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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 24, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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two children are injured in a barrage of bull nets a drive by shooting, coming up, clues police have in their search for the gun man. i cannot tell you that there weren't times that i struggled to make sure that i was, doing the right thing. congressman pat meehan de even ifs using taxpayer money to pay a former staffer, of sexual harassment. and getting fields ready for super bowl lii we have our first look inside u.s. bank stadium. it is wednesday, january 24th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie's off and lauren casey has weather and meisha has traffic. >> lauren, so good to see you. welcome to the dark and early.
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>> bring my level up a little bit. >> we're looking outside everything is looking good. overnight construction overturn tractor trailer from yesterday and another accident we will get to that coming up. well, it is colder, might be jarring as you open up the door. yesterday was so mild with temperatures in the upper 60's , we had rain, dry this morning but much more chillier temperature in philadelphia 43 . forty-one allentown. freezing mark in mount pocono. in the 30's in millville. we have a bit of the breeze kicking upright now as well. wind speed are up around 10 to 15 miles an hour, across much of the area. 26 miles an hour in lancaster right now, winds whipping in mount pocono as well, so that is impacting our feels like temperature when you step outside on this wednesday morning feeling like mid 30's in philadelphia, same case in roading, upper 30's down the shore and that is the trend throughout the day we will keep this breeze with us so it will keep wind chills down 39 degrees for your air temperature in the 9:00
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o'clock hour. middle 40's today meisha but seasonal with a bitter breeze and feeling chillier and much different scenario then yesterday. maybe some people had ac on in the afternoon to day it will be all heat. >> can you imagine, early jumpers, i know, i see people in my building saying they were going to turn ac on. crazy. for me it has to be 90, 99. construction schuylkill eastbound is closed for overnight construction between vine and south street. one westbound lane is also closed overnight project is back, we did not have it earlier in the week but we saw it yesterday and seeing it this morning. schuylkill east closed between vine and south street, one westbound latest also closed. ninety-five south we saw in the 4:00 o'clock hour. not so much right now, looking okay but just a head up 95 looking very busy earlier. same story with the boulevard, yesterday bumper to bumper by 6:00 o'clock. head up on than that. thinks where that overturned tractor trailer was route 291 eastbound at bartram avenue
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and they are directing traffic , jim and rahel, back over to you. four people including two people, two children are shot in the drive by shooting in north philadelphia. >> the violence happened around 9:30 at 24th and ridge avenue. police say one of the victims a 22-year old man is in critical condition after being shot multiple times. the man shot in the back is in stable condition. two, 13 years old boys were also shot. >> we don't know who intended targets are. it appears is there a possibility these two, 13 years old boys being so young they may have been standing in front of the pizza shop and struck by stray bullets. >> the boys are in stable condition, police say gunman was seen in the dark colored vehicle if you have any information police want to hear from you. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in an apartment complex in east mt. airy. a 28 year-old man was killed, execution style near his front door on the 800 block of vernon road. police say victims, two young daughters were in the apartment at the time of the shooting, fortunately they were not hurt.
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republican congressman pat meehan is standing by relationship he had with the former staffer who is now a contusion him of sexual harassment. >> congressman meehan is facing tough questions about the money he used to pay off his accusers which came from taxpayer pockets. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke one on one with the conditioning man. >> reporter: did you sexually harass this former female staffer. >> no i did not sexually who are has this staffer. >> reporter: republican congressman pat me at admits to paying off the former staff er with taxpayer money. she's alleging sexual harassment. meehan says they were close and they went out for ice cream last spring. >> she was talking about the brand new relationship that she had, i opened the door to something, which i said that you're leaving me, it is going to hurt in one sense. >> reporter: meehan used the word soul mate when describing would the man to "eyewitness news", the congressman gave thus handwritten letter he says wrote to the former staff er following that ice cream date, meehan wrote quote
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you are and have been a complete partner to me and you have brought me much happiness it is a very, very lucky man who might get to be your partner for more of your life, end quote but meehan is now in the hot seat because of that taxpayer funded settlement. >> i wanted her not to walk out of this situation once it got engaged with attorneys, and in a way that was just going to be harmful. >> reporter: now house ethics committee in washington is involve, a group that included meehan as a member, until just a few days ago. you were on this ethics committee you called for this ethics investigation, do you feel hipocrittal in the sense were you on this committee and you denounced behavior of sexual harassment and sexual assault and now you are being investigated for this. >> but if i believed that i sexually harassed somebody you might say i'm hipocrittal, i believe that i was communicat ing with a friend in a way that was invited that enabled me to assure that we
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understood each other and had the ability to continue to support each other and work together. >> reporter: congressman meehan says he will not step down from congress, in fact, he plans to run for reelection , i asked if he with pay back that settlement money , he said only if the house ethics committee says that he needs to. an attorney for meehan's accuser says she wants the congressman to stop talking about this issue, in public. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, super bowl lii less than two weeks away nfl is preparing the field at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. crews began painting the eagles logo in the end zone yesterday. this is our first look inside the stadium, ahead of the big game. crews are working to prepare for eagles/patriots and more than 66,000 fans. "eyewitness news" has learned that rehearsals for half time show which features justin timberlake begin on friday. philly schools are set to benefit from one of the cities hottest items.
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>> nfl says it will donate all proceed from the sale of the under dog t-shirts. eagles prepares chris long and lane johnson came up with the idea of the under dog t-shirts they are donating proceed of their sales to philadelphia schools and now nfl has jumped on the craze, social media fire storm erupted over what police were doing with the proceed from the sales. and perhaps bowing to pressure league has pledged all of the money will go to philadelphia schools. speaking of shirts here's what the bird will wear for the super bowl. eagles released this video on twitter showing super bowl patches being attached to the midnight green jerseys. the patriots will wear white jerseys and in case were you wondering and the team wearing white jerseys has won all but one of the last 13 super bowls that streak started when pats beat the bird in 2005. our very own, nick foles, is now a cover boy. the eagles quarterback is on the cover of the sports illustrated, the article inside talks about how the bird backup plan became the blueprint for a trip to the super bowl.
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but you can forget about the sports illustrated jinks, here's another cover this week featuring patriots quarterback tom brady. by the way magazine picked the path paths to win 27-16. well, we will see about that. trash talk leading up to the big game is getting a who bakery fired up. dottie's doughnuts has officially stopped making boston cream doughnuts. they are now offering up eagles theme pistachio doughnut and greek pole doughnuts. >> and first thing people mention do you have eagles and grease pole doughnuts and stuff like that. people are excited bit. we are getting calls all over the internet and stuff like. that people are generally excited. >> and, new england has already fired back, the park in boston issued an ban on beloved philly fair including cheese steaks, soft pretzels and philadelphia cream cheese. >> what will they put on their bagels. >> they will figure it out. more eagles coverage coming up next on "eyewitness news" including a super bowl surprise for one local school.
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and william penn statue is getting a eagles make over, some people say that would be a sure fire jinks, hear what mayor kenney had to say. also terrifying moments inside a kentucky high school students scrambled for safety when a teenager goes on a deadly shooting rampage. and, sliding down the street a school bus full of children we will show what you happened next when "eyewitness news" continues. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
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airborne® with 2 times more vitamin c than emergen-c gummies. and specially crafted with vitamins, minerals and herbs. airborne® also with probiotics. welcome back a mother and her boyfriend are behind bars in montgomery county after police say they beat a four year-old boy to death for spilling his cereals. these are suspects lisa smith and her boyfriend keith king, they beat four year-old tajir smith on monday in the will he grove home they share. the bye was repeatedly struck in the head and torso with both a hand and a shoe. >> it appears from the investigation that the child spilled cereals and after that the mother and boyfriend punished the child, they
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punish him through severe beatings, that went on for a period of time. he was burned in the shower. >> authorities say monday's incident may not have been the boy's first beating. they say a autopsy revealed previous rib fractures. this morning investigators are trying to figure out why a kentucky teen decided to open up fire at his high school, two teenagers were killed, 18 others were hurt. shooting happened yesterday morning in marshall county high school, school's located 120 miles from nashville. investigators say teenage suspect walk in the crowded atrium, pulled a handgun and then started shooting. two of the classmates were killed. >> that student was a 15 year-old female, a second student, also 15 years old, a male passed away at the hospital. >> now sheriff's deputy was able to arrest teenage suspect without incident that teen still has not been identified
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but we're told he will be charged with murder. the county attorney will ask that the teen be tried as an adult. oh, my goodness, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> scary video showing a school bus sliding down an icy street. this happened in massachusetts , northwest of providence. twenty middle and high school students before on board the bus at the time, bus knock down several mailboxes before crashing into a car, fortunately in one was hurt and bus continued on to school , after that crash. well, time is 4:43. >> lauren casey's here with another check of the forecast. it will be a lot cool tore day then yesterday, yesterday was beautiful. >> it absolutely felt so great to walk outside, especially after that rain stopped and we enjoyed temperatures in the 60 's, much different story this morning as we look live at center city philadelphia it is 43 degrees. southeasterly wind doesn't feel great when it hits you 13 e 36 right now, storm scan three
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showing us quiet conditions, couple snow showers toward central pennsylvania, couple cloud around will keep things very quite to it day, in moisture to worry about but temperatures are much cooler then this time yesterday we are at 43 in philadelphia, 40 in wilmington, 30's across berks county and that cold air continues to spill in across the delaware valley. temperatures up wind 33 right now in state college, so our temperatures are really not going to move too much as we head throughout the day today. we will see very minimal warming, also we will contend with a bit of the breeze, wind gusts right now especially far north and west, gusting to 21 in reading, near 40 miles an hour in lancaster and before the day today windy conditions mostly sunny, cooler but seasonal with a high temperature of 44 degrees. sunrise is at 7:16. seasonably chilly low temperature falling back down to 27 and turn those winds down as we head after sunset about 4:00 today we will deal with the breezy conditions, blustery conditions, feels like temperature is at 8:00 o'clock hour.
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31 degrees in philadelphia it gets worse as we move into the day, feeling like, 30 degrees in philadelphia, feeling like mid 20's in allentown. heading throughout the afternoon hours. not a whole lot of improvement in these wind chill values. as we head in the evening wind chills drop off in the 20's. for our day tomorrow chilliest day of the next several, 39 degrees with sunshine around, slightly warmer by friday, sunshine, up to 45 degrees and then meisha we're up in the 50's, feeling good, and we are looking for rain once again heading in to sunday. >> i will take rain if we bumped up to the 50's. thanks very much. we are looking at a close your here on the schuylkill from overnight construction for you schuylkill eastbound closed between vine and south street one westbound lane is also closed. head up out the door that is why you slow it down a little bit. ninety-five south at betsy ross slowly starting to build levels on i-95 and we saw it happen early yesterday just beware of. that boulevard pushing in the south bun direction looking great very busy yesterday we will see what happens today.
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tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up around 5:00 o that should go up and in southwest philadelphia an overturn tractor trailer from yesterday evening that is just still kind of lingering out there route 291 eastbound they are directing traffic so beware of that if that is your neighborhood. construction in are in is town as well, 202 between schuylkill avenue and lafayette street alternate lanes are opened in this area and more construction we are talking about. this one has cleared for good 76 eastbound in new jersey the ramp to 295 northbound as i said that is all cleared and basically every where we are looking at in our sensor maps we are showing all green as we showed earlier, jim and rahel back to you. eagles running back lagarrette blount took a break for preparing for super bowl to greet young fans. >> he visited saint pio catholic regional school in south philadelphia with a picture to talk about his journey to the super bowl and the students had a lot of
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questions for number 29 un audible. >> that is a good question. at first a lot ofe motion. >> how about this another student asked him if he knew new england play book, he replied he wishes he did. >> we all wish we did. philadelphia's biggest sports fan won't get to show off his eagles spirit leading up the two game. >> mayor jim kenney says william penn statue will not sport eagles jersey to mark bird trip the two super bowl. mayor did not hesitate when asked about a possible wardrobe change for billy penn >> absolutely not ever, ever. you know the history, right? ninety-three they put baseball cap on, we lost in a walk off home run. ninety-seven we put flyers jerseys on and we lost to the red wings four games straight. there is nothing going on william penn. >> his mind is clearly set.
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as far as mayor's own superstitions he says only jersey he will wear to watch eagles is brian dawkins number 20. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow eagles quest for one more win when not on tv you can find latest super bowl coverage on cbs and coming up up the maker of the laundry pod are stepping in after a dangerous trend. we will talk about one company is doing next in our money watch report,
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time is 4:50. time for a check on business muse. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. we are hearing that the maker of tide poddies stepping to help stop that challenge. what are they doing? >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. procter and gamble says it will work with parenting channels and use social media to send message that eating poddies dangerous. 1ad featuring patriots rob gronkowski just saying no, no,
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no and warning people that the pod should be only used for laundry. pg is asking social media companies to remove clip of people eating the detergent. >> probably good idea. so what is this i hear about uber and snacks? >> reporter: well, a start up called cargo wants to fill ubers with snacks ranging from rice crispy treats and pringles to ear budd, for passengers to buy. passengers will pay using their phone some will cost a few bucks but others are free. it seems to be capitalizing on that idea. i don't know if you ever had been in a uber snacks. >> i will pop some spring follows they have some available. >> yes. >> can't stop. >> you just can't stop. >> good idea. >> thanks, we will see you next hour. still ahead a drastic, drastic drop in temperatures. >> lauren casey tells us what to expect
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♪ >> good wednesday morning, right now 4:54 on this wednesday morning halfway through workweek as we look live at bethlehem, all quiet and temperatures are chillier this morning. we're in the 60's across the area yesterday and ahead of the cold front but now we are on the back side of that system, and, continues to spill, across the region so temperatures will barely warm up today, 43 degrees right now in philadelphia, and wind speed up around 13 miles an hour, so wind chills in the middle 30's, down the shore we are at 42, feeling like 37 and in the poconos we are down at 33 degrees. wind chills in the 20's with that stiff northwesterly breeze up around 22 miles an hour. we have had a couple mild damon, tuesday, our high temperatures in philadelphia topping out at 62 degrees, about 20 degrees above our
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average but today back closer to average, here our high temperature only 44. forty's across the area. philadelphia, surrounding suburbs behind that cold front we will see sunny skies but windy conditions making it file chillier as we head in the afternoon hours. down the shore same case, chilly conditions plus seasonal with temperatures in the low to mid 40's and in the poconos, meisha, it will be a cool one as well, 30's but for a january day, it is not too bad. >> sixty-two yesterday, lauren , hard to believe, almost up to 20-degree drop. >> crazy. >> all right, thank you so much. we are looking outside, we are looking good, we have some overnight construction and we were seeing this overnight construction project on the schuylkill, yesterday but didn't see it earlier in the week, it is back, my friends. schuylkill eastbound closed between vine, south street one westbound lane was closed that has opened up we are waiting for this closure and see cones in the roadway there i will let you know when that clears. 422 at route 29 headlights moving in the eastbound direction still very dark and early but we are starting to
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see more and more headlights start to hit the roadway. beautiful shaft of the ben franklin bridge. gorgeous shot in new jersey, traveling westbound into center city, it looks like you are in very good company. by the way speak of bridges tacony palmyra bridge is scheduled to go upright around 5:00, so we will let you know when it does. overturned tractor trailer that happened, yesterday, yesterday evening, in southwest philadelphia, it is still lingering out there so route 291 eastbound at bartram avenue they are directing traffic around that area now with that being said, around this area lets take a quick peak at 95, all green as it should be, that is construction in norristown as well route 202 between schuylkill avenue and lafayette street, we have alternate lanes opened there so this is an area that will get very slow, especially as we creep more toward 6:00 o'clock hour. just a head up we will let you know when that clears. also some construction that was out there having ramp close another in new jersey 76 eastbound ramp to 295 northbound that was closed as i said that has now been since cleared, rahel and jim, back
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over to you. meisha, thank you. everybody knows the intelligent fans are going with the bird in the super bowl that includes fans with artificial intelligence. >> i fly with the eagles on this one because of their relentless offense and momentum they have been riding off under dog status. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> the eagles may be the under dogs but you cannot argue with amazon's alexa as she says, fly eagles fly. >> well, i saw a story where they were questioning whether that was alexa's in the delaware valley but then they did it with an alexa in the northeast farther in patriots territory and she kept saying fly eagles fly. she knows what she's talking about. >> did you change your hair. >> yes, i needed a change. >> things have happened behind the change. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", talk bay tough pill to swallow, we are getting ready to play in the big game minute so the ace getting ready to host the super bowl we will take you inside the stadium as the field takes shape. out west homeowners in
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setting a stage for a super bowl showdown this is a new look inside u.s. bank stadium home of super bowl lii , we will tell you why workers have less time to prepare then they originally plan. out of the dog house nfl reverses course from the proceed from t-shirts we will tell you where they soon will be going. we are live with an update on two children caught in the cross fire of the drive by shooting, what we know about the gunman authorities are searching for. today is wednesday january , i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie's off, lauren and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning.


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