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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  January 14, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. the eagles are just one win away, now from the super bowl, after taking down the atlanta falcons yesterday, the big moments from their big win we're bringing it, man, bring it. that is right, there was so much excitement at the linc as people left the game last
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night, we hear from fans who are feeling optimistic this morning. and the cold is sticking around, folks, a live look from our camera at place one apartments in plymouth meeting ) how cold will it feel outside today and next time we may see some snow, today is sunday, january 14th, good morning, i'm jan carabao, lets get over to that forecast with meteorologist matt peterson with eyewitness weather. good sunday morning, matt. >> good morning. >> the cold hits you and then wind makes it worse. >> it is win. you can always put more layers on and get past cold but wind just cuts through you. >> yes, will today too. >> it is brutal, cold makes you want to curl up, put blanket around you drink your coffee this morning and you can enjoy the nice sunshine that we will see outside, from the inside of your home, nice warm confines of your living room, but it is also breezy, talking about that wind chills will be in the single digits from about zero to 10 degrees
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for our wind chills for philadelphia and many areas in south jersey, as we head further north in the lehigh valley and poconos that is where we will have wind chill below zero, maybe as low as 15 below zero at times this morning. we have a wind chill advisory until 10:00 o'clock this morning. afternoon deceiving sunshine as highs reach right around 20 . temperatures, plenty of teens down to two, in mount pocono for our air temperatures, add in the win it feels like 14 below in mount pocono, zero in allentown. one below here in philadelphia and single digits back down toward the shore. as we take a look at our winter return, bar graph here we are up to 36 by tuesday but you can see 20's in there as well. we will talk about that snow chance as well. >> matt, thank you 8:02. we will continue to follow breaking news out of south america this morning a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast, this all
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happened around 4:20 eastern time. earthquake triggered a tsunami alert but that has since expired. there have been no immediate reports of the casualty or damage. we will keep you up to date. a man is injured overnight after an officer involve shooting in kensington. police say this incident started just before 11:00 when two officers stopped a car in the 2800 block of kensington avenue going the wrong way on a one way road, while the cars passenger was pathed down police say he allegedly reached for an officer's gun, that officer fired one shot and then police say passenger pulled out a gun. >> male out of the car and he has his firearm out, he has produce that had firearm and at that point other patrol officer fires three times but he fired more than once, the male was struck at lee once in the torso area. >> that man is in critical condition, the driver was compliant and being interviewed as a witness.
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>> new this morning police say a man is dead after shooting his wife and then himself inside a northeast philadelphia home. officers responded to this house on passmore street and rising sun boulevard after midnight, the suspect, shot his wife once, she's now in critical condition, in word yet on what started the shooting. the atlanta falcons playoff drive ended last night right here in philadelphia and now that the eagles are looking ahead to the nfc championship game, bird are one win away from the super bowl, nick foles hit the field again yesterday after two poor outings, second quarter now three to nothing atlanta and le gar it blunt runs in the for the touchdown. bird ran for 96-yard yesterday bird down by one jake elliott kicks a 37-yard field goal, eagles up 12-10. fourth quarter now eagles up by five and falcons quarterback matt ryan, throws an incomplete pass, there it
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goes, eagles win it 10-15. their first powe season wins since 2009. fans cheered, players rejoyced and leslie van arsdal has that part of the story. >> all we can say is wow, this team, the under dog, led by its backup quarterback bald a dramatic, classic, playoff win >> the situation we thought of after this one was most excited this team has ever been that i have been on, and as proud as we have been as a team, since i have been here. the city deis some it. the city was a nation. crowd was amazing. it was a lot. >> it means a lot, you know, this my third year and making it this far with the season we had through the injuries, me being injured. >> since i didn't know, you know, one game closer to that, you know that dream we have of playing in the super bowl, and you know, at the end of the day whatever it takes. just one step closer to where we want to be and that is the super bowl. we have to go figure out who
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we are playing next week. >> reporter: players seem to be embracing the role of under dog. >> i imagine we will probably not be favored next week either. at this point in the season it doesn't matter. >> that has been us all year, we will step up, whether 11 was there there or not. we have been under dogs. especially when he went down. they dropped us out. >> reporter: there was high praise for quarterback nick foles. >> i think nick did a great job. i think, fully anticipate ago this as well. >> you asked me last week if i am confident in myself? i am confident in myself. iwi know we believe in one another in that locker room. we played great team football, we have played philadelphia eagles football tonight. that is the most important thing. >> now we have to wait and see who they play next sunday after vikings or saints, winner of that game, how great does does that sound will head to super bowl 52. reporting from lincoln financial feel leslie van arsdal cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". excited fans rush out yesterday to celebrate, this
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big win, and they are riding high, this morning, and thrilled to get a shot at nfc championship. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves talked to those diehard fans. >> reporter: as roughly 68,000 people poured out of the lincoln financial field. >> super bowl, baby. >> reporter: exciting. >> super bowl yes yes. >> reporter: just barely describes what it felt like to be an eagles fan in this moment. >> the best season that we have had, since, i have been, in grade school. >> reporter: fans already started with the win, after four long years of waiting, despite the team losing its star quarterback the eagles made it here to the playoffs. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: helping fans celebrate that accomplishment just before the big game while making early predictions that in this battle of the bird the eagles will come out on top. despite fans wanting an easy win against atlanta this battle was far from that. it was nail bitingly close the
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whole time, any bird game. >> this was the most intense game i have ever been in my life. it came down to the last second. i almost had a heart attack. >> reporter: in the end eagles dominated. >> it was awesome. you will make me cry right now it was very awesome. for us to be here right now, it is just very emotional. >> we are pumped ready to go to the nfc championship. >> reporter: that game next week right back at lincoln financial field, they will take on either the minnesota vikings or new orleans saints. >> they are doomed teams and we will bring them outside and we will play them in the cold and we will bring it, man. we will bring it. because that is what i'm talking about. >> fly eagles fly. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> eagles. >> reporter: it is safe to say so many in this great city and around the region are just as energized after this win, now this win does puttying also, just one game away, from the super bowl, can you imagine. in south philadelphia, alycia
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nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and make sure you follow "eyewitness news" as we follow the eagles, powe season play, our coverage continues, as always, on line at cbs philly .com and cbs local app. in other news it is time to do fine dining and save money. center city district restaurant week starts today. our own anita oh is live at one of the center city restaurants offering deals this week. good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning. i'm so happy to be here. i have listed my hand of more than 120 participating restaurant in this city for restaurant week which goes on for two weeks. joining me is michelle shannon of the center city district. so much workings into this, michelle. also, it is just something that so many people come together for. what does this mean for you and this city. >> well, first of all, thank you for being here today, at carabou cafe.
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center city district restaurant week as we were discussing earlier, it is a lot of fun. it is a great excuse for people to get together especially in the winter when people are coming off the holiday. but it is also, very serious business in terms of the economic impact, it has, and last restaurant week we saw over a quarter million diners, during those 10 days, and have an economic impact of close to 13 million-dollar. so it means a lot to the restaurant, it means a lot to the economy of center city aside from being a great time. >> reporter: not just uplifting our mood to see this delicious food which i will have my photographer show you here, the chef has been bringing, this stuff out, for the pennsylvania couple of hours, and beside that the deals, we have partnership, what is the work that goes into putting on a event like
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this for two weeks but it is a big deal. >> it is a year round effort to pull the two restaurant weeks off, you know, recruiting the restaurants to participate, building sponsorships, and partnerships with people like lift, and the parking operators, and, our other sponsors, our liquor sponsors. so, it is, it is a team effort , that goes into creating this promotion, and we are very thankful for the partners in this promotion that we have. >> reporter: wonderful and just continues to grow every year. when it started in 2003 they had about 40 participating restaurants but now they have more than 120 restaurants all of those details, deals thaw can get on parking, menu available on cbs for now, back to you, jan. >> thank you, looks great. still ahead on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news" a mistake send people running for cover in hawaii a push alert accidentally sent, when they went out to their phones warning a ballistic missle was heading their way, coming up who officials are blaming for the false alarm this morning. and governor tom wolf has declared pennsylvania's opioid crisis a public health emergency how the move will help strengthen the state's fight against addiction, we will be right
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cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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back now on "eyewitness news" the governor of hawaii and emergency officials are apologize to go day for panic, confusion, after a false miss al leather, laura podesta has a story of panic which lasted 38 minutes. >> people in hawaii ran for cover and some took shelter, in manholes after a false alert sent a cell phone, warns a ballistics missle was heading toward island saturday morning. >> nobody, in the hotel, in
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the street, nobody had any idea what to do. people, people would just be in shock. >> reporter: jim jagr is a meteorologist from the cbs station in memphis on vacation and huddled with his family in a closet. >> we were, trying to figure out best thing to do and using tornado, safety rules, i know, you go town to a place where there is no window, small room >> reporter: emergency officials tweeted that the missle threat was a false alarm but it took 38 minutes for a second emergency alert given the all clear to get to cell phones. hawaii's governor explained how the mistake happened. >> it was a procedure that occurred at change of shift where they get through to make sure that the system is working, and an employee push the wrong button. >> reporter: officials apologized during an afternoon news conference. >> this is my team, and we made a mistake and we will take processes and study this so this does not happen again.
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>> reporter: this incident comes as tension remains high between u.s. and north cover re, north korea president, kim jong u.n. claims to have ballistic missiles capable of reaching hawaii and continental u.s., laura podest a for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home now and taking a look at over forecast >> yes. >> matt, cold, cold, more cold >> january thaw is over, jan, done. >> it was nice while it lasted >> it was nice. >> always nice to get a couple days, to get you ready for when we will have april, may. >> to deal witt once again. >> it would be nice. >> it is cold, winter weather has return, to say the least, we could see a few snow flakes , flying around, but by the time we will get in the middle of the week as well and outside in rehoboth beach this morning on our neighborhood network camera down at boardwalk plaza, 17 degrees, the sunnies shining a few high cloud out there so it is a deceptively nice morning, looking outside thinking oh,
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man that wonderful sunshine and stepping outside in the cold, wind, smack you in the face and our wind at 13 miles an hour making it feel closer to single digits right around one or two above zero with that wind chill factor for us. temperatures in the teens for many of us, as you head north it gets cooler even down in the low single digits in mount pocono this morning at 2 degrees. we are looking at 14 in philadelphia. fifteen in wilmington. dover, millville, atlantic city. thirteen this morning as we wake up in trenton. that northerly breeze coming in 10 to 15 miles an hour making it feel like one below in philadelphia three below in reading. fourteen below zero what it feels like right now in mount pocono and you see those single digits back through inland, new jersey and coastal new jersey as well, atlantic city, wildwood feeling like three. later this afternoon good news for us is sunshine will continue, our wins, will, diminish at lee a little bit. so our wind chill will get bet
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they are afternoon but still not great as high temperatures today only 26 degrees. make sure you are bundling up stepping outside the door. take a look at our future weather, generally clear skies as we get through afternoon hours today. in the too much that we are concern with as high pressure is in control but it that is arctic high pressure why our temperatures will be so low, and then as we get into tomorrow morning, again, maybe a few extra included will be out there more than was future weather is showing but even still on machine morning very cold, start to the day, but no weather concerns, for us on our drive to school or work tomorrow morning so that is good news. little bit of a change as we head in the later half of monday and pushing into tuesday. this is our american model gfs at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night, start to go see our clipper system moving in the area, a few flurries up in the poconos as early as, late tomorrow night, and as we get into the morning hours on tuesday at 10:00 o'clock in the morning on tuesday we have some snow shower activity, pushing through a small chance for maybe a little bit of
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wintry mix as we get closer to the i-95 corridor but in general temperatures will be cold enough, aloft and down at surface that snow showers north and west of the city and then as we move through afternoon hours on tuesday at 5:00 o'clock we are looking for cold front to come through we will bring again a better chance for that colder air near surface, snow shower activity for 9:00 o'clock corridor as we get through the afternoon hours tuesday. as we get into wednesday the front clears coastline and we will look for quiet conditions and then high pressure once again settles in. as we move through end of the wednesday and thursday. here's what we are expecting tuesday and wednesday that quick system coming through with limited moisture, so that means overall any snow we do see will be very, very light. highest amount looking to be north and west, maybe an inch or two at most is what we are looking at. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 26 today, 31 tomorrow. winter clipper system comes through tuesday, wednesday, clears out thursday and we could see 40's by friday and weekend. >> very nice, thanks, matt.
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8:19. time to check road, lets go to matthew workmister in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> hi, jan. we have three incidence. we will start in the king of prussia area single vehicle accident southbound on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike ramp to westbound pennsylvania turnpike, good news i'm hearing this just cleared. turning to philadelphia, we have been seeing a what the mare inn break on lincoln drive north bound lanes are block at wissohickon avenue. this has been going on since this morning. crews are trying to salt the road to get it dry. moving to new jersey we have a disable vehicle on the parkway north bound pennsylvania waretown exit, we are hearing center lane was block, volume light so there is not a delay right now but people are slowing down as they approach the vehicle. we have turn live to the 95 and cottman avenue as you can see volume light this morning. if you have plan on travel this morning now is good time to leave, rest of the majors in philadelphia and new jersey are looking good with no incidents or delays. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister now back to you.
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on the healthwatch now, pennsylvania governor tom wolf has declared pennsylvania's opioid crisis a public health emergency. the situation in pennsylvania is especially bad, it has the fourth highest overdose rate in the entire country. health reporter stephanie stahl explains what the declaration means for this fight against addiction. >> i'm declaring this public health crisis a statewide disaster emergency. >> reporter: governor tom wolf signed a disaster declaration for heroin and opioid up democrat that i can will provide tools to help the state respond better, it is a declaration usually reserved for natural disasters. >> this crisis has taken far too many lives and broken far too many families, and it has decimated far too many communities and it has gone on far too long. >> reporter: declaration will establish an opioid command center in harrisburg making easier for addict toss get into treatment, narcan provided by medics can be left behind at overdose scenes, and
8:22 am
, it expands the state's prescription monitoring program. >> we cannot stand by and fail to act in the face of this crisis and allow more families to suffer tragedies that suffered already. numbers again are staggering, the impact is devastating. >> i have been in the field for 30 years and i have never seen a up dep i can like this. >> reporter: tom king, president of the marmount treatment center in says it should provide much needed assistance in getting more people in treatment. >> whether they have the means or not to make sure that everybody that has, opioid dependens in the state of pennsylvania can access, treatment in a timely fashion and it will save lives. >> reporter: marmount has a wall and collection of badgers for a program addiction issues and face traumatic events. governor wolf as ever declaration is drawing widespread praise including from philadelphia's mayor kenney and pennsylvania medical society, all agreeing on the need for more action,
8:23 am
to lower the rate of drug overdoses in pennsylvania, which are more than twice the national average. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, oprah winfrey sits down with the hollywood women behind the times up movement, preview of her sunday morning interview coming up in just moments. stay with
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downsizing. enrolling in medicare part d. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy,
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call 1-833-cvs-medd and transfer today to cvs pharmacy. back on "eyewitness news" charges of sexual harassment in the work place of been in the news lately and women are speaking out. that includes a group of hollywood women who have begun meeting last fall, that has spawned the times up movement, oprah winfrey caught up with a few of them including natalie portman, reese witherspoon and america ferreira, here's a
8:26 am
preview coming up on cbs this sunday morning. >> so we are in this new territory where there is no play book for this. how do we as a society have a mature, nuanced conversation about how, men and women, should be relating to each other because there is so much men and women now who are, uncomfortable in their work places because of all of that has been uncovered and are not just sure how to be, what do we say to them. >> we're human, human beings whether we're related to a man or in the we deserve the same respect. we have an instinct about how to treat our fellow human beings. those who you who joined because you were also a woman, who could say me too. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> speak to that, reese. >> me too. i have been very open that i was assaulted, it is important that people know, that silence -
8:27 am
>> assaulted at 16 on one of your first movies. >> the first time i heard from reese was after i posted my me too message. >> reminus what you posted. >> i posted, vaguely about an incident, of when i was nine years old being assaulted by a man who i was then, sort of forced to see afterward for a long time and what struck me about that experience was his certainty i would be silent and he was right. >> hollywood women respond to sexual harassment, plus, a journey to wake island where america's day begins, and the many facets of actress sharon stone, that is this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. still ahead on "eyewitness news" food ease rejoyce center city restaurant is back and anita oh has a taste, anita.
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>> rejoyceing indeed more than 120 restaurant are taking part in the center city district restaurant week i'm anita oh with the deals and menus thaw can expect and interview with the well men french chef can expect and interview with the well men french chef coming up hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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hey hun.
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look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. testing, through the mid week time fray but we have cold and wind this sunday morning but get ready to bundle up stepping outside the door. storm scan three shows us not too much going on when it
8:31 am
comes to cloud cover it is relatively a quiet, clear, start to the day in, that regard, but again, temperatures, are low, and the winds are strong, you can see temperatures right now, in the teens, and even single digits, up in the poconos. we have 14, 11 in reading, 12 in lancaster. thirteen in trenton and a 17 this morning in wildwood. when you add in that 10 to 15 miles an hour wind, it feels one below in philadelphia one below in wilmington as well as zero in allentown. fourteen below in mount pocono and single digits above zero from millville back toward, wildwood and also, atlantic city. wind chill in effect until 10:00 this morning because of the wind chills in the zero to 15 below range. check out day plan tore day, january, we will get to 26 degrees cold sunshine. 8:31. new this morning police say a man is dead after shooting his
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wife and then himself inside a northeast philadelphia home. officers responded to the house on passmore street and rising sun boulevard after midnight, the suspect shot his wife, once she's in critical condition, and no word yet on what led to that shooting. the atlanta falcons playoff drive ended right here in fill last night and now eagles are looking ahead to the nfc championship game, the bird are just one win away from the super bowl, amazing, nick foles hit the field again yesterday after two poor outings. second quarter here three to nothing atlanta and lagarrette blunt runs it for a touchdown. they ran for a total of 96- yard. bird down by one to jake elliott to take a 37-yard field goal eagles up 12-10. fourth quarter eagles up by five now and falcons quarterback matt ryan throws an incomplete pass, the eagles , win it, 15-10, the the atmosphere outside the linc
8:33 am
understandably is always, electric, after a bird win, of course, last night was special , eagles won their first playoff game since 2009, excited fans, rushed out of the stadium there to celebrate , they are still riding high this morning, and thrilled, to get a shot of the nfc championship this was most intense game i have ever been in my life. it came down to the last second, i almost had a heart attack, thank goodness i'm still alive. >> in the stadium, players rocking place was rocking we brought it tonight on the defensive side of the ball. whole crowd ready to go. nick foles brought it tonight. >> it was a nail biter. today the saints will take on minnesota vikings. bird will face winner of that game right here at home, next sunday. and make sure you stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow eagle in their quest for super bowl glory. when you are not near a tv just go to cbs in other news today, bring your appetite, it is center
8:34 am
city district restaurant week in philadelphia our own anita oh is live in center city this morning as she tells thus week is all about great food and a great price, i like that, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan these are assignments that we love we are talking about restaurant week and more than 120 restaurants that are participating, o carobou cafe and jim me is chef and owner, chef from france and you have exciting items on the menu t overre we looking at and next two weeks. so, we have a comfortoo classica ar t corner, we have all french, all classical a would en france if you were going to go to any givestaurant in france. >> reporter: what does it mean for to you see people here in philadelphia, native food. >> well, i have been 15 years
8:35 am
i have been in city, and, participating in restaurant week and the terrific, i'm very happen bye popularity every single year not only does it uplift your mood but it has a huge impact on the economy, jim me to talk about that is michelle shannon of the center city district. what is impact that this kind of event has for the city and district. >> so, it is a great economic driver aside from being really fun thing to do. during restaurant week we typically, serve over 250,000 people and it has an economic impact of close to $13 million , when you think about the food, the parking, the tips, et cetera, so, it is , not just all fun and games but it is also very serious business. >> i do hear even on social media people are very excited about restaurant week, deals going on with parking we are trying to make it as easy as
8:36 am
possible for you all of those details can be found on chef oliveri made me cream brulet so i will dig into that so, jan, back over to youy love crack nothing to a good cream brulet. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i'm making you jealous. >> thanks, anita. in other news north philadelphia row home is damaged after a fire, flames broke out in the 2500 block of colorado street, fire fighters were able to get the fire there under control, just before 7:30 last night, fortunately in within was hurt , now this all happened just a few blocks away from the place where a fire killed lieutenant matthew latourneau about a week ago. there is still so much more to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning coming up next we will check in with face the nation john dickerson for a look at today's broadcast stay
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
testing. arrived at terminal c on january 2nd, and that happened , and then left for indianapolis. officials are trying to notify
8:40 am
everyone on that passenger's list. face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3 and joining us now with the preview live, from washington is anchor of cbs this morning and face the nation, john dick are son. john, they are keeping you busy lately, good morning. >> that is right, jan we wanted to do more on sunday and monday, so lets start our conversation today, as we will in the broadcast which is on the question of immigration, there are policies issues, of course, with respect to the children who were brought to the united states by their un documented parents, so-called dreamers, what will happen to them. republicans and determines trying to come up with an arrangement and we will start by talking arkansas republican senator tom cotton who has been part of the discussions including one in the oval office where president used a vulgar disparaging term to refer to african countries and to haiti, that has derailed, talks, we will get, tom cotton 's view on all of that
8:41 am
and then we will talk to colorado senator corry gardener, a republican, who is not only in the state, that has, a strong immigration population and the economy is driven in there by immigrant work force so we will talk to him about the economics of that plus the republican, who is in charge of the getting republicans reelected or elected in 2018, what does he think landscape looks like. then west virginia democrat joe man chin will be talking to us we will talk to him about immigration, and also opioid crisis in west virginia and he is on the intelligence committee we will get an update from him on their work investigating in the russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether they are still up to it. and then jan we will have a nation tracker survey our director of elections anthony, will be here to look through the findings one year in the trump administration, what do people think what is his borders think and rest of the country think and what does it mean for next year in politics finally jan we will have as always reporters around the table to talk about the weeks news and prepare us for next
8:42 am
week. >> so much to get to, okay, john we will see you at 10:30, thank you. well, if you nor not happy with your job you are not alone. we will tell you how your region fares when it comes to job satisfaction and the state that hoes the country's happiest workers, we will explain, after the
8:43 am
8:44 am
wet, freezing but those people could not be happier, polar bear plunge in wildwood raised money for special olympics new jersey/yesterday. cbs photo journalist matt mar ana and hundreds of others took a dip in the frigid atlantic for a good cause, and i guess better yesterday then today. it was cold yesterday but even colder, right now. >> it is just frigid out there , water is only in the low 30's, and so if you were one of those folks that went out there yesterday, double thumbs up, more power to you,
8:45 am
i probably would have stayed on the beach and just had hot chocolate and coffee to start the day out but it is a cold morning for eyewitness weather watchers, they are up, showing us great pictures, i wanted to show this picture from phil, coming in from philly around chestnut hill area this morning, lovely blue skies but unfortunately trees are still are on the bear side as we are in the thick of winter, and then, one thing i want to show , squirrel climbing up into the bird feeder. when i was younger i had a bird feeder and he thought squirrel got in there more than the bird, so phil, i would maybe take a chance, and scare that squirrel away so bird can have a little bit of the food too. outside right now if you are down at the shore it is a wonderful, scene, sunnies out there in cape may, ocean city, but for the most part again, very, very cold water, very cold on the beach, and that polar bear plunge was yesterday, so hopefully everybody is that you go out from that today our live picture from ocean city, a few
8:46 am
included out there looking very, very nice. temperatures really chill toy start the morning out we are well below average by 10 degrees, in many spots, see plenty of teens out there from wilmington, trenton, single digits in the poconos at two maybe planning do some skiing this morning or in the afternoon hours make sure you are bundled up, low, low temperatures and when you add in the win it feels like it is in the teens, below zero in areas like mount pocono, feeling like 14 below, even lehigh valley, three below in reading, one below in wilmington as well as philly, barely above zero mark, millville, atlantic city, wildwood barely above zero here on our sunday morning. look at future feels like wind chill for poconos until 10:00 o'clock this morning. by the time we will get to lunchtime we are finally, backup above zero in the poconos, we are looking at again still wind chills right around 10, maybe some teens, in the areas of allentown
8:47 am
maybe around 12:00 o'clock or so, in general though even though our wind is calming down our temperatures will stay low enough our wind chill factor will be out there later this afternoon and once we get in the evening hours wind come down more but temperatures stay very low. we will get mid teens for our, feels like, later this afternoon. our winter returns an area have low pressure will come slide on through as we get into tuesday. there is cold front, pushing through philadelphia area, tuesday afternoon, into tuesday evening, maybe some snow showers associated with that but high pressure takes over in the second half of the week, clear things out and just stays cold as we get into that thursday time frame before we could maybe warm things up a bit friday into the weekend. january thaw it is over, arctic high pressure in control here early in the week sunday and machine and then quick hitting system comes through, limited moisture so light snow is a possibility accumulations are going to stay the lower side of things, highest amounts would be north
8:48 am
and west of the city maybe one to 2 inches in the lehigh valley and poconos bye in general it is not a widespread snow event. seven day forecast 26 today with that cold, breezy sunshine, going up to 31 tomorrow. tomorrow is king junior day. winter definitely returning that is for sure. here comes our clipper system tuesday/wednesday temperatures high 20's, in the 30's, better chance on tuesday but some could linger into wednesday. by the time we get into thursday arctic high pressure, once more, 32 for a high there and we will start to get more mild but it is just seasonal more than anything else friday and into saturday, temperatures there will be in the 40's. >> all right, matt, thank you. 8:48. time to check road. lets go over to matthew work mister in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, matthew. >> good morning, january john. >> we have a road hazard in philadelphia on the schuylkill expressway westbound pennsylvania roosevelt boulevard, accident. there is a pothole in the
8:49 am
middle, in the lanes, so you might want to avoid that area. i think they might have just block all lanes are crews are starting to repair. zooming out now we will take a look at the philadelphia area, and travel speed, right now it looks like in philadelphia and new jersey, pretty much everything is at speed, we do have route 73/70 connection is slow as volumes starting to pick up this morning. finally we will take a live look at ben franklin bridge, spectacular shot of the sky line in philadelphia and this is a great time to reflect on the eagles win yesterday and start this sunday off on the right foot. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew work misster, thanks. >> thanks, matthew. new survey ranks states with the happiest workers, unfortunately it is not the best news for our region, folks. pennsylvania ranked forty-eighth in the entire country and northeast in general claimed four out of the five bottom spots. our nicole brewer breaks down
8:50 am
the survey. >> reporter: ask anyone on the street are you happy with your job. >> i am. >> reporter: most won't admit to disliking their work at lee not on camera. >> probably not. >> reporter: but new study reveals pennsylvanians are among most unhappy workers in the country. >> maybe it is rust belt syndrome. >> climate. >> reporter: after surveying 150,000 people across 599 career paths, tech experts phil found hawaii was top spot for satisfied staff. >> in one is surprised by by that. >> would i definitely go there >> if you think it is warm weather, it is not, alaska comes next followed bye-bye wyoming. >> no thanks. >> east coast objecting files four spots in the bottom five with pennsylvania coming in fourth eighth overall. >> it is temperament, high pressure, type of living, competitive. >> reporter: researchers say it comes to i lack of autonomy , variety, often found in service based location dependent job like telemarketers and machine feeders. >> dealing with the public is
8:51 am
difficult thing sometimes. >> we need to dot same thing over today over and over again >> reporter: on the flip side happiest employees had more creative jobs that allowed more control over their work. >> i think creativity has something to do with it. >> people want to put themselves into their work. >> reporter: when selecting a career it is less about the state you are in and more burr state of mind. >> it requires a lot of self inspection. >> not only what you are good at but what do you enjoy doing >> reporter: nicole brewer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you got to be well rounded, folks, they weren't at bottom of the list new jersey and delaware y'all didn't have stellar showings either so we are all in it together. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a mystery behind a wall, take a look. >> hole in the wall right over there what is that. >> i'm not going to tell you i want to you walk over and i'll meet you over there. >> i like surprises, ready, lets go. >> meisha johnson takes us along for this dream drive,
8:52 am
that is coming up next, stay with cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids
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welcome back, there are many free places to visit in and around our area, and meisha johnson is always finding new fun won. this week she takes us on a dream drive to collegeville where she found a peaceful, informative place that will change how you think about building some space around us. on the campus of ursinus college you don't have to be a student to work in the burnham museum for a lesson in art. >> even fit is a work that was finish 100 years ago they make you think. >> reporter: the college has collect thousands office permanent pieces inside and out but there is always something new, director charlie invite need dwell in their latest exit all about architecture from the ordinary , to the historic. >> in this case here we have
8:55 am
everything, from the taj mahal to the super dome to the pentagon, world trade center. >> look at how details the trade center is. >> yes. >> i don't know, why i love it so much but it is now captivated me. my interest has been peaked. what is this. >> essentially it is a map, map of the washington mall of all of the various buildings. >> reporter: every building is represented by its matching paint color like coconut cake or caffeine white. >> these are not real buildings. >> oh, okay. >> they are digital images. >> digital i would not have guessed that. quite amazing architectural photographer and then he takes the pieces from the various buildings, and then puts them together to create these new sort of amazing structures. >> reporter: these are not technically real either these towns were built to show how poor people live around the world. >> these are actually
8:56 am
constructed so people can get a sense of what it is like to live in an impoverish situation. >> that is absolutely incredible. >> a hole in the wall right over there what is that. >> i will not tell you. i want to you walk over there and i will meet you over there >> i like surprises, ready, lets go. >> oh, wow. >> it is essentially a little sculpture in the wall that is three dimensional have scaled down, i cannot get my eyes off of it because it is just so fascinating. >> reporter: if you love art you have to visit ber man museum of art it will never look the same, twice. every time i look at it even fit is same pictures i have a different emotion toward it. >> i have the exact same response and that comes from displaying, looking at great art. >> reporter: meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you may want to find your way to a museum today or a warm place you will need it. >> it wouldn't be bad day to hit up art museum, go on a
8:57 am
dream drive yourself, it will be chilly so be careful this morning, heavy jacket, you need them because we will see temperatures this morning in the teens and then later this afternoon we will only get up up to 26 degrees. so cold sunshine for us, jan and then we are watching that clipper system tuesday and early parts of the wednesday watching for a few snow flakes >> a lit snow but sun. i'll take it. thanks, matt. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we are signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs, sunday morning is up next, have a great day, everyone.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." time he is up, is the message some of america's most talented women have for the men who have been sexual abusers for far too long. prominent among those women is our "60 minutes" colleague, oprah winfrey, who memorably made the group's case at the golden globe ceremony last sunday night


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