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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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with the clip their will bring snow to our general area. you can see right now, nothing going on. cloud are in place but there is no snow and likely will not start in the poconos, until early tomorrow morning but it may be a full, 24 hours, later , that it starts in philadelphia. so, very slow moving system. you can see it bringing snow to portions of the great lakes region here tonight, actual center of the clipper will pass to the north. what we will get is cold front arctic cold front bringing snow from portions of southern ohio, right down into kentucky and tennessee, this will gradually make its way toward our region, through the day tomorrow and into wednesday morning. and right now lets talk about current conditions, 32 degrees , cloudy looking live toward the city. windy at 9 miles an hour making it feel like only 24, it has been a very cold stretch but temperatures will start to rise tonight, into tomorrow, it won't be quite as chilly. as that front pushes through this is early wednesday morning that is when the steady snow, will be falling over philadelphia, so if your
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wednesday morning commute that will be most impacted as this system then moves off the coast by wednesday afternoon. mid week clipper, slow moving front, greatest impact to philadelphia are wednesday morning, but the highest snow amounts can be expected to the north and west, lehigh valley and poconos, that is where snow could break out as early as 9:00 tomorrow morning. watch as slowly as this moves. this is 1:00 in the afternoon just barely getting in the lehigh valley. this time tomorrow, the snow is still north and west and it is still dry in philadelphia even tomorrow night, at 11:00 o'clock we are still dry finally we will see that kes sal low, draw in the moisture from the west, and this starts to speed up a little bit, coming up we will have better timing on that wednesday morning commute, so you can see areas in that winter weather advisory upper bucks, montgomery counties through the poconos these are areas we will see most snow, we will look at our updated snow map in a few minutes, jessica. >> kate, thanks very much. area rivers are jammed with ice and in some cases, these ice jams are causing,
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flooding, one area dealing with the dangerous mess is route 29, at the market street exit in trenton mercer county. to make matters worse the water is overflowing the rivers, and freezing, "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live in trenton with this story, chantee? >> reporter: jessica, this is delaware river it is frozen over with large ice chunks, and recent warm temperatures and rain led to ice, breaking up and flowing down the river. that caused ice to literally jam from this area wide while water alerts and floats, or on roadways. a salt truck drives along a flooded route 29 south, to break up the wet easy road, this is after ice jamesonite delaware river, caused water levels to rise above 20 feet, which caused minor flooding in trenton, new jersey. behind me a sea of ice, actual large chunks of ice are what jams at the delaware river. >> pretty cool, impressive. it is, like a big glacier or
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something. >> many like roger shapiro came out to get a glimpse and take pictures of the rare sightings for themselves. >> crazy. almost as bad as 95, 95 was a lot worse. >> icy 95. >> big chunks out on the road on the pennsylvania side, yes. i just drove by. this is as bad as it will get to day. it is pretty amazing. >> what do you think of it cutting off the southbound lanes of route 29. >> well, that will make it hard for me to get to work together but over than that it happens and we would rather be safe then worry about getting to work on time. >> reporter: and back out here live, a 29 southbound lanes has reopened, back here in the delaware river, water is expected to recede slowly. now minor flooding could continue until tomorrow morning. that is very latest live from trenton, new jersey, chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, thank you.
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you can track flooding and tomorrow's snow with your smart phone, all you have to do is down load the free, cbs philly weather app available right now on itunes and google play. we are following a developing story a tractor trailer crashes in the home in south jersey, and chopper three over the scene on lincoln road in salem county, police said that tractor trailer got into an accident with the car, and then went through a field, and then crashed into the house. a couple once home at the time they were not injury, the driver of the tractor trailer was rush to the hospital along with the passenger in the car, our alexandria movies working on this story, and she will have more details on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. today millions of americans are remembering reverend doctor martin luther king junior with a day of service. >> i think that this march will get down as one of the greatest if not the greatest demonstrations for freedom and human dignity ever held in the
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united states. >> those were the word of the doctor king after leaving the march on washington in 1963. that is where the civil rights /conn delivered his i have a dream speech. doctor king was a champion for achieving racial equality, through non-violence until his assassination in 1968. volunteers in our area, and beyond are honoring doctor king through various service projects. "eyewitness news" caught up with the members of the fraternity in lawnside, camden county as they prepared hundreds of sandwiches, the food will go to cathedral kitchen a camden charity that feed those in need. haverford middle school students observed martin luther king day holiday by bringing awareness to the fight begins hunger. the students spent much of the morning measuring, filling, and packing bags of nutrient rich grain blend, all of the food is destined for location as cross the world. the service project was a collaboration with the international hunger relief charity, rise against hunger. "eyewitness news" in
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center city for another celebration of the doctor king 's legacy, the philadelphia martin luther king junior association for non-violence held its 36th annual award and benefit lunch this afternoon. event recognizes individual, whose lives have made outstanding, contributions, to society in the spirit of doctor king's teaching. our natasha brown there was mistress of the ceremony for the program. all of the events happening across our region are what make today the nation 's largest mlk day of service right here in our area "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is at girard college in fairmount where volunteers have been spending this day off from work and school as a day on, anita? >> reporter: hi there ukee this is a civil rights landmark, in 1965 doctor king marched in front of these gates fighting for de segregation at girard college in north philadelphia and decade later on this very campus his legacy continued to be honored and remembered in a very special way. >> we will not be defeated, if
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we stand together, i come looking for a movement, are you ready to build that movement today. >> reporter: those are filery word that kicked off the 23rd annual king day of service at girard college where many including pennsylvania governor tom wolf, volunteered >> if you want to lead, you've got to serve. >> reporter: that is how so many in our area spent their monday on the martin luther king day holiday. >> thinks considered the largest king day of service in the nation, organizers say more than 150,000 people participated in service projects across our region. >> reporter: events included a job fair, a expo and kid carnival, but volunteers placed a effort on fighting poverty and hunger. seven year-old zoe brown came to pack food for needy after learning about doctor king in school. >> he was a good person. he helped people. everybody can be friends.
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>> reporter: for many here legacy of doctor king left behind stands for so much, freedom and of hope. >> hope is really the great equalizer if you have hope you can keep going. >> reporter: three years after doctor king marched here fighting for desegregation the school opened its doors to all races. live, at girard college anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for more on the day of service events held around our region today and look at other important moments in doctor king's life just go to our web site at cbs eagles nation is flying high after this weekend's win and now bird are just one win from the big game in minneapolis. >> that is right, sports director don bell joins us with more on coach pederson and their match up with the vikings. >> did you predict this back in august? anybody predict this. i mean seriously. >> one game at a time. >> okay.
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>> this is unbelievable, man, this is a lot of fun. nfc championship game is set, it features two teams with backup quarterbacks, two teams that won this weekend with dramatic plays, and in the final seconds. eagles using tenacious d to fight off matt ryan and falcons on fourth down late in the fourth quarter. their five-point win send them to the nfc title game for the first time since 2009. the vikings are here for the first time since 2,000, doug pederson puts sunday's game in per expectative. >> to have a lot of, sort of, you know, people not having a lot of confidence in us and yet to find ways to win just makes it that much more special for this group and they understand where we are. i'm sure minnesota's the same way. they understand where they are as well and the things they have heard all season long too so, you know, it is, you know,
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this is a special time of the year with a special group of men and, you know, we still have one more game this weekend and we will see what happens. >> nothing but smiles for second week in the row eagles will be under dogs, vikings are favored by three. >> i like that though. >> apparently they like it too >> i think that is owe contact >> i think it is. fans think so too thanks, buddy, appreciate it. we know eagles fans are passionate but our a leave a nieves found one that travels far and wide to see his bird. >> yeah totally excited, just happened to me. >> these stories of where he came from and how he got on the field and at the linc, that is not the only international fan. also ahead fall out from this weekend's false alarm in hawaii a missle warning was issued by accident causing widespread panic there, what officials are doing about it at 5:30. standing up for herman
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catherine zeta-jones talk about michael douglas statement on potential sexual assault allegations. stay hear what she has to say bit when "eyewitness news", comes right back. in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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eagles fans are showing their support forbidder some coming to the linc as far as australia abe germany to catch a game. >> "eyewitness news" report's leash a neares is live outside lincoln financial field in south philadelphia with more on the eagles excitement, that is making its way now alycia around the world. >> ukee and jessica there is no doubt that eagles excitement is engulfing this city but it is really interesting to go see how eagles story line is capturing international attention. i mean we met people flew across the atlantic more than 9,000 miles just to be at last saturday's playoff game. what the philadelphia eagles have accomplish this season has fans, around the region, certainly charged. >> ♪ >> reporter: but eagles excitement isn't just being felt by people in this city, in this state or even this country. >> we came specifically for the game pretty much.
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>> yes. >> i change hotels, everything just to get to this game. >> reporter: this couple flew from australia to be part of the eagles excitement at last saturday's playoff game from across the world they heard eagles and season the team was having the way fans in philadelphia with rallying behind the steam and they wanted to be part of it. >> we're excited for everyone, town is so excited, it was a great day. >> reporter: he flew from germany to see eagles at the linc, after tweeting about the eagles last week he won two ticket from the lincoln financial group. >> i feel like a total melt down and i had said no, i can't take that. >> reporter: he didn't have a pass forward, flight or hotel arrange but could not pass up an opportunity to see the eagles play, so somehow he found a way to give all that square away in just three days >> it was meant to be. you cannot say anything else. >> reporter: he was at playoff game and now flying high with so many others, eagles fans, in philadelphia. >> you can feel it in the entire city, like everyone has
5:16 pm
like eagles merchandise and they say go eagles, and you see fly eagles fly, every where, it is totally insane. >> reporter: what a great experience for that gentlemen from germany. is his first trip to the states and he is such an eagles fan that he watches every single game even when the game in germany is airing at like 3:00 in the morning. eagles excitement has fans all over the world willing to do crazy things while they have a pretty crazy season. reporting live, outside in south philadelphia, the linc, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the global love is special. >> yes. >> thanks, alycia. many fans want to get their hands on something special for the game this sunday, here it is this under dog german shepherd mask went viral after eagles player chris long, and also lane johnson were seen wearing it on the field following their playoff defeat of the falcons and, according to the eagles twitter page fans are welcomed
5:17 pm
to wear them this weekend as long as they take them off for security. so there you go. oops, an e-mail sent to football fans from the nfl shop celebrated the success of the wrong team, the subject says that steelers are conference championship bound, gear up with free shipping and then showcases pittsburgh steelers merchandise. only problem, of course, it is patriots and jaguars facing off for afc championship but licking on the linc revealed truth and showcased the correct championship contenders, the nfl shop has e mailed an apology, that is kind of salt in a wound, a little bit. >> i was hoping for pittsburgh >> that would have been fun. >> oh, well. >> maybe next year. >> yes. "eyewitness news" viewers have been sharing their best eagles moments with us since eagle won battle of the bird saturday night. >> we'd love to see how you you are supporting the home team on social media twitter using showed us this very excited little eag with the
5:18 pm
his branded swag, and he has his football, ready for the game, and check out this one from earl wadell junior, sporting eagles from head head head to toe and happy jacket and his twitter profile picture is deck out with eagles merchandise, as well, thanks for sharing with us, earl, my man. we know you want to show off that eagles pride, share your photos with us and we might give you a shout out here on the news, gear up, and then powe your pictures to facebook, twitter, instagram and use #cbs-3 so we know where you are. you san church for cbs philly. time to get mother nature a shout out because she has something brewing. >> yes, a little something. >> we have had a lot of these storms so far this winter. we have had these little two to 3-inch storms come and hit and especially on the weekday talking about commute, we need to know which one will impact it so you can plan yourwe need travels. lets talk about it. this next system will really take its time, moving in, and getting the snow to start falling, in fact, in
5:19 pm
philadelphia we may not even see any snow, until the clock changes over, the day changes over to wednesday, but lets start off with a look what is happening outside, we will go out to the poconos, i was in the poconos this weekend, beautiful up there, right on the same mountain, jack frost big boulder but we woke up sunday morning, the thermometer outside of the house where we are staying was hovering right at zero mark and didn't get much better then single digits all day long. a very, very cold weekend in the poconos. didn't keep people off the mountain and still a lot have people out there at jag frost big bold they are evening. lights are on there and things are looking pretty good but it is cold, it will get better though as we head through the week. we will talk about that in a moment. we will go up to broad head ville where it is currently 24 degrees. it is cloudy but dry for now in the poconos that will change a little bit sooner then it does in the city because here comes a clipper system. really the clipper will stay to the north, it is cold front that will gradually make its way across our region, it is this line of snow showers you
5:20 pm
see here extending from ohio, down there kentucky and portions of missouri as well. temperatures certainly cold enough for snow, still hovering around freezing mark in the city, 29 in allentown. mount pocono 19. freezing in atlantic city and down in wildwood. lets time this out through duration of the storm because watch how long this wilt take to make its way south. what we are watching for is another low off the coast, that will start to draw in that front and eventually once those two face it will get out of here, quickly on wednesday but through the day tomorrow this is at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night the snow is still barely in the lehigh valley and still drying in philadelphia and points south. finally we can see the system off the coast that will draw the moisture east, so by 5:00 o'clock wednesday morning snow in the city and suburbs, 6:00 o'clock still snowing, 7:00 o'clock so your wednesday morning commute is impacted and then moves off the coast by midday, on wednesday, so, snow starts early tomorrow morning in the poconos and midday tomorrow in the lehigh valley, and then not until after midnight, wednesday, in
5:21 pm
the city and suburbs and wednesday morning, in delaware and south jersey. here's how much to expect, three to 6 inches in the winter weather advisory, poconos and lehigh valley, around an inch to 3 inches in philadelphia points northwest and coat to go an inch down the shore and in delaware and once we get this storm out of here, you can see mild air will return as we head toward the upcoming weekend. so here's a look at you're witness weather seven day forecast, watch for that snow north and west tomorrow, we will see it in the city, wednesday morning, the wednesday morning commute will be the greatest impact from this system. not a lot of heavy snow but timing is not great. thursday chilly, friday better and then things looking good for weekend, 47 saturday, up to 53 degrees on game day sunday, which, sounds nice. >> real nice. >> yes, it does. well he just won a golden globe and now latest target of sexual misconductal sayses how aziz ansari.
5:22 pm
>> cvs pharmacy is, banning something in their stores. with the hope of helping women with self image. dance like nobody watching from the eagles soul train line to doug pederson's post game speech, hear what the head coach tells his team after saturday's win, sports up
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monday after the weekend games we have to get to pull the curtain back and see what the players and coaches are sake, why i. >> it lets see what the coach is saying. thinks always fun. >> sit, under dog. >> under dogs. >> that is good. >> let's go. >> since 2001, no team in the nfc has played in the title game more then the eagles. on sunday, they will make their sixth appearance. they got it done with the 15- 10 win over falcons and today the team released doug pederson's powe game speech.
5:26 pm
>> the word was yes. the word was yes. we ain't done, yet. i'm so freaking plowed of everyone of you. i cannot believe it. i can believe it. one week for tomorrow we come back together and we shock the world again, all right. lets get this job done. great job, men. >> we believe everybody that is in this circle. you don't believe it yet, then go home because we are taking this all the way. we will enjoy this next week, nfc championship is coming to us. focus back on the process, get back in our grind and we will show up next week and shock the world. show up on three, one, two, three. >> we ain't done yet. >> bingo. >> it is on. >> let's play tomorrow. >> aim ready. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate
5:27 pm
it. >> reverend doctor martin luther king junior was men for his right for civil rights but he has another cause document ed in our nation's capitol we will show new 15 minutes. missle alert mistake aftermath of the terrifying mistake that sent people running and searching for shelter. and, it is flu season for humans and many wonders can we spread it to our pets, we will talk about dog flu how it spread and how to spot it in your pet in your next half an
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5:31 pm
what they thought was a threat of nuclear attack. one child was even lowered into a manhole, another family huddled in the closet, the whole ordeal revealed to many that they didn't necessity what to do. >> we have said hey, wait a minute, i don't know what to do. our opportunity right now toys reach out and get that information to the people. >> hawaii emergency management officials say reason it took almost 40 minutes for cell phone users to be told bother or is because the agency did not have procedures in place to issue corrections. new procedures are now in place. in event of the unthinkable what should you do , it turns out your chance of survival may be greater then you think. we will have advice what you can do in the first 15 minutes , if you survive a nuclear attack tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. authorities are praising the quick thinking of the shuttle boat captain who they say saved lives of 49 people. video shows passengers jumping
5:32 pm
in the water after their boat burst into flames yesterday. the boat was leaving port richie, florida and off the coast when it caught fire. the casino company that owns the boat says it never had a problem before, one person died after being rescued. good smart tans had to jump in the water to help those fleeing the fire. >> we had to get in the water at one point and it was just freezing, and then were jumping off the front of it. >> we had to jump eight or 10 feet. >> to the water. >> they were pulling clothes out of their closet to bring out to to us put on to keep warm. >> at the moment it is still unclear what caused the fire. president trump will return to washington tonight after a long weekend at his florida resort. he continues to defend himself after being accused of making vulgar comments when talking about haiti, el salvador and african countries. as the controversy plays out protections for hundreds of thousands of so-called dream ers is at stake. hundreds of the haitian
5:33 pm
americans, protested near president trump's mar-a-lago resort. while his supporters waved flags and yelled to the protesters to leave the u.s. >> go back home. >> reporter: tension is spilling over from claims that the president made racist remarks about haiti, el salvador and african nations during a meeting about immigration. >> i'm the least racist person you have ever interviewed. >> reporter: controversy has stalled negotiation toss protect daca recipients, immigrants bought to the country illegally as children. president trump spent the martin luther king junior holiday at his golf course but took time to tweet honestly i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. they talk about daca but they don't want to help. we are ready, willing, able to make a deal but they don't want to. some democrats are threatening to vote begins a budget deal unless it includes daca protections and if lawmakers don't reach an agreement the government could shut down on friday n south carolina
5:34 pm
republican senator lindsey graham had a message for the president. >> it will take you, mr. president, working with republicans and democrats to get this done. it is not going to be done on twitter, by tweeting, it will be done by talking and understanding. >> reporter: daca program end in march, if lawmakers don't find a solution those immigrants could face deportation. ivana trump is defending her ex-husband on british television she said president trump makes remarks that are silly but said i don't see donald as a racist as all. reverend doctor martin luther king junior was remembered at a memorial created in his honor. doctor king's son marked what would have been his father's eighty-ninth birthday by attending a wreath laying ceremony at the martin luther king memorial in washington d.c. doctor king the third or reverend martin luther king the third called the holiday a day oven gauge. and urged others to do more
5:35 pm
throughout the year. >> we must evaluate where we are 50, 50 years ago martin luther king junior was assassinated. the question becomes what will we do as communities across america to full fill and envision and make the dream become a reality. >> the martin luther king memorial opened next to the national mall in 2011. another king celebration took place on the streets of phoenix arizona today hundreds of people spent the holiday participating in a martin luther king day march, event said to be symbolic of doctor king's historic march on washington. it began at a phoenix church and ended with a festival in the local park. comedian and actor aziz an sari responded to accusations of sexual misconduct made by a woman he dated last year. any statement he said he believed the encounter ahead with the woman was consensual. he said he apology guyed when she told him how uncomfortable
5:36 pm
she was in the exchange of text message. she made accusationness an interview with saying the incident happened in his apartment following a night out. meanwhile actress catherine zeta-jones is speaking up for her husband michael douglas. douglas came forward to deny an allegation of sexual misconduct. douglas told deadline he anticipated an upcoming record would contain allegation by a former employee, that he acted inappropriately in front of her 32 years ago. set a generals said her husband's preemptive announcement speaks for itself and they are both behind the times up movement. >> michael is 110 percent behind this movie. he has been in this business working creatively with woman for over 50 years. very, very happy with what he had to do. and he did it in a very, very, concise, clear and personal
5:37 pm
manner. >> douglas decided to try to get ahead of the story by speaking to deadline calling the allegation a complete lie and a fabrication. still to come on "eyewitness news" we will tell you what is being banned at cvs pharmacy. >> something that the company hopes will inspire other co an initiative some say that could help with woman's body image, also ahead. doctor martin luther king is often remembered as champion of civil rights but there is another group he for the hard for dedicated his life too i'm moa lenghi and i will take to you resurrection city for doctor king's often forgotten legacy. well, never too early to look ahead to the weekend, we have a nice one coming up, it is early, we will continue to track it but as of right now temperatures will be on the rise, and after a cold start to the week, we're heading back to the 50's over the weekend and it looks like sunshine, both days, now, of course, that forecast still could change, it is only monday but we will keep you posted. as of right
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well, one drugstore chain is making a major change in how you shop for beauty products. >> cvs will inform customers if certaintiesing for products were digitally altered. those products include make up , skin care items where photos are edited to adjust a person's size, features shape or skin color. cvs officials say when woman look at photographs they need to know is what real and not have to live up to an unexpected standard. >> any imagery you see in our stores will be real, we will be honest with you, and we will give you a beauty mark that said we did not digitally alter it. if we have certain partners that want digitally altered photographs we will just say
5:42 pm
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doctor martin luther king junior was not only civil rights pioneer but also a champion for the poor. >> new exhibit at national museum of african-american history and culture showcases doctor king's movement to end poverty in america. >> correspondent moa lenghi takes you inside. >> we will walk non-violent men peacefully. >> reporter: most people remember doctor martin luther king as a leading civil rights leader but what is often forgotten is his legacy of the champion of the america's poor >> martin luther king believes ultimately economic, injustice and equality was just as important as political or social equality. >> reporter: city of hope details poor peoples campaign launched by doctor king in 1968, campaign put a face on poverty, a face that could have been any color, that concerns, sparked a movement that created resurrection city >> doctor king encouraged people from all over the country to come to washington to take part in civil dis obedience, that was resurrection city.
5:46 pm
clearly it didn't end poverty but did shine a spotlight, providing a moment where the despair of america's poor could be seen. >> i will give my full-time to the campaign and mess of that time will be spent in washington. >> reporter: for six weeks tents city occupied 16 acres of the national mall, mark steiner spent weeks living in resurrection city. >> money, dirty, it was intense, but it was comradery, brotherhood and sister hood inside was just amazing. >> reporter: poor peoples campaign got who during a tumultuous year in america, 1968, doctor king and robert kennedy were both assassinated doctor king's death sparked race riots nationwide and it was height of the civil rights movement and massive anti vietnam war protests were taking place. >> the fear that people had, for the country and for each
5:47 pm
other and all, it was just very much like the fear that people are stirring upright now. >> reporter: the nationwide movement that doctor king had dreamed of, stalled, a crisis millions still face today. moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now on the healthwatch tonight, the flu season started earlier then usual, spiked quickly and is probably peeking now and some people are worried about their pets getting the flu because so many people are infect. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain. >> reporter: lots of people wandberg this do we have to worry about our pets? well, stand by for this. there is k-9 influenza more commonly men as dog flu and sims are similar to what humans get but not the same virus. flu is widespread across the country and so are respiratory infections and colds. >> as always, coughing. >> reporter: with so many people sick with contagious ailments many are asking can my pets catch it too.
5:48 pm
>> the flu is seen year round in pets. >> reporter: vets say flu mainly effects dogs and the signs are much like what you would see in people. >> we would be coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge ocular discharge. >> reporter: that is where similarities end, the flu cannot be spread between people and pets. >> the dogfully, and people flu, are not related, it is not meaning dogs cannot pass flu to the owner and owners cannot pass it to the dog. >> reporter: strains are different and while human influenza happens during winter months dog flu spread from pet to pet can happen anytime of the year. there are currently no localized k-9 out breaks but some people are worried about seeing flu symptoms, in their pets. >> they are at home so they have more time, so they are looking at their animals now because they are probably in the at work. >> reporter: best way to keep your dog healthy just like with people get them vaccinated there are flu shots for people and their four legged best friends but made with different formulations.
5:49 pm
now, dog flu can also be spread between animals, or in food bowls which is why vets say that pet owners should be careful in places like, grooming salons, day care and dog parks, and in terms of the human flu, no worries, of that making your dog sick just making other people sick, and that is a serious question. here's the suggestion, cuddle up if you are sick with the flu with your dog, you will be fine, drink tea, chicken soup, watch tv, stay home with your pets. >> our dog sneezed the other day i can still say bless you. i think difficult. >> absolutely. the dog can have a cold and flu but not the same virus. >> thanks, stephanie, good stuff. >> kate has your forecast now and you are watching a system out there. >> watching a slow moving system working from the west and usually when we talk about clippers we are talking about fast moving storms. this will drag a sluggish cold front through and will last a couple days here through tomorrow and north and western
5:50 pm
suburbs and then as we head into wednesday is when the impact will be greatest for us here, in philadelphia lets start off with what is happening right now, it is a quiet night not quite as cold as recent nights has been. weekend very cold after that burst of warmth, late last week we have paid for it this weekend with all of the cold but today has been a little bit better. not a lot of wind today. same story tonight and that makes all of the difference in the world. is there a live look outside our cbs broadcast center toward center city. lets check with our weather watchers giving us updates and setting up their current conditions and almost every temperature, in fact every temperature we see here is below freezing. it is chilly but not as cold again as the weekend was, with 29, at ed connor's house, mostly cloudy, 30 degrees as we head north, check with barbara lane in willow grove, and let's head further north and west and david mitchell, in norristown and he is at 30 degrees and mostly cloudy. checking in photos from our
5:51 pm
weather watchers i love this one from jenny janssen showing this bird and #that it would be current moodies how i feel in the killed right now. not too happy but he is keeping himself warm, i will need some more of that as snow will break out across the area over the next couple of days and this little guy is looking for maybe stay warm over next couple of days. warm up is in the future as well. it is not all bad news. looking down to the delaware beach, boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, quiet tonight not too bad, waves rolling in the distance and again, pretty quiet, no snow, all of the snow from the storm a couple weeks ago has finally melted but more snow, could be on the way, and it all depend on where you are, winter weather advisory has been issued for poconos and lehigh valley, also upper bucks, montgomery counties and here's the storm that will bring it. clipper lifts to the north, there is a front very slow moving what we will have to watch is for a new system developing off shore,
5:52 pm
eventually will pull this system east but until that happens this will mainly stay north and west of the city. temperatures right new 32 in philadelphia. twenty-nine allentown. nineteen mount pocono. not too bad out there pretty seasonal night, we will drop down to 27 for your overnight low, and then tomorrow, cloudy , mainly dry, snow to the northwest but looks to stay out of the city. in the a bad day, we may see a few breaks of the sun south ande but timing this out you can see snow could start to break out as early as 6:00 a.m. in the poconos but watch as this front lingers to the west, 3:00 p.m. not even in the north and western suburbs, 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night still lingering to the north and west but here is that coastal piece that will draw the front east and by 5:00 o'clock wednesday morning it is snowing in the city and suburbs and that wednesday morning commute will be impact, and head down the shore by late morning and then eventually off the coast. what to expect, tuesday morning through wednesday afternoon, a sluggish cold front stays north west for your tuesday, wednesday morning is when we will get
5:53 pm
mess of the snow in the city, accumulations stay generally late looking at our four main models that we look at mostly between a inch and 2 inches of snow in philadelphia once we get through this it should be off the coast as we head into wednesday afternoon, temperatures will gradually maryland rate, through the weekend and into next week, so , wednesday, we will clear out, thursday, still cold but friday back to the 40's, saturday 47, and we may goat all the way to 53 on sunday. ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. coming up, in the hot minute how do you find your find arts done he will ganger, we will show you ours. and george clooney's coming back to the small screen times two the new project and a old one thaw can see on television.
5:54 pm
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year that forced cranberries to cancel a tour of europe and north america. she revealed she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. oprah fights back and george clooney's making his television come back. >> she's finding the most resemble you, here's bex from today's 96.5 with the hot minute. >> reporter: kick things off with oprah who is being praised a after shutting down a internet troll, industry mogul shared a clip from the interview on cbs sunday morning when one of her followers commented quote i don't like you. so to which oprah responded to and with grace, that why are you here on this feed, life is too short to follow and engage with people you do not like, peace out. and from peace out to hello, george clooney making his return to television after nearly 20 years. george will star, direct, produce, catch two 2a limited seer business a world war two pilot trying desperately to return home. this will mark clooney's tv
5:58 pm
return after departing the beloved 90's medical drama er in 1999. if you cannot wait to see george in catch 22, they revealed they will begin streaming all 15 seasons of the er. while we're going back in time we will talk about this new app getting all of the buzz, google arts and culture will fine your fine arts look alike. take a selfie and google will search me seems across the world using facial recognition data to find one that resemble s you. carson wentz, jennifer lopez, you can see the resemblance. i have to give a try on you tube, jessica, you can be found in the museum of the purpose of the object in mexico city. ukee your look alike is right here in philadelphia with mural arts project. i love this resemblance. that is your hot minute, i'm b ex from today's 96.5. >> that is funny. >> i haven't tried that yet. >> yes.
5:59 pm
>> yes. >> and from philly. >> that is right. >> what is up, all right. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a scary scene in salem county as a truck slams in the home in pilesgrove, we will hear from the home owner's children about the frightening crash, and how it all happened. final stop on the road to minneapolis is right here in philadelphia, two wild weekend wins set up a showdown between eagles and vikings, team coverage as bird gear up for the game, kate? and we have got cold air in place and new we're tracking chance for some snow, parts of our area will be under a winter weather advisory, we will tell you which areas will see most snow and which commute will be most impacted this week. >> on this martin luther king day thousands are taking a stand, for service. making today a choice, to be kind, coming up we will talk some incredible kid, who know what today actually stands for
6:00 pm
. in front of the truck did breach the front dining room and at this point, local officials, construction officers saying the house is not able to be inhabited. wild scene in salem county truck loses control smashing in the home with two people inside. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. couple inside escaped unharmed but two people were injured in the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live in piles grove and alex, you spoke to the children of the homeowners about this frightening experience. >> i did, thankfully their daughter just lived a couple miles away so she raced right over here and just a couple minutes ago they pulled that truck from that house and as you can see there are beams right there those are supports that crews have been working on all afternoon to mack sure that the home would not collapse when they pulled that truck out. around 2:30 p.m. donna's


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