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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  January 21, 2018 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good sunday morning. coming off another great day ahead. >> exactly we are dealing with sunshine as we are's starting off this sunday but sun isn't going to be sticking around for us all day but mild weather will. we can enjoy. that let me look at our live neighborhood network delaware beach, boardwalk plaza, rehoboth, baby blue skies there. current temperature right around 42 degrees. across the region in philadelphia it is 33 right now. down the shore, 32, we are checking in very close to freezing as well in the poconos, other areas this morning are on very mild side, for instance, trenton right now it is 39 degrees. it is 35 in allentown. thirty-five in reading. right around 33 degrees in sunday morning in lancaster. so a cool start to the morning , some sunshine, also to start the day but those included will be increasing throughout the day as in fact, we will be turning mostly cloudy just in time for the game but it will be a mild afternoon for tailgating, and temperatures in the lower 50's , looking good for eagles, in fact, kick off temperatures
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could be climbing in the mid up toker 40's. we will have details and your full forecast for now, back to you. thanks, chelsea. 8:01. big game is finally here, tonight bird take on minnesota vikings in the nfc champion ship at the linc, and eagles nation is ready. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live in fdr park, where some of the tailgate parties will get ready and get underway, very soon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , that is right, gates just opened up, and you can see this trailer down here, there is some fans who just arrived, and it is exciting, we spoke to the first fan who arrived earlier, and another thing you want to keep in mind though is that added security. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: as thousands of philadelphia eagles and minnesota vikings fans, flocked to the city of philadelphia, security will be tight in and around the linc,
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and throughout the city for nfc championship game. >> plenty of officers on hand, to cover hot spots, and officers mobile to move if anything else crops up. >> reporter: technical strategy approaches are not divulged for safety reasons but police districts are ready to tackle whatever game day brings. >> once eagles win, our patrol bureau has a plan set up, for the rest of the city, we have 21 districts, we had each of our 21 captains, captains of those districts, identified hot spots. >> reporter: one of those hot spots is frankford and cottman avenue where victory celebrations got out of control in 2008 after phillies world series win. police also announced no parking on broad from south to the stadium complex. >> we have to be prepared for whatever happens. >> parking restrictions, will start at 2:00 p.m. and go all the way until 3:00 tomorrow morning. that is very latest live from fdr park from south
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philadelphia, i'm chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will get very bus there i very soon. thanks, chantee. minnesota vikings arrived in philadelphia yesterday and they brought with them quite the few of their friends and fans as alycia nieves shows us they got a lesson on how much philadelphia bleed eagles green. >> reporter: less than 24 hours until the nfc championship game. the minnesota vikings have arrived in philadelphia. >> let's go vikings. >> reporter: their fans are here too. a crowd of them welcomed vikings players and team staff as they check in the center city help tell. >> i think vikings have the advantage. they have a better defense. >> reporter: philly fans seem to be quick to predict minnesota win at linc tomorrow >> i'm sure it is a big game for both teams but it is our year. we have waited a long time. >> reporter: eagles fans have waited just as long and outside vikings hotel, just next to the crowd of vikings
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fans it has gathered eagles fans, that showed up. >> go eagles. >> reporter: and showed out. >> came a long way. >> come on over here baby. >> reporter: eagles diehards just had to remind anyone wearing purple. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> that this city bleed green. >> i think it will be battle of the defense and it will be whatever defense shows up. i'm rooting for the bird, today. there is in love in the purple to purpose toll day. >> reporter: got to love good old fashion trash talking before a big game, at this point nfc championship game just a few hours away, by the end of the day we will know who is in fact going to be heading to the super bowl. in south philadelphia alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we are all in the green today, philadelphia police are trying to get ahead of possible eagles celebrations once the game is over, and they have set to sent a request to fifth dit trick police are asking that they
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sell alcohol in plastic cups not cans and bottles. they are also asking business toss refrain from selling take out bottles during and following the game. one bar owner, that spoke to "eyewitness news" says his business is cooperating with the police. >> we will not let anybody out , out of the building with any type of, beverage, we will have two security, we are taking a lot of precautions, and, since 2008 we have witnessed a lot of break age and damage in the city. >> philadelphia police are also restricting parking on broad street from south street all the way down to the sports complex, they are trying to prevent damage to cars following the game. new this morning gunfire near a movie theater in south philadelphia sends a man to the hospital. it is not clear what led up to the shooting which happened shortly after 1:00 this morning on the 1400 block of columbus boulevard. a 24 year-old man we're told is now in stable condition shot in the arm, and investigators say that the man who shot him had a license to
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carry a gun and stayed there on the scene, police have not made any arrests. a few minutes later police rushed to another shooting in south philadelphia, a man was shot in the face at 24th street and oregon avenue, he is now in critical condition, this shooting is under investigation. pennsylvania congressman, pat meehan is off the house ethics committee after he reportedly used taxpayer money to settle a harassment complaint. the new york times, sites unidentified sources who say that meehan used money for his consciousal office fund to settle a former aid's sexual harassment complaint. now meehan denies harassing or mistreating her, through a spokesmen person he said he has always treated his colleagues was respect, professionalism, house speaker paul ryan has ordered an ethics committee investigation congress is going back to business later today to find a way to end the government shut down. the federal government ran out of money at midnight on saturday. as moa lenghi reports negotiations to pass a new
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spending bill has stalled. >> reporter: day one of the government shut down and there is no end in sight. >> we will be right back at this tomorrow and for as long as it takes. >> reporter: next vote isn't scheduled until 1:00 a.m. on monday but won't include anything on immigration, republicans in the white house are refusing to negotiate anything until the government is opened again. >> when they reopen government we will continue discussions. >> reporter: latest proposal is to fun g for three more weeks in exchange for guarantied vote in the senate on daca program to allow un documented immigrants to live and work in the u.s. but democrats are worried that the bill will then die in the house. >> give us a vote in the senate, and guarantee us a vote in the house. if you have a vote in the senate it means absolutely nothing, because we have stalemates. >> reporter: lawmakers spent more time saturday blaming each other for shut down then they spent negotiate to go end the stalemate. >> this is trump shut down. >> senator schumer made the
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decision. >> reporter: outside the capitol voters are blaming both side. >> stop throwing grenades at each other and just talk. >> i cannot take my youth group to the statue of liberty , ellis island, because the government is acting like a bunch of big babies. >> really a shame they are acting like would i say adolescents but that is insult to go adolescents. >> reporter: until a deal is reach the g will remain closed moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so what will it take to end this governmental shut down? white house budget director mi ck muscle veney and senator dianne mine stein of california will try to answer that question on nice the nation with john dickerson today airing at 10:30 this morning right here on cbs-3. from los angeles to new york and many communities in between demonstrators marched for female empowerment. they denounced president trump 's views on abortion, immigration and lb gt rights. "eyewitness news", photo journalists, shows us sights and sounds during the women's
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march on philadelphia. >> america is a free country where anybody can say whatever they want and anybody can be whatever they want. we're just here to make sure it stays that way. >> this is woman's march on philadelphia. >> this is america. this is america that need change. >> i will raise my voice to stand up for women. >> what is happening in our country isn't normal. we see what is happening and we will not stand for it. >> many times it is our children who could be our greatest teacher. >> my iq is high enough to know that idea serve better. >> i'm 10. we wanted to try to help make a change in our society and our government. >> our children remind thaws love is love, they see good in all. >> power to the people like people are the government and we can make a change. >> as long as you don't know what first black female candidate for president in
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america the systems of oppression and knew that if you want to change things you have to show up. >> it is important that we make a right place for people. >> diversity of people here today i think it really speaks to the power that people have in a democracy. >> go women. still to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, who says football cannot be fashionable , coming up the philadelphia boutique, taking eagles wear to a whole new level. plus the thrill of the victory and agony of defeat why doctors say i eagles fans can feel those extremes just like athletes and why that is dangerous coming up next stay with
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alexandria hoff shows us her work. >> a lot of sportswear kate tours male fans. >> usually they are boxy long no shape. >> that is until it gets in the hands of. >> and just give it a shape,. >> and in the heart of the eagles turf. >> we paid a visit to the south philadelphia mrs boutique where women have been rushing to grab, styles. >> i like lace up it gives a better shape and anything with the v neck and these are kind of new with the rine stones. >> reporter: she repurposes vintage old school and at times just old eagles gear and then just give them a fresh, feminine twist. >> i have my eyes on this one. >> do you mind if i try. >> of course. >> legins layered up with that , cute. >> this was probably a dad or brothers at one point but it is a completely redesign, and, how cute is this i think i'm
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ready now. nicole does costume work transforming tired gear into something that can suit even the most factsnable, of fans. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, what is oldies new again. >> yeah, really cool. >> looking good in the green. so are we, chelsea. >> it ises green as i can get with the green screen but green enough for to day lou great in the green as well. we are all ready for the game. it looks like weather will be great, especially, talking about foot ball in january. >> yes. >> you cannot get much better then this it will be very mild for us. here's a look at eagles nation we are looking at center city philadelphia. right around 33 degrees this morning. there is very little wind out there, so it feels like 33 degrees. it is 29 degrees in wilmington 26 degrees in millville. we have 32 degrees down the shore in atlantic city, and 29 in wildwood, mid allentown and that is the warm spot, checking in, at 39 degrees,
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and winds are not an issue this morning as i mentioned, yes, yesterday morning you dealt with the wind chill and that is not the case this morning. winds won't be an issue for tailgaters, won't be an issue for football players either some times win can effect the game but that is not going to be a problem today. so for tailgaters we are looking at temperatures making it in the low 50's today. and then by kick off, we will have a temperature right around 47 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, cloud are, going to thicken up we saw in that live look of center city we have thin cloud moving on through and you can see this here on storm scan three but this cloud deck, out to our west, that is really going to thicken up, and it is going to be on the increase as they helped throughout the day-to-day, and skies will be turning mostly cloudy. then our attention beyond today beyond eagles game will turn to our system, located out to our west and that is going to be impacting us but not until tuesday. lets talk about what happens until then on future weather. again, seeing these cloud
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thicken up throughout the day the day-to-day. here we are at lunchtime. fast forward very close to game time dealing with the mostly cloudy sky, we will stay dry throughout the entire game, there could be a stray sprinkle during the fourth quarter, toward the end as we head home, and best chance for that will be for areas to our north, stray sprinkle also possible as we head in the overnight hours tonight and stray spring will as well on monday but a lot of the day will end up being dry. it is not until tuesday when things really begin to change, here we are at 6:00 it looks like the morning commute that as for now unless that model changes and that is possible could be dry and then we will see heaviest bit of rain pushing through late morning early afternoon hours and then net is by 5:00, things start to clear on out as this cold front makes its move out of town. it will bring south rain, rain arriving in the morning, we could see maryland rate to heavy rain at times and even rumble of thunder can't be ruled out across the south jersey and into delaware and
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maryland and then turning breezy, as this front makes its way through and breeze will stick with us into wednesday as well. that that is front will drop our temperatures. we will warm up to 57 on tuesday and then down in the 40's as we make tonight to wednesday. here's your forecast for today they look for increasing cloud , another mild one, high temperature making it in the lower 50's. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 57 degrees on tuesday, only down to 44 on wednesday and 38 on thursday. so even 38 compared to what we have dealt with at times this january, jan that is not bad. >> balmy i would say. >> thanks, chelsea. 8:17. time to check the road. lets go to matthew workmister in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, matthew. >> reporter: good morning we are keeping an eye on this very serious accident from earlier this morning in philadelphia on i-95 southbound at broad street. taking a live look still closed and traffic southbound diverted off at broad street. police are still investigating and asking to avoid area if possible.
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we have an alert for septa norristown high speed line all trains on the following station township line, penn field, beachwood, brooke line and wynnewood stations will board on the inbound platforms until 7:00. finally we will look live at new jersey at 42 freeway. volume will increase, this morning, continuing, if you want a jump start now is best time to head out this morning the this is cws3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister now back to you. all of the eagles excitement is a lot of fun, right but believe it orr not it can be dangerous. health reporter stephanie stahl explains in this einstein health care science center report. eagles fans, are pumped. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: with the team heading to the nfc champion ship a football frenzy of excitement has gripped the region. >> it is a chance to create really good brain chemistry get drenched rewarding brain
8:19 am
chemicals if we he become a fan and get in the sense of belonging and victory. >> reporter: many in the eagles nation are experiencing the release of oxytocin which is a bonding compassionate brain chemical but all eagles excitement can be very potentially dangerous. >> people get very excited and is there a sudden elevation in adrenaline levels, we see cortisol levels and this increases stress on the heart, increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate. >> reporter: doctor vincent figueroa, chairman of the cardiology at einstein medical certainty said studies documented increase of heart attacks during big sporting events. >> in addition they have seen increases in life threatening arrhythmia with sudden death and heart failure. >> reporter: in 2005 when eagles were in the super bowl einstein saw increase in patient was heart issues. >> most of these people have underlying risk factors already. they have clinical coronary artery disease or weak heart. >> reporter: the doctor says
8:20 am
salty fattening football food and too much alcohol can increase visits to the emergency department. >> if people don't drink too much, don't eat too much and don't take it too seriously but enjoy the game then i think they can avoid coming to visit us. >> reporter: stephanie stahl for cbs-3 eyewitness news.
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as we have seen fans are embracing the teams under dog status as they are heading in the nfc championship. natasha brown has more on how this has led to a specialty t-shirt craze.
8:23 am
printing machines at the warehouse in broomall are working none in stop cranking out thousands oz have lane johnson eagles under dog t-shirts. >> after the victory last week it just took off report report home dogs, are in high demand after the offensive lineman donned a rubber german shepherd mask after last weeks win over falcons. it is in reference to the teams under dog status in the upcoming nfc championship game >> we were thinking maybe three or 400 or 500 shirts and new we are over 6,000, and just a few days. >> what he saw picture of the dog head, and we said that is a t-shirt. >> reporter: lane's manager, because again working with the warehouse, and that is responsible for lane johnson's clothing line. >> these machines are able to put out a couple of thousands, a day, and, based on the amount of colors on the t-shirt. so we are at optimum right now >> just going to be fun. >> reporter: lane spoke about the brisk t-shirt sales saying all proceed will go to the fund for the philadelphia school district. the shirts are selling for $18
8:24 am
on the web site. the goal, to fill the linc wind dog t-shirt wearing fans helping to fuel win and new t-shirt logo. >> we don't talk losses but we have some pretty good idea on what we will do going forward, the big surprises. >> best fan base in sports. i feel like everybody is excited bit. >> reporter: natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> if you don't that have under dog t-shirt you can get a mask, since amazon sold out of the real thing we have this cut out version available on our web site,, just print it out, cut out eyes and wear it proudly. we all know eagles have been embracing their under dog stat thus post season but there are other under dogs, in the city, that also have to defy the odd. take a look at this some of the rescue dogs at pennsylvania spca at hunting park. shelter is there showcasing animals that have overcome cruelty and waiting for a
8:25 am
chance to find a safe, loving home. >> so, the animals like heyes hoff been victims of cruelty and neglect and not really bounced back, and maybe some didn't expect that they would be these awesome resilient animals but they are. >> the spca's under dog campaign will continue through the eagles post season. very worthy animals there. well, during the past decade or so yoga has gone main stream, today more than 35 million americans practiced it in one form or another and then as sunday morning correspondent luke burbank shows us hottest new yoga craze has to be seen to be believed. here's a preview of what you will see later on cbs this sunday morning. >> it is a typical sunday at laughing frogs yoga studio in santa monica, california. yoga enthusiast are lined up, maskness hand ready to go. >> perfect, right here.
8:26 am
>> reporter: but this particular class can't start until two of its most adorable participants show up. >> come on, guys, come on. >> reporter: floyd and ross co >> are you ready. go do some yoga. >> they are really funny, creatures, they are passionate , they are social but the thing that is really neat about goats is they tend to bring out the best in people. >> reporter: michelle trenton is floyd and ross co's mom. >> people really have a good time with them because they say things like this is best day in my life i can't remember last time i smiled this big so it is like, they need people to feel good. goats have to do many things. >> reporter: and she means anything. >> yes, i believe we're very lucky so hopefully not the lot
8:27 am
which this week. >> reporter: if yoga is all about breathing, then goat yoga might be all about, laughter. >> that is luke burbank, following the heard to the latest fitness craze, plus a look at political correctness on college campuses and comedian and film maker jordan peel talks about his latest film, get out, that is this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. coming up in the next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, a white wedding all deck out in green. how local couple incorporated eagles spirit into her special day, we will also this have. delaware valley churches are trying to figure out best way to tastefully celebrate eagles, aim joe holden, where some places have worship had a change of heart after, soul searching. you didn't need that heavier coat yesterday what about today? chelsea ingram's back with
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your forecast for the second half of our weekend, that is coming up when we come right back, stay with
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good morning, i'm jan carabao, it is game day lets check the forecast with meteorologist chelsea ingram on the live on the sky deck with eyewitness weather, good morning, chelsea. >> good morning, you may prefer heavier coat starting out the day but i don't think you will need it by the afternoon because you probably didn't need it yesterday afternoon. we are looking at another mild one on the hands as temperatures rise throughout the day. a look at eagles nation from across the river on our live neighborhood network the city was painted in green and lit up in green as we started out the morning, 33 degrees in philadelphia right now, 30 in wilmington. twenty-seven in millville. down the shore we're in the
8:31 am
lower 30's. atlantic city. thirty in wildwood. very mild in trenton starting out your sunday morning right around 39 degrees. how about that. with numbers like that you know they will only continue to go up, heading in the afternoon. so, a very cool start with some sunshine as well, this sunday morning, but, we will see cloud on the increase, in fact, turning mostly cloudy by game time but it is a mild afternoon for tailgater, temperatures in the lower 50's , looking good and dry for eagles game later this afternoon, and evening. forecasting a high in philadelphia of 51. forty-nine down the shore. 43 degrees in the poconos. i'll have your game day forecast coming up in a bit, back to you. we will check in a few minutes, thanks, chelsea. 8:31. we are down to just hours before the kick off of the nfc championship game. eagles fans hope that the home field advantage will keep them on the road to victory as they take on the minnesota vikings later on tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter
8:32 am
chantee lans is live in fdr park in south philadelphia this morning where some fans have arrived for tailgate parties, good morning, chantee >> reporter: good morning, jan , yes, some fans are here, hyped up, we're close to the game we also want to let you know about added security from police, stepping up around the city. police will be in and out around the linc, also throughout the city, and security will be tight tactical strategies and approaches are not being divulged for safety reasons but districts across the city are ready to tackle whatever game they bring. back in 2008, we may remember after phillies world series win police responded to frankford and cottman where victory celebrations, got out of control. league also announced no parking on broad street from south street to the stadium complex. we caught up with the first eagles fan who arrived here at fdr park, lets take a listen. >> this is the championship game i have to be here. i have a group that we have to
8:33 am
tailgate here for last 25 years. it is certain amenities that in this spot that we will keep secret but yeah, i had to be here early, sometimes we compete with the tennis players over here for spaces. we had to get here early. make sure we can get ready for the game properly. >> reporter: parking restrictions in the city will start 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and will continue until 3:00 tomorrow morning. that is very latest live from fdr park chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". reminder, thanks, chantee. there will be more than a few fans wearing vikings purple at lincoln financial field, this evening, and some even greeted their favorite team when the players and staff arrived at a center city hotel yesterday. the team landed at philadelphia international airport, saturday afternoon. other fans arrived on two flights, and they do in the seem worried about wearing minute so the gear through phl or the linc for that matter.
8:34 am
>> i'm a vikings fans, i will keep the jersey on just as long as you don't get rowdy, obnoxious or trash talk. >> we will take care of business, get back home and play the super bowl you know i will leave that one alone this time. eagles fans also greeted the team and minute so the fans outside the hotel where vikings will hang out until tonight's game. meantime the eagles are in the worried about the odd that predict a vikings victory. they are only focusing on their performance on the field leslie van arsdal explains how quarterback nick foles is getting ready for the big game report report doug pederson says during off season eagles have had just as much talent as packers team he played on that won the super bowl. everyone laughs but today doug may get last laugh, bird taking on vikings in the nfc championship. what are the keys forbidder win? it is the play of quarterback nick foles. last saturday against the falcons he went 23 of 30 for 246-yard, no touchdowns but made some key throws to keep drives alive.
8:35 am
he struggled going in to last weekes game and doug pederson said just be nick foles. has tonight's message changed. >> no, no the message is still the same, go be nick, you know , feed off of last week obviously, different set of challenges, different team, different defense and all that but just, don't go, don't force anything, just ileto even if work for you, and we will be fine. >> more you can stay in the moment of preparing, doing what you have to do to get ready for sunday's game that will make, when you step on the field, it will be a crazy atmosphere but that will allow to you play at your bet. >> once again eagles will embrace role of the under dog lets see if they can do it again. i'm leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". i have a good feeling, eagles coverage starts right here on cbs-3 with chevy sunday kick off, and sports director don bell, leslie van arsdal and pat gallen will preview the game this morning
8:36 am
at 11:30 a.m., and then tonight "eyewitness news" expands its eagles coverage here on cbs-3 it all starts with the special champion ship addition at 10:00 p.m. followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and then sports zone, the minute the game ends, it is all eagles all the time, we will bring you live powe game from coach doug pederson and the players, we will also see how fans are reacting at locations throughout philadelphia, the eagles and "eyewitness news" tonight, right here, on cbs-3. a couple of eagles fans showed their true love for each other, and their team in west chester, lets take a look >> it is my pleasure to interest dues mr. and mrs. james millines. >> look at that entrance, that is james and beth larkin at their wedding friday night this he were wearing matching number 11 jersey over their gown and tucks. guests broke in the eagles
8:37 am
fight song to celebrate the newly married couple, congrats to them. eagles fans are wearing their green with pride and hopes of the big win today but some are actually praying for a win, as "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden, found out >> reporter: divine interception, eagles fans might take a knee or two in church this weekend asking the almighty for a hail hail mary over vikings but they will do so conservatively without much fanfare. >> we cannot let case keenum get the same touchdown as he did verse saints. >> reporter: sports color at saint james regional, showed us their modest, and, and, carson wentz quote. >> i know my god is a powerful one with a perfect blend report report plans for sunday services with the eagles twist you ask nothing too elaborate in houses of worship. in fact, word was eugene pri most was planning to use songs with the word eagles and maybe even sprinkle in the fight song but sources in the
8:38 am
church tell me that is not the case. >> is everybody praying for a good outcome. >> reporter: back at saint james. >> it will be tough you will be on the edge of your seat, right. >> yes, i predict that they will win. >> reporter: we are told vikings don't stand a chance. >> they will in the win. >> nope. >> confident about that. >> yep. >> this crowd is all in for the eagles. >> twenty-five to zero we will win. >> it is a wipe out. >> yeah. >> i predict that the eagles are going to beat the vikings, as bad as they did last year. >> they will win definitely. >> definitely going to win. >> going to the super bowl. >> that is what we like to hear. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah. >> reporter: joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> got to have confidence, right. go eagles. there is still so much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning and coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look ahead at today's broadcast, stay with
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cbs face the nation is coming your way a little later this morning at 10:30 writ here on cbs-3. joining with us a preview is cbs this morning and face the nation anchor john dickerson, john, good morning. >> we will talk about that government shut down trying to negotiate if not negotiating as the case may be. first we will start with paul ryan. where do things stand. we want to hear if there is any wiggle room getting lights turned back on, and then addressing that issue of the deferred action for childhood arrivals, immigration question at heart of the debate that led to this shut down. we will get white house view on all this and white house budget director mics melveney. from the democratic side we will talk to senate democratic whip number two spot richard durbin, he is involved not only in the shut down strategy but also he was at center of the bipartisan effort to reach
8:42 am
some agreement on what to do with the so-called dreamers, who are affected by daca. so we will try to get all that wrapped up, and as always reporters around the table to open up their notebooks and tell us what they have learn and put these developments in a perspective to prepare us for next week. >> a lot to get to. we hear it is your last sunday with face the nation we have enjoyed seeing you each and every weekend and we look forward to seeing you machine through friday on cbs this morning. thanks very much. >> thanks, jan, thanks. still to come this morning right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more wild, more mild, i should say mild weather today, but our next chance for rain isn't too far away, chelsea ingram back with your forecast, coming up next. also ahead a pit bullies being hailed a hero, the danger this dog spotted that home owner say she would have never net ised. and everybody is talking about eagles owner jeffery lur
8:43 am
ie after last weeks win coming up our own pat gallen will try to recreate those moves. can he dance like jeffery? we will find out up
8:44 am
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with all of the eagles excitement is there a symbol of eagles pride receiving a lot of attention. david spunt takes to us humphrey's flag company in olde city where they make eagles flags that fly at the lincoln game day. >> mainly our job here is retail and just taking care of the customer. >> reporter: situated across the street from the betsy ross house the birthplace of the american flag humphrey's flag company boosts quite a collection, including this one from the civil war. >> there is history, meaning, symbolism in them and a lot have people have pride, respect for them. >> reporter: zachary o'donnell is with humphreys and said despite history covering the walls in here it is eagles flag he has been hearing about from customers lately. >> we have a license where they can make flags for stadium.
8:46 am
>> reporter: unfortunately humphreys cannot sell she is specific flags to the public but they have sold them to the team. >> after the sun beats down and it gets hazy they bring them back here. >> reporter: zachary o'donnell says she is walls can talk and they tell quite a story, of different point in time, he is hoping that this flag will one day tell an important piece of philadelphia history. >> there are only two games from being the first philadelphia super bowl champs >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chelsea to day well, will these flags be whipping too hard in the linc. >> they won't. >> look at this. >> yes. >> good. >> calm wind in philadelphia. 33 degrees as we take a live look at eagles nation in center city. we have a couple of cloud in the sky line here. those will be thickening on up and on increase, through the day-to-day. even though we are dealing with sunshine to start your day, it is not going to stick around all the way through to sunday. 29 degrees in wilmington.
8:47 am
thirty-two in dover. down the shore temperatures in the upper 20's and lower 30's. 32 degrees in atlantic city. twenty-nine in wildwood. 39 degrees the warm spot on the map right now in trenton and 35 even in allentown so we are starting out with temperatures already above freezing in many locations and we don't have too far to climb before we make it in the 50's. that will happen later this afternoon. talking about the win, look at these calm readings from reading down the shore also into delaware, winds not going to be an issue for tailgaters. yesterday morning we had a wind chill factor that is not the case today so that is feeling more comfortable all ready even though temperatures are similar to this point in time just 24 hours ago. we will not have any wind problems for the football players. by 12:00 p.m. mixture of sun and cloud, temperatures in the mid 40's, how about that. upper 40's by 2:00 and as we head in the 4:00 o'clock hour we are looking at lower 50's
8:48 am
out there for those tailgaters , so your game take forecast, really game night forecast i should say, right, 6:40 this evening, 47 degrees at kick off, we will also see mostly cloudy skies and as those cloud really thicken up and increase throughout the day, so, now, there has been three games, three playoff games i should say where eagles have played, with temperatures at kick off, 40 degrees or higher, and guess what, they have won all three of those games. also out scoring their opponent 27-15, so it looks like at lee in this case warmth should favor eagles. we will keep our fingers crossed, right. storm scan three showing quiet picture but we have included there, cirrus cloud on our camera there overlooking center city. you can see them here as well, they will increasing and thickening up and tracking another system that is heading our way in time for tuesday. in the meantime here's how things play out high pressure remains in control. we will stay mainly dry
8:49 am
throughout the day-to-day. there could a stray sprinkle in the overnight hours tonight and then also a stray spring until to monday but much of the area stays dry. it will be a cold front that moves through as we head into tuesday and that is going to bring thaws rain by tuesday morning, into the late morning and early afternoon. we can be dealing with some moderate to heavier rain at times. here's what you can expect on your tuesday, rain arriving in the morning, we will to have see fit misses morning commute it could arrive in the late morning but things could change we are a couple days out maryland rate to heavier rain, rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out down into south jersey and delaware and we will be turning breezy on tuesday as well and that wind will stay with us, even as we head into wednesday. so we are mild with increasing cloud today look for temperatures making it in the lower 50's across the region. 54 degrees on monday, plenty of cloud, rain at times on tuesday but with a high of 57 and then behind that rain and
8:50 am
system jan we will drop down in the mid 40's on wednesday, upper 30's on thursday but even upper 30's we can handle that after the january we have had. >> absolutely, thanks, chelsea 8:50. time to check the road. lets go to matthew workmister in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> reporter: good morning as we have been following this all morning we are looking at a scene of the very serious accident on 95 south the broad street. it looks like they are finally having trains leaned up and should be opening shortly which goodies news since area will be full have traffic for the eagles game. speaking of the eagles game september broad street line will run sports stress strains departing from fernrock transportation center every 10 minutes between 3:00 had and 5:45 for today's eagles playoff game. kick off at 6:40. we will take a live look at ben franklin bridge which striking shot of the city sky line. all majors in philadelphia, and new jersey have no delays, and as you look at the picture it puts me in a good mood. i hope it will dot same to you
8:51 am
in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister new back to you. a couple from lake view, insuring is crediting their pit bull for saving their lives, check this out ruby the pit bull doesn't bark very often so when she wouldn't stop barking for more than and hour and a half thursday night her owner knew something was up. ruby took couple downstairs and as it turns out a propane heat inner their basement was leaking carbon machine oxide. >> dogs typically are pretty intuitive. i believe that breed is even more so with all of the research i have done and yeah, i think that was it, hands down. >> ruby is a trained therapy dog, but doesn't have rescue training, her owners say everything that she did that night came from her amazing instincts, good for her. still to come on cbs-3 three "eyewitness news" this
8:52 am
sunday morning it was most talk about celebration from last week's big win do you remember this? our very own pat gallen will try his hand or his fate at dancing like eagles owner jeffery lurie coming up after the brea
8:53 am
8:54 am
well come back a week ago you may remember jeffery lurie gave us a new dance after eagles big win over falcons and of course, our very own pat gallen decided he would learn how to do it. check it out. >> all year the eagles have been a loose, entertaining bunch. they have bold. they have posed. and they have danced. but after the win over the falcons to advance to the nfc title game the players were up staged by team owner jeffery laurie. >> hey, hey. >> i had to find out can someone teach me how to
8:55 am
jeffery. >> i went to professional dancer and sixers dunk squad member david holley for right way to do it. >> david. >> yo, what is up. >> how are you. >> yes. >> you are a professional dancer. >> yes. >> all right. >> you know teach me how to doug i. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> i want to you teach me how to jeffery. >> how to jeffery. >> yes, jeffery laurie eagles owner, in this locker room. >> yes, rocking out right here >> do you think you can teach me how to jeffery. >> yes. >> let me see what you got first and i will determine it. lets me see what you got. >> okay, okay. >> don't think bit, okay. >> all right. >> you had the first thing with the knee. >> that is good. >> and that is what you want, so having fun witt, you know. >> kind of like we're dribbling a basketball, taking
8:56 am
it around a little bit, and then you want to celebrate your team. championship dance. >> nfc champion ship, winners only. >> teach mow how to jeffery. teach me how to jeffery. >> you got it. >> get the palms out, fingers out, take it around. >> yes, celebrating the team. >> yes, celebrate with the team. >> now you are rocking. >> yeah. >> teach me how to jeffery that is a new one. >> i don't know if it will catch on. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i think it will and hepp to see it again today. >> that is a dance i can do. >> yeah. >> coming next week i hope we are doing that dance. if so we will do it at the desk. >> we will have a winning forecast, that is for sure, we're talking, snow fall in january, watch for tailgating, at kick off right around 47 degrees. we will see included on the increase but dry game, dry
8:57 am
game, what a great forecast. we did this last week. >> yes. >> i'm really superstitious so we have to get ready, for the game. >> we could not wear the same dress but we can wear same hats. >> exactly. >> my dress at cleaners. >> i tried to pull it out. >> but that green is close. >> with the wall. >> there you go. >> here we go. >> go green, go bird, go eagles that is "eyewitness news" for now we main be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs sunday morning is up next, have a great day, everybody.
8:58 am
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