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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 15, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a king criticizes a president. >> we got to find a way to work on this man's heart. >> glor: strong words ahead of a big week in washington as immigration comes to a head and a shutdown looms. also tonight... >> a missile may impact our land or sea within minutes. this is not a drill. >> glor: the false alarm heard round the world as hawaii tries to figure out how to prevent an accidental war. nearly a week after the mudslides, one of america's most famous freeways is still closed and still creating huge traffic problems. >> just tap it one more time. >> glor: test driving a car without getting in. the catch of the day by a firefighter. a real cliffhanger in turkey.
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and they were with dr. king on his final march. >> this man, he's going to change a lot of things. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. president trump is returning to the white house tonight ahead of a big week and following what has been an eventful day. there were protests outside his mar-a-lago estate in florida by haitians upset about the president's comments last week. on this dr. martin luther king, jr., day, king's children also criticized the language. >> we cannot allow the nations of the world to embrace the words that come from our president as a reflection of the true spirit of america. >> glor: well, this comes as the president and congressional democrats are at odds over the future of daca and funding the government. margaret brennan is at the white
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house tonight. margaret? >> reporter: well, the immigration debate is complicating efforts to keep the government open as some democrats want to see the daca program extended along with that funding bill on friday. but that's something that the republican leadership is rejecting. but the president still needs at least nine senate democrats to vote for any spending bill, and at this point, that's a challenge for him. now, he needs to do this to avoid a government shutdown. today the president actually said that the senior senate democrat from illinois, dick durbin, blew negotiations by having "totally misrepresented what was said at the daca meeting last thursday in the oval office." remember, durbin said that the president used an expletive to refer to haiti, el salvador, and african nations. republican senator lindsey graham said he didn't like what he had heard, and he did confront the president about it. now, this public argument seems to be unnecessarily complicating
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an issue that has bipartisan support. according to the latest cbs news poll, 70% of americans favor daca, including a slim majority of the president's own supporters. >> glor: margaret, what is the likelihood at this point of a deal by friday? >> reporter: well, the president said yesterday he is ready, willing, and able to cut a deal on daca, but then he accused democrats of not really wanting it. he said that a senior g.o.p. source as well talking to cbs said that their impression is that democrats are intentionally risking a government shutdown, one that would also happen to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the president's first year in office. jeff? >> glor: margaret brennan, thank you very much. the false alarm in hawaii over the weekend was also a wake-up call for officials responsible for security. the employee who made that mistake has now been reassigned, and david begnaud is in
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honolulu. >> reporter: the agency that made the mistake says it's receiving threats after the chaos and confusion that sent people panicking. this little girl was lowered into a manhole. 5,500 people called 911. >> it was a mistake on our part, and i regret the stress and concern and worry that people went through. >> reporter: hawaii's emergency management administrator says vern miyagi says an employee krikorianed the wrong button twice -- clicked the wrong button twice. he was supposed to select the option for drill, but he clicked the real thing. at 8:07 local time, this alert of a ballistic missile threat was issued by the state emergency management agency. >> take immediate action. >> reporter: for what felt like an eternity, islanders heard this: >> a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes. this is not a drill. >> reporter: within three minutes the person who made the mistake realized it, but it would take 38 minutes to send out a correction. we went to see where the mistake
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happened, the hawaii emergency manage. agency, which is tucked inside that bunker in honolulu. with all due respect, are you sure this was an accident? >> yes. i know the individual. this was an accident. not intentional at all. >> there are no windows in the interior of our house. >> reporter: amanda thompson screamed when she read the alert. she and her husband took their kids and hid in a closet. >> we grabbed everything we possibly could, food, water bottles, as i'm crying my eyes out, we called his parents, and i'm crying is hard that they can't understand me. >> reporter: since december 1st, state officials have resumed drills of the attack warning signal used to notify the public of an inbound missile. so here's what's being done to make sure this doesn't happen again: the governor now wants two people to be involved in every drill, and now on the computer screen, there is a false alarm template, so should someone make another mistake, jeff, it shouldn't take 38 minutes to correct it. >> glor: all right, david
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begnaud, thank you very much. there is also fear that a false alarm could lead to an accidental war. jan crawford has been looking into this. >> first you duck, and then you cover. >> reporter: for a generation in the cold war, the threat of a nuclear attack was ever present. >> there might not be any grown-ups around when the bomb exexplodes. then you're on your own. >> reporter: today's warheads are many times more powerful and deadly, and as information comes faster than ever, it raises the risk of panic public for what's called a nightmare scenario, a false alarm that triggers accidental nuclear war. bruce alexander is a national security expert. >> we need to have some sort of awe thentdcation system. we also have to look at who is authorized to launch these particular alerts and what particular situations. >> reporter: false alarms are nothing new. in 1971, norad sent this erroneous teletype to thousands of broadcast stations,
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activating the emergency broadcast system to announce the united states was under nuclear attack. in 1979, computers at norad headquarters detected what appeared to be a massive soviet missile attack. the u.s. went on high alert, but it was actually a war game tape that had been mistakenly loaded into norad's computers. officials had only minutes to decide whether the warning was accurate and whether or not to retaliate. >> the overriding concern right now is the president of north korea. so in this case, minutes really do matter given that, you know, the proximity they have and the ability to respond or prepare for that. >> reporter: in the case of a true emergency, a wireless alert to the public could come from national, state, or local authorities, all of whom are supposed to have had fema training. in this case fema is investigating what happened in order to prevent it from happening again. now, the current emergency alert system has has been in place since 2012. experts we talked to said better training and more controls can
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fix these issues, and it's fortunate that we know of these problems because of a false alarm instead of failure during an actual event. jeff? >> glor: jan crawford, thank you very much. we turn now to a disturbing story that is emerging out of southern california tonight. a husband and wife are accused of locking up their 13 children in awful conditions, some malnourished. one, authorities say, was able to get out and summon help. danielle nottingham is in our los angeles newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: the 17-year-old girl escaped her riverside county home to tell police a harrowing story of how her siblings were tortured by their parents. 56-year-old david allen turpin and his wife 49-year-old louise ann turpin. 12 brothers and sisters were bound with chains and padlocked by their own parents. malnourished and dehydrated, the children, as young as two years old, were being held in a dark and foul-smelling house without
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food or water. the neighborhood in california, a relatively rural area, is 71 miles east of los angeles. all 13 victims were rescued by officers from the riverside police department and sheriff's department and transported to a local hospital where they are being treated. their parents were booked on 39 counts of torture and child endangerment. they're being held on $9 million bail. detectives reported that some of the victims were actually adults, but they were so emaceuated that they looked like children. jeff? >> glor: danielle, thank you very much. it is hard to believe some of the details emerging on that story. now, nearly a week after the mudslides in southern california, the death toll is 20. three people are still missing this evening. jamie yuccas is in santa barbara county. >> reporter: on blocks where the river of mud destroyed homes as people slept, cadaver dogs continued an exhaustive search for the missing. >> they're trying to find
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people's family members and give them some closure. >> exactly, yeah. the whole community, too. this is a tight-knit community. >> reporter: but closure here is a long way away. there's nothing left. the main highway 101 is shut down for 30 miles, turning commutes into 250-mile, four-hour back-road detours. utility companies are trying to restore power and communication to mud-encased neighborhoods. there is no water. drone footage shows the slow process of removing so much mud, some of it is stuck to once-pristine beaches where it can drain into the sand. the local glowsry store is giving out free water and food to rescue workers after three employees lost family members. >> when you work in a community as we all do, you know these people, and to see them every day and you know their families, you watch their kids grow up,
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it's pretty emotional for everybody involved. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to clear that mud and debris from the freeway, but it likely be another week before the 101 is back open. amtrak has added some cars to help out, but commuters say they're packed, jeff. >> glor: jamie yuccas, thank you very much. investigators continue looking into a terrible boat fire in florida. flames engulfed that boat as it set out for an off-shore casino. about 50 people on board were forced to jump into the gulf of mexico near port richey. one passenger, a 42-year-old woman, died later at a hospital. newly released video just out shows quick thinking by first responders earlier this month when a home outside atlanta went up in flames. the rescue was captured on helmet cam as firefighters worked to save a family from a burning apartment building. captain scott stroup caught the young child dropped from a ladder near a third-floor
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balcony that was in flames. captain jackie peckrul, a mother of triplets, caught a baby that was also dropped midair. >> we did what we had to do. the thing is everybody there knew what they had to do. >> glor: karl ragland's grandson was one of the children that was saved. >> that's the most grateful blessing that i have. >> glor: four adults and eight kids have minor injuries. they are recovering tonight. >> i don't really feel like a hero. i don't think any of us do. it's our job. we're so fortunate to work for dekalb county. >> glor: gold medal gymnast simone biles wrote today on social media that she too is a victim of larry nassar, the former team doctor for u.s.a. gymnastics. biles won the individual al naim around competition in rio in 2016. she joins more than 140 women, including three other olympian,
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who have accused nassar of sexual abuse. nassar is expected to receive a life sentence this week after pleading guilty to sexual assault charges. delores o'riordan, the lead singer of the irish rock singer the cranberries died suddenly today in london. ♪ in your head. in your head ♪ zombie the cranberries had a string of hits in the 1909s ing clouding "zombie," "linger" and account dreams." no word on what caused o'riordan's death. she did recently cut short a tour because of back problems. delores o'riordan was 46 years old. ♪ and now i tell you openly you have my heart ♪ so don't hurt me and now to some other stories we're following in the evening news feed. a mezzanine walkway collapsed without warning today at the stock exchange in jakarta, indonesia. no one was killed, but nearly 80
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were hurt. mostly college students who were touring the exchange. the pilots of a turkish jetliner that skidded off the runway told investigators an engine problem forced the plane to swerve left as it landed saturday. the boeing 737 veered down a slope and stopped just yards from the black sea. none of the 168 people on board were hurt. and girls ages seven to ten are now allowed to become cub scouts. that's a first in the organization's 108-year history. next year older girls will be eligible to join the boy scouts and pursue the rank of eagle scout. much more news ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> reporter: new car buyers have a new option -- pull on a virtual reality headset and go for a virtual test drive. what happened? no there's got to be a logical explanation for this. >> reporter: in 1968, this
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and at fidelity, you'll see how all your investments are working together. because when you know where you stand, things are just clearer. ♪ just remember what i said about a little bit o' soul ♪ >> glor: a new way is coming to buy a car. john blackstone with with how you can do a test drive without getting into the vehicle. >> mason: at the silicone valley car show, future buyers can get a glimpse of the car >> just slide that on. >> pull on virtual reality goggles for latest look at the lexus model. >> it doesn't exist. >> reporter: i just walk right through the door. >> you can kneel down, poke your head in the car. >> reporter: i can look right through the window. >> stick your head right in. >> reporter: virtually every option. >> if you get close to the car, you'll see the metallic right in the paint there. >> reporter: canbe seen
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virtually. but how does it drive? >> are you ready to go on a test drive? >> reporter: the kiosk of a company called flowfound offers virtual test drives. >> now you're in the ford. >> reporter: the kiosks are available at several dealerships around the country. one down side, you are stuck in the passenger seat. i tried it. i didn't get to drive. the c.e.o. was designed to demonstrate advanced features buyers are never likely to encounter in a real test drive. >> there are so many safety features you can't try, like launch mode or collision avoidance. these things working, but they're scawrry. >> reporter: shoppers may have another reason to put on the goggles, dodging the sales pitch >> the salesmen are very well trained using these virtual test drives, they're able to avoid the social pressures and make decisions in your own pace and time. >> reporter: so car shoppers
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>> glor: so many have seen the picture and wondered, how did that happen? a car dangling from a second-floor dentist's office in santa ana, california. well, surveillance video shows the car flipped a median and took flight. no one was seriously hurt. the driver told police he had used drugs. britain's highest award for animal gal listen gallantry was presented posthumously to chip, a dog who attacked a machine gun nest to world war ii. his owners donated him to the war effort after he bit the
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call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> glor: honors for martin luther king, jr., on this the 89th anniversary of his birth. king was assassinated 50 years ago this april in memphis. he had gone there to support striking sanitation workers. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: in the winter of 1968, the garbagemen of memphis put the city on notice, men like elmore nickleberry and baxter leach. they went on strike demanding equal pay and better working conditions after two coworkers were accidentally killed in a trash compactor. what were the marchers saying? >> the marchers were saying,
6:57 pm
"we'll overcome some day." >> reporter: were you ever fearful for your life? >> sure. it felt lick a war zone. >> reporter: a korean war veteran, nickleberry and others were now fighting for justice and the simple right to a sink to watch off the stench of a nine-hour day. his pay, just $1.25 a day. on april 3, 1968, he found himself in lock step with martin luther king, jr. >> that day was a good day. it was marvelous they. when i saw him, i said, this man, he's going to change a lot of things. >> reporter: you felt you had a shot? >> i know i had a shot. >> 1,300 of god's children are here suffering, going through dark and dreary nights. >> the speech he gave, you know, that did something to me. >> >> reporter: what did it do to you? >> i was thinking that everything was going to be all
6:58 pm
right. >> reporter: but the next day, standing on the balcony of the lorraine motel, kink was assassinated. >> it was like losing one of my family members. >> reporter: did you see justice after his death? >> yeah. >> reporter: leach worked another 43 years. nickleberry is still on the job today, the longest-serving employee in the city's history. tonight the naacp is honoring them for the role they played in the fight for human dignity. michelle miller, cbs news, memphis. >> glor: and that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. we leave you this martin luther king day with the gospel classic "oh happy day" made famous by the great edwin hawkins, who died today at the age of 74. it is performed here by ray charles. ♪ oh, happy day
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catch my baby. the firefighter hailed a hero. >> i look up and i see somebody was dropping a baby to me. and more heart stopping video. captured by a guy on a skate board. then, nuclear oops. >> this is not a drill. >> deborah: but would you know what to do if there was a real missile attack. >> how to survive a nuclear war. and what you're doing wrong every day of your life, and you don't even know it. >> you're doing it wrong. >> how to do things the right way, removing stains, storing ice crm.


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