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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 30, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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h, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies. >> eagles took part in a opening night, light hearted moments with players on both teams. hear from nick foles and carson wentz. also following breaking news in northeast philadelphia where double shooting has left two women dead. one of the victims was confined to a wheelchair. we're live as police search for their killer. >> foggy start to your tuesday morning, "eyewitness news" cameras at eighth and market street overnight where rain was falling down the shore, it was snow, a live look at ocean city shows the board are wet. katie is tracking several chances for snow. >> today is tuesday, january the 30th. good morning, i'm jim donovan.
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>> i'm rahel solomon. meisha live in minneapolis, we'll check in with her soon, first a check of the forecast with katie. talking about a wintery mix could affect the morning commute. >> i think it will be a caution light as opposed to real slow drive weather-related anyway. because we have seen some wet weather through the overnight, started at rain, turned over eventually to snow. at the shore point, still do have some very light snow falling. and if you look real closely at some of the field cameras at the shore, it is starting to stick modestly on the boardwalk, at least, so, i'm sure we're seeing that on the grass, on your windshield, you know, unpaved surfaces starting to pick up at least little accumulation. this is not a major snow event actually, there is two separate systems that we're tracking, we're just in squeeze play mode here, one still making its exit, the other still approaching, so at this point, it is this little sliver smack dab through the middle of our map that's still dry. it is damp outside, we did have wet weather come through, but even if it fell as snow would you really just have wet
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roads right now. but, the temperatures, marginal at freezing, take it easy out, there good portion of our region has since been treated, for, you know, any kind of slick travel, but, there may still be some, careful out there, mid 30's, is the general region wide outlook. 26 degrees at mount pocono, that's the one spot little colder obviously, but it is chilly outside. you do still need the winter coat today. today more than anything news and travel kind after day. just not expecting a lot of snow out of what's yet to come but the temperature is going to support it falling as snow and eventually sticking. now, yes, may be some snow falling come 9:00 a.m. but the general window for the bulk of the accumulation we're to see today will be falling about 10:00 a.m. until about 3:00 p.m. and that's when we're looking at modest accumulation, even over that son of time, but temperatures don't really budget all that much during the height of the afternoon, still only in the mid 30's, so it is still cold outside. i think we're talking general coating to inch or two,
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absolute max, in the city, probably about a coating. so, you know, doesn't take much. we know that. i would expect that you might need an extra five or ten minute on your commute. so rather than sitting on the mug to drink the cup of coffee today, maybe use the travel mug. i think really the pm rush will be most impacted by this, widespread snow showers somewhat off and on throughout the day. bulk of the accumulation, how much, does happen during the midday. so once more, we will get better check on the timing of this throughout the course of the show. we also, guys, have additional prospect of snow down the road >> looking at track, patco first of all running on modified schedule today until 2:00 p.m. while crews work to repair yesterday's downed pole near ferry avenue station. the evening service is yet to be determined. so, make sure you follow along throughout the day for updates >> taking a look at the cameras, i76 eastbound closed between the vine street expressway and south street, for construction, construction
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on the westbound side, fortunately, now clear. >> and here is a look at route 42, near i-295, in bellmawr. there are no delays, or incident, at this time. >> ♪ >> and the countdown to the super bowl continues this morning, as the city of minneapolis gets busier and busier. >> not just the coaches and players getting the super bowl experience. sports director, don bell, in minneapolis with more from opening night. >> super bowl lii, officially opened for business. opening night was a smashing success, used to call this thing media day. but instead it is a nighttime event. and there was definitely a difference between the youth and the eagles. new england came out, were subdued, quiet on the stage. the eagles, well, you've watched the team all season long, and they stay true to form. they came out, they were dancing on stage, they had their cell phones out. really taking in the action. they engage with the media, thousands of media members
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here in st. paul to talk to the birds and the patriots. and i also had an opportunity to catch up with the key bird, at least for most of the season. carson wentz. >> just being around it, you know, last year being at it, you know, kind of just particular me off when i was down there doing media and things, all right, i don't want to be here in this capacity again. now here i am with the team and i'm still for the team but on personal level it is like i want to be playing in this thing again. i'll definitely use it throughout the off season throughout my rehab and to get the guys going for next year. >> listen, if you can't have fun in this game, i mean, playing ball when you're this age, you have fun doing it. and if you don't have fun, you're not diagnose to have fun at this able, at this level, and so i make sure our guys try to have as much fun as they can. >> doug pederson "coach of the year" candidate, 13 and three regular season record, and now , getting set to match with one of the greatest coaches of all time, in bill belichick, in st. paul, don bell, cbs-3,
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eyewitness sports. >> well the eagles and pewits are are getting a chance to mingle before facing off on the fields. >> quarterback nick foles and patriots superstar tom braid had i a lot of nice things to say about each other. >> he knows what to do. he is a professional quarterback. 's great player. you know, he's obviously the team has a ton of confidence in him, had a great playoff, been great player since he came in the league. he went to michigan state which, you know, as a michigan man was at least for a year, but i heard a lot of great things from nick. i know he will de a great job. >> i've watches tom win the first super bowl, what an exciting time. got to look up to growing up, but excite that we get to compete on the biggest stage there is. so i can't wait. >> keeping it classy, but was the audience booing there? meanwhile it was a family affair at super bowl opening night for zach ertz and his wife, julie, member of the us women's national soccer team. now zach is hoping to add to the couple's trophy case the super bowl sunday.
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>> julie, two years ago, i need to holdup my end of the bargain, my end of the family, obviously a lot of pressure on me, i don't know how i'm going to sleep at night. but yes, she is an amazing athlete and i'm proud of her. >> i'm just so proud of him. so excited to obviously just share this moment and i'm proud of you, babe. >> awe this friday "eyewitness news" was celebrating the birds and eagles fans and getting ready for sunday's big game join us for big one more win line up. starting with special edition of "eyewitness news" at 4:00 followed by "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 then special one more win fanfest edition on "eyewitness news" at 7:00. >> the minute the game ends we'll be liver on cbs-3 bring you live postgame reaction from coach pediatric err on and the players, also front row seats as fans react in philadelphia, and across the region. the eagles and "eyewitness news" on super bowl sunday all here on cbs-3. and of course, "eyewitness news" has you covered all week from minneapolis. meisha will be joining us live this morning, jessica dean,
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don bell, pat gallen also reporting live from minnesota. you can find complete eagles coverage all the time from to breaking news now in northeast philadelphia, police searching for kill here they say shot and killed two women, inside their homes. >> "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans live in oxford circle, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: well, jim, rahel, i learned that one of the two women found was found in a wheelchair. this is the home where detectives are inside right now, still picking up and gathering evidence. i also spoke with a neighbor who recalled seeing that woman out in the wheelchair, but meantime, police want to know why someone wanted these two women dead. >> i just before 11:30 p.m., second district police respond today a report of a shooting. >> philadelphia police on scene of a double homicide in the oxford circle section of northeast philly, inside a home, in the 1200 block of
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grieve i street two women found shot in their heads, one of them a disable and elderly woman, the other was injured early -- in her early four's, police found gun but not sure if it is the murder weapon. man who possibly lived there let them inside. he was cents taken by police for questioning as a witness. back inside the house police describe what they saw. >> we found a 66 year old female suffering from at least one gunshot to her head. she was sitting in a wheelchair on the first floor. she was pronounced dead at 11:31 p.m. a second victim was found on the second floor laying on the floor in the hallway. she was suffering from at least one gunshot wound to her head. she was pronounced dead at 11:33 p.m. >> and detective are not knocking on the doors of neighbors to see if anyone heard or saw anything. they're also canvassing the area for surveillance, now, right now, there is not a clear motive.
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there is also no suspect and information so they're asking the public for their help, if you've seen anything, ask them to give them a call. that's the very latest live in northeast philadelphia, chantee lans, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel. >> here is hoping someone does call. >> twenty-two year old man found dead following a shoot ing in chester delaware county, 2600 block of swartz street just after 10:00 last night. police rushed to the scene and found the man lying on the ground with a gunshot wounds to the head. so far there have been no arrests made and there is no clear motive. >> and you may wt extra time ths morning full be traveling on the patco high-speed line. says trains will be running on modified schedule this morning , this comes after train hitting a utility pole near the if i avenue station in camden, knocking out service yesterday. more than 23 people on boards the traincoming up at 5:30, tra, will have live report on t issue resolved. >> months after hurricane maria devestated puerto rico, si
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without power. still ahead: we will tell how is headed there f assist. >> lots ahead, president trump s tonight. we'll tell you how he's using his address as a way toai re-el. >> this is time lapse video of the volcano in the philippines as to spew. but life goes on there, and we'll show you some of the wedding near all of this activity. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ has a lot of people talking. we will view thee come back. >> ♪ >>
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," super bowl week in philadelphia kicked off in historic fashion at the betsy ross house in old city. betsy ross boldly declares that she was a loyalist it the philadelphia eagles of course. she helped unfurl the eagles flag, replacing the traditional 13 star flag, for
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one day only. eagles fans wearing their birds gear will receive a dollar off admission and 20% off a single gift shot item at the betsy ross house, now through super bowl sunday. >> meanwhile, new time lapse video has been released as is volcano erupts in the philippines, volcano has been spewing red hot lava, ash, rocks in the sky for more than two weeks, 84,000 people had to evacuate their homes and staying at schools and shelters for safety. however, the volume cane over didn't stop the show for one couple who had an explosive start to their marriage. the is volcano caught errupting in the background of their stunning wedding photos, two got married last thursday, fortunately, their wedding venue was just outside of the danger zone. that's one heck of a photo. >> absolutely. glad they're okay, too. if you're up early tomorrow you may catch the glimpse of super blue blood moon in the sky. it will be closer to earth make the moon brighter than usual, also the second full moon of the month commonly known as blue moon, and the moon will pass through the
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earth's shadow for total lunar eclipse then also look red. experts say this kind of phenominal none doesn't happen very often. >> most important thing, total lunar eclipse. so that means that the moon is full, and the earth is coming in the way of sunlight. >> the eclipse begins at 5:51 tomorrow morning. if you want to see the supper blue blood moon, 67:45 is actually the best time to check it out. of course if you're awake at 6:45, because you're watching us here. >> indeed. >> two birds, one stone. >> absolutely. yes, and you know, that's more exciting than we are sometimes >> hey, once weaver our second cup of coffee? >> crazy. >> crazy. but yes, you know, we should actually have pretty clear sky for the view. so, we will try to get some picks of it, again, always calling the eyewitness weather watchers, a lot of great photographers in our slew of watch ers. so i'm sure we'll get great
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pictures of. that will we do have some pretty cloudy skies from two separate systems working their way through. there is one trying to make its exit, another trying to make its entrance here, so we sort of have this squeeze play going on where there is little sliver of dry weather that's over philadelphia. thankfully, i'm pretty sure i have skydeck duty coming up. but as this one makes its exit , the next one moves in, we'll see another rounds of some snow showers, bulk of the accumulation from this falling through the middle part of the day. when you look at this wider zoom, you can see it, almost looks like they're connected but actually not. so, it is just, you know, following suit, following a little too close behind here, not a lot of following distance, but we are, regardless g going to end up with what this is going to throw our way, mid-day is the bulk of the accumulation, about a coating to inch or zomax the expectation, but we have couple every systems, first one, high pressure brief ly in place, thursday comes the next front. so probably mainly dry with clouds during the day on thursday, but, late their day and specially at night the front actually works it way in , starts as rain, then turns
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over to snow through the overnight based on its timing. friday, by the way, is groundhog day. let's talk a little bit about statistical information here. so there is 130 years over the span of which records have been taken but there are couple of years where they didn't have a record, i guess, phil slept in those years, whatever. but he overwhelmingly has seen his shadow over that span of time. recall what the legend says, that if he does see his shadow , it equates to six more weeks every winter. soap, the vast majority of the time he thinks there is more winter coming, now, astronomically speaking there is cents anyway, but if you go by legends, no shadow means early spring. >> this friday does offer the opportunity for us, for him, to not in fact see his shadow because we'll have front moving through. so see based on the timing when the skies clear enough in punxsutawney for that or not. regardless of whether you go by legend or by me, the future snow amounts here for today are looking pretty tame. at most, a coating to inch locally upward of two, this is
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just one model representation of that, if you're a european mod ill, pretty consistent, pretty respectable model we like. again it is really is following suit with the expectation here, and the bulk of any accumulation will be falling again between about 10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. or so. so the afternoon i would say where you get the red light. otherwise caution. right now you have wet roads. that could slow you down, i was flicking the windshield weepers, but lingering snow showers for the evening rush specially through new jersey, here is a look at the seven day, all over the place, one day sunny, day prince in more snow, none of the systems looks major by any stretch. but yes, could even be some wintery weather on super bowl sunday. guys? >> all right, katie, thank you taking a look outside, i59 at girard avenue north philadelphia. construction now clear from i 76 between the vine and south street. all lanes are open in both directions. and there is construction on the blue route, i476 broomall, lanes block from 9:00 a.m. to
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3:00 p.m. >> now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, new jersey corrections cents officer has been awarded $317,000 in the sexual harrassment case. the senior corrections officer claims that she re tal agent dollars against by her colleagues after she reported her supervisor a bands done his post, found the new jersey department of corrections was responsible for hostile work environment based on sex. >> and the new journal sex sexualo previously delaware one every two states had no written policy for lawmakers. the state senattrode expece itsn the coming months. >> from the delaware county daily times, robbins jewelers will give two tickets to super bowl lii to the first engagement ring from one of their four stores this week. theic section 312, 45-yard line, in case you're wondering,snt on an engagement g
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10,000 bhe headlines, and we'll be right back. i'm a small business, but i have big dreams, and big plans.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger, pat gallen, and meisha johnson. >> welcome bamm, welcome back. peco sending trucks and equipment to puerto rico, the island continues to repair it electric system. much of the island is still in the dark, peco also sending 16 line workers and additional support personnel to assist in the restoration, truck and equipment are being shipped off today. >> president trump delivers his first state of the union address tonight at 9:00 right
5:25 am
here on cbs-3, the president says his speech will cover economic growth, tax reform, and i am graduation. the white house insists his speech will stress bipartisanship and will have positive tone. president trump is also raising campaign funds. he says donors names will be listed on screen during a live screen on the trump campaign website. >> cbs this morning john dickerson hoses cents focus group panel with part of voters about president trump's first year in offers, you can see that coming up at 7:00 this morning right after "eyewitness news" this morning , right here on cbs-3. >> president trump has five days to order the release of controversial gop memo, critical of the fbi. the hell intelligence committee voted yesterday to make the four page memo public the memo was drafted by republican committee chair, it claims abuse within the justice department, during the investigation into russian election meddling. >> and that same house intelligence committee will interview former trump strategies steve ban on over
5:26 am
russia interference, conducted behind closed doors, was interviewed earlier this month but refused to answer questions on his time in the trump administration. left the trump white house last august. well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," the heart pounding way that visitors can celebrate the super bowl. >> plus, a look at one of the themes in this year's super bowl commercials. meisha? >> reporter: yep, and i'm here at the convention center in downtown minneapolis. we will be looking at everything that is here, but also, what everyone is really thinking about is who is it going to be, the eagles or is it going to be the patriots? more on that coming up. >> patco still dealing with delays after a utility post
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>> good mornings i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is tuesday, january 30th >> being in this moment it is unreal. >> i knows what to do. he is an exceptional quarterback. 's great player. >> super bowl week is underway in minneapolis. the players and their families let loose on opening night. >> what is your favorite meal i snake. >> she makes unbelievable tacos. she doesn't make them all the
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time. but i'm kind of upset about it >> how would you rate your dancing moves? >> my only goal in those dance moves was to not embarrass myself. >> i'm in the going to do the jeffrey in front of everyone here right now. >> a special dream come true. >> a dream come true. south jersey school bus driver is going to the super bowl thanks to the generosity of his student. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> today's morning minute is sponsored by the robert proton therapy center at penn medicine abramson cancer center student in mt. laurel and the flyers pulling for the eagles. >> way to go, guys, and the flyers by the way remember that other team they start the second half of their season tomorrow night against the caps. remember always show love for the rest of our teams here in the city. we've


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