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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 16, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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get ready a wall of white moving towards our area and wipt ep weather advisory is in effect for parts of the area katie is here to time it all out for us. >> i wish there was something this community could have done. >> and behind these walls 1 children shackinged and stabbing now neighbors are reacting to the unspeakable crime committed by the victi victim's parents. >> and hottest tickets in town go on sale later this morning. we're live with what you need to know if you try to get tickets to sunday nfc
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championship game at the linc. study tuesday, january 16. good morning i'm jim donovan. >> and rahel solomon. >> and katie and meisha are keeping a an on things. >> happenty tuesday welcome back. >> we're looking at areas where we he have freeze. we we do have snow starting to work our way towards us. here's the thing with this. it's incredibly shrubish front taken takes its sweet old time to work its way through. and looks like it's very close by to philly. it takes song to get here the snow is likely to not even start accumulating until after midnight tonight you have the whole day before it works its
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way through. that's the key to remember this even though it looks like it's right there it's going to take time i-95 corridor and south and east you're not dealing with this until tomorrow morning i can't remember the last time i saw something move this sluggis sluggishly. >> after a three day weekend more a spring in your step, though. we have snow eventually starting to work its way in and winter weather add voosry as a result. it's for northwest half of delaware valley and for sox you in effect and doesn't start until 4 p.m. the further south you are. >> snow is on the way and we'll let you know how much snow will fall. >> looking outside now. quick peek 95 south and basically anywhere interstate 95 right now. looking good. we were looking at construction here. skill kill closed eastbound between vine and south street
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and cones lifted and looking great there. and it looks like it's got news that reopened entere entered. and route 22 southbound off ram topical hoon closed. aalso closed in this area route 2. and okay 2 river road closed black rock and calhoun join over to you. >> nfc championship game against minnesota strikeings. >> all got ones are probably taken. trang doe is live at lincoln financial field where the birds are hoping to get most out of home field advantage. hi, trang.
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>> hi, rahel and jim to get a sense of how hot the tickets are fall cops sold out in a minute. >> these are expected to go faster than they did. they'll have to rely on the resale market. >> that means good business for paul con owe way owner of enter be takenment maker grou group. those that cannot get tickets through ticket master paul has them covered for a premium of course. >> it's a national event. it's not just a philadelphia event any jp more to people come from all over. we had calls obviously minnesota tickets going for 500 alan takes his chances snapping up cheap tickets last minute on
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sites like stubhub. >> i have a client that wants to fly in from min bhin his wife. and i cannot afford to play that game with this game. >> a lucky few will win when tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. ticket past >> in my belief single stan standing room tickets and maybe some pairs out there. but it will be very few and far between and very, very is quick. standing-room-only it 170 to 255 steal compared to resale market. i'm trang do cbs3 eyewitness news. >> hottest ticket in town. >> once again eagles are under dogs. that's a role they embrace. team sent courageing fans to
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wear dog masks inside the stadium during the game on sunday. lane johnson wore one you may recall after saturday win and fans loved. it you can even get under dog shirt here are a couple of them being sold right now this on left is shy vintage sports and one on right is from crossing here's how vegas sees the odd makers 35 to 40% chance of beating strikeings and getting super bowl. if the birds make it that far odds are 13% chance of winning it all. jacksonville jaguars have 10% chance and vikings 3 2% chance and patriots have 45%. >> other news this morning there is a court hearing for the man authorities say punc punched a police horse after this weekend's eagles game. whitehall lehigh county taylor hendrix was ejected before the incident. police say hendrix assaulted the horse near city and parking lot the the
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22-year-old face as i slew of charges. >> new dpoch nor of new jersey will be sworp in in trenton today. democrat phil murphy will succeed murphy will be sworn in at war memorial trenton and tonight inaugural ball will be held met life in rutherford. that caps five days of preinsawing ration fest activitys in the garden state. weeks after taking oath for his fourth term allentown mayor ed palowsik goes on trial for corruption charges. fra federal prosecutors say he ran a pay-to-play scheme and mayor allegedly told vendors he expected campaign contributions in exchange for city contracts and powloski says he's innocent. >> house of horror uncovered in california neighborhood. children held captive in own home with some dhind beds. cbs news core stopped enter
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spoke to neighborhoods wondering how they missed signs signs neighbors are trying to figure out how they missed signs. they say the family lived here three years and didn't come out much. this fall the parents and few kids were seen during yard work. >> looks like they were having fun like a regular family helping people like an assembly line. >> kids were pale and shy and did not seem to be in poortordsf the children were dirty and mall norished and at first oldee
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adults between the ages of 18 2s experience with the fosterr heaf a case like this before. >> it was heartbreaking. especially as foster parent that's and to see someone has own kids like that it's hard. >> the home was registered as a private school called sand castle day school. 57-year-old david terp tin listed as prince pal and he and his wife are facing charges of torture and child endangerment bail set at 9 million each. >> riverside country sheriff department will hold a press conference tuesday morning. we're hoping we learn then exactly what was going on inside this home and how the children are doing now. i'm tina batel for cbs news paris california. >> and cbs news correspondent
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david bedno are at the wlom the children are kept. look for him on cbs be this morning after eyewitness news here on cbs3. >> coming up n a look at winter weather playing inning nation from texas to maine and katie has more on the snow headed our way. >> and take a look this say live look at the delaware river and morrisville where ice jams have been a problem than was flooding because of them yesterday. we'll tell you when it expect them to clear up. >> and this volcano is spewing hot lava and thick ash. authorities bracing for eruption. how many people are being how many people are being evacuated.
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>> back on eyewitness news hat
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lavr apouring out of the mountain and spewing ash on saturday and unleashed burning mudd and rocks on sunday. fearly 15,000 people fled homes and after officials warned about possible eruptio eruption. >> and from something that down right cold ice jams in local rivers are causing flooding. take a look at the delaware river trenton from chopper. you can see full of ice chunks. recent warm temperatures and rain led to the ice breaking up and slowing down the river as a result of all the ice water from the river overflowed and it's frosen own to route 29. >> we're now looking liver at the delaware river near trenton where a flood warning remains in effect until 1:00 today and still dark but can still make out the river of ice. >> another bitter blast of winter warm is headed our way. bryceing them saevlingz for more snow, ice, frigid temperatures. here's more on what to expect phone the winter storm.
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>> it's the shores is of lake erie in ohio where ice is 30 feet high in some spots. icy conditions also in park hills carson wentz that's where a driver lost control and crashed into this parked police vehicle. as jams seen in the river in connecticut while these water falls in sue falls south dakota froze. it's all frn winter storm covering numerous states week bringing trijit temperatures from midwest to the upper east coast. >> i got up:00 this morning and went outside and we it stopped snowing at that time. had 1" out. there. >> some residents in indiana tried to make the most of it. >> we were looking for something fun do. >> trying to help keep the sidewalks clean. this broom is not as good as shovels. it works just as well. >> while in southeast texas a winter storm warning is in
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effect through wednesday. >> we made sure all stations are prepared and ready to go. >> a station was declared across alabama tonight and officials choseed a number of schools in missouri and tennessee and other states affected to be affected by this blast, georgia, west virginia and pennsylvania. and john lawrence, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> and i like that last part of his story where i heard pennsylvania. >> yeah katie you can see in that graphic we're sort of right there alone the track. >> indeed we are this is not just a very large system but it's sluggish too and also important to note places like texas and places like alabama, mississippi, george athey don't handle snow as easily as we can far north they don't quite have resources and it's rare to see. accumulating snow. we are very much used to it however. let's start it off by showing you wide zoom on radar. had this is expansive front.
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i have to be honest this not a lot to it when it gets us to. big things with this is how slowly it moves in. and now we're getting reports denise, jim, that found you on facebook faichbility denise said muleburg township outside of reading she start odd to see snow. it will be light. we're start sog see a little bit of it. it all most looks like rain coming down. that's in fact snow and powder blue mountain. in the teen time i want to time this out. >> we'll get through the whole day without a flake of snow. it doesn't started as late for us. we're already seeing snow showers pick up in the moun taps and far northwest corner of area area this evening it's working its way to lehigh valley. right next door. it's taking its time and not even until the overnight here in philly the snow begins to fall. tomorrow morning's commute willnd up the worst as it pertains to i-95 and here are expectations you could be doubling expectation if philly
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up to just county or two away up to 6" as far as south at west chester county 1 to 3 general idea across i-95 corridor corridor looking good. every road we're doing is heating up quicker than yesterday of course because of mlk day. heads up on that. give yourself extra minutes. schuylkill at the boulevard and travel around at posted speed. schuylkill you're looking good around the boulevard. looking at flooding and re freezing yesterday that had
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rite 29 southbound at cool hoon street completely closed down. >> ramp closed cool hoon street that is closedment however route 29 southbound calhoun street the entire stretch of southbound side of 29 reopen entered. another area that is still affected is route 32 river road closed between black rock and calhoun street bridge. just a heads up on that. that's a repeat of what you heard. this is closer for new jersey governor inauguration. you can expect delays around the entire trenton area really because of that more on this in a bit. rahel and jim back to you. >> meisha, thank you. for a look at head lines across the region. >> boil water add sciencery should be issued yesterday by trenton water works and when it was not the state department of environmental protection issued alert instead and 250,000 customers were affected and and dep violations for water treatment
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proceed awrz and failure to notify the public of emergencies. >> and news journal citigroup boosts job compensation for women and minorities in bid and share shoulder fresh rur citigroup assessment showed women and minorities on average paid 99% of what got. >> all dog lovers four legged friend of all shapes and sizes return to wildwood convention center for annual all breed dog show and atlantic ocean classic dog show will feature five days of competitions starting this wednesday. up next spat here with morning sports. >> headed to nfc championship game battle of under dogs and heated between sixers and raptors as ben simmonds becomes a target
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>> welcome back we're glad you're with us. >> spat here with sports and hereing about the big game. >> and teammates two years dpooing with rams and meet up sunday with starters and eagle and vikings and on the line nfc site isle and trip to minnesota for the super bowl. now the eagles took care of matt ryan and nfc fall cops on day. birds five point win have them in the title game vikings are back since 2000 the minnesota last super we'll be appreance was two careers ago and offer perspectives. >> to have a lot of sort of you know people not having a lot of confidence in us and yet to find ways to win just makes it that much more special for this group and
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they understand where we are. they understand where they he are as well and what they heard all season long too. it's this is a special time of year with special group of men and you know yeah we still have one more game in weekend and we'll see what happens. >> now a bhan ties to both teams is expected to be hired as new coach at new york giants. pat shurmur currently vikings offensive coordinator and he was eagles quarterback coach when the the birds played in super bowl in 2004 and was also chip kelly offensive coordinator here with the eagles 2013 to 2015 and into the loued to negotiate with the the giants until after they're bounced with playoffs and hope he becomes coach of giants on monday. you got that? there's something about those philly guys and last week philly native marcus mars took exception for hard screen made
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by ben simmons and yesterday at wells fargo center kyle lauerry and simmonds went face to face and no one messs with t. j. mc connell. he chipped in career high 1 and sixers had 19 point lead in 3rd quarter and raptors cut it to two. joel embiid was unstoppable. 34 points, 11 rebounds. sixers win 11, 111 right before the final horn sim mopdz and philly native lowery get heated both rejected and simmonds shot down a report that the two got heated in the hallway near the locker rooms. >> some mondz brushed it all off. >> maybe it's a philly thing i don't know. they have players. i've seep them play. i'm the same way. i'm not going to let you push me around or person me and say whatever you want just because i'm not that type of player. >> ben simmonds not going to take.
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>> he doesn't want to be pushed around he can stuck up for himself. >> we'll tell what you got sneaker heads camping out overnight and how much these new kicks will cost you. >> i like that you useded that word. >> and also ahead his book rocked the whitehouse and shot to the top of best sellers list where you can see author michael wolff tonight in our area. plus this♪ plus this♪ ♪ and we're remembering cranberry singer delor is rea reardon that pass away yesterday. we'll have that when we come we'll have that when we come back.
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coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below.
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did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪ say what up, rocco. good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> kailty and meisha will be along in a moment. fist what you need to know in the morning xhipt. tuesday, january 16. >> it looks like it is knocking on the door now righ right? here in philadelphia. we expect about one to three


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