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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. are the stars aligned for an eagles super bowl victory, what else is happening in the sky that could be a good omen >> developing, a man shot just feet away from city hall, what witness witnesses saw. >> a big breakthrough as scientists successfully close to monkeys leading to the next big question. are humans next?
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good evening. of i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington, we're ten days away from super bowl 52 and the excitement continues >> the bird hit the practice field to prepare for the patriots. but first some of the players talk about playing on the biggest stage in sports >> don bell joinses more on that >> eagles fans can fan size about the future, make plans for parade down broad street, players. they're living minute to minute's focusing on the task at hand. >> nick foles talked about their mentality >> it's something you dream about as a kid but at the same time we're going into this game and it's a game. once i step on the grid iron i'm playing against the patriots. and that's where trust in your preparation, working every single day and living in that
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moment. doing what you have to do daily then once the game comes you do everything in your power, you eliminate the distractions there are. there will be, this is a big stage. there's a lot going on on this room keeps increasing with cameras and people in it and it will just keep going but i think we just focus on the things and what's important, our preparation, what we do as a team and going out there and playing together. >> there's a lot of truth in cliches. the whole thing about taking it one day at a time. they have to if they're going to go over to minnesota >> i agree >> you can get lost in that. >> lucky eagles ticket holders beat the odds and are the proud owners of the hottest tickets in town. all day winners stopped by to spick up the super bowl tickets select at random through a lottery drawing conducted by the team. fans tell "eyewitness news"
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getting the chance to see the birds play for all marbles is a dream come true >> 37 years i've been a season ticket holder, finally going to the super bowl >> my boyfriend said to me when we were leaving, he said i think you're going to win the lottery and the next morning, congratulations >> all the winners have until 8:00 tomorrow night. when the eagles and the patriots collide on super bowl sunday, a mega space event will be happening. scientists at nasa have their eyes on a fast moving as spanning 1/3rd of a mile >> it's a mathematical certainty that as troid. we're talking about 2 million implies, still here the folks at the franklin institute, the chief astronomer said there's
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plenty of other things cosmic happenings before the game. >> as the old pendulum swings back and forth inside the franklin institute, there's a growing feeling that the eagles will win on february 4th. nasa is calling that potentially hazardous february 4th as troid aaj 179 >> derek pits is the chief astronomer and he did the february 4th as troid should be exciting but not dangerously close. >> we can look and see what it's composed of. it might be composed of cooper that shows up green when you do a flame test. maybe those are good things. >> reporter: the moon will actually be closer to earth during game time than this asteroid. but there's several other cosmic happens for the game that could bode well >> there's a constellation
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called aquela the eagles. it's typically seen in the summer nighttime sky but just so happens at this time of year it's up during the daytime. so it's up in the sky with the sun, one could say that the two aligned together could be a good thing. >> reporter: there you have it i look at images of that constellation. no matter what happens derek doesn't want to be held responsible for wins or losses but he doesn't want to think about that he's confident as are many the eagles will come home with the win, reporting live at the franklin institute, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> fly aquela eagles fly >> there's a lot of trash talking during the championship game, now they're teaming up for charity. eagles fans donated more than $7,000 to the mike simmer
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foundation, he's the vikings head coach. vikings fans raised more than $11,000 for the eagles foundation. >> really is an opportunity to do something kind to kind of say, all right, you guys need us, but welcome to our state. >> both charities benefit children in their respective communities. eyewitness will be there every step of the way as the birds go for one more win, you can find the latest super bowl news at police are looking for a gunman who shot man near city hall. the 24-year-old victim was shot in the wrist around 8:30 in front of the wendy's on the 1500 block of chester. he random officers down the street who rushed him to the hospital. witnesses say they saw the victim running away just before he was shot. he's in stable condition.
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>> a philadelphia man is in custody tonight accused of killing his mother in the city's east falls neighborhood. police say she died two days before they found her body. natasha brown is at police headquarters with more on this disturbing case. natasha? >> reporter: jessica, this started as a routines welfare check family members called police to say they hadn't heard from their loved one in a couple of days and they made the grisly discovery of her murdered body >> surprise, shock. this is quiet, really quiet. >> reporter: what neighbors describe as a normally quiet area was disrupted by a flurry of police activity wednesday after 11:00 a.m. police discovered the body of 49-year-old tammy blunt inside her apartment at 5450 wissahickon avenue after family members became worried. they hadn't heard from her in a couple of days. >> family members contacted the police. they had not seen ms. blunt a couple days heard from her,
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police went to the residence and found her dead from stab wounds and blunt force trauma >> blunt was killed on january 22, two days later, they found her body inside the apartment and charged her son, 27-year-old with murder. police are searching for a motive. >> he has mental health issues. and our thing at this point he was not taking his medication >> very sad but i'm surprised to hear something like that but you can't be surprised of anything that may take place out in the world actually. >> reporter: the victim's son will be charged with murder and other related offenses. that is the latest. reporting live at police headquarters, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you the president of michigan state university has resigned following the sentencing of sports dr. larry nassar >> i'm giving you 175 years, which is 2100 months.
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i'm just find >> the judge today sentenced nassar to 40 to 175 years in prison. faces sentencing next week where he abused girls at a gymnastic clubs. had already been sentenced 60 years for pornography. he admitted to sexual assaulting athletes under the guise of medical treatment white male employed by michigan state university and usa gymnastics. he spoke before his sentencing this after days of victim impact statements. >> i will carry your words with me for rest of my days >> we have persisted to speak our truth. and it just means so much to know that the people are finally listening. >> more than 150 accusers spoke at nassar's sentencing hearing president trump is on his
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way to switzerland for the economic summit. before leaving the president discussed election investigation. he answered questions from reporters during an impromptu press conference at the white house, he again insisted he and his campaign did not collude with the russians. of he talked about the prospect of speaking to special counsel robert mueller >> subject to my lawyers and all of that i would love to do that. >> you mean like hillary did? she didn't do it under oath. but i will do it under oath. listen >> i would do it and you know she didn't do it under oath >> the president also proposals add path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants, he said protections would be citizenships in ten to 12 year. it has been a flu season and getting worse >> local hospitals are going thousand the handle the surgeon sickness
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>> breaking barriers. scientists clone monkeys for the first time ever. what the breakthrough means for humans. thinking about cloning themselves philadelphia in minneapolis. kate? >> it's a cold night outside. even a few flurries drifting through the area right now. but we're in store for a weekend warmup. i'll tell when you temperatures get back t it pushes us. we push back.
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this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo, nicole brewer and don bell. the countdown continues to super bowl 52. there are ten days and a little more than 19 hours left until the eagles and patriots kick off in minneapolis. local chef is also heading to the super bowl with one mix to help stop hunger >> jack hope opened jack's firehouse and gone to the super bowl past 27 years, he's
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participated in the taste of the nfl program. since its inception in 1982. chefs from all 32 nfl cities and some extras from the host town are expected this 84, fans pay hundreds of dollars to experience the event and proceeds are divvied up >> when the money is broken down and goes to each city, part of the money will come pack to philadelphia to support philadelphia abundance >> he plans to cook a brisquit and hardty >> also both philadelphia and boston, eagles fans will no doubt like to try the south philadelphia italian roast pork hoe we're experiencing a bad flu season, and it's taking a toll
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in the lehigh valley. the hospital has had a high volume of people with the flu and other viruses they've set up tents outside the emergency rooms at the cedar crest campuses. 2013 was last time they had to use a tent would you clone yourself if you could? >> scientists broke a big barrier that could eventually lead to cloning humans. nicole is here with the breakthrough and what it means for the future >> it means scientists are one step closer to cloning our kind, it may sound exciting it makes plenty of other people a little bit uncomfortable >> these baby monkeys reject a major scientific breakthrough >> it's amazing, it makes sense. >> reporter: at seven and weeks old, they're products of the chinese academy of sciences, the huge cloning dna from among key
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fetus to create the twin. controversies surrounding cloning is nothing new. folks have been debating it ever since dolly the sheep >> when it's primate >> that's the problem. since humans belong to the primate family it could be used to clone people >> i don't need to be cloned. >> reporter: these scientists say the goal is to create genetically to be used in research. >> people try to tend to push the limit. who knows what will happen >> if they can clone a heart, lung and liver i think the story line changes and people will be more accepting of it >> researcher hope the advances will be used as a way to better understand human decembers such
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as autism alzheimer's. people are calling it a horror show, a waste of lives, time and money. a lot of strong feelings. >> all right, nicole thanks >> kate joins us with the forecast and we saw some live shots out there and snow >> we did so he a little snow and we've been watching the system since 5:00, this little area of snow showers across western pennsylvania. it's moving into our area and it was moving to the south most of it fizzled but there's a few spots picking up light snow showers or flurries as we speak. let's take a look. first and foremost, that's a man made snow in the poconos, this is not what's coming from mother nature but it is cold enough in the poconos big boulder the snow machines are rocking. making snow to the stretch of warm weather even in the poconos and now taking advantage of tonight's chill to get snow on the slopes. let's take a look at stormscan
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3, this disturbance first of all a time laps video and we'll show you how today panned out. blue midday and the clouds cough won the battle in the afternoon, it was breezy and chilly and those west winds bringing in flurries and snow showers across the area tonight. here's what it looks like. she's? fizzled. and you can see their going to the south but as we zoom in couple spots picking up flakes. not everywhere but here and there you can see one little ba over camden and gloucester counties and another batch moving through chester county and along i95 so this isn't heavy snow, no accumulation. but flakes you may drive through quickly or may see before they move through. temperatures 35 in the city, 33 in wilmington, 32 in reading, 17 up in mount pocono. of the cold night and we're dropping down to a low temperature of 27, mostly cloudy with that cool breeze from the
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northwest at five to ten miles per hour. thursday, brisk with plenty of sunshine. 39 degrees will be the daytime high. winds are out of the northwest about five to ten miles per hour. cool breeze but it's not exceedingly strong or anything like that. it's pretty seasonal for thursday but we start the day with windchills in the teens, plenty of sunshine, a seasonal afternoon but that brisk breeze will make it feel colder than the thermometer indicates all day long. but temperatures are fluctuating. tomorrow is the coldest day and then you can see the big push of milder air starting to move in friday and stay through the weekend before dropping again starting on sunday when a cold front moves through the area. we'll bring rain and it will knock the temperatures back to more seasonal levels. here's what that looks like. tomorrow dry, high pressure in control, sunshine, same story friday. saturday, starts off nice, saturday morning is sunny, saturday midday looks sunny then clouds start to build in and the
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front on sunday will bring us the changes for all at least a little light rain, the seven-day forecast tomorrow chilly, friday is better. and the weekend is downright mild with temperatures in the 50's, saturday is your nicer day. i don't think sunday is a wash-out but there will be the chance for rain or showers, monday, tuesday, wednesday, seasonally cold but just a quick look beyond the seven-day as we head towards super bowl weekend and look at that blast of arctic air that will descend upon the eastern half of country including minneapolis and philadelphia for super bowl weekend. so inside the dome it will be fine, for the fans headed you want to park the extra heavy parkas. of >> and more the media >> gloves >> we're talking hoops. 21 minutes and 52 seconds the significance of that time.
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plus former philly jim tomey gets the call sports coming up next. gyp
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the birds have already earned bragging rights over new england in one way. the nfl announced today that carson wentz is number 11 jersey is one when it comes to the most popular jerseys sold. to other eagles made top 30. >> listen. >> tom brady has been playing for like 18 years. do you know how many people have tom brady and he's still number two.
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>> we need fresh ones >> crazy. >> we're good >> time to talk about the birds, right in front of the faces is finalti it will be the last time this group of guys will play together. malcolm jenkins talked about these final days. >> the fact of the matter is is at the end of the season, this team will never be the same, no team will be the same. turnovers new guys coming in and out. so this finite moment that we have, we'll enjoy it. >> trio of injuries heading to hollywood, joel embiid dario sarge and ben simmons. the sixers hosting the bulls. it was australian heritage night and ben simmons at the best outing of his young career, finish, with the left hand,
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sixers up by eight. system mondays, 14 assists, he did it in nearly 22 minutes. his five triple doubles the molest by a rookie since magic johnson. sixers win by 14. magic. >> i heard of him. >> a major blow for the top ranked villanova, junior guard phil booth averages 11 points per game and shooting nearly 43%. st. joe's facing st. bon venture. darien griffin with a slam. 19 seconds remaining, jaylen adams attack, the rim. gets it to go and st. joe's falling to the bonnies 70-67. u mass visiting lasalle.
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he had 22. lasalle with a good offensive night, bj johnson getting buckets 26. lasalle will win 87-if so. temple 9th rank cincinnati. it was a night to forget. the bear cats cumberland going coastal on a play, owls down 16 at the half. losing his mind, second half. got worse, gary clark, the owls getting crushed 75-42. baseball hall of fame announced their 2018 class and former philly jim tomey is in. congratulations in his career he had 612 homers 101 of them with the phils, joined by trevor hoffman, the induction ceremony in
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murphy is getting a revival >> the she originally ran from 1988 to 1998.
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. next is the late show with stephen colbert follow by the late late show with james cordon. >> i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean we're always
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on at captioning sponsored by cbs >> some good news out of the stormy daniels saga. president trump's allegedly comment that he hopes all sharks die has inspired people to give more to shark charities. ♪ 1-8-77-cars for sharks. >> hi. i'm bert ridgewood, president and c.e.o. of cars for sharks. now, when i first came up with the idea of putting an ocean-based man eater in a land vehicle, people thought i was insane. but much to my surprise, in the wake of donald trump's shameful shark comments, donations have been pouring in. thanks to your jon roft, we are close


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