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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 17, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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katie and i think we know what is coming. >> yes, exactly, impact jan says things are switching transition taking place as cold air air is catching up to us. we were able to rebound past freezing mark yesterday and we have been waiting for those temperatures to drop, for it to turn over to snow, at lee in some spots, it has just been that way in the north and western most counties and you will end up with the bulk of the accumulation. but this is a couple hours loop here and this is definitely showing how things have transitioned at this point, mainly just rain, some of those parts in the south jersey but now it is turning cold enough just across south jersey for it to turn it all over to snow. we're still expecting modest accumulation but that is keyword there along i-95, modest is word i would use. a new sense for travel is still a nuisance for travel, however. it doesn't have to be that much to cause substantial delays and problems, out there so hopefully you are watching us new because we have fore
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thought to set the alarm early. winter weather advisory posted until 7:00 this morning around mess of the region northwest half of the region i should say but winter storm warning for just a few counties in our area in the poconos, carbon, monroe sit in that winter storm warning where we will have a decent amount out of this. thirty-four is current temperature at airport. thirty in reading. thirty-two allentown. getting colder. notice it is still only 39 in ocean city. even though that wind is turning northwesterly, you know it will eventually get cold enough we will see a few flakes mixing in but we will end up getting bypassed by bulk of this further south, as you travel. daytime highs, are going to level off in the lower 30's but snow will draw to a close, overcast, sky, come lunchtime but skies should continue to clear for at lee a little bit of sun, breeze picks up, cold settles back in and we will clear out here, meisha but here and now is really the headline for today, we are looking ahead to some pretty tricky travel for the next couple of hours.
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>> almost certainly we are seeing it, katie, we have a few stents out there, we have snowy conditions and we have speed restrictionness play. just a quick peak at some flakes near schuylkill and gulph mills what you're looking at in certain areas. some accumulating on the roadway. it will be very, very slick and slippery. we will have to factor in some extra time this morning. we have a tractor trailer fire in elk township new jersey route 55 northbound pennsylvania 553 buck road that right lane compromised there. we have speed restrictionness place, northeast extension down to 45, walt whitman bridge 35, new jersey turnpike , down to 45 as well. then we are looking at a couple other accidents this morning, this one, in haddonfield road at iing avenue in pennsauken new jersey head up, in the neck of the wood give yourself extra time very slippery, also towamencin a vehicle hit a pole morris road at valley view way. eve another accident in avon dale as well route 41, at any neck of the wood, probably
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very slippery give yourself extra time. we will talk she in next 10 minutes or so, jim and rahel, back over to you. your best chance to see accumulating snow is toward northwest. >> our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do she's live in downtown allentown where trang do we have seen people outside shoveling, already good morning. >> reporter: they are getting started very early here i'm surprised, as we mentioned we are seeing accumulation here on the sidewalk. when people wake up this morning they will have to be out here, shoveling a little bit of the path as you can see we already have a good amount, here on the sidewalk, but looking over to the road is here, pretty, pretty good, it is just slick, you have seen as snow flakes coming down it is pretty much just wet, it was starting to accumulate but as cars drive through on the road it is just clearing the past but as this continues to fall down here the snowfall, we will take you over here to seventh street, which lead in to downtown, as you can see
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that this could potentially be a problem later this morning, slight hill, that cars have to climb so they have been kind of staying in the middle, staying in that path that has been cleared by earlier cars so you can see that people crossing the street as well. lots of snowplows out here, they are more than prepared for this this is nothing like what we have experienced about two weeks ago, i mean very pleasant it is not that crazy wind to have it blowing down coming down very nicely accumulating on the ground and so far so good here in allentown. for now live, i'm trang do cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you guys. and it is not as much snow in philadelphia but salt crews are ready to tackle anything mother nature throws our way. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live, how are conditions there. >> reporter: well, rahel, good morning, we have seen progression of this storm, here in manayunk this morning, overnight, it was mainly rain, and then right around 3:30 this morning that rain, turned to a kind of a heavy snow, and
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finally, hour by hour, as the temperatures dropped we have seen this light, fluffy snow start to fall, a live look behind me this morning here along main street in manayunk you can see the road are still clear they are glistening and that is just moisture left over from the overnight rain, in of that is frozen and snow has been sticking to the road just yet but looking over to the sidewalk we can see cobblestones here on picturesque main street the snow is starting to stick. it is cold out here, it is freezing and snow is falling more steadily now. taking a look at the video you can see penndot crews are ready for whatever kind of precipitation you can see they have been busy, gearingp at oregon avenue salt yard in south philadelphia, penndot has 450 salt trucks and plows ready to go, and they have been busy pretreating the road were 4,000 tons of salt and a lot of these storms have been taking a toll, on their storage. they have used 40,000 tons of salt, they have not had to
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reorder just yet, but, you know, these storms are taking their toll. now as you wake up and head ts penndot is reminding folks to take your time, do not not crow, let them do their job. in main street manayunk we have earlyred delivery, the truck moving down the street no problem at is really what you should do this morning but again, the rain has turned to falling, it is sticking to the sidewalks now, now not thehos rg jan, thank you. in other news authorities in montgomery county are a 10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of an alleged sexual generated image of the suspect wanted for raping a w norristown farm park last august. investigators cre t process cald dna dna evidence left
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behind by a suspect. >> we need help in solving t hope that this tool will give us,omebody, that then we can compare scientifically. >> now if you recognize this man or if you have any information in this case please contact the police. well, it is day two of the disgraced sports doctor larry nassar's four day sentencing hearing in michigan. yesterday, several female athletes shared their stories of sexual abuse as nassar reportedly hid his face and trembled as they spoke. his accusers include alley raisman and most recently simon biles. nassar pleaded guilty to molesting seven women but nearly 100 women are expect to speak over the course of his four day sentencing hearing. >> out west in southern california community is still in shock investigators found 13 brothers and sisters malnourished and some chained up inside of their home. take a look, taken on sunday,
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police taking david turpin away from their parent's home in handcuffs. officials say their 13 children were held captive. seventeen year-old daughter escaped to call for help when the disturbing discovery and rush victims to near hospitals. traumatic ordeal. i can tell you that they are that they arehatnd i b life wil get better for them. >> e children range in age from two to 29, and california state record show they were home schooled their father was listed aspirin at their current address. much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the sky, we will have more on on a e cruiser's dash camera, coming up next. also ahead we will check with the mobile weather watcher now they are driving along route 422 near oaks where it is snowing and road are wet, allow yourself extra time to get where you are going and we will get an update from the storm from
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dash cam video shows a meteor over the state of michigan. that is what the national weather service said about the sky lighting up at 8:00 o'clock ctral time. they are monitoring data from other tracking agencies to make sure, a group that tracks meteors say they have received so many reports of the fireball that its computers crashed. >> um, um. >> well, what do you do, you just go um. as long as it doesn't hit me. 4:41. >> katie has a check of the forecast. we're talking about this storm it depends where you are. jan says she sees road look more wet and trang do is in allentown and seeing snow accumulate. >> this is all about location, location, location.
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and we put out the call to the eyewitness weather watchers yesterday, hey we are showing you reports early and they have answered it. so thanks guys for waking up extra early. when there is snow moving through we all, weather watcher network can geek out, we want a report and i'm grateful for to you report for us. we are getting a variety of observations. the slew generally of there.tions is in the low to but notice some places are a little bit above freezing and ce ed is reporting this morning he still just got rain at therys cold rain he just sent that over the last 14 minutes, it ieron b temperature is declining in this area. it may turn over toin t next hat 45 minutes or so when we will show the n eyewitness weather observations. keep them coming. letad reported atry mixing going on too, lynn is just a few
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blocks from her she's at 34 degrees and she did report it is a little bit of sleet right now, she just sent this in. pictures she sent if it will pop up, there it goes, you said that she actually heard it sounding like sleet on her deck. i'm sure what that was. it is tight in her neighborhood. and new starting to get colder and colder. she will see that turn over with snow within the same amount of time, cross our area let me go further to the north , i want to hone in on these, ken rawston sent his observation in and he is at 31 he has snow. the road seem okay. they have been doing their job they have been out, pretreat g too mh issue but with light snow you will have accumulation and further are north and west that you travel more likely you will have accumulation, too actually, shovel away. new when we switch things back over here and looking at the wide zoom this is a broad system.
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frontal boundary will definitely knock temperatures back especially by tonight we will be back down in the teens through the overnight hours, but we do still have that mixing taking place, and here, locally, so, you are still seeing, just again just where you are a little bit of rain in spots, even as we zoom in more you can see how things have really turn over here just in parts of the gloucester camden county. it is gettingessively colder and allowing forha transition to take place. let me show you the seven day. with time would i say in later then 10:00 a.m. whole thing is moving out. it is just next few hours. modest one to 3-inch's long i-95 probably on the lower end in the city but then temperatures begin a really nice rebound. meisha, take a look, we are in the 50's all weekend long and some sunshine. i can dig this. >> same here i'm totally on board with that after what we have been dealing with this morning. we're all digging that. thanks very much, katie.
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we are looking outside at a quick peak at boulevard at fox street. you can see right here it just looks very, very wet. we will be dealing with a little bitf everything depending where you are this morning and it will absolutely slow us down on the roadways this morning. so head up, all of this water will be splashing behind you and if that is you make sure you have windshield wipers working, pack your patients and take it easy. we have a tractor trailer fire elk township new jersey, route 55 north bound pennsylvania route 553 and buck road right lane compromised there we are another accident in pennsauken new jersey haddonfield road at irving avenue and another accident in towamencin where a vehicle hit a pole, there are injuries with that accident, morris road at valley view way and another accident in avondale. forty-one, jabany port pike. speed restrictionness place for three areas northeast extension, walt whitman, new jersey turnpike. rahel, back over to you. meisha, thank you. we continue to track winter weather. snow is in the forecast
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throughout the area. >> that means slick conditions on the road, meteorologist matt peter sonnies in the mobile weather watcher near matt, how are thingscounty. looking there. >> jim and rahel, things are starting to deteriorate on the roads. those conditions are. further are north and west we will get, from philadelphia so when we were on 76 westbound heading outside, out of town we started to see that rain change over, to the snow but road for the most part at that point were still just wet more than anything else. we got further out toward king of prussia area we got out closer to 202 we started to see a small, small amount of this snow, accumulate on the side of the road and as we take a look at the dash cam here in the mobile weather watcher as we head even further north away from the city on 422 west we are start to go see snow accumulate really on the shoulders of the road and even in some of the lanesheoad, as well, so even though these road
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probably were treated at some point through the overnight hours and here in the early morning as well, we are getting accumulations very minimal accumulations on the road north and west of the city so that is leading to the potential for slick spots out there from time to time. of course, as our temperatures continue to drop as we head further from the city where right now in the mobile weather watcher our thermometer says we are right around 32 degrees. all this precipitation does fall, is going to be sticking to the road, it is already sticking to the grass surfaces , we have pulled off real quick right the oaks area, to get a look at what was going on in the grass surfaces we are seeing accumulating snowfall there, so again, for the most part it does look like road are getting a little bit slick. they are not just purely wet we are seeing wet, falling snow stick especially on the side of the road and areas that maybe weren't treated or were treated a little bit too early in the evening and new as things cool down we are going to potentially work in some problems.
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for the road right now again we are starting to see again a d out to the city, jim and rahel , back to you in the studio. >> they will have to get back out there and treat road again new study finds best states to retire too i'm all ears we will tell you top three in the money watch report. >> i have. >> yes. >> i haven't heard. but first we are tracking winter wet they are morning. a live look from jack frost big bold inner cash conn county. you can see how much has fallen you see that accumulation there. hard to tell looking at the innings tour but you can still it is significant. snow will make road slick this morning. be careful out there. we will check the forecast just ahead.
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well, it is 4:51 time for a check of business news.
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>> money watch's hena doba joins us live this morning. >> we now know mcdonald's wants to go totally green? what is that all about, what does that mean. >> definitely part of the make over that has been going on last few years. mcdonald's wants 100 percent of the customer packaging come from renewable recycled or certified sources by 2025. it also wants to have recycling available in its restaurant, currently half of the mcdonald's packaging comes from sustainable sources. >> jim and rahel. >> now hena i don't know if you are aware but february 9th , 2026 is my estimated retirement date, i have it on my phone. >> no real surprise, here, florida ranked as the number one state to retire, according to a new study by wallet hub that looked at quality of life , but afford built, and health care. now guys, colorado and south dakota came in second and their. jim, can you see yourself in florida.
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>> florida i could, south dakota who retires to south dakota. >> i had a friend had lived there. colorado is beautiful. colorado is amazing. people who move to colorado never leave. >> colorado would be my pick out of my three, colorado. >> yes. >> i will do more investigating i have a few more years. thanks, hanna we will check in next hour. >> thanks, jim. i love working, i just don't like working. >> we will continue to follow, winter weather moving through our area this morning. >> this is a live look from bethlehem where snow is covering the ground there is a winter weather advisory for lehigh valley in effect until 7:00, katie's tracking winter weather we will check in just weather we will check in just a few moments, stay with tired of false lash fail? no more fail! weather we will check in just a few moments, stay with new x fiber mascara by l'oréal. one. black primer. extreme volume. two. 20 times more lengthening fibers. extreme length. no falsies. no extensions. just fibers. new x fiber mascara by l'oréal paris.
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so many appropriate symbols within this song, this song by the eagles who were seeing on the weekend but you have to take it easy for drive and hopefully waking up to what is earlier then you normally do because we have forethought to set the alarm early. we have what i would classify as a nuisance frontal boundary crossing through not necessarily as we go very far north and west it is a system that has, moved in the north and western counties but in the city we have light accumulation of snow. it has terrible timing though, it is still primarily a rainfall maker in south and eastern most new jersey but now we are seeing that mixing and turn over to snow, in gloucester, camden counties, certainly across the delaware river at this point. even though we are still only expecting about the upward of one to 3 inches max on the lower end of the that range in the city still enough that it will slow you down. up until sunrise that wet snow is pushing through come 10:00
4:56 am
a.m. snow will be moving off shore so this is just a morning issue, this afternoon skies are gradually going to start to clear. when we look forward from here we have wall to wall sunshine for days and nice warm up that comes with this. weekend, actually looks the best right now lower 50's, great tailgate weather, all and all for late january here in the city and we keep you even into early next week in the lower 50's. so, you know, just shoved up to the forefront here when it comes to the problems we will face in the forecast here, meisha. thirty-one is the expected high. we are above that in spots right now but we will level off in the afternoon so that is your afternoon high so again snow should be pushing out no later than 10 or 11:00 a.m. >> good, i mean see you later. yes, bye. >> especially for our morning commuters you will to have pack your patients this morning especially heading out the door soon. we will be seeing a lot of problem spots this morning and hopefully they will remedy themselves a little bit but i
4:57 am
dent think they will more vehicles that get out there looking at the vine traveling westbound, schuylkill we are working with eastbound side starting to build levels up as well. we have been monitoring this tractor trailer fire in elk township new jersey. it is still out there on route 55 northbound past route 553 but hates been moved off to the shoulder. that is good news there we are looking at another accident haddonfield road, at irving avenue and another one in towamencin. so vehicle hit a pole, this one also has injuries. this hopefully will be clearing out of our way that is what it looks like here. route 202 limekiln pike and another one in avondale route 41, jabany port pike. lots of activity. jim, over to you. our coverage of the morning's wintry weather continues in the next her we are live with the very latest on the road conditions. also ahead we have a new look at robbery and shooting inside a local barber shop, we will show you more as authorities turn to the suspects. and a political statement
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will be raised with no antibiotics ever. every nugget, strip and drumstick. keep it real. keep it tyson. we are on storm watch this morning as snowfalls across the area, this is a live look in allentown where winter weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 o'clock this morning. and storm scan three showing us a live look at how big this system is moving across the country. katie's here to update us on the accumulation amounts and plus looking ahead to the warm up. before you head outside, the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is checking area road live look at 422 near pottstown&ñc meteorologist matt peterson is on board with the update plus meisha's keeping an eye on the airport and it
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