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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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it is 6:00 o'clock, we have a quick break in the wet weather but the rain is returning, dry right now in center city but precipitation, will be picking backup, this friday, soaker is not over just yet. hi good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean this storm is pushing through our area, tonight we will go right to meteorologist kate bilo tracking rain in the cbs-3 weather center. kate, we want to necessity how long it hangs around. >> jessica and ukee we will deal with at lee a chance for rain following up through the next, 12 to 16 hours, through the night and into tomorrow morning but it will come in waves. we have had a break in action. now starting to all fill back n you can see rain just arriving, got some steady rainfall back in the portions of chester county, upper bucks , montgomery county as well and batch of steady showers pushing down into portions of south jersey and delaware and there is a whole lot more where this is coming from. lets look, back to the west,
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southwest, another round of heavy rain for portions of north carolina, virginia, west virginia and some snow, ice breaking out on the back edge of this storm, this all still has to lift through and it will do that in waves, as we get through tonight. hutch rain so far? delaware almost a inch and a half. bala cynwyd has pick up 1.27 inches and in walling forward and southampton just under a inch and a quarter. record warmth today, mount pocono and allentown, both broke record with new record high reading tied the record of 63 degrees and temperatures right now are still in the 60 's, in many locations, and that is all about to change, rain continuing to, blast through the area through about 8:00 is there our next lull but another round of it hanging out to the west with dangerous icing in the poconos we will have more on that coming up when we check out our full forecast, now back over to you. dreary weather served as a fitting backdrop as fallen philadelphia fire fighter was laid to rest today.
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loved won, locals, visitors from far and ride gathered to say their final farewell to lieutenant matt latourneau. outpouring of the support stretched from the city, to the suburbs, and fire truck carrying latourneau's flag draped casket was met with tributes all along the procession route. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos, was there. a hero's casket taking final trip on his company's engine 45. a fullest court arriving at at his burial place, lieutenant matthew latourneau gone but not forgotten. >> even azamat math becomes part of our storied past, he will always be with us in the future. >> reporter: forty-two year-old, 11 year vet while trying to rescue a home owner from north philadelphia. the floor gave way and
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latourneau was trap. >> for matt is not just gone, he has simply gonna head and he has joined a company, of other heroes, and there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smokey hallway making it safe for the rest of us. >> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner adam tiehl speaking to hundreds of latourneau's brothers and sisters from across the you had and canada like captain robert matthews from norfolk, virginia. >> passion on the shirt or color of the trunks you ride we do and provide the same services. when somebody goes down like this i think we are all together we are mourning. >> reporter: mourning loss but celebrating the everything, the ultimate sacrifice latourneau gave to his city. >> god speed, matt. and god bless the pfd. >> and now ukee and guess cat philadelphia fire department, says that they will
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posthumously promote lieutenant latourneau to captain during a ceremony on january 26th. live here in center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that tribute. breaking within the last hour authorities in southern california have arrested a suspect in connection with the killing of 19 year-old university of pennsylvania, student. this is new video into "eyewitness news" of the suspects who was taken into police custody earlier this evening. there is no word yet on the suspect's connection to the victim or a motive. the body of the blaze bern stein was found tuesday, in brush near a park in orange county. he had been missing for a week while home on break. authorities say a suspect wanted for a deadly hit and run confessed to being involved but they cannot arrest him because he fled the country. thirty-five year-old alikistar of levittown are facing charges for hitting a man on the bike last month in bristol boro.
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he admitted he was racing another car when he struck and killed five two-year old kevin williams, senior. he is accused of hiding his car and then fleeing the country to serbia. authorities are working to have him extradited back to the united states to face charges. today on twitter president trump says that the language was tough but he denied using a vulgar comment to describe haiti, el salvador and african nations during an immigration meeting. the president said yet why are we having all these people from blank countries come here we should bring in more people from places like norway. today president trump ignored questions about the reported comments, as he signed a proclamation in honor of monday's martin luther king junior holiday. congressman from pennsylvania, are responding to the president's alleged remarks, democrat bob brady said in a tweetie strongly condemn racist comments made by donald trump. they why classless, unamerican and beneath dignity of his office. republican pat meehan responded on twitter, the president's word were
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offensive, divisive, un productive and unbecoming of the office. they come at a time when important negotiations or immigration issues are at a critical point. it is possible to fight for principals without resort go to hurtful rhetoric. stay with cbs news for latest on the alleged comments on president trump, jeff glor will follow this story and reaction on "cbs evening news" tonight at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. we are less than a day away from the return of playoff football. >> here it comes, anticipation has been building, all week but tomorrow, the talk end, finally. >> finally. >> the game begins, finally. >> leslie is here now. >> the bird have had a walk through to get ready for the game tomorrow and, of course, fans cannot wait. here are falcons arriving late this afternoon led by exton native matt ryan. defensing champs took care of the rams last week, at plant ace sixth seed and only two
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won super bowl. how will eagles stop falcons from advancing. malcolm jenkins has this simple message. >> winning every game just do your job, it will come, lot of times we guarantee situations where everybody wants to make highlight and go down in history but at the end of the day football it doesn't care who makes a play and sometimes you cannot go chasing you just got to do your job and in this game who makes the most mistakes, so teams can affect us stay patient and make play that is come, bet teams usually win. >> cbs-3 is place to get you ready, you can join me, didn't done bell, pat gallen, voice of the eagles merill reese for our chevy sunday kick off show at 3:30 right here on cbs-3. game is home coming for falcons quarterback matt ryan, hear from him coming up later in sports but malcolm says to keep it simple. >> that is what they have saying just play the game of football. >> falcons are still salty from the way they lost super bowl last year. it will be a game.
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>> appreciate it. eagles fans are ready, they have waited years to see the bird in the post season. >> alycia nieves is at modells on aramingo avenue where gear with the eagles stuff on it, it has about been a hot seller >> reporter: this modells has sold so many eagles items, and eagles gear over last couple days we will take a look. this is what is left here their gear reduced down to just a small corner in the store but don't fret if the eagles win tomorrow this and many other stores will be heavily, restocking. sporting goods stores around the philadelphia area are seeing eagles fans, make a last minute dash to get gear, just in time for tomorrow's big game. >> game day, yeah. >> we are going to go crazy, down there tailgating. >> this diehard eagles fan could barely contain himself inside aramingo avenue after we asked him about his team. >> listen, this is like the best thing that the eagles ever did in their life.
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>> reporter: staying united he is getting eagles gear for his whole family. >> you know what i mean, like, you know what i mean, give within of these. >> i most definitely going all out. >> reporter: ismail riveria is going all out, he is loaded with too much eagles gear according to his wife. >> they are eagles. >> reporter: yes, they are. >> yes, pajamas, everything, the cup i drink in. >> reporter: it is a tradition to pick up something new before each game, just one extra thing he thinks will help take the eagles all the way. >> i pray every night, every night i pray, you know, jesus, god was an eagles fan too, yeah. >> reporter: if the eagles win tomorrow and get one step closer to the super bowl that won't just be a prayer answered for riveria but for all stores. from big becomes chains to boutique like sports in center city. >> it will be big. we have our suppliers on call, ready, if they win we will
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bring a lot of eagles stuff in for next week. >> reporter: if you are tailgating tommy want to draw your attention real quickly to this outfit you may want to model it. this will be cool for tailgating, 60 degrees, this will work but make sure if you are staying for the game put on a hat like this a blanket like this or if you prefer quote something to stay warm because temperatures will dp down in the 20's. reporting live inside modells along aramingo avenue alycia nieves for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> didn't my man said if they win. >> yeah. >> come on. thanks, alycia, appreciate it. still to come big changes in pennsylvania when it comes to treatment of the deadly disease, our stephanie stahl explains what it all means for people dealing with hepatitis c. and a live look at ben franklin parkway where we're in store for a, soggy night. we will check back with kate bilo about how long wet weather will last, abe and what is in store for eag
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more people will be treated in the state of pennsylvania in listing of restriction about who is covered about treatment reporter stephanie stahl is here in the einstein science certainty report. >> it is a hidden, deadly virus easily treated but doctors say that too many people, just do not realize that they need help. hepatitis c that spread through contact with contaminated bloodies a deadly , community disease in the country. new hepatitis c infections have tripled in five years, driven largely by the opioid epidemic, mark, a recering addict contracted hepatitis c from injecting drugs. >> it is a silent epidemic that you know, really not understood well enough in our overall community. >> reporter: it is a silent epidemic because there are usually no symptoms, american half of the americans who carry the virus just don't
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realize it. >> you do not know, the infection, but by the time, they have having symptoms they have a disease. >> reporter: doctor who runs hepatitis program at einstein says when left untreated, hepatitis c can cause serious liver damage, and he says, everyone should be tested because hepatitis c is also a risk for dialysis patients and people hoff blood transfusions before 1990 when blood was not tested, and he said most important for people with hepatitis c. >> we have, medications, we can cure the infection, and it is an important statement. >> reporter: starting now in january the state of pennsylvania lifted restrictions, which cover treatment only to those with advanced liver disease because the drugs are so expensive, and now, more people with hepatitis c will be able to get treated. >> i think lifting this restriction will encourage individual to get tested, screened and get therapy. >> now, without that therapy hepatitis c is the leading cause for liver transplants,
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people can be screened with a simple blood test, and they tell me it is estimated millions of people could be living with hepp c and do not know bit. >> it can get screened and treated. >> it is time to get inspired at 2018, philadelphia home show. >> it is happening this weekend at pennsylvania convention center. cbs-3 is media partner and today our vittoria woodill got a chance to explore the floor learning a thing or two about organization. lets give you a live look from the floor of the convention center right now you can get there in this friday, saturday , sunday, philadelphia home show welcomes guest next week even as well, friday january 19th through sunday, the 21st, you can also tune in tonight, at 7:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3 for the home show, with vittoria woodill. it is tips and advice you can use around your own home. sounds like fun. meteorologist kate bilo joining us now, i know a lot of people are trying to sort
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through tomorrow because we know it is warm now but they are like what do i wear to the game: >> layers. >> it will be cold. >> yeah. >> we have been trying to drive that home even they high temperature for tomorrow will get down in the record books as 59 degrees, that will be the temperature at midnight tonight, so as soon as it turns over to saturday we will take high in the 24 hours period. if it is 12:01, 60 degrees, that does not mean it will be 60 degrees in the afternoon. usually highs happen in the afternoon. sometimes we get an upside down kind of day and that is what saturday will be. if you are heading to the game temperatures likely below freezing at kick off. lets look outside, our transition, out to bethlehem, you can see road are all wet, out there, a lot of glistening happening and fog outside as well, coming into focus there berth on main street and road are wet, there is fog, slow go all across the area and in some spots, there may even be ice overnight. lets look at storm scan three
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showing that system rolling through, impacting all of the northeast, great lakes, mid-atlantic, rain and back edge of the storm snow is breaking out that snow extend ing from tennessee up through portions of kentucky, and into ohio, as well, and some dangerous icing happening as cold air rushes in sharply, behind the storm. locally we are seeing another push of pretty steady rain moving through city and western suburbs still a break over burlington county but another run of rain has just hit shore points and just going to keep coming in waves through tonight. watch what happens to the temperatures, next hour or so we are still in the 60's, mild but wet. we will get a break in the action, still mild, 11:00 o'clock, stepping outside, dry, walk the dog, 65 . when we take the dog out tomorrow morning it will feel different. temperatures drop sharply by midnight down to the 30's in the poconos. by 1:00 a.m. we are in the 40 's in the north and western suburbs. still in the 60's in the city.
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that colder will start to move in by tomorrow morning, 26 by 5:00 a.m. in mount pocono with freezing rain. we will see drop in philadelphia around 6:00 a.m. down to 40 and just keeps dropping through the day, 11:00 a.m. we are below freezing, 30 degrees in fill by 4:00 p.m. around the time the eagles kick off many spots in the 20's. so we will start saturday morning with snow, sleet, freezing rain in the poconos and lehigh valley freezing rain, sleet is possible, those two areas are under a winter weather advisory tomorrow morning. watch the temperatures. temperatures 7 degrees warmer in philadelphia then yesterday this is our 24 hour temperature change. these aren't temperatures. this is temperature change but look at the difference in the past 24 hearst almost 40 degrees different in michigan, and 34 degrees drop in cleveland and 31-degree drop in chicago, and that is what happening tomorrow at 3:00 a.m., 59 degrees still in the 60's but by noon we are down around freezing by 3:00 p.m. likely below freezing so your game day
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forecast calls for lots of layers, 31 degrees, breezy, and very cold, it will be in the 20's rapidly and it is not going to feel anything like today. we are used to the cold we have had a lot of it but hope you don't get too accustomed to the nice warm weather because winter returns tomorrow morning monday cold and then watching a clipper system that could bring light snow tuesday into wednesday, some indication it could intensify but we will keep an eye on that. >> in precipitation tomorrow. >> tomorrow after a shower in the morning it clears out. >> cool, thanks. >> leslie up next with sports. >> coach speedy morris joining a exclusive club, and last eagles playoff game didn't end so well walk off win by saints , brandon graham remembers his thoughts on the loss and how he plans to make a difference tomorrow, up next
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the bird will be nfce and hosted in the wild card game. nick foles played well, throwing two touchdowns and then one to zach ertz and gave bird the lead but the saint came back. and, shayne graham makes a wake off, 32-yard field gel to end the eagles season. brandon graham still remembers it. >> we were right there. we let sproles get loose on that kick off return, and then we put them in field goal range. i remember not looking at the kick. i knew it was over because i didn't see nobody running out on the field. it was one of those things where, get back to it, you know, i want to have a difference, i really believe that is what, that is what we striving for this week to have a different feeling. it is a home coming for man matt ryan, he won mvp last season and this year he has thrown 20 touchdowns and 12
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interceptions. sixteenth quarterback to throw for 40,000-yard but mattisis not fairing well at the linc, one-three but it does not bother him. >> i haven't played as long as i have, i understand that regardless of where we go and pray you have to play your very best every week. within night parties to see a lot of familiar fists, friendly faces, after the game , which is always nice. >> and, cbs-3 is place to get you ready for battle of the bird, join me don bell, pat gallen and voice of the eagles meryl reese for our, chevy sunday kick off show at 3:30 right here on cbs-3. well, fill basketball community has had so many great coaches over the years, john cheyney, jay wright, herb magee just to name a few and today another coach, reached a milestone, the gym at st. joes prep was packed and they wanted to see history, they got it. st. joes prep head coach speedy morris won his 1,000 game, as they beat lansdale
6:26 pm
catholic. he has coached lasalle university and prep and has touch and shaped the lives of so many here in philadelphia he is a philadelphia treasure for sure. so congratulations to speedy. >> i was at 900 game. i could not make today but brad now brought these commemorative tickets back. >> 1,000. >> special man and family. >> thanks, leslie. "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> tonight a special story on the road in the poconos. >> i'm steve hartman, coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news", 60 years ago these newlyweds on their honeymoon were turned away at hotel door because of the color of their skin. that was then. and this is now. >> we're here. >> it is a story of redemption >> how real. >> made possible by a cloud of fifth graders. >> makes me feel good inside because we know that even though we are just kid we made an impact on the world. >> don't miss it, tonight on the "cbs evening news" with jeff
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> i am the least racist person that you'll ever meet. >> glor: that was 2016. now the president is at odds with some senators who say his comments in 2018... >> were hate-filled, vile, and racist. >> glor: also tonight, the flu is now widespread across the continental u.s. college students make an effort to prevent false news from spreading. >> they come into my office and say, "so we're building a twitter bots detector." >> glor: laundry pods, dangerous for children, seizes, and teenagers. a discovery on mars. and steve hartman, when these school kids heard their story... >> it was really heartbreaking. >> it was


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