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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 22, 2018 6:00am-6:57am EST

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>> well, today is monday, january the 22, it is a good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, katie and meisha are keeping an ion things this morning. >> hey, good morning, yes, everybody is happy have, very deserving, and that's right, when people call you the underdog, sometimes all the fuel you need to rise above. that's what happened. looking outside, we do have one accident, one accident, one disable vehicle and some construction, i knew would happen. i don't think anyone at home knock on wood for me. >> that will do it every single time. little damp outside. not major deal here today. but you can see, few little speckles evergreen already working their way across the radar right now, that's warmfront, lifting in here, so that's where the warmth is coming, from even tomorrow for that matter but also is helping to bring in this moisture that will keep us under a lot of cloud cover throughout the course of the day. so, while it is mild and feeling like spring, certainly not the prettiest day we've ever seen. meantime, let's take a look at the current temperatures, cool spot, bunch up at allentown, 37, even warmer though in mount pocono, 43 in
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philadelphia. and 50 in dover. so, those sort of are the outline err spots up at mount pocono oral end town and in dover, but regardless, off to mild start just in general. if you are going to see clouds throughout the course of the day, daytime highs reach the mid 50's, calling for high of about 55 degrees in philly, with again, these spotty sprinkles here and there. is it enough that it warms the umbrella? i don't think so. if you don't want to cart it along here today, tomorrow different story certainly. eventually that pat certain going to change to much weather conditions, but for now, it is mainly cloudy, throughout the day, and feeling a little, little moist now there, too, when you have the moisture working it way in but with time, this is cold front, going to be front that definately lives to up its name with time we see the temperatures take pretty significant nosedive. i'll let you know where we bottom out little later. >> good to know if we're having the rain come down, we know it will post real problems for us, thank you so muchment looking outside, disable vehicle here, schuylkill west before henderson road pulled off to the right. might tap your brakes, but take a look how busy it is
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cents starting to get on the schuylkill. so both directions cents really starting to heat up now this is westbound by henderson road. but still, either direction that you're going you maybe want to factor in couple every extra minutes, especially dip down little deep near the 6:00 . then, sketchy camera shot here but we do have construction, p a welcome center and route 332, that right lane is compromised still out there all morning long and still out there. forty-two, 42 freeway northbound, creek road, if you take that toward 295, this is what you are working with my friend in jersey looking good, but starting to heed levels here as well, do have accident , in accident we are getting reports that involve entrapment, as well, so down at if i pond road, but you can see, green around the area as well. so still traveling around, okay, just heads up if you can avoid the area you certainly want to do so. talking about bridge inspections coming up in a little bit. jim, back over to you. >> well, in case you were under a rock for the past few hours, eagles are headed to superbowl 52. >> it was a dominant performance and huge game in front after delerious crowd.
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the vikings scored on their first possession of the game. but, as we know, the birds bounce right back, patrick robinson intercepted the case keenum pass, scenic route to the ends zone to tie the game after that it was all eagles, eagles scored 38 unanswered point and sold out crowd never stopped cheering or celebratingment nick foles through for three touchdowns. eagles beat the vikings 38 to seven to win the nfc championship and punch their ticket to face the new england patriots in superbowl 52, that's february 4th in minneapolis. >> hundreds of fans spilled into the street in center city shortly after the eagles victory, it is our first superbowl appearance in 13 years, that's good enough reason to be, at that time i can. >> trang do, extactic, too, showing her eagles pride at melrose diner in south philly. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. yes, the staff here at the melrose tells us it was absolutely pack in here with fans celebrating both inside and outside throughout the morning we've seen definately
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many bleary eye evening he will fans like myself, getting some food before turning in for the night. i'm sure many people will be calling out of work today. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> eagles fans flooded broad street after the birds dominating performance 38 to seven. blow out earned the birds their first trip to the superbowl, in 13 years. some fans didn't even need words to express their excitement. >> at the same time police estimated some 10,000 fans gathered at frank forwards and cottman in mayfair. they had plenty of praise for the team. >> big game. big win. we did it. that's it. we're going to the superbowl. >> like 2005, a superbowl match up with the patriots. this time the fans are looking for different outcome. >> this is a how many moment. i remember i was cents in eighth grade the last time the eagles went to the superbowl. now we're back again facing the same team.
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redemption. redemption. it is our year. our year. >> and perhaps a little devine intervention. >> thank you, god. thank you, angels above. >> and despite the tens every thousands of people celebrating in the streets, well into the night, police reported no major issues. but for now, liver at the melrose diner, trang do, cbs-3 , "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> it was glorious night all around, trang, thank you. >> well, show your eagle else pride, nfc champion gear on sale now, this is live look at modell's sporting goods store in upper darby, store opened extra early today. welcome eagles fans proud to show off their team. >> better act quickly, i'm sure it will sell out quickly, the superbowl less than two weeks away, the city every philadelphia getting ready, pat. >> here it is. are you ready? >> ya, i'm red. >> i you want to wear the gear >> why not? >> hair spray, be gone. >> we can't stop talking about every twist and turn and the eagles game. pat's here to tell us a little bit more about our road to the
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superbowl. >> yes. >> so, looking good. looking good, guys, nice suit, too. home field advantage, check. beat it falcons in the divisional rounds. check. destroy the vikings in the nnc championship in front of the loudest most wildest crowd ever at the linc. check, check, check. >> cool stuff. >> all season long the eagles have checked the boxes and despite the crushing injuries, they've stayed the course. and they're now heading to superbowl 52. say it with me. superbowl 52. oh, but they didn't start so hot. first possession, case keenum with 25-yard touchdown pass to rudolph. from that point forward, all eagles, keenum hit by chris long, patrick robin robinson for the pick, finds few blockers along the way and rolls 50 yards for the pick six. it was time for nicky and the eagles offense. will blount charges in from 11 . and the eagle would have the lead for good. scoring 38 unanswered.
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foles would get in on the fun. he connect with alshon jeffrey 53 yards on the score. foles dashed the number one ranked viking for 352 yards and three scores. here is another beauty. the flea flicker. that never works. oh, but it works here. and it works to perfection. 41 yards to torrey smith. amazing throw, amazing catch. laugh err in the nfc title game. the birds destroy the vikings 38 to seven. doug pederson calling another fantastic game. and he gets a shower. the eagles are moving onto superbowl 52, and surprising, incredible, ridiculous fashion our lesley van arsdall talked to the players after the game. >> what an unbelievable game. the players said the crowd, the fans, made such a difference. they're thrilled to be going to the superbowl, but not finished yet. and this group is driven. >> great, man, just feels good you know? you know, the position we're in, work hard for it,. >> it means a lot.
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but, i mean, honestly, we're not done yet. we got, we got to keep this thing going. we got another game to play. and i think everyone in this lockerroom understands that. >> we can't, this is not like we reached our destination. we are getting to the destination, but we got to finish a we started. >> man, it feels so good to be able to get those things, you know, something that hasn't been done since to get back to the superbowl, then now, we're going to go out there, we're going to try to finish the job >> no one thought we would be here. no one thought we would be here after carson wentz down. but the resiliency of the team , how much we love playing for one another, how much we love the game of football, i hope you guys can see that each and every game. >> yes, the dog match is going to minneapolis. >> oh, yes, the mask in my bag right now. i where to little bit. before i walk in, yes, definately going. >> this team seems to thrive in the underdog roll. they will be an underdog again against the patriots, they won't wasn't it any other way.
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reporting from lincoln financial field, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> eagles win means a lot of collars for our sister station 94wip. angelo cataldi will be busy today and over the next few weeks as he prepares and the city prepares for the new england patriots. angelo pulls no punches when it comes to brady and company. >> i grew up in new england. i've never like new england teams. i've always hated the patriots i test pies bill belichick, tom brady, robert craft, and every that goes into them. but it is the ends, so if they beat them, it is the ultimate story. and i think they're gng we'll see what happens in a couple of weeks. sto inhink we got the philadelphia history and it is unfolding right here now. superbowl after another of their patented dollarsdy hooking up with danny, and that's your gameen would hold on
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again, tom brady anotherns, superbowl. this will be the tenth superbowl appearance, brady in his eighth, looking fo by the way the last team to win back-to-back champiops patr. >> thirteen years ago. so superbowl 52, is eagles and patriots from us bank stadium home of the from now, february 4th, it will be wild two weeks in philadelphia. w, everybody's looking forward to this. let's do it. it. >> you know, that would be the ultimate underdog story, us against the won, the patriots what they are? >> ectly. >> thank you, pat. >> peco offering its encourenh superstition. it is showing an eagle flying with the message go ugs y few ds ago, peco will not
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official logo. >> well still ahead on " eyewitness news" this morning , the government enters, key voe schedule for today. >> and nrl vandalized overnight in philadelphia. but, not all of the car owners red. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, eagles fans are on top of the world this morning. we the first time in 13 years, great feeling. we will be right back with >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> come right back, a flea flicker. back to foles. he's going deep down the far side of the field. and it is good. touchdown. cory smith. >> meal reese with the call on 94wip, nick foles with a perfect flea flicker to torrey smith for a touchdown. >> amazing, coach doug pederson. >> we're going to the superbowl. we're going to the stinking superbowl. >> coach pederson coined be prouder of birds as they earn their tickets to the superbowl >> you know who is probably also proud, jeffrey lurie. >> remember that dance he did last week? >> it work so well, he did an encore. take a look.
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>> last night he performed his victory dance, nfq team joined him just like last week. >> pat gallen dubbed it the jeffrey. now, might you take a stab? >> nope. not doing t but i feel like that's just going to look like i'm making fun of the man, and i don't want to do that. >> toupee. >> but dancing with him, not at him. >> looks like he's trying to grab for higher hanging fruit this time, too. i'll step out of the way, show this shop courtesy of our photographer tom kelly across the river now in camden, and there are a lot of landmarks, lit up in green. you see multiple ones here, look at this, oh, so pretty. isn't it? liberty place, so many landmarks, that have that beautiful hint of green, then, and what beautiful calm delaware river out there, too, gorgeous shot. love it. let's take a look at storm scan3, also has some green as well. today it is more sprinkles that are working their way
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through from the warmfront, lifting in with the storm system, and we are going have a lot of cloud cover otherwise , so just good day for the umbrella, tomorrow will be, because this mess, this band. >> giving you the bullet point here, rain does come heavily at time tomorrow. i would definitely say umbrellas are required here, might even hear few rumble every thunder, too, the bulk the heavy rain comes into the morning and the early afternoon and then even though there may be some residual showers towards evening, when the bulk of this is getting out of here, meantime we hit 60 degrees, before the front crosses cents through, and then the colder air rushes in to knock the temperatures down , 60 tuesday to almost 20 degrees coal nerve one fell swoop from one day to the next , thursday looking the coldest right now at 38. but back to sunshine, and the sun sticks around for the last day back to work, granted there may be more clouds through the weekends but also warm up again. meisha? >> all right, good to know for tomorrow morning's commute. looking outside right now,
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thing looking good. however, we did have disable vehicle out here schulkhill week, right lane commodore barry pro mice dollars now cleared out of thay volumes, already, getting pretty busy, as now that we move intoave a ft there. so the first one in new jersey , with at fish pond road. so you will have to use an alternate. probably your best bet around this. if you canalgether i would if ie you. another accident 95 northhree, s block here, and third accident , on the boulevard, up. you can see yellow there letting us know that we're no all of the areas if you can avoid wait that they clear if you can. giveidge inspections talking more about this coming up in a little bit. jim, back over to you. senators will vote today on new temporary spending plan there is one, may get t ps. bipartisan group worked behind the scenes on the deal.
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senate majorityconnel offered ao democrats. the vote for short-term funding bill that february 8th. if by then there is no solution on the main democratic points, immigrants brought here illegally as children, that forefront. >> with my vote, that i swing more votes needed if i had to get, i do. tha some of the democrats who voted no will vote yes. >> i don't know that you wil det see comfort level that wobble in a us. continues, essential government workers including the military will still report for their paychecks may be delay overnight double shooting in south philadelphia. this happened just after 1:00 cs were recovered along the 1300 block of bainbridge street. evidence was also the 600 blockh broad. twenty-eight year old man and 53 year old man were bot in sta.
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so far no arrests. the celebrations thatbig followed is had the g some car owners in north philadelphia right in the pocket. take a look. >> eleven cars, up and down the 1500 block of north 16th street, were sprayed with green paint at some point last night. one car owner really got it bad. her entire windshield was cents sprayed green, and the word eagles was spray painted on the hood and grill. but surprisingly, she and her sister are taking it pretty well. >> is the happy but sad moment it is fun, but it is sad. because now she has to pay for all of. >> this i mean, we know that everybody's celebrating. but, at the sake of others. >> made a point there. temple police handling the incident. so far no arrest. >> well the eagles win of course is dominating the ne the best headlines coming up next. >> plus amazon opens new store no check outlines. so, how do you pay? see how it works
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>> early start, temperatures look like they will start to rebound, lots every clouds, daytime highs back into the low and mid 50's by then, too. guys? >> from the front page of the philadelphia inquirer sports section, the bold headlines souped up above the picture every eagles owner jeffrey lurie, the nfc championship trophy. >> the back page of the philadelphia daily news centers on eagles quarterback, nick foles, with a headline foles speed ahead. shows his reaction to his 53- yard touchdown pass, alshon jeffrey. >> and the more some bore headline from the sport section in the minneapolis star tribute aoun, skoal is the scanned main jane word for cheers or good health.
6:25 am
reports nothing went well for the vikings after opening drive touchdown. and that the eagles dominated with the rest of the game. >> we sure d that's a look at newspaper headlines this morning. >> well, amazon has managed to take grocery shopping and make it high tech. >> today they will open the first amazon go in see seattle convenience store has no lines , no check outs, no registers, how does it work? shoppers just scan their app when entering the store. inside they track their movement. amazon account will then be automatically charged when they walk out. amazon go will offer groceries , ready to eat meals, cool drinks and meal prep kids sounds like great idea. >> i like that idea but the cameras cents are watching us. coming up in the next half hour, eagles coverage continues. >> and if you want to go to the superbowl, ya, you guessed it, it will cost you. find out how much tickets are going for, trang? >> eagles fans waking up on cloud nine thanks to number nine nick foles, i'm trang do, liver with the crazy fan reaction. meisha? >> and trang, it is a happy morning indeed this morning with the eagles win last night
6:26 am
but now we're starting to get busy on the roadway, we have three accidents out there. with a bunch of construction to talk about, but i'll have all of the update coming up in a little bit. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sole plan. just about 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today's january 22, 2018. >> say it with me. the eagles are in the superbowl. >> the superbowl. >> superbowl baby. you can't hold down an underdog. >> pick off by robinson. touchdown. >> it was an avalanch here at lincoln financial field. >> the train.
6:30 am
the train, blount. >> ♪ i can't stop the feeling ♪ just dance dance dance ♪ i can't stop the feeling ♪ >> the mood in the city was absolutely electric some fans didn't need words to express their excitement. >> celebrating well into the night. >> party going on behind me. at frankford and cottman avenues. might as well drop a ball in this intersection, feels like new years eve here. >> it does. >> thank you, god. thank you, age else above. >> i love coaching this football team. >> it is honestly unbelievable >> today's morning.sponsored ... >> ♪ >> really is unbelievable. but well deserved. >> absolutely, to completely crush the vikings, katie, what a game it was, and the city today just on high.
6:31 am
>> yes, and i think we will be riding the high for next two weeks here, that's all we have to look forward to the next big thing, and wrap this thing up with a nice big green bo and call it a season. well, we do have some unsettled weather to tell but, but little team spirit showing up on the radar already. few sprinkles have rolled through part of the area already. if you run into a few damp roads that's why. but, you can get away without an umbrella today. >> i don't think you'll need it. tomorrow really requires the extra rain gear, your temperature change in the last 24 hours, notable, though, you know, you're 12 degrees milder than this same time yesterday in philly. 20 degrees plus in dover. so, noticeable change, certainly. but, that does translate to for the most part low and mid four's across the board here, there are few spots that are little cooler or certainly little milder than that. but you're off again to warmer start than what you would even normally top off for daytime high. our high in the city, 55 degrees, more clouds than anything, little fine drizzle, sprinkle here and there never hurt. but again it wouldn't be shock
6:32 am
if you saw that. but really heading into tomorrow. that things go a lot more downhill. that's on when the cold front gets here, that's when you'll have the biggest splash in the atmosphere, that's why we ends up with the steadiest rainfall of the forecast. but it is a cold start that also lives up to it name. so time these temperatures take a hit. talk more about that in the coming minute here. i'll let you know how far we plummet on the thermometer little later on, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you and everybody is so proud of them for how they showed up on that field last night. looking outside right now, we do have some construction out there, overall your morning commute so far, so good. but, it is starting to get bus which construction crews out, there we have couple every accidents so this construction has been out here all morning long, see the cones, roadway, 95 south between the pa welcome center route 332, so just heads up on that, if you are headed out there any time soon. want to make note of that because it will start to slow you down. also another accident in new jersey, pitman down the road closed at fish pond road. you will have to use an
6:33 am
alternate. hurfville crosskeys road is your best bet there. another accident in delaware, as well. that's not yet cleared. ninety-five north, before route 273. two left lanes are compromised here, certainly an area that will start to slow you down, if you can avoid any of the accident spots, certainly want to, if you can't, just a heads up they're out there. boulevard however this one has been cleared. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> get them while they're hot. eagles nfc championship gear on sale rue. no live look inside the modell's sporting goods store in upper darby on 69th street. this one and several other area stores opened extra early for the early birds to want to show their team pride. i i think they opened. >> the calm before the storm. eagles wearing her eagles dress, i'm wearing my eagles suit. >> i'm wearing green, the whole city wearing green, so is "eyewitness news" reporter trang do. she is live at melrose diner in south philly for the eagles toast of the town. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, rahel and jim. yes, many eagles fans probably
6:34 am
thinking they're waking up now that they're still dreaming but no it is reality. we're going to the superbowl. celebrations ran well into the night here in south philly. all the way to center city and way up the northeast. take a look. >> the intersection of frankford and cottman avenues in mayfair. police tell us that 10,000 people showed up last night to celebrate with their friends and neighbors, just an incredible, incredible site. police tell us though that despite this giant crowd, that there were no real issues. people just really kept it very fun and very jovial. obviously lots of excitement throughout this city. more crowds on broad street in center city. we were able to speak to fans and get their reactions, take a listen. >> this is the best eagles team i've ever seen. it is insane. i'm loving my eagles right now , so high off of life.
6:35 am
>> after watching the eagles for so long, and to see how they went so far, and just to carry this, i'm so happy for the eagles right now. >> got to love all of that energy and all of that passion and rahel, jim, i'm saying it now, meeting you guys out on broad street, in two weeks, so you better be there. >> oh, we will be there, trang , thank you. >> i like that positivity, too , put it out there. >> the eagles hoisted the george hal as trophy for the n fc championship after the game. emotional moment for the players, the staff, the fans. carson wentz congratulations nick foles and the party was on. the eagles have won the nfc title twice before. but haven't been able to bring home the big one. the vince lombardi trophy, the players are determined to win the biggest game of the year in less than two weeks. >> man, they been here, they believe in us, you know, we believe in them. we appreciate them, for the teams to come here and win a game. >> you guys have a clip on your shoulder going to the super. >> i. >> absolutely. the same chip we been have,
6:36 am
but the chip will be bigger, going against really good football team. >> long time, to reach it, but it is time to win one. so we're not finished yet. time to finish it up. time to finish it up. >> the eagles nation was soaring after the birds win last night specially when the team's star players. take a look, quarterback nick foles took to twitter after the game many check out what he wrote saying what a night. i love this team and this city thank you philly for showing up loud and proud. your energy powered us through the night. >> and foles not the only one celebrating on social media. very excited carson wentz also tweeted how about that eagles nation, superbowl here we come fly eagles fly. >> waking up feeling like a million budgets, considering a trip to minnesota for the superbowl here is what it will take. cheapest ticket right up here. all that you will need binoculars, folks, $4,944, that's the price in the upper end zone. i mean it is way out there. you can grab that single seat,
6:37 am
almost $5,000. but if money is no object, well, right here. here we go. f4. okay? get a load of this price. i mean there is isn't any chump change here folks. we're talking about $66,655. now there is seat, though, does come with a few extras, padded seats, need those, unlimited food and drunks. hey, you only live once. >> could buy a small house with that. new york even showing some love for the eagles, em empire state building, the philadelphia eagles and the new england patriots may be just playing it down center. you can see one side green and white while the other is glowing red, white and blue. >> well the eagles are pretty much all anyone will be talking about today. pat? >> today, just today? we've got two weeks of eagles man ya taking over philly, the birds blowout minnesota, it is onto the superbowl. how did it happen? and what has to happen, to beat brady and belichick. the always passionate john
6:38 am
bartrum 54wip will bring the heat next. don't miss it. >> don't want to police it, pat, thank you. also, big night for hollywood. we will take a look at the big winners and memorable moments from the sag awards. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> everybody has something to sing about this morning. eagles fans are singing with joy. and so is ed sheeran. we have his big news coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> sexual harrassment going last night. >> for the first time ever show had a host and all of the presenters were women. it was a nod to the me two and times up movement.
6:42 am
here's david daniel. >> we are living in a water shed moment. and as we march forward, with act every momentum, and open ears, let's make sure that we're leading the charge with empathy, and with diligence. because fear, and anger, never win the race. >> the sag awards host kristen bell set the tone and many followed. including the men. three billboards outside missouri took three trophies, one for sam rockwell, who saluted another winner as he referenced the women's movement. >> francis mc dorm man. you're a powerhouse. i'm in awe of you, and i stand shoulder to shoulder with you and all the incredible women in this room for trying to make things better. >> truth is power. and women are stepping into their power. >> life achievement honoree, morgan freeman, a complaint. >> i'll tell you what's wrong with this statue t works from the back. from the front, it is gender
6:43 am
specific. maybe i started something. >> nicole kidman, who won her first sag awards this year, on her tenth nomination, spoke about age, as well as jenner. >> and how wonderful it is that our carreers today can go beyond 40 years old. >> twenty years ago we were pretty washed up by this stage >> as usual, at the sag awards , where actors salute and support each other, came down to the work. >> it is our job to find the truth. and i think it is a glorious way to make a living, especially in this day and age , when so many people either can't recognize the truth or don't think it is important. >> what a blessing it is to do what you love for a living. >> so all of those people out there still hustling, trying to make it, the fame won't sustain you, the money won't sustain you. the love, keep the love alive. it will keep you going. >> in hollywood, i'm david daniels. >> well it, looks like another
6:44 am
celebrity is off the market. >> singer ed sheeran has announced he's engaged. the english star announced to girlfriends sherrie yesterday. two were in friends in england and reconnected years later, he said his girlfriend inspired his hit song perfect, number one on on the billboard hot 100 charts. congratulations, i think he's 26 years old cents he's young, has cents his whole life to enjoy. >> i just want to brush his hair back though, don't you? >> yes. >> british. >> jim, you're always so well croft. >> lots of product. lots of product in this hair. too.think he's got lot of going the opposite direction. >> different look, yes. >> all right, guys, with what's going on out there, and things are generally speaking pretty t be few sprinkles, a lot of clouds out there, too, and just another heads up for do still have height usual ooh , putting this inor continued
6:45 am
reporting but at the moment at least still an issue to resolve. so bear with us, we will g you. looking at storm scan, nice wide zoom. we do haveorm system, very, very pretty looking storm, but this will cause some headach in now. cold front, on its heals. come tomorrow. ant and heaviest of the rain. looks like it could be pretty on noon asker through the front crosses through, typically again would you have very cold air ony d this time, and it is bringing in snow across parts of the ts moves through, it doesn't have the opportunity to bring any adon so, we just see rain, then the cold, and it dries out quickshie and breeze come wednesday. now, we take you outside to one of the views in the live bel but there isleant valley middle and high school here. ossibitygrees there. maybe low-lying cloud cover, warm air, moving in, allowing a lot of in here, so maybe cause low-lying cloud cover to
6:46 am
hinder your not a day that warrants the umbrella tomorrow en 60 degrees, behind the front the temperatures take solid hit. degsday coldest day of the es, then there is another warm up that takes place this weekend. we're b over again, meisha. >> sounds good to me, katie, thank you so much. happy and wel deserved monday morning. avenue, soside right now, we are starting to get very busy out there. this, what time is it? 6:46. inutebo cracking into the main hour of the rush hour, and already bumper to bumper conditions here. on the schuylkill westbound. now, we look just beyond the treat, not looking to great over there either. in terms of volume. so the good news, no accident over here. anything like that. it is just pure volume. lots of people now starting to hit the roadways, didn't see it in the 4:00. didn't see it in the 5:00. better part of the hour.
6:47 am
then looking at construction, 59 south, between the welcome center and route 322, you can see the cones in the roadway, markers letting you know you need to move over to the left flashing lights, those construction workers have been out there all morning long and they're still out there. so because they're starting to get break lights through the area, if ior now, i would give yourself maybe couple every extra minute. then looking at coupiden in new jersey this one with injuries, pitman down the road closed at fish pond road, your alternate, crosskeys road, will be your best bet, pat, looks like very sal do. >> what a wild night it was last night at the philadelphiahs , 38 to seven at the linc. back in the superbowl for yearsa magical performance from nick foles. the defense pederson, sensation, joining us to discuss man who has his voice, john bartrum 94 wip. john, how are you feeling my friends?time, it is time.
6:48 am
ssiv a phenominal night last not you, the eagles. >> yes. >> but you, as well. start with nick foles. just absolutely hec did that coe from? >> just as we expected, of course. >> yes. , slinging it all over the place. throwing dimes on flea flickers, torrey s alshon jeffry wide open. just incredible performance all around, but guy nkhat we asp at you did against thefour atlanta falcons, more than exceeded it to them last night. let's jump over to the defensive side. the , giving people heart palpitations throughout the delaware valley, and played alms a great defensive game plan? and how did they get to case keenum the way they did? >> just natural thing whatever jim swartz likes to do here.
6:49 am
i meanest's not going to do a lot different. he'll rely on the front four guys, yes, we get little upset about the self coverage sometimes you saw them, digging through there, there are shots, the five, seven, ten range, but they want them, as soon as -- they want them to make mistakes and they did last night. derrick barnett, changed that entire thing. it is what led to the touchdown there. he goes for the field goal. they get it ready. defense played light though after that real easy first drive. >> eagles, patriots, the rematch, 13 years in the making. how do they beat brady and belichick, it is not an easy thing to do. >> i think pretty simple. just give them back the ammo from 2005, you start taping practices, tape them all. everybody's with you, you go can go and cheat in this one. >> aside from cheating? >> i honestly think this this is actually a pretty decent match up. jaguires were able to expose some things along with, you know, everybody else in entire year. but i think it is a great much up to go and run against these guys. hopefully nick foles can come
6:50 am
around. see your old friended in a patriots uniform along with a few other, but i do think this is an opportunity for them to go in there and just take the dynasty away and bring it back to the link. it will be an exciting time here. >> i'm giving you 102nd. i want you to look into that camera right over there. >> yes. >> tell everyone how the philadelphia eagles are going to win superbowl 52. >> listen, they're going to walk in there ever so slightly , and just completely take over minnesota in the next thing you know nick foles is going to be raising that lombardi trophy, and we'll be right behind him, baby. it is time. we all believe one breath. we are walking to minnesota to grab that lombardi trophy. >> there it is. john, wip, bleeding green nation. jim, rahel, let's go run through a wall. >> ya. >> hoping this eagles fan is not too sore this morning after close end counter with a
6:51 am
septa pole. >> oh,. >> bonk. of course this video has gone viral. so not just hissureis pride sonl this morning. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> and pat, i want whatever john had in his coffee this mog.hat. "eyewitness news" at jiggy -- chickie's andogge thereto watche birds take on the minnesota rough, yes, withfc the vikings scoring seconds into the game. the crowd roared with excitement as the eagles scored three touchdowns. one fan tells us why he thinks this team and season is different. >> this whole season has been different from day one until now. it has been completely different season. we are getting all of the breaks we never got. the penalties, the turnovers, the touchdowns, making the catches. and this team, it is cents a team, not about individuals. everybody's shop up like football every day. >> eagles fans are gearing up to do it all over again in
6:52 am
less than two weeks, they get ready to cheer on the birds in the superbowl. >> time is 6:52. there is a lot coming up on cb s this morning. >> gale king and nora o'donnell join us live from new york. nora, we know you're a big patriots fan. but i think your patriots are going down. good morning. >> look at rahel. >> oh, rahel, throwing some trash talking. uh-huh. >> hey, now what, congratulations to the eagles, i'm happy for you guys, it will be a great superbowl and a great likely patriots win. >> i would think mr. lurie and the team are all now walking on clouds, but your game was a shillacking, the patriots, that was cents a real game. so much fun to watch. >> it is going to be a real game in two weeks, guys. >> that's right. >> okay. all right. congratulations on your big win, all kidding aside, over the vikings. but we're not leading with that today. we're talking about this as our lead. we're on capitol hill with today's expected vote to ends the gift shutdown, we will talk with mill muscle vein. >> i place a story we know you've been covering, safety
6:53 am
concerns covering the multi-billion dollar natural gas leak with pipeline under construction in your state. >> grammy nominated singer behind the hit song issues. we've all got them. that's julia mike else, opens up about what inspired her to take the microphone after writing hits for stars like justin bieber, all of that plus the eye opener. your world in 092nd. >> i don't know what gale is talking about, i don't have any i shall glues no, no, no. >> just confident. >> all right. >> thanks, ladies. >> good for you. >> we'll be right back, with three to go. stay with us.
6:54 am
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this is charlie. and this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. this is charlie not coughing while trying not to wake zeus. this is charlie not coughing while sitting very still. and this is charlie not coughing while getting a little too into nana's party.
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because he took delsym. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended. >> doug pederson holds a new news conference and will take on the new england patriots in two weeks. >> schedule noon vote for an end the government shutdown, would funds the government for three weeks in exchange for pledge to work on immigration legislation. and, opening statements begin in the corruption trial of allentown mayor ed, and federal prosecutors say he ran a pay to play scream. and that's three to go. >> well let's cbs this morning is coming up next. >> we do know. that will remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m.
6:58 am
we certainly hope you have great monday. i think the whole city on a high. meisha is wearing her dress. >> i got my suit. i keep switching back and forth. i don't know when i'm supposed to have it on or off. >> for extra measure you got the tie on, as well. >> still have the pants on. >> we leave with you merrill reese, go, eagles! >> here comes the return. he's hit. and this intercepted. it is pick off by robinson. robinson at the 30. touch back across the field, patrick robinson looks for a block. now he is at the 20, he's at the czars the ten, the five, touchdown. >> the train is blocked. by tray burton. and the train, blount. foles, steps up. he's looking. he's going deep. and it is into for the jeffrey. jeffrey was open at the right b. flea flickerment back to foles he's going deep down the far side of the field.
6:59 am
and it is good. touchdown. cory smith. >> jeffrey in motion to the right. pulls back. he looks, he fires. and it is good. deep in the end zone by jeffrey. touchdown. his second of the game for the first time in 13 years the eagles are headed for the superbowl and are a rematch with the new england patriots in superbowl 52. >> ♪ fly eagles fly fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly fly eagles fly ♪ ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's monday, january 22nd, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the government shutdown takes full effect, closing most federal offices, parks, and facilities. the senate votes today to try to end the stalemate, but it's unclear if the stopgap plan has a vote. we'll speak with white house budget director mick mulvaney. only on "cbs this morning," mike pompeo's first television network interview as cia director. pompeo details his plans to slow


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