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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 15, 2018 12:05am-1:05am EST

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brad pitt dating again. we got the scoop on the surprising twist to his love life. and is angelina ready for love? then is oprah really running for president? >> a new day is on the horizon! >> after her rallying cry the at the golden globes, what her bestie gayle is only telling "e.t." >> are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? >> what does tom hanks think about being v.p. >> let me see what i can do. >> plus celine dion's up close and too personal encounter with an aggressive fan. the singer's reaction will shock you. and we're putting chris hemsworth in the hot seat with a question so few can answer in hollywood. >> we're doing the great chris debate. >> then inside mama june's fashion show. is she struggling to keep off
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the pounds she just lost? >> i gained a few extra pounds. >> kelly drops the mike on her fellow voice couaches and her moment meeting steve carell. >> kelly clarkson! >> is that a compliment? i'm not sure. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> let's get to the latest hollywood news. >> new details on brad and angie after the breakup. this week we learned all about their dating lives. >> angie! >> jolie dazzled in all white thursday night at the critics' choice awards in los angeles hosted by olivia munn. >> angelina jolie is also here. oh, there she is. hi. >> nominee angie's red carpet date, her producing pattern, loung ung. but what about new rumors jolie is dating a cambodian rapper and filmmaker? on friday a person with knowledge of the situation told "e.t." angelina isn't dating anyone and won't be for a very long time, adding, she is
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focused on her children and their needs. >> whoo! >> on tuesday, angelina made it a family night out in new york. >> can you talk about just the women's moment that we're having here now? >> i'm with a woman i admire very much and two other women i admire very much. >> the actress gave a shout out to her daughters shiloh and zahara. the girls had a blast looking adorable in braces and giggling with mom on the red carpet. 11-year-old shiloh's left arm was in a sling. sources tell "e.t." she broke her collarbone while own a family vacation in lake tahoe last month. as for brad pitt, well, here's some good news. if you're single and not a celebrity. a source tells "e.t." brad has gone on numerous dates since the split from angelina, and none of the women are hollywood actresses. quote, he's been on casual dates, but none of them have evolved into anything serious. as for his relationship with angie, our source says they are civil, adding they are co-parenting. they're in a good place, and mutually making it work. they're much more cordial now
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than they were after they split. let's move on and talk about oprah's big honor, which this week got the white house's attention. >> when oprah talks, people listen. her golden globes speech was so rousing, would lady o. herself want the job? we are getting clarity from our "e.t." exclusive with oprah's bestie, gayle king. >> oprah's got a very nice life. she's doing very well for herself, and it's not like -- this is not something that she is seeking, but it is a very intriguing idea. i like the sound of president winfrey. now you've just got to convince her. >> it was oprah's partner of 32 years, stedman graham who propelled the debate when he told "the los angeles times," quote, she would absolutely do it. >> i have people calling me who say, i'll be her campaign manager. i will quit my job. i think it's something oprah would have to feel and sense within herself. only she can answer that question. >> gayle explains stedman simply
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misheard the reporter's question at the golden globes after-party those oprah certainly seemed to have the support of hollywood after dlelivering that heartfel cecil b. demille speech. >> a new day is on the horizon! >> oprah killed it with that speech. we saw you cheering. >> it made me remember what a real leader sounds like and how it can pull us all together. >> seth meyers said oprah and hanks 2020. are you here for that campaign? >> yes. i think you got to talk to tom about that. >> i will only be a v.p. unless i'm guaranteed at least two rides on the presidential helicopter a month. >> marine one. it's called marine one. >> marine one. >> fighting hard to make sure nobody ever has to say "me too" again. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> i'm just happy to be here. >> a moment in history. >> a moment that i will never, ever forget in my life.
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>> i certainly would vote for her hands down. i would do anything for her. >> for now, oprah is campaigning only for her media empire, including "o" magazine. 2018's theme is the year of questions. february's cover asks, what defines you as oprah expresses herself in three bold hairstyles. >> i'm really getting in touch with my inner diana ross. >> who doesn't want a diana ross moment? there's one cover that's sort of an homage to nicki minaj and katy perry in terms of color. the other one is oprah in the '90s, which is one of her favorite hair dos. >> you know i had that haircut. >> you've got to show me that picture. >> i wanted to be oprah, so i got that shag. >> it's called youtube, everybody. check it out. >> this week wasn't just about oprah's big moment. >> this lady had quite the night herself, kelly clarkson. >> yes indeed. she turns the ultimate fan girl,
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geeking out over meeting steve carell and meryl streep. she was still in talk when she talked with "e.t." online's leanne aguilera ♪ a moment like this >> she knew who you were. >> i don't think she did, but she was so lovely. >> what did you say to her? >> i don't even know, but it was something so stupid and silly probably. i completely fan girled, but that's out of my element, y'all. i go to music shows. i don't hang out with famous actors. >> here's another famous actor kelly got to hang with. 12 years after he screamed her name while getting his chest waxed in 40-year-old virgin. >> kelly clarkson! >> i was so excited to meet him and i was nervous because it was a compliment, right? it was. he's like a genuine fan, and he's super nice. >> next up, we get to see kelly making her debut as a coach on "the voice." >> what was your strategy going into it? how did you convince these contestants to join your team?
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>> i trooy and talk them to dea. it's one of my things i do. i talk a lot. i was so nervous and blake was making so much fun of me because i was nervous. i've known adam and blake for over a decade. i don't know. we have this sister-brother rapport. i have that with both of them. i can give them a lot more [ bleep ] than alicia. i don't know her well enough yet. give me time, alicia. it's coming. >>. you think you're going to tune into idol? >> i don't think i will because i'm watching the voice, and i can only fit so many shows in. i always feel bad when people are like, have you seen my show in and i'm like, i'm so sorry. it's not that i don't care about it. it's just like legit there's only so much time in the day, and i really am about being a present parent. >> you know i love kelly clarkson, but i have to say i disagree. i think she's going to dip in every now and then. maybe not the full season, but she'll dip in. >> we'll see. >> let's get back to awards season. it is in overdrive now because
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the globes wasn't the only big show this weekend. >> we're now getting a pretty clear picture of what the oscar race just might look like after some big wins at the globes and also the critics' choice awards. >> i just got off of mom. i just finished shooting. they tried to race to get us out so i could get here on time, but i got here. better late than never. >> allison janney has dominated this awards season along with frances mcdormand, sam rockwell and gary oldman. the shape of water got best director at the globes and critics choice awards, which also honored it with best picture. >> nicole kidman! >> at critics choice, nicole glammed it up without hubby keith, making it a girls nice with reese and laura. lots of stars flew solo. >> hey, nick, what's happening? >> nick jonas made a beeline for the bar inside, but since it didn't hope until 5:00 p.m., he was turned away. more parties of one. milo ventimiglia, chrissy metz, and jessica biel, who was spotted furiously texting
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throughout the show, maybe with j.t. justin hartley's bride wasn't there but on his mind. >> she's gorgeous. she always looks good. >> and sarah hyland's man, wells adams was a knono-show. >> any couple that posts a picture of them like eating pizza, people are going to say couple goals or relationship goals no matter what. you're like, oh, they're cute. they eat pizza. we're just like any normal relationship. >> this is sort of a date day for you guys getting out yet again. >> anytime that we get a chance to focus on being husband and wife and not mom and dad, it's always a good time. >> also giving us relationship goals, yeah, we said it, kaley cuoco and fiance karl cook getting cozy during the show. does this count as a date night? >> no. >> no. >> it's a long time, but it's -- yeah. >> across the pond, the royal
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family from charlotte's first day of school to meghan and harry's first public appearance of 2018. meghan waved to a cheering crowd as she and harry paid a visit to a london radio station, wrapped up in a camel coat and scarf over black pants and heels, the future royal showed off a new hair-do. the casual, trendy, messy bun style with loose bits of hair on the side is a break for the traditional sleek look. her brando coat has already sold out. inside the station, meghan went for basic black in a belted sweater over her pants. the pair went to represent radio to see how young people are getting trained in broadcasting. harry even learned this fist bump handshake. >> yeah! >> meghan's future niece, princess charlotte, is actually a mini me of the queen. in her nursery school photos, the 2 1/2-year-old looks a lot like her great grandmother when
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she was a tot. she also shares a resemblance to her father's mother. here was a young lady diana spencer around charlotte's age. the queen is celebrating the 65th anniversary of her coronation with her first ever tv sit-down. in the unprecedented chat with historian alistair bruce, she shows a quippy side we've never seen. >> it's much smaller, isn't it? >> her majesty shows her cheeky side when looking at her imperial state crown. >> you can't look down to read the speech. you have to take the speech off because if you did, your neck would bring. it would fall off. >> coming up, chris hemsworth's fashion flashback fail. >> and forget his fellow chrises, why he's moving on to the hollywood ryans. >> just one big ryan sandwich. >> then celine's frightening fan encounter, how she handled this woman who rushed the stage, and
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did it cause her to cancel concerts. >> from ricky martin to penelope cruz, we're with the star-studded cast of american crime story versace. >> but first kristen bell will be the s.a.g. awards first ever host, so is she feeling the pressure? >> make it scarier to know it's your peers? >> it didn't until you said that. literally, i hadn't thought about that. open bar at the s.a.g., awards right. >> another first, all female presenters. >> are you going to take anyone to task? are you that type of host? >> no, no, no. i'm small. i can't. i could -- yeah, i would get beat up backstage. yes, i know how to handle a mike. >> kristen's hard at work on her monologue but clued us in on something else. she has a secret weapon, funny man husband dak shepherd.
12:20 am
>> is he going to co-host? is he going to help you with the wardrobe changes? >> living with a writer is so great because you can just ask them is this funny? >> do any of the funny moments with your kids inspire this show? >> a lot of overwhelmingly funny moments with my kids inspire me to get out of my house and host this show. >> yes. >> when i don't have to wipe anyone's butt cheeks, i don't know how the night's going to go, but i don't think i'll be wiping anyone's butt. this this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis.
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12:23 am
co-star in their very first film together. how sweet is that? i also had him weigh in on this town's biggest debate. who is hollywood's favorite chris? >> we're doing the great chris debate. hemsworth, pratt, or evans. >> yeah, i'd say chris pratt. >> i really like it. >> so hemsworth picks pratt but ryan reynolds was a bit more diplomatic. he recently tweeted when ordering ice cream, i like to get all three scoops and of course some pine nuts generously sprinkled on top. >> how do you weigh in on the great ryan debate? ryan reynolds, ryan gosling, ryan seacrest. >> one big ryan sandwich. >> there's no doubt which chris elsa pataky would choose. the couple of seven years are starring in their first film together, the special forces afghan war movie 12 strong.
12:24 am
i was on the new mexico set myself, and it didn't look like much of a holiday to me. seeing chris in uniform is a different look from thor or even those workout videos he posts on instagram. we all know the ladies love them, but what do we think about this fashion fail that co-star michael shared back in november? >> you can probably sue them right now. >> i was going to wear that t-shirt for the show this weekend. come on, now. i've never owned -- >> i would have walked off this stage. anyway, if you want to talk about sexy, look no further than ricky martin, penelope cruz, and darryn criss on fx's the assassination of gianni versace.
12:25 am
>> at the golden globes you got to debut the cast and get everyone excited. what was that like? >> it was a very special, very magical evening. >> you're very risque in this. could you say shake your bonbon a little in this show. >> i didn't even shake it, but i show it. >> sexy as ever, ricky martin plays versace's lover in the new fx series. just hours after the stylish cast hit the stage, the versace family released a statement voicing disapproval of the project, calling it a, quote, work of fiction. it was a surprise for penelope cruz who plays donatella. the actress says donatella gave her her blessing. >> she said somebody is going to play me, i am very happy it's going to be you. >> darryn criss plays the serial killer andrew cue unanimousen. >> the series is based off a nonfiction book which entails a great deal of investigative
12:26 am
journalism. so we're going off her extensive work from that book. >> limited series explores the murder of the iconic fashion designer, a way too adult topic for ricky's 9-year-old twins. >> do they realize you're famous? are you busting us our next little stars? >> it's incredible how they've grown, and they do love music. they also love martial arts. something very special is happening. it's really exciting. it is very beautiful to see. >> straight ahead, only we're behind the scenes for tyra's big return to america's next top model. how she's changing the game again in the way only tyra can. >> you can't say that on tv? >> you can say anything. >> making style at the golden globes. why finding the perfect black dress wasn't so easy for some of the stars. >> we tried to do an insta story, and i was like nah. >> and "this is us" is back. we're going inside the show's heartbreaking new twist. >> of course you will cry more.
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"this is us" returned to nbc this week, picking up with the pearson clan dealing with yet another blow as justin hartley's character kevin hit rock bottom. >> kev's in rehab. >> technically the judge at his dui hearing let him get sent to rehab. >> that's a serious thing. you can't get in a car when you're inebriated and drive around, and all of a sudden it turns into something huge and out of control. >> kevin is facing off with everybody in the family. i think he's hit rock bottom, and now we're trying to see if he can climb back out of that where he was. >> it's not good, right? i mean that can't be good. randall is like -- he's like a big dude. i'm note sure you want to like -- that guy off. >> after more than a month in rehab, kevin begged his family for for giveness. >> when i think about how angry i am, i'm going to take a deep breath and force myself to say, we're there for you kevin.
12:30 am
>> kate and toby are moving on after the miscarriage. we're told we will see a wedding. the two even ship their names. >> crushing it in the face of tragedy. >> that's how katoby rolls. >> kate has got a secret, hiding her binges with food. >> are we going to cry more? >> of course. of course you will cry more. it should be called "this is us, dot, dot, dot, crying." >> all the time. >> nancy o'dell, you are right. chrissy metz, i'm invoicing you for all those kleenex. >> normally i never cry. i'm just like stoic. >> yeah, i believe that. >> popcorn commercials make me cry. >> exactly. he is so sensitive. look, here's some more fun "this is us" news. the cast will be joining justin timberlake and dwayne johnson on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> let's talk about this show. ncis l.a. returned this month
12:31 am
and leanne aguilera hit the set with ll cool j and chris o'donnell talking about what's in store for the rest of season 9. on this weekend's episode, the search is on for linda hunt, missing since the beginning of the season. >> she's like a mother figure to us. we care and love her dearly. >> we're booked on the air china flight to vietnam. >> the team's quest takes them to vietnam and a famous co-star. >> there's a really cool tiger. i guess it's the tiger from hangover. [ screaming ] >> speaking of interesting co-stars, almost all of chris o'donnell's family members have done cameos on the show. one exception is 17-year-old chip. >> it's funny because he looks -- he looks like i did in scent of a woman, but he's taller than i am now. it's very funny. i look at him, and i'm like, oh, my god, so we'll have to get him a little bit part. >> from drama to comedy now, kristen bell and ted danson's show, the good place, returned this month. the chemistry these two have is
12:32 am
just electric, and kevin frazier had a front row seat to it when he visited the set. >> are you guilty or innocent of this bad habit? have you ever tried to use your celebrity to get out of a ticket or trouble? >> no one recognizes me. >> forgetting your lines. >> very rarely. >> yeah. >> having a potty mouth. >> very guilty. very [ bleep ] guilty. >> so that's a problem when you're trying to get into the good place, with i is probably why this gang has been in the bad place for a whole season. and if you thought things couldn't get any weirder, did you see kristen and ted in this week's episode? >> we're going to the good place in a frickin' gold balloon. >> this season is more than i think -- we really use the world, non-reality. >> but back to those good place deal breakers. seems like kristen got some vices. >> what bad habits in real life do you need to break? >> i don't have any bad habits.
12:33 am
i chew gum at all times. >> boom, yes. all times. >> there's always a piece of gum in my upper left or upper right. >> i hide mine on the roof of my mouth. >> i like it when it's like a little piece of rubber. >> that's where i am right now. >> i'll take it. >> when you're that funny, they get you to host awards shows like the s.a.g. awards coming up for kristen bell. here's another woman who doesn't stop. tyra banks. she's on a mission. >> yes, she is. i want on that tyra train. after taking a season off from hosting america's next top model, she's back and telling our carly steel that she's looking to rewrite the rule book on beauty. >> how does it feel to be back? >> mama's back and happy to be back. i tend to like to retire and walk away in the sunset and go, i'm done. you know, victoria's secret, i had that scepter in my hand. i tried to do that here, but it didn't work.
12:34 am
>> no? >> no, it didn't work. >> her big return means some big changes this season. expect a more diverse group of models and for the first time ever, contestants over the age of 27. >> so we have girls in their 30s, girls in their 40s. more pretty girls than ever. we have a girl that has no hair on her head. i also came back because i felt there was a need to continue to push the barriers of beauty and to do it on a big scale. >> another change for tyra, having nearly 2-year-old son york on set with her. >> we have a nursery down the hall that has pictures on the wall. >> but the show isn't totally revamped. those tyra-isms, yep, they're still there. >> only using the booty for movement. smize, smize, smize. >> we have our new one, #nlf.
12:35 am
next level fear, honey. >> that is fabulous. >> uh-huh. >> talking about next level fear, i feel like i should snap. >> i noticed that. that did not go unnoticed. >> now, on the way, up close and too personal, celine dion's encounter with an aggressive fan. her reaction will shock you. >> then our golden globes fashion rewind. all the dresses that popped literally. >> you got any tips from her? >> so many. >> closed captioning provided by --
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serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system rgic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, michael douglas makes a preemptive move, getting in front of a potential sexual harassment story about him. a former employee from 33 years ago claims he performed a sexual act in front of her.
12:39 am
douglas stepped forward before the story broke saying, quote, this is a complete lie, fabrication. no truth to it whatsoever. number four, brad and angie back in the spot light after their split. angelina stepped out tuesday night with her daughters, shiloh and zahara in new york. brad attended a benefit last weekend. we're told his post-split sobriety has him in a good place. a source also tells "e.t." that brad, who recently wrapped a new film, has been spending more time at home and loves seeing his kids. number three, james franco under fire. after his globes win last sunday, the l.a. times published a report on thursday claiming that five women accused him of inappropriate or sexual exploitative behavior. >> you were wearing a time's up button, and some women during your time on stage said that was hypocritical. >> i haven't responded. i have my own side of this
12:40 am
story, but i believe in, you know, these people that have been underrepresented, getting their stories out enough that i will, you know, hold back things that i could say just because i believe in it that much. >> franco's attorney disputes the allegations. number two, oprah, ellen, and the sad aftermath of a natural disaster. >> the neighbors out back, their houses are gone. >> the celeb neighbors face timed as winfrey showed the devastation and rescue efforts after deadly mudslides hit their montecito, california, enclave. >> we're going to help each other out. >> yes, we are. >> oprah is also at number one. her powerful acceptance speech at the golden globes prompted calls for her to run for president. we asked her best friend, gayle king, about it. >> oprah's got a very nice life. she's doing very well for herself, and it's not like -- this is not something that she is seeking, but it is a very intriguing idea. >> i actually like the sound of
12:41 am
president winfrey. now you've just got to convince her. i have people calling me who say i'll be her campaign manager. i will quit my job. i think it's something oprah would have to feel and sense within herself. only she can answer that question. >> go to for the latest. and there was more news this week in the wake of oprah's lifetime achievement award speech at the globes. winfrey's rally cry topped off a night of support for the time's up movement as hollywood's wonder women stood in solidarity, converging on our "e.t." platform. >> like the meeting of all the power brokers. hello, ladies. hello. >> i want to be in the room where it happens. ♪ >> can i tell you how happy i am for you. >> thank you. >> and excited for you. >> tons of co-founders and newly pregnant stars eva longoria and america ferreira, reese witherspoon. america hopes thee efforts lead to a better world for the next
12:42 am
generation. >> there's something a-brewin' inside. all the more reason to get to work and try and make the changes we know we need to make in our culture and our society. >> we have a deadline. i have daughters. i don't want this stuff happening when you're just trying to make your dream happen. >> michelle williams brought me too movement founder tira in, a burke. >> i thought i would have to raise my daughter to learn how to protect herself and defend her self against the world. what i've realized is that we can hand our daughters a different world. it's very, very beautiful and exciting. >> in the weeks leading up to the awards, gal gadot joined the other women in hollywood in getting the word out. the movement raised over $16 million and countsing to help victims of workplace harassment. >> have you been on the phone calling everyone? >> yes. it's been like -- we have four full time jobs and three of them were time's up. >> reese witherspoon, jessica chastain. i mean they have been wonderful
12:43 am
leadersme leaders. i'm proud of you. >> i'm proud of you. it's for everyone. >> even the music. we haven't touched that box. i don't know what it is but i think i need to be a consultant when it's time to talk about that. >> the movement also used fashion to make a statement. but how do you become a style standout in a sea of black? for mom to be america faerreira and e vo longoria, it's show off that baby bump. >> you're not going to sleep again for another 18 to 20 years. >> reese has given me a lot of pointers. >> hoping to dump some of that off to my husband. >> with dresses cut down to there, halle, kate, and catherine zeta jones knew exactly how to turn heads. they went sheer on the bottom for a little extra wow. full princess skirts made a statement from kelly clarkson to
12:44 am
kendall jenner. our spy told us kendall had a male attendant to help carry around her pouf all night. >> i'm excited to be a part of the solidarity movement tonight. i'm really excited everybody chose black because i love that color. i was like please don't pick pink. >> would wonder woman wear black today and what would she say about what's going on? >> for sure she'd wear black. for sure. >> but of course when the dress code gives you just one color to work with, these stars know it's all about the details. the feathers on angelina's versace cape, kerry washington's floral booties and mariah carey showed off her more than 25-pound weight loss in this mermaid gown. get it, girl. >> jessica rabbit moment. >> you look so gorgeous. how are you feeling? >> feeling good, darling. >> several stars wore pants on the red carpet but tracee ellis ross gave us something extra to
12:45 am
talk about. >> the turban. were you like i'm not doing my hair today? >> no, it wasn't that. i am obsessed with this. i saw this marc jacobs turban on the runway, and i was like, i will wear that turban. >> on the way, an "e.t." exclusive. ♪ we go clubbing with diana ross. >> my brother was begging her to not crowd surf. >> plus mama june outed for putting on pounds after weight loss surgery. >> went through hell and back to try and get skinny. >> plus -- >> what if you're damaged, heather? >> the 80s cult classic heathers is back and on set. will shannen doherty reprise her role. >> there will be a lot of
12:46 am
12:47 am
12:48 am
i've been always on the other side of the pageant world. i don't have any talent. >> this weekend is the season 2 premiere of mama june, from not to hot. we're getting to see just how difficult things got for honey boo boo's mom after the reality star underwent drastic weight loss surgery. >> i don't think it's a problem that i gained a few extra pounds. >> it's not a problem but you went through hell and back to try and get skinny. >> the only thing that's changed is she can't eat as much. the other day we were in the airport and she ate a chicken
12:49 am
wing and not even a full biscuit. >> mama june sleeps until 1:00 p.m. so she can skip breakfast, and the 38-year-old told us the healthier she eats, the more she gains weight. weird, right? she's now 170 pounds and mama june has a new goal. looking good for her new boyfriend. >> you didn't just brush your hair. you crimped it. >> was is it like to have this new body and be in a new relationship? >> you have a big grin on your face. >> he doesn't care if i'm big or small. >> and you're still smiling. >> from her other daughter pumpkin's surprise pregnancy to the custody battle with sugar bear, season 2 is filled with drama including a medical emergency that landed her in the hospital. >> every day is worse and worse and worse. >> why is it that you chose to go through all this and film it all and put it on tv and put it out there for the world? >> a lot of fans relate to what
12:50 am
we're going through because we're probably the realest reality stars. we're nonscripted. whatever happens happens. we're not fancy. >> hang on. please hold up your hand. >> it's fake. >> still to come -- ♪ >> diana ross still clubbing at 73? our exclusive night out with the diva and her family. >> ain't no mountain high enough for her. >> then heathers 30 years later. the new faces taking the '80s cult classic film to tv. >> i saw it when i was like 11. >> plus how celine dion handled one frightening fan encounter. >> that is ahead but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star of the hunger games landed their first acting job just five weeks after moving to los angeles? was it liam hemsworth, josh hutcherson, or jennifer lawrence? your answer is next in the "e.t. weekend" birthdays. >> but first ricky martin shows
12:51 am
off his beverly hills pad. living la vida loca? more like ricky is living the good live in this 11,000 square foot mansion? purchase price, $13.5 million. >> when you walk through here. >> he shares the seven bedroom, 8 1/2 bathroom digs with his 9-year-old twins and husband. plenty of space for what ricky promises is a growing family. >> i want a big family. i come from a big family, so, yeah. maybe two more, i would say. >> ricky tells architectural digest that his boys love playing outside, and he's promised them a custom treehouse. >> we don't hang out here much but our kids do. >> inside, there's a movie theater, an art studio, and a master suite with a jaw-dropping closet. >> this is a dream closet. i am very happy in this closet. now, i usually have an inflatable mattress and i sleep in here. >> this was knitted by a fan. >> like a blanket. it's very comfortable. kids love it.
12:52 am
>> and fans will recognize these. >> i think we should totally -- >> i would have them in my office or in my recording studio. no, let's have them here. ♪ >> ricky's currently building a home recording studio and says his boys are already showing an interest in the biz. >> i'm going to have my recording studio in there. right now, it looks like a cave. there's bats. whatever you can imagine. >> it's incredible how they've grown, and they do love music. something very special is happening. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b.
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the award-winning geico app. download it today. monday on "e.t." we're with former bachelorette andi dorfman, her warning for bachelor ari. monday, on "e.t." ♪ >> music legend diana ross killing it at the american music awards. >> yes. i loved it then and i love it now. back in november she was singing a medley of her hits, including her 1980 disco hit, i'm coming out. >> you're dancing. >> i can't say it without dancing. it's actually another diana classic that has her back on the dance floor. you know we got the exclusive invite. ♪ >> imagine being in the club with the iconic miss ross just happens to drop by while they're playing her song. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> 73 years old and still hitting the charts along with her son evan, diana dropped by the west hollywood bar the abby to celebrate the dance remix of
12:56 am
ain't no mountain high enough reaching number two on the billboard dance club chart. >> my mother was having a ball and my brother was begging her to not crowd surf. >> the original was released nearly 48 years old. she sang it at the american music awards with her grandchildren onstage. the diva didn't perform the song, but she did jump up on the deejay platform because, well, she just couldn't help herself. ♪ >> ain't no mid- high enough for her. >> at 73 years old, for my mom to have a song at number two on the dance charts and for my mom to enjoy the deliciousness of music at the abby is thrilling. >> i didn't think i could love diana ross any more. >> come on. >> i love to see that. >> come on. ♪ by the way, that remix of ain't no mountain high enough is part of miss ross' new album, diamond
12:57 am
diana, the legacy collection. it is in stores now, and i will be buying it. >> i can't believe you haven't already. it's coming. sticking with music, celine dion had to cancel some vegas performances this week due to illness. everyone is still talking about this. her scary fan encounter while onstage. the video is pretty incredible actually. >> it is. >> so is the way celine handled a potentially dangerous situation. the encounter in sin city was shocking to see. the aggressive fan wrapping her leg around celine. then dancing and giving dion a big bear hug. all the while, celine showing incredible grace under fire. >> i love you, you love me. >> celine had initially invited the woman onstage during her residency performance at see cz see czar's palace last friday. the apparently inebriated woman soon became way too friendly.
12:58 am
but when she wouldn't leave and security approached, celine refused the situation. several facebook fans expressed relief that celine kept her cool. >> you can leave her here but stay with her because she'll need help. >> when the woman was helped offstage after several minutes, this was celine's reaction. >> whoo! >> like the pro she is, celine got up and continued friday's show. >> are you ready to celebrate? >> dion actually canceled the next night's performance not because of the encounter but because she was sick, tweeting she was on doctor's orders to rest. >> thank you. >> now celine actually seems to be really enjoying life lately. two years ago she lost husband rene, her longtime manager, who really helped shoot celine to stardom, winning her first grammy in 1993. that was just five years after her big break, winning the eurovision song contest. >> i love it.
12:59 am
speaking of the 80s, remember this film, heathers. winona ryder, shannen doherty, christian slater. the dark comedy is a cult classic and now 30 years later, you can see greetings and saltations all over again because heathers is becoming a tv show.'s leanne aguilera hit the sit. >> veronica, heather chandler is looking for you. >> grace victoria cox goes up a clique of snobby mean kids named heather. >> a lot of new stuff too, so i'm chietexcited to see what everybody thinks. >> she plays the role originated by winona ryder. >> winona teamed up with christian to murder their rivals. >> in heathers i do a little of this jack nicholson thing where i really lost my mind basically. >> greetings and saltations. >> in the tv version, jane
1:00 am
scully takes on christian's role. >> you're playing j.d., the role made iconic by christian slater. >> i was like i don't want to watch this too much because i don't want to steal christian slater's performance because he did so good, i didn't want to accidently be doing a christian slater impersonation. >> shannen doherty was an original heather. >> it was like, wow, it's different. >> she's back in a different role on the new series, and grace victoria admits she was a bit spooked by the original. >> i saw it when i was like 11. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. i was very young to see it, and it really scared me to be honest. and i remember watching it and thinking, i never want to think about that again. so but it's great. it's amazing. >> she's damaged, right? come on. >> i never knew. this show is a ten episode anthology series and shannen doherty is a guest star. i love this. she'll pop up later this year. >> looking forward to that. we will be right back.
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we have a few stars with birthdays this weekend. orlando bloom is 41. jason bateman, one of my favorites, is celebrating
1:04 am
turning 49. ll cool j is 50, looking fantastic. take a final look at your choices. which star of the hunger games landed their first acting job just five weeks after moving to los angeles? it was the very lucky, the very talented liam hemsworth who is 28 this weekend. monday on "e.t." we're with former bachelorette andi dorfman, her warning for ari. monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend but for all the late-breaking hollywood news just go to our website, >> before we go, check out the video from country star thomas rhett. >> thomas himself met his real life wife in the sixth grade. >> i love their love, and i love this song. enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> bye. ♪
1:05 am
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