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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 18, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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just three days to go until the big eagles game and officials are talking about increased security we are live with the stepped up safety measures you can expect in and around the city. and also 24 hours now after law make tours pass a spending bill to prevent a government shut down but is there one giant hurdle still in the way. another chilly start the two day but as we get close to the weekend katie says we're in store for winter warm up, o h, my it is thursday, january 1m jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it will still be chill toy day but this warm up is in store for weekend lets check the forecast with katie and meisha >> yeah, happy thursday. it felt cold today. i had my scarf, mittens so
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glad i d we have a couple accidents out there and construction, of course but man is it cold. >> very chilly. that is the story for new but then temperatures warm up. it is very quiet in the weather center. storm scan, clear finally and will stay that way for the long hall. we are all clear, there is a pretty, nippy wind out there right now, guys that will make it feel chilly. your current temperatures are bad enough, you're only at seven, up in mount pocono here in the city. only in the teens. only at 20 in atlantic city and that wind, well, is there a couple of things work ago begins you here. a, a noticeable breeze, well in the teens and then out of the northwest and that means it is coming from the cold place. we have had a cold front yesterday. so, that does mean that it is feels like value need to be taken in account here, wind chill, feels more lick single digits. mount pocono the out liar where it is colder any war way but we are expecting daytime high to rebound in the 30's,
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technically we will hit about 35 degrees with sunshine, but again that wind will make it feel a heck of a lot colder anytime to day, meisha. >> thank you very much. right new we are looking outside construction project again we are used to this week we have been talking bit every single week, every single day this week, schuylkill eastbound is closed between vine and south street and also one westbound lane is also closed. we will let you know when that clears out of the way but head up for those who just head out there for first time this week or new to that construction project has been out there all week long and it is still this morning. hopefully clears around 5:00 a.m. ninety-five south, just a quick peak, looking good, we have an accident in schuylkill township. route 23 valley forge road at dorchester way. we have a couple water main breaks as well, in rhawnhurst northeast philadelphia castor avenue at rhawn street and we have another one in delaware, foulke road at silver side road the alternate lanes are opened so you will be able to navigate yourself around this.
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rahel, back over to you. new this morning a home is damage in the fast moving overnight fire in the 5300 block of girard avenue in west philadelphia crews responded just before 2:30 as did manage to get the fire under control in 15 minutes. there are in reports of injuries and it is unclear what may have spark this fire. count down is on for three days for the nfc championship game. >> eagles are gearing up for kick off this sunday at linc and so are city officials. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at lincoln financial field with more on how a stronger security presence is being put in place , good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. both philadelphia police and septa police will be stepping up security on game day, some of these measures, fans will be able to see but others, police are keeping close to their chest. new that the fans will take september train lines to the linc sunday to cheer on the
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eagles as they take on the minnesota vikings for nfc championship, among them additional police officers riding rails and septa ambassadors at station toss help with any issues. >> there are, a unique deployment plan that we use, for certain events, and this is within of them, what i can say is that people will be safe on the septa system. >> reporter: booths on the grounds and eyes from above septa police chief tom nestle said he will have more staff monitoring camera feed as well >> we increase number of people to specifically watch cameras, and you can move around very quickly by camera checking stations, and then targeting the locations that need police response. >> reporter: as for philadelphia police in addition to setting up patrols in the areas where fans gather they are getting local businesses involved. ten years ago when phillies won the world series, the protection of frankford and cottman was a place of celebration and add midly some destruction. >> we are not trying to discourage celebration.
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we all want a happy event to unfold this weekend. but we want everyone to be safe. >> reporter: in this letter to mayfair businesses around that iconic meeting 15th district commanding officers urged business toss make sure their gates are locked and to remove anything outside that can be pick up and thrown. he advised that sell alcohol in plastic cups instead of bottles and reminded businesses and security cameras to make sure they are on an rolling. >> we want eagles to win but everyone to remain safe and there is no damage to property or injuries to people. >> reporter: philadelphia police also want to remine fans that opened container laws will be enforced throughout the city. for now, we's live outside lincoln financial field i'm trang do for cbs-3 eyewitness news. jim and rahel back to you. hopefully a great sunday but safe sunday night. vikings fans wanting to come to philadelphia to watch sunday's game will have to come up with a lot of money. the airlines is selling tickets for a special round trip charter flight, the tickets cost about $600, first class tickets almost a
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thousand and those prices don't include game tickets. travel agents in minneapolis also, say that the vikings fans, should be careful, in philadelphia. >> if the vikings win, yes would i take off any colors. it sounds ridiculous. everybody is talking about gangs here but it noise joke down in philly, it isn't. >> i would advice you not to be overly knee breaked because they will be. >> okay. >> well, ticket agencies say tickets are still available to the game but cheapest are in the 400-dollar range. and we usually hear about politicians making friendly wagers before big games like nfc champion ship but not here in philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he is in the making any bets because he doesn't want to jinks the bird says he is saving his wager for an even bigger game. and eagles gear, of course , all of the rage right now. >> local woman is turning old, drab eagles apparel into fab fashion for women. take a look at these styles. they are flying are flying off the shelves at nrs boutique in south philadelphia. the owner, nicole skier, re
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purposes old school eagles gear and give them a fresh, feminine twist. >> usually t-shirts are boxy long no shape. i like the lace up that gives it a better shape and anything with the v neck. these are new with the rine stones. >> i like. that. >> bedazzled. >> yes. >> i'm here, nicole. >> she does cost come work. they are opened tuesday through sunday noon to 7:00 p.m. and another accessory taking eagles nation by storm of course the under dogmas being. you can embrace the team's under dog role by getting one of your own. go to cbs and printout a map to wear as you cheer on your bird. and whether you are wearing a mask or your favorite eagles shirt we want to see your team spirit, just, show us how you are showing up for sunday's game, powe your pictures to facebook, twitter, instagram and #cbs-3 this weak and he you may see it on tv. a man is dead after he is shot 20 times inside a corner
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store. now police are working to find the gun man who did it. this happened just, last night , just before 7:30 at a corner store in the 3300 block of north sixth street in north philadelphia. police say that the 22-year old had just ordered a sandwich when two masked gunman walked in. >> they went right up to this individual, point blank range, and then fired, over 20 shots. we found, over 20 spent shell casings, and very close proximity, most were in, just inches away from where victim 's body was laying. >> gunman fled right after that but victim was rush to the hospital where he died, police are now working to figure out a motive for this shooting. gun violence leaves a innocent woman waiting for a bus in the hospital this happened just after 9:00 last night near seventh ain't green streets in spring garden, officers say someone fired more than a dozen shots from a semiautomatic gun. the 60 year-old was hit in the head. they do not think would the man was the intended target. she was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.
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defendants face their first court appearance in the 2012 murder of south jersey radio hoe april kaufman. james was running, illegal prescription opioid ring and had his wife, april killed when she threatened to expose the scheme. april kaufman, has had a weekly radio talk show and received an award for community service just days before her death. meanwhile prosecutors in california, have charged a former classmate with murder in the death of university of pennsylvania sophomore blaze bernstein. samuel woodward was arrested last week shortly after police found bernstein's body in the shall he grave with multiple stab wound. bernstein had been missing for a week. woodward said he became angry when bernstein kissed him after they went to the park together. and staying in california, the california couple who allegedly held their children captive is scheduled to appear in court today. david and louise turpin face torture and child endangerment charges for keeping 13 children and adults prisoners in their own home. one of the man managed to
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escape and alerted authorities on sunday. congress has until midnight to pass a new spending bill to avoid a federal government shut down. democrats say they will not support the bill if it does not protect young immigrants from deportation. but the president has ordered that program, the deferred act for childhood arrivals or daca ends march 5th. congress is in for a fight over the legislation. >> i find it difficult to believe that my democratic collogues would want to shut down g for american citizens and goes down a six year re authorization for health insurance for american children all over illegal immigration. >> we're going to have to come more to the center, if they truly want to fix this. >> now, the current proposal on the table would keep the g opened through february, and would extend the children's health insurance, otherwise known as chip for six years. still ahead this morning a banner day for dow jones we will have the numbers straight ahead. also a rare weather event
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captured on camera where and what caused snow to spin around like a tornado. plus this... >> i want to let you know i'm praying for you. i'm wishing you the best. thinking about you. >> a surprise message from carson wentz, the quarterback 's huge show of support for a special fan when "eyewitness news" continues. it's always disappointing, when something gets watered down. at air wick, we believe scent should be experienced the way its intended: pure.
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you ever see a gust nato. cameras caught this one in australia a gust nato is a term used to describe a short lived swirling wind that forms on the end of the heavy thunderstorm and in this case snowflakes were sucked up into the gust nato. >> i don't think we have them in the forecast but boy it was cold out there. >> yes, very chilly. we have a breeze but not a turning wind to create any tornado activity out there. that is good news. we did have some snow, yesterday, what is left of it
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at this point still working its way, can you believe still off shore? but we are starting to clear out nicely here, just a totally clear sky overhead here, over the delaware valley say for shore points in south delaware. but we are in the clear overhead for next couple of days. eventually that warming trend will get underway too which we have been discussing and that is a nice thing to look forward to currently in the teens, almost regional wide but we are out liars and that specific resort towns up in the poconos, heck of a lot colder near the shore, would i call it warmer but in the as harsh, currently in the very low 20's in those areas. but you've got to factor in the wind. they can still peak 20 miles an hour, not enough to cause damage but enough thaw will absolutely notice it walking through the sky scrapers, you are going down jfk and just walking to work you will notice that wind and it is going to feel harsh. high is 35, that is cold enough, it is 5 degrees or so is what average anyway but you need to account for a wind
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chill here. twenty is our overnight low, calm, cold with the winds pretty light at that point. they are turning more southerly thankfully so that allows a nice warming trend to get underway. tomorrow is normal but it will feel, i think milder too you. high of 41 degrees in the sunshine and then we can even, plus monday, looks just, awesome. okay. we have to throw in a couple rain shower chances on monday but weekend really looks good. i can't remember last time we had such a nice weekend. it has been since last season, lower 50's and sunshine on the game on sunday. >> you can't beat it. >> beautiful. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. we are looking outside we have construction, schuylkill eastbound right now, it is closed between vine and south street plus one westbound lane , it is also closed. so just a head up for my early risers hitting the roadway. then blue route at mid county pushing in both north and southbound direction looks the same there and looks good exactly what we want to see approaching 5:00 o'clock hour. we have an accident at
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schuylkill township valley forge road at dorchester way that is where just a head up in your neck of the wood. also water main break in rhawnhurst northeast philadelphia, castor avenue at rhawn street. we had another break as well in delaware foulke road southbound that has been since cleared. we are looking good there. however, construction crews are hard at work, despite the fact it is really cold, 95 north and that right lane is compromised here and more construction in delaware as well, 295 ramp to 495 northbound that is also closed , jim, back over to you. a young eagles fan battling cancer gets a surprise of a lifetime from his favorite player. >> i just want to let you know i'm praying for you, wishing you the best, thinking about you. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz recorded a video message for nine year-old danny felt well. the fourth grader from new jersey is battling non-whom kins limb foam a he was too sick to attend the game. >> did that make you happy?
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>> yeah. >> yeah. >> why did it make you happy? >> he is my favorite football player. >> i don't like to see him sick or in pain. just that little moment of happiness meant the world to me. >> danny's in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. family is now hoping that more people get tested to increase danny's odd of finding a match we are praying for him as well >> indeed, that was so nice of carson. still ahead this morning the app that pays you, i got to get this one to exercise. >> and new office space for apple? how the tech giant is taking advantage of the new tenant clause, up
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the stock market is off to a big start in the new year, yesterday the dow jones close add above 26,000 for the first time, ever. the dow jones just eight days to go from 25 you this to 26,000, and, monday's rally
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was purred by tech and health care stocks. dow jones closed up 322 points at 26,000, and the nasdaq composite added 74 points and s and p500 added 26 points. and apple is making a big investment and they say it is thanks to the tax cut plan pushed by president trump and congressional republicans. apple is planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 u.s. workers during next five years. they plan to take advantage of the one time tax break and bring back to the u.s., most of the roughly $252 billion it has in off shore accounts. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us live from the dianne, good morning. wells fargo may have another p r nightmare on its hand with customers complaining about having bank accounts, drained, can you imagine that, what is going on there. >> reporter: my goodness, good morning, rahel and jim. imagine waking up to a zero balance in your bank account? this is what is happening to
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wells fargo customers who found their bank accounts severely depleted yesterday. reports say a glitch caused on line bill payments to be processed twice. bank is working to resolve the issue, rahel and jim. >> don't want to wake up with zero in your bank account. >> no. >> or negative. >> exactly. >> so dianne this caught my attention there is an app that apparently pays you to exercise what is this all about. >> reporter: oh, yeah, this is idea behind the app wet coin for every thousand steps a user takes they are paid 95 cents in sweat coins traded in for fitness gear, work out classes and gift card. free version of the app pays five coins a day, jim and rahel, i love this idea. >> what are they paid out of it, are they paid by the companies. >> there has to be something. >> reporter: well, look, again , there is a free version of this, free version is you can only get, five sweat coins
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a day with the free version. that is how these apps will pull you in, they will get you for the free version and then i'll pay to get a little bit of extra and some of the bells and whistles. >> we're practically professionalthmake a lot of stu. >> we do it all. >> i know remarks hell is marathon champion. >> please don't talk about a marathon. >> thank you. >> thanks, dianne. well, winter warm up is on the way. >> katie tells bus mild weather in the forecast, won't that be nice, when we come right
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are you ready for it. >> everybody is moving, udio. restaurant on columbus boulevard in race street is ready forbidder's big nfc champion ship game. le peg restaurant is
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celebrating a very unique way, chef peter, brought in heavy i equipment to carve eagles sculpture out of ice. it is also serving under dog shots. last night. what do you think of that. >> that is good. >> katie, the silt i is ready for sunday. >> um, yes. >> also ready for warmer weather. >> exactly. i'm ready. i don't know about you guys. well, no cart before the horse on this one. still very cold outside. you need to bundle up adequately. heavy sweat shirts and hats and all that and keep wearing that for today, and at least sunnies back. if you have not had chance to clean up from yesterday's snow you will need to be bundled up adequately to do the job but sun will shine. nothing more than a few cloud at this point across south jersey and delaware but you have to worry about the possibility of lingering slick spots. anything that was standing water yesterday, guarantee it is frozen at this point. temperatures for the most part in the teens but we will have
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out liars that do drop as low as single digits, it will feel that cold in spots, so you have to keep an eye out on that black ice issue on some of the side streets but as we move ahead look at this three out of the next seven days are easily at least 50 degrees, eagles game day, again, i'm not sure how this impacts the fantasy teams, for playing against minnesota team that comes from a dome but 50, i think we will be in the lower 40's at kick off but for tailgate purposes this looks phenomenal, it is a nice quiet stretch too. monday, meisha is next chance we have for rain so i will put my feet up, tid will my thumbs and hang out back here in the weather center. >> you should, you deserve it, it has been very busy for our early morning, commuters, so, good morning, everybody. we are looking outside to what katie said black ice will pose a problem for us, again, today , so just a head up. ninety-five at the airport this is what we're looking at. volume levels sustained as they should as we crack in the
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5:00 o'clock. heating up overall we are looking good boulevard at fox street looking nice and quiet. we have some construction out there, so on the schuylkill eastbound still closed between vine and south street, one westbound lanes, also closed, that however, has now been since cleared. but we do have a accident out there schuylkill township route 23 valley forge road at dorchester way and a water main break as well, still out there, rhawnhurst northeast philadelphia, castor avenue at rhawn street so if that is your neck of the wood give yourself a couple extra minutes. road, however will not be completely closed. we have some construction crew s out there despite the fact that it is very cold. ninety-five north at naamans road that right lane compromised there, jim, back over to you. coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a story is getting national attention a college student go on a racist rant and then tse lt fridays our area. also ahead why lawyers for fo kathleen kaine, say that her conviction should be overturned. retailer h and m is
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as a corporate partner. enjoy the ride, and, gogles that is the message septa police and authorities in philadelphav we're live with mon what you need to know if you plan to travel to theme sunday. also this morning a 60 year-old woman is rush to struck by a stray bullet we will tell what you she was doing at the clock is ticking on a potential federal government shut down, we will toints that e lawmakers, budding head. it is thursday, january 18th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha k


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