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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 17, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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we're looking live in allentown where snow is falling this morning and wet road are expected to slow down the morning commute. and area that is not expecting much accumulation out of this system but light dusting could cause traffic problem. a live look at storm scan three that shows just how large that system is, and hitting our region in time for the morning commute. today is wednesday, january 17th good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. there are several school delays, that information at bottom of the screen. lets get your day started with a check with wetter and katie with traffic and weather. >> hey, good morning. >> it is early. snowflakes are falling right now, on my particular commute in it was just very wet but
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our camera shots we are seeing snow, coming down, little bit of everything and we have some accidents out there, katie. >> this is the kind of system that make us just go, ugh because they are not going to dumb april lot but they still mess with you in a pretty significant way. it makes sense we are on early here this morning to give you we when you get outside the door here, rain head up to the weather watchers you are already up and watching. we will show you your reports at 4:45 or so. get them n i want to know what you are seeing. we have a mix touring going on cold air still catching up in the last few hours. it was wet on my drive too, just very cold rain but now getting cold enough it is turning over to snow, still just rain in new jersey, you might get gipped out of this one across southeastern, new jersey and delaware. we will have more late are on but you can see there is a back edge. it will take a few more showers but we do still have
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winter weather advisory posted as well as now a winter storm warning that is specific to the poconos, until 11:00 this morning. that is where we will get hit hardest and end up with the most in terms of the snowfall totals as well. looking at current temperatures we are right on the cusp here, 35 in philadelphia at the airport. you may, still even count sore mixing that is going on but there is a change. there is a transition that is getting underway as we speak where we're in doyletown just 32. still at 36 in palmyra. you get the idea. we are starting to see that chill settle n what will this do to your commute? it will have an impact with much more tea tail on that but general idea it gets better with time. the snow will be falling through our morning drive by the afternoon. probably still wet out there and maybe a little slick with the chill in place but even by the p.m. drive here, meisha some sun will be break go through. so it does get better. >> yes, that is good news just our commuters to have pack their patients this morning because it will be a busy
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morning. we are seeing activity, this is snowflakes we are seeing here on the schuylkill near gulph mills. you can see brake lights as well for our early commuters out there on the roadways. doyletown road at county line iead, i know doylestown. look at this in bucks county, you cab see the snow coming down. to accumulate on the roadways. this will make for a, morning co you will to have give yourself extra time. you have to take it very tracto, fire, out there in new jersey, route 55 north bound pennsylvania route 553, that right lane is still, compromised we are still showing green around that but that won't hold too much long fur that stays out there speed restrictions on the northeast extension between mid county and lehigh county, 45 miles an hour restrictions there also another accident in towamencin where a vehicle hit a pole, we have got injuries here as well , morris road at valley view way, jim and rahel, back over to you. well, some of us are
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waking up to snow. >> how much snow depends where you live. we sent "eyewitness news" reporter, trang do up north, trang do, good morning. what are you seeing there. >> reporter: good morning. you know i can always fine the snow, or rather the snow finds me here in allentown coming down at a pretty good clip. we took 476 to allentown. it was mostly kind of this wet , snow, rain, mixture but here in allentown it is definitely snow. you can see here it is starting to accumulate on, sidewalks, and surfaces here, so, it is looking like it is a half inch of accumulation here , so some of this light, fluffy snow here. as we look over to the roads, the plow just went buy but road look good. we had in trouble at all getting up here. they are wet. it is above freezing here. so we're not seeing anything like that in terms of the freezing just mostly wet looking road, and, with the accumulation on the sidewalks we are seeing people out here at this very early hour, this
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is a gentlemen there, seeing some snow. right now not causing issues, especially at 4:00 a.m., looking good, kind of like that light, fluffy, snow, you guys, so back to you in the studio. >> thanks, trang do. from the suburbs to the city, it is a mixture of a bag >> jan carabao is live in manayunk. so what are you seeing there. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. still fairly quiet here along main street manayunk this morning. overnight we were seeing mostly rain, just too warm for that rain to turn over to snow but we think the last 30 minutes finally temperatures have continued to drop and rain has now turned over to snow. you can see a very light snow falling right now and it is a wet snow as well. take a look at main street manayunk. you can see road glistening this morning, however, that shine you see is from the overnight rain, this snow is not sticking at lee not just yet. take a look at a video we caught up with penndot crews
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gearing up at oregon avenue salt yard in south philadelphia earlier this morning, and penndot has 450 salt trucks and plows, ready to go, to do with whatever this storm brings us. right now they are watching and waiting to see when the snow will start accumulating but as they wait they want people to keep this in mind as they get up, get ready and head out the door, take a listen. >> we have about 450 trucks out, and, district six, county area. slow down, you see our trucks out there, just back off a little bit and take your time you'll get where you are going to go. >> reporter: so penndot crews have been very busy, they were pretreating the road earlier this week with some 4,000 tons of salt and these small storms we have been having has been taking a toll on the resources penndot has used 40,000 tons of salt, this season, while they have not had to reorder just yet they do say these storms are taking a toll. we will continue to update you
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on the conditions, out here, long main street manayunk this morning but for now we're reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it has been a busy winter, jan, thank you. more storm watch continues after the break. >> we are also talking about eagles fever coming up next on "eyewitness news" see how people are gearing up forbidder biggest game of the season. >> we're looking live from the mobile weather watcher out and about this morning on the road , right now driving along the schuylkill expressway westbound and it is snowing right now but roadway is mainly wet, just take it easy and allow yourself extra time. katie will have the very latest on the storm system and meisha has a check of the road coming up, we are back in minutes.
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and back on "eyewitness news" we are tracking snow this morning. here's a live look from the mobile weather watcher there is a winter weather advisory for western parts of the region this morning. katie's tracking it all and her full forecast coming up in just a moment. well, the nfc championship game is just a few days away and eagles fans are stocking up on bird gear and more for the big game. >> our alexandria hoff shows us how far fans and businesses are willing to go for a g time. >> thank you for calling, minnesota's hometown airline. >> reporter: minnesota airline has added additional chartered flights bound for philadelphia on sunday, specifically, for vikings fans, and eagles nation is ready to greet them with opened arms: >> of sorts. >> when you play philly, you play the whole city. >> reporter: step inside this place on fourth street and they are bus which costume order for eagles gear, cater
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ers, bars, restaurant owners are gearing up to provide game day experience for those unable to secure tickets inside the linc. >> we are winning as long as they are winning. >> reporter: philadelphia slice locations are offering up something special for nfc championship. >> we have created a pizza for eagles fans, our eagles spicy meat lovers. it is hot pizza since eagles are hot. >> reporter: this is philly so there are some seeking to celebrate eagles in a less conventional way. >> i think the closer we get to a championship more people want to represent, and put a logo on their body. >> reporter: at philly's tattoo, fourth street location , they still remember being swamped after 2008 world series. >> tons of phillies p's, liberty bells, p's. >> reporter: now tattoo artists are preparing for what could be an influx of eagles tattoos. >> i will do logo all day. >> reporter: it is all about showing vikings what we have got because like that shirt said, when you play philly, you play the whole city. back to that flight out of
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minneapolis, now they started with just one flight that would leave early sunday morning and return back even earlier on monday morning, so that people didn't to have get hotels, well that one sold out almost immediately. they have added on a second, flight, and you know we have tried to find a bar that caters specifically to vikings fans here in philadelphia and if there were any they would not admit it to me. reporting overlooking center city alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". welcome tourist was opened arms. city of philadelphia is letting fans, businesses know the rules for after the game win or lose, philadelphia police issued a memo for businesses in the area, frankford and cottman a known gathering place for, you may say, rowdy fans after philly teams win big games like nfc championship in 2005. police instructed business toss keep gates locked and remove all outside property like trash cans, flower pots, and they are asking bars to serve drinks in plastic cups and not to sell any take out
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bottles. for fans, authorities will also enforce opened container laws, and there are parking restrictions around frankford and cottman through monday morning. this is about getting real interesting. philadelphia police are warning fans about the perils of ticket scams. police department says it has launched a special june to it bust scammers. experts say selling fraudulent tickets largely happens in one of two ways, first, criminals duplicate bar code from legitimate tickets that excited fans post on social media other is counterfeit ticket. >> it is a significant problem it is a shame because person, victim of the scam there is very little redress available to them other than, possibly when it goes to the criminal justice system. >> police say if you are still in the market for tickets make sure you are buying them from a reputable source. as we get ready for the nfc championship game we want to see your eagles pride. snap a photo and powe to it facebook, twitter, instagram, using the #cbs-3 and we might
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share your picks right here on "eyewitness news". back to our storm watch coverage. time is 4:13. >> katie has a check of the forecast. what sit looking like as far as moving in. >> it is moving in as we speak and we will see light snow, out of this, problem with systems like this they still cause major headaches e if they don't amount to very much but we have seen this impact, millions of people, we still have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings posted a the way down into alabama, mississippi and extending that all the way up in to new england. so we're certainly not alone in this regard but you are alone in the sense up in the poconos when it comes to the winter storm warnings. it is a winter weather advisory for northwester half of the region same for carbon and monroe county where we have a warning posted and that does extend into new england and northern new jersey, as well. but, with that said, it depend where you are and what you end up getting out of this. this system is strung out still producing decent snow down across parts of the southeas lot of what has been just rain in ther to sw
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see that purple overtakes the radar. it is still through south jersey, except, you know, parts of the gloucester camden couor now soun pennsylvania is strictly snowfall even though it is a light snowfall especially in places like the city, it is snowfall nonetheless and with time will accumulate a little bit. thirty-four is current temperature at the airport as well as trenton. thirty-two allentown. twenty's in the mount pocono. it is getting cold enough to see this turn over to straight up snow but we are still just above that threshold of the freezing mark in south jersey it is just a killed rain for now but note business this, front much colder air works in these are actual air temperatures. freezing cold in state college only in the teens and pittsburgh only two, right now , and that is the actual temperature that is notor wind . it is getting harsh in the wake of this. thankfully we will see a rebound but we will get to that as we take a look forward here in to our seven day.
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meanwhile we have not changed the amounts i should have changed that head line, that should say wednesday morning but we are still calling for general one to three. we will be on the lower end of that range in the city, once it is all said and done and might get gipped across south jersey but you could end up with a coating in these changed over to has bum's eye will be north and western most suburbs, lehigh valley, poconos, we will take you around a tour here of our neighborhood network cameras. snow still falling pretty well as 1lone car drives through the scene here outside pleasant valley middle and high school, noda absolutely nothing, dry boardwalk at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. i'm getting the rap here. let's give you a look the at seven day. it does rebound. we are back to sunshine later on today. look at this weekend, meisha, lower 50's great tailgate for the eagles. >> sure is, it looks absolutely awesome this weekend, we just have to get through this morning's commute and we are seeing some problem spots out there you can see
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flakes flying out here on the schuylkill near gulph mills we are looking at a disabled vehicle on the westbound side and that looks like it has now , been just cleared. head up because even when we see snowflakes like this and getting cold it gets very slippery. this is when we will see some problems. doyletown road at county line road in bucks county is a snapshot of what you will be dealing with in certain parts. you can see snow, accumulation on the roadway, looking wet, icy and sometimes when it looks wet it can be straight ice, so take it reallies i out there. tractor trailer fire in, el k township new jersey, route 55 northbound pennsylvania route 553, and speed restrictions are in place in certain areas as well,ortheast extension between mid county, lehigh valley, we are down to 45 miles an hour, rahel and jim, back over to you. well, rain or snow you are in for a slick commute. >> matt peterson is in the mobile weather watcher in conshohocken montgomery county so how are things looking right there, right now. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning.
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right now on 76, it is really for the most part just wet on most of the roads. we will switch over to our dash camera and you can see what we're looking at here this morning. we've got a little bit past conshohocken area but still 76 west near king of prussia and 202. so the snow has started to come down a little bit, the rain has again changed over to that wet snow, and the road again for those, for the most part are just wet, and it does look like they were treated through the overnight hours and now in the early parts of our wednesday, and so that does mean that where road are treated and when that snow falling it most likely will be just wet. traffic will be moving slow, although, all day licensing, because of the fact that we will be seeing that wet, falling snow especially in the morning hours and then that chance for slick spots as meisha was talking about in her traffic report a couple minutes ago, so, again for the most part right new we are looking at wet road with a little bit of wet, falling snow and then of crswill keep ae
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slick spots and if we key accumulating snowfall as we head further outside of the city. so jim and rahel, i will send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, matt we will check with you soon, thank you and old man winte is making his presence known in the south. state offices in lieu san air close because of snow and dangerously cold conditions. this video fridays saint frances where heavy snow fell late into the night. our winter weather turned treacherous in kentucky. we are looking at a scene of the multi vehicle crash involving i gray hound bus, and police say five vehicles were involved sending several people to the hospital. houston is under a hard freeze warning this morning, easy to see why, road are covered in ice, many drivers had a hard time navigating those roadways. snow means no classes for students at university of arkansas at pine bluff, about 5 inches of snow fell in the area yesterday, and the school in the area also closed because of the weather.
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the clock is ticking closer to friday's government shut down. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will have the latest as lawmakers work to strike a deal. we are back in just a moment. ♪ ♪ you can smell it. you can almost taste it. you know exactly what you want. your instincts demand it. give them a reason to rejoice.
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well, welcome back everybody. live look from bethlehem where we're tracking winter wet they are morning. there is a winter weather advisory in effect for lehigh valley and here's a live look at storm scan three, you can see winter storm is moving across our area right now,
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meteorologist katie fehlinger is tracking it and she will have an update in her full forecast in a few minutes. turning now to washington we are just days away from a possible government shut down. >> lawmakers have until friday to make a deal. immigration reform is biggest issue facing lawmakers and they are trying to figure out what to do about dreamers or immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. some democrats say they went vote on a spending bill until a deal to protect them is reached. >> only way they can allow a government shut down is donald trump, and i don't know why he would humiliate the united states, humiliate himself, humiliate his party, a government shut down. >> hopefully democrats will stop playing politics and start governing and getting their job done. >> president tweeted the shut down government for amnesty overall. president trump's new years resolutions include looting weight. doctor jackson released the
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details of his first presential physical. white house doctor say he is fit for duty. president whim focus on losing 10 to 15-pound over next year by starting a routine. >> we talk about diet, exercise a lot. he is more enthusiastic about i diet part then exercise part we will do both. he has cognitive or mental issues whatsoever. he isery sharp. >> doctor also says he expects the 71 year-old president to remain healthy throughout his presidency. well, happening today congress will honor former senate majority leader bob dole, leaders of the house and senate are presenting him with the congressional gold medal. he represented kansas in the house of representatives from 1961 to 1968, and then elect senator and served until 1996. dole also served in the military, he enlisted in the army during world war two and suffered serious injuries and awarded a pair of purple hearts and a bronze star. phil murphy is officially new jersey's 56th governor
4:25 am
after taking oath of office. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> thank you. >> governor murphy was sworn in yesterday during a festive ceremony at war memorial in trenton. he is succeeding chris christie. governor murphy shared his plans during his inaugural address. his goal, to make new jersey a stronger, more fair state for all residents. >> a stronger, and fairer new jersey funds its public schools and delivers on the promise of property tax relief a bill to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. i will sign an executive order , promoting, equal pay, for women. >> former state assembly speaker sheila oliver was also sworn in new jersey's secretary lieutenant governor, she's first african-american woman to serve in statewide office. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has announced the approval of the one million-dollar in funding for philadelphia ronald mcdonald house, money will be used to expand the house, with the addition of the new 93,000 square food tower.
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the expansion will allow the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house, first of its kind to more than double the number of families that it currently serves. well, we're continuing to track winter weather moving across our area this morning. >> lets look live from jack frost big bold inner carbon county if you have to drive this morning definitely plan to leave earlier then usual, that will make the road slippery. we will check the forecast when "eyewitness news" continues in two minutes.
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coming down in the lehigh valley i'm trang do witha> a look at conditions if you are walking outsider allentown. i'm jan carabao reporting live along main street inning we the rain has turned, snow, coming up we will take a look at how penndot crews have repairs to your morning commute, as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: live look at storm scan three shows us a large storm system sitting over pennsylvania, at one of perhaps the war times of the day bringing snow in some spots, rain in others along with possible slick conditions , just in time, for your morning commute. good morning everyone i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. lets check the forecast with katie and i think we know what is coming. >> yes, exactly, impact jan says things are switching transition taking place as cold air air is catching up to us. we were able to rebound past freezing mark yesterday and we have been waiting for those temperatures to drop, for it to turn over to snow, at lee in some spots, it has just been that way in the north and western most counties and you will end up with the bulk of the accumulation. but this is a couple hours loop here and this is definitely showing how things have transitioned at this point, mainly just rain, some of those parts in the south jersey but now it is turning cold enough just across south jersey for it to turn it all over to snow. we're still expecting modest accumulation but that is keyword there along i-95, modest is word i would use. a new sense for travel is still a nuisance for travel, however. it doesn't have to be that much to cause substantial delays and problems, out there so hopefully you are watching
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