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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 17, 2018 6:00am-6:59am EST

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cbs for a full list helping us get out of the door this morning. >> yes. >> i like it. >> yes. ig. >> well, would i just heading outside right now pack your patients it is wet, slippery we have slushe have a whole mix since 4:00 a.m. this morning we have seen accident after a problemlready. >> location, location, location we have had primarily just rain in southeastern new jersey and else but you don't have anything in parts of the delahat depend s where you are but we will start off with one of these locations with around those outside bethlehem in northampton county on main street in be bethlehem school district lucky for you if you you didn't get homework done we have a sno day. not ideal conditions but there are a few folks trying to make the trek here. looking at s scan three we have snow currently working its way through obviously but note it is very much location basedorecast. would i say 23rd are seeing snow whether it is light to moderate in everyone is included in the winter weather advisory. you need to think about where you are located and how this
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forecast will be impacting you i should say of the snow accumulation will happen in the areas and pink shaded where it is winter storm warning up until 11:00 this morning for fically. if you have plans to go skiing today, fantastic news for you trying to get up to the slopes but currently we are in the mid to upper 30's, that is why we have mixing taking place it is cold enough though in philadelphia that we have seen some snow, it is a light accumulation that we're anticipating at this point probably on the lower even of the one to 3-inch range that we have in place but you will bank on some decent accumulation for further north and west especially. skies will begin to clear however and that will happen just before lunchtime really with the daytime highs remaining in the 30's through rest of the afternoon. it does turn breezy so just chill any general as day goes on meisha. >> very good to know. we have to get through this morning commute it sounds like an accident here has really slowed you down but it looks like hopefully it ig to get remedied.
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i-95 south past girard looking at that accident in the left lane and we have had just a sea of brake lights light now. now traffic is moving better but would i still say if you are heading outside the door on i-95 anywhere around girar or give yourself some extra time even pennsylvania girard heading in to center city because we have vehicles outside o will have to take it slower today. disabled vehicle here schuylkill westbound, pulled off to that right giving you a snapshot of what you are working with as well. you can see slick conditions out there and again just a sea of headlights, lots of people getting an early jump to their morning commute. not a bad idea. accident here west deptford township, new jersey 295 that has new been since cleared. however that accident on 202 limekiln pike that is still out there this morning.ahel back to you. >> we a snow up in the northwest. >> that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter trang do in allentown. i have to say i feel like every snowstorm you are in allentown. you know the area quite well.
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how is it looking this morning >> reporter: looking good, rahel, viewers are like yes we know you are in allentown just like my second home but fortunately for us there is some snow coming down and happy school children this morning. we have learn allentown schools are closed today because of the weather that we're getting here. take a look here a lot lighter then it was before but still down. you can see that gentlemen across intersection there he is getting to work and that is what people will need to be doing when in allentown, it is about an inch and a 2 inches that we are estimating and seeing on the sidewalk that you will to have clear off but in terms of the road, roads are looking great here, we have seen, trafficick up as it gets later in the morning and whate're seeing is just nothing slick here still people are definitely doggy great job they are taking their time, definitely slowing down and you know that is what you have to do in this weather with these snow flakes still coming down here, in allentown but
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you know so far sot will snow it will be during rush hour, this is what we would live from allentown trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness new back to you. stay dry, trang do. from the suburbs to the city salt in philadelphia are ready to roll were 400 salt trucks. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is in manayunk. how are things there. >> reporter: jim and rahel good morning. here in manayunk we have seen progression of this storm. it was overnight rain we are seeing all the way up until 3:30 this morning when rain turn over to snow it has been snowingdily. nice coming down in manayunk this morning. behind me here main manayunk looking pretty darn good all clear. it is glistening a bit. that is all moisture from the ever night rain and well treated out so snow that falls continues to melt. where we will have some problems perhaps are on sidewalks. take a look someone heading out early making their way ever so gingerly down the along main street manayunk. there is a light dusting of
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snow on the sidewalk and on the cobe and on the cars as well so that first step outside the door may be the tricky one for you here, in philadelphia it looks like. take a look at the video you can see whatever falls pews are ready to role, geared up, this video from overnight at the salt honor gone avenue, in south philadelphia and penndot actually 450 salt trucko go, they earlier this week were 4,000 tons of salt and i saw a truck out with its blade up, i salt truck it wasn't putting anything done just roaming area to sure no accumulation and they don't to have get to work. kind of the watch and game right now as this snow continues to fall but as you wake and head out the door penndot officials w of this sound advice lets listen. >> about 450 trucks out in the county. slow down. when you see ourut there, just bac bit and take your time and you'll get where you will go. >> reporter: certainly aren't war conditions we have ever
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seen but it is wet here, could be slick in some spots so just build in a couple extra minutes to geto your safely. as far as cars moving don't know if you saw that back out here live they are having in problems at aut still never know when we will hit that slick patch and you need to slow down. rain has turned to snow and still snowing just watch for sidewalks and driveways. reporting live, i'm jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good advice but you also saw a run other side of jan he found good time too. thanks jan. switching gears the nfc championship game are just a few days away. >> inside of pip my t on fourth street there are for eag also tire some fans even want to wear their allegiance on their own skin. as in an eagles tattoo. that is supposedly big business. but bar a restaurant owners are getting set to provide game day experience for fans who could not get ticket for sunday's game at the linc. >> we're hoping for a win but as long as eagles are winning
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we're winning. so we are hoping to be busy. >> i think closer we get to the championship more people want to represent and put a load on their body. >> that sort of the airline has add additional charter flights to philadelphia, specifically for vikings fans coming to town for nfc championship game. i think would look good with the bird gang across your back >> no, not me. >> maybe next season. >> once you get your tattoo and eagles gear it is time for your tickets. >> good luck, limited number that went onterday sold out within minutes so police are warning fans to be of possladelphia police launched a june to it bust scammers they criminal often duplicate bar code fans on social media. and make counterfeit ticket. police say buy your ticket from a reputable source. as we get ready for the nfc championship game we want toe sure eagles pride. snap a photo pose it to twit ter, facebook or instagram use the #cbs 36789 we could share your shots right here on "eyewitness news". if you have a preschooler at home now is timeregister them for
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kindergarten in the philadelphia school >> registration kicked off at stanphiladelphia yesterday. and our cameras spotted superintendent doctor william hite there he is, spending time with kid and their parents in the event. may 31st. well up next it is kate that has shock the nation, 13 siblings found shackled and starved by their own parents we're now learning more about how these 17 year-olds daughter in that family escaped and what authorities are calling a house of torture plus the flu continues, this deadly sweep across the country and now some shops are resort to go treating patients in a way that is reserved for disasters. meteorologist matt peterson and jim spearing are driving the mobile weather watcher around this morning checking out road before you head out to work or school. we from matt coming up
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welcome back winter weather is making r slippery this morning. >> meteorologist matt peterson is in the mobile weather conditions. you have been all over. where are you right now. >> good morning jim and rahel right new we're on 309 north ward going through montgomery ville up in montgomery county, right now and for the most part the road are still just wet we will switch over to dash campaign give you what we are seeing outside our front window here and snow is coming down, wet snow if you were outside it would be that snow good to
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make snowballs and also on the grass surfaces we are seeing that accumulation, on the road for the most part we actually just passed a plow, it wasn't putting down any kind of snow melt or anything but you could tell these road at some point through the night were treated because right new again they are just wet. we any accumulation of snow on the actual road where people are driving and even actually on the shoulder for the most part it looks like it will be staying clear right now. obviously further are north we will go we will get into that heavier snow that the overnight hours and in the early parts of the morning, so that is where we will see the accumulation in general it does look like we will be dealing with some slick spots through the rest of the morning commute and then maybeome parts through mid morning as well. overall wet road but could get worse before better and we will send it back to the studio. >> thanks, matt, yeah, we have seen the snow coming down a lot heavier in someplaces verse others. we will go outside the two live neighborhood network one
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particular camera shot that i have been showing is in pleasant valley middle and high school in broadheadville in northern mess counties in general we have had bulk of the accumulation still coming down and still accumulating very nicely v picturesque scene with the temperatures just below freezing. but no wind. th overtime. this is a frontal passage. when we see front moving out even they this is a typical very slow once this does finally exit the wind kicks in and skies begin to clear. what we are noticing is still a picket of rain coming down very cold rain granted down near shore points but bulk of the region is still in the snow whether it is a very light as much as maryland rate snow fall coming down and that will help verify the spectations when it comes to our expected snow fall amounts which we will get to but timing this out for you i cannot say i'm craze bye how this initialized but still good for timing at lee as we look forward in the next few hours. winter weather advisory lasting until 7:00 a.m. but
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depending how quickly this gets out we will she whether decide to extend itnownt. we will be on the network with cbs this morning at that point but it looks like by 11:00 a.m. at latest this is all mak out to sea we are just left with lingering cloud and a clearing sky as the day goes on. as sunsets around 7:00 o'clock or so we should be able to see it by that point and then all clear through the overnight. once more that snow fall map for you at best more than a coat to go anh, absolute max especially through camden, gloucester county down toward cumberland county as well, one to three in the city, probably on the lower end of that range and then bulk of the precipitation will fall in the northern and western most counties. as day progress skies clear temperatures climbs nicely and snow will melt, m nice, all right, katie but in the so great this morning as katie just points out and causing some problems for us, so pack patients big cup of coffee and take it slow, easy. we have a disable tractor trailer here i-95 at allegheny give
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you a wide shot you can see snow, how wet it looks on the roadways, you can also see how many vehicles are already out there on i-95. if you are heading out on i-95 moving in the south bun direction you want to give yourself some extra time maybe upward of 45 minutes to maybe an extra hour at this point. disabled vehicle we were looking at here off to the schuylkill west pennsylvania vare avenue is because of the off ramp to vare avenue head up out there as well. two accidents here one in hat before he county line road at lincoln avenue and one in bensalem route 13 bristol pike at kings lane. plus down wires in delaware we will talk about in the next 10 minutes, back over to you. out west we are learning more about the turpin family after police discovered 13 malnourished siblings inside their california home where some were shackled to furniture. tina patel gives us a look at horrific conditions found inside of their home. >> reporter: we now know a 17 year-old girl escaped through a window early sunday morning
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using deactivated cell phone to call for help and showing deputies photos of the conditions inside her parent's home. >> i'm immensely gra for the young child being willing to make that call to 911 otherwise we would not have had an opportunity to intervene. >> reporter: neighbor's security video show david and louise touchin taken away. she did not understand why they had come they found three children shackled in furniture inside and all 13 severely mal nourish. >> there was a very foul smell inside the residents it was extremely dirty. >> reporter: through 29 are now being cared for at two area hospitals. >> i can tell you that they are very friendly, they are very cooperative and i believe that they are hopeful that life will get better for them after this event report report beforeived in texas. people moved if to that fort worth home found broken windows waste all over carpet and walls. at time they thought they had
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been upset after losing their homeo sure. tina patel, for news, paris, california. this flu season up to be one of the war in ing blamed for the 10 year-old boy. doctors say that miko, died sunday when a severe case of the flu turned into a pneumonia, fourth grader from connecticut was at a hockey tournament in upstate new york h attend a single game because he was too sick to play. >> it is rapidly fatal and rare particularly in a young otherwise healthy person, it can cause brain inflammation on occasion, spinal cord inflammation it can even heart muscle inflammation. >> go fund me page set up to help cover funeral costs has raised nearly 100 you this dollars. some hospitals resort to go drastic measures to deal with the flood of patients suffering from the flu this hospital in california has set up in this giant tent in the er parking lot.
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these tents are usually reserved for disasters. the hospital says they are seeing about 60 flu patients a day, state health officials say 42 people so far have died from the flu. they had nine last season. more health news this morning like how is when you eat appetite. >> this study comes baltimore researchers interviewed group of overweight volunteers and hunger hormone levels increase and fullness harmone levels decrease in the evening. that suggest evening hearst are high risk time for overheating new are stressed. i could have told thaw. >> i think we necessity that. coming up philly coffe political with a special blend of java. plus scarves hanging from trees and tied to lamp post why story that will warm your heart on this cold winter day. and mobile weather watcher is cruising t morning checking out the road conditions in montgomery ll be right back.
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rights group filed a lawsuit begins state of delaware over how it funds education.aware for educational opportunity and delaware naacp claims system
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provides more support for children's who areff then for children living in poverty. from the times of trenton hamilton police are investigating hold up of the township gas station the third in the string of armed robberies since start of the new year. early yesterday morning two suspects one carrying a gun entered gulf gas station on demanded money.ed those involved in two armed robberies of 7-eleven store in the month. da vinchi science sent's abandoned a key piece of, its 130 millice city inan for a nature dome, with national i have plants and a whitewater rafting simulation. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines arohe delaware and lehigh valleys. well, students in central insuring are bringing warmth to those in need. >> fifth graders in syracuse spent their mlk day hanging 55 free scarves all over town so anyone in need of one is welcomed to take it, and each has a scarf to help people. one read i'm in the who take
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me it is coldutside. >> this is just not enough kindness out hererning this at such a young age it is really great. >> so great. >> students and teacher collect these scarves from family friend and people in the community and scarves were quickly taken. >> g icoming up nextews" our team snow coverage continues trang do. >> it is a snow day here ino live in the lehigh valmuch snow at the road conditions, jan. and i'm jan carabao coming to you live from main street manayunk where it is still steadily snowing coming up we will show you road conditions here and we will show you how penndot has prepared for this storm so that your morninge, goes as smoothly as possible meisha. jan as you know another slow wet commute this morning we have a couple disable vehicles couple accidents and speed restrictions and reports airport. i will have those updming up but first we will break.
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s eye on the community... presented by target. there's noth rewardi than achieving a hard earned goal.supports students run philly style. we work with kids to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon of our dna so, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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good mor donovan. i'm rah it:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute january 17th, 2018. >> it is not necessarily going to ton snow, is terrible, with this, and it is coming7x through as a mixed too. >> this is really tapering off really not sticking in the roadways and lehigh valley >> it stilly snow but red are wet. is a live look along main
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street manny young. >> philadelphia police are making sure fans and businesses know what ace loud after the eagles game, memo was issued for businesses near frankford and to keep tes locked they have removed all outside property and authority will enforce open container laws. there are some seeking tos in the less conventional way. >> i'll do logos all day if they want to come in. >> that tattoo artists warned about getting one too soon, he feels it could be jinked. >> today sponsored by penn medicine's abramson cancer center. >> we definitely don't want to jinks the team and advanced game because i want to eagles suit two more times this winter. >> for first time i want you to wear your eagles suit two more times as well. at lee weather is looking better for sunday then better, we talk with a contrast we have to get past temperatures begin a nice overtime at lee the sun we back and at the moment weekend, you very
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nice.ave much more on those pleasant details out the door with pretty nasty conditions,n, this isn't aor storm, but it is coming terrible timin are even spots, sussex county, comes to mind, just by looking at this map thatnythn'g at all. end what you are what you are findi is a burst of wet snowly falling acro trenton but winter weather still scheduled to expire i up and posted for north half of the philadelphia not included.derstandable. snow is f a tough time sing accumulating but regardless road,dthe works. we have storm warnings posted until 11:00re they are overjoyed to see the the accu mid 30's up 95. too warm in atlantic but plane oldhilly rain right now so the exception to t jersey and delaware for the rest of you it does applow is v it will be getting of here later this morni afternoon gradually starts to clear out and then heaviest of the snow will most certainly be falling in the north and western counties, and, we will take i look at camera shots later in the show and also let you weather forecast.
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much. we are showing the bulk of the issues i-95, one stretch 95 southe it, we have two accidents 95 south right around betsy ross. right underneath thishere but just pennsylvania that putting on the breaks traveling on there you go traveling south bun and then you will come to another accident pulled off to the rtap your brakes within more time. then i-95 at allegheny we have disable tractor trailer far right still out there just a head up snow is still coming down very slick conditions as well and we have a lot of vehicles on the roadway. two accidents and that disabled tractor trailer a you will in that stretch of 95 south, making your way in to center and then disable schuylkill west past vare pulled off to that far right more on that just a head up, and two more accidents we will touch base on in the next 10 mi rahel andou will get just depend where you >> since trang do loves snow allentown as always there for the kid >> absolutely big story on of the day here in allentown no
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district unfortunately for these kid though in the a of accumulation. they have a snow day but not a lot toing a couple inches here and that is because this snow is really just melting as soon ast hits the ground. we will see this gentlemen here wow that is what we need we need one of those. he is taking too this we are seeing people waking up just having to clear their path not taking much effort at all. across the street they were shoveling, salting, they have gone back inside it isoming down take a look at roadways things are looking weather. people still though they are taking it slow, driving very carefully, very good to seebut right new war seeing wet roadways and so even though temperatures seem good upistrict has decided to preemptively so now we are live i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitnessews" jim and from the suburbs to the city salt crews are this news an storms. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao lives in manayunk
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and so far you have not seen much either. what isng right now any change. >> reporter: rahel and jim good morning news an storm is my most favorite storm because we are not digging onder a snow right. you can see snow is lightly falling on main street manayunk this morning. we are hovering right around that in mind you need to be careful. but you see here main streetood all clear you can see aad overnight rain h isntinues to melt but it is right around freezing, so any could still going to have trouble at least in is steps i should say out the door you c see untreated like sidewalks, of t street step, your driveway, untreate tha dusting this morni a l snow as the video overnight penndot precipitation, and i'll have issues video from the and penndot salt yard in south philadelphia, and geared up, ready penndot has 450 salt truck and plows ready to go gete will be ready
6:33 am
to go. they did job pretreat earlier this week. they threw down 4,000 tons of busy season already this year. they have used 4,000 tons of salt so they have not had just yet but they do say that these storms a toll and they have to keep an eye on that. as you can see traffic on main easily this morning. just build in a couple extra minutes because it is wet and that means i will take extra time. reporting live, in manayunk, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stay dry. in other news eagles are in the nfc champion ship game this sunday and philadelphia police want fans and business owners in one northeast fill neighborhood to know the rules win or lose. this is and cottman last t title game in 2005. this time police say businesses must will be dow like trash cans and displays bars must plastic cups and open container law are in effect. ing neighborhood through monday ning out of time to governmental shut down they are trying to address immigration reform,
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democrat wantr youn t illegally as children they are known as dreamers.pending bill without a deal accusing them of wanting quote amnesty forrescribing diet and exercise doctorf his first presidential physical yest body is in doctor say the presi excellent health, both physically and mentally. he expects the president healthy throughout his presidency. is responding to on >> herman's coffee on thursday is selling blank hat this is morning televisionreferring to countries hai salvador. it c from el salvador. they aring together to hel u.s. well the mud slide clean up in california, plus this. and, it is very first time hur hit back in septemb pat. these are my moves. >> all right. >> do they compare to jeffery lurie will beer room flow forget teaching me to you who dougie i went to an expert to see if they can teach me how to jeffery.
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let's dance. we will d >> ♪ we all know why wey by eagles mobile weather watcher live in quakertown. see a coating or inches, m jan, trang do, jim p minutes to get youut the
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♪ >> very nice shot there a look at is what happening outside, in bethlehem fresh snow coating in the street there. >> bad calvin harris song. >> meantime we're keeping an eye on the winter weather moving through the meteorologist matt peterson is here as well live from the watcher with a look at road conditions in there matt. >> yeah hi, good morning jim and rahel. we have been traveling all over the immediate suburbs and even for ther north and west in the mobile weather watchers we're around quakertown area 309 going north and outside as we change over to our dash cam here it is a bit of the mess on 309 north as you get up toward quakertown area. you can see t definitely accumulating, slush , we will call it on the road. that is what jim speakerring my photographer is calling it as he drives the mobile weather watcher. he calls it a slushy mix of
6:39 am
wet snow and then not so much in the way of rain becauseagain, maybe a little bit of melting going on at lee early on so that is why we are getting some of that slush mix on the now hea in far north and western here trang do is, in allentown, throughout the morning though we have definitely seen precipitation kind of coming in waves depending on where you are it has been heavier and then taper off and kt in the far north and western suburbs we have definitely dealt with strictly snow from last night down into the early parts of the morning so if you are getting up now it is just about 6:45 so getting up, ready to start your day and give yourself a little bit of extra time to get where you are going safely on what could be a messy wednesday morning. so i'm meteorologist matt peterson live from the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher. now katie back to you in the studio. >> a lot of our eyewitness weather watchers aretty difficult travel conditions, decent snowfall totals also coming from the watchers and i have to say i'm jazzed that we have a lot of brand new names
6:40 am
showing up this morning. thank you all for waking up early with us and so many of your reports they are in valuable to us. it is not too late to sign cbs is how to stay up and we will get you approved fast. here's observation that is came in the l we're generally finding manufacturing values around freezing sligh colder it is more likely we have had some snow on the ground and piling up. i want to show you snowfall observations that have come in thus far and we have had anything from an inch to just shy of it, where jerry's re has a coating out there right now solid inch in gilbertsville where eileen is reporting, ed at theglenn, and 2 inches in perkasie but this one stands out to me 4 inches for john hallieve is a weather watchers i creek. we're talking way up near carbon monroe county at that pint and then you definitely hit bulles eye up that way. couple of great pictures too a lot of snow coming down, great snow shots. we will show you just a couple
6:41 am
of lets see we have got lieutenant from phil on the top hers one because it is right outside in his street where you see snow trees but most of the paved surfaces generally clear. it is wet but at lee passable, so, that may be scenario we will fine in neighborhood this morning. lets go on back though to thisis good stuff poconos. camelback. i show thi because of the picnic tables in the fore ground here there is 4 inches that have fallen on those tables there. so on top of the fresh powder and manmade stuff they have been putting down they are re joycing with this very sluggish front moving through because they will get to the jackpot. shore was place that got jackpot so lately. meanwhile againhing through but should be gone no later then 10 or 11:00 this m to deal wittough morning commute and then come 10 or 11:00 a.m. getting out of here and better after that pint and rest of the seven day does theame. look at this weekend meisha, awesome lower 50's in janua take it.
6:42 am
>> i was just going to say great football weather thanks very much. looking outside yes pack your patients you will definitely need it, we have not so great camera shot, very hazy out there but tacony palmyra, 7:05 accident on-95 so i-95 in the southbound direction is a crutch all morning long and that has had problem areas and it is a very slick out there. and you can see how wet it looks out there. ninety-five south at betsy ross we have an accidentis overpass right here. then on the schuylkill we also have another accident another area where we certainly don't want it especially approaching 7:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill westbound at schuylkill avenue pulled off to the fary it is a sea of taillights and brake lights. schuylkill eastbound near city avenue as you makey you can see how many out there as well definitely give yourself extra time whether on the schuylkill or i-95. disabled truck here pulled off to the far right shoulder schuylkill west past vare
6:43 am
avenue and two more accident here one in hat before he county line road at lincoln avenue and another one route 13 bristol pike at kings lane. lots going on this morning. you can see yellow letting you know traveling less than posted speed rahel back over to you.n released a sketch of the sexual predator. take a lookeased this sketch yesterday computer generated image of the suspect wanted for raping a woman in norristown park last august. officials say this image was created by dna evidence left behind using a process called dna phenol typing. >> we need help in solving this and we hope that this tool will give us an identification on somebody that then what he scientifically. >> officials are offering a 10 you this dollars reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. sentencing continues for disgraced sports doctor larry nassar. several femalel a hand of the former u.s.a. gymnastics team doctor. he was seen hiding his face as
6:44 am
witnesses stepped forward to face him. his a us companiersy raisman and most recently simon biles. he has pleaded guilty to seven with men but dozens more will speak during the sentencing hearing. search and rescue continue to sift through dy last week's mud slide in california. they are still searching for three missing people, including a two-year old child for pennsylvania week teams have been shoveling poking through mud looking for any signs life. massive clean up effort is also underway. crews are working to clearing mountain to ruble crumbled cars out homes. well those are screams of joy at a school in puerto rico students and staff celebrating the return of electricity, to the building. they have gone three months without power, because of maria. hard to believe but some parts of the island are still without power. it has been a impressive year for philadelphia eagles filled with so many great moments.
6:45 am
>> team has celebrated in so many different ways, pat gallen is here they can keep up with them. patrick, what are you up to. >> would i like to show you my moves. okay. >> yes. >> and do they like your moves >> we will see. >> they are not inspired by jaylen rodney mccloud or malcolm jenkins who are often seen breaking it down in the locker room. my inspiration a new dance craze that is sweeping philadelphia, it jeffery. >> ♪ >> all year eagles have been a loos entertaining bunch. they posehen they dance. over the fall conditions to advance to the nfc players were upstaged bay team owner jeffery lurie. >> hey, hey. >> i had to find out if someone can teach jeffery. i went to professional dancer and sixers dunk squad member day machine holley for right way to do it. >> is what pat. >> how are you. you are a professional >> yes.
6:46 am
>> you teach me how >> yeah. >> wait a minute i want to you teach me how to jeffery. jeffery. >> jeffery lurie. >> yes. >> yeah. >> let me show you rocking out right here. >> do you think you can teach me how to jeffery>> let me teach you first. >> okay. >> pat. dent think bit. >> hold on, hold on, h on. the first thing with the knee. >> a few knee bounces all right. >> having some fun yes. dribbling a basketball taking it around and celebrate your team. ship, winners only. >> teach me how to jeffery. >> that is it. >> yeah. >> get the fingers out, take it celebrate. >> yes. >> teach me how to jefferys a new within good one.
6:47 am
>> i don't know will catch on. >> damon thank you. >> how did i do. >> it looks good. >> jeffery lurie still moving at a young man and that helps when your team makes it to the nfc championshiphat he up his sleeves if the eagles win again. >> he can dance anyway he wants. >> dribbling basketball or sorting laundry. >> i got to work on tha promise good dancer. ked like you looked like's lane from seinfeld. >> i didn't get that far. >> we will be right back with three to go. ♪ ♪ there are 7 continents. 7 seas. but at celebrity cruises we'd argue more than 7 wonders. enjoy two free perks like complimentary wifi and drinks, plus savings for everyone in your stateroom, when you book now.
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they came dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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well here's three to go. >> winter weather has several school districts in our area latth see full list at cbs philly .com. lawmakerseadline to avoid federal governmental shut down some democrats say they went support a spending plan without a deal to protect dreamers. philadelphia police want to youor scams buying tickets to this sunday 's eagles game limited number went on sale yesterday sold out within minutes. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> it is snowing and pretty maryland rately outside whitefield
6:51 am
elementary school where we are seeing decent s total there. in the city, in the much more than a nuisance but with big way. >> all rights very much. we have an acciden betsy ross plus schuylkill westbound at city avenue twoweo not want an accident. tacony palmyra bridge going upye west welcoming their third child. >> thomav of three. third child is a girl. she she was surrogate. they have a boy is four have not revealed new babies name. mila kunis isr. wom the theater saidtablished herself as one of the actresses. she will received pudding pie january 25th. next up this should be interesting former today co hoe, ann cure any her first tv interview since leaving nbc. she will discuss her new show on pbs plus her the me too movement. >> join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
6:52 am
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