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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 18, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim conn van. katie and meisha will be long to start your day in the morning minute, thursday, january 18th. city's getting ready with stepped up security for sunday 's nfc championship game >> some of these measures fans will be able to see but others police are keeping close to their chest. i just thought we were going to live this tragedy for the rest of our lives. this morning we will hear from the parents of the university of pennsylvania student blaze bernstein, after a former high school classmate is arrested for his murder.
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lawmakers are running out of time to pass the spending bill and prevent a governmental shut down. key sticking points for immigration. >> reporter: stock market off to a big start in the new year dow jones closed above 26,000 for the first time ever. >> ♪ new jersey's own bon jovi said he would come back to the late show for the concert and did he just that performing that classic song. >> let's send it out to katie. we are talking about a winter warm up but not before another chilly day. >> very cold outside and it
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will stay that way, our high hits mid 30's and you have to account for wind chill today. you will need to bundle up appropriately for a very cold winter's day all of the accessories you have gotten used to at this point, scarves , gloves, good heavy coat are a smart move but consider the fact there could be black ice out there, anything that that looks wet i guarantee you hassized back over from yesterday's snow and wet road that we ended up w storm scan three is quiet though we did have a few cloud in the last few hours, generally clear overhead but you've got to go by these numbers. technically we're about 10 degrees milder then what thermoe feels like value here, but you have to go with the wind chill because, it is, very harsh, and it is, pretty, substantial seven is what it feels like at the airport feeling more like 13 below, and that is out liar but it is just generally cold, that is story here guys and expect to go see sunshine throughout the day with the
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breeze lasting us throughout the day, at lee we have sunshine but chill will remain , looking forward, it is not too bad because we do warm up in a very, big way, and the time for the weekend so big playoff game coming up here, and it does look like we will have very, quiet weather for that but essentially precipitation will return and i will let you know later. >> of course, it will, all right, katie, thank you. we are looking outside and driving conditions are looking okay but beware of black ice out there. probably still slick, 95 south at academy road both directions are looking good volume levels holding steady, which is nice to see there, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching wissohickon avenue and we will see what we are working with there. volume levels starting to build a little bit and everybody still traveling at posted speed, blue route at ridge pike taillights moving in bet directions looking nice there as well. we have a water main break out there in rhawnhurst northeast
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philadelphia so castor avenue at rhawn street maybe walking outside the door give yourself a couple extra minutes. construction crew is still out there in delaware in particular 295 ramp close todd 495 northbound so just a head up that might slow you down, a little bit, rahel, back over to you. breaking news right now flames devoured a home in delaware county injuring at lee nine people our photographer just arrived, upper chichester looking live as fire fighters from multiple fire co battled the flames at rodney avenue it looks like there is still some smoke here , call went out just after 4:00 this morning we are still gathering details but again nine people taken to the hospital at this point no word on the extent of their injuries but we will keep you updated as morning progresses as soon as information comes into the news room. in other news a college student from south jersey is in very hot water over her racist rant on social media. >> videos were posted over doctor martin luther king holiday and quickly went viral
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, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao with more on the disturbing video and fall out, good morning, jan. >> reporter: these videos are hard to watch. in them this 19 year-old from marlton burlington county uses the n word again and again, she says she is going to use it as much as she wants. >> every where we get. >> every where we get. >> people want to know. >> people want to know. >> reporter: dozens of the students at university of alabama are angry and speaking out, after seeing this disturbing, viral video of a now former student going on a hate filled rant. >> in two videos posted on social media this week on martin luther king junior day 19 year-old harley basher from marlton, new jersey uses a racial slur for african americans over and over again. >> you no he what bleep, bleep , bleep, i don't care if it is martin luther king day. >> reporter: protesters at ua say incidents like this happen far too often. >> to be honest this is not
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first time this has happened. really something like this dramatically happens every year. >> reporter: videos were first posted on a private instagram account but recordings became widely shared and grabbed the attention of star alabama running back damon herridge this girl goes to the same university as me but they say racism is dead? unfortunately this threat says the opposite no justice no peace. >> reporter: students marched through campus on wednesday. university's president called the videos offensive and deeply hurtful. the school spokesperson says barber's no longer enrolled at the university and students say that there is more room for change. >> the fact that she had friends kind of liken courag ing this it just shocked me that nobody was in the back saying hey, you know, that is just not right. >> reporter: in that one video you saw barber identified herself as a member of the alpha fi sorority. the executive director says barber's in longer a member.
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nineteen year-old has also confirmed to the new york post she was expelled from the university. barber went on to tell that newspaper that her action where is wrong and she feels horrible and is now returning home to the new jersey. in the news center jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. >> wonder what she was thinking, they have got people in the background too. >> absolutely that video will likely follow her. you have to wand fur she felt horrible and bad when she said those things or she just feels that way now. time right new 5:37. in business news this morning why apple is bringing back billion of dollars from overseas. >> plus getting paid to exercise and market, money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, dianne >> we will start with this wall street rally with toys a new level with the dow jones closing above 26,000 for first time, but yesterday's session boosted, soared 322 points, nasdaq rallied 74. apple is taking advantage of the new tax laws to build a
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new corporate campus, and hire 20,000 workers in this country the lex will be announced, this year, corporate tax cut will enable april tell bring back $245 billion of cash, tax overall, one time break on cash held overseas. h and m picks a diversity manager, following fall out from use of the racist, ad on a t-shirt they were swept up in a fire storm after protest ness south africa after advertising a hoodie with the slogan saying coolest monkey in the jungle worn by a black child. the company insider eddie wu was appointed to the new diversity executive role. imagine getting paid to exercise? that is idea behind the app sweat coin. for every thousand steps a user takes they are paid 95 cents in sweat coins which can be traded in for fitness gear, work out classes and gift card the free version of the app pays a max of five coins a day >> interesting, jim or dianne
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have you seen the show black mirror on netflix. >> i have. but i have heard about that. i have her different stories. different story line every episode or something like that >> but there is an episode just like that where more you work out you get these virtual coins and you can buy things. i will tell you future, and reality are now imitating art. >> give me cold hard cash i don't need virtual things. >> you have to then work for it. >> yes. well, nfc championship game count down is on we are three days from kick off. >> not only are eagles gearing up but septa officials say they are prepared as well. they are telling "eyewitness news" they are beefing up security, septa, expected trains to be filled with excited fans while riders mean more safety measures. whenever there is a major event in the city they act with a stronger security presence. >> we increase the number of
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people to watch cameras and they can move around by camera checking stations, and then targeting locations that need police, response. philadelphia police will be monitoring areas known to see rowdy crowd after sporting event like frankford, cottman, mayfair, and they sent out flyers to local business owners telling them to protect their property. probably good idea. up next a surprise as he finishes mass, hear what happens inside church. also ahead immigration decision happening today that will impact haitians in the united states, katie. as we look ahead to a nice warming trend and also coincides with your upcoming weekend good timing and we will talk about just how warm those temperatures get and how long this stretch will last but first your cure auto insurance travel forecast.
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tom sell electric's big night he was recipient of the 15th annual, kick off leg ace a ward which recognizes people who made significant contributions to the industry. star of the blue bloods reflected on his long career and says he loves acting. >> stuff like this when you talk about this and it reallyets re grocoiz, but probably get caught up, you think you are okay, you are okay. i did cry and then it catches you up. >> jane fonda was also honored you can see tom selleck friday night at 10 right here on cbs-3. but for first time in 20 years man who attacked figure skater nancy kerrigan is giving a television interview. he sat down with inside addition correspondent jim mo ray. >> if you could send nancy kerrigan a message from your heart, what would you say to her today. >> just that i hope she understands that i was sorry for what i did and i'm a
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different person. >> you can see more of jim mo ray interview, including whether or not there was ever talk of murdering nancy kerrigan. watch inside addition tonight right here at 7:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. also it looks like party will end for a former jersey shore star, mike the situation sorentino is expected to plead guilty to federal tax charges tomorrow. he and his brother are charged with filing bogus tax returns for nearly nine million-dollar in income. sorentino faces up to 15 years in prison for quite a lengthy sentence. >> a lot of gym, tan, laundry. >> don't rip off the irs, they will find ya. >> yeah, wow. >> lets talk about happier news. >> yes. >> this weekend. >> this weekend is looking awesome, nice warm weather in store, but lets be fair though , yesterday's snow came as just a wonderful, treat for the folks in the ski resorts. in some places as much as
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seven to 9 inches, it was a blockbuster out of them. there are still residual problems. we will start off with the bad news and wait for good stuff looking forward to the warmth, here's a shot making the snow, still cold enough at jack frost big boulder where there was a really nice batch of snow that came through adding plenty of fresh powder to all of those slopes. they are doing well this year up in the ski resort area, so it is good stuff for those area. then lets look quickly at snowfall totals that did come in yesterday. this is a very short list but gives you an idea of the spread that took place from blakesly, jack frost big boulder located and jim respect this in the carbon, county area we had half foot there. that was substantial. you banked on this in the further are north terrain and allentown it was 3 inches. it got scaled back and got halved further south you went, down haddon heights and here in the city where we got a
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near .2 of an inch in total. at this point things are clearing out but there is some lingering snow far to the south, rotate ago way. lets check with the watchers who are colder in comparison, spread out all across the board here, we have temperatures in the teens and this is, certainly one of the spots where there is an out liar up in the poconos. 7 degrees from keith farrow to again got clobbered with the snow in saylorsburg but all clear for him right now. he did say despite that cold temperature it feels way worse with six below, as the current wind chill. he has six and a half inches as well of the snow yesterday. taking it further south we will go in the new jersey burbs where 16 comes in from kevin martin. all clear there. he too had a refreeze last night so you need to be careful for your, commute here , watching out for slick spots that could still be out there and any standing what the their formed yesterday it will easily have refrozen at this point. main road are good, meisha
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will have more on this but watch side streets and sidewalk and train platforms and everything elsewhere there could be worse in terms have the black ice and just on the sky deck a little block that i normally stand on totally iced over, yeah. so we will look forward here, yeah, look at this, gorgeous upcoming weekend and we will keep hits rolling, no earlier then monday. >> okay. it looks beautiful for weekend football, thank you so much, katie. she nailed it when she said black ice. that is what we are seeing and even starting 4:00 he clock hour we were seeing accidents out there be careful heading out the door some things that look dry might not be dry or might not just be pavement it might be ice, route 42 college drive, headlights moving in the north bound direction you can see headlights, taillights , lots of people starting to jump on the roadway, typically what we start to see it build earlier in the 5:00 o'clock hour but in the so much today. we are starting to get underway in this area vine near i-95 we are looking great
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, headlights are moving in the ease bun direction eastbound/westbound vine around 95 and we are looking really, really nice this morning as we approach our 6:00 o'clock hour. we have a water main break rhawnhurst northeast philadelphia it is still out there castor avenue at rhawn street give yourself a couple extra minutes and construction crew is still out there even though it is cold, 295 ramp to 495 north bounties closed, jim , over to you. well, one of the most beloved world leaders received in the so warm welcome from one person in chile. pope frances was visiting a catholic university in chile when someone began yelling at him. who yells at the pope. eventually others in the crowd broke in applause, drunk out the heckler in word what that person was yelling about. trump administration is ending a program to allow haitian toss obtain temporary work visas. >> as john lawrence reports decision comes as lawmakers
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try to come up with a deal on immigration reform. >> reporter: department of home land security removed haiti from the list of countries where residents can get h2a and b visa to perform seasonal work in the u.s. in the statement posted yesterday dhs says there were high levels of fraud and and abuse by haitian whose had these visas. it comes after they ended temporary protective status for 10s of thousands of haitians hoff been working in the u.s. legally since the country suffered a devastating earthquake in 2010 and president trump's disparaging remarks regarding immigrants of african nations and haiti became public. those remarks made in reference to efforts on capitol hill to fix the deferred act for childhood arrivals program, or daca, republican leaders admit they are not exactly sure what the president wants, with the daca deal. >> i'm looking for something that president trump supports and he is not yet indicated what measure he is willing to sign. >> what point would it be to
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bring a bill through here that we won't have signed into law, by the president. >> we're working on it. >> some democrats say they won't support any short lived spending bill unless it address is daca and dreamers and deadline to avoid a government shut d>> doesn't sed that is what is cause ago eu among not just the congress but basically among all of theo. >> jon lawrence, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up next first responders give a wheelchair bun man the experience of a lifetime, see how they were able to help them go sledding, coming up next. also a tourist attraction in san francisco, i have seen these but how long will they stick around? i'll tell you results of the new stud bye these sea lions when we come right
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well, research in antarctica is getting a tension, resident wanted to see what the scientist where is up to member of the an arctic expedition caught a penguin on camera as they hopped honorary search boat. expedition was collecting water samples in the bay at
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the time. scientists say several more penguins came around later. >> one heck of the jump. >> if you are in the natural habitat you have to necessity what you are doing. >> are you in my neighborhood. another unplan event is getting lots of attention this is san francisco's pier 39 where hundreds of sea lions come to rest each day, national ocean and atmospheric administration just, published a new study that shows that california sea lion population from mexico to british columbia is at an all time high, they were protect by environmentalist in the 1970's well, people with disability who dreamed of going sledding have had their dream, coming true. >> this is in south of akron, ohio, first responders teamed up with echoing connections an organization, that helps people with disabilities, they bought an adoptable sled customized for people with disability. >> police and fire department are connect. we are a tight group on both
5:56 am
side and word spread like, in hours, and, we have the a lot of fun. >> used to seeing my brothers, and, friend, and i was feeling like i have wings. >> well, it usually cost $800. that is a great experience. >> it seems like the police officers were having just as much fun. >> right. >> coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", girl scout cookies go on sale today we will talk about girl scouts, about the new cookie that is now part of the permanent line up. >> weren't you just telling me burr new diet. >> why do you have to bring that up. on girl scout cookies day. you have probably heard star bucks has a secret menu but did you know there are three special harry pot are drinks you can order? we have katie's attention. we will tell what you they are next. >> they are probably in the low fat either.
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we have fire at a home in delaware county and we are hearing multiple people have been injured we are live where fire fighters just for the the planes. this morning governmental shut downs are looming, lawmakers have 24 hours to pass a spending bill but there is one key sticking point. and, eagles fans are getting ready for sunday's big
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game and so are police, we are here with the live look at increased security we can expect in the city. it is thursday, january 18th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. not quite friday but thursday, katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, good morning guys. >> happy gateway. we are looking outside and we are looking at, black ice. since 4:00 this morning we have had a couple accidents and they keep popping up. so, it is slick out there still. >> we have to be careful. anything that just didn't have a chance to melt away and why would it, it was so cold could have frozen over. tough to tell when the sun's not up but this is a camera shot with the elementary school where they had a decent amount of snow and i'm sure they did plowing on the pavement but there is still some snow out there, footprints around the area, but, it could easily still be very slick outside there. so just assume that at this point. looking at storm scan three it is pretty clear. we have a couple cloud rolling through last few hours south


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