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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 18, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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as a corporate partner. enjoy the ride, and, gogles that is the message septa police and authorities in philadelphav we're live with mon what you need to know if you plan to travel to theme sunday. also this morning a 60 year-old woman is rush to struck by a stray bullet we will tell what you she was doing at the clock is ticking on a potential federal government shut down, we will toints that e lawmakers, budding head. it is thursday, january 18th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things.
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good morning, guys. >> happy gateway. we are looking outside and it is very cold. but black ice will play an issue, as katie mentioned before and that is what we are seeing out there right now. we have a couple accidents. hopefully they are starting to clear. lots of construction and water main breaks as well. >> here we go again but temperatures will be warming up so we will be stuck with a brief shot of cold but we will start off by looking at storm scan which isn't showing any stormy weather at this point. certainly in the on land. we have lingering snow working its way off shore, but there are a couple cloud in south jersey and delaware, skies are clearing nicely but that posts its own set of problems because of this time of the year if you do not have cloud cover to trap in any heat that you built up in the atmosphere it will get right backup to the atmosphere and lose it and that allows temperature to drop off. look at the drop off we had a cold front, so this makes sense but it is much more harsh and cold with temperatures dropping from 14 to 15, 16, 17, 18 as much as 20 degrees. as that relates to the
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thermometer, it is cold, these are air temperatures, you have to allow for single digit feels like values in these spots but the wind is noticeable not a really strong or harsh wind but it is out of the northwest and you certainly will feel, that, and , notice how much colder it feels because of it. anytime win blows we have to account for 10 degrees, knocked off for feels like value. breeze will continue throughout the day but daytime highs are cold, your high just 35, this is last really cold day of the bunch here and nice warm up gets underway. >> that is music to our ears because it is so cold, and looking outside, well, today we are just dealing with the cold, and black ice but good thing we are not dealing with the snow like what we saw yesterday. that is good news. there is our silver lining and we will be warming up. ninety-five at girard levels building ever so slightly but overall things are looking good and everyone still traveling around at posted speed as they should, vine, schuylkill what you're looking at there, same story there
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cracking in the 5:00 this is what we want to see, looking good there as well. we have construction, schuylkill eastbound is closed , between vine and south street, one westbound lane is also closed and that has reopened, and, and, it looks to be reopening again, that is great news could be trucks eastbound was closed between vine and south street and that is opening upright now, jim and rahel back over to you. new this morning a west philadelphia home is damaged after an early morning fire that happened just before 2:30 on the 5300 block of girard avenue. crews were able to get the fire under control in 15 minutes n reports of injuries. fire investigators are working to figure out the cause. nfc champion ship game clock is winding down. and, overall we will be hitting field, boot on the ground across philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at the linc, with the plans to keep folks safe before and after the game , trang do? >> reporter: hey, rahel and
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jim, philadelphia police and septa included us in on the security measures they will be putting in place on game dau but they are keeping these plans, to themselves but they are also, asking local business owners to do their part. now fans will take september train lines to the linc on sunday to cheer on the eagles as they take on the vikings for nfc championship, among them will be additional officers riding the rails and septa ambassadors on the stations to help with any issues. >> there are a unique deployment plan that we use for certain events, and this is one of them. what i can say is that people will be safe on the septa system. >> reporter: boots on the ground and eye from above, septa police chief tom nestle says he will have staff monitoring camera feed as well >> we have increased number of people to specifically watch cameras, and, you can move around very quickly by, by camera checking out stations and then targeting locations,
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that need police response. >> reporter: as for philadelphia police in addition to stepping up patrols in areas where fans tend to gather they are getting local businesses involved, 10 years ago when the phillies won the world series the intersection of frankford and with the man was a place of celebration and add midly some destruction. >> getting in front of thinks a good thing. we are in the trying to discourage celebration. we all want a happy event to unfold this weekend but we want it to be safe. >> reporter: in this letter to mayfair businesses around that iconic meeting 15th district commanding officer urged business toss make sure their gates were locked and to remove anything outside that can be pick up and thrown. he advised bars that sell alcohol in plastic cups and not bottles and remind todd make sure business cameras are on and rolling. >> we want the eagles to win but we want everyone to remain safe and no damage to property and in injuries to people. >> reporter: now for anyone thinking of taking their celebrations, to the streets, philadelphia police also want to remind people that open container laws will be
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enforced. but for now we are live outside lincoln financial field, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. >> thanks, trang do. we want to see your eagles pride. powe your pictures to twitter, facebook or instagram and use the #cbs-3 and you may end up on the air. house lawmakers could temporarily fun the government beyond tomorrow's deadline. bill would keep federal government running through february 16th, it would re authorize the chip or children's health insurance program for six more years and it would delay several obama care tax provisions. democrats threatened to vote begins the plan because it does not include deportation protections for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. former classmate is behind bars charged with murder in the death of the university of pennsylvania sophomore blaze bernstein. samuel woodward was arrested last week after police found his body in the shallow grave with multiple stab wound. woodward said he became angry
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when bernstein apparently kissed him after they went to the park together. bernstein's parent will be on cbs this morning to talk about their devastating logs. >> you know, people feel sorry for us you know, people we don't even know they are in the sleeping at night, they are crying, about this tragedy and we're saying there is a way out of this. there is a way for you to feel better that little chemical reaction you have in your brain. when do you something nice for somebody else it makes you feel good too. >> it does. >> yes. y didn't necessity that was going to happen. i just thought we were going to live with the tragedy the rest of our lives you can see more of the bernstein family interview on cbs this morning, that airs at 7:00 right here after "eyewitness news" this morning right here on cbs-3. in other news police are looking for two gunman they say shot a man 20 times, inside of a north philadelphia corner store. this happened, last night, just before 7:30 in the 3300
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block of north sixth street. officers say man was inside eating a sandwich he ordered when gunman walk in carrying semiautomatic guns. >> they went right up to this individual, point blank range, and then fired over 20 shots. we found, over 20 spent shell casings, and very close proximity mostly within inches away from where the victim'sed about i was laying. >> police rush the victim to the hospital where he died, and neither the man are in the store, were ever robbed. innocent woman is gunned down waiting for a september bus this happened last night just after 9:00 o'clock. sixty year-old woman was standing near seventh and green streets in spring garden when someone fired more than a dozen shots. she was hit in the hip and now listed in stable condition, officers, do not think that she was the intended target. happening today court appearance foreman accused in the murder for hire death of his wife more than five years ago, prosecutors say that james kaufman was writing
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prescription drug ring and conspired with other defendants to have his wife, killed after she threatened to expose the ring. they say kaufman was running the ring with an outlaw biker gang, april kaufman has had weekly shows on the radio and advocated for veterans rights. prosecutors have released new details about the death of the man they say was hired by kaufman to kill april. they say frances mulholland died of a heroin overdose a year after april kaufman's death. out west now the california parents accused of holding their children captive will be in court today. david and louise turpin face torture and child endangerment charges for keeping 13 siblings, children and adults, prisoners in their own home. one of the children managed to escape and alert authorities on monday. lawyers for former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says a special prosecutor who investigated her had too much power. kane resigned in 2016 after her conviction of perjury, obstruction and conspiracy charges. her attorneys told judges in
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philadelphia yesterday that decision to how prosecutors grand jury authority, violated laws about separation of powers. they want the charges dismissed. kane has in the begun serving her 10 to 23 month sentence. man accused of driving a pickup truck downey manhattan bike path killing eight people may plead guilty. attorneys the suspect would consider the plea only if prosecutors don't push for the death penalty, he is accused of driving down the bike path near one world trade center on halloween. he faces 22 charges, including murder, and attempted murder. well, a young woman from new jersey has gone viral for all of the wrong reasons. >> i don't care if it is martin luther king day. >> still ahead, find out what she has to say about a racist rant that got her kicked out of college. a lot of people talking about that story. also a landslide leaves this multi million-dollar home on the edge of a cliff, we will tell what you may have caused the earth to give way when we come right
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island slide is happening right in the backyard of the multi million-dollar home. >> this is in malibu, california, you can see part of the home's yard has already collapsed and so has yard fence. crews say is there minimal
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risk of the home sliding but no one is allowed in or out for now, fire fighters found lots of water when they inspect the area and they are investigating whether it was caused by rainwater or possibly a faulty sprinkler system. well, wicked wind and snow in parts of the virginia could in the keep these teen swimmers from the pool. where are they? oh, there they are. they are on a swim team and practiced outside, outside, every day, regardless of the conditions. now pool is heat todd about 82 y they are comfortable in the water but they say getting in and out is a whole different story. >> it is like a hot tub. >> the world's largest hot tub you have to do what you have to do. >> yeah. >> around here it is very cold , katie. >> yeah, you know, wind is still whipping out there. it is not a strong, strong wind but enough that you will notice it and will feel generally that 10 degrees colder anytime it does blow. yesterday we did very well with the snowfall in places and in the so well in others. it depended what you were
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hoping for, i think ski resorts were totally loving this. you had nine solid inches up at blakesly where jack frost big boulder is and as i pass our field cameras walking over to the weather wall i do see they are making some snow up that way. i will show thaw camera later in the show. the snow thus far for the city has surpassed the footmark, john had just over, 4.3 inches , thus far, for just jana loan but this is foresees on in total. we are doing okay. we are on pace to hit the average as long as additional systems come through. right now we have no storms coming in until at lee early next week and by then it would be a rain maker. at the moment is there still snow rotating off shore from the carolinas and virginia right now but most of the eastern seaboard is nice, clear, quiet and it will stay that way a long with the nice warm up that comes along. so lets show you to sunday kick off time 6:40. 43 degrees for our eagles to beat the vikings, for kick off
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and we will see a couple cloud , tailgate look awesome. we should be around 50 degrees through the course of the afternoon. that is the official high we are shooting for, kick off temperature cooler as sunsets but it looks good, the whole weekend just in general. fifty-two come monday, chance of showers returning by that point but just too warm for anything but rain showers. >> it looks gorgeous for this weekend. we have to get through this morning commute. we say that all the time we have to get through this morning commute for our early risers. that is the theme. by the way it is still cold out we will have black ice. just take it easy, again, of course, 422 at route 29, so headlights are moving in the, moving in the eastbound direction, that is right, you can see what you are working with just by glare going by. everybody still traveling at posted speed basically anywhere that we look. also schuylkill at blue route headlights moving in the eastbound direction, you could see some snow on the side, also a little bit of a sheen, particularly off to the
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shoulder where we will see black ice. we will have slippery spots most of the majors have been treated, obviously over and over again. that should be a real issue. volume levels looking good there. we did have an accident, schuylkill township route 23, that has now been since cleared, so that is good news. we are dealing with some water main breaks, within of which has cleared but one that is still out here is in rhawnhurst northeast philadelphia, castor avenue at round street just a head up, maybe just give yourself a couple extra minutes walking outside the door this morning, rahel and jim, back over to you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> delaware county daily time newly elect delaware county councilman brian sadick says he plans to start taping county council meetings and he wants the minutes to be verbatim play by play accounts of the proceedings. vice chair woman california lean marron and kevin madden are planning a recommendations that the meetings be video taped. white out conditions on interstate 78 near hamburg a crash involving multi tractor
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trailers yesterday morning, shutting down west bun lanes for about three hours. the crash occurred 10:45 a.m. back looking of vehicles forced officials to close a 12-e westbound interstate. times herald in a recent search and seizure operation norristown police recovered half pound of heroin. most ever seized. now they are trying to find the man they say that was trying to distribute it. and that is in the newspaper head lanes from around the delaware valley. and up next, pat's here with your morning sports. >> hello patrick. >> air am i? the dogs are ready. the philadelphia eagles are adopting the dog as their mask ,/mascot for upcoming nfc title game but is it a distraction. hear from an eagle who has been in these situations before plus a famous number goes to the rafters tonight at the wells far get center, that and more next up in
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glad you are with us this morning. >> yes, we're glad pat's here this morning we're talking about sports and kick off this sunday. >> that is right, count down is on for sunday's nfc championship game at the linc will it be eagles making their first trip to the super bowl since 2004 season or will vikings play their first ever home super bowl game, also their first appearance in 41 years. eagles practiced yesterday in south philadelphia and tried to filter out a million distraction as head of the game. eagles remained three-point under dogs to the vikings on home turf so they are obviously using that as a rally cry yet again this week.
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blocking out all of the noise is the priority. >> just it is not something thaw can getaway from, because it is on tv, it is on the phone, it is on every social media so you have to make sure that you zoom in, and, make sure that you zone in on what we have, to do and what our focus is and what our goal, and make sure we stay locked in on the task at hand and we will be fine. >> vikings quarterback case keenum is on the wild ride to the nfc champion ship game. he was an undrafted quarterback back in 2012. he has been signed and released several times. he is on his third team in five years and now a win from the super bowl. bird are aiming to end his magic ride this sunday at lincoln financial field. he has thrown 22 touchdowns and allowed only seven interception this is year after taking over for former injured eagle, sam bradford. keenum, necessary the bird defense will be a challenge. >> really, really talented group, man, they disrupt run
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and pass really well. we have our work cut out getting the ball out and running the ball, so other than that, you know i mean i can sit up here and talk about them all day but look at their stats and they kind of speak for themselves. they're a good defense. >> join sports director don bell, leslie van arsdal and me this sunday to get you ready for nfc title game all on chevy sunday kick arch at 11:30 a.m., right here on cbs-3. one of the greatest flyers of all time will be honored before tonight's flyers game against toronto mapel leafs. the flares will raiser i can lindros's number 88 to the rafters of the wells far get center, it is just the sixth number retired by the franchise. the college basketball we will get, and number one villanova wildcats just hammering, the georgetown hoy as last night, miguel bridges with three of his 17, nova up 39 in the second half, later, nice passing, of course, lead to a jaylen brownson basket he had
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18. wildcats shot 51 percent from three-point range and they won 88-56. it is georgetown's worse loss in 40 years. temple and tulsa, on north broad street, under 90 to play , obi, he gets the owls within one, with that huge three, he had 15, 28 seconds left look in the middle there josh brown, finds his team and he puts tonight that with give temple the lead where they would stay, cherry and white come away which hard for the 59-58 win. temple will playpen pen. his stork game at lasalle. explorers, miles brookings, they get another nice bounce here when isaiah drops a three he had a team high 15, lasalle winner, 75-67. shout out for coach john gene noon i, 500 career victories,
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congratulations, coach. dayton on hawk hill, early on st. joes with tenacious defense, taylor funk, he had 18, second half, more awesome. this time funk, sets up james de mri for lay in. he had 19. st. joes wins 81-65. they will play fordham saturday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock start. now we will show you a lieutenant of offense in these sports highlights but check out defense from my alma matter, west chester and east stroudberg last night, rams frank rokins, comes through with the huge defense, and check out that block, that is nice. they win 76-74, they are number 18 among all d2 schools , go rams. now 15-one on the year. >> wait a minute, rams up for them. >> congratulations, your alma matter. >> that is a sweep for all of our colleges. >> they were all winners last
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night. >> not a bad night. >> remember six months ago there was just bad news all the time. >> and after sunday it could be all good news. >> it continues on, thanks, appreciate it. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we will tell but a new app that pays to you work out, jan >> reporter: a south jersey teenager is expelled from college after going on a racist rant, i'm jan carabao coming up disturbing post she made this week and what she has to say for herself this morning. and we will tell you the change that retailer h and m is making after the company was heavily criticized over this ad details in a live report from wall street when "eyewitness news"
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i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim conn van. katie and meisha will be long to start your day in the morning minute, thursday, january 18th. city's getting ready with stepped up security for sunday 's nfc championship game >> some of these measures fans will be able to see but others police are keeping close to their chest. i just thought we were going to live this tragedy for the rest of our lives. this morning we will hear from the parents of the university of pennsylvania student blaze bernstein, after a former high school classmate is arrested for his


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