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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 24, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan lauren and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know today, wednesday, january 24th. >> getting field ready for super bowl lii. this is our first look inside u.s. bank stadium. >> apparently the nfl bow go to pressure after an offensive philadelphia social media campaign. 100 percent of the profit from its shirts would now go to philadelphia schools. >> a barrage of bullets, four people are shot, two of them teens. >> police are still searching for a motive. >> they say it appears that a passenger was shooting out of the dark colored car. >> we all started running. >> the shooting in rural kentucky started in the
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crowded school atrium. >> i saw there was a lot of blood every where. >> county attorney will ask for teen suspect to be tried as an adult. >> oh, my goodness. >> frightening videos of the out of control school bus in massachusetts. >> oh, my god. >> oh, no. scary moments when that school bus but good news in within was hurt. >> icy conditions there but nothing like that here, right lauren. >> no, but it feels icy. not bad when air doesn't move but as soon as it starts moving, it doesn't feel that great but it is wednesday morning we are halfway through work week maybe a met straight ing factor here but temperatures are chilly after a very mild day, yesterday, much different story this morning. 43 degrees right now in philadelphia with southeasterly wind at 13 miles an hour. wind chill temperature 36, 43 down the shore and 32 in the poconos but hearty breeze up
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around 16 miles an hour making it feel more like 21 in mount pocono at this hour. temperatures are barely going to warm up but we will keep things quiet precipitation wise with a couple light snow showers dissipate ago cross central pennsylvania. we will have a nice, mostly sunny day but that breeze will stay with us and ramp up as we head in the afternoon hours so temperatures are not going to be moving around all too much. forty-three for the noon hour as we head in the second half of the day 3:00 o'clock hour, 44 degrees. but wind chills will be in the 30's all throughout the day so yesterday you did not need that winter coat. today, winter coat, probably good idea. >> very good idea, yesterday we needed umbrella, today winter coat but hey if we will see that sunshine i will take 30's and 40's. good morning everybody. looking outside 42 freeway northbound at creek road take that to 295 this is what you are working with. lots of vehicles now, still traveling around posted speed but it will get busy. we have been seeing that earlier this week 95 south at
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allegheny starting to heat up, look at how much headlights traveling in the southbound direction, boulevard at fox street, however is looking really nice. this is an area looking good heading out to the boulevard, anytime soon, so call this to your attention overturn tractor trail their happened yesterday evening in southwest philadelphia. it is still out there. 291 ease bun at bartram avenue they are directing traffic around this area and lets let our why is slide over to 95 all this green letting you know everyone traveling nicely on i-95 in the more southern parts. construction in norristown still out there 202 between schuylkill and lafayette street alternate lanes opened, this will be an area that will slow you dunn a little bit deeper in the 6:00 he clock hour. head up norristown, starting at 6:00 we will see more vehicles heading out there so i want to bring this to your attention if that is your neck of the wood and ramp closure in new jersey that has been just cleared in case you missed it earlier, ramps to 295 northbound all gone, all
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clear. big thumbs up there. two points of construction this is sign maintenance that will happen later this morning 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 309 between pennsylvania turnpike and 202 and 39 between easton road and cheltenham avenue, again 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., rahel, back to you. philadelphia police are investigating a drive by shooting that injured four people two victims are children. shooting happened around 9:30 at 24th and ridge avenue in north philadelphia police say a 22-year old man was shot multiple times and may have been intended targets. other victims are a five two-year old man and two, 13 year-old boys. >> we do not who the target are. it is possibility these 13 years old body may have been standing in front of the pizza shop and struck by stray bullets. >> the business are in stable condition. police say gunman was seen in the dark colored vehicle. if you have any information call the philadelphia police. it is a senseless death police say preschooler is beaten to death over spilled cereals. boys mother lisa smith and her
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boyfriend keith king are behind bars in connection with the boy's death. police say they beat four year-old boy in the will he grove home they shared. authorities say bye was repeatedly struck in the head and torso with both hand and a shoe. >> it appears from the investigation that the child spilled cereals and after that the mother and boyfriend punished the child. they punished him through severe beatings, and that went on for a period of time. he was burn in the shower. >> authorities say that machine's incident may not have been the boy's first beating. they say an autopsy revealed previous rib fractures. investigators are trying to figure out what motivated a deadly school shooting in kentucky. a teenager is accused of opening fire on his classmates killing two and wounding 18, it happened yesterday morning at marshall county high school , 120 miles from nashville, investigators say teen walk in the crowded atrium and started shooting.
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>> that student was a 15 year-old female, and a second student also 15 years old a male passed away at the hospital. >> deputy arrested the teenage suspect without incident and teen still has in the been identified, he will be charged with two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. county attorney will ask that he be tried as an adult. cbs news correspondent adrian a diaz is live in bent on, kentucky look for her reports on cbs this morning at 7:00 o'clock right here after "eyewitness news" this morning here on cbs-3. time is 5:36. in business news this morning apple has a new item on the way and a security firm has a warning about tinder. >> plus market situation ahead of the opening bell, money watch's dianne king law joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning, dianne. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. mixed finish yesterday but rally in netflix sends nasdaq to a new all time high, dow
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jones shed three, nasdaq gained 52. after a slow holiday sales toys-r-us is planning to close 180 stores, or 20 percent of locations starting next month. the move also comes four months after the chain, filed for bankruptcy protects, at lee half of the closures will be based, babies are us locations n a letter to employees toys-r-us ceo says remaining stores will trim offering toss reduce inventory and simplify onvations. move over amazon google home, apple has a release day for its home virtual assistant company launching its much hyped home pod speaker february 9th, apple's wireless speaker cost $349. and be careful when you swipe right on tinder, security firm check mark discovered that the company lacks basic encryption features to securely protect data like photos. that means anyone on the same wifi network can monitor patterns like your photos, preferences and potential matches on the dating app, wow
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>> i mean that is alarming and i never even used tinder. >> i didn't say you did. >> that is alarming. >> i was like wow, it is. >> you know, it is not cool. basically if you are in a coffee shop on the app, you know, say star bucks wifi network, somebody else on it, they can see what is going on and snoop. >> so, this is different but i have been on networks even over last weekend where someone air dropped me their photos, some random person, you know, if i were not such a nice personally could do some stuff with this. >> reporter: this is true, this is true. >> where are you hanging out? thanks, dianne. well, company disney says it will give 125,000 employees a $1,000 cash bonus, to celebrate new tax bill that cuts corporate tax rate from 35 percent to two is percent. they will invest 50 million-dollar, and tuition
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program for hourly employees. at&t, wal-mart, american airlines and bank of america announced similar plans. well, stage almost set for super bowl lii right now all hands are on deck at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, minnesota as crews prepare for the eagles and patriots. yesterday crews finished up artwork on the field including painting eagles and patriots logos in the end zones. trash talk leading up to the big game is getting a local bakery fired up. >> it is saying good bye to a boston favorite, and new england is not taking the news lying down either. "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live outside novacare complex where the eagles will be returning to practice today, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. local doughnut shop dottie's doughnuts making headlines for several reins on. one for their eagles inspired creations and two for starting an all out food war with our rivals to the north.
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vegan shop dottie's doughnuts come up with a eagles green piss cash use doughnut to replace boston cream they have pulled off menu, until after the super bowl. news of the boston cream ban traveled all the way to new england patriots where beantown's park issued a few bans of their own. no philly cheese steaks, cream cheese or soft pretzels. at dottie's west philadelphia locations customers don't seem to miss the boston cream. it is philly alternative selling out quickly along with dottie's greased pole doughnut a homage to the attempt to stop fans from climbing light poles after the bird big win on sunday. >> it is first thing people mention coming in the door do you have eagles and grease pole doughnuts and stuff like that. people are excited and you know, we will been all over the internet. people are generally excited. >> reporter: now, in addition to banning those philly food favorites, boston's park has also banned will smith, and
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eagles super fan sylvester stallone. jim and rahel, who are we ban ning from boston i'm thinking markie mark. >> a lot have people can go from boston.. >> thanks, trang do. it is that didn't make you hungry check these out waffle topia in conshohocken is whipping up these eagles inspired waffles. the fly eagles fly, including dark check late chips, pepper mint and pearl sugar. they are veilable on line or preorder, pick up from the store. >> that looks good. >> um-hmm. >> big surprise for students in the south philadelphia school. >> eagles running back lagarrette blount make a visit to saint pio catholic regional school yesterday. he took pictures rain talk about making it to the super bowl. students had a lot of questions for the eagles player. >> unaudible. >> very good question. at first a lot havee motion.
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i got over that very quickly. now it is time to go play the ball. >> blount used to play for patriots. a student asked if he knew pate tree yachts play book? he said he wished he did. >> that is okay because we, unlike patriots, don't need to cheat. just saying. how a u.s. senator is making history. >> and find out how much state of south carolina could be on the hook for after a lottery mistake. and, we will tell you how i major hollywood director is working to bring old films back to life and it involves color icing the move fridays world war one by hand we will be right
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and we have to tell but peter jackson's next big project lord of the wings director is restoring, world war one footage for a featured documentary using modern production techniques jackson plans to restore grain i black and white film to bring new life to the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times. the film will premiere at the london film festival, in october. >> that should be really interesting. >> all right. seasonal weather, yesterday was nice after the rain moved out afternoon was nice. >> yes, i was like i will take it to the 60's, try to feel it , walk the dog today temperatures have been cooled down in the back side of the cold front with all that rain yesterday, healthy rainfall totals about an inch to a inch and a half, especially far
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north and west of the city where we are taking a look right now, dry conditions, in evidence on have that rainfall yesterday as we get a live look on sky scan three at bethlehem and chillier temperatures but we are back to seasonal levels and at lee we are not dealing with that cold, brutal, bitter arctic air that we contended with earlier this month and checking in this morning our weather watchers are up early with us so we will see what their current conditions are, we are in the 40's right now but these numbers will in the move up too much as we have cool air continuing to spill in across the delaware valley. we will check in at 42 degrees , with our weather watcher bill, he has cloud around in carding ton, pennsylvania and he says grab your coat this morning it is back to reality, sat, i know. winter coat yesterday, definitely didn't need that rain slicker though. we will head down to maryland where we have, eyewitness weather watcher, and in aberdeen, looking cool in his pre file picture getting ready to get for a ride. clear sky conditions but
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chilly at 39 degrees right now and we will head up into pennsylvania, 42 degrees right now, eileen's house she has a few cloud around those trending to dissipate, in gilbertsville, pennsylvania and she says, that hump day and then back to being chilly but yes we are halfway through work week and we are going to start to warm things up as we push closer toward weekend but our chilliest day is tomorrow with a high only at 39, better by friday, up to 45 and then for upcoming weekend we are back into the 50's running well above average by sunday, up to 56 degrees but today will be feels like temperatures that will be chilly, and i guess you don't get to see because the computer apparently is still a sleep but wind chill temperatures will be in the 30 's throughout the day-to-day so you definitely do need that winter coat in the afternoon hours and then this evening, wind chill temperatures will fall back in the 20's. for today, 44 degrees, mostly sunny, wind gusting at 25 to
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35 miles an hour throughout the afternoon. then for tonight seasonally cool, win speed will start to turn down after sunset, sunset around 5:11 this evening. 27 degrees is our overnight low and then chilly tomorrow, brisk, 39 degrees, less wind into friday, 45 degrees and we will climb up in the 50's, watch out for showers, meisha as we head into sunday and getting colder but did anyone pay attention to next tuesday just yet we will worry about that, and enjoy the 50's. >> i love how you are almost covered, you don't even look at it. >> thanks very much, we are looking at the world of travel everything looking good. we are looking at construction , construction in bucks county 95 south between new hope and 332, head up, you can see those cones, still very dark, hard to see but as lights get by you can see a place in the roadway. that can start to slow you down and anyone hitting these cones. delaware county 95 north at 452 take this up to the airport. this is what you will be working with looking nice
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there schuylkill at blue route same story here although headlights moving in the ease bun direction this is an area where we will build levels new heading up the two schuylkill i would say earlier is better than a little bit later and pulling this attention as well to the overturned tractor trailer in to southwest philadelphia this happened yesterday evening. route 291 ease bun at bartram avenue they are directing traffic around this area as we are walking out the door factor in a couple extra minutes avoiding the area that is good too. ninety-five you can see green looking good there, and construction in norristown on 202 that has been since cleared so we are looking good there. overnight construction in delaware 95 between toll plaza and route 896, two lanes closed starting at 9:00 p.m. and three lanes then will be closed, 11:00 p.m. all of which should hopefully be clearing around 5:00 a.m. and then talking about this as a remind inner a little bit too, jim, back over to you. there is about to be first in the u.s. senate and it has nothing to do with passing
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laws. senator tammy duckworth has announced she's expecting her second child. duckworth is one of the 10 women giving birth while serving in congress. she will be first senator to give birth in office. well, computer glitch may cause south carolina about 35 million-dollar. >> glitch caused thousands office people to win the lottery. everyone who bought a ticket back on christmas day was a winner. south carolina lottery commission hired a new jersey company to look in the glitch and they say they will not cut checks until the investigation is complete. consider this one of the few times in life when you'll find money lying on the street this happened after crashes on the interstate in, champagne county, illinois south of chicago a driver carrying a video gambling machine lost control, machine was carrying the money, everyone involved will be okay, troop hearsed to pick up bills while clearing the accident scene. well, up next meet teen behind a fast growing app.
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>> it is trivia game sweeping nation and distract ago lieutenant of students and workers, every day at 3:00 p.m. i'm laura podesta at h2 trivia in insuring speaking with the creators of this
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cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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it is a classic. well come back a new trivia question has friends, family, co-workers talking. hq trivia launched five months ago and now single game attracts more a million players. >> laura podesta takes us behind the scenes behind the live mobil game that is sweeping the nation. >> reporter: that is count down to hq trivia, heard every weekday at three and 9:00 p.m. eastern. contestant that is just need a smart even if to play. >> these are in the googlable answers. >> reporter: questions have to be answered in 102nd. win shore get through 12 levels split a cash pry, h2 trivia's co founder and ceo. >> folks get on their fence to play but they interact with each other. that is everything we could have hoped for in making a mobil game. >> reporter: so popular that people are playing at work or
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even much cases during math class. >> my teacher found out about it. she caught on and new she made a rule no going out of class after 3:00 o'clock. >> smarty pants strap on you are thinking caps. >> reporter: hoe scotties a g draw. >> you are so quick, you come up with so many jokes is that on the fly or is that a little bit premeditated. >> i write them on the palm of my hand, and then just sweat it off during the game. >> it is a mixture of both. >> reporter: reading team handles question revising and fact checking up to the minute the show goes live. he sees the tune in or miss out factor as a big part of hq 's success. >> do you think you will put jeopardy out of business. >> we love jeopardy. i grew up watching jeopardy. we hepp to build something that also achieves that kind of level of, you know, popularity report report playing until you win. >> yes. >> reporter: math class may have to wait, but ethan could learn something, playing hq trivia.
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laura podesta for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, of those who played hq trivia the questions get pretty tough, pretty quickly. >> winners splitting the pry means we will get a few dollars that some players have walked away with a few you this dollars. >> something to look into. coming up next on "eyewitness news", jason avant will be here in our studios to break down eagles/patriots with pat gallen. tomorrow brady and patriots will be wearing their way jersey, we will go behind enemy lines over why they choose white, over blue,
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getting ready for super bowl 52, a new look inside u.s. bank stadium where eagles and patriots will face off, we are live with the preps underway. gunfire eruptness north philadelphia and two teens are caught in the cross fire and new search on for the gun man. and the temperatures dropped overnight as you step outside it is cooler then yesterday and winds also picking up. >> today is wednesday january between the fourth good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lauren and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy hump day as we like to say, we are looking outside and things are looking good, we are kind of getting a break after all of the rain that slowed us down but we are looking okay. >> nice, dry but chillier
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temperatures so you need that hot cup of coffee or one or two or three or 12. >> yes. >> whichever you prefer, 45 degrees right new as we take a temperature check in philadelphia this morning. forty-one in allentown. sub freezing in mount pocono, and 40 degrees right now in wildwood and we have a hearty breeze right now up around 16 miles an hour in philadelphia, 15 in allentown, 13 in wildwood and that is add to go that wind chill component feeling like teens in the higher elevations and feeling like 33 in reading, 38 in philly and feeling like 30 's down the shore as well. your day plan tore day our air temperature actually will start to cool over next several hours and then warm up a little bit but overall trendies temperatures in the moving too much for where they are right now, and we are going to have these windy conditions taking us throughout the afternoon with wind gusts up around 25 to even 30 miles an hour so even though our temperatures will be in the 40's, meisha this afternoon these wind


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