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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 22, 2018 1:05am-2:06am EST

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ann curry sounds off on the "today" show. >> there was a climate of verbal harassment. why she's not surprt the matt lauer scandal. as katie couric breaks her silence to "e.t.." plus -- >> stop it, people, right now. >> that kathie lee shouting mad. only we have hoda on the record about what's going on behind the scenes. oh, plenty of surprises planned for the super bowl. >> we're in minneapolis where justin timberlake will be taking the, we're with katy at her plastic surgery confession. what no one knows a elsa's hot husband. and betty white, 96 years
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young. she reveals her secrets to eternal youth. >> the sun sets every night, i just won't go >> this is tonight." ann curry and katie couric on the record about matt lauer and misconduct. katie talked with "e.t." and for the first time addressed the controversial joke that matt used to touch her inappropriately. >> but we begin with ann curry, finally breaking her silence on television, five years after she tearfully"today" show. >> do you believe that matt lauer abused his power? >> i am not surprised by the allegations. >> what do you mean by that, ann? what do you mean, you're not surprised? you heard things, you knew things, what does that mean the >> i can say i would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal al mal haras
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that existed. >> ann curry did not answer questions this morning. but she did talk about this disastrous "today" show moment in 2012. >> i eyour last day was very emotional. i don't want to upset you again here. >> don't worry. i'm not going to cry. >> many people thought matt lauer was behind you leaving the "today" show. >> i don't know what was behind it. i know it hurt like hell. i learned a great deal myself, but i've let it go. >> and katie couric opened up to "e.t." about laur's firing. >> it's been really crushing, i think. there's been a lot of cognitive disnance for me and a lot of people on the show, to make sense of it has been almost impossible. >> the former anchor wouldn't
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say if she still keeps in touch with matt lauer, but she did address this comment from 2012 that went viral. >> what is matt's most annoying >> hmm. he the [ bleep ]. >> i think that's very illustrative of the current media scape, that something can be taken out of context, like it's a silly joke on a late night show that was just that, a silly joke. >> there was more "today" drama on monday. kathie lee gifford down talks of a feud with co-host hoda. >> how much people have so much time that they think i'm so upset with you. stop it, people. i'm thrilled for my friend, hoda. thrilled! >> kotb told us kathie lee gave her a heads up she would address the rumor. >> she said i love you, i'm going on tv to dispel any rumors
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we had a falling out. we are like that. now talk about michael douglas. last week he got ahead of his own sexual harassment scandal and received support from his wife of 17 years, catherine zeta jones. >> we support metoo. me as a woman, him as a man. there was no other than to be pretemptive in a story. >> days after that denied claims by a former employee, the accuser told her side. >> he thought he was the king of the world that he could humiliate me without any repercussions. >> susan brody worked for douglas in the '80s and said she was subjected to sexual harassment. one of my friends s better not tell people about him. people were frightened for me. >> doug has denied the claims saying this is a complete lie,
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fabrication, no truth to it whatsoever. >> he did a statement, he did it, i think it's very clear the. i cannot elaborate on something that is so very personal to him. what i can say -- >> catherine was out to promote her latest project. "cocaine god mother." >> calm down. >> calm down? every cop is looking for me in >> i want to play this role forever. >> it's based on the real-life story of a woman who was a pioneer cocaine trade. >> there were a few times where she gave me that look, that look of the cocaine god mother. >> i couldn't wait to get to work every morning. fans reminded me why i wanted to
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be in this crazy business in the first place. big baby news. a new kardashian was welcomed into the world and we have plenty more to report. here's the >> ready for the super bowl? i'll buckle down and zone in on what we're going to do. >> taking a break from his super bowl trip, this week justin enjoyed a date night with jessica for his american express man of the woods album listening party in manhattan. challenge i is my fingerprint on that show come february >> and when he takes the coveted halftime stage, we could be seeing justin make a social statement like in this music video. the video opens with a stunned justin watching images of racism, gun violence and disgraced hollywood figures like harvey weinstein and kevin
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spacey. he also wore a times up pin. now to kim and kanye, who welcomed baby number three via a surrogate. their daughter, chicago west, arrived monday morning at 12:47 a.m. 7 pounds, 6 ounces. a source tells "e.t." both wer room the birth. kim was the first person to holy >> are the kids excited? >> they are excited. i don't know if they don't feel see my big belly and probably hear me complaining every two seconds. but we do talk about it a lot. >> and here's more baby debuts, enrique and his partne posted shots of their 1-month-old twins. this weekend, it's all about glam girl power as the 24th
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annual screen actor guild awards air with this lady righere. >> she's so fantastic. kristen got ready to take that centerstage. >> this is a little bit of a blank slate. >> are you going to take anyone to task, are you that type of host? >> no, no. i'm small. i can't. i could -- yeah, i would get beat up backstage. i'm not a negative person. >> as the first-ever s.a.g. award host, kristen bell will set the tone for what she hopes hollywood. >> there's a lot of ladies involved. >> and another first, all-star acting award also be given out by women, halle barry, lamandy moore, and "e.t." was there as the statues
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were created. workers poured the molten bronze into the mold before giving them a good polish. the winners are chosen by 121,000 s.a.g. members. >> does it make it scarier to know that it's all your peers? >> it didn't until you said that. i hadn't even thought about that literally. wow. >> there's no turningback. >> yes, it's a lot of pressure. >> not the only awards show this week. >> i was on the ncaa image awards red carpet. arrived. at 51, she's hiving her very best life right now. and it sure shoes. that's why we're calling this halle's >> i just want to talk about how you cover for 2018.
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>> i'm coming out in beast mode for 2018. i'm a beast >> halle is coming in hot. that dress, stunning. sexy. and sheer, with strategically placed black lace so she could . >> coming to get all that's mine. i'm saying no, awhen i need to and yes when i need to say yes. >> her rules for being a fierce female. one, treat your body right with a healthy diet and exercise. and two, you don't need a man to be complete. halle and alex the kid broke up last month. >> that wasthen, this is now. >> i hear you >> halle wasn't the on strong woman at the naacp image awards. i was backstage with the director who took home the night's biggest award. >> lane, i give you the entertainer of [ applause ]
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>> the fact that you got so passionate, i was like, she is channeling. they are two peas in a pod. >> thank you >> the awards show was date night for carrie washington and her husband. >> it's nice to get dressed up and come together. leave the babies and home. >> and nominee kate brown was all smiles hitting the red carpet with his wife. he's alwaf a person and actor and a >> i need to sit with y'all and get some of this love. coming up, tom cruise's new stunt after that "mission impossible" mishap. and who is the female primetime star taking home $20 million a year. then from chris' better
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new olay whips ageless the computer can organize your recipes. >> my recipes are organized. >> indecision cards, like a cave person. >> "the big bang" spinoff just got a renewal this year. >> one, >> 9-year-old ian is making a moon landing as he and his tv family travel through time. >> i'm having so much fun. >> the cooper clan donned costumes ranging from space suits to the 1950s, to the late
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french renaissance. >> we're doing families going through the ages. we're not going back to caveman, but wouldn't that be fun? >> it's the perfect >> the family's will teach the most elaborate costumes. >> ms. zoe is wearing this wig. >> "young sheldon" averaging over 17 million viewers per episode. >> wow. >> i know. i look great. >> he's incredibly and bright. so just to take a walk with him, you can hardy have a sweeter man. >> he's doing okay financially, too. remember when ian's "big bang"
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count parts made history in 2014? >> well, the highest paid star of a primetime drama was just revealed and look who came out on top. >> i'm a doctor. dr. gray. >> over $20 million a year. that's what ellen pompeo will get for her role as dr. gray. $575,000 an episode, a seven-figure signing bonus and producing fees, making her the highest paid actress in a primetime drama, edging out her counterpart. >> i know how this works. >> her big payday was a hard-fought victory and in a new interview, she says even though she's the gray of "gray's anatomy," patrick dempsey earned more than she did, adding i asked for more than more than him just on principle and didn't get it. they can always use him as leverage against me, they don't
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need you, they have patrick. >> this is inappropriate. demps in 2015 saw a ratings spike. i had a nice chuckle about thats who empowered her to ask for what she's worth. says i'm 48 n finally have gotten to the place where i'm okay asking for what i deserve, which is something that comes only with age. coming up, tom cruise flirts with disaster again. after the n impossible" jump that left him with broken bones. what is it like being married to a hemsworth? what his wife said. plus, "black panther" shattering box office records a month before it
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mexico with luke brian, getting "idol" 2.0 secrets. monday tom cruise running across the top of buildings, everybody. this just five months after breaking his ankle doing a stunt on the set. he's back at it, even jumping out this window right now. >> one of these days, i'm going to say, tom, just sit down for a second. >> he won't do it. >> the upcoming "black panther" film, get this, presales ticket for opening night sold out in 15 minutes. >> incredible. >> kevin frazier was with the all-star cast. >> it's my responsibility to make sure that it does not fall into the hands of a person like you. >> how rich did you have to get
1:26 am
for this movie? >> i worked really hard for this one. >> i grew my hair out about a year and a half. >> i waited my entire life >> meet the stars of "black panther." check it out. this film is so highly anticipated, even lupida couldn't get tickets to the sold out opening night. >> i was unable to buy tickets. that's insane. >> how was it working with michael and chadwick? they bring their sexy to the scene. >> oh, we all do. >> how did you get into black panther shape. >> weights, training, swimming. >> we needed to get our bodies
1:27 am
ready for it. so our workouts were extreme. >> already the stars are being welcomed into the marvel superhero universe. >> are people ready for this? >> they ain't ready. >> you're going to get all the whistles you get from a marvel film. i don't know what it is. when i see scenes from this movie, i want to start kicking and punching. >> all right, take a deep breath. all right. >> you saw some of those stars got to present at the naacp awards on marting luther king, day. >> and chris hemsworth and his wife making it a date night at the new york premiere of their first movie together "12 strong." hemsworths heated up t chuly new york night.
1:28 am
chris loaned his jacket to his wife. he says when they filmed the movie, they turned it into a mini get away. >> we have threekids, so time together is few and far between. so we had to get on the movie set. >> they play a married couple in the movie based on u.s. soldiers fighting on u.s. horseback in afghanistan post 9/11. they actually met on a blind date, set up by an access coach. >> she was saying listen -- >> for some reason, she started talking about him to me. and vice versa. so i thought he was hot. >> i left her a voice mail, hello, my name is chris. would you like to go on a date? and
1:29 am
>> this is the first time mr. and mrs. hemsworth acted together. they rehearsed this bedroom scene in their own bed. >> the most dangerous part is to ride in and out. >> not anymore. >> it was just like being home. it was like i hope. >> on the set, her husband is a perfectionist. >> he's like, let's do it again. let's go through the scene. i'm like okay, let's do it again. i was like, i think we're good with it. >> the actress is 41, and he's 34. married for seven years, they have a daughter and twin sons. we love that they post pictures and video of this family. that's the boy, tristan, climbing up >> everybody is saying he's tarzan.
1:30 am
>> right now, chris and elsa and matt damon and wife are best pals. >> we're very similars. we have very similar lives. we convinced them to come to australia and spend some time with us. >> elsa, lucy, and a couple of friends got matching three dot tattoos that symbolize today, tomorrow and forever. matt's priceless. >> it's cool they did that. and elsa not afraid to show off her own tattoos. >> and look the girls. >> dancing with the stars, we're behind the scenes with the pros and their first stop is new york city. >> then -- >> when you're 67, you're the creepy old guy. >> how the late night legend is continuing to do what then betty white celebrating
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that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers >> my biggest challenge is what is my fingerprint on that show come february 4th. >> number four, james franco. he kept a low profile this week, saying his friends are really worried him. he's not in a good place. our source says franco's distress is not out of guilt but this has been a complicated crisis to navigate. the allegations surfaced after franco wore a times up pin during his golden globes week. >> if i've done something wrong,
1:35 am
i will fix it. >> number three, backlash. >> what you have done in my opinion is appalling. >> ashleigh banfield blasted the accuser who blamed azir sexually assaultedher. >> you went to the press with this story of a bad date. and you have potentially destroyed his career. >> aziz said he thought everything was consensual. we spoke with ashleigh banfield about the accuser. >> how is she minimizing the metoo movement? kim and kanye's baby girl arrived monday morning via a surrogate. she weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces. a source says both parents were inside los angeles' hospital and number one, matt lauer's
1:36 am
former "today" show co-host react to his firing. ann curry spoke to cbs this morning. >> i could say i would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment that >> and katie couric opened up to "e.t.." >> it's been really crushing, i think. you know, there's been a lot of cognitive disnance. to make sense of it has been almost impossible. >> also in the news, jay leno is back on tv. jay leno's garage airs thursday on cnbc. meanwhile, is there a chance he could return to the late night world? he said why won't happen. >> you leave and you do something different.
1:37 am
when you're 67, you're the creepy old guy, you know what i mean? >> he's not mincing when it comes to a possible late night return, unlike david letterman who has a new netflix monthly series. >> i had a show for a long time. then i didn't have a show for a long time. i can't tell you how it is to be out of the damn house. >> jay's getting out of the house, too, but sticking to wha. many of his 286 vehicles. >> what was the first splurge car you bought this >> i came to los angeles, i pick up the penny saver at the lax, and the guy a '55 buick for $350. i had $500.
1:38 am
that was almost 75% of my income at that point. i dated my wife in that car, we met in that car, went to my first "tonight" show in that car. had our 37th wedding anniversary in that car. >> you know jay is the ultimate car guy. in case you're wondering what his first car was, a ford pickup truck when he was 14 years old. he said he practiced for three years driving up and down his driveway. here's a lady not slowing down one bit. betty white turned 96 this week. so what is her golden staying young? >> i love a cocktail. peanut butter and jelly. >> we knew she has secrets to the fountain of month. >> the hardest job i have is saying no to a gig. if you ask me, i'll do it. you . >> oh, yes. >> i'm not saying that to be nice, i'm serious. >> she's outlived all of her
1:39 am
"golden girls" co-stars. she was actually the oldest of the ladies. >> it's just going to be the betty white show. >> she lost her husband to cancer almost 37 years ago. and although she has no children of her own, animals are her babies. >> i love children. the only problem with children, they grow up to be people. and i just like animalis better than people. >> a true legend. happy birthday, betty. >> they say you fade off into the sun set. the sun sets every night, i just won't go away. still ahead, katy perry comes clean about plastic surgery rumors. and inside one of the most star studded fashion knows as star kids takes to the cat walk in milan. and what is it like planning your wedding? we're on the road with jason, emma, and sasha, and we get a peek at their invitation.
1:40 am
>> i didn't know wedding invites could look like that. and candice cameron's grownup daughter. is her mini me going to join "fuller
1:41 am
1:42 am
last season's "dancing with the
1:43 am
star" winner. it's all for their light up the night tour, and "e.t." was behind the scenes. >> it's not my first rodeo. i got triples. >> i didn't expect how much it was going to hurt, but i like it. sleeping like a >> not sure how much sleep she's getting on this tour. but when this crew has precious down shotime, the ladi like to watch "the bachelor." >> she would be hike, no, don't like you, bye. >> my response is, who wouldn't want a bunch of gorgeous men pining for your attention, i guess. but at the same time, i'm terrified of that show. >> would you kiss all of them? >> >> celebrity dancer frankie
1:44 am
munez is not a bachelor, his girlfriend is on tour with him. but he says he's just mising a killer six pack. >> i got in amazing shape being on the show. i eat so bad. it's restricting me from getting the abs i should have >> hot dogs, who's going to pass up a hot dog? >> guess what the last stop of the tour is? right here, los angeles. i've got to get tickets for leila. >> you gbetter for now, they show "e.t." what it's like on the road for this tour. >> this is our >> welcome to my crib. >> you have three things that you must have for these tours. >> >> oh, that's right.
1:45 am
>> the dancing duo is on week three of the 71-show tour. >> and here is where the magic happens. >> the couple of six years shares this bus with four other people and their dog, ruby. not exactly romantic, but they don't seem with a wedding early this summer, they're feeling the pressure to finish planning and making the most of every minute they are on stage. >> we just finished, in the middle of act two, i do most of the wedding planning. we have lots of things to plan >> he's on the phone every day. >> just this week, the invites went out, and emma gave "e.t." a sneak peek. >> and i am gone sma >> sasha has also been working
1:46 am
on a surprise of his own. >> everyone is going to have a see-through towel. i'm really excited about that. and a bit of >> let's talk about this reality dating competition show "the bachelor." we talked a former bac eer bach who had some words for ari, as one of his beauties was ready to kiss and tell >> at this point, i feel like kissed ari except for anna. >> ari, the kissing bandit. >> now they'll have an opportunity actually kill each other. >> three went home, leaving 15
1:47 am
women. andy dorffman says she likes the 36-year-old maturity as a bachelor, but disappointed the average age of his ladies is 27. >> yeah, the maturity that he's bringing. the girls are young. >> they are young. i feel like based on how mature ari has come off, i would have thought girls would have been older. >> andy says the rose ceremony isn't as easy as it looks. >> it's going to be a lot harder to break up with people than you think. when you look them in the eye and basically dumping them by not calling their name, it's still to come, only we're with katy perry after her plastic surgery confession. plus, candas cameron and her not so mini me daughter. the topic that nearly stopped our interview. then hitting the cat caulk.
1:48 am
can you name their parents as we party with goldie and kate. plus, what this former beverly hills housewife is saying about her famous model daughter and their competition. >> pretty face only lasts so long. >> but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight birthdays, which oscar winner unsuccessfully auditioned for "saturday night ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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that is katy perry wearing her sunglasses at night to celebrate tellny mccartney. ♪ tell me about the outfit tonight. how you choose it? >> it's so comfy. i love it so much. ♪ >> i've got so many other layers underneath this. >> katy perry stepped out in that dress hours after making headlines with this plastic surgery confession. "all of my assets are real. but i've done lasers and got filler injections under my eyes,
1:52 am
which i would recommen filler injections under my eyes, which i would recommen everyone who wants a shu for dark circles." check out what happened when i went in to mix her makeup mishap. >> thank you >> the thing is, i'm a designer that designs for real women. >> from katy to goldie and kate, spella's fall 2018 presentation was the party >> any time we're out. >> and stella's dad, sir paul was there. >> are you working on your music, too? >> i am. not right now, >> i love to see katy/paul mccartney >> before that happens, katy
1:53 am
perry's got "american idol." >> i think it would be great to show the good old american dream still exists. >> talk about who's who of hollywood in that room, right? the runways of milan, italy was also red hot with plenty of she representing. >> calm, cool, and showing off 19-year-old christian opened up the show. he was recently named the face of the italian designer's spring and summer ad campaign. and he's following in the footsteps of his music mogul dad. >> i raise my kids proudly every day and i probably give them overadvice but i also listen to them. >> pierce brosnan's 16-year-old son looking anything but shaken and stirred. and looking a lot like his 007
1:54 am
dad back in the day. and james martinezen's mini me, 16-year-old son jack. he sat front row and celebrated backstage after the show. and couldn't help but brag, posting pics with the #oversharing proud dad. and the sons of pamela anderson and tommy lee put on fierce faces for the passion power house. and jude law's son totally owning the runway. and made this dramatic turn down the cat walk. >> can i just say, i don't want to embarrass him, but lucas mathison >> oh, boy. what is going blue steel all over the play on "entertainment tonight i mean, oh. >> moving on from sons to stars,
1:55 am
gigi and bela -- >> i'm so happy right now i can't get through this. the former beverly hills housewife is giving back by making other model's dreams a reality. >> the biggest mistake a model could make? complain, be bitchy and not sho. >> her daughters are among the top ten paid in the world. gigi is estimated $13 million. >> you've got to be the first one on the job. you have to be the hardest working girl there. you have to be kind, polite to everybody engaged and get to know everybody on the set. and make sure that they remember you that way, because a pretty face only lasts so long. >> now the former "real housewife of beverly hills" just got her own series, "making a
1:56 am
model." >> it's amazing, because we have this amazing model house, so the mom and daughters live together in this house for two months. a make an appearance. >> i'm just like you guys, i started out the same way. >> >> of course, right now gigi is dating zane, and bela has been linked to kendall jenner's ex. yoland a's take on her daughter's love lives? >> you don't say anything. this is your journey, this is your experience. >> i got an earful, as for yolanda's love life, she said she's found love again and is "off the market" but
1:57 am
she's being smart. keeping it private. let's move on to another star. talking about candas cameron. >> her 19-year-old natasha is her spitting image and following in her acting footsteps. so is candas one of those carefree cool moms? >> you're turning 20, a big milestone. >> no, you may not say that. you're breaking seriously. like, it's her last year of being a teenager. that's hurting me that just got too real fast. >> with their matching hairstyles and coordinated red carpet styles, 41-year-old candas doesn't mind if fans do a double take. >> you're gorgeous, and for someone to compare me to a 19-year-old, that makes me so happy. >> the mother-daughter duo
1:58 am
co-starred in the movie "switched for christmas," and they're hoping it's the first of many now candas is waiting to find out if "fuller house" will have a season four. >> i would hov love to one there. on season one, i was like, can i be on the show. well, the onset atmosphere would be epic now that john stamos is expecting his first child. >> what kind of dad is he going to be? >> an amazing one. we call him the baby whisperer. he's amazing with kids. so he's going to be the >> he's so excited about the baby. so he's going to be amazing. >> such a good guy. >> candas told us she's not decided what kind of baby gift to get for john. here's a tip, get him something
1:59 am
disney. love it.
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and emma button is turning 42. take a look at your choices, which oscar winner unsuccessfully auditioned for "saturday night live." that was geena davis, who is turning 62 this week. >> and all next week, we're back in you green room, counting down to the 60th annual grammy awards. we're almost out of time this weekend, but for all the breaking woods, go to our website. >> but before we go, check out this new video maroon five. >> the video, having a ton of fun with the snap chat >> enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪
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back nick foles and our specialship does khaechk and it's 37-8 victories over the minnesota vikings. we have crews threat out and we may have mayfair at the comment and he's mass ming in flow of history and things are piping upbringing celebration to the city of philadelphia tonight. >> one quick note about nick foles all week long. coaches saying let's nick be nick and that's what happened and carson wentz, carson wentz because in nick foles' ear every time on the sideline for the last two. carson was much of this win as nick foles and they have one more game. one more game to play. looking live at all the action in mayfair in the northeast. now i think we're going back on location. >> we are. we'll go back out now to alicia nieves and she has been there


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