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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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vikings and the eagles in the super bowl. big story all you week, tom brady who has been wearing a mysterious glove since i guess wednesday in practice and he's questionable -- i have been wearing this thing since wednesday and nobody has said anything except two of the delta flight attendants thought it was odd but other than that there is a lot of drama here in maples pavilion but i hope tom is ok, i hope adam phelan is ok. it's going to be fun. >> clark: oh, man. >> brad: matches my outfit. >> clark: no, you didn't. >> brad: allonzo trier has hit both free throws he's taken. he's got some important ones here and he just keeps ripping them. he has 17 for the game. and a chance to make it i one-point game again. got them. >> clark: not as high scoring as
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we anticiated but certainly as snug -- back and forth we go. and this guy has stepped it up in the second half. dorian pickens showing you his versatility with daejon davis tweaking an ankle or foot, not playing at all in the second half. pickens has manned the point and made some buckets. >> brad: 10 on the shot clock. this guy has been sensational all day. quiet in the second half. missed the jump hohook. humphrey had it blocked -- missed the jump hook. humphrey had it blocked by ayton. >> clark: big time play by deandre ayton. >> brad: trier, three. ayton tips it on to himself again. trier from a different spot. still no good. reid travis. another rebound. we're down to 2:40. >> clark: love the fact there was no foul called there on
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ayton. everybody thinks you get a rebound from behind and you come over the back -- not always. >> brad: trier got that one in traffic. he comes down one on four. reid travis. >> clark: god looking shot. stanford slow forget back and getting matched up and alkins had a free-throw line jumper. if you're going to find travis, if you can, or spring pickens free. >> brad: under two to go. pull-up from the elbow. >> clark: when you've got five guys in your starting lineup that average double digits, you've got options. >> brad: they're trying to do the same to arizona four days later. they had it won in -- they haven't won in this series in
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nine years. ayton on the jump hook. his first basket of the second half. >> clark: may have been bumped as well. no call. play on. >> brad: now a steal. by jackson-cartwright. scoops. got it. arizona is back in front. we approach a minute. arizona has won 12 of the last 13. stanford has won five straight in conference play. a 15-game losing streak to the wildcats. can they change that? pickens thinks so. casual cardinal by one. >> brad: cardinal by one. time out. u'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases. think about all the double miles you could be earning.
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(yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! shh-h-h-h! ( ♪ ) shh! what's in your wallet? man: shh-h-h! >> brad: game reset. the cardinal the only team that's got a time out remaining. 55.8 to play in regulation. we have been tied a bunch in this half. moments ago arizona regained a one-point lead momentarily and then stanford took it right back. >> clark: this is one of the few times that both of the big guys have been on the floor for arizona in the last six minutes. they have been most effective but now late in the game maybe
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last couple possessions, rebounding, strength and scoring strength between those two big guys. >> brad: trier thought about the long three again. ayton. found a man. alkins. he scores. good look underneath to alkins. >> clark: really good poise by ayton too. didn't panic. didn't rush. >> brad: a half minute. arizona by one. pickens, who has been a big part of the offense in the second half. ball to arizona. >> clark: we'll take a look. the officials will, anyway. a review. i'm not sure who it went off of, brad. >> brad: so many people standing to our right, i couldn't see
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where the ball went in the corner. >> clark: i was locked in to the monitor are and couldn't tell either. still can't tell from that angle. >> brad: still can't tell. >> clark: another look here. da silva loses it. >> brad: wow. >> clark: i think it may have been da silva who swiped at it last, perhaps. >> brad: jackson-cartwright trying to get a hand in there too. here is another look. jackson-cartwright. i don't know. >> clark: that might be jackson-cartwright from that angle. i think it was jackson-cartwright there, brad, from that last angle. da silva going to lose control here as he starts to lose his balance. that is tough. because both arms were were going toward the ball. at the same time. from that angle it looks like da silva. it looks pretty definitive. >> brad: if that holds it would be the seventh second half turnover. if it stands.
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it would be their 11th today. and the officials are taking all the time they can. i don't blame them. first place in the pac-12 is on the line and only 18.9 seconds remaining in regulation. >> clark: try to look at it one more time. >> brad: this one we haven't seen. >> clark: ok. da silva. >> brad: i think so too. >> clark: yeah. wildcats ball, i think. if nothing else, it's not conclusive enough to change it from the call on the floor. >> brad: arizona ball. i think they got it right. they took the time. now arizona is going to play with a one-point lead. let's see with what stanford has up their sleeve defensively. >> clark: a good stand here but you can't expire the clock. you've got to give yourself three to five seconds to force a
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mistake, get a turnover and then foul. >> brad: arizona a good free-throw-shooting team. fouling somebody for the sake of fouling especially that guy is not the greatest move in the world but it is quick, the only problem is you just fouled the greatest free-throw shooter on their team. >> clark: i like to see a team take whatever time you have to see if you can force a mistake. jerod haase. two ways to go about it. foul immediately so you extend whatever is on the clock but i would like to give yourself a chance to force a mistake in three to five seconds because you still have plenty of time to get that last possession even if the free throws go down and you are down three. >> brad: that only took 1.4 seconds to foul trier but he's perfect today. one and one here. that's huge. that's five straight this half. >> clark: one of the benefits you have when you extend the clock and foul immediately, you don't necessarily need a three
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right now because you've got a little more runway in front of you. a quick, hard drive and postup and score and you are in business. >> brad: trier came in as the number three scorer in the pac-12 and he's right on his average as he hits both free throws. three-point lead. now time out. the last one that stanford had to play with is gone. 15.2 seconds remaining. that's how long we've got to see if the cardinal can tie this.
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>> brad: 15.2 left. that was stanford's final time out as you look at the game reset. allonzo trier hit those two free throws on the other end. giving him 20 points for the game. for the 10th time this season. and is it enough to stave off the upset bid by stanford? wer about to find out. what do you do here? >> clark: you go with whatever your best play is to get something in the paint as quickly as possible. and you might even look for the three here. i don't think you need it but if you've got a play that can get pickens a good look at the three playing inside-out, then you run it, but i think you try to get something going to the goal. right away. where you get a chance to maybe draw a foul but do it quickly. whatever you do, it's got to be done fast. >> brad: nine-year streak of losses on the line now for stanford. every person in maples pavilion
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standing now. dorian pickens has been the three-point shooter in the second half. he's got it in his hands now. he's going all the way to the rack with it. he's fouled by ayton. ayton is done and pickens is still down. 9.9 remaining. ayton is going to leave with nine points. eight rebounds. six blocked shots. that's a career high in blocked shots. almost matches his season low in points with nine. we just saw the best free-throw shooter for arizona on one end give his team the three-point lead. here is the best free-throw shooter on the other end for stanford going to the line for two.
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the >> clark: it's the same strategy make or miss. if you make them you get a chance to put fullcourt pressure on and maybe force a turnover but you're fouling immediately. if the ball gets if after two made free throws. >> brad: dorian pickens, another guy that was recruited by arizona. knocks down the free throw. senior out of phoenix. scoreless in the first half. all his points have come in the second half. >> clark: nice job handling the point guard responsibilities. you saw daejon davis unable to come back after injuring his foot or ankle. >> brad: missed the second. you've got to foul in a hurry. they do. they get alkins. lost about a second, maybe. a two-point game. rawle alkins a 79% free-throw shooter. two for two from the stripe today.
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>> brad: double bonus here for alcan kins. alkins didn't play the other night. suffered that broken foot back in september, i think just as a precaution. he tweaked it earlier last week in practice. didn't play in the cal game. he's played extremely well here today but he rimmed that one out. here is a big one. not that they aren't all big ones at this stage. >> brad: trying to give his team a three-point lead. >> clark: no time outs either way. stanford has to go regardless. >> brad: here we go. three-point game. >> clark: five seconds or less, you foul. >> brad: and there was a foul. i think pickens was hoping there wasn't one because i think he was going to break through that and have an opening from the top of the key. >> clark: good call, brad
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because you're right. broken play, trier falling and then there is dylan smith. raking pickens across the arm. >> brad: first one goes. you have to miss this one? >> clark: no, i think you've got to make it, brad. you've got to play. >> brad: five seconds. >> clark: you've got to play. >> brad: and the officials whistled and said that sean miller and the rest of the arizona bench to "sit down, fellows, and back up a little bit." that one rolls around and in. >> clark: now you pressure. try to force a turnover. a mistake. if you don't, immediate foul. >> brad: they've got sharma, i big guy. trying to cover the inbounds pass. it goes to allonzo trier. >> clark: that's not a small
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thing to get that ball to your best free-throw shooter but arizona has worked on that. they know who they want to have it in this situation. >> brad: trier hasn't missed. six for six. from the line. >> clark: somebody's got to get on the line. for stanford. at least two guys in there. >> brad: okpala and reid travis finally get down there. allonzo trier. see if he can remain perfect from the free-throw line. >> brad: the door is still a little bit open. >> clark: sure is. it takes away the ability of arizona to have a three-point lead and foul now. it sure makes this one as a matter of just solid defense against stanford with plenty of time to get a shot up.
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>> brad: pressure on trier. he responds. got one of two. two-point game. four seconds to go. pickens. can he get a shot away? at the buzzer. off the mark. the streak continues for the wildcats. but they had to scrap to the final moment. great game. >> clark: it sure was. everything we expected in terms of closeness and competitive spirit both ways. >> brad: here is the final shot. just enough defense there to send it off the mark. arizona survives. 73-71. verizon? uh, woah, woah, woah vince. it was ranked highest in network quality performance
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> let's go vikings, let's go
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vikings. >> came a long way to win. >> baby. >> all right, well, it is official everyone, the vikings have arrived in philadelphia. good evening to you. i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. 24 hours to go kickoff is almost here. it's eagles-vikings on sunday and the fan frenzy is reaching new heights tonight. alycia nieves is live at philadelphia international airport where the vikings are now behind enemy lines. no brotherly love here, alycia. >> reporter: indeed, natasha, i mean, we have been building up to this moment all week and the reality is this time tomorrow we will all be watching the philadelphia eagles take on the minnesota vikings. i mean, duking it out for a spot at the super bowl. of course the eagles have home field advantage with the nfc championship game being at the linc tomorrow, so today was a big day for vikings to make their way here to philadelphia to make their way as you said behind enemy lines and into
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eagles country. now the team landed here at philadelphia international airport about an hour and a half ago. the team buses was then quickly escorted from the airport to a hotel in center city and vikings will likely just hang out there until the big day, until the nfc championship game tomorrow. around the same time minnesota's team arrived in philly. two flights came from minnesota. both flights were filled with vikings fans many of whom were not afraid to wear their team gear, bring a little purple to the airport that was filled with green and plenty of eagles gear throughout. we did talk to some of those vikings fans who were not afraid to give us their thoughts on how minnesota will fare against philly's birds. >> i'm sure it's going to be a big game for both team but it's our year. we've waited a long time. >> i think we'll pull out a victory. i think it will be probably maybe 21-18 is what i'm thinking.
6:22 pm
>> vikings win. >> i think it's going to be a battle of the defense. i'm rooting for the birds. i'm in the green today. so there's no love in the purple today. >> reporter: and that last guy there obviously an eagles fan. he was not going to let the vikings have all the say on the predictions here but predictions are predictions. we'll all have to wait and see the big game tomorrow in just 24 hours. reporting live at the philadelphia international airport, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, excitement is building. thank you alisa. we appreciate that. it is nfc championship eve here in philadelphia. lesley is here to tell us a little bit more about how eagles quarterback nick foles is preparing for his big day. he's got a lot of pressure on him. >> not only is it a big day but today is a big day. it's his birthday. nick foles is turning 29 the perfect gift for nick and the eagles and the fans of course is a win tomorrow against the vikings. and a trip to the super bowl. well, last saturday against the falcons he went 23 for 30
6:23 pm
on 246 yards, no touchdowns but he made key these to keep those drives alive. doug pederson told him to just be nick foles. so has the message changed for tomorrow's game? >> no, no, the message is still the same. go be nick. you know, feed off of last week obviously. you know, different set of challenges, different team, you know, different defense and all that but just, you know, don't go -- don't have to force anything. just let the offense work for you and you'll be fine. >> the more you can just stay in the moment of preparing, doing what you have to do to get ready for sunday's game, that will make when you step on the field it's going to be a crazy atmosphere but that will allow you to play at your best. >> i feel he's like so calm, so confidence, just how i want him. >> exactly. and it's his b day. he's got to win for the b day. >> have to. >> happy birthday to nick. thank you lesley.
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spend game day with us. don bell lesley van arsdale and pat gallen will get you ready for the game sunday morning at 11:30 on the chevy sunday kickoff show. sunday night we have you covered as well. tune into special championship edition of "eyewitness news" at 10:00 p.m. followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and then sports zone, the minute the game ends we will have everything eagles. we're going to bring you live postgame reaction from coach pederson and the players and we'll have a front row seat as fans react at locations all throughout philadelphia. the eagles and "eyewitness news" sunday night, you're not going to want to miss it. also today it's been a year since president trump was inaugurated. women in philadelphia and around the nation responded by marching for equality. today tens of thousands are back at it. a sea of people took to the streets in los angeles. these marchers are registering
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people to vote. there was also a big turnout for the philadelphia women's march. we will have more coming up tonight at 11:00 right here on "eyewitness news." back in a
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switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement. >> welcome back. a beautiful january day today, a high temperature topped at 57 degrees. westerly winds around 7 miles per hour so a little bit of a breeze but we have cooled that down over the last couple hours. chilly in the poconos, 37 degrees, still at 50 in a.c. 49 degrees in wilmington and people were out and about strolling on the boards as we get a live look a rehoboth beach quiet for now but it is very nice to get out and about on this saturday eve and of course very nice to get out
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and about tomorrow if you're heading to the birds game playoff kickoff 6:40, game time temperature 46 degrees so much better than the last playoff game mostly cloudy conditions pretty light winds. we won't have too much of a wind chill component late day tomorrow. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions. our next best chance of rain is going to be on tuesday a mild day so that will be all rain no snow. most rain will occur in the morning and isolated thunderstorms are possible as we'll have those mild temperatures and a lot of instability and our best chance of rain will come in the morning but overnight partly cloudy and quiet, increasing clouds tomorrow a high temperature at 50 degrees. fly eagles fly. that's the the most important forecast there is. we're 57 with rain on tuesday and then getting chillier but not too brutal by the end of the week. >> we're stuck on sunday. we're good. thank you so much. >> stop there. >> exactly. thank you for joining us for this abbreviated edition of "eyewitness news." i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here we appreciate you being with us and we're always on
6:30 pm we'll see you back here tonight at captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the blame game. the federal government grinds to a partial shutdown with congressional democrats and republicans pointing fingers at each other and working into the weekend to fix the mess. president trump is forced to miss his one-year celebration in florida. also tonight, in cities across the country, women are again on the march. >> donald trump has got to go! >> ninan: this time, their sights are set on the november elections. america's deadly flu epidemic worsens. ♪ well i won't back down >> ninan: months after the death of tom petty, a heartbreaking revelation: the legendary rocker was killed by an accidental overdose involving opioids. and video gaming goes prsi


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