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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 24, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ tonight two former today show hosts, two humbling stories. >> people tell you it's going to be better than ever. >> shut up. you don't know what you're talking about. >> how life has changed for billy bush and matt lauer after getting fired. >> then elton john drops a bombshell. >> this is it. good-bye. thank you very much. >> and a katy perry beyonce fashion face off as we count down to the grammys. >> plus "this is us" leaves fans and the cast crushed. brace yourself for what we found out about the super bowl episode and speaking of. >> are you ready for super bowl. >> i'm getting there. >> only we're hanging with
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alicia keys at the voice. >> blake, no one can safe him. ♪ this coach is on fire >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> only four more days until music's biggest night. the grammy awards. we'll get to that in just a minute. >> another big story out of new york. a tale of two former today show hosts matt lauer and billy bush. everything fell apart for billy when that recording surfaced. he's fighting to put the pieces of his life together. >> i'm out of ptsd. i have never really faced adversity then it's a cannon ball to the side of the ship. >> i want to announce that nbc announced that billy will be leaving "the today show" immediately. >> bush is opening up about the firing of his former today show
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colleague matt lauer. he tells "people" magazine people texted and called me making comments like he got what he deserved. there is no joy in the demise of others no matter who it is. he also says lauer reached out to him after he was let go in november. quote he texted me and asked about some of the self help books i've been reading. bush tells people he renewed his faith and devotes time to scripture. >> i'm at this moment bullish on life and happy i've learned what i learned and happy that the worst part is behind me. >> as for matt lauer's life after today we have new details. the disgraced anchor retreated to the hamptons after he was let go in november after allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. a source tells "e.t." that matt lauer seems to be sticking to his daily routine going to the
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horse barn and the local etryes and spebding time with his kids. >> his focus is on his family. >> family time is driving kids and to and from school and he regularly drops off lunch for his kids a couple times a week. >> lauer has been spending time at the horse farm he shares with aye net. the two arrive separately amid a report she has kicked him out of their hamptons mansion. >> let's go back to billy. he's working on his marriage. he's separated from his wife. billy took his 13-year-old daughter lily to a trip to japan. he calls the trip one of the highlights of his life. back to new york where keltie knight spent the day with a music legend. >> i'm still feeling the colorfulness. billy bush is not the only one
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focusing on family. sir elton john made a stunning announcement his next tour will be his l.a. the kids come first. ♪ >> it is about them now. i love my boys. i hate being away from them. i've had so many wonderful memories from touring, but i love my sons more. >> his sons with david 7-year-old zachary and 5 yfd elij elijah have changed his orbit don't expect him to go out quietly. >> you've got to go to the continents and say this is it. good-bye. thank you very much. >> his farewell yellow brick road tour will kick off in september and stretch over three years. elton's family will join him as much as possible. >> how adaptable are they?
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>> as long as they're with us they're happy and as soon as i go off stage they play with their legos. i like that. ♪ >> elton was not missing a beat performing some of his iconic hits prior to the announcement. ♪ holding me closer >> as "e.t." has seen over the years elton has a history of teasing an end to life on the road. >> i think in 1977 i said i was going to retire. >> elton is adamant. this time he means it. >> i've had this fantastic life. my boys are far more exciting to me than going abroad. >> elton told me he's not interested in having a hologram dead or alive. this is your last time to see elton john perform. >> sticking with the grammys
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host james corden is bad for round two. if you think he's over the pre show jitters think again. >> we're going to try and you know not ruin it really. we have a couple ideas. nothing too grand. >> announced today among those joining cardie b bruno mars is chris stapleton and sting. >> what the hell are you doing? >> we haven't started rehearsing. i've seen an outline. i think it's going to be incredible. lady ga ga is performing the and sam smith. >> but with jay-z up for eight awards can we expect a mr. and mrs. carter duet. >> my lips are sealed. >> james tells cbs this morning he's all in for another major
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event. >> are you as excited about the royal wedding as we are. >> british people don't get quite as excited about anything as america does. when someone like prince harry is getting married, we go great. we should get a little tiny flag. america goes this is amazing. >> if you get to take a plus two my name is gayle king. >> i don't think i'll be there. he's going to have a hell of a bachelor party. >> had a little reputation as a bad boy. this might be his last ho raw. >> keltie, thank you. everybody is talking about "this is us" last night. it was a rough one. >> was it ever. no spoilers. we're one step closer to learning how milo ventimiglia's
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character dies. the cast giving us this warning we're not ready. >> at least we have today. >> there's some laughs. there's some feels. he's already been gone for 20 years. there's a big piece of the puzzle regarding you know what. >> we won't give away that piece let's look at all the clues so far. mandy crying in front of a burned down house. the smoke detector with no memory. more scenes of jack perfect husband and dad. that monday taj of family moments. >> last night milo, mandy and sterling had a viewing party and their reaction is all of ours. >> get ready. >> oh, my god. >> we have to wait for 11 days for what they're calling the episode we've been witting for. >> you have changed the way i
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think about love. we should be able to depend on each other more than anyone else. >> when kate says i'm responsible for jack's death you got to wonder why does she feel that. there's still a lot to learn. the point of the show is not about death. it's about living, relationships, triumphs. you have to live your life the fullest. >> even the cast crying during those episodes. not kevin. >> did you cry? >> i cry during popcorn commercials? >> of course i cry. not you. >> a sports movie i cry. put "rudy on". >> meryl streep will join the cast of big little lies. >> we learned that meryl will play the mother of the late character perry and she wants some answers to her son's death. >> you will love this candace
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bergen reprices her role as murphy brown. the show returns during the 2018/2019 season. hoosiers made me cry too. >> bachelor nation buckle up we're putting peter krause in the hot seat. why he tried to come back to the franchise but producers said no. >> i said yes. >> then -- beyonce's new go to work out where she's been spotted working out. >> and we felt the burn. now it's their turn. what happened when the
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>> ed helms is hired to sit in the audience in infomercials. he told us what drew
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>> what was your reaction when you found out some people were calling arie, not peter? >> i thought it was funny, but unfair. he seems like a nice guy looking for love. >> that's sweet of peter krause. a lot of bachelor fans are saying they wish they were watching him instead including my fellow bachelor at addict keltie knight. is that true? >> i'm still a little kalty about it. peter say that is he turned down the offer to be "the bachelor" which is not okay. there's always next season. "e.t." online found out he's having his own bachelor series back in kiss con sin. >> are you dating anyone? >> not technically. i started to date. >> it has to be weird to watch and think it was gonna be me.
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>> i'm a shoe guy. if i'm dating someone seriously and we're going fancy i'll buy her a pair of lube tans. >> they didn't choose me to be on the winter games. >> was it offered? >> at one point. i said i would be interested. >> do you think they said no because they want you to come back and be bachelor one day? >> hard to say. they know where i stand with the bachelor. it's not something i want to do now. >> maybe possibly. >> possibly. i never like to rule out anything 100%. >> the best place to soak in the peter eye candy is strinstagram. if you ever meet him in person, skip the gift? >> handmade shirts, food worries
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me. >> one more thing peter would skip an offer from "dancing with the stars." he said he's a good dancer, but he has a bad memory. >> that wouldn't work. keltie, thanks. still ahead here dash. >> it's supposed to become this secret villain. >> why alicia keys is calling out blake shelton? >> is it true? >> then how beyonce is getting ready for if grammys in full mommy mode as we flashback to the grammy women that left queen b. in tears. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> i glove how he creates and hw
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he slightly pushes the boundary a little bit more. i love this record, man. >> alicia keys discussing her duet with justin timer lake. their song is called morning light. >> justin just announced his next single is with country star chris stapleton. justin loves his con tri. >> alicia returns as a coach on the voice. >> with kelly clarkson, power girls. they're ready to take adam and blake's bromance down a notch. >> we've got kelly clarkson as a new by. how is she holding up? >> i'm not a veteran yet. we know that adam and blake is like super veteran dom. >> oh, my god. >> i love this show. >> she has me out there cracking up the entire time.
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we're all laughing. i'm just really about blame. ♪ this coach is on fire >> you feel like gwen has made blake mellow out a lit really bit with the competitiveness? >> no. no one can safe him. he's crazy. it's at the end he becomes this secret villain. [ laughter ] >> we're calling alicia our secret weapon for all things going on behind the scenes on the voice including adam who is expecting baby number two. >> have you given him advice? >> it's harder. they love each other so much. i think it might be baby 10 at some point. >> voice returns february 26th. alicia es guest mentor is shawn
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mendes. >> i heard you've might be working with niall horn on a collaboration. >> we're good friends and we hang out all the time. we're like we should write a song and we plan on writing a song and we end up just hanging out. >> get on with that collaboration. >> meanwhile katy perry is making a fashion name for herself. >> remember earlier this week she matched minnie mouse. so cute. last night we heard her fashion roar loud and clear. ♪ >> katy shimmied along to bruno mars showing off a tiny waist. ♪ >> she wore the outfit out to dinner in west hollywood. the outfit is pricey, $2,700. check out the new cup cake queen.
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beyonce the mom of three is carying them in tuper ware. she was sporting leggings and a hoodie after a soul cycle session. maybe she was slurjing. ♪ >> last night she and jay-z hit up tau for dinner. mrs. carter rocked tom ford pumps with a four inch heel. the two are expected to head to new york soon for the grammys. >> the reason they were out was to celebrate with mary j. blige for her oscar nomination. >> congratulations. cameron and sophie schillaci have more queen b. love. they join us from the absolute lime green room with a look back at grammys greatest moments. >> this is the greatest moment of my life. >> i adore you and i want you to be my mummy.
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>> this sunday grammy show celebrates 60 years. "e.t." has been at so many. we're counting down or favorites. ♪ >> that is gene b herself rock out with the legendary tina turner. >> i was fighting back tears, literally the dream of my life just happened. >> unexpected moments are what the grammys are all about. sir elton and eminem's friendship started after this in 2001. ♪ >> now eminem had been accused of being homophobic. he was making a powerful statement there. >> symbol absolute lime with no added sugar and to added flavors with back as the sponsor of the grammy awards. >> pink rihanna, some of the
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names scheduled. the grammys will be booking acts right up to sunday night. >> the great thing is the 'clek tik mix of performers. >> always the best. >> yesterday we barely survived the als pepper challenge. >> how
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>> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t.." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> here we go. >> oh, my god. oh god. oh god >> okay. i can still feel that pepper scorching my mouth from yesterday. >> i was tasting it in my sleep. i think i dreamt about it.
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kevin and i did the als pep challenge and we challenged celebrity friends to do it. it's to raise awareness for als. >> today sharon osborne took one for the team. watch this. >> i say this in the most loving way that was a tough br
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phil: previously on "the the exotic -- in city of tangier teams rocked mistakes were made. >> i may have just caught a break. and forgot a gnome. advantages why wr gained. >> last two at the roadblock d need this so i'm not going to say anything. phil: exhausting day took a toll on set rick. somebody is hurling over there. >> are you all right, man? >> there's time. slam dunk to am the back of the pack. >> i'm not done. we're not done. of ll have to drag me out here, phil. phil: team yale and team indycar raced for the checkered and in the end brains beat out brawn. , team number one. phil: cedric and shawn couldn't recover and came in last. > tough day. phil: but received some good news.


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