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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. leslie van arsdal is live at novacare complex with more on what wentz had to say today leslie? >> reporter: hi there guys, yes car son wentz has been out at practice, he has been in several meetings but has not spoken to the media until today. he tells us it was nothing more to be out on that field with his teammates but he is still so proud of all that they have accomplished. >> after tearing both his acl and lcl in his left knee december 10th carson wentz has missed it has been tough watching for sidelines. >> as humans we want to be competitors and out there on the field. every time offense runs out on the field on sunday it is tough. it hits me but then i'm in it. i love these guys. i'm part of the team just as much as anybody else. >> reporter: since his injury he has tried to be with the team attending meetings and watching film. he says he is most impressed with the way nick has stepped up. >> going through everything he has gone through you almost
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retired and everything with that and he just had the lord that opened up an opportunity here and now he is starting in the super bowl. how cool is that for him. >> reporter: he feels confident he will be back in week one in september. >> i feel very confident. i truly believe my goal to be ready for week number one and i will push, and do everything i can to be ready and i'm very confident in that. >> reporter: while the injury was worse then what we previously thought he was asked if he has now change his style of play. he said flat out no, injuries happen not going to change me which is something we all wanted to hear. that is latest live from the know of care complex jessica and nicole back to you. >> thanks, leslie. well, days and the hours are counting down to the big game and fans are bying their time by getting hyped. some fans took part in the pep rally today in center city. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh was there for festivities and shows us how fans are showing their love for the team. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪
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>> reporter: when eagles fans described this season they agree it has been imagine california. >> i had this feeling something about this team. >> reporter: wip john richie a former eagle himself says energy around city and beyond for the under dog team has been electric. >> to put word to the hope, that exists, that jubilant, fan base, everyone loves this eagles team. >> reporter: that love, and pep rally at shops at liberty place o >> i'm here today just to get more pep in myt8 step. >> reporter: fans like joanna showed up decked out in eagles gear from head to toe. >> i just got me a shirt and i made my barrettes. >> reporter: there are pop up shops around the city selling licensed super bowl gear for the big game but not only way eagles fans are showing their support for the bird. with the eagles so long, praying praying praying. >> reporter: michael has been taking his hand drawn lengthy ban tore popular spots around
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th city and has gathered thousands of fans messages for the bird. >> philadelphia is the birthplace of america, we areamer special this year they understand that they are>> reporter: ask any ofat they predict. >> do you think bir >> i necessity they will win. >> reporter: in center city. >> e-a-g-l-e-s >> reporter: anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one lucky eagles fan will be watching super bowl with someone of the kind memorabilia, a store in gloucester county is raveling off this custom painted refrigerator. home services and appliance store in swede bureau says the fridge was decked out by a local artis winner of the raffle gets more than just a fridge. >> deliver it set it up and supply them with the case of beer of their choice. >> very nice. the company will deliver the fridge to any winner within 30 miles of the store and each raffle ticket is ten dollars or get three ticket for 25. the drawing for winner is on february 3rd, 1 day before the big game.
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we cannot get enough of your eagles pride, we want to see your fan photos, videos, family cheering, kid eagles gear and your pets. >> we have heard about the eagles under dogs, but yeah, that is a catch and miss eddie of ocean city new jersey wearing her eagles gear and has a special sign to accompany it. and they love each other and the eagles but melissa and zach never missed watching a game together always with friends and family especially die heart fans, their uncle chris. >> we want townsend us those photos or video if you have it post them on social media and use the3. you might see them right here on "eyewitness news". success of the eagles has inspired many around the region including expected moms inn dad. >> "eyewitness news" was at jefferson university hospital today where new bundles of not uncommon. but, this little guy is a bit of the star because of his parent's love forbidder and quarterback carson wentz. we will explain more about that coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will bring you all of
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the excitement from the super bowl with live coverage to start this sports director don be live from minneapolis on "eyewitness news" after the grammys on sunday. we will be with the bird every step of the way as go for one more win. when not on tv you can find everything eagles at cws just in time for weekend it is starting to warm up again but with that comes wet weather. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us when to expect the kate. >> thanks jessica right now it looks beautiful. we are seeing a gorgeous sunset sun was already set at this time yesterday and today if i can still see it peeking over the horizon so the days are getting longer as we head toward february but we do still have some cold air looking in the seven day forecast, we will show you that when i join you inside but first lets talk about good news temperatures on the way up. here's current temperatures which are warmer then yesterday by 10 degrees and 40 degrees in philadelphia right now 35 in wilmington. thirty-nine in allentown. thirty-eight in trenton.
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feeling okay, light breeze, out here, pretty seasonal day but as we head into the weekend high pressure will clip off the companies as cold front approaches from the west and as that happens we will get a surge of warm air from the southwest and got news is warm air comes in before the front arrives so we will get one bonus day to enjoy warmth and that day is tomorrow. here's what storm scan three looks like skies are clear not a cloud in the sky can be seen over center city but widening out we will see where that front is not looking too impressive moving through illinois indian, couple showers there over what will here tomorrow night it will bring in moisture with that mild air so we will see rain coming through late saturday night into sunday. coming up with our full forecast we will time out the rain i'll tell you when to plan your weekend activities around it and how long this warmth will last as temperatures rise more for weekend but there is a chance for snow in the seven day forecast when that could come back in the picture coming back as well.
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for now back inside to you. >> thank you. authorities say the south jersey doctor accused of arranging his wife's murder has killed himself in jail. james kaufman was being held in the hudson county correctional center in north jersey. he was found dead in his cell at 9:20 this morning.sources say kaufman used a bed sheet to hang himself in his cell and left a six suicide note. earlier this month he wasing a hit man to kill his wife april kaufman a radio talk show host and a intruder shot and killed her in the couple's linwood home in 2012. a philadelphia elementary school was temporarily evacuate today after two dozen students and several staff members fell ill. chopper three over william loe sch in the somerton section school district officials say carbon monoxide fumes forced everyone out around 12:20 this afternoon. we are told fumes came from a generator used by contractors on the roof. twenty-four students and four staff members were taken to an area hospital for observations everyone else was allowed back
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inside at 12:45. three fire fighters were posthumously promoted to day among them matthew latourneau promoted to the rank of captain. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" at temple university performing arts center where the philadelphia fire department held its semi annual promotion and award ceremony. captain latourneau was killed earlier this month battling a house fire in north philadelphia posthumous promotions were also awarded to lieutenant gabriel lee and to captain kennett green senior. >> we all know the service that they provided, we all know dedication with which they lived and the dedication whether which they died. >> award were also given out for heroism. there are now 51 new officers in the camden county police department. they were sworn in today at camden county college in the city of camden. chief scott thompson addressed
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the new officers, last year camden saw its lowest murder rates in 30 years. president trump delivered the keynote speech at world economic for number davos switzerland today. the president told a gathering of global elites that america first does not mean america alone. >> when the united states grow s, so does the world. american prosperity has created countless jobs, all around the globe. i'm here to deliver a simple message there has never been a better time to hire, to build to invest and then to grow in the united states. america is opened for business and we are competitive once again. >> the president is now headed back to washington and is calling his trip a success. earlier the president called a new york times report on russian investigation fake news according to the new york times the president ordered the firing of the special counsel robert mueller back in june but backed down after the top white house
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lawyer threatened to quit over the order. cbs news also learned president trump argued with top advisor that mueller had conflicts of interest. under current law deputy attorney attorney general rod rosen stein is the only person can fire mueller. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" flu season hasn't even taken and it is bad. >> flu is hit harder ace what you can do to lower your risk. grammys will be handed out this weekend hoe james corden and beverages are putting touches on their show. we will talk to nancy odell about what you can expect, and about the anticipated red carpet, torey. the bird are on the way to the super bowl but some of our philadelphia eagles players are leaving their ride behind at the auto show this weekend. coming up we will look inside their ride,
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the most serious side effects are angioedema low blood pressure, kidney problems or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> that is a rousing rendition of the eagles fight song, you are never too young the three four, five-year old fans from the holy world day care in southwest philadelphia are ready for the super bowl and guess what that cute little girl in the top row all the way to the right is ava daughter of cbs-3 photographer tommy gardener. >> how sweet are they. >> so much work went into that
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>> they are very enthusiastic they have the arm moves down they are ready love it. >> before we get to the super bowl we have grammys the 60th annual grammy award are this sunday night right here on cbs-3. >> our jim donovan spoke to entertainment tonight's nancy odell spoke about what to expect during and even before the award. >> you cover a lot of award show what is it about the grammys thaw are most looking forward to. >> i always look forward to the collaboration because with the grammys you never know what you can expect, different ge nres to combine and do a great collaboration. one of the won is miley cyrus and elton john. i don't picture them doing something together but it will be amazing. then there is pink, there is pink jim, you don't know if she's scaling side of the building or, you know, falling out of the ceilings on rope do some kind of ago bat so she is always somebody to watch. >> you will have the grammy red carpet live show with kevin frazier kelce knight
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and eve now from the fashions to the interviews with people, favorite artist what will we see on this preshow special. >> right here on cbs at 6:30 right before the live grammy broadcast itself. so it will be fun. greatest thing about the red carpet is unpredictable. it is completely raw. there is no edited pieces. we see artists as they are arriving as they are. we see them interact with each other. we see them wearing white rose s either on their le pell or dress that is for me too movement and i'm sure the female artists will have a lot of things that they musicians you know, they are not won to hold back what they want to say. they say everything they want to say in their lyrics, music and they will say what they want to say when talking about it. >> reporter: any hints about price performances or anything special we are look out for on sunday. >> jv won is, because it has not been performed, if he is performing or not. there will be a couple emotional performances and that is tribute to the victims
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who were lost at live music events throughout the year. there is also going to be one by alycia cara, logic and the group of the suicide survivors so those are some performances that everybody will be talking about after the grammys. >> i always know you have the pulse on the entertainment business. we appreciate nancy odell. have a great time this sunday. >> thanks, jim good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you as well earlier today our jim donovan sat down with area radio host to get their picks for the top grammy categories. bex, andie and marilyn see who will walk home with award and which live performances they are exited to see on our web site at cbs james corden hosted 60th annual grammys sunday night at 7:30 only here on cbs-3. >> all right. >> right now kate bilo joins us with the forecast and mother nature just can't seem to make up her mine. >> no what season is it after all? we have gone back and forth
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from spring-like weather to more winter like weather and this weekend will feel like spring again which goodies news you won't need snow stuff, you may need umbrella at some point but it will be a nice week toned get outside. tomorrow will be better of the two days but sunday afternoon as i will show you rain will clear out. let's time it out. we will look outside right now where a beautiful sunset is underway the sun just went below the horizon look at those colors looking live from high atop place one apartments in plymouth meeting montgomery county, a very nice bird's eye view there of the gorgeous sky closing out our workweek and now it means only one more workweek until the eagles, of course, take on the patriots in the big game as we have been talking about. lets take a peak at palmyra cove nature park camera showing beautiful sunset colors over the city. there is delaware river in the sky line, it is looking like a great, painting out there tonight. storm scan three shows clear skies overhead, we have got no problems in, place at lee until this next front gets here.
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the front still way back across great lakes so through most of the day tomorrow, we don't to have worry about any precipitation moving in but of course that will change. good news the front will come through overnight tomorrow night, and sunday morning. if is there a frontal passage over weekend that will come through overnight when we are sleeping try to get rain over with so you can get outside and not get too wet on sunday. temperatures right now pretty seasonal january day, 40 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-eight in reading. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-five in atlantic city and tonight we will drop down to a more seasonal temperature of 31 degrees. that is pretty comfortable for january, it has been a lot colder as we know, we had weeks, beginning of the month where we could not get daytime highs. so not bad. mainly clear quiet tonight. tomorrow looks great sunshine in the morning, a few more cloud filter in the late afternoon but for january saturday you cannot get much better then this 55 degrees, lot like last said day winds southwest, at five to 15 miles
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an hour. so that is southwest wind is coming out ahead of that advancing cold front and as we track this front you can see tomorrow at noon still sunny and beautiful for your saturday noon time but then cloud filter in by 10:00 o'clock, still generally dry, pop up shower in the far north and western suburbs real rain comes through early sunday morning so if you are up at 4:00 a.m. sunday rain if you are sleeping and hear the rain drops on the rooftop and 9:00 a.m. still raining at a pretty good clip in philadelphia but note thinks start to move south by 2:00 o'clock over shore points in delaware just included to the northwest and sunday evening looks quiet as well, how much rain are we talking here? not much. from an tenth to half inch depending where you are. not too much rain but it will usual inner a pattern change and heading in to super bowl weekend that pattern will continue to change as arctic arrow states through eastern half of the country big dip in the jet stream temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average and we will watch for a chance for snow, that weekend here in
5:20 pm
philadelphia. it doesn't look like snow in minneapolis but it will be frigid. we will go from the 50's to the 40's to only in 30's with chance of light snow tuesday and possibly another chance on super bowl weekend. >> wow. >> winter's coming back. >> kate, thanks. still ahead we will take you to a frigid minneapolis to check out fan experience outside the big game. we will take you to the novacare complex where eagles players were talking to day leslie. well i'll tell you bags are pack and just one more practice until this team head to minnesota these guys are ready to play, is what the game plan? we will hear from the players
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well, has eagle nation packed their bags for the super bowl just yet? eagles players and staff bags are pack we know that much and
5:24 pm
they are ready to go. >> leslie van arsdal joins us once again from the novacare complex with more, hi there leslie. >> hi there guys, just one more practice before the players head to minnesota doug's making these really hard practices he wants every single one to count and let's show thaw scene outside the locker room today those bags, they are all pack up, ready to be shipped off to the airport and then minute so the a players took care of their tickets obligation to yesterday so now it is all about concentrating on the patriots the game plan and they know big game is not that far away. >> oh yeah, when we start getting gifts, super bowl on there, it is real, starting to happen and we leave in two days. so i'm just tried to calm my nerves a little bit and the game is not this week it is next week and just enjoy the moment i try to enjoy every day. >> we see that logo with your name on it, it is real, i put
5:25 pm
one of them on my bags and my grand mom has for longest so it is like man, you know, ready to go. when you get out there to me i'm more calm not as anxious as i was first time i went but try to keep it as normal as possible. you thaw where to play a football game not just super bowl, just a football game. >> i'll tell you even before a game like this the biggest game in all of sports these guys just seem loose very, very confident which is exactly how we want them to be that is latest report living from the novacare complex, back to you jessica and nicole. >> that is a good report, as normal as possible, yes. >> thank you. aside from the big game fans have a lot to do in minneapolis, we will take through live next. heading to the philadelphia auto show, you can get the eagles spirit there as well we will show you the bird cars on display coming
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he orchestrated the whole thing because there is no way this could be happening without my husband no way. >> rooting from above family of an eagles fan who die when he went viral hopes bird can deliver one more win for him. jeffery rig will was a devoted fan with a colorful personality. he rode ups and downs every season. >> sadly eagles never won a super bowl never during his lifetime but as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us tonight now he is now the teams good luck charm. >> reporter: before jeff died this past summer he wrote his own obituary poking some fun at his favorite team the philadelphia eagles. now his family, his friends gathering at his favorite south jersey bar and they are all hoping for a super bowl win. >> he loved by all. >> reporter: diagnosed with cancer four years ago. >> jeffery miracle of time.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: jeffery died this past august 18th, just before the eagles blockbuster regular season which is now sending them to the super bowl. >> no question philadelphia eagles pallbearers so the eagles can let him down one last time. >> reporter: it was a final joke from the mandy voted to the bird, his family, and his friends. >> this is the we team and that is what jeff said to me on his bed he got a team. >> reporter: jeff's best friend jim cox and his other buddies tried to honor his wish wearing eagles jerseys when they laid him to rest seven months ago. >> he was my best friend in the world. i wish i had him longer in my life. i never left jeff, he never left me. >> eagles. >> reporter: now crew gathering at jeff's favorite south jersey bar a place his friend and family watched the bird play for years this season surrounded by pictures and memories of the man they miss dearly. >> every game, we were winning
5:31 pm
winning. what the heck is this. >> reporter: now with just one game left, his wife donna is confident that the bird will beat the patriots. >> you know, hope they get to the super bowl. >> reporter: hoping jeff will be watching the game from above. >> what a great guy. >> reporter: in south jersey, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is great. >> that is. >> super bowl festivities are underway in minnesota and super bowl experience is bringing in fans at minneapolis convention center. >> reporter bill hudson of our sister station wcco joins us live from minneapolis to tell us more about what the super bowl experience has to offer fans hi there bill. >> reporter: hi jessica and nicole how are you doing. wish you were here today because weather is awfully nice here, just actually short sleeve weather but you know nfl experience which was called that back in 1996 when they began this super bowl 26 now changed to the super bowl
5:32 pm
experience. it has grown more popular since then because the fans get face-to-face with the game for most football fans without tickets to the game this will be as good as it gets. >> we're super excited to be back here. >> reporter: interactive historic displays of pro football's best was first conceived here in in minneapolis in 1992. it was a way to entertain fans in indoor comfort. the concept has gotten better. >> we like to think they are better then ever before we have so many things that are digital and so many things that can be shared on social media. >> reporter: every inch of the massive convention center is being transformed into super bowl experience where fans can marvel at artifacts from canton's hall of fame and matching skills against the game's best. >> this is one of the more popular interactive games here a 40-yard dash where you can run against kareem hunt match your time, let's do it.
5:33 pm
let's not. but if you don't have the courage to match skills you can at lee line up for a free autograph, nfl players and legends will be here but the center piece of your visit just might be, posing for a picture with the lombardi trophy. >> our mission is whether you are a fan of football or not when you enter that you had are when you leave. >> reporter: that is what they hope. tickets are $35 adults, 25 for kid and it opens tomorrow, runs all next week through next saturday night and yeah, jessica and nicole who want to pose with that vince lombardi trophy. hopefully for the eagles they will be touching it down on the field, is that right. >> everybody has that hope. >> you had using there for a second with that sprint. you had us going with that sprint yeah. >> okay. >> next time. >> i'm a real sprinter, you can tell, can't you. >> thanks, bill. we love seeing your eagles spirit here's a family of
5:34 pm
eagles fans, this is the mcginnes clan, all six decked out in head to toe eagles green, they have a couple cheer leaders in there as well that is team spirit right there. eagles spirit, which is far and wide including down the shore this is riley in his eagles jersey taking a look at over the horizon dreaming of eagles win on the beach in stone harbor, a dream so many probably have not. >> riley has it right right about now. >> we will bring you all of the excitement from the super bowl with live coverage starting this sunday sports director don bell will be live from minneapolis on "eyewitness news" right after the grammys we will be with the bird every step of the way as they go for one more win. now even though, we are all in, in terms of the eagles coverage we are still tracking flu season in high gear we're told but it is not even at its peak just yet. >> coming up we will have an update on how widespread the flu is right now and what you
5:35 pm
can do to lower your risk of exposure chelsea. >> we are live in glenn olden pennsylvania with the mobile weather watcher, we have a lot of eagles spirit going on out here we will have more coming up in just a bit.
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema low blood pressure, kidney problems or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪
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eagles fans all across the region are showing off the creative ways that they are supporting the team. >> one delaware county neighborhood is all deck out in eagles pride and cbs-3 meteorologist chelsea in grammys live in glenn olden where a few homes are dressed up in eagles green chelsea. >> that is right just a few. there is a ton. there is so much eagles spirit right here in this neighborhood you guys, we're here in glenn olden pennsylvania we're with the mobile weather watcher of course let me show you current conditions. we are checking out those numbers at 41 degrees. it is not super chilly but nice night to get outside maybe chat with some eagles fans that is right have a little eagles pep rally. you are one of the neighbors. this is your house. >> yep. >> tell us about these decorations. you are a huge fan. >> we are huge eagles fans me and my neighbor, decorate the house green for this moment, we're here, ready to bring it to the patriots. we will take down tom brady.
5:40 pm
>> take them down. >> end that dynasty and start a new dynasty of our own. >> wow. >> yeah. >> all right. a huge crowd here tonight. everybody has that eagles spirit going on. tell us a little bit about what being a eagles fan means to you. >> it means so much right now to wear the green, to be behind this team, doug p the í÷qd whole eagles, offense defense i'm just so excited right now and i know everybody else is too, right guys. >> yes. >> by the way your house looks great. you coordinated with your neighbor you got all of these great decorations up can you tell us about how you got everything up here so cool. >> my neighbor is fantastic he loves decorating just as much as do i kathy, shout out. >> that is kathy. >> yes. >> just, seems fit to go leave the house glean. these lights are all year, turn them green. we have super bowl, we have eagles road toy take down patriots. >> you program them from your
5:41 pm
phone. >> yes i can change them, and right now they will stay green until we win the super bowl. >> and give us your game prediction. >> eagles 27, patriots 10. >> another game prediction. >> thirty-one-13 bird. >> twenty-eight-14. >> you heard them that is prediction give me a little eagles cheer. >> yes. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> you guys, there is just so much eagles spirit going on here in this neighborhood mobil weather watcher, as you many lights and several houses with that eagles pride everybody so excited about the upcoming game. weather not too bad little chilly as i mentioned but nice enough to be outside with our pep rally here in glenn olden pennsylvania. >> eagles. >> everybody is so excited so we will be dealing with a warm up as we head in the weekend
5:42 pm
and chance for a little rain, kate bilo will have more, for new back to you in the studio. >> all right tell our fellow eagles fan. >> wow. >> the prediction game track. >> well, how the philadelphia auto show will show off some eagles flare, we have a live report stay with us.
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
betting on a cure komen philadelphia is facing off against komen new england with a friendly super bowl wager. komen philly folks say they can get more people to sign up for race for the cure this coming week then komen new england. now if philly wins the bet komen new england has to turn their social media pages eagles green and even post a video of staffers singing the eagles fight song. so come on philly fans you have to do it, sign up for race for the cure at cbs the nation is now in the coast to coast grips of the severe flu season. now on track to be as bad as the out break that caused an estimated 56,000 deaths.
5:46 pm
>> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with an update in tonight's einstein health care science center report. this gist continues. >> reporter: serious stuff here. federal health officials say baby boomers are being hard hit and in our area flu is widespread and it is especially bad in montgomery county where there are now more than 130 hospitalizations and four deaths including a infant in january, who was too young to be vaccinated. this flu season is shaping up to be a high severity season according to the cdc similar to the 2014/15 season where the h3n2 virus was also dominant. it is estimated about 34 million americans have flu that season. >> 710,000 people were hospitalized and numbers of deaths are still around 56,000 >> reporter: people over 65 continue to be the group most affected which is typical which h3n2 dominates children
5:47 pm
are usually the next group but this season the cdc says they are seeing higher levels of hospitalizations in baby boomers, 50 to 64 years old. >> for a number of reasons vaccination coverage is not as high in that group but they may be more susceptible to one of the other influenza viruses circulating which is h1n1 virus. >> reporter: number of flu cases increase and hospitalization rate a prediction of the death rates has just jumped. >> we would hope that we are reaching that peak but we will monitor it closely. >> reporter: doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot and they are urging people to take precaution to prevent getting the flu like hand washing and to stay home if you are sick so you do not spread virus to others. and, also today the cdc reported seven more pediatric deaths related to the flu that brings to 37 the number of children that have been lost to influenza so far this season. also i have been checking with
5:48 pm
hospitals in our area, many are really pack, bus which flu patients so serious stuff. >> i know you said it is not too late to get the flu shot. >> absolutely. >> good to know. >> thanks, stephanie. all right. kate's joining us now and of course this crazy weather doesn't help anybody. >> it has been a roller coaster past couple weeks and we are about to head up the hill in the 50's but will in the last too long. my advice if you like it warm and get outside give us your weekend because it will start february on a very, very chilly note. not like the end of the january where temperatures have been generally above average. lets take a look outside right new we will show you a beautiful evening as we look live from the parkway central library camera looking toward western sky where sun has just gone below the horizon about half an hour ago and it is a beautiful looking night crisp cold, almost a little fall hint in the air today where it didn't quite feel like middle of winter, temperatures above average still cold enough to need a coat but nothing like what we
5:49 pm
have been through early in the month of january we have had extreme cold and this does in the feel so bad at all. beautiful shot. lets check about our weather watchers starting with their shots, photos that they send us of these beautiful sunsets i love this from wayne hunter showing colors in the sky conn trails up there all lit up beautiful shot with the trees. i like this one from lynn showing her neighbor's yard. she said we all bleed green they have eagles blow up and of course green lights getting ready for next weekend. ed sent this along of the gel he sky sunrise on harrison this morning that was earlier today and of course, sunset looked fantastic across the area as well. high temperature across our weather watcher network today generally got to the lower 40 's bill, levittown got to 42. phil in philadelphia at 41. bill in carding ton at 41. forty-two at peter's news lawrenceville. not a bad day pretty seasonal, january day and lets check in on how the sunset colors are looking from palmyra cove.
5:50 pm
the light dwindling a little bit as we get ready to kick start a warm weekend. storm scan three shows our next system approaching the front lifting through portions of the great lakes and a few showers here across, up of michigan through portions of wisconsin and chicago area, not a lot of moisture witt. frontal boundary is back to the west near minneapolis in the meantime high pressure remains in control and will stay that way through the day tomorrow. think of it luke a bubble dome keeping us protected from any nasty weather. eventually the front will permeate that dome tomorrow night and that is when you can expect rain to get in. temperatures right now 40 in the city. thirty-nine allentown. thirty-eight in reading. pretty seasonal january night. overnight low will be chilly but seasonably so down to 31 in the city, 20's in the outlining suburbs. sunshine will start your saturday late day included but daytime hours dry and in the mid 50's, 15 degrees above average. rain sweeps through tomorrow night into sunday morning and
5:51 pm
watching monday into tuesday for a new low to develop to brush the coast with a wintry mix and probably snow showers inland as well that would be monday night into the day on tuesday, see that here in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast 55 tomorrow with late day cloud morning rain on sunday and then clears out. monday looks dry through the day but monday night into tuesday rain probably change to go a wintry mix or chance for light snow and highs only in the 30's and wednesday thursday looking okay but another rain chance on friday, and as we head toward the start of the february we will see polar air dipping southward, just in time there we go for super super bowl weekend. cold super bowl and chance of snow that weekend in philadelphia we will keep you posted as we get closer, jessica and nicole back to you philadelphia auto show opens up this weekend and even cars are getting in on the super bowl spirit. >> we like the sound of that, hey, tori. >> that is right nicole and jessica our bird have loaned their cars to the philly auto
5:52 pm
show and we are giving you a sneak peak inside these big old beauties and wow do they have bells and whistles coming up.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
well creative, and and this is a springfield literacy center and they are all ready for an eagles victory on super bowl sunday.
5:56 pm
>> so cute. eagles pride is every where as sunday gets closer, even at philadelphia auto show >> vittoria woodill is live in center city where a few eagles players are leaving their cars on display hi there tori. >> yes, that is right even though bird are moving their way over to minnesota right here at home they are leaving their cars behind. i wish they were leaving this to me but they are not. they are at auto show. it is on the dove level. this is where we have beauties up top, right mike. but this level is where you are seeing bells whistles, seeing them trick out. this is mike leighden from car's affect and you are responsible for dumping out the vehicles to the players. >> that is what we do. we have after market shop, in sewell, new jersey, and what we will do before the show customize the cars andably them here to show everyone. >> they are a nation. i wish were you here. they are absolutely massive. thank god they have benches that come out because i could barely get into it myself. what do we have right here
5:57 pm
this is fletcher cox. >> thinks fletcher cox's truck we did four and a half inch lift kit 37-inch tires and 24-inch american forest wheels and we will go down to vinny curry's, it is a f150 raptor car's affect addition we did a lift kit a full custom build wheels tires, interior, led lighting and cool thing with the inside we did a rolls roid head liner. >> can i open up the door. >> sure, check it out. >> vinny curry's car. >> you are not vinny carry. >> that is ralphy. >> nephew. >> so talk to me about that beautiful, lights up top. >> check out the rolls royce head liner see it, custom blue leather seats we did navigation backup camera, heated seat, it is a base truck we have modified for him >> this is fantastic. lou good in there. can you give me a-because our boys are going to go to the super bowl. give it a again.
5:58 pm
>> push it hard push it hard. >> yeah, that is right. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. guys get down to the auto show not only like i was sayingms upstairs but every inch of this place you will find inspiration. i will joe robbie, should we get out for ice cream. >> yes. >> that was a yes. >> i thought so. >> robbie's not saying no to ice cream. >> i thought i heard you say yes, robe bye guys. >> how do you do it. >> you just push it hard robbie. >> nicely done. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> is what word on wentz? well injured eagles quarterback speaks to the media what he revealed about his injury and how he is hand telling super bowl run sitting on the sidelines. live look from delaware county where crowds are gathering for chance to meet a philadelphia eagles we will show how has fans in a frenzy. >> reporter: were there was swoop there was peter the eagle, almost 200 years old
5:59 pm
i'm david spunt and tell you potential connections between peter and the super bowl. temperatures are on the rise as we head in the weekend i will tell you just how warm it will get and when rain will arrive, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. you know, trying to be involved as much as i can, i still to have do my own rehab and work out so i'm there for everything but i'm trying to get to practice and doing everything i can to help. >> reporter: helping while healing, now at 6:00 still on the mend carson wentz opens up about his recovery from his injured knee and how he is staying involved during this super bowl run. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. our leslie van arsdal is live at the novacare complex where number 11 spoke this afternoon hi there leslie. >> carson has been down here
6:00 pm
every single day either rehab bing or helping the team with that game plan but he has not talked to the media since his season ending injury. it turns out that jurist worse then we previously thought he tore both his acl and lcl in that game with the rams. now he says he will be back for the first game of the regular season in september. since his injury he has been rehabbing and


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