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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 15, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> come to philly. come along the stapling is set sunday night ffc championship game. vikings have tket for philly punched and hopefully fans follow. epic finish to last night's game and preview of what is to come for the birds. >> i have a dream today. >> and honoring life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. and we're live with a day of service in his name kicks off. >> and the cold is is back in a big way. eyewitness news cameras in center city tonight where
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people are bundleled up light lie. katie is tracking snow later this week and she's here to tell us when. today is monday, january 15. today is martin luther king day. >> i'm rahel solomon. keeping an an eye on things this morning and keeping it out the door and the city is on high average the weekend. >> exhaustive high. >> there's no doubt about it. yes. happy holiday and happy mlk day toy everybody. because of that roadways are looking quiet. a couple areas heating up and we had a couple accident out here. we'll talk about that coming up. >> sometimes these activities take place outside. the weather for exact important and it's a cold day. s it's a quiet day. we have clouds out there and sun along the way too. we take a welcome at storm scan and region wide there are clouds. what you notice too back across ohio this a little hint of ak toughty starting to pop up on the ray doctor and there's a system that is headed our way which is going to eventually bring in snow. though at the moment it's looking look a modest snowfall
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amount. for now, though, don't expect any of that. for now you got clouds and chill that settled in. and temperatures tell the story right. you're stuck in the teens right now and even only single digits in moun tnz and clearly out liar here. it's cold across the region as a whole and we're not going to rebound as efficiently here when you don't have the benefit of stronger sun angle and certainly only limited sunnyway since there will be clouds overhead. martin luther king junior day service nonetheless looks quiet and chilly, 31 for the daytime high. as we look forward this say look ahead to the forecasted high. sort of a spoyrl alert for 7 day. can you tell looking at this when the snow will move n and because we do have a clipper that is moving in to bring in some cold. so i'll time that out in details for you and also give you a sense of how much we fall. meisha. >> great, katie, thank you so much. we're looking outside great shots for you. 422, route 29. headlights in eastbound direction. overall still travel around
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just as they should. same tori here in delaware county 95 north 452. take it up to the airport that's what you're looking at there. dark out there. 4 however. 4 freeway creek road as you take it to 295. still looking good as we crack to the 5:00 hour. we had an accident that had all lanes blocked here on the skill kill eastbound. that has now reopen entered near montgomery drive. you get the big thumbs up and we're all clear in case you hit the news earlier. construction here in delaware the ramp was closed and supposed to be a closed longer and reopenen add i little early. 295 southbound ramp to 495 northbound that now reopenen. couple reminders here yesterday new regional rail line schedules went into place today and modified schedule and tomorrow medicare and railroad retirement cards no longer accepted more on this. joe back to you. >> all right. meisha, thank you we now know
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who the eagles will face in the sunday nfc championship game. minnesota strikeings. >> they would the game in wild fashion on last play of the game. here's about the birds next opponents, pat galen. >> this is my face all weekend. >> all right. >> play the entire weekend. >> sunday night at 6:40 p.m. strikeings and eagles play at the linc for a day at the super bowl an how they got to the championship game is the story of the weekend. it was epic finish in minneapolis. 4th quarter, drew brees connects with alvin camara 14 yard score and 17 point deficit erased. vikings kick a field goal to rebegan the lead. now it's a 4 yarder here new orleans back in front with 25 second remaining. and ten seconds left. minnesota no timeouts just looking to get field goal position. how about we win the thing. how about that? to stefan digs and marcus williams complete whip and
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digs is gone a 61 card walk-off touchdown. on to nfc title game unbelievable. vikings win 29-24 they're coming to philly. >> they're putting more pressure on the future and this next game. this next game is big no matter what. and it's going to be a big game. and it gets a good opponent. >> i'm not saying that. i'm not saying that. i'm not saying that on tv for sure. vikings fan interrupted head he coach mike zimmer's quoch we want philly. they will get them. sunday at the linc, meanwhile angelo at our sister station 49 wip thinks birds are reaching cruising altitude. >> philadelphia eagles in nfc championship games against strikeings one game against super bowl if this city is not crazed now it should be.
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that's one of the best weekends of football. vikings had a fluke. i think eagles may be going to super bowl this year how great is that. >> just like the rest of us eagles were home watching game and afterwards the tweets started to pour n brandon graham says viking it's is let's go. lane johnson tweeted is it next sunday yet # dogs. in case you wonder eagles are early 3 1/2 point under dogs so on stunned will be two of the top defenses in football going head to head and eagles have number one rushing defense and vikings have is number one overall defense and it's nick foles against case keenian not exactly how the teams drew it up when the season began. it does not matter a trip to the super bowl on the line. crazy start to finish. >> enjoy it. >> enjoy the ride my friend. >> thank you so much. >> as we eluded to loving the role of under dog as birds win
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over the falcons saturday night. they were three point under dogs. eagles defensive tackle lane johnson and linebacker chris long started a trend you could say when they wore those dog masks on leaving the field saturday night. fans rushed to order the dog masks online. few hours later the amazon site that sold them was out of stock. >> it's kind of funny i think it's great eagles fans will come out in that the next game. >> once they said it was under dog mask i thought it was awesome. >> they will hold on to that and use it next weekend. >> at this point in the season it doesn't matter. it's anybody's game. i'm happy we won. it's first time we have been in a ply-off game in a long time. >> fans that bought the dog masks will win them to the championship game here at the linc. if you are out of luck under dog tee shirts are available online. >> clearly having a good sense of humor about it all. you're covered on air and online as we follow the eagle
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eagles, go to when's we're not on television and share eagles' bride other viewer. show us your eagle fan photos. use #cbs3 on facebook, twitter and instagram and search for cbs philly. today we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. it's the 23 mlk day of service here in philadelphia. >> eyewitness news reporter trang do is with us. >> good morning, rahel and joe we he have the dichtion continuation of being the largest day of service across the country. more than 100,000 volunteers across the area and joining me now is todd bernstein who was here from the beginning, 3 years. tell me how the event got so large and huge. >> it actually started in a conversation i had 1988 with
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harris wa jp ford serving in governor casey administration. when i worked with him in u.s. senate 1994 we teamed up with congressman john lewis and created king day of service and we started the first project here in philadelphia 1996 with 1,000 volunteers and 23 years and 1.6 million volunteers later we're expecting 150,000 people today throughout the region. >> and here at girard college you have a few sikt project. tell me about those today. >> we're, making 50 anniversary of dr. king poor people cam pain and behind us we'll have about 100 people focusing on food, justice and access. the mayor, governor, senator casey and others packaging food dissticked through 500 local food cub boards and encouraging young people to learn how to grow vegetables.
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we'll be creating pallet guard epz and grow light stand and compost binns. all focusing on this issue which brings us together toda today. >> thank you so much, todd, i appreciate that. >> so much activity going on here today in honor of dr. dr. martin luther king jr.. adults, kids, going through awe all that. we'll be here live throughout the morning and share with you how people here are honoring dr. king's memory. live from girard college i'm trang do, joe and rahel back to you. >> thank you. >> developing now over sea as i floor collapses inside the jack art astock exchange forcing evacuation at the hight of the workday. we're told more than 50 people were hurt most minor injuries. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you more information when it becomes available. >> still ahead, president trump addresses explicatives
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laced comments and he's accused of making to other kuptyes and what he told reporters in florida. >> showing a new york city police officer struck and dragged by a car in times choir square. we'll update you on the search for the driver plus this. >> we're scared for sglevrn tier fewing moment for passengers aboard this ferry in florida. we'll tell you where it was headed and have update on injured after flames it ep injured after flames it ep gulfed that shift . >> hard to believe how far the eagles have come. >> it's going ob a dozen yes at the linc sunday. >> and we look forward to see is youing you in 2 1/2 minutes. minutes. we'll be right back.
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>> this voll kapo could erupt days from now and more than 9,000 people evacuated homes
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after ashes started spewing out of it. over the lava started slowly flowing and this is country most active volcano it is located about 2 200 miles southeast of capitol manilla. >> and newly released eyewitness video shows horrifying moment a boat burst into flames in florida. all 50 passengers made it safely to shore. this happened while the shuttle was offshore. 15 people were hospitalized for minor injuries and unknown engine issue caused flames. >> well the search is on for morning for driver who hit nypd officer before speeding off. cbs3 has video of the incident you i may find it disturbing. you see the officer there approaching that black mercedes sedan. instead of comply the car hit the officer and that officer is okay and so far no arrests.
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>> fire officials are investigating after a massive water leak flooded student housing units in california. and this was the scene here. that's the door with water behind it. firefighters encounter this early yesterday morning and the water was well above waist deep in stairwell of campus dorm this happened east of san francisco. nobody was hurt as recue crews got students out of that building. >> wow. >> crazy. >> all that water floating there. >> until you open the door. >> do you open the door. >> i would not. >> i would let the professionals come in and handle that one. >> just hope it does not sort of reach the ceiling while you're in there. >> goodness. >> in the teens out there right now katie. >> at beast. >> luckily not windy and what you see is what you get on the thermometer. you don't have to factor in a wind chill. that's helpful. it's a cold day. cold reinforce the with
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another up clear system midweek. i do enters think we'll talk about harsher cold than we have now. we won't see a rebound until tail end of week here. it started off by looking at storm scan. disturbance headed our way. typically clipper reenforces cold and this does that moves through with limited moyt tour and this does that. they also tend to get out of there. this may not do that. >> it looks like it tries to hang nearby we're not expecting tam is snowfall totals but it's a little morphed to what you usually see and it could bring in a quick snow shower far north ever city. manly tomorrow you start to see some things stick to the ground. this particular model is basically in line with what we're thinking coating to inch
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or two in hardest hit areas. 13" is not intolerable. we can handle it but it would be a nuisance system that slows you down to wednesday morning commute since is looks like bulk happens tuesday anything to. sun and cloyd below average certainly low in the low 40s and hitting that high of 31. dropping down to 27. not too much movement on thermometer and overcast sky out there indicating there is something on the move there and bulk of snow is likely to not start until late tomorrow night for most of us and lingering snow tomorrow morgue and chances out there as well and cold air getting reinforced, meisha. >> good to know. thanks so much, katie. we're looking outside now and overall things looked quiet this morning. couple accident those cleared out of the way and touch base on one of these coming up. 95 broad street. taillights moving in one direction and disabled vehicle on knob side pulled up to shoulder.
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that has been cleared. 95 and broad looking good there. headlights creeping on the roadways. everyone travel around at posted speeds. schuylkill west at city avenue will be app air we keep an eye on all morning long. so far to good. boulevard southbound. once you jump to the schuylkill this is what you look at. of course, taillights out there and overall still travel ago rond just as they should. 02 route 252 we're looking fat here couple headlights and taillights and nothing to talk much about. schuylkill eastbound in case you heard all lanes were closed around montgomery drive that is now reopen entered. back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. a look across the lead lines. >> hamilton resident had two vehicles stole non a the matter of minutes happened back on december 1. figures show a 47% increase in car shifts from 2016 to 2017. >> and delaware county daily times reports a trial date was set for david depsper accused
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in murder of a teenage girl. he is behind bars without bai bail. >> and in press of atlantic city until energy govern nor elect phil murphy spend the day in it wildwood with veterans it kicked off a week of up august ral festivities. murphy takes both of office tomorrow. >> that's a look of the headlines around the delaware valley. >> up next what led philadelphia police to open fire on a man in kensington. >> and what led toe deadly accident in south jersey. >> and there's a he said she said debate about president trump controversial comment. i'm wendy gilette in new york and what the president i
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>> welcome back. president trump responded again after reports that he supposedly made controversial and profane comments about
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several other counties. >> comments were allegedly made during immigration discussion last week. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has the full story. >> did you see what various senators said in the room about my comment they were not made. >> president trump is denying he used sxlis sxlitive to describe haiti and at the fep fepding himself. >> i am least racist person you ever interviewed. >> and there are differenting account of what was said. lawmakers from both parties are krnd the controversy could undermine immigration polic policies. >> i hope we can move beyond that and i hope what we see are republicans and democrats coming together not to fight politics but to actually kol up with solution to address this challenge before us.
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>> several democrats say without a ran in place on daca to protect imgrants brought to u.s. as minors they will not vote on budget deal. deadline is friday when the government would run out of money to operate and could shut down. >> i for one would not vote for government funding until we get a deal on daca. >> president trump is blaming other seed of i'll tweeting daca is probably dead because the democrats don't rally want it. wendy gilette. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> please in termsing ton theft a 22-year-old man in critical condition. two identifies stopped a car on 2800 block of kepzing top avenue for going the wrong way. the passenger waset geeing out of the car and one of the officers saw him reportedly reaching for a gun out of his
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waste bant? he has now produced that. the other highway patrol officer fires three times trike striking once striking male struck once in the torso area. >> driver of the vehicle was complaint and was not charged with any offense offense. >> a driver could face charges after a deadly two car crash in purr liing ton county it happened saturday afternoon in willingboro. robert and janet stevenson of burlington township were waiting to to cross over 30 when another driver hit them at the high speet. the couple's mini van was recalled down a bank. they he are deciding whether to charm the 9-year-old that kased the crash. >> an a crash in burlington septembery. a driver had the a parked car
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and vaulted into the delaware riff of a female passenger was killed and the driver left the scene. he was later pkd up by police. >> coming up in the next half hour of eyewitness news hono honoring life at heingcy of mar tip luming are king junio junior. >> it's happening right here in philadelphia. live it a lock at day's events. >> and there are new developments in the missal lert mistake in hawaii. we'll tell you what happened to the person that mistakenly september a warning when we
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>> good morning. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm joe holden and katie and meisha be along soon. here's what you need to know in the morning minute monday january 15. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. the wait is over. eaglelees host minnesota in nfc title gailz and vikings punch their ticket in one of the wildest playoff games in history. >> and it's caught. touchdown. unbelievable. >> i have a dream today. >> it's the speech that inspired a nation andve


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