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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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hot cup of coffee or one or two or three or 12. >> yes. >> whichever you prefer, 45 degrees right new as we take a temperature check in philadelphia this morning. forty-one in allentown. sub freezing in mount pocono, and 40 degrees right now in wildwood and we have a hearty breeze right now up around 16 miles an hour in philadelphia, 15 in allentown, 13 in wildwood and that is add to go that wind chill component feeling like teens in the higher elevations and feeling like 33 in reading, 38 in philly and feeling like 30 's down the shore as well. your day plan tore day our air temperature actually will start to cool over next several hours and then warm up a little bit but overall trendies temperatures in the moving too much for where they are right now, and we are going to have these windy conditions taking us throughout the afternoon with wind gusts up around 25 to even 30 miles an hour so even though our temperatures will be in the 40's, meisha this afternoon these wind chills will be in the 30's.
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it will feel different i think then these 60's that we had yesterday. >> yes, it sure will but so nice to see sun, so there is that trade off. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. ninety-five at betsy ross heating up here we have an accident take a look schuylkill eastbound near gladwynn involving four or so vehicles. this is in the good not only harming eastbound side you can see everyone trying to push over to the far right but then also the westbound side we have got crews over there and get gaper delays on both side. so again, schuylkill ease bun near gladwynn where we have an accident involving, four or so vehicles, the westbound side on that area is now also being affect, and we are getting a lieutenant of gaper delay and vehicles as well. so if you are heading out right now i would say if you can avoid it, you want to wait until it clears. if you to have head out there now give yourself an extra if i were you 3,030th to 40 minutes. boulevard in the southbound
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direction heating up here as well heading toward schuylkill and sign maintenance as a reminder route 309 between pennsylvania turnpike and route 202 starting between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and 309 between easton road and chelten avenue 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ninety-five north between toll place a and route 896, two lanes be closed at nine and three lanes will be closed between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. the count down to super bowl lii is on, around the clock trans form nation is taking place at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. >> crews are stripping that purple out and replace being witt eagles green and patriots blue. "eyewitness news" report frank does live, where eagles will be returning to practice today , good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. the eagles got a few well deserved days off to rest and celebrate after their huge win , on sunday. they will return here to the
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novacare complex to begin to practice, meanwhile, over in minnesota crews are hard at work turning the stadium a little less purple and a lot more green. as plows and shovels clean up after monday's big storm in minneapolis a mercon trolled storm is transforming u.s. bank stadium dressing it up for super bowl sunday and the world stage. >> we have got more artwork to do on the field. >> reporter: thinks ed's 29th super bowl as nfl field director it is his job to get the field game ready. >> we have turn it from a vikings home, stadium, home field into a neutral, super bowl field. >> reporter: crews finish painting end zones in eagles green and patriots blue but work continues on the massive half time show lighting grid. >> it is encouraging for sure to see that the field painted, you know, we still have more elements that have to be added to that but there are a lot, the list is probably too long to get into of exactly what need to get done.
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>> reporter: with more than 3,000 credentialed media more space is needed so temporary press areas will fill part of the mezzanine and upper deck. the nfl's eric fink will stein said despite delayed start, crews are on schedule. >> we still have a long way to go but we have gotten a lot done to this point. >> reporter: if he is worried, it doesn't show, half time rehearsals start friday and staging is not yet on site. >> they are still in the process of finalizing those pieces of just exactly physically building them, but yeah, i mean they are all on site, you know, and some of the facilities, outside of the building. >> reporter: eagles will practice here at home through saturday. they are expected to fly to minnesota on sunday. for new we are live, from south philadelphia, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" rahel and jim back to you. back page of the today's daily news, who knew? shot of the eagles cornerback patrick robinson and caption negative adelphia owes these
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guys an apology. maybe they are right. many people doubted this team but here they are one win away from being super bowl champs. the eagles are also helping out philly schools with even more help from the nfl. eagles players chris long and lane johnson came up with the idea for these hot selling under dog t-shirts, and they are donating the proceed to philadelphia schools. nfl then jumped on the craze and there was an immediate fire storm on social media over what the league will do with their proceed. at first nfl was silent but yesterday they announced they will also donate machine toy philadelphia schools. in other news this morning two children are caught in the credits fire of the drive by shooting and now search is on for gunman who opened fire in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at police headquarters with the very latest on the investigation, jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, good morning, four people in all were shot in north philadelphia yesterday, three of those people philadelphia police say they were innocent bystanders including two, 13
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years eld boy and a five two-year old man this morning all of them are expected to survive as philadelphia police continue to search for shooting suspect. take a look you can see where this all happened, chopper three over the scene at 24th and ridge avenue in north philadelphia around 9:30 last night. police were call to the scene there for reports of the gunshots, a lot of them, when they arrived they found a five two-year old man shot in the back, so police took him to temple university hospital, and he is now listed in stable condition, and meantime, three other people, showed up at hahnemann hospital, shot, including those two teenage boys, and they were shot once in the leg each and they are now in stable condition this morning as well. a 22-year old man showed up at hahnemann hospital shot a number of times in the back and legs, and he was unresponsive at the time he underwent surgery and we are told he is expect to survive as well and that he was the intended target. >> based on ballistics evidence we know numerous shots were fired, we found 16 spent shell casings, along
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24th street and ridge avenue, they are large caliber, so at this time it appeared to be a drive by shooting. central detective they are on location, processing the scene >> reporter: now philadelphia police are still searching for a motive and for the shooting suspect, however they do say they have found surveillance video that captured this whole shooting. they say it appears that the shooter was firing shots out of the passenger side of the dark colored car. anyone with any information is asked to call police but everyone fortunate to have survived the shooting in north philadelphia, those two, 13 years old boy philadelphia police say were standing outside a pizza shop at the time. reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hopefully that surveillance video helps officers there. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in an apartment complex in east mt. airy. twenty-eight year-old man was kill execution style in the 800 block of vernon road.
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the victim's two young daughters were in the apartment at the time but they were not hurt. still ahead on "eyewitness news" it has been a week and a half since 13 siblings were rescued from what authorities are calling a house of horrors where are they now? we will update the family whose kid were starved and shackled for years. california residents are returning home for very first time since those deadly mud slide, see the damage that weights them. they are considered home team for super bowl so your patriots choose to go wear their way jerseys. we will get live to enemy territory to get the answer. >> ♪ it looks like it is raining, but i think we are ready, the time is 6:08. 45 degrees a lot more chillier lauren will break dunn more seasonal forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back we now know that six of the 13 siblings found shackled in a california home will be split up between two foster homes. >> this is despite them asking social work tours stay together. siblings who range from two to 29 years old were discovered after 17 year-old escaped from the home last week. they underwent years of torture and abuse and were held captive against their will. david turpin and louise turpin
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are facing a slew of charges. former doctor larry nassar could be sentenced to day more than 100 of nassar's victims testified about his abuse in court. fifty-four year-old faces up to 125 years in prison, ncaa in the meantime has begun its own investigation. they sent a letter of inquire toy nassar's former employee michigan state university and looking into possible rules violation in connection to nassar's assault. people are finally allowed back in their homes in southern california. >> about two weeks since mud slide devastated that area. this video shows mud still covering entire neighborhood in montecito. mud slide left 21 people dead and destroyed 130 homes. yesterday evacuation order and warnings were lifted. you. >> i suspect, to and a half years in vietnam, in the in the millville, but, i never felt like i was close to dying , like i was, tuesday
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morning. >> two people are still missing they include a 17 year-old and two-year old boy and girl. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> some scary moments for students on their way to school this happened in sutton , massachusetts northwest of providence. their bus driver was going up the hill when bus started sliding down the icy road. bus income down several mailboxes before hitting a car twenty students were on board but none were hurt. bus continued on to school after all of this. that is a wild scene there now here at home lauren, it is cooler today then yesterday but nothing like that obviously. >> absolutely. they didn't even get the day after school, like now you will get to go to school. >> yes, right. >> traumatizing. 45 degrees, maybe our weather, step outside this morning, and , it is after 60's, and 16 miles an hour.
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and factor in those wins, storm scan three quiet conditions just a couple difficulties a pating snow showers up wind and then some sunshine today and a good bit of the breeze. gusting right now 17 miles an hour in trenton. twenty-three in allentown and we will have gusty wins, picking up toward midday and afternoon. taking in live on the neighborhood network temperatures temperatures are cool 43 in philadelphia, 43 yardley, 42 in havertown and then temperatures will be barely warming as we head through the day today. big difference from the high yesterday and our high temperature on monday, 62 degrees our average would have us in the lower 40's to day, 45 degrees, we will have much more closer then that. temperatures right where we will be at the warmest as we head through the day-to-day. we will see steady temperatures or cooling as we head in the afternoon hours so expecting mid 30's this afternoon in allentown. forty's down the shore and lower 30's in the poconos.
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our chilliest day arrive tomorrow still brisk, 39 about sunshine, 45, slightly more mild as we head into friday, up in the 50's in the upcoming weekend but chance of the few showers as we head into sunday and then monday, temperatures look like they will take a big dive, meisha and on monday watching out for possibility of the couple snow squals. >> look at that snow might be back, enjoy sunshine, i think we are all due, for some of that sun to be shining down on us. looking outside we have an accident here, schuylkill ease bun near gladwynn pulled off to the far left, involving, four vehicles. every within driving up having to put on a blinker and trying to move over to the right. because that it is getting very slow as i'm sure you can imagine. it was affecting westbound side but new just ease bun side and look at this guy trying to squeeze in here and get this remedies, but this will take sometime and it will take patients, as well. if you can avoid the area you will want to. if you cannot avoid the area i
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will give yourself an extra 45 minutes. by the way for those traveling in the westbound direction we will get gaper delays so just a head up. let me give you a quick backup shot take lights, moving up, and they have pushed right up there and put on their brakes and they are just stopping. so again, like i said if you can avoid that area you will want to another accident on 422, as well ease bun before stowe, only shoulder gets by new so use this alternate 724 is your best bet, rahel and jim, back to you. now time to get behind enemy lines, eagles and patriots are set to square off in super bowl lii. >> our reporter from wbz is live in gilette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts what is this about a jersey jinks. i believe patriots may be a little worried. >> reporter: good morning, philly, i necessity you guys just love my hat right now,
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patriots have had a few days to soak it in. not only are they going back to the super bell but they are considered home team. this means they get to choose which jersey they wear. they will get with white. they are three-zero under belichick and brady and that is a streak they are trying to keep going against eagles. this isn't first time they have played in the super bowl. they got together in super bowl 39, 13 years ago in 2005. we know patriots won that battle. we caught up with the current patriots to see if they remember way back then. >> yeah, i was like 12 years old or so. now to play in two super bowls i would have never thought. >> i do remember watching the game, you know, quite a story that tom, you know, is still playing at a high level, he has been fortunate and blessed >> yeah, i remember it. i dent remember it like it was yesterday but i definitely
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remember it and yeah, i mean, i had a baby-sitter, so, it is not -- it is just unbelieve able. >> reporter: back to work they go practice starts tomorrow and we are expecting to hear more from coach belichick later this morning. reporting live from gilette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts i'm lisa gresci good luck, you will need it you are going down, lisa, down >> we may have who first time but second is sweet redemption >> i usually don't comment on women's clothes but i hate that hat, i'm just saying. >> i'm sorry, but i'm not. >> thanks, lisa. may best man win when we necessity will be us. midnight green for eagles. eagles released this video on twitter. they will sport these jerseys when they take the field february 4th in minneapolis. coming up with just 11 days to go before super bowl
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people are start to go plan their parties. >> some people are all out forget pizza and wings we will show you super bowl snacks next.
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a little chilly today, seasonal temperatures have return to the delaware valley, we will start to warm things up once again as we head toward upcoming weekend, temperatures climbing backup in the 50's, we will have to watch a storm system that will be rolling in impacting us, as we head into saturday, and sunday and temperatures will be mild enough to generate rain showers and on the back side of the system as we head into next machine could see a couple snow showers, jim and rahel, back to you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> on the front page of the trenton new jersey supervisor say sentence five years probation after pleading
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guilty to fraudulently obtaining $11,000 in overtime pay. as a result have the plea 58 year-old dorothy murphy of new hanover forfeited her job and permanently barred from public employment in the state. and times herald movies underway to shrink pennsylvania government, republican want to let voters deciding whether to have a quarter of the 203 districts in the pennsylvania house. democrats opposed the move pennsylvania has largest full-time legislator in the country. from the reading eagle does free speech need protecting on pennsylvania college campuses? a philadelphia based non- profit called foundation for individual rights and education is advocating for states to adopt legislation that arms right of free speech on college campuses. some states have already adopted a campus free expression act. and that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware and lehigh valleys. everybody thinks theyre super bowl snacks are the best >> super bowl fan from arizona is combining snacks and stadium, check it out, almost completed replica of u.s. bank
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stadium in minneapolis where our bird and patriots will meet february 4th, for snacks like wings, jalapeno humus, chips, dip and bar. and shawn eric has it for years. >> it has become a hobby for me. >> these are just corner spice racks we found off you tube and basically, put it in and just comes out. i just like doing it. i don't know or when i will stop. >> wow. >> looks good to me. >> shawn says it started when his wife sent him another snack stadium and he is always trying to out due last seasons i want to get to his party he has little bit of everything. >> humus, wings as well. >> yes, skittles. >> super bowl is leading, bay the way to a food fight between philadelphia and boston, trang do. >> philly bakery is banning a boston favorite ahead of the super bowl i'm trang do live with the green alternative
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they are offering up. and then in the healthwatch a six year-old girl dies from the flu we will look at how fast symptoms develop and hear advice they have to have for other families. looking outside right new we have nice try roadways but we are not accident free take a look we have one on the schuylkill, 1422, couple others, and overturn tractor trailer and construction we will have those updates coming up but first we will have a quick break we will be right
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it is just about 6:30. here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute today, january 24th, 2018. >> transformation is taking place at u.s. bank stadium in
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minneapolis. >> crews are hard at work making stadium there a little less purple and a lot more green. >> meanwhile hard work continues here in the novacare complex later today. >> here's what the bird will wear for the super bowl, eagles released this showing super bowl patches being attached to the midnight green jerseys. >> william penn pen statue getting an eagles make over. >> absolutely not, ever, ever. >> we're in the doing boston cream right now. >> trash talk leading up to the big game is getting a local bakery fired up, dottie 's doughnuts in south philadelphia has officially stopped making boston cream doughnuts. >> fly eagles fly. >> a local school in philadelphia got one big, super bowl surprise. >> cover 29 eagles running back lagarrette blount. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
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that was saint pio catholic school with an eagles pep rally. >> they are clearly fired up. lets send it out to sky deck and lauren case any for casey, it is chilly out there. >> it is chilly but speaking of fired up, i'm so fired up to be up this early in the morning. main i'm lying just a little bit but temperatures are chill think morning and we have this breeze, trying to mess up my hair but i will in the let it. temperatures much cooler then this time yesterday, we had 60 's throughout the day, yesterday afternoon and now at 45 degrees in philadelphia northwesterly winds up around 16. feels more like 38 in the poconos. we are at 30, feeling more like 20 degrees and down the shore temperatures in the low 40's. so yeah, big changes, these are morning lows for monday and yesterday, and in the lower 40's, and these are our
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high temperatures as we go into wednesday and thursday, so little similar there. a big transition, when we will be feeling like we were in the morning in the afternoon but did that make sense? hopefully. average temperature is 40 degrees and for today, cooler morning in store, sunshine they a seasonal day but northwesterly wind up around 15 miles an her with higher gusts will keep wind chills in the 30's throughout the day, meisha and heading in the day tomorrow our air temperatures will only be in the 30's and we will talk about that in your forecast coming up. >> lauren, thanks very much. listen to the wind out there and hey by the way in case you heard we have been talking about this all morning long. wife live chopper three over where that overturn tractor trailer was in southwest philadelphia. it actually happened yesterday evening but overturn tractor trailer was out there for quite sometime and, get this, this tractor trailer was carrying honey. honey went all over roadway no wonder it is taking crews so
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long. so where is it? route 295 eastbound at bartram avenue they are directing traffic around this area. if you can avoid it, you will want to. if you cannot, however you will get a lit gaper delay, everyone checking out. like i said overturn tractor trailer but the honey is still out there, sticking to the red way i see. we have another accident here schuylkill eastbound near gladwynn pulled off block ago this far left and it vice slow moving pushing everyone over to the right. you can see bumper to bumper conditions here. schuylkill eastbound near gladwynn, i will give you a backup shot as well. this is at conshohocken curve taillights in the ease bun direction you drive up to this and you will basically stop, it is a sea of brake lights you the there. avoid this if you can. you will give yourself an extra hour more than an hour at this point. >> well, philadelphia police are investigating a drive by shooting that injured four
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people, three including two children appear to be innocent bystanders. now drive by happened last night at 24th and ridge avenue in north philadelphia. police say a to 22-year old man was critically injured after being shot multiple times. investigators say he may have been intended target. other victim a five two-year old man and two, 13 years old boys were taken to the hospital in stable condition. meanwhile lisa smith and her boyfriend keith king are waking up behind bars in montgomery county. police say they beat smith's four year-old son tijir, to death over spilled cereals. this happened machine in the willow grove home that they share. authorities say that the little boy was repeatedly struck in the head and torso with both hand and a shoe. >> it appears from the investigation that the child spilled cereals and after that the mother and boyfriend punished the child, they punished him through severe beatings, and that went on for
6:35 am
a period of time. he was burn in the shower. >> authorities say monday's incident may not have been the boy's first beating, they say an autopsy reveals, previous rib fractures. teenager is facing charges after police say he opened fire inside his rural kentucky school killing two people this happened yesterday morning at marshall county high school 120 miles from nashville. investigators say teenager walk in the crowded atrium pulled out a handgun and started shooting. two students died, 18 others were hurt. >> that student was a 15 year-old female. a second student, also 15 years old, a male passed away at the hospital. >> the deputy was able to arrest teenage suspect without incident but that teen has in the been identified. county attorney says he will plan to try the teen as an adult. city of philadelphia is moving forward with the plan to allow supervised drug injection sites as a way to
6:36 am
combat opioid epidemic. officials are taking recommendation of the mayor's opioid task force and seeking site operators. >> no one here condones or supports illegal drug use in anyway. more than anyone we want every person who is saddled with drug addiction to get treated and to maintain long term recovery. >> new philadelphia wants to be first u.s. city to do this and pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro is not embracing the idea. he said in a statement that sanctioning a safe injection site presents public safety concerns and changeness state and federal law would need to occur for these sites to operate legally. there is in clear evidence that they provide an effective path to treatment. stage is almost set for super bowl lii all hand on deck at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis as crews prepare for the match up between eagles and patriots.
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yesterday crews finish up artwork including painting eagles and patriots logos in the end zone. trash talk leading up to the big game is getting a local doughnut shop fired up. >> it is saying good bye to the boston favorite. new england isn't taking news lying down. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside novacare complex where eagles will be returning to practice today, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel, whoever is running marketing for this doughnut shop is on fire this week. first made headlines for their greased pole doughnut and new they are making headlines for banning the boston cream from their shelves. this news made it all the way to boston and boston is fighting back dottie's doughnuts has come up with an eagles greased doughnut to replace boston cream they have pulled off the menu until after the super bowl. news have the 1 ton cream ban traveled all the way to new england patriots territory where beantown's park issued a few food bans of their own.
6:38 am
no philly cheese steaks, cream cheese or soft pretzels. dottie's west philadelphia location customers don't seem to miss boston cream, it is philly alternative selling out quickly along with dottie's greased pole doughnut homage to the sit ace tempt to stop fans from climbing light poles after the bird big win on sunday. >> first thing people mention coming in the door, do you have eagles gear, grease pole doughnuts and stuff like that. people are excited. we are getting a lieutenant of calls, all over the internet and stuff like that so people are generally excited. >> reporter: here we have a selection of the banned items, boston cream and soft pretzel, guys, i'm from philly but i will take a soft pretzel over boston cream doughnut any day, what about you. >> and a cheese stake, and cream cheese, so let them have the other things. >> and a cheese stake, right. >> thanks, trang do. if that didn't make you hungry check this out waffle topia in conshohocken is whipping up these eagles
6:39 am
inspired waffles. dubbed the #filet eagles fly including dark chocolate chips , dutch pepper mint and sugar they are available on line or preorder pick them up from the store. and, and, show off eagles spirit, mayor kenney said statue at city hall witt not sport eagles jersey to ward off a jinks. an icon may do more harm than g mayor did not hesitate when asked about a possible wardrobe change for billy penn >> absolutely not, ever, ever. you know the history? thirty-nine they put baseball cap on we lost in the walk off home run. ninety-seven we put flyers jerseys on and we who to the red wings four games straight. there is nothing going on billy penn. >> he has to receive it and approve it. he says only jersey he will wear to watch eagles games is brian dawkins number 20. >> mayor means business. we have more eagles coverage coming up with patrick. >> we certainly do, jim how
6:40 am
can eagles beat tom brady, an age old question, we will go over three keys to victory with jason avant played against patriots in the playoffs before, that is coming up in 10 minutes. interesting, plus have you heard of hq trivia and game to earn money and people are going nuts, over it. see why it is a big distraction in schools and offices up next. >> ♪ flash back to my childhood feel the chill in the air. lauren has woke up early to give us the forecast today. >> we love it too. >> yes. >> she loves getting up at 1:30 in the morning. >> love it.
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and that is a beautiful shot, a man in can inadequacies with free time and a lot of snow got a good laugh. >> take a look in montreal, man built a real life sized, delauren out of snow, sitting in the middle of the snow removal zone and officer thought it was a real car so that officer showed up to ticket it, so full because other officers to check it out , they gave the man a state parking ticket saying you made our night. >> a lot of time on his hand. >> yes, lot of snow. >> i never been good enough to make a full relegal snow man. >> well, fortunately i have been glancing over at lauren throughout the day and i don't see any snow on the forecast. >> but did you know i'm a world champion snow sculpture winner. >> in. >> no. >> i'm not. >> that is probable i why you didn't necessity. >> we have snow in the forecast but not until next week. we have milder temperatures
6:45 am
toward upcoming weekend but the trendies to take a tumble. we have 40's where we will stay throughout the day-to-day and, and, this one from yesterday, though stormy conditions, we have rain moving through, first half of the day and we did have thunderstorm activity, cape may county and shore, storms rolling in yesterday afternoon and ed sending thus one and stormy for a while, and, little bit of ominous rare scene for a january day but this is a different scene after those showers and storms , held through we had a quick clearing so phil captured that and said only a moment of sunshine yesterday afternoon but able to capture that beautiful imagery there. thanks very much, phil. we will head over to our weather graphic where we can see that dramatic drop off. down 9 degrees in philadelphia , down 16 in dover , 10 in atlantic city and
6:46 am
, and, warm up to day, colder air is continuing to filth inner behind a cold front that generated all that rain yesterday, storm scan three showing us quiet conditions precipitation wise and that is how we will keep it for next couple days, high pressure in control, low included out there right now and dissipating over next couple hours and sunshine taking us into friday as well, first half of saturday and then we will see cloud increase but windy conditions, this afternoon, still a bit brisk this afternoon and high temperatures in the 30's and 40's through the day-to-day, and into friday as well, but that is for upcoming weekend we will warm back up to 50's, for today temperatures struggle 45 degrees, best we will do mostly sunny and windy as we head into tonight. wind turn down seasonally cool with a low temperature at 27 degrees and we have 50's in store, our dry day will be on saturday, and maybe isolated spring in the afternoon and better chance of showers, sunday, with rain showers on sunday, 56 degrees but meisha
6:47 am
heading in to monday we will get things dicey, with temperatures colder because there will be a snow shower. >> i love that we will see that sun that is all i care about right now. good morning, everybody. happy wednesday, hump day. we have live chopper three over an accident we have been talking about overturn tractor trailer in southwest philadelphia. get this it was carrying honey , all that honey spilled all over the roadway no wonder crews have been there all morning licensing trying to get this cleaned up. route 291 ease bun at bartram avenue the area that traffic is being directed around that right now but hey if you can avoid the area you will want to do so, lots of crews trying to scrape that honey off roadway. we're also looking at an accident on the schuylkill eastbound that was involving four vehicles, okay blocking far left lane and squeezed to the right, and this is a backup shot at the conshohocken curve. taillights moving eastbound. beautiful sky here look at how
6:48 am
gorgeous but in fun for early morning commuters. so that accident schuylkill eastbound near gladwynn and backup shot here conn show chill temperatures even curve, taillights moving eastbound direction. heading out there right now give yourself, plenty of time. look at this we're expecting an extra hour and a half, at that point you might as well stay at home and try to wait until this clears. take an alternate around there but any alternate around that will be, very, very quote. and, looking back, and where we have a accident. we have a very special guest. >> thanks, meisha. on the healthwatch a family plea for everyone to get a flu shot after losing their little girl to the virus. >> six year-old emily from north carolina died last week after her flu diagnosis, her parents say they call 911 when tamiflu didn't help but it was already too late. >> devastated.
6:49 am
how can that even happen. one day she's fine and then she's gone. >> love your kid more, hug your kid, kiss your kid, cherish every single moment because it can be taken in a instant this happened from tuesday to friday. three and a half days, flu is nothing to mess with. >> family is making arrangements for her eight and 10 year-old brot tours get their flu shots. >> scientists may be close tore developing a new way to tea tech cancer, experimental black test called cancer seek. the test looks for levels of specific blood protein markers , while scientists say test has a 70 percent success rate they caution test only lays a fun days for detection. new trivia game you access on your smart phonies attracting a million players for every game. >> you you can win cash. take a look young and old can play hq trivia, life trivia game that launched five months ago. questions have to be answered in 102nd or let. in order to get through all 12 levels to split a cash prize.
6:50 am
>> folks get on to play but they start interacting with each other, it is everything we have hoped for in making a mobile game. >> they are not always easy they get more difficult every level you spans, depending on how many winner you could win a few dollars or a few thousand dollars. counting down to game day super bowl lii kicks off in 11 days, 11 hours and, it is fired up. >> pat gallen has a special guest on how eagles can win their very first super bowl over new england patriots also known as eagles empire. >> long lead up to the super bowl and we are breaking down every game, and, most importantly we are trying to figure out how bird can beat brady and belichick together. a guy has seen them first hand in the playoffs, former eagles wide receiver jason avant. how are you feeling. >> doing well, doing well. >> lets get over three ways that the eagles can beat the patriots. first lets start with the
6:51 am
defense. the defensive game plan specifically what you want to see them there. >> the d line has to control the line of scrimmage. we have the best defensive line in football. we want them guys to come in and play great that day. brady and belichick of masters of changing game plans around and figure you out by third quarter. would i love to see eagles defense come out with three different game plans, one for first half, carry d line and they will be able to get active for that first half. they will figure it out because they are great and they have won multiple super bowls. if you change it in the third quarter it will throw them off their game and change it within more time at end of the that game when brady's coming down for that last game winning drive, we will see, some of those, big players, coming up with big plays, a guy like malcolm jenkins. >> i like it, i like it. >> keep them on their toes. >> you have to keep them on their toes. you cannot allow him to see the same defense over and over
6:52 am
again. >> lets switch to the offensive side nick fels so good on sunday. maybe best we have ever seen him but really the lynch pin has been offensive line. why are they so important. >> they are, you saw nick this past sunday were four to 52nd to throw the football. i seen nick pump the ball three times and hit alshon jeffery that is usually in the a good thing. >> you see running backs are able to get to the linebackers without being touched. those are things that have to happen nerd for to us beat patriots. i believe right side of our offensive line is best right side, offensive line in football. so we have kelce, lane johnson and i say let them guys run that ball that way. get some play action. we will be doing well. >> third thing to look for third key for you, obviously nick foles will have to be aided by his weapon wide receivers that played a crucial role in this. judge are they your third key.
6:53 am
>> i believe that the patriots will be able to stop the run at some point. offensive line controls line of scrimmage meaning patriots can't play four defensive lineman up front and they will to have put extra people in the box. so, patriots will to have play press man coverage and that is what you want as a receiver, you bring in torey smith, alshon jeffery, revitalized nelson agholor's game you have done all these things and now time to step up in the bright moments get off press conference, steph on gillmore makes a lot of money pressing people and so we will have to get off press man coverage, in order to beat this team because they are going to put their hat on that, best second ary players at pressing eagles receivers. >> keep brady belichick on their toes, offensive line huge key and beat that press man coverage. >> yes. >> jason avant with the three keys to victory we will see.
6:54 am
>> we're winning super bowl. >> i love the confidence, jason avant, jim and rahel back over to you. >> he was right last time he was here, he might be on to something, thanks, pat and jason. eagles fans are men to be intelligent football fans. >> it appears they are getting more intelligent. >> fly with the eagles on this one because of their relentless owe even if and momentum riding off their under dog status: e-a-g-l-e-s , eagles. well, you heard her there she knows what she's talk about patriots fans may think other ways but cannot argue with amazon's alexa as she said fly eagles fly. >> we will be right back with three to go.
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do you like freshly steamed lobster? do you like the word and? then you'll love outback's steak and lobster. back by popular demand, only $15.99. so hurry in now. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. welcome back everyone here's three to go. >> philadelphia school district building is subject of the city council hearing, issues include a deadly explosion and builder room back in 2016. >> eagles return to the practice field today at neff a care complex we expect to hear at 1:15 press conference. we don't have to go down under to celebrate heritage sixers diagnosis it tonight at wells fargo center. all fans will receive a shirt with the kangaroo on it when sixers face chicago bulls. >> that is three to go. lets get a last check of weather and traffic.
6:59 am
>> all right, today, a little chilly, wind chills in the 30 's throughout the day, breezy conditions, highes genere 40's as we head in to tomorrow , upper 30's, 50's with a little rain this weekend and getting colder next week, meisha. multiple vehicle crash on the schuylkill ease bun near gladwynn block ago this far left lane, and up in looks like they pulled off to the right looking at bumper to bum perfect conditions. >> yeah. >> very slow. >> well what a bet war toy end "eyewitness news" then with a cute animal video. >> doesn't get much cuter then this. these little gays took part in penguin awareness day at a zoo in scotland by chasing and popping bub also from a bubble making machine. they received their gift via amazon wish list set up for animals. adorable. >> penguin awareness day didn't necessity in a existed. cbs this morning is up next. >> join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
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