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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 29, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> well the eagles are minneapolis getting ready to take on the patriots on the biggest stage in sports, what's on the mind of the players as we get closer to game day. >> that's what i like. >> ♪ >> bruno mars wins big at the grammys, we'll tell you who else took home awards and the other big moment from grammy time. >> tracking some rain again this morning, this is a live look from our parkway central library camera. we'll tell when you we have a chance of it next, and let you know when snow makes appearance in the forecast. >> today's monday, january the 29th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. meisha is live in minnesota kicking off super bowl week.
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>> hey, good morning, guys, yes, i'm here in my hometown, playing host with the most bringing you guys all here as the players landed yesterday, and i got to tell you, it is really coal. we will talk about that, what it is like, feeling like in minneapolis. but really the story is nicolet mall. not a mall per say. this is actually six blocks of entertainment. coming up: i'll tell you what people are doing, where you want to go, what you want to see, especially if you planned your trip out here. that's coming up in just a little bit. katie, over to you. >> yes, and meisha, you know, certainly chilly here as well but no where near the frigid air that will be in place out in minnesota when we are absolutely, too, going to be talking about that, simply because so many of us are headed and hitting the air and getting out that way. we'll get to that, but to get you out the door here, 32 gross at the boardwalk plaza, chilly but still not cold enough for anything but plane old rain. yes, there is some rain falling.
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but only in the southern most counties at this point. so, sussex, cape may county, getting hit with a lit bit of wet weather right now, notice, that as well, on storm scan3, here in philly and most everywhere else, though, this is not an issue. we are just getting clipped, barely grazed, by a disturbance off to the south and east. so, here in philly don't expect anything other than limited sun today. and temperatures to stay relatively steady. currently at 43 degrees, at 43 atlantic city, the winds primarily out of the north- northeast at this hour, again, not going to rebound all that much. eventually we hit about 46 degrees, but technically, right around where we should be, few degrees above that. spotty rain showers are, how much, still a possibility at the shore. so what of a location-based forecast today, but the general gist, that we've got a lot of clouds certainly here in the city. >> thank you, katie. taking a look at traffic right now, shear look at the schuylkill expressway at belmont avenue. there was an accident that occurred there last night, but that's clear, and there are no delays at this time. let's take a look at the ben franklin bridge, looking
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westbound, toward philadelphia , from camden. no delays here either. and let's go to the maps, now, the burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to go up for ship crossing, that's about 5:30 -- 5:20, just 15, 17 minutes from now, talcony palmyra bridge back open to traffic. >> well the team's and the fans are arriving and the stage is being set, what's next, tons every events ahead of the big showdown. >> again meisha is in minnesota super bowl live this morning with more on all of the preps, so, meisha, set the scene for us. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning, from minneapolis, minnesota. yes, as you guys know at this point is my hometown. i actually flew in friday, sunday all the players came in , we will be talking about that coming up in a little bit but where i am standing right now is nicolet mall t sounds like it is a mall but it is actually blocks and blocks of just restaurants and shopping and of course dining experiences cents with coffee
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and lunch, plus all of the businesses and skyscrapers. but what we've done for super bowl live in the city right now is six full blocks of basically just entertainment. now, what i'm standing behind right in front of right here is a big ski hill. get this, yes, you can actually ski and snow board on this hill. so imagine this, we are in the heart of downtown minneapolis, and they've got a big ski hill here where you can actually all day long come down here, by the way, this is free for anyone to come on down, walk around the super bowl live way right here on nicolet mall and do all of this fun stuff. that's not the only thing that they have. they also have big globes set up where you can go in and have 3d experience and see everything football. actually, sit in these chairs and watch it all happening. then of course, you're got all of the dining experiences that they've set up. basically all of the food that lines the nicolet mall in the summer where people actually go out, eat outside, they've
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actually brought all every those kiosks out here in the middle of the winter, you have to dress warm, and trust me, a h, do you have dress warm, by the way on central standard time, so we're actually one hour behind you guys, earlier, so it is in the dead of the night which is obviously why you don't see a lot of people. but what we know is this all really comes down to the lombardi trophy. by the way, it is here now, and fans are getting an experience to see the lombardi trophy. they can take pictures with it , this is what it is all about. this big game coming up on sunday, everybody wants to know what is going to happen, who is going to be leaving with the trophy. it is so exciting and, by the way, what's not so exciting, you guys, is it is 5 degrees out here, five. >> i thought were you used to, that i thought were you born and raised there. i mean, i see nose running.
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>> hey, ya, oh, no. oh, no, it is already running it, has been running for little while. let me tell you, i now know that the east coast, mother nature is so good to us, that now i literally, look at me, i'm dressed like this because i can't take it any more. >> all right, meisha, thank you. and this morning, as meisha just said, the eagles are waking up in minneapolis. >> oh, rivals, new england patriots will arrive later today, sports director don bell is traveling with the team. >> we are six days away from super bowl sunday. last night, the eagles arriving here, about five eastern time, they rolled in several buses deep. the guys rolling in for the third super bowl appearance in franchise history. now, their team hotel is connected to the mall of america. once the guys got situated, put their bags away, many of them filtered down the hallways here, looking for something to eat, and perhaps, looking to do a little shopping. but, ultimately, they're looking to win the big game. i had a chance to catch up with couple of guys along the
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way. >> surreal, what i expected, that i wanted to do, since i got drafted. that was the goal and that's what i wanted to do do and we achieved it,. >> coach says being in l.a. having that experience every being away for a week may have prepared you for. >> this how do you think it helped? >> just knowing what it feels like to be away from, you know , your house, your bed, your facility, your training stuff, for one week it does give that you experience, even though one week out of the year, you know, one tweak a lot of other teams don't have. >> you guys played the patriots back in 2015, and you had a heck of a game against brady. what do you remember from that night and what do you need to do to duplicate it? >> just go out there and be the best me on that day. that starts in practice. and, you know, when it is time to turn it on, with all of this stuff that's going on, it is time to turn it on. and just make sure that we all stay focused. and i know we will. but it starts in practice. >> brandon graham said he's excited about playing in in championship game.
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has never done that in his career. not pop warner. not high school. not in college. meanwhile, the patriots arriving later today. they're playing in their third super bowl in the last four years. with the team, in minneapolis, don bell for cbs-3 eyewitness sports. these folks sure wish they could travel with the team. eagles fans gave the players a proper send-off yesterday at the nova care complex, in south philadelphia. people even followed the eagles to the airport despite the crumby weather. fans said they were out there to show the birds that philadelphia has their backs. >> we wanted to be down thereto cheer the guys on. this is once in a lifetime opportunity for us to go. we kind of woke up this morning and said, you know what, let's go down, just support the team. >> we are winning, okay? we are winning. this city closed down on monday. we are going. >> now the birds are expected to have their first practice in minneapolis tomorrow at the university of minnesota. >> well, we want to see how you're supporting the eagles, get dress in the your best gear, then snap a picture, just use the #cbs3 on facebook
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, twitter or instagram you may see your fan moment right here on "eyewitness news." and stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue coverage of super bowl lii. we're following the eagles as they go for one more win, and when we're not on air you can find our coverage on line at and the cbs local app. >> other news this morning, new this morning, police are still searching for attacker after a stabbing in northeast philadelphia. this happened just after 11:00 0 block of castor avenue. officer say the entire incident was caught on camera. at one point the victim and the suspect were both inside of the same bar. when the victim went out to smoke a cigarette the suspect stabbed him in the throat. >> see the perpetrator coming out t appears he pulled a knife from his boot. several witnesses say they did see this perpetrator inside the bar, several times, in the last few weeks, so we're pretty confident we know who he is. >> investigators do not know if the victim and the suspect know one another well. the victim is fighting for his life this morning. >> and a shooting
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investigation continues in berks county, police say the shooting happened last night in reading on the 100 block of third street. that's about one block away from reading area community college. officer have not released any information on any of the victims or a motive for the shooting. we do, how much, know the county coroner was called to the scene. we'll continue to track the details and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. >> and police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that killed a tow truck driver on the schuylkill expressway. the accident happened around 9:00 last night, near belmont avenue. police tell us the victim was putting a car on to the truck 's flatbed, another driver struck him. he was rushed to the hospital, pronounced dead, and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> and jelousy may have led to the shooting death of four people at car wash in western pennsylvania, that's according to the family of one of the victims. state police say timothy smith opened fire at the car wash in mel croft, about 55 miles southeast of pittsburgh yesterday morning. they would not elaborate on how the suspect may have known the victims, smith is on life support after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. it is not clear yet if that
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wound was self-inflicted. >> coming up: the best in music honored at the grammy award. >> grammy night not just about the music. we'll tell you about the social and political issues that also received attention. >> and president trump is getting ready to deliver his first state of the union address to the nation. we'll tell you wish issues are expected to be at the forefront of his speech. stay with
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>> a lot of buzz last year, the show filled with pour pull performance cents, tributes, and powerful performances. good morning. >> good morning. >> well, i can tell you that the grammys wrapped up overnight with two performers, taking home the majority of the most coveted trophies, the night wasn't all about who won , activism also took center stage to bring awareness to the me two movement among many other issues >> no big irwin err than bruno mars. >> r&b and pop singer won all four awards up for including song of the year, record of the year, anal bumm of the year for 24 karat magic. >> those songs are written with nothing but joy. >> rapper kendrick lamar the
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night's second biggest winner picking up 5-gram eels. best new artist, among those wearing a white rose for the me two and times up movement. >> for me it just means speaking up for not only women in the entertainment industry, of course treated un equally, but women who don't have a voice. >> several top female artists dedicated moving rendition every her hit to female assault survivors. >> and a country music trio person formed eric clapton's tears in her end in honors of the dozens of concert goers killed in two attacks last year in vegas and manchester, new england. >> aside from the tribute, activism and biggest winners also cents major let-down for one artist, rapper jay-z nominated for eight grammys. last night he walked away with none. >> i was really surprised at. that will we had the ladies on at noon the other day, talking about our local dj,
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ladies talking about, you know , their picks, and jay-z was everybody. i was like oh,. >> incredible. but between him and beyonce, they have more than 40 awards, four grammys, so i think he's okay. >> i was a little sad about that. >> president trump delivers his first state of the union address tomorrow night. and administration officials say immigration will be at the forefront of his speech. the president's address is expected to include a proposal for the dreamers covered by the deferred action for childhood arrival program, otherwise known as daca. the president treated republicans want to fix the da ca issue and democrat don't. >> i think all of us realize it will take a come compromise on this issue for us to get something done and to protect the dreamer population, which is certainly a goal of mine. >> train structure plan and take victory lap for the economy, and his tax reform plan.
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>> we can see some eagles green. >> disturbance grazing, so part of cape may, part of sussex county, delaware, if that's where your travels will be taking you here today those are getting hit with wet better at the moment. but we do have very active pattern, take look at this wider zoom, on storm scan, and there is a stationary front essentially and area of low pressure riding along it, that's what's happening at the coast. but next disturbance there is guy, this is coming through much more weak and it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it , so it is going to bring in little bit of snow for our area, but that's just it, little bit of snow. >> come groundhog day it, looks as though we are actually going tone up with a little additional wet weather here which we get to in the seven day. >> protected actual temperatures. so if you are going to be high tailing it, out to the twin cities, you have to pack your long johns, okay? just couple of highlights as
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we move things forward in time come february 3rd, saturday, that would be 4:00 p.m. mere 11 degrees, even at the height of the afternoon. then as a lot of the festive tis are getting underway here around noontime, this is where it bottomed out in the guidance, 14 below zero, you start to lose coloring on the map legend as a result. even for kick offer granted it is a dome but a lot of revolry outside 0 degrees. if you are going out there, be smart make sure to pack lots and lot every layersment back here at home we do have disturbance, showed it to you a moment, through the midwest, this gets in here specially tomorrow. this is very minor disturbance , most of the snow is going to fall during midday to early evening. specially far north and west but thinking generally coating to inch for the city anyway leading to minor travel issues , and depending on whether some additional moisture gets thrown back on shore, upwards of an inch
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around the shore points generally speaking, but there could be one spot that maybe picks up little bit more than that. just long and short of it is that it is a minor disturbance all things considered. a lot of settling do in it wake. limited sunshine for now, temperatures close to 46. not much movement on the thermometer. colder tomorrow with snow showers, wednesday all clue but cold, we do have again another disturbance thursday night into friday, bringing additional snow showers to the area, guys? >> all right, katie, thank you take ac look outside, i59 at cottman avenue northeast philly so no issues or delays to comment on here. a ship crossing at approximately 5:20, burlington bristol. overnight electrical work scheduled on white horse pike at evesham avenue mongolia township, new jersey, road will be closed from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., you can use atlantic avenue as an alternate. >> in the trentonian, 12 month
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long emergency contract with a engineering company to oversee operations at the troubled trenton water works facility. city is attempt to go rectify serious problems at the facility. the it delivers water to 225,000 resident, in trenton, hamilton, laurence, ewing, and hopewell townships. the courier post this friday, february 2nd, rowan college at burlington county will host its 14th annual gift smile day. event will be held at the new help scientist center at the mt. laurel campus. >> delaware county daily times this week, the archdioces of philadelphia celebrating catholic schools week. 119 elementary, 17 secondary, and four special education schools, in the five county area, will take part. the national theme this year is catholic schools, learn, serve, lead, succeed. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware vale. well, we're hearing from a pilot who says he went with his gut when he decided to make an emergency landing on highway in costa mesa,
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california. he said he was headed to van knives from san diego last night when the small plane's engine failed, he said powerful winds prevented him from getting to the nearest airport, that's when he says he had to think and act fast. >> did you keep a clear head. >> you don't have a choice. you have maybe a minute, maybe two minute max to figure something out. and make decisions cents and i went with my gutton the freeway. i didn't know it was cents a freeway, i didn't know if i could make it but it paid off this time. >> authorities say it was a miracle that the traffic was light when he decided to lands the plane. the faa is investigating the incident. >> coming up: the sixers look to end a seven game winning streak. >> no such luck. see where things went wrong. that's next in sports.
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>> the sixers taking on the thunder? oklahoma city last night. >> shows us how russell westbrook put on a show for the home crowd. >> sixers fients i shall up their road truck against the bucks, last night, tried toned err seven game winning streak, before the game, brett brown, first quarter sixers down three, takes the three, dunks over russell westbrook, then stairs him down. jo-jo with 27.10 boards. thirds quarter ben simmons with the steel. goes cents coast-to-coast for the slam. sixers up by seven. and the 22-point, 75 cysts but the under this letter come storming back, westbrook to paul george, and his three is good. the thunder takes the lead, george with 31-point. the thunder led by mvp russell
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westbrook, 37-point, nine boards, and 14 assists. they beat the sixers 122 to 112. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> go eagles. players and fans have arrived in minnesota. >> and so has meisha johnson. meisha? >> reporter: we are treading water little bit in enemy territory right now. we know now that the viking fans are super happy with us. but there are some fans so excited the birds have landed, stay tuned for that.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie will be along in just a moment. meisha will be live from minneapolis a bit later. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, january 29th. >> time to turn it on. >> the eagles have touched down in minneapolis for super bowl lii. >> just go out there. again it done. make the city proud. >> i'm here in my hometown playing hostess with the moste ss. what we've done for super bowl live in the city right now is six full blocks of basically just entertainment. you can actually ski and snow board on this hill. >> the it seems any food type
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from new england is now under siege in this city. we are talking boston cream donut, new england clam chowder, and now, boston market. >> i love it. i love the spirit. i saw the sign. oh, that's what's up. >> and the grammy goes to ... that's what i like. >> bruno mars. >> twenty-four karat magic bruno mars. >> those songs are written with nothing but joy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> today's morning minute is sponsored by the robert proton therapy center at penn medicine's abramson cancer center. >> really big night for bruno mars. >> he won six grammys including albumn, song and record of year. we just saw him there performing and cart hog performed with, carting, i know you're a fan, didn't actually win anything, but her performance and bruno's, awesome. such a great performance. >> i feel like bruno mars has his


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