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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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are all business. sports director don bell joins us. taking care of business. >> ultra focused is what you want to see this time of the year and by now you know eagles wrapped themselves in this under dog label. chris long and lane johnson wore german shepherd mask last week to cement it. now all of a sudden they are stepping way from that title. the bird at practice today they are preparing for the vikings top ranked defense three-point under dogs at the linc and even though, the eagles are aiming for two more wins, they are already and have already accomplish a lot but doug pederson isn't allowing themselves time to bathe in achievements or labels like under dog. >> i love football. i love coaching football. i love teaching and being around these guys. i will pour my life into these players. if it is good enough, great because that is all i know i can do i have given my best effort. i don't care about what is
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written, you know, it was kind of like the under dog thing. our players don't pay much attention to that. i am kind of the same way. >> i have so many thoughts on that. >> i'm sure do you. >> it is interesting because players will tell you we don't listen to what you guys say you people in the media you fans. >> right. >> but they wear dogmas beings right and they say in one believes in us. you can't have it both ways. we like that they are motivated but we know they hear just about everything. >> no doubt. >> and we see everything that they do, kind of like this. team owner jeffery lurie did this victory dance after that win over falcons. we found someone to teach our pat gallen, that exact dance and you go ahead and practice for the next 20 minutes because we will show you exactly, how to get that thing done. >> the jeffery. >> the jeffery. >> teach me how to jeffery. >> music and all. >> thank you buddy. eagles nation is counting for a win but some fans are asking for divine intervention
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in ridley township with how local houses of worship will handle the nfc champion ship joe. >> reporter: hi guys they will be dance until and out of church for sunday services and sunday mass but you know, somewhat of a mine offer controversy here in delaware county when one parish announced it will do a eagles centralized mass i'm told those plans have been revised but still eagles gear, expect to be on full blast at parish es and churches and houses of worship across the delaware valley, come sunday. divine intervention eagles fans might take a knee or two in church this weekend asking the almighty for a hail marry over vikings. but they will do so conservatively without much fanfare. >> we cannot let keys keenum, get the same touchdown he did verse the saints. >> reporter: sports scholars at saint james regional in ridley park showed us their
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modest shrine with an inspiring carson wentz quote. >> i know my god is a powerful one with a perfect plan report report plans for sunday services with an eagles twist you ask? nothing too elaborate in house s of worship in, fact ward was saint eugene, was planning to use a song with the word eagle, and maybe even sprinkle in the fight song, but sources in the church tell me that is not the case. >> is everybody praying for i good outcome. >> reporter: back at saint james. >> it is going to be really tough. >> you will be on the edge of your seat, right. >> yes. >> pry did he i can they will win. >> reporter: we're toll vikings don't stand a chance. >> reporter: they are not going to win. >> nope. >> reporter: you are confident about that. >> yep. >> reporter: this crowd is all in for eagles. >> twenty-five-zero we will win. >> reporter: wipe out. >> yes. >> i predict that the eagles will beat the vikings as they did last year. >> they will win definitely. >> definitely going to win. >> that is what we like to
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hear. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: lots of positive vibes here in ridley park. i can tell you we did turn to the archdiocese of philadelphia for some guidance on the topic about what is appropriate, during mass they told me get in part, that the mass is sacred and sanctity of the liturgy must be upheld at all times. that is story tonight live i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is on for real. >> thanks joe. as we necessity our town loves to celebrate. this is video from when phillies won the world series, and police said they want to make sure things stay safe, under control following sunday 's eagles game win or lose. what law enforcement is telling local business as head of what could be a wild night coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. and now you can embrace the eagles, under dog role with your own under dogmas being this cut out mask is available on our web site cbs
5:05 pm print it out and wear it prosecutedly as you cheer on the bird in the big game on sunday. how about this under dog dash certainly rooting for the eagles. well his mom says it may be he gets a piece of cheese as a treat every time eagles score a touchdown. no matter what, he proudly wears his jersey every single game day. if you have got eagles spirit we want to see it, show us how you are gearing up for sunday by posting your pictures on facebook twitter instagram and use the #cbs-3. we have made it through another round of winter weather and fast moving system dropped several inches across parts of the area but how much snow you saw depends where you live. in allentown 3 inches is on the ground just enough to shovel or scrape off the car. travel is a little trick think morning but most of the road are nice and clear just be careful for icy spots especially on the back road tonight. narberth montgomery county a dusting of snow fell to the ground. sidewalks are covered but really in many areas this snow was more of a nuisance
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then anything else, and now we can get to look forward to a few warmer days. meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center to tell us when to expect this winter warm up, kate. well yes snow was a nuisance this morning but definitely slowed things down out there on the roadways, a lot of kid had delays going to school this morning and now snow has moved on out and you can see this is snowing at a good clip across southern virginia and north carolina but that will stay to the south. click extreme southern sussex county delaware with light snow right now otherwise it is cold, cloudy all day long after the snow has moved on out, the cloud are in place but they will start to clear tonight skies clear it will be cold tonight but then some changes are on the way. just a quick recap of the snow totals in blakesly in the poconos, 9 inches fell, jim sharp 6.5. allentown three. haddon heights 1.2 and .2 in philadelphia. storm performed pretty much as anticipated it was more of a timing issue then anything else, and looks beautiful and bethlehem and and on
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her run and keep her out even in the snow definitely, looking nice but not so great if you had to drive-in it. temperatures behind this storm , in the pennsylvania 24 hours have plumeted, 15 to 20 degrees, and cross the region and it is cold, and as we mentioned then watch out for refreeze. temperatures in the 20's and teens. anything that is wet or anything still slushy and snowy will refreeze even your driveway, watch for black ice and watch for icy spots on the sidewalks. but any snow you got looks like it will melt quickly. coming up we will tell you when temperatures will head back to the 50's and check on the eagles forecast, back to you. prosecutors in california today have charged a former classmate with murder in the death of the university of pennsylvania sophomore blaze bernstein. twenty year-old samuel woodward was arrested on suspicion of murder last week. shortly after police found bernstein's body in a shallow grave with multiple stab wound s. bernstein had been missing for nearly a week while home, in
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california on winter break. >> samuel woodward knew blaze, the victim for when they went to school at orange county school of the arts. woodward is accused of picking up blaze at his parent's home in lake forest after they spoke via social media. the exact time and place of the murder is still under investigation. >> reporter: woodward allegedly told police he became angry when bernstein kissed him after he went through a park together. prosecutors say they are still looking for evidence, the alleged murder may be a hate crime. a woman was struck and killed while crossing bristol pike in bensalem bucks county. police identified her as 30 year-old catherine gaffany of philadelphia investigators say she was hit by several cars after stepping into the northbound lanes of bristol pike around 5:45 this morning. we're told all of the drivers that hit her stayed at the scene, and they are cooperating. bristol pike was closed for several hours during the investigation but traffic is now back to normal. philadelphia branch of the naacp is demanding a meeting
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with executive management and american airlines. a group of employees have come together with complaints about their work environment and philadelphia international airport. >> there are charges in short of a racist field environment for employees of color there are charges about a lack of really quip. that is needed to provide safe conditions, there are charges of disposable work force people being let go conveniently before they gain a level of seniority. >> reporter: in october the national naacp issued a travel advisory against american airlines alleging discrimination against passengers of color. form tore day hoe show ann curry speaks out for first time since she left the program, what she has to say about matt lauer and the sexual misconduct allegations against him coming up. if you thought ice on our area rivers and lakes was crazy, well, take a look at this where this ice jam
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clogged up an entire lake. also tonight. >> just wanted you to know i'm praying for you wishing you the best, i'm thinking about you. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz shows his big heart helping to push a smile on the face of a very special fan that is a story coming up at 5:30. the president need to lose weight and get some exercise according to his doctor but for anyone who has in the worked out in a while, it can be hard to do we have advice on getting started and how to tell if you are over doing it, that is next on "eyewitness
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well following his annual physical president trump's doctors said he should lose weight and start exercising. it is something that millions of americans are also trying to do especially in the new year. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on how to get started, and also some things to consider.
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>> reporter: lots to consider here. it is not easy eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise but it is especially important if you are trying to lose weight like president trump. doctors say it is perfect to be realistic and being too aggressive with working out can be dangerous. the president who is known to love fast food, need to lose weight 10 to 15-pound is a cord to go his doctor, among his recommendations a better diet and regular exercise program. >> slow and steady wins the race. >> reporter: for president like the president who has not worked out on a regular basis experts say it is important to have a doable plan forget nothing shape. >> you don't want to set a goal too far but don't want to set one too easy either. >> reporter: doctors say it is good idea to set a gradual approach beginning a new exercise program. doing too much, too fast can be dangerous. >> someone pushing themselves and they have muscle pain and aches and discomfort, the enzymes and pre teens build up where body cannot process them filter them enough.
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>> reporter: that can interfere with the ability to function and cause abnormal heart rhythm and other serious problem. >> dark colored urine muscle soreness get in the emergency department have your labs checks. >> reporter: doctors say some muscle soreness after a work out is normal but not muscle weakness for older people like the president hoist almost 72, none in impact exercise is often recommended things like swimming or stationary bike which are easier on the joints. and doctors say that staying well hydrated is important anytime you are working out and it can help reduce risk of injury. drinking plenty of water is also known to help with weight loss. we have not heard what the president's plan is about diet or exercise but he says the doctor says he is on it. >> okay, there you go. >> thanks stephanie. this probably not a good idea. cell even if video shows people climbing on a ice jam on lake erie, this happened near port clinton ohio, the woman who took video says she has never seen ice like this
5:16 pm
before. it was 22 degrees monday, just 6 degrees yesterday. >> even, still i'm not clipping that. >> no, no, no. >> not going to be able to do it. >> kate joins us now in the forecast and we have that snow today. >> we certainly did. the system performed pretty much as expected with the highest amounts to the north and west, nuisance amounts around us but it was a slow go this morning and some kid got my kid got to sleep in a little bit. had a little delay. >> they loved it. >> i did too nice to sleep in a little bit in the morning. in the have to get out there on those road that early but if were heading out to work perhaps it was slick outside and things could be slick in a few spots tonight as well as everything refreezes but we have a warm up to talk about as we head toward the weekend. lets look outside we will get out to our library camera parkway central library looking toward center city logan circle and see the snow is on the ground. not a whole lot of snow around philadelphia coat to go an inch or so around the city but
5:17 pm
definitely made everything look sugar dusty outside today pretty looking system and again snarled the morning commute but afternoon commute looks to be moving fine and road there looking relatively dry but it is cold lets check temperatures on our neighborhood network first and foremost with 20's out there mays landing at 25, little creek, 24 degrees, west chester at westtown school it is 20 and radnor public works yard in wayne it is only 21 degrees and it feels even colder, with that biting win. so storm scan three shows this system moving off the coast ramped up over portions of virginia and north carolina where it is snowing at a good clip still but for us, all intents and purposes this is over unless you are in the extreme southern corner of the sussex county, delaware but most of us have seen the end of the snow, just cloudy, cold right now it is 26 in the city. twenty-seven in atlantic city. twenty-four in dover. you can see the cold stretches all the way dunn to the gulf coast, and it is only 27 degrees in birmingham, same
5:18 pm
temperature in philadelphia as little rock right now and only 46 in jacksonville, raleigh-durham with the snow today 28 degrees. here's what it will feel like as we move through tonight with the wind is still strong, and temperatures dropping into the 20's, it will feel like 7 degrees by 10:00 o'clock and as we head through overnight hours many spots will feel like the single digits, possibly even sub zero as we wake up tomorrow morning and take kid out to the bus stop, hopefully no delays, tomorrow but it will be cold, whipping wind out there in the morning and it will feel like single digits and not a whole lot better in the afternoon. sunny and cold for your thursday. single digits in the morning. breezy north westerly winds. afternoon wind chills only in the teens abe 20's, across the area so overnight low, again got to have factor in the win 18 feeling like eight at best for your thursday, sunny skies breezy, chilly at 34. here's good news now that this storm is moving out high pressure is building in, we will tap into a more southerly flow, by week end so tomorrow, cold breezy, friday is more
5:19 pm
seasonal and it is quiet and then we're warming up to the 50's by saturday, and it looks like a nice, sunny stretch. look at all of the sunshine here in your seven day eyewitness weather forecast and we will warm up almost 10 degrees each day at lee into the weekend where we're at 34 tomorrow. forty-two for friday. fifty-two on saturday, we will keep it in the 50's on sunday for the eagles game and that eagles game starts after sunset so we will be mild, for your tailgating and then probably still in the 40's, mid 40's at kick off monday's mild as well but there will be a chance for rain monday night into tuesday and that will eventually cool things back down but i'll tell what you no snow and extreme cold, in the seven day forecast, looks good. >> all right thanks, kate. our philadelphia eagles know it is important to give back to the community, you play in. >> we will tell you how chris long is teaming up with former first lady michelle obama to help get kid into college don a 66 year-old billion air with bounce in his step, straight ahead we will go inside the dance celebration
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coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 why doctors say dogs can be good for your health. our stephanie stahl has the reasons coming up, in the next hour. so true, so true. >> don's here now with video the jeffery, i guess people have been calling it, but everybody has been watching it >> that is right. >> trying to copy moves of jeffery lurie. >> is what your go to move. >> i don't know, i think my husband would say i just bounce up and down, i like moving every where. >> i necessity you have one. >> i have four or five. >> i might break them out. >> you think bit after this. >> how about this, the chicken dance, the electric slide the cupid shuffle and now the jeffery. as in jeffery lurie the eagles owner gave us a new
5:24 pm
dance after their win over falcons. pat gallen breaks it down. >> reporter: all year eagles have been a loose entertaining bunch. they have bold, they have posed, and they have danced. but after the win over the falcons to advance to the nfc title game, the players were up staged by team owner jeffery lurie so, i had to find out did someone teach me how to jeffery. i went to professional dancer and sixers dunk squad member david holley for right way to do it. >> david. >> is what up, buddy. >> good man good. >> you are a professional dancer. >> i like to dance. >> you can teach me how to dougie. >> yeah,. >> now i want you to teach me how to jeffery. >> how to jeffery? >> jeffery laurie eagles owner you saw him in the locker room. >> oh, okay.
5:25 pm
>> rocking out. can you teach me how to jeffery. >> yes. >> let me see what you got first and i will determine if you are good enough. we will see what you got. okay. okay. okay. don't hurt nobody. okay. >> all right, hold on hold on hold on. >> that is first with the knee the knee bounce, okay, good. >> and then, that is what you want having fun witt. >> yes like dribbling a basketball taking it a little bit, and then you want to celebrate the team, yes champion ship team. >> nfc championship, the winner. >> teach me how to jeffery. >> that is right you got it, good good you got it. >> get the palms out fingers out, take it around. >> yes. >> and celebrate now you are rocking. >> teach me how to jeffery that is a new one.
5:26 pm
good one. >> i don't know fit will catch on but we will see. >> damon, thank you. >> was pat out of breath a little bit. >> i like how he said don't hurt nobody. >> don't hurt nobody. >> all right. >> it looked like single ladies video with beyonce like the part of the jeffery is inspired by that. >> maybe he is a member of the beehive. >> do you think soy need you to follow-up on that. >> coming up at 6:00. >> we will find out. >> thanks man. coming up next, more proof that this team our eagles has heart. >> a brave little boy in for the fight of his life, with a surprise message from eagles quarterback carson wentz i'm chantee lans at the linc and we will have their story coming up. i'm not surprised by the allegations. >> former today show co host ann curry returns to tv for the first time since leaving nbc news. she opens up about her former co anchor matt lauer and sexual misconduct allegations
5:27 pm
made against him we will have more when "eyewitness news"
5:28 pm
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the video message lifted boys spirits during a difficult time. that little boy is hospitalized in delaware and he was too sick to make to it saturday's playoff game with atlanta. >> he got a special message from number is 11. eyewitness nice reporter chantee lans is at lincoln financial field with how it all happened, chantee. >> reporter: ukee and jessica the eagles invited nine year-old boy to the stadium here. he missed it because i was too sick. he watched from his hospital bed. instead carson wentz sent a special video hoping to make all of the difference nine year-old danny feltwell, bleed
5:31 pm
glean. >> danny's dream is to be a professional football player, and when season's over he wants to be a policeman. >> reporter: until then he is fighting cancer. danny cast diagnosed with cancer at 16 months. the margate new jersey fourth grader relapsed last month. >> his tumor was twice the size of his heart sitting on top of his heart resting on his bronchial tubes and wrapped around the main vein back into his heart. >> reporter: he was admitted to alfred i du pont children's hospital word spread to the eagles. >> is what up danny carson wentz here. >> reporter: star eagles quarterback made this video just for danny after feltwell 's family friend and delaware state university police officer bill wentz in relation to carson, called the eagles and cheered danny's story. >> danny was sleeping here and bill came in and showed danny the video and as soon as danny heard carson's voice he smiled and then he opened up his eyes, and then he loved it
5:32 pm
>> i want to you know i'm praying for you i'm wishing you the best, thinking about you, and you know, again i just hope to see you at more eagles game and keep cheering us on, god bless you bro. >> did it make you happy. >> yes. >> yes. >> why did it make you happy. >> he is my favorite football player. >> i don't like to see him sick or in pain, and just that little moment of happiness meant the world. >> reporter: in return, danny 's dad has this message for carson wentz. >> thank you. thank you for making my son happy. >> reporter: danny's dad says number one thing he need right now ace bone marrow donor match, he says it is a one in 2 million shot to find it but he says more people that goes out and get tested will raise chances. that is very latest live at the linc, chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very, very much so, that is
5:33 pm
awesome. chris long, eagles defensive end and eagles are teaming up with michelle obama to encourage kid to attend college and get financial aid that they need. >> educational in equity and helping young people succeed is important to me and philadelphia eagles team. that is why eagles care program is teaming up with michelle obama's reach higher initiative. >> goal of the partnership is to encourage college readiness and fafsa application as monk students from low income background. it is free application for student aid which determines eligibility for student's financial aid. well eagles spirit flying high consider this store the betsy ross of eagles nation, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our david spunt takes us to a local flag makers in business for 150 years to see the eagles creations don't miss this at 6:00 o'clock. in washington protesters filled the senate office building to demand lawmakers protect daca as congress tried to head off a governmental
5:34 pm
shut down. program that prevents un documented people brought to this country as children from being deported is not part of the latest short term spending proposal from house republicans. current proposal would keep government opened through february and would extend the children's health insurance program for six years. >> i find it difficult to believe that my democratic collogues would want to shut down the government for american citizens and close down a six year re authorization of health insurance for american children all over illegal immigration. >> we're going to come more to the center they truly want to fix this. >> congress has until midnight friday to pass a new spending bill to avoid a governmental shut down. north and south korea have reached an olympic agreement. south chief negotiator announced that the two koreas will march together under one flag next month winter olympic games in south korea. they will also field a combined women's ice hockey team. this is first time that the
5:35 pm
north and south will compete as a unified team in the olympics. a sentencing hearing for larry nassar disgraced sports direct continued for a second day with more victims confronting the accuse inner court. young members of their family delivered victim impact statements. former u.s.a. gymnastic team doctor is accused of sexually abusing more than 100 victims. he pleaded guilty last year to molesting seven girls. >> come to realize that this moment, may be just my moment that this is my moment of strength. >> those little girls that you took advantage of so easily, have now come back to haunt you, all the days of your life >> i imagine hitting you if i ever had the opportunity to see you again. instead i will allow my thoughts and my feelings to eat at your heart. >> dozens of nassar's abuse victims will address the court during 49 day hearing.
5:36 pm
594 year-old will likely spend rest of his life behind bars. he is already serving 60 year sentence on a separate child pornography case. journalist anncurry breaks her silence about co anchor matt lauer who was fired last year amid allegation of sexual misconduct. curry was asked in the interview on cbs this morning whether she thought laura boosted his power at the network. >> you know, i'm trying to do no harm in these conversations i can tell you that i am not surprised by the allegations. >> what do you mean by that ann. >> curry said verbal harassment was pervasive during her time at the network coming up on "eyewitness news" getting in the gym to share brotherly love. >> i showed up, and i could not believe that i was missing out. >> this class is more than a work out it is a community for people in recovery who is
5:37 pm
stronger then stigma, that is up next. some say best part of the crispy cream doughnut is glaze well, the company wants to try out a new flavor and need your help, kate. well, as we head toward the weekend temperatures are on the way up so even though tonight is very, very cold, a beautiful weekend is on tap lots of sunshine both saturday and sunday, and highs will climb into the 50's, both days and great news for those heading to the eagles game beautiful day to tailgate and for actual game kick off temperatures likely still in the 40's, great weekend to get outside. and there is nothing like a sports team loyalty to unite a family we are loving the spirit of these eagles fans and their matching midnight green, and black thanks to "eyewitness news" viewer lori libera
5:38 pm
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well big day for the dow jones it closed above 26,000
5:41 pm
for the first time actually hitting 26,115, just eight trading days ago it close add above 25,000 for the very first time. and one of the philadelphia's most historic buildings is getting a make over it is an 1895 masterpiece being restored to its former glory and once it is completed it is sure to be a world class destination. the building won't open until june but coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 we will take you inside for a sneak peak at the amazing transformation. crispy cream with a twist doughnut company wants to you choose flavor of the next glaze topping. >> now choices are blueberry lemon, carmel or mapel the one that gets the most votes will be featured on a special addition doughnut. you can vote, on www dot vote for until january the 22nd, the new glaze will be available for one week, sometime this spring. yes, yes yes and yes. >> i don't think they can get
5:42 pm
wrong. >> not at all. >> that looks good, um. coming up, music legend who got an f in music
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we're back with a baby bird fan this is charlie wearing his tiny eagles shirt with swoop sitting next to they are roughly the same size >> they are. >> are you as ready as charlie is? you are up and share your pictures just be sure to use the #cbs-3. gloucester township is helping to extend learning beyond the classroom today big brothers big sisters and the township kicked off a new work place mentoring program. it is called beyond school walls, and township employees are mentoring 25 kid at glenn landing middle school, and today they spent the day with their bigs, at work to see how they do their job. business and little. some people in philadelphia are using exercise class to support people in recovery. >> as i found out in brotherly love they want people to feel stronger than stigma. a few years ago layla would
5:46 pm
not have imagined herself here at this athletic club in philadelphia. >> i showed up, and i could in the believe that i was missing out. >> reporter: she struggled with addiction since age 14 when an injury ended her dream of playing basketball. >> i felt depressed and i had nothing to live for as they would say. >> now she's 28, almost two years sober working out at this free fitness class specifically for people in recovery. no advanced sign up require. >> they are 100 percent free for anybody that is recovering as long as they have 48 hours of sobriety. go up. that is fine. >> reporter: volunteer coach gavin young has been sober nine years and he sees how exercise can lift people. >> yeah. >> invigorating thing for people hoff spent a lot of time being down on themselves. >> here we go 12 minutes on the clock. >> reporter: national non- profit called the phoenix is establishing these class necessary cities all around the country. when gym owner heard bit he
5:47 pm
volunteered his gym, he is in recovery as well. >> it is not about are you a member of the 12 step program or in a rehab or any of that, it is just about what can we do to support each other because we all need help. >> we're going to get to it. so helpful. symbolic but very literal. >> reporter: these free classes are held five days a week. >> family members are more than welcomed, significant others are more than welcome people from the community that hear about what we are doing. >> reporter: i can feel the joy. you are in a good place right now. >> i am in a good place. this is my passion. report report a lot of love, energy inspiration coming from that gym. we have more information about the phoenix on our web site at cbs we are not only won dealing with winter weather. winter storm also hit the deep south this morning in montgomery, alabama a truck slid on the icy street, hitting another vehicle. thankfully in, one was hurt. this crash was captured by tv
5:48 pm
news crew doing a live shot, on travel conditions. more trouble now with tractor trailers, this is a rig jackknifed on i40 in north carolina today. road certainly a mess there and more snow, it is in that area's forecast. i think we have got about an inch where i live. >> yes around an inch around the city. looking at video it is easy for us northern tours laugh at those in the south. but they just don't have infrastructure the plows. >> absolutely correct. >> i worked in atlanta they shut that place down. >> you cannot get anywhere road are a complete sheet of ice and still snowing in north carolina and virginia right now. snow is i odn't for us and left behind upward of 6 inches in the poconos but inch in philadelphia coating in portions of new jersey, and delaware. it did lead to a slow morning commute and we have ushered in much colder air and that will be with us through tomorrow. lets look at outside i want to show view edge of the cloud deck that system finally
5:49 pm
starting to clear, you can see it is overcast this afternoon but as you look to the west, just starting to see some clearing over center city, the sun has set but again you can see where the cloud end and some clearer skies begin. now that is not always a good thing on a clear night temperatures tend to drop a little bit more rapidly then on a cloudy night. as skies clear temperatures will continue to plumet, once again, lot of taillights and headlights on the vine street expressway a lit built slow but certainly in the as slow as this morning was. we will talk about commuting conditions for the afternoon, where right now at least and overnight hours coming up. we will check with weather watchers and see temperatures across the map only in the 20 's but i want to check in first of snow fall totals. lets see if it matches up. if you are in their neighborhood. middletown delaware jason is at three-quarters of an inch. cardington bill layden pick up 2 inches at phil's house in north wales jenny janssen in cherry hill at just shy of an inch of snow.
5:50 pm
so temperatures on the weather watcher network are on the cold side and you can see we have got photos, as well close to an inch here from jason in middletown, delaware. snow cover road from this morning as well in chestnut hill from phil, it is a cold night, temperatures again plumetting down into the 20's, jerry at 24. david mitchell 27 right now. bash why lane and jason in middletown both at 24 degrees. and, here's what today looked like off to the north in berks county bernville waking up to fresh snow on the ground but, after early morning, the snow was done and it was just a cloudy cold day 19 degrees there right now little bit of clearing in the evening wind gusting to briefly to 21 miles an hour. you can see snow still coming down over portions of north carolina right around raleigh-durham pushing toward the coast outer banks will get in on some snow before this is said and done and hampton road, virginia, snowing at a pretty good clip but it has ended for us and there is that edge of the cloud deck that we just saw on the camera shot clearing out
5:51 pm
clearer skies on the way and a nice stretch of sunshine, on the way for us through the weekend. we have now had just over a foot of snow in philadelphia this year. 12.9 inches so far in the month of january, 4.3 has fallen, we are 10 inches below the seasonal average. we will be stuck here it would be a quiet winter but we are only about halfway through the winter season. you can see all of the snow on the ground extending from new england right on down to the gulf coast around an inch of snow on the ground all across lou san,al bam florida panhandle with as much as 3 inches near atlanta and portions of alabama as well. we're seeing about one to 3 inches around philadelphia on the ground and upward of 6 inches on the ground in lehigh valley and poconos. so some refreezing tonight it will be slick out there. areas of black ice overnight and tomorrow morning even though it is dry it will be cold so do watch for icy spots cold will in the last though we will see warmer air starting to build in, as we head into the weekend and just
5:52 pm
in time for the eagles game. so you're witness weather seven day forecast shows that warm up, warmer each day thursday friday in the weekend, 50's both saturday and sunday, and then for eagles game kick off temperature right around 44 degrees, in the bad at all watch for rain late machine into tuesday and cooler but still not very cold by middle of next week, ukee and jessica duchess of cambridge went to a london area hospital today but in the because of the pregnant royal was ready to give birth. >> instead kate middleton made an appearance to redevelop children's center at the hospital and greeted by fans outside. one little girl gave her two stuffed bears that could be just gifts for her two children prince george and princess charlotte. the duchess is set to give birth to her third child in april. legendary beach boy brian wilson went back to school, why he thought he deserved a better grade. also ahead a viral video you really don't want to miss, it is the hot minute with
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so where will you be watching the nfc championship game. bob harrington answer that had question in the form of the tweet. he calls this his eagles room, we are loving the team spirit right there bob. this is an open invitation. share your photos with us by using the #cbs-3. well enriquee glazees gives us a first look at his new born as actress anna kendrick. >> brian wilson, is surfing his way to the top of the class six decade later. bex from today's 96.5 has those stories and a parade of penguins in today's hot minute >> thanks, ukee and jessica lets get right into it with enrique and anna corn cove a who has given us a glimpse of their adorable twins born in december. each sharing a photo with a
5:57 pm
simple caption in my sunshine but the best part of the story comes after anna kendrick was mistaken for baby mom in the yahoo article and, pitch perfect star had fun with the mix of sharing the post writing dear yahoo how do i get to the time line where i slept with enrique and please ann, thank you. and we will cut you some slack, mistakes happen. just like brian wilson's music teacher made 60 years ago. musical genius behind the beach boys return to his high school at age of 75 to change the f he received on this project for this song composition. lets take a listen. >> ♪ >> sound familiar? yep, that is surfing. which went on to be the beach boys first hit in 1961. brian took the moment to share his revised a to twitter writing in teacher's war the composition got a f but made a
5:58 pm
million dollars. and finally this video is making its way around the internet with more than 4.7 million views. and need no introduction other than it is a caption storm troopers walking down the stairs followed by darth vader enjoy. >> ♪ >> i probably watched that video 17 million times myself >> that is your hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> i wanted to see more. >> roll it again. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> i'm just excited because i know we will bring energy and the fans will bring energy and have that champion ship game here, i know it will be electric. >> ready for a rowdy crowd? the bird are talking about what that home field advantage means, and game planning for a tough vikings team. watching the game, enjoying a beer in mayfair this weekend you will be
5:59 pm
drinking out of plastic cups. i'm greg argos here in the northeast and we will tell you why that is and why those safety measures are in place. feeling pretty frigid in the wake of the today's storm but big changes on the way, we will tell but a winter warm up that whim take us in the weekend. just how warm it will be for that eagles game. and can dogs keep the doctor away? a new study shows a puppy can be a perfect prescription for better health, and the reason you do not even have to own a dog to reap benefits. the men and woman do their best so we will be shine. >> preparing for a party philadelphia fans know a victory is never a given but after a big win the city is never shy to celebrate. tonight, the way police and business owners are hoping to keep things safe, if the eagles win and go to the trip
6:00 pm
to the big game. also fly eagles flags fly. philadelphia company, has been making flags for more than 150 years, we will show you the connection they have had to the bird and why they will be out of luck if you try to get one. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we are joined by sports director don bell. we will have move more on eagles fans but first we have to talk about the team itself. >> we have it rolling. just four days until kick off. the bird, getting ready. >> those championship parade video from the phillies, i cannot believe that was 10 years ago. maybe we will do it again. there were two huge developments over the weekend. one, the eagles defense recaptured its dominant form. two, nick foles reminded us what he is capable of. on sunday, he will to have do it again. vikings have the top defense in the league. they only allow 15 points a game. that is exact number of points the bird scored in their


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