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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> touchdown. unbelievable. vikings win it. >> and exciting victory for the vikings and now they're coming to philly to take on the eagles and nfc champio championship game. will the next stop be the super bowl. >> i have a dream today. >> thousands in philly and across the nation will honor mar tip lum are king day today with a day of service. >> temperatures are you in the teens and katie is tracking more snow. >> it's monday, january 15. i'm joe holden. >> each rahel solomon. >> and katie and joe are
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keeping aan eye on things. >> it looked like you had to think what day it was. >> it is monday. >> happy mlk day. it's actually looking good. roads are actually looking quiet. they he we're looking good. all in all the weather department tie think the main headline for us today is it is in fact cold. a breeze to contend with out there and tranquil beginning and near area beaches this is look boardwalk (applause) ain rehoboth. this is live view with you have chill in the area. tem tawrz are down there and we show he that to you in a secretary. storm scan is queue. cloud cover is overhead. you see surprise throughout the day too. but look at this you cash the 20 degree mark. better chance for you at all
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above freezing is further south and closer to the shore you go. at least you get moderation influence from water. here in city we probably don't hit freezing mark today. starting off cole. not a lot of sun answering toll work with and certainly not a lot of sun period. to work with. daytime high 31. later tonight expect flurries far north of city. here in philly though, any snow will be holding off until at least tomorrow which will we talk b there's a new clipper system headed our way meisha it's expected to bring minor accumulation. >> that's very good to know. especially for morning commuters as well. thanks so much katie we're looking outside now. things looking good. this is where we were looking at disabled vehicle starting to make you put your brakes o on. that now cleared out of the way. we're looking good. maybe a little movement. it's really 2 that shows most movement all morning long. 42 freeway creek road. and you are traveling around at posted speet. we he have water main break
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repairs. that water main break happened over nights. high street between middle and washington f that's your fek of was. this wanted to bring to your attention it reopen eped and early. >> the 5 northbound closed that reopen eped, joe and rahel over to you. [ cheers ]. >> touchdown, touchdown. yes! yes! yes! >>o i think he's excited. >> rahel, the emotion was raw down to the floor he went. vikings fans across the country watching as minnesota pulls off one of the most improbable wins in nfl history and now the vikings will join us in philadelphia. now you know it must have been a wild fin toysh get a reaction like that. >> now the stage is set for nfc championship game in
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philly. pat gallen is here to talk about that. one more whip and we head to super bowl. >> i above that reaction. >> no doubt about it, sunday night, 6:40, vikings and eagles it's a trip to the super bowl the line. how he got to be cham pen forth quarterer west canal vip for few teen your score. vikings nails it here to put the saint back in front. ten second left minnesota no timeouts looking to set up 50 yard field goal and marcus williams completely went stefan diggs runs strikeings into nfc title games. 61 yards you have to be kiting me. 9-24 spinal dillly, dillry vikings are coming to philip
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seymour hoffman this beg is good no matter what. >> i'm not saying that. i'm not saying that. >> we want philly sfwlot eagles fans and vikings fans up the interested with we want philly oh, bade you're going to get what you're looking for on sunday. meanwhile angelo from 9 4 wip is ecstatic. >> there's so many great places to talk about and things that happened and we have a lot more ahead. eagles play two more games and maybe a parade. now angelo, angelo appeared composed in that sound byte but he was anything
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but for the falcons final play in saturday's game. not quite as mobile or limber as maybe jeffery lurie but he explains it was somebody else's idea to capture the moment on camera. >> i was watching the game at home and i was hiding behind my couch because i was -- this is 4th and goal play and my son who is not even an eagles' fan started taping and he knew nothing about it until later and everybody thought it was a great idea to post ton twitter and i look like an even bigger idiot than i usually look lik like. what can i say it was like emotions of sgloment that was more like a power walk. strikes are looking to go back to super bowl for the first time since 1976 season. birds have not been there since 2004 season. i know philly cannot wait for sunday. everyone is jacked. >> everyone is jacked. fans aare all over the place. >> wild weekend of football
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you have to love. it. >> the game is a beautiful thing. >> good time to be here. >> thank you so much. >> a day on not a day off. honoring martin luther king day of service. i witness new trang joe be trang, good morning. >> good morning, joe and rachel. ment 18, 150,000 volunteers. in additioning to these service project they'll be providing services to the community. and here to complain that is the todd bernstein who is like the master mind behind this. todd i understand there's a number of things for kid to go to get involved in the day of service. >> it's really important that it's young people know about d dr. king and his legacy and i think fewer and fewer do up
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fortunately. with have a kids carnival for hundreds of one people to def making civil rights mobiles and painting muriels of civil rights movement and reading bookdz about dr. king. we want them to know and we want them to not only learn but to know how they can make a difference in the community. >> somebody is at home and they really want child to be involve. can he come down here and get involved. >> they cobring their kids down here and go to hlk dave of and there's projects that could use roll volunteers. >> wonderful and another thing striking to me is the job fair can we talk about that quukly. >> he was a m peen 30 local employers real jobs providing
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are everyone to cop tibt to typewriter. >> so many things for people to do. come here and honor dr. conditioning joe and rahel back to you. >> trang, thank you very muc much. >> the search continues for a driver that mowed down a times square office overnight. >> cbs has video we want to warn you pru watch you may find it disturbing, the officer there approaching black mercedes getting it to stop instead of complying the driver hits the gas slamming into that officer who lost his footing and lapted in the street. we're told he is okay. so far no arrests. >> hert heart stopping video as the floor gives way jacarta stock change when a hallway collapsed filling people to the lobby area below.
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most injuries are said to be minor. some injured are accounting students visiting the stock exchange. investigators remain at the scene looking for cause of the collapse. coming up this morning trez rump responds to controversial reports about immigration last week. >> and baby brain. pregnant whim commonly complain about having trouble focusing on remembering things is there any truth to the baby brain phenomenon. research settles the debate and this. >> it's cold. kenneth craig in new york with release on how to get much leaded
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president trump still denying he made allegations about country. >> and arguing over immigration policies next week. wendy gilette has a story. >> president trump surprise once again denying he used sxlitive last tweak describe haiti, el salvador and african nation nations. and trumpp allegedly made the comment and have differenting accounts of what was said. lawmakers from both parties are concerned the controversy could undermine bipartisan efforts to overhaul
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immigration policies. >> it's unbecoming comments i hope we can move beyond that. >> several democrats say without a ran in place on daca to protect immigrants brought tots u.s. by minors they won't vote for budget deal. deadline is friday. and that's when the government would run out of nonoperate and could shut and could shut down detours are 30 minutes of a drive. >> these can move at a quick clip.
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here and gone the next and prompting flood warning at least. >> it's a small cross section of bucks and mercer counties. skirt falls down the river and ice jam coming now. this is localized issue and there are obviously major arteries that run through this area and this flood warn reg mains in effect until 5:30 this evening as it's only one we have locally at least. hopefully it stays that way. storm scan is bringing in signs of life through midwest and the clippers move quickly and don't have a lot of moisture and reinforce m cold. and it lose like thb guy hangs out a little bit. it's still not expected to bring more than modest snowfall accumulations and it does also reinforce the cold
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and as early as tonight far north and snow shower the way this is rotating through and energy will bypass us. colder will in fact get reenforced. daytime highs in the the 30s now stay that way next couple days and accumulations are minor. but general 1 to 3" is expectations for most of you. a little less near the shore. possibly more in the poconos. the day will rebound back to seasonable territory. that is spent friday. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. >> thank you so much katie. and overall aarr levels were good all morning long. happy mlk day. looking outside, 95 near betsy
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ross headlights are moving in the the northbound direction. a vehicle now since cleared looking good around that area. schuylkill moving in eastbound direction approaching montgomery drive. this is what we are working with on the schuylkill. if you get out there and work today service day i can tell you now you're in good company. it's looking nice basically everywhere we look. we do have a ramp closure due to ice. take it easy. route 29 southbound ramp to market street that closed right now. and yes, it is very, very cold out there. so we will certainly have ice out there. make sure we're taking it slow this morning. water main break rewires here from earlier water main break overnight. high between middle street and washington street. back to you. >> meisha, thank you so much. cold and flu medicine leaves this morning's health watch with so many remedies on the show and finding right one to treat symptoms should get tricky. >> victoria is one of the
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million americans this season packing doctor's offices in the the throws of nasty cold. >> as you always coughing. >> navigating how to treat the cold, cough and flu can be overwhelming. >> this is busy season. >> dr. katie zip kin in new york city recommends starting with base of ibuprofen or acetaminophen for anesthetic and pains and over the country flu it and cold med sins. >> the most eventtive thing are him the counter. >> sinus rinses like neti pots and saline sprays may help. dr. zipkin says cough depressants may lessen a nagging dry cough. >> but. >> one of the things i see is patients that get combination
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cough suppression and expect tore respect. >> doctors say when it comes to herbal recommend anys and vitamin c they may short erp slightly but aren't recommended. >> victoria was diagnosed with a virus. child cold medicines help relieve the symptoms she has to ride it out 7 to 10 days. ken edge crying, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> aappears to so-called baby brain is real. >> mother have been joking about it for years. researchers in australia tested 100 women on memory and execution forgetfulness and deficiencies during pregnancy are measurable. >> pregnant women performed worse on test of memory than those not preing sglant complete loss of words i cannot remember anything for a writer it is -- bad.
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>> katie added that continues into motherhood. >> you can read more about the study in medical jurpal of us trail gentleman. >> restaurant week underway in philadelphia and some of the great deals coming up. >> hard enough to do downward facing dog without worrying about falling through ice. about falling through ice. ice yoga next.
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>> welcome back. everyone, our weekend an important game taking place at the linc and we may have rain showers into the weekend and this will be a rebound game day sunday we should as it currently stands be in low 50 50s. not bad, guys. >> not bad at all. thank you, katie. newspaper headlines across the
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country. >> hamilton resident had two vehicles stole anyone matter of minutes and this happened all the way back on december 1. the paper is tell us there's a 47% increase in car theft 2016 to 20 12k34r-7 delaware county jury selection against may 17 with trial date of may 1. >> and from atlantic city new jersey governor elect phil murphy spent sunday in wildwood with veterans and kicked off up august ral festivities. he'll tate both of office tomorrow. >> and newspaper headlines arounded delaware valley. >> yoga is popular for stretching and great way to warm up for run or exercise. >> after this yoga the yogis were looking for more of a warm-up joe. these yogis gathered in minus
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5 in win peg yet and assume their owe sis, during the 45 minute class winds were 60 miles an hour. why? >> why? >> wow. >> right. >> all right. >> well up next in the next half hour of eyewitness news. action it taken in the after math of the missile alert mistake in hawaii we have the heatest em. >> we'll show you the case o osed in the mraep as the mraep came to stop inside a steep slope. >> 23 annual mlk dave service in philadelphia. i'm trang do live with look at day's packed sketch. >> and we're looking outside. we have a disabled vehicle. ramp closures due to ice and septa. first we'll take a quick break and see where we
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snv good monday morning to you i'm joe holden he in for jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon and here's what you need to know. today, january 15, 2018. >> sunday night vikings and eagles for a trip to the super bowl. how the vikings got to nfc championship game is story of the weekend. all weekend this is my face. today we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. >> actually at girard college which is the largest site for mlk service projects. these are food boxes that will be packed by a number of different dignitary from our region. >> here you go no streaking across the mitd west already and normally they see it fall
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and stick to the ground. >> heart stopping video as the floor gives way to the jacarta stock exchange, more than 707 people were hurt. >> me and chris were talking and everybody calls us under dogs. how do you still get us a dog mess. >> today's morning minute is sponsored by the proton therapy center at be a ram son. >> let them call oh, any goodness that our city fraw should be philadelphia there's always net year. >> no, no. >> we'll keep fighting. >> exactly. >> i see nothing but good things on the horizon here. it's cold out tlo throw. bundle up before you hit the road today. expecially if you take part in any of the martin luther king
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day of service volunteer opportunities and you do any outside. you need to be adequately prepared for extra laying to be out very long. thankfully the wind is not harsh. hypothetical of breeze not that's what headed our way you're 18 airport and 18 wilmington and teens across the the board for out liar and resort toupz as well and we he expect to see nothing but clouds overhead. with you will see sun too. 1 expected high. we don't hit freezing and sure it's chilly. but with time that's much less of a headline. we'll eventually rebound on thermometer but it takes a couple days. we take a look at wimentry week. normal high is 40. we don't hit that until frida friday. there's also as you've about mpinging speak to on horizon here. you can tell by looking that when the snow moves n i'll
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have more detail on imtooing and amounts four later on. meisha. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy mlk day. we're looking at schuylkill eastbound before south street now pushed on to south veeingt there blocking look like far right lane. lacks head up on that. >> vine looking good. westbound side certainly and now juneening on the skull call you can see it's ba ba bear. then world of step ta. just a heads up we have water main break here. no service at church man crossing wilmington, newark, reminders, yesterday, new regional rail lines schedule fwheent effect today and modified mlk day and tomorrow red care and retiredment then we have ice out there. it's cold enough. route 29 southbound ramp to
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market is sxlosed due to ice. joe, rahel back to you. >> thank you so much. thousands of volunteers today are honoring legacy is of dr. dr. martin luther king junior through various projects. >> here in philadelphia they'll do that through 3 annual greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service. trang do is live at girard college that volunteers will take a part in. good morning, trang do. >> this is largest site out of tri-state. 5,000 volunteers. 530 a lot of environmental project this year in addition to that i'm making a mess here. you see the pal lots we wouldfy need a number of dignitaries will be here packing bxs and mayor kenney and governor wolf and senator casey will be here longer this morning.
6:35 am
the philadelphia event is largest in the can'ty. i talked to todd bernstein organizer of the event and how and why it's gotten so large. take a listen. >> i think people want to be asked to serve and today really makes sense in a lot of ways because dr. king was a champion of serving people of action and enemy of apathy. every year this has gotten bigger and larger and not only here but across the country and it's important way to get kids involved. i'm showing you muir ral one of many painted every year on this day and these are actually done by school children here in philadelphia and they're just soym pressive to see. so, definitely great day of service and great day to teach a very powerful lessen about dr. mar tip luther king and leg sixt lots going on here later today we'll bring you that later on in the newscast. for new live from girard back to you. >> trang, thank you sure.
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ing up kindness in south philadelphia. they held a location and 15 150,000 meals a year to west philadelphia and pottstown and it's located 40 and lancaster and haverford. same place dr. king king spoke in 1965 as part of the freedom tour. vice-president mike pence and second lady karen pence honored leg receive martin luther king, jr. they place aid wreath yesterday at dr. dr. king's memorial site in washington d.c. and and in other news this morning a police-involved shooting in kensington remains under investigation. that shooting left a 22-year-old man in critical
6:37 am
condition. the incident started before 11 saturday night when investigate towards say two officer shot the car in 2800 block of kepdzing ton avenue for going the wrong way. as passenger was getting out of the car one of the officers reported seeing him reach for a gun from waist band. >> male is out of the car and has a firearm out he's now produced that firearm. at that point the other highway patrol officer fires three times we're double checking it now and he fired more than once striking male. he was struck once in the torso area. >> the driver of the vehicle was complaint and not charged. >> well they're calling it unofficial mistake what they say about false missal lert that sent everyone on the island into a panic this week. as a result they temporarily suspended tests with more on at fallout here's john lawrence.
6:38 am
this half a false missile threat was september saturday. 38 minute, residents and tou tourists in hawaii say they were scared to death. >> there were people crying. you could see people really were frightened. i send a message to grabbed kids at home it made me realize my god i could have never seen them again. >> immediately notified the hotel i wanted to check out and head to the airport because i didn't want to stick around to see if we would get blow unor sglot human error is to plame for the message being sent. and president trump addressed the situation sunday night calling it state issue. >> they took total responsibility. we'll get involved their and what they want to do. they made a mistake. >> a mistake hawaiian governor david egay doesn't want to repeat saying steps have been taken by the hawaii emergency management agency to ensure that a situation of this type never happens again
6:39 am
the officer responsible for the warning being sint has been reassigned to a new post state officials say they're reviewing ips denlt and have increased security to the alert system. and but the this error won't be forgotten any time soon. >> i was sick to my stomach for at least two hours afterward i was shaking and it was just scary. very scary. >> john lawrence, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> cannot even imagine. >> unbelieve tlabl. >> you're being looking at passenger plane and precariously dangling on the hillside there and nearly smrunthing in the there kidded on ice. the only things that saved it from plummeting into the water saturday is wheel got stuck in mudd. videoed in the plane showing chaos, glass, water, mudd, seen coming in through the whip owes up up in a
6:40 am
statement, pegasus says the plane had a run way exertion incident. >> keep is it with us on cbs. more video you have to see to believe. >> check it out that would be a car suck in secretary floor of. >> we now know it's eagles and akings surprise and help breaking down the match-up em. in the name of love♪ ♪ >> talking to a lot of people this morning. this morning and into the wee week. eagles pride. >> extra this week. extra skip in the step taking us to sunday. us to sunday. >> absolutely got to be prou
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♪ >> welcome back monday morning, 6:44 on this martin luther king day. 18 degrees here in isn'ter city. and at our cbs3 studios. >> needless to say it's a chilly morning. bundle up as you head out. >> absolutely for sure. a lot of people have the day off. maybe you'll be volunteering, martin luther king day of service. you have plans to be outside even if for a couple of minutes. and you have to get out here today. make sure you're bundling up appropriately. it's cold out there. we take a look at eyewitness watcher reports and it's not just city in the teens it's across the boards here. a lot of consistenty with the warm warj this morning. we take you far out to remote area. 14 at glen and beautiful picture of silos and farmland thought way from some of the
6:45 am
morning light throughout so, so pretty and seeing clouds throughout the day. there's a chill in the air certainly. threats take a look back at radar here and satellite. clouds overhead now. next disturbance amoving in across ohio and bringing with it light snow. this is a clipper and almost classic up clipper they have several x-rays on this one. this particular clipper looks like it hangs out for additional hours and we find it doesn't get swept away that easily. we're still expecting minor snowfall totals out of this. primarily this range will fall tuesday night to wednesday. you could get ep upwards of 4" before it's all said and done. here in city and most of region it's solid 1 to 3" and coating near the shore which could have rain mixing in initially and that cold get reinforced. thursday a rebound beginning to get under the way and this
6:46 am
is not bad the we can possibility of rain showers and a close watch on the days ahead with the game. right, meisha, eagles are going to win, you're rooting for the eagles right? >> i can't lose either way. >> i'm checking. >> say it. >> i can't lose i'm are way. doesn't matter how you say it i can't lose. i'm a happy girl. we're looking outside now. schuylkill 20. sky is looking good. i will say headlights start to see them hit the road now. we're keeping an a on schuylkill and 95 and looking good. headlights, good, you're still traveling posted speed. trying to build. and we have an accident here. back upshot is what you're seeing this is an accident and thiscy aback don't shot. i would say gi gave yourself 15 to 20 minute or so.
6:47 am
i'll send it to you >> pass it caught. touchdown, unbelievable. vikings win it. >> quite a fip toysh yesterday's viking saints game yesterday's viking saints game. yardp. >> and the game is 6:40 sunday night. let's break it down. joining us to talk about it, good to see you. >> eagles bet the falcons 1 15-10 going back to saturday what was biggest key for you. >> i think defensively you look what the they did in the second half and fall cops came out five drives.
6:48 am
four punt and then of course the dramatic ending and play in the end don't. de. >> julio make that catch 99 times out of 200. >> i don't foe if today that high. >> woyld be oned they and what do the eagles need to worry about with them. >> the key is defense. they had best defense entire nfl would m this is a very complex defense. there's a lot of ditch looks and splits he has to get ready for. that's it the key match-up. plaque a lot better in the second half last week and can he do it again against a stre good defense. it's been sort of a wild, winding road to how we got to
6:49 am
the two quarterbacks matching up in the nfc title game. i think zach betterman of "philadelphia inquirer" sums it up bud fully. he to fols lost job in october and traded plaid to president trump principle now it falls against keenian. give me a little insight into the the match-up between the two quarterbacks we thought would be there in the end right. >> o., tom brady on side and these two on the other side. he had a career year. they have done a lot of things to help him and they have good wide -er reisers. we no there good that was i soop of encouragement maybe he
6:50 am
can get i know it's earlier in the week but what happens. >> eagles have a great chance. if they were able to pull the game out against the falcons this match-up from defensive perspective defense should play better again the strik strikeings. it's not as good offense as falcons were. they have a great shot. no doubt about it. they are under dogs. look for lane johnson and chris lawn to wear those mask. >> we love it. >> thank you. >>ious about everything and chris long ago were ping this started run onen dogs mess online. and hours later amazon site setting them was out of stock. >> i think it's great that
6:51 am
eagles fans will kol out with that. >> once they said under dog mask i think it was awesome. they'll hold on to that and use it for next weekend. >> at this point in the season it doesn't matter. it's all anybody's game. happy we won. it's first time we won in a long time so we're happy. >> on the road to victory. >> it will be easy to spot at nfc championship game all right sunday even you can. >> john dickerson and gale wing. >> eagle, hello, hel ep and joe and in in the xhapd center where the mississippi threat was sent. >> and about how the president recent comment to impact immigration reform. >> and first on, and in an
6:52 am
effort to be more transparent with customers all that plus eye opener your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7. >> thanks, guys we'll be watching. >> hor ror for dozens after a boat they're on burst into flames. you can see people jumping from the vote all 50 passengers on the casion does make is safely bang to shore. this happened while the shuttle was offshore. >> a car crash in southern california that has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> chaos caught on camera and we'll let the footage speak for it saevrl. take a look. you see the car launching off a divider going airborne and nowing through the second floor dep fit office you. >> few a car drives by
6:53 am
narrowly missing fly are car yes in santa ana. two people wereed in the car at the time. inkedably they only suffered minor injuries. >> when they hit a fire started and driver got out and he hung from the bottom of the vehicle. when he did the cops wept out up there and caught him. >> specialized equipment was used to pull the car out of the building this may come as no surprise but the police say the driver admitted to using drugs before the car crash. >> a lot of people got lucky there. sent are city district restaurant week officially started. >> that means you get tweet deals. caribou cafe is more than 100 participating restaurants. chef and owner talked become anita oh. >> we have a typical french
6:54 am
cuisine. and for the entrees here we have seafood crab we can find everywhere in france and trout caber and >> caribou cafe is a distree ahaeping in can't week. lullly last near that it week. >> and the denier menu offers three course meals for 35 a person and pashing discounts and lift discount will be able and if will be
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>> slow start to the music there. >> looking live on a chilly morning. now here's three to go. >> president trump returns to washington after spending weekend in palm beach denying using crude language about countries in african an haiti during a meeting about immigration. >> and incoming missile strike on hawaii emergency management worker that accidentally sent that message has been reassigned. >> and estimated 150,000 people are volunteering for the dr. martin luther king day of service in greater philadelphia.
6:59 am
it include more than 10 0 projects at dwirard college. >> a last check of warm and traffic. >> talk about the ice cram throughout along parts of delaware here's another shot of it. you can tell there's a still down river from the ice jam. we'll see if that manages to make it down fat far. but we're stail staying cold. mowing of the week is spent below average. >> i see that looking outside right now and it looked okay. accident 95 south bridge streets and this is quick backup shot for. >> you meisha, thank you. >> all this talk of snow you thought probably hate driving and walking in it of course. >> enjoying home in shing yang forest zoo is decorated in white from the snowfall. giant pandas in the wild are not afraid of cold weather and okay in below freezing temperatures. >> join us every morning cbs3
7:00 am
4:30 a.m. have a great day 4:30 a.m. have a great day stay warm. captioning funded by cbs good morning to you. it's monday, january 15th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're learning new details about the false missile alarm. we'll take you inside the command center where the mistake was made and why it took 38 minutes to tell everyone false alarm. president trump tells reporters he's not a racist. but they talk it down over his vulgar comments about hatians, salvadoreans and south africans. members jump off a boat. >>d


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