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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 17, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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every nugget, strip and drumstick. keep it real. keep it tyson. we are on storm watch this morning as snowfalls across the area, this is a live look in allentown where winter weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 o'clock this morning. and storm scan three showing us a live look at how big this system is moving across the country. to update us on the accumulation amounts and plus looking ahead to the warm up. before you head outside the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher is checking area road live look at 422 near pottstownñc meteorologist matt peterson is on board with the update plus meisha's keeping an eye on the airport and it is wednesday january 17th, good morning i'm jim donovan.
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>> i'm rahel solomon. we are scrolling school delays on line at cbs katie and meisha are bus think morning. >> indeed yes, we are good morning. right when i sat dunn we were flood with accidents and these area are just showing wet roadways some having snow coming down too but it only takes a little bit to have a whole hoe of issues. >> yes. >> it is so true just makes you shake your fist up there like no, no. it is really minor systems these systems, meisha, they cause biggest problems sometimes. it is not necessarily going to total up to a ton of snow, you'll get heaviest snow in the far north and western corner but timing is terrible with this. it is coming through as a mixture too. folks out there been on the road for a while it could have been just rain initially and now it is turning over. we are looking at a three hour loop true for new jersey, gloucester camden, salem counties seeing that change
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over changing place in the last few hours. it could turn slick sooner for you here, and still with some snow falling for next couple hours, it is just terrible timing with this. we still have winter weather advisory in the including philadelphia county, and and and, upper bucks and and poconos, in this morning we have got winter weather advisory. looking outside at winter storm warning, we have a snapshot of the decent snow coming down pleasant valley middle and high school in the live neighborhood network and getting colder with every passing hour, so the heaviest snowfall in north western counties expect just a generally slick slow morning drive today meisha. >> absolutely and that is exactly what we are already seeing out there. despite we don't have volume but take a look at 95 south at allegheny we are just now cracking in the 5:00 o'clock hour hain we are seeing thi the roadways.
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we will to have get out there early. it is very busy. you can see how wet and you can also see the snow that is falling dunn right now. so give yourself extra time, make sure, to drive those posted speed. new we did have a tractor trailer fire here in new jersey it is still out there route 55 north bound past 553 but moved off to the shoulder. it will in the pose too many problems but it is still dark out there so head up, if that is your neck of the wood. pennsauken we had an accident here haddonfield road that has been moved out but an accident that is still out there 202 at limekiln people and avon dale. we will talk about this in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel back over to you. we are seeing most snow falling to the northwest. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in downtown allentown, trang do, good morning, what do you see now. >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim we're seeing good things here at lee in my opinion, snow is getting a lot lighter, you guys saw me at four and 4:30, snow is coming
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down heavily, light fluffy but heavier larger there flakes and they are getting lighter. so what we are seeing here is still accumulation, on, sidewalks and grass surfaces. so as we look down here to the ground you can just see well, maybe a little over an inch, inch and a hatch here we have gotten here with this snow overnight, but the good news that we have been showing you all morning it is really not sticking to the roadways and that is continuing to be the case here in the lehigh valley this here is hamilton street i believe and you can see it just looks pretty wet. we have seen so many snowplows coming through here and on our way up here and they have pretty much just had their plows up driving around waiting for this snow to accumulate. that is in the happening here for those who will have to be getting up in just a little bit and heading outside of their door. just take it slow, just use common sense. it is pretty, nice pretty
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sight here, nothing too treacherous or anything like that but for knew we are live in allentown trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back to you. >> some times when it comes to bad weather. >> yes. city's getting ready for the storm over 400 salt trucks are ready to go in philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in manayunk. so jan how is it looking there. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. we just saw a plow and salt truck coming down manayunk, blade up, salt not going because these road have been treated. take a live look at main street manayunk this morning these streets i should say are looking pretty clear. we have glistening shy and that is moisture left over from the overnight rain, and the snow doesn't seem to be sticking it is melting on the road the issue right now at lee as we look over to untreated areas maybe the first set out the door, sidewalks and a picturesque cobblestones here are getting
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covered with snow this morning so remember that as you head outside the door maybe your driveway if you you didn't put salt down. the road though are looking pretty good at lee in this area of philadelphia this morning. lets look at some video we shot this overnight at the salt pile along oregon avenue in south philadelphia, that is where we saw penndot crews really gearing up this morning they have pretreated the road as i mentioned with 4,000 tons of salt, ahead of this storm so they are ready. and new we are watching and waiting for accumulating snow and as you get out and get into your car and head out to the road they want to you remember this sound advice take a listen. >> we have about 450 trucks out, and in the area. a slow down when you see our trucks out there just back off a little bit and take your time you will get where you are going to go. >> reporter: that is right you'll get there eventually. but it will be slow go but the streets are clear for now but
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they may get slippery because it is freezing out here this morning. snow is falling. we mostly saw overnight rain that rain turned over to snow at 3:30 this morning so we are seeing the progression of this storm. i mentioned salt, in the course of this winter season already penndot has already used 4,000 tons of salt. they have not had to restock just yet but they do know these winter storms are taking a toll, we will update you on all of the conditions out here but for now we are reporting live on main street manayunk, jan carabao cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will check back soon, thank you. i don't know if you heard this rahel but there is a big football game in south philadelphia this weekend. >> eagles fans and local business owners are making sure that sunday is fun day. there have been dozens of custom order for eagles items on fourth street. if you go to get a t-shirt eagles tattoos are big business right now and of course, bars and restaurants
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are ready to make sure that the game day experience is fulfilling for the fans. >> yes we're hoping for a win but as long as eagles are winning we're winning. >> i think the closer we get to the championship more people want to represent and put a logo on their body. >> well, minnesota airline some countries are also running charter flights to philadelphia just for the vikings, fans, coming to philadelphia for sunday's game >> jim i can see you with the bird gang hat on. >> yeah. >> nfc championship game tickets that went on sale yesterday sold out almost immediately. that left fans looking for tickets on the secondary market and vulnerable to ticket scams philadelphia police department has a unit. investigators tell cb is. three flawed length ticket sales happen in one of two ways. first they duplicate bar code from tickets excited fans post on social media other counterfeit ticket. >> significant problem, you know and it is a shame because person that is victim of the scam there is very
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little redress that is available to them other than, possibly when it goes to the g for tickets to that eagles game on sunday make sure you buy them from a reputable source. well we're continuing to follow what could be a very messy morning for people across the area. >> katie updating her forecast as we speak. i can attest to that. we are getting an update on the road, hi there matt. >> hey there rahel we are starting to get on the wet slim slide out here north and west of the city we are live in the mobil weather watcher and we will have another check on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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snow is falling and that means road are slick. >> if you have to drive to work you will want to leave a few minutes earlier. meteorologist matt peterson is checking out road conditions now and where are you a are things looking there? >> jim and rahel good morning. we are in the mobile weather watcher on not that far from the phoenixville area here this morning. we will switch over, to dash campaign western suburbs outside of philadelphia the snow isnd f part, the road right now are just wet, where we are driving. ither side on the shoulder and out to the grass we are seeing that accumulating, snow because it is still for the most part our commute today is
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going to be on thew side, pecially in the morning. we will give you red light here this morning on the area roads because wet snow will be falling, we will most lakely be seeing slick areas out there as well. as we go later on through the afternoon we will because that snow will be wrapping up but a fall slick areas in spots that weren't treated this morning still a possibility and then that drive home in the really too much that we will be concerned with the snow system well off the coast and we could see some sun, starting to break through the cloud at that point as well. so back on our dash cam there are folks out there on the road just pennsylvania 5:00 in the morning for the mess part again roads are just wet and not a ton of slick spots but it is something that we will be having to keep an eye on, jim and rahel all morning long katie back to you.
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>> so matt was saying he is seeing wet road we don't know how much will accumulate. >> further north and west we go the bulk of the accumulation will be taking place here. we will be on the lower end of the range one to three along i-95 and vicinity. 422 as well, cbs-3 mobile weather watcher to avoid as well but the frontal boundary crossing is the wide zoom and we will start off with a quick shot of the camera up at jack frost big boulder. reason we found this interesting you see what looks like half of the oreo cookie or 23rd. on the bottom is your wall from the camera. we have zoom it out to see base of that wall and easily couple inches that accumulated on top of that. it is beautiful up that way with the fresh powder coming down in the poconos and how about it if you are a ski bunny, hit the slopes, great excuse for it but we will have tricky travel getting up that way so that is where bulk will
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fall. lets switch back over and look at storm scan at a wide zoom. there is, a line here where it is snowing even as far south as panhandle of florida and icing there too but far north as well all the way into atlantic canada very broad stretch of this we have snow falling here locally and relatively light snowfall for the city, lower end of one to three but i want to time this out. precipitation in every single location in every single minute for next few hours but we could still encounter a mix for next hour or two with temperatures enough above freezing that it is a killed rain near shore. you might get gipped out of the snow period across places like the cape may county, atlantic county but just a few flakes that do fall through. height of the typical morning rush is when it is at its war unfortunately for i-95 and immediate vicinity but 10 or 11:00 a.m. we are moving out
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to sea, we will see skies clear and cold rushes in and gets chillier much more tonight. how much snow are we talking. one to three is general call, on top of what we have seen in the mountains we could end up with another inch plus out of this. but, this is a model interpretation of what will end up happening here in philadelphia we will see how we do. that does fall within the range we called for. thirty-four at the airport. can you tell where front crossed through? so much colder in pittsburgh and state college teens single digits at this point. those are not accounting for wind chills but actual temperature.ets cold come later tonight down to 18 for early morning low tomorrow but sunnies back, meisha and nice warming trend gets underway, perfect timing for a big eagles game this weekend. yes, plan your patients you will need it today. we have seen accident after accident, we have a few some clearing, some get out
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there 42 freeway north bound at creek road toward 295 and working with lots of headliee wet roadways as well. ninety-five south at allegheny backup to see this we are starting to heat up on i-95. for those heading on you the there head out sooner rather than later. it is very busy. we have some, speed restrictionness play, northeast extension 45, walt whitman bridge down to 35. new jersey turnpike, you are also down to 45. so just a head up speed restrictionness play right now no delays at the airport but septa right now patco is one we focusing on in on, and running on a snow schedule so check those schedules on line. we have an accident on 202 still out there at town pike, if their is your neck of the wood it is slick out there same thing in avondale, jabany port pike, and more to come when we come back in the next 10 minutes. back over to you.
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okay thank you. for a lot a newspaper head annes across our region. >> a home less man has been charged with first degree murder following death of the woman monday on the dekalb street bridge. authorities say 51 year-old james bruce wi of bridgeport fatally stabbed six two-year old donna marie didnoto of norristown. he told police he had previously dated her after meeting her last august. mercury a mishap on honey brook, after a broke through thin ice. fortunately man piloting the boat pulled himself to safety. the temperature was below freezing. on the cover of the delaware county daily time tweet by upper darby police department showing an officer soon to be under age drinking party is getting national attention. officer seen hauling away a keg of beer found in the wood and, read you may want to hold off on buying red plastic cups for tonight's party behind the a crown mink swim club aka the palace. there will be a lack of attendance right now.
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>> yes, very active on the up darby twitter account. >> that is a look at news headlines from around the delaware valley. up next pat has your morning sports, hey there pat >> excitement levels continue to build as eagles prep for sunday's nfc title game, hear from someone who has been through a win and loss from this game and what he expects. plus sixers lose a key member for an extended period, we have injury news and more next up in sports.
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and welcome back we're glad you are with us. >> pat has your morning sports we are hearing more from some eagles players about sunday'sme patrick. >> yes, eagles are ready to do something this sunday they have in the done in 13 long years with a win over vikings at the linc. they will be heading to minnesota for super bowl 52.
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let's jump in the time machine in january 2005 westbrook, mcnabb dawkins led eagles to 27-10 win over atlanta falcons game time temperature was a balmy 17 at kick off with wind chills below zero. we won't see anything like that on sunday but bird are looking for just their third trip to the super bowl in team history. tori smith snows the feeling and he and his teammates are prepared. >> that is what you work hard to be in this position. you know, this game i have been in twice and i know what it is like and i know what it is like when you lose it. i will cherish being in this position. knowing we worked hard to be here. we have to get out there and job. >> this is everything that we worked hard for from training camp ot's and during the season to put ourself in the position to be at home for this game, and having our home fans behind us and just going out there and just execute and playing lights out so i'm looking forward to sunday and i know the rest of the guys
5:24 am
are too. >> we are getting ready for nfc championship game and i know you are too we will want to see your eagles pride, snap a photo and powe to it facebook twitter instagram using the #cbs-3. might just use your pictures on tv so look for them here on "eyewitness news". it looks like pretty good timing when it came to last night's flyers/rangers game, flyers winners of four in a row, rangers losers of three in a row but didn't get as planned. the flyers, early lead, ms g last night jordan wheels put flyers up one to nothing just two minutes in the game. after that though the rangers pour it on, rickan elliott no chance, that tied the game. nash scored twice later in the first rangers on the power play, jt miller, and that would put the range's head for good. the flyers, sloppy all night new york took advantage they stopped the flyers winning streak with a five-one winner. flyers and mapel leafs will
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play tomorrow night. sixers are back at 500 having won six of their last eight but tomorrow night they will battle best team in the eastern conference these boston celtics. that is bads they will do it without shooting guard jj reddick, an mri showed a crack in a bone in his leg. he will be reevaluated in 10 to 14 days, and in his 11th year reddick is averaging a career high 17.3 points per game. sixers were dunking in the city yesterday day yes saric and handing out dunkin' donuts coffee and doughnuts at dunkin' location right below our studio here at 16th and spring garden. just so everyone knows i drink my coffee black drop it right off here in our studio. >> i paid for cof >> you did. >> i haven't gotten any yet. >> i'm not serving it, i just paid for it. carson wentz is trade nothing his eagles jersey for sixers gear, he shot of his new sixers jersey and
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shouteeam for hooking him up. now i just need to work on my jumper. carson still recovering from acl surgery so my advice he work on that, down the road just a little bit, in the quite yet don't go jumping >> first >> still got that brace on. >> and that is far dunn the line. >> eagles win on sunday and then super bell and then worry about basketball game. >> after he play is way back. >> for sure. >> thanks pat. >> coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" former today show hoe ann curry ace peering today but will she talk about matt lauer. >> people want to know. we have details later in we got to tell you frank did? >> reporter: i'm trang do live in the lehigh valley where snow is starting to taper off but some students will have a snow day and we will explain. do you remember this raucous scene at frankford and cottman from 2005 when eagles went to the super bowl. we will tell you what philadelphia police are doing to make sure crowd stay calm this year when we come right
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute wednesday january 17th. snow could slow down your morning commute. >> we're starting to see a lot of what has been just rain in
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the city now turning over to snow. >> here in allentown it is definitely snow and you can see here it is starting to accumulate on sidewalks surfaces. >> take a look behind me this is main street manayunk you can see road glistening this morning however that shine you see is from the overnight rain this snow is not sticking eagles fans are showing off their pride ahead of


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