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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." right now at noon, robbed at gunpoint, a suspect dressed up as a mailman honed up a father while putting his seat in the back seat after car. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. man forced at gunpoint back inside his philadelphia home where he was robbed. anita live northwest detective where you spoke with the victim. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, rahel, jim. that homeowner tells me that he's angry, not because his life was threaten, but because the suspect reportedly
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threatened the life of his nine month old son. luckily there is surveillance video as you can see, that shows four suspect at different times. the first man is dressed as a postal worker, he pulls out gun and forces the victim back into his home. police do believe that the suspect targeted this man on the 5400 block of north second . this all happened yesterday around 3:15 in the afternoon when the victim was placing his child in the back seat of his car. police say the suspect sipped tide, duct taped the victim while also hitting him in the face with a handgun. the suspect did get away with $5,000 in cash and iphone seven. and the victim's house and car keys. >> by the time i put, like, call, i didn't pay attention, i turned back, he is behind me really. >> he is a mailman? >> no, he got a package for me >> now police say the suspects described as four black men, who got away in a buick and pontiac nearby, they say if you recognize them to call
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police, hear more from this victim himself tonight on " eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight live at northwest detective, anita oh, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> thank you. also jersey hearing opening statements today in the trial of edward archer, charged in the 2016 ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer. natasha brown live at the criminal justice center in center city with what's happened so far, natasha? >> the trial has gotten underway this morning, opening arguments, are all ready done and the trial certainly in motion as we speak. we understanded it has been very emotional day specially for officer hartnett nel's family members, they're having to relive this awful movement involving their loved one. thirty-two year old edwards archers is accused of shooting officer jessie hartnett in the name of isis two years ago. officer hartnett was ambushed and shot while sitting inside his patrol car. back in january of 2016. hartnett was hit several times , and was ultimately hit in the arm. but did manage to return fire after he was attacked.
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we did catch up with commissioner ross, here at the courthouse, earlier this morning, shortly after the trial got underway. >> this is major trial that we're dealing with. and as was stated inside, you know, attempted assassination of a philadelphia police officer, not too two days after i was sworn in, matter of fact. so obviously i will never forget it. >> well, there is a huge police presence here, supporting officer hartnett. he is sequestered, so not sitting inside the courtroom at this point. his family members certainly are. and again, they're replaying the video for the jury to see, as part of the trial that is now underway, archer facing attempted murder and aggravated assault charges, and the trial expected to last for several days. that's the very latest for now , reporting live here at the criminal justice center, natasha brown, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". and now just ten days until super bowl lii and the
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eagles need to prepare for the patriots. >> coach doug pederson held a press conference this morning, he said new england has -- can't get caught up thinking about the legendary coach and quarterback. >> if i make this all about help, we're in trouble. honestly we're in trouble. it is about us. and i'll keep saying that. it is what we do, how well we execute and i can't worry about that. my mind is on the patriots. and focused on, you know, scheme, trying to trying to figure out how to beat them, you know, that's the bottom line. how to get my team prepared to play, you know, the final game of the season, and that's where mind is right now. >> the eagles will practice today coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 hear from some of the players about getting back on the field. and we have some great news if you're an ill is it trying to score tickets to the super bowl, just check on line and found prices have dropped a little bit. here is a look inside us bank stadium in downtown minneapolis where work remembers still getting the field ready. some ticket prices are now
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going for a measley $3,000. that's $2,000 drop from earlier this week. but that is for one seat in the upper corner of the stadium. even before the eagles take on the patriots in the super bowl, birds have earned bragging rights over new england, nfl now says carson wentz 11 jersey number one when it comes to the most popular jersey sold. went beat out tom brady and dallas quarterback zach prescott. other eagles made the top three? jersey sales. >> interstellar pre-game show super bowl sunday. >> large asteroid is scheduled to pass by earth just hours before the big game. scientists at nasa have been tracking this space rock for more than 14 years. and while it has been listed as potentially hazardous as is steroid it, has no chance of collide withing earth, whew. when it flies by it will be about 2.6 million miles away. >> some people would say that to have an object like this,
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zipping through the sky, really is a good oman. we can look and see what it is composed of. might be come positioned of copper. certainly shows up green when do you a flame test. so maybe those are all good things for the eagles. >> i like the suggestion there the asteroid is predict today pass by earth around 4:30 p.m. super bowl sunday. >> "eyewitness news" will be there every step of the way as the birds go for one more way. when we're not on tv finds the latest super bowl news on overseas, president trump in switzerland for the next few days to attend the worlds economic forum. this morning the president took wart in bilateral talks, the prime minute stirs of britain and israel. tomorrow president trump will deliver the keynote address to the gathering of the local and business leaders before heading home. the president says his message is peace and prosperity. >> the world is more dangerous than it was a year ago, that's according to the bulletin of atomic scientists. the organization has just advanced the so-called doomsday clock, 30 seconds
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closer to the hour of apocalypse, it stands two minute to midnight. the close eggs it's been since 1953. the doomsday clock is a med for call measure of the world 's vulnerability to disaster from nuclear weapons, climate change, and other global threat. well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," not your average place to tie the knot. >> new jersey couple recently said i do in a bathroom, and had a very good reason. we'll tell you what what it is next. >> i hope it is cents a very good reason. well, eventually, the temperatures are definitely going on huge uphill climb. we won't break out of the 30's in most spot here today, but time, i'll get you to the 50's , i'll let you know which days are the warmest coming up
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>> more fans showing off their eagles pride, this picture of her kids, these four so excited they get to see the eagles play in the super bowl, hashtag bleed green hashtag fly eagles fly. mike shared this picture with of his family decked out in their eagle gear. sends us your pictures on facebook, twitter or instagram be sure use the #cbs3. price is right bruce gary got what i. the woman ran up the stairs and this happened. the entheusiastic hug brought them both down to their back
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sides. neither was hurt, and carry seemed to take the whole thing in stride. >> sense of humor there. beverage company has bitter pill to swallow after losing a lawsuit over grumpy cat. the owner of the cat's famous for the grumpy face, deal with the grenade beverage company five years ago to sell a line every iced coffee called grumpy cat, but they used that cat image for other promotions , california jury awarded the cat's owner more than $700,000. and new jersey couple recently tied the nod in a public bathroom. nuptials planned at the courthouse until the good morning's mother became short of breath. sheriff officers administered oxygen in the ladies room, didn't want the mom to miss the ceremony. the judge presiding over the service was on board, so the happy couple exchanged vows in the bathroom. >> at least a cues innings are good. >> right. way to look at it half full, way to look at it half full ment grammy week on cbs, two local nominees hoping to shine on sunday night.
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>> many coming up next i'll introduce you to new jersey couple nominated for not one, few grammys, tell us what it is like to be in the running of one of music's top awards. katie? >> and jim, as we get ever closer to our upcoming weekend , it is promising to end up being the warmest few days of the seven day. but it does come at a price. we'll start to see the clouds builds throughout the day saturday. still looks like decent day for outdoor plans, sunday is the day that you're going to wet weather to dodgement looks like it could be what sock i out there, when the umbrellas are required, height bo date, mid 50's, the rest of the forecast coming up.
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>> museum of the american revolution coming down with a case every eagles fever. temporarily renaming it patriots gallery to eagles gallery in honor of the eagles upcoming super bowl appearance visitors can snag dig counties et cetera if they come in wearing eagles gear. >> oh, love adipis count. well, will i love the weather. >> you know, still chilly outside today, but sunny. this morning we start offer with few flurries in a coupling of spots. gee back to look at the radar from very early in the morning , but it is nice and breitbart and sunny now, and it will stay that way right through tomorrow at least, plus the warming trends, i know you guys are jazzed about good stuff coming up here, we eventually have pattern change that gets underway. actually even just the warming trends it own pattern change, but all courtesy of one largest storm system eventually starts to -- starts to head our way. warmth and eventual return to cold, but also the next shot for wet weather so we take you outside, start it off with really nice view. such a gorgeous shot here. overlooking center city, with liberty place in the distance, there and the cranes, hey, we take that as part of the
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skyscrapers at least for today but you know we do have quiet weather, all thanks to high pressure, "skycam 3", nice and tranquil, few speckles, from the sunlight, really quiet and pleasant. little breezy, though, and definitely cold, too, which we get to. but let me turn our focus quickly to the poconos, especially, northampton, monroe county and then east across the delaware river. these flood watches are specific to a long the delaware river, there is cents another ice jam, working it way down along the river. this is going to last until at least 4:00 p.m. it remains to be seen whether the weather service needs to issue any more beyond this point for the south or downstream of this. but easton, bethlehem, any of the communities, strads berg, that blanket that river as the it is going by will potentially see some flooding and there has already been higher water levels reported as a result of that. now, there is also one in lancaster county. that's affecting the susquehanna river. meanwhile back in time here,
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looking at very long loop all the way back from 12 hours ago , by midnight, we had few flurries, working their way through, those have obviously long since cleared out. did have little disturbance that just led to wintery atmosphere out there. but more than anything, you see how it is moving from northwest to southeast, shows you the wind flow, as we zoom it out, we beat it up, just three hour loop here, and for the most part, it is a quiet looking map here. you do have the combination, though, of the next storm system, starting to push east, and with time, the cold front from that storm is what's going to have the biggest impact on our area both in precipitation and with its eventual nosedive takes place on the thermometer later on. for now all about high pressure, so we only have the opportunity to see more sunshine and get these temperatures up little bit higher with every passing day. so, as it rolls east, recall you have the clockwise circulation with areas of high pressure in our hemisphere, as it moves east, on the western side of the high it will help surge in that warmth from the south. now, not talking flip flop weather perhaps, but it is
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certainly going to be a lot milder than it is, even this afternoon, by tomorrow, and then specially this weekend. but that's when the rain get here. most specifically on sunday, sort of split weekend forecast in that regard. you have got outdoor plans, want to try to get them in saturday day unless you want to be out in the rain sunday. outside the junior and senior year high school, i counted finds one single cloud out there, beautiful afternoon if you took away the temperature and that wind. not really harsh winds, but enough to notice even 8 miles per hour, or seven, as this is live observation, it might change right before your very eyes there, it is cents enough that you notice it. it does make it feel colder any time the wind does blow, so dot meat net in your head,. >> thirty-three currently, probably only add about four more degrees up our sleeves in philly before said and done, 31 doylestown, 32 willow grove you get the idea. now, as the rest of the day goes, couple of additional degrees the best we can hope for. sun will continue to shine. it does stay quiet, clear,
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later tonight, under the clear sky, we drop down to 25 degrees, calm winds, too, so you don't have to account so much for a windchill. just quick check on the seven day, though, look at the rebounds, mid 50's by the weekends, saturday, my personal five of the weekend days, simply because primarily dry, could be rain shower toward night fall specially, but sunday's the soggy day. by monday, behind the cold front, well, temperatures of course are going to take a hit we will be back in the mid 30 's by tuesday, might even see couple of snow showers come monday in the wake of the front. jim? >> well it is one of the music industry's biggest nights this sunday, cbs host the 60 grammy a warts talented musicians and performers hoping to you can away with the industry industry most coveted trophy. among them new jersey husband and wife team, marcus and jean baylor. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> nominated for 2-gram thinks
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year, congratulations cents to you both. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much for having us. >> what is it like to learn that you have been nominated for a grammy? >> it is so exciting. it is one of those you will never forget. he was in st. louis after thanksgiving i was cents home, and we were on the phone like oh, my god, oh, my god. screaming and doing cart wheels, he's never at a lost for words, and and he's just oh, man, oh, man. >> good stuff, good stuff. so you're known as the baylor project. what is the baylor project? >> oh, well the baylor project is a duo of my wife and i, but we have a four band of acoustic base piano, saxophone and trumpetment and we started this around 2013. we both have a history of the business with jean being a part of platinum selling duo on motown, and i come out after group called the yellow jackets, and other jazz artists that i've played w so we started this from years back. and on our own label be a
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light. so what's really psched about it is that we did this on our own label, we basically, ya, take house mortgage, and pay to get this albumn done. >> struggling artists. so now of two nominations, one for best jazz vocal albumn titled journey. that tops the billboard jazz charts at number eight, that must be a win in itself. >> it was. we were so excited. as marcus said, independent, very challenging to kind of get on the charts, things like that. so we just worked hard and tried to do as much research and gives us information and put together a strategy where we could put ourselves in the best position possible. so when we saw that we're like yes, yes, yes, we got it. we were setting goals and thankfully so far away to ahmaddiya plushing. >> second nomination for best traditional r&b performance for the song laugh and move on we just saw bit of video.
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who is in that with you? >> oh, wow. some of the band members, terry brewer on piano, chris smith who played base on the record, and then we have a few actress that came in, and then did some things. >> well, one of our actors. >> i like it. >> we can't afford to hire actors. >> you have to use whatever you have there. you're temple grad? >> i am. >> wow. >> ♪ temple. ♪ >> so marcus, this isn't your first nomination. >> this isn't your first time at the rodeo. you've been nominated before? >> yes, i've nominated before with the yellow jackets. this is totally different. this is like your own, it is you bring, you know, from birth to the beginning. >> well, this is absolutely amazing, congratulations cents to you both. again, the grammys awards, take place this sunday night, at 7:30, only on cbs-3. we're coming right
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>> the search is onto find the most talented performer among group of professional football players. >> features pro bowlers who can juggle, sing, dance, play musical instruments, the one hour special called mvp most valuable performer, and it is hosted by ll cool jay, on the show tonight jugler, aj green from the cincinnati bengals, and singer matt of the denver broncos. just to name a few. >> a philadelphia eagles favorite, also perform, he will be doing archery in the
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contest, the winner announced tonight, catch the most valuable performer at 8:00 only on cbs-3. >> who knew. >> and murphy brown getting revival. cbs ordered 13 new episodes of the citcom for the 2018-2019 season. the show originally ran from 1988 to 1998. you may remember her as the sharp tongue strong will reporter for a magazine. unclear if any of her former stars will also return. >> looking forward to that show. that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon, i'm jim donovan >> i'm rahel solomon for katie all of us here, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" of course continues at 5:00. we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> victoria: deciding to live together and to be a family again, it's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. >> michael: the jabot arbitration is set for day after tomorrow. >> ashley: my brother has made a series of decisions that have been detrimental to my family company. i felt no recourse but to call a board meeting. that is when jack revealed that he had added a clause to the bylaws, stating that only a blood abbott could be c.e.o. >> jack: which way do you think this is gonna go? >> mariah: those are my words! mine! not yours! find another song, because if you release this one, i'll sue. are you saying that you still think about our kiss? do you wonder what it would be like if we were actually together? >> tessa: i can't. i'm with noah. >> lily: your father's home. >> cane: for good this time. >> lily: it's one thing to say that you're gonna raise another woman's child... i just hope that i'm up for it.


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