lens, it is gray, dreary, damp, not a lot of traffic out there but we will get slowed down from the weather, whether there are people on the road with you or not. expect that. so lets go to the maps and look at very wide zoom on storm scan, storm system is huge, it extends from across canadian border down in the gulf. primarily a rain producer in advance of this sharp, cut off , where we have cold air rushing in behind it and you can see more of that organization now as area have low pressure lifting north. it is strung out. eventually, once this rain wraps up, we will see cold
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really settle in. so we have been getting clock right now along i-95 last few hours and further inland. rain has been coming down lightly or maryland rately through that entire three hour stretch. it has led to some problems, certainly trying to travel to this anytime the rest of the day even fit is not raining we will still to have deal i think with some lingering travel issues. lets take a look at forecast ted rain amounts putting things into motion, heading in to tomorrow because we still will be dealing with this very early tomorrow morning, it should be long gone come noon time but it gives us a sense how much rain will fall. i don't think we should be shocked by seeing upward of 3 inches. this is one model interpretation out of it. key is it is a widespread, essential wash out rest of the day even though it is rounds of rain not widespread rain, that effects the entire region we all could stand to see additional rain and couple round of the locally heavier stuff before it is all said and done. moving forward in future ce 3:0, kid out of school we are
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dealing with the drenching rain. p.m. drive may be dicey as it currently stand where we have brighter shade of orange and red that is very intense rainfall, which, could potentially blind you outside on the roadway so you have to slow down out there. there may shall a lull late tonight and then front itself comes through. net is that the cold will be catching up in places like berks, lehigh, northampton county. winter weather advisory takes effect there tomorrow morning. come kick off we are good. lets talk about that winter weather advisory for icing more than anything not necessarily snow, because the storm is getting out before the really cold stuff gets in here, so with time, these temperatures just take a huge hit but the storm will be gone we are currently at 62 here. sixty-five in trenton. fifty-eight even in mount pocono. look at how starks a contrast. back in cleveland we are at freezing mark. it is 4b le zero in minneapolis. that is not being for wind chill. how cold are we talking for game time? not only is it cold but windy
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too. more end zone to end zone wind flow out of the northwest so we could be looking at more running game with that said but regardless you have to prepare for really, cold weather. now looking ahead we will keep that cold around in the next couple days beyond this point, tuesday is a new clip their brings our next chance for a couple of snow showers, too. >> wow, okay, enjoy today. >> yes. >> not quite tomorrow. >> thanks, katie. you will enjoy this. nasa astronomers are giving us a three dimensional view of cloud and dust in outer space. it is a incredible view in the stellar nursery, what was created with combining views from the hubbell and sister telescopes. digital pictures of where new stars begin to form surrounded by glowing cloud heated by radiation. very cool. radiation. very cool. we will be right hiiiiiii! hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. i'm rolling! are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. looks good, doesn't it?
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and more on our top story funeral mass for philadelphia fire lieutenant matthew latourneau at cathedral basilica of st. pete and paul has just wrapped up. his casket is being carried out of the cathedral as we speak. he will be laid to rest in springfield delaware county, procession includes several road closures. for awe full list go to cbs we will have much more later today on "eyewitness news" beginning at 5:00 o'clock. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs >> young and restless is up next, have a great
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> victoria: what's it gonna take to get through to you? this could affect your chances with college. and god forbid this ever happens again! >> j.t.: what are you talking about? counseling? >> victoria: boarding school. >> cane: paris of all places, huh? >> lily: so your father's not here? >> mattie: he took off. >> lily: tell your dad i said goodbye and i hope everything goes well while i'm gone. >> cane: do you know where i can find lily? >> scott: you just missed her. she already left. >> ashley: wait, this is the jabot lab. >> jack: by new year's, that lab will be back to its former glory. >> ashley: this is very toxic. it shouldn't be anywhere near any of these oil compounds. [ glass shatters ]


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