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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 17, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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>> tonight ann curry sounds off on "the today show." >> there was a climate of verbal harassment. >> why she's not surprised about the matt lauer scandal. >> plus ellen pompeo's undprentsed paycheck for "grey's anatomy." . then -- >> we're smoking. >> we're with >> and betty white 96 years young. we're with the birthday girl revealing her secrets to eternal youth. >> you think you fade off into the sunset. well the sunsets every night, but i won't go away.
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>> this is "entertainment tonight." >> there she is ann curry emerging in the snow after her appearance on cbs this morning. we were there as an sat down for her first tv interview since she was forced off "the today show" nearly six years ago. >> that move upset a lot of people including ann. so she has a lot to say about the pain and hue mill kwags and what she thinks about matt lauer getting fired for sexual misconduct. >> do you believe that matt lauer abused his power? >> i am not surprised by the allegations. >> what do you mean by that, ann? >> what do you mean you're not surprised? you heard things? you knewthings? >> i would be surprised if many women did not understand there was a climate of verbal harassment that existed. >> ann, have you spoken to matt? >> curry did not answer questions as she left cbs this
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morning. nbc declined to comment on curry's harassment claim. the staff shake-up continues. this morning it was announced that former today show anchor katie couric will co-host the winter olympics next month. long time executive producer don nash is stepping down. he's being released by libby lease. she's the first woman to fill that woman. nash spent nearly 30 years during at the today show. he took over just after this disastrous moment in 2012. >> this is not as i expected to leave this couch after 15 years. >> your last day was very emotional. it was very difficult for you clearly. >> for all of you who saw me as a ground breaker, i'm sorry i couldn't carry the ball to the finish line. >> i don't want to upset you here. >> i'm not going to start crying. >> many people thought matt lauer was behind you leaving
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"the today show." >> i don't know what was all behind it. i know it hurt like hell. it wasn't a fun moment. i learned a great deal about myself. i really at this point let it go. i've just let it go. >> well a lot of people are going to be happy about this. ann is returning to tv. she's the host of the limited series "we'll meet again" rereunites people who lived through traumatic moments. >> on cbs sunday is screen actors guild awards. it will be interesting to see how james franco is greeted by his fellow actors. we have new reporting on how the actor is dealing with the fall out. >> our "e.t." source says his friends are really worried about him. he's not in a good place. he's really struggling.
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the source said franco's distress is not out of guilt but because it's been a complicated crisis to navigate after multiple women accused him of sexual inappropriate behavior. the allegations surfaced after franco wore a times up pin. franco has kept a low profile since addressing the allegations on late night. last night he skipped the critic's choice awards. >> james couldn't be here to accept it. we'll accept it on his behalf. >> "e.t." learned he's planning to attend the screen actors guild awards. >> the 39-year-old denied engaging in any inappropriate behavior. an "e.t." source said he has evidence supporting his side. he doesn't want any women speaking out to feel silence. >> i'm not going to try to, you
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know, actively refute things. then i will. >> well, the time's up movement is showling no signs of slowing down. it was announced with the help of vogue's ana wintour 39 black gowns and tuxes worn by the stars will be auctioned on ebay to benefit the time's up legal defense account. let's talk kim and kanye now. they welcomed a baby girl. let the name game begin. >> any names? >> gotta think of a name. >> thunder. >> a smiling kanye seemed to still thinking of names today. with their last two kids names were not released until after their birth. the new parents quietly checked out of the hospital yesterday. now the baby is at home.
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today's there's beefed up security at their compound. kim can i can't, north and saint are enjoying every second of bonding time. last name kim instagrammed a picture of this cake her mom gave her. her mom and sisters were at the hospital for the birth. kylie has been mia since sources say she's expecting a girl. >> it could be for her new little niece. >> it could be. >> kylie hasn't stepped back in the spotlight so she can take the time to recharge. we can relate to that. >> we can. sometimes that means some alone time. i love my kids. sometimes we need a break. that's what chris hemsworth did at the new york premiere of their new movie "12 stront." the hemsworth heated up the
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chilly new york night. his wife wore a dolce and gabbana shear dress. he said they turned the movie into a my in get away. >> three little kids and the time together is few and far be between. we had to get on the movie set to find some date time. we shot together for about a week or so. my parents had the kids. so it was a working holiday. >> they play a married couple in the movie based on the true story of u.s. soldiers fighting on horseback post 9/11. they met on a blind date. they were set up by an accent coach. >> she was telling me about the field she knew. >> for some reason he started talking to me and we were like all the time. i think he showed that's pretty hot. >> i left her a voice mail and
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said hello my name is chris would you like to go on a date. here we are. >> the koup's friends matt damon and wife luch i can't in a were at the premiere and she revealed she's a big fan of her sister in law to be. >> my kids love her. she has an amazing voice. we enjoy having her around. it's good. >> one big happy family. i love it. it was just founsed today that miley will take the grammy stage performing alongside elton john. grammys air live january 28th on cbs. >> can't wait for that. we were with the night's host james corden. what tricks does he have up his sleeves. carly steel found out. >> what can we look forward to. >> i'm going to open with a song. >> you fell down the stairs last time. >> we can't do that again. we have a couple ideas.
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>> james strategy let the music do the hosting. >> it's about the performers. we'll try to usher it along with as much joy as we can. >> performances include bruno mars with cardy b. not expected justin timberlake. that's because j.t. is preparing for his halftime performance at the super bowl. in a new interview the 36-year-old admits he struggled during the 2004 halftime show when janet jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. >> we're not going to do that again. >> kevin, kellity and i are hosting the red carpet pre show on cbs. don't miss ha. >> you ready? >> i'm ready. >> we are ready. katy perry getting real on the red carpet. what's that thing? >> a tiny tweak she admits
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making to her look and a beatle bring it is house down. our night with sir paul mccartney, daughter stella and her famous brand. >> then new hope for a sex and the city three. >> then new hope for a sex and the city three. why sarah jessica parker i ♪ ♪ >> then new hope for a sex and the city three. why sarah jessica parker i there are two types of people in the world. os future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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>> emmy stone and high dim klum honor stylists at
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but to look completely healthy, you need healthy skin. cetaphil is clinically shown to strengthen the skin's barrier and protect even the most senstive skin against dryness. so you can look healthier. complete your healthy routine with cetaphil. >> answer the question will there be a sex and the city? >> i feel like maybe -- i don't know. i got to make up an answer. i have absolutely no idea. >> if you don't know you don't know. >> who knows. >> yes, there is still hope. sarah jessica parker has been saying no that there will not be a third sex and the city movie. now she used the word maybe.
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happy happy. >> after everything they've been saying maybe makes me feel like christmas morning. i'll take that for now. speaking sex and the city the show is all about powering women. the highest paid star of a prime time drama was revealed. look who came out on time. >> i'm a doctor. >> over $20 million a year that's what ellen pompeo will get for her role as dr. gray. it's a seven figure signling bonus and producing feels in the deal and edging out mark harmon. >> i know how this works. >> ellen's big pay day was a hart fought victory. she says even though she's the gray of "grey's anatomy" patrick dempsey earned more than she did. at one point i asked for $5,000
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more than him on principle. she didn't get it. they can always use him as lerj against me, which they did for year >> doctor, shepherd this is inappropriate. >> democracy's exit from the show in 2015 saw a ratings spike that did he bayed in twoif. i had a nice chuckle able that. it's shonda rhimes who credits with helping her find her voice. she tells the magazine i'm 48 now. i got to the place i'm okay with asking for what i deserve. >> well i'm 42. "entertainment tonight" who do i talk to? >> think outside the box. >> still ahead katy perry comes clean about plastic surgery rumors. what she's admitting to having down. >> then it was the murder that rocked the fashion world.
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we're with the stars of american crime story versace before the premiere. >> betty white on her 96th birthday. the golden girl shares her secrets to staying young. >> you never seem to age ever. >> i appreciate it. i don't have to believe it, but it's great to here. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> that is katy perry. yes she's wearing her sunglasses at night. she's celebrating stella mccartney. you were there. >> all the "a" listers coming out to support stellar including katy. ♪ >> tell me about the outfit tonight.
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did you get ready together? >> it's so comfy. i love it. >> we're smoking. >> i'm getting in and under. >> i've got so many layers. >> katy stepped out in that dress hours after making headlines with this plastic surgery confession. all my assets are real. i've done laser and got filler injections under my eyes which i recommend for everyone that wants a solution for their dark circles. check out what happened when i went in to fix katy's make up mix up. >> thank you so much. you've may have a massive boil there. >> we call it a zit. >> i'm a designer that designs for real women. >> from katy to goldie and kate,
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stella's collection was the party to be at. >> we're having fun. always show up for stella. >> check out who was front row stella's dad sir paul. >> are you working on new music? >> yeah, i am. not right now, but tomorrow. >> i love to see a katy paul mccartney duo. >> well, before that happens she's got "american idol." >> i think it would be great to show the gold old american dream still exists. >> i think she's going to be so great on that show. >> so unpredictable. >> she seems so excited. >> she does. >> tonight it's the premiere of american crime story versace. i think a lot of people forget he created some of the most iconic dresses of all time. >> no one can forget jennifer
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lopez's dress. while the house of versace still lives house, his death resonates with the cast. >> the call was received shots fired. >> johnny versace was shot on the steps of his villa. >> that affected real people that are with us and have to deal with this being a huge drama. >> glee's darren cris stars. the mourners game by the hundreds to milan. versace's family criticized the project. donatella versace gave the cast her blessing. >> i am very happy it's going to be use she said. >> ricky martin said he
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consulted often during filming. >> i said tell me how did it work, how did it feel. he went through a lot of ups and downs. i will always be very thankful. >> versace? >> he's played by edgar ramirez. >> what's it like when you made the transformation to versace. >> it was strapg. i never used prosthetics before. it felt foreign. >> a lot of the series was shot in the old versace mansion. >> we fed off of the energy of the house. >> back to darren cris for a minute, he steals the entire show. he is like bone chillingly good. >> they say the whole cast. >> let's talk about somebody that we all love and adore. i'm obsessed. betty white. >> yes. >> she turns 96 years young
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today. to celebrate we're looking back at some of our favorite "e.t." moments with her. >> i love a cocktail. i love peanut butter and jelly. >> we knew betty had secrets to the fountain of youth. keep working. >> the hardest job i have is saying no to a gig. if you ask me, i'll do it. >> you've never seemed to age ever. >> oh yes. i'm an old broad. >> i'm not saying that to be nice. i'm serious. she out lived all her golden girls co-stars and she was the oldest of all the ladies. betty lost her husband and although she has no children of her own. >> i love children, but children
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grow up to be people and i love animals more. >> happy birthday, betty. >> they say you fade off into the sunset. well the sunsets every night. i won't go away. >> we don't want you to. >> never. >> so nice. betty will receive the lifetime achievement award on march 2nd. >> meghan markle's latest
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twitter. entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." travel consideration provided by -- ♪ >> tomorrow on "e.t." we are with the host es with the most es kristen bell. what you woenlt see her doing on
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sag awards stage. >> i'm small. i can't. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> we're four months away from prince harry's and meghan markle's i dos. megan has something named after her. >> it's this new little one here. >> megan is an
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previously on "the amazing race," belgium took a bite out of joey's enegy. to hustle 6. phil: while cedric and shawn week one.from >> you have it. and jessica took it to the house. you are team number one. head to head, er teams battled each other in a successful sprint. hendee and evan lost race after race after race. quite defeated now. their fourth loss in a row. team. sixth for their lost the finish. setting up a final race between firefighters and team goat yoga that.


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