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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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u.s. bank stadium where that is where the super bowl will be played. we got to go inside there earlier today and i will take you on a tour coming up in just a moment but, also here on the ground we have pat gallen not too far from frustra, he is over at minneapolis convention center doing super bowl experience which is this whole thing, for fans, and you know, pat will get interact with that. also players are talk together media again today, that means done done bell was with them and we will join him live at mall of america to hear more from the bird to what they are saying on this tuesday, before super bowl, and, and, and, and , we got to inside. and, and, i wanted to show what you it looked like from the inside, we've got to go down to the field, lets take a look. we have made it inside u.s. bank stadium here in minneapolis, we just saw the field, that is where eagles will take on patriots in super bowl lii on sunday. we will just be a little louder inside here, on sunday
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a few more people inside this stadium. gorgeous place. looking up you will notice we're in a dome. we have talk about that in the weeks leading up to the super bowl. everyone will be quite comfortable inside, fans, players, coaches everybody is gathered here and as you can tell they are still in the middle of putting this all together. if you spin around you will notice tv stuff for broadcast, note that is people are still backup here putting things together and one more thing i wanted you to see as well noticing on the field the end zone still under the tarps, under equipment and they have been rehearsing for super bowl half time show. a lot of moving parts on tuesday to get how it will finally look on sunday. we have talk the two people working very hard to put this all together, and here's what they had to say. >> we will turn a vikings home field and home stadium into a neutral super bowl site. all vikings brands has to disappear, all of the field branding has to come out and
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put art pieces in and we turn tonight to the two super bowl teams. >> we have to get different media facilities ready, audio we need, lighting, all of the different features that we have, the field itself, all contribute to everything that we're doing to get ready for the game on sunday. >> reporter: i mentioned they are going through half time practice right now and they were telling me inside there that they have got everything painted the original art work for end zones and everything. they have been grooming it. they have been doing practices then when they do their final walk through with the teams on saturday they will repaint, everything, for sunday so it will get a fresh coat of paint all over again from saturday into sunday. incredible what they are doing and all pieces they are putting together. now also, with the super bowl you will need players, they are stars of this show, our don bellies at the mall of america in bloomington, the bird were talking to the media again today, don, what did they have to say. >> another surreal day at the
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mall of america, you may wonder where we are right now? we're on famed radio row, and if you take a look outside here, every radio station sports radio station, across the country essentially is here. we're almost in the food court in mall of america. it is kind of a weird situation. we will see how this bad boy is set up. look at this we have got equipment here on each table here, so everybody can do their broadcasting, we're on live tv in philadelphia you know these guys from wip as well. is there ike reese, there is johnny marks, hey john on a regular basis for the buzz on sunday. what many of these guys are talking about here is the match up of the two head coaches, bill belichick future hall of famer verse doug pederson now in his second season. doug's players love him and here's the reason y. >> he is a guy who, i can say right new we had two camp practices where guys were just
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beat, and he cut the meeting short a little bit, let guys get more time for recovery to get prepared for next day. those types of things bring the team closer together. >> he knows all of the different stuff that is going on and when you talk to him you feel like he understands you and that is something i appreciate about him. >> here we are, we're almost simulcast continuing in some way, shape or form he is on the radio right now and we're on tv. just say hi to the people. >> say time out on the radio to say hello to everybody on tv, hi, mom, hi, elijah, jada that is family back home. hey, renee too i forgot about the wife this guy played in the super bowl in the 2004/0 five-year. is there ike reese and johnny marks. coming up later in the show, guys, nick foles came to tears today at the podium, why was starting quarterback crying. we will tell you all about that. now back to jessica.
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>> reporter: all right, thanks very much. getting there on radio, tv simultaneously all crossing together beauty of communications world all coming together. i will tell you minneapolis buzz is growing day by day so i got here yesterday, people of course, talking bit, excited to day a few more people, more crowded, a few more road closed we are building anticipation and another place where a lot of fans are heading is over to the super bowl experience. this is where they get to participate in all kinds of fun stuff. pat gallen is there at the minneapolis convention center, pat what did you find. >> reporter: i found this warmer inside here then yesterday at nicolet mall. i'm happy to be inside. is there so much happening throughout super bowl week. it is better to be in here. thousands of people have showed up to day, we've got make your own gear, we've got minnesota vikings fans here. look at that, we have got the roll out passes, training camp
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and we have bar in the middle for parents too we have ground challenge, air challenge, we have locker room set up and coming up at 6:00 o'clock what we have is something special and that, of course is the lombardi trophy which is center point of this entire week which is just getting underway. so again so much happening. if you coming out to minneapolis you have to check it out. come to the minneapolis convention certainty and come to this fun stuff, everyone is getting upset with me because i have the line held up. here's what i will do i will do my best, guys to kick a field goal, should i kick, 30, 30, 30, 20, 20. all right. lets see if i can do it. there is no way that is happening. am i going to make it or miss it. >> do you think i will miss it i think i will miss it too all right. here we go. jessica, don't make fun with me if i miss this on live television but i will give it a rip here. just a couple of steps and rip
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for cbs three. all right. i will to have work on. that these people want to get kicking. guess kay made a fool of myself all fun at minneapolis convention center at super bowl experience. i will work on it, i promise. >> strong effort and we will yell keep training your dreams will come true. >> thank you, thank you we will let the line getting over there at super bowl experience again, a lot of people starting to gather and we all have been checking with different people as we come, met them throughout the day and everybody saying that as the week goes on more and more people will get here with friday being the crescendo as everybody arrives into town for a weekend full of festivities, and we have got more to show you. there was more happening today , ukee so we will check back with you, not too long, for right now. >> reporter: jessica, thanks
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very much. you, pat and don we will see you shortly in our broadcast. now eagles notes to pass on first on friday we are celebrating the bird and the fans and getting ready for sunday's big game, join us for a huge, one more win line up, starting with a special addition of "eyewitness news" at 4:00 followed by "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 and then a special, one more win, addition of "eyewitness news" at 7:00. then on sunday. second the game end we will be live on the air right here on cbs-3 bringing you live powe game comments from coach pederson and the players and we will give you a front row seat as fans react at locations all throughout philadelphia and entire region , it is eagles and "eyewitness news" sunday night , you don't want to miss it. well, snow came and leaving without much fanfare today's run of wintry weather is more nuisance then anything and now conditions are starting to clear out. "eyewitness news" in center city as snowfalls earlier
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today. services are mainly just wet to day's snow is just first of three rounds as i understand we are expected to get this week. meteorologist kate bilo tracking wintry weather so is there more to come, um, kate. >> we have got two more to get through and those look like nuisance systems then anything major. we will talk about those in the full forecast. we will look at is what happening right now because this system has in the completely exited off shore just yet, abe we did have snow falling, and you can see snow across atlantic cumberland, cape may, salem and camden, gloucester county still seeing snow showers. these are areas with accumulation overnight last night, we had decent accumulation this morning so a few spots in this area will end up with over 2 inches of snow and it will be slowing down that evening commute if your route takes you along atlantic city expressway or parkway. it is moving off shore quickly and should be off shore within the next couple of hours but right around atlantic city coming down at a pretty good
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clip. snow so far we will add to these totals but over 2 inches near three in lakehurst, graterford 1.3. berwyn 1 pint two. chad ford under a inch and port republic .4. what to expect tonight, evening commute not looking great, especially south east, snow showers and slippery conditions and then temperatures drop down no near 20 degrees tonight. that means anything wet could refreeze and there will be icy spots, that is the case sport your morning commute tomorrow as well giving you yellow light you have to watch for icy spots and black ice out there and then we have got another round of rain, and perhaps some snow to track that could impact another commute later this week we will tell but that and talk about chance for snow on super bowl sunday as well. >> our coverage of the eagles in minneapolis will continue but we have other news first to tell but tonight, alycia. >> philadelphia police investigating a double homicide victims mother and daughter i'm alycia nieves with a witness in thin
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much more to talk about nicole brewer joins me in the studio in other news we are following today a mother and daughter are found shot to death in their home in oxford circle, "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live where investigators are questioning the daughter's boyfriend, alycia. >> reporter: ukee and nicole police say they initially thought boyfriend was witness in the mother/daughter double homicide but after hours of talking to him at headquarters they believe he is their prime suspect. a mother and daughter in northeast philadelphia are killed inside their greenby street home last night. >> we were called to the house by a 911 call reported gunshot >> reporter: those gunshots police say were two women being shot in the head, when authorities arrived at the home around 11:30 last night the four two-year old daughter was found on the ground in the second floor of the home while her 66 year-old mother was found on the first floor. she had been murdered in her
5:15 pm
wheelchair. >> there was in signs of forced entry. >> reporter: police believe murderer may have been someone else who lived in the home daughter's 39 year-old boyfriend, initially when police responded to this murder scene last night bye friend opened door, showed police in the home and then was taken by police to headquarters as a witness. what changed from last night, to being a witt knows to today >> again, investigation is developing, that is where it is pointing at this point but there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to be confirmed. >> reporter: you heard there authorities not really saying what has led them to believe that the boyfriend is the one who shot and killed his girlfriend and her 66 year-old disabled mother. authorities are unclear at this time what the motive may have been. they say there is no history of violence between boyfriend and girlfriend, no history of problems between the boyfriend , girlfriend or the mother and within the last couple minutes we just got an identification of the two women killed, 66 year-old
5:16 pm
mother has been identified as add line hill and her 42 year-old daughter, renee. reporting live outside, philadelphia police headquarters alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the patco speed line is still running on a modified schedule at this hour as crews worked to repair a down electrical pole and conduit line. trains ran every 10 minutes during the morning commute, for evening commute they are running every 10 minutes eastbound and every 20 minutes westbound. the problem started monday night morning near ferry avenue station in camden where train hit a utility pole. authorities are investigating cause of the deadly house fire in woodbury, "eyewitness news" on the scene at 713 north broad street, fire fighters responded around 7:30 this morning and found a elderly man dead in the second floor bedroom. there is no word on the victim 's identity. members of the philadelphia fire department installed free smoke alarms on the same block where captain matt latourneau died while
5:17 pm
battling a house fire. fire fighters and american red cross representatives went door to door on the 2200 block of north colorado street. captain latourneau and a resident were killed in the a house fire january 6th. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. support for philadelphia's public charter schools, filled a room at city hall today, school leaders, parents, students, convened to call for promises from city council members. group wants transparent, fair charter school renewal agreements and a new school board that represents students in both charter and district public schools. kate's joins us now with a more on the forecast. we will see a couple more round. >> but nothing that looks all that big. >> good we will to have keep a eye on the system super bowl sunday especially south jersey , delaware it could be a shore special but still many days away. we will keep a close eye on. that lets get through this one still ongoing and another system to get through byis one friday but this one, that one looks like mainly rain as i will show new a moment.
5:18 pm
we will start off live with what is going on outside today our cbs-3 mobil weather watcher outside on the road, this is 55 southbound right around vineland as you can see snow coming down windshield wipers going but road are looking okay and that has been the key today, it has been so warm, mild over weekend in the 60's this week that mess of the snow melted on the road and that kept the main road looking just wet, today, a lot of that snow melted on contact with the coating on the grass but you can see fresh new coating of white on the shoulder there on 55. i want to take you down also looking outside into center city on sky scan three looking toward art museum and they have got their eagles pride displayed proudly on the front of that iconic building. go eagles. the flags flying briskly because wins pick up as well behind this system a lot of cold air diving in. cloudy at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach an area that
5:19 pm
got decent amount of snow last night and this morning falling from the skies. snow mixing with rain. not much in the way of accumulation there anything that fell just melted on contact so now we are dealing with lingering snow, across south jersey, and portions of the delaware not really snowing near rehoboth but steady snow falling over atlantic county right now into burlington county but thinks all moving quickly out of the picture but still slowing down commute in many spots throughout the shore communities here for tonight. temperatures right now are cold, we are sub freezing all across the region many spots in the 20's already and we have got that brisk wind from the north and west, temperatures dropped almost 15 e yesterday so much colder air has moved in the wake of this storm and we will talk about clearing skies and cold temperatures overnight. so snow end by 7:00 o'clock. skies clear quickly but gusty wind persist single digit wind chills in many spots overnight as we drop down to a low of 20 , may feel as cold as eight
5:20 pm
or nine early tomorrow morning for your wednesday mostly sunny, chilly, high only 37, and through end of the week our next system thursday night starts as rain, and then colder air comes in it may end as a brief period of snow, friday morning at 9:00 not looking at a lot of accumulation but could bring a slow commute. then we will focus on super bowl sunday this system brings a chance for snow sunday afternoon especially south and e aways out and give you closer look through end of the week. same system that could bring snow to minneapolis light snow on saturday, for super bowl weekend in minneapolis it is just cold. two rounds, friday one friday second one sunday light snow saturday kick off temperature likely near zero in minneapolis outside the dome. you're witness weather seven day forecast cold tomorrow but dry thursday into friday we will get wintry mix. friday some snow. saturday cold. then another chance of rain and or snow late sunday into
5:21 pm
monday so hopefully we have a nice warm fireplace to sit in front of and watch eagles game as snowfalls outside. >> green fuzzy socks that is how i do it. >> you saw pictures of me in my fuzzy socks. >> we have them, yes. >> in the next half an hour, kate will tell us about a ruin air triple threat. >> you know you are a super fan when you build a wing on your house for all of your eagles gear and memorabilia. greg argos takes you inside this eagles fan cave-in 10 minutes, don. >> reporter: i'm don bell with the bird, what caused the starting quarterback to break down in tears today we will have that story next in sports
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we are home of the patriots but even the patriots are eagles fans. >> yeah. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> oh, yeah, they may be home of the patriots but great valley school district
5:25 pm
students, teachers administrators cannot deny they are as you saw eagles fans at heart, nicely done, gang, real pay tree use theism honoring hometown teams. that is great. eagles continue their preparations for sunday's game against patriots. let's head back to sports director don bell where today we saw a different side of nicki six, don. >> yeah, that is exactly what we saw today. he has a real interesting story for a number of reasons but before nick foles joined eagles he actually thought about retiring. it is a good thing he didn't. he is four quarters away from becoming a legend in philadelphia. now this was the scene after nfc champion ship game after they beat vikings he toss three dollars touchdown passes , threw for 300-yard. he was ridiculous but enjoyed time afterward spending time with his family. that would be his wife and his seven month-old daughter, today he broke down when talking about them. >> that is the most important
5:26 pm
thing, when i get, when i think about this journey and everything, i get home, and i ... i get to see her, i get to see my wife and i see her and my wife and her just in her face and hermanerisms, that is what it is b i know every time i step on the field every single thing i do there will be some day she will want to know who her daddy was and what he did and that gives you a little juice to go out here. >> when you listen to nick talk like that you get a sense for exactly how important this is for him, how big a moment this is for eagles looking for their first super bowl champion ship in franchise history. coming from the mall of america, i'm don bell for cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> great moment, thanks, don. let's switch over to jessica to find out is what coming up in minneapolis in the next half an hour, jessica
5:27 pm
>> you can feel excitement from the eagles right here in minneapolis, and back in philadelphia we know it is exactly the same way especially because of hometown heroes. >> schools throughout our region getting so excited for eagles, pep rallies and spirit week but one school in particular is going overtop as they host one of their very ownby comes a super bowl champion. i'm cleve bryan and store the story behind corry clement's success. if you think you are a super eagles fan? well, check out this guys stuff he has to build an addition to his home to store it all, greg argos, introduces to us a super fan with a super fan cave
5:28 pm
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with that shot music i'm pumped. good evening i'm ukee washington in the cbs-3 studios in philadelphia. >> you are pumped, i'm pumped it is freezing and i'm so excited, ukee. we are here in minneapolis. we are so excited to be here as eagles take on patriots in super bowl lii we are counting down with you making sure that you do not miss a thing as we get ready for super bowl lii here in just a few days. we love seeing your pictures. we know you have awesome fan caves, special places that you have taken sometime with to put together where we watch the games and we want to see them. send them on facebook, twitter , instagram use #cbs-3. you want send them through the web site cbs and we will get them on the air, because it is amazing how creative people can get, i guess eagles fans tons of credit because they love their
5:32 pm
team and they are not afraid to show it off. and, and, it will be a macing here but, one super fan, has, crafted an incredible place to watch this game and our greg argos went to reading to go into his super fan cave, greg, what did you find. >> light bulb went off that is it. that is it. if you build it, they will come. >> reporter: barry's field of dreams is more of the ultimate man cave. >> it is an addition we have put on our home 2,000 square foot addition. >> reporter: this fan has blood bleeds green. >> just a eagles fan a whack job eagles fan. >> reporter: built this shrine to the bird 13 years ago spending money he and his wife were going to use to build a winter retirement home in florida. >> she doesn't even know what it cost but it cost a lot of money. >> reporter: barry, whose friend called him the hatchet name the place a locker room and on game day. >> electric, double electric,
5:33 pm
the electric slide. >> let's go. >> reporter: when eagles scored the hatchet has quite the celebration. >> we will sing along with the hatchet. >> watch our eagles fly. >> super bowl sunday beer will flow, all 16 high definition tv will be blaring including won in the bathroom. >> like in a movie theater, i max more or less when you here on game day. >> reporter: barry estimates 200 of his closest friends and family will pack the locker room. >> my cardiologist and my family doctor and the specialist are coming here because they are worried about me. on game day i'm like an animal >> reporter: everyone ready to witness history. >> put a net out there, put a warning out there, because they will see a bright light that is nothing but the hatchet with smiling so wide it will light up the whole
5:34 pm
city because i so want this so bad. >> reporter: in reading, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we can feel his passion all the way here in minneapolis. that was spectacular greg, thanks very much. you know, eagles team is made up of players who come from all over the country but there are some, with hometown, ties, of course, grew up watching and cheering for the eagles. in fact corry clement graduated from glassboro high school and our cleve bryan went there to learn more about a place that holds a very special place in his heart, cleve. >> reporter: we know eagles are under dogs going in the super bowl. here's an under dog player who is a bull dog, corry clement went to glassboro high school. he was not a sure thing to make eagles roster this year but they knew here they had a star in the making. in a small school wherever one knows each other they have a saying, glassboro breed a champion and as trophy case
5:35 pm
full of state titles football to back it up, it was here where corry clement's dreams began to sore. >> i'm going to get a d1 scholarship and i will go to the nfl and i will win a super bowl by the time i'm 30. >> reporter: assistant principal cynthia bode even has a special relationship with corry. >> he calls me his school mom. >> reporter: clement put this post it note on the wall. >> your rock loves you. symbol nick a way of clement's unorthodox road to stardom after a solid career at the university of wisconsin he was , passed over in the nfl draft signing as a free agent with his hometown eagles hoping to make a roster. >> i said all you have to does make it hard for them f you make it hard for them to get rid of you, then you have done your job. >> he says this is going to push me. now i have a chip on my shoulder, i have something to prove. >> that, he did leading the eagles in rushing touch towns this season were four carries
5:36 pm
into the end zone. now he is one win away from reaching that super bowl dream ahead of schedule. >> i have no doubt that they will win the game and i have no doubt that he will be a part of why they won the game. >> reporter: who knows maybe the lombardi trophy will make a guest appearance in that trophy case. >> he is still a bull dog at heart. he is an eagle but always will be a bull dog. >> reporter: we're all hoping bull dog has something special on super bowl sunday. they will have a pep rally here on friday. excitement level is going up, past 11. live from glassboro cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" , back to you. that is awesome, so many of those students will be watching him, cheering him on, as a great teacher there as well, cleve, thanks very much. we have got a little bit more to show you coming up at 6:00 if you join us be sure you do because we are taking you inside u.s. bank stadium to look at the delicious food that they will be serving, ukee, and just to give you a little tease, there are some
5:37 pm
philly favorites making an appearance. things that our fans know and love very well. >> okay. >> we will talk about that at 6:00. >> there better be, i don't expect anything else. thanks very much. we will see you shortly. by the way there will be another big bowl this sunday puppy bowl, this is dragon fly , born at providence animal center in media see female beagle blend, cute as a button , she will be playing in the game for team fluff, going after the lombbarky trophy watch. toy dragon fly, good luck to you. more proof eagles spirit ace live and well all over the area. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> those are young ladies from the mccade cara school of irish dance dancing to the eagles fight song. very well done. we will be right back.
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president trump will address the nation tonight when he delivers his first state of the union address. >> white house says that the theme will be building a safe, strong, and proud america. >> the number one question i want the president to ask tonight to the american people : are you better off today then you were two years ago? because i think that answer can be very strong. >> i will not attend the state of the union because this president has not honored, nor respected the office of the presidency and has shown total disregard for our democratic institutions. >> in the first lady's box will be some first time
5:42 pm
homeowners who are local heroes and others impacted by gang violence and opioid epidemic. massachusetts congressman joe kennedy will deliver the official democratic response to the president. and the state of the union is part of the big night tonight here on cbs-3 at 8:00 see greatest super bowl commercial, filled by president trump's state of the union address at 9:00 and then stay tuned for "eyewitness news". >> stay in for a special live addition of the late show with stephen colbert, don't miss it all tonight right here on cbs-3. coming up tonight next on "eyewitness news" this week is a cosmic triple threat. >> kate bilo will explain all that when we waysthe roasted core wrap. fat.
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♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> that is wwe superstar john cena, leading well fargo center in fly eagles fly. he wanted to pay respect to the bird. wrestler and actor is in town as part of the wwe royal rumble weekend. glad to have you in town, nicely done.
5:46 pm
>> rare looner trifecta will appear, super moon, blue moon and total lunar eclipse, all in one. >> a lot going on. >> in our einstein health care science center report meteorologist kate bilo tells us why we may need to set our alarm clock to see this space spectacle. >> reporter: rare cosmic combination that has in the been seen in north america in more than 150 years. >> i think longest title i have heard is super blue blood full moon. >> reporter: nasa jet propulsion laboratory's lyle, says that lengthy name covering three lunar events all occurring together. first a super moon which appears when moon is at closest point to the earth. >> just like anything that moves closer to you, when the moon moves closer to earth it appears slightly larger it is a blue moon name given tie second full moon in the california tar month and it is a blood moon too as a result have the lunar eclipse when moon passes in the earth ease shadow appearing red because
5:47 pm
of dust in the atmosphere. scientists say individually the lunar conditions have been fairly regularly but because it is such a rare occurrence for all three to occur together you see berkley's doctor paul callad says you should see it if you can. >> it is important that people get outside and sort of appreciate how beautiful nature is, and maybe spark their interests in science. >> reporter: if you don't catch triple treat you have to wait sometime to see it again, lunar line up like this won't happen again until 2037. >> those on thee coast will only see beginning of the eclipse portion of the cosmic combination we can see it just before dawn. >> amaze. >> that is a lot of stuff going on. >> yes, all of the stuff at the same time. each individual thing not that rare but three at the same time. >> but not a fuel moon. >> right. >> well, yes. >> kate's scared. >> a full moon, blood moon, full moon. >> oh, it is. >> yes. >> it is a lot.
5:48 pm
>> cosmic storm. >> second full moon of the no. >> get outside and take a look , maybe crazy things will happen. >> turn into a wear wolf or something. >> let's hope not. >> lets talk about crazy weather as well, it is pretty quiet here last week. not so much anymore. we have interesting weather to talk b it started with today a triple threat we have had triple threat weather-wise as well we have had snow today, friday and then the chance for some snow on sunday but none of these look like major events. one thing is sunday night into monday along the coast but we will get to that. we will start off with what is happening right now and it is quiet in bethlehem snow from this morning has tapered off and see traffic is moving just fine, we have got road clear all across the area tonight, and everything looking okay, those road kind of behaved well with this system. so if you like snow, and don't like to drive-in it, it is probably the best you can hope
5:49 pm
for, and everything is kind of snow out there, it is just a pretty scene all across the area tonight. trees, branches have a coating , grass has a coating but road have been okay. it is a, for those who don't like to drive in the snow but still look at it to day's snow is ideal for. that lets check with weather watch tours see how much snow fell in that area in the a whole lot, .75 inches just under a inch at jenny janssen 's house, three-quarters in mullica, half inch in mount laurel at carrie higgins hose, willingboro, .09 inches of snow. so this was not a blockbuster snow event for most of the area but we did measure here and there and ed connor just under a half inch, very little bit of snow there for him, jenny janssen three-quarters of an inch just shy of an inch there and with mostly on the grass but when it came down it looked pretty. we have tapped into big fat
5:50 pm
place's cross the region. temperatures are dropping in the wake of the storm. its is cold no matter where you are outside tonight, and, and, and not a bad night to take a stroll, not a whole lot of snow there but it felt and it mixed with rain across southern delaware, and now this system is just about, out of here. we will see snow moving off the coast of south jersey as we go through tonight and that is bit. for now. then we will tap into some very cold air heading in to wednesday morning. not completely over. still some snow showers along garden state parkway, starting to fizzle quickly and within the next hour or so, should be completely, off the coast, so only place we are seeing snowfall is down the shore right now but look at how cold it is, it is cold, brisk as well, temperatures in the 20's but the wind are pretty strong out of the northwest and that means, the feels like temperatures will be quite cold overnight. as we head through overnight hours we will drop into feels like temperatures in the teens 1:00 a.m. feels like 11. sub zero in mount pocono.
5:51 pm
waking up tomorrow morning it will feel like single digits or just barely climbing to a feels like of 15. even tomorrow afternoon doesn't feel much better than 20's. overnight tonight we will drop down to 20. much colder then. that cut that in half. mostly sunny, chilly, 37 degrees, and then we will watch our next system moving in tomorrow's quiet, cold but thursday a front moves through and it will move through thursday night into friday morning, and with the chance for a rain, changing to a little snow earlier in the day eyewitness weather seven day forecast told tomorrow not as cold thursday but rain to snow thursday night into friday morning, saturday is down right frigid for this time of the year, 32 and another rain/ snow chance just in time for super bowl sunday. we will have your minneapolis forecast coming up at 6:00 for now, back over to you. well, used to be you had to wait until super bowl to watch commercials but tonight, cbs has a sneak peak. >> do you want to try out my machine it runs on your ego.
5:52 pm
>> sure, so now what. >> you have to put the whole bag in. >> i love doritos. >> that is just one of the super bowl commercials, and interactive count down special tonight and vote on your special favorite. super bowl's greatest commercial 2018 will highlight star studded spots featuring people and five featuring animals. >> i see our man kevin hart is in there. >> that airs tonight at 8:00 on cbs-3 hosted by cbs sports boomer -- >> boomer esiason and inn voting for best commercials is live on bowl/ commercials. pinkies heading to the super bowl to sing at national anthem but not before having choice word for president of the grammys. who doesn't love tom hanks he is putting on a cardigan and playing a role of the bee love television show host, hot minute with bex is up next.
5:53 pm
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it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. actor who starred in the glee has died. mark was found dead, his death comes week before he was scheduled to be sentenced for child pornography charges. cause of death has not been release. he played noah, on the long running fox show. he was 35 years old. well doyletown's own pink hits back at grammys president over his controversial comments about female musicians. tom hanks new movie role will bring back some childhood television memories. bex from today's 96.5 has those stories and military wife's heart warming surprise in tonight's hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, ukee. things are gearing up, forming
5:57 pm
national anthem at this weekend's super bowl but not before reminding recording academy that women have been working hard since beginning of time. grammy president neil portnow received strong backlash following his claims that women need to step up if they want to be more creatively involved in the music business neil clarifying his comments saying i used two word step up that when taken out of context do not convey my belief and the point that i was trying to make. up next it is a beautiful day, in hollywood, tom hanks, will be sporting the infamous cardigan and sneakers taking on the role as mr. rodgers, in an upcoming bio picture. the film you are my friend is based on a real life friendship between fred rodgers and a journalist who gained a new perspective on life while working with rodgers. the film is being described as a heart warming one and it does not yet have a release date. and one final story that will indeed, warm your heart for anybody in atlanta, it is
5:58 pm
expect army wife got more than just a chicken sandwich and waffle fries when she stepped into chick-fil-a. while posing with her in-laws and mascot she learned that underneath the mask was her husband, solder antonio returning home from de implement. the couple is expecting their first child together in about six weeks, that is your hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> very nice. every where you look eagles fever is in full swing, even when it comes to schoolwork this is wyatt from wilmington. this is his social studies project. he had to create a continent. his continent is surrounded by underdog ocean, is there an eagles river, and a super bowl , volcano. yeah, we all think wyatt deserves an a for his project. >> they will in the win with the me, i'm like their male cheerleader, okay. they need me. eagles need me.
5:59 pm
no, don't call me. that ukee, dent call me that. >> i will call him, just one of the many eagles fans perfect dreaming of the trip to the super stole this is, ma describing up and coming comedian from fill sharing his fan video. there is more at cbs film we'd love to see your videos as well. send them on facebook or twit ter. somebody hung up on him, it wasn't me. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00o our super bowl coverage is continuing. how philadelphia police are preparing for a possible win and we're live all around minneapolis tonight, jessica. >> reporter: yes, we are ukee i'm jessica keen live, in minneapolis outside u.s. bank stadium we will take you inside and give you a sample of the delicious food that will be served there on super bowl sunday, don. >> reporter: to dance or not to dance, i'm don bell with the team at the mall of america, the bird talk about celebrating on super bowl sunday, we will hear their thoughts, pat.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: i'm pat gallen live inside of the super bowl experience in the minneapolis convention center, take a look behind me thousands of people hanging out, and why not, when we come right back we will show you what we came here for the lombardi trophy. hey, what is going on. thanks, pat. not as cold here then in minneapolis it will get cold as today's snow clears out. we will talk about single digit wind chills and that is not only chance for snow in the seven day forecast we will tell but two more chances to see it right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. well, you know, whatever you want to say bottom line is , you cannot let this situation or moments get to you. >> the clock is ticking the excitement is growing, and, the and


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