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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 31, 2018 4:30am-4:59am EST

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transforming the field for super bowl 52 we will get a line side u.s. bank stadium to see the work uwa philadelphia police i have game plan in place we are live with howinhe day night win or le . so lets's come t aside, and, finally, get the job done. well, president trump on immigration and economy in the first state of the union address we will tell ytay aboute country and democratic response. 31st good morning i'm, jim solomon. i'm rahel solomon.
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donning her best green. >> yes, i have s g tricky working in front of the green screen, in general but that is tricky. >> yes, but i managed to make it work, a little tidbit if you find darker the green better chance it will work out >>ee. >> yes, so far. >> we're rooting for you. >> we have an active pattern. we are catching a break, any snow that did fall yesterday, you may run into some minor on my personal drive-in i encountered nothing of note on the roadways. but, there was one puddle that was left behind right outside at cbs broadcast sent their had completely iced over. for pedestrians walking to the train, walking to the bus or walking to work or school or period you may encounter t opedd all we are in the clear and it will stay that way throughout the day today. but it is colder then this same time yesterday, down in the the
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30's, so it is noticeably colder start to the morning, 13 p grove 14, chilly start for sure, but today is at least qui, easing up we are seeing more sun then anything and daytind stuck intoe mid 30's, but, we can continue possibility of additional snow chances and two more coming up in the near term which we will discuss later. taking a look outside the ramp from route 100 southbound to route 202 is close dude to a tractor trailer. it became inn hutched from the truck and fell off on the road seventy-six eastbound is close for construction between vine street expressway and south street. westbound lane is block. westbound ramp to 30th street is closed. patco, yet again running on a modified schedule all day to day while crews continue to make repairs to monday's down electrical pole. well, from extra manpower, to security checkpoints, to something more than crisco the
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philadelphia police department says it is ready for just about anything that super bowl weekend may throw their way. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on what the city is doing torang d, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes , i will step out of the way, this is frankford and cottman. this is pretty much celebration central when any philadelphia sports team wins a major event philadelphia police are expecting some 30,000 fans out here, should eagles win the super bowl. they already had a bit of the dry run with the champion ship and they say they are more then ready for what is to come. it was a lively scene week frand cottman right after eagles blew out vikings nfc champ. city hoping for a repeat this super bowl sundayl he triple the amount of people and hopefully they act in the same manner where it will be, obedient and listen to what oom okay.
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>> reporter: captain anthony l uka is commanding offr districts the iconic mayfair gathering point. wn he met with bar abe business owners to discuss plans>> they . unhitched.e did a great job. >> reporter: , they can expect checkpoints where offs and weapons. by all accounts there were minimal issues city wide champip and much of the police department strategy worked but one thing tidn't, crisco greased poles. commissioner ross says there is a new plan for those. >> wel things, you know, relative to trying to o certain objects. reza shourd that whatever we be. nfc championship...
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>> all right, we have clearly lost frank but she was live in mayfair. we will check with her later in the show. eagles team is in minnesota and occupied with preparations for sunday's super bowl that includes lots of interviews. winning is important but quarterback nick foles is also thinking about his young daughter. >> that is the most important thing, when i get to, you know , when i think about this journey and everything, i get home, and i... i get to see her, i get to see my wife, and i see her and my wife in her, just in her face and hermaner isms, that is what it is all about. >> nick's combination of family and football certainly inspiring. let's hope it translates to a winning edge come super bowl sunday. >> i like nick foles just a little bit more. stadium preparations are underway in minneapolis. >> "eyewitness news" got a tour of the u.s. bank stadium where eagles will take on
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patriots. officials tell thaws they are making sure that everything from the field to the stands will be ready in time for the big game. >> we have to turn a vikings home field, and home stadium into a neutral super bowl site so all of the vikings brands kind of has to disappear and uncovered, and field branding has to come out. we put blank pieces in. we start artwork for turning tonight to the two super bowl teams. >> and police k-9s in minneapolis are hard at work keeping city safe during super bowl week. they are sniffing their way through the super bowl experience, at minneapolis convention center. they are also monitoring super bowl live, in nicolet mall. and check this out you are looking at nfl shop in the minneapolis convention center. we got a chance to tour the popular store our camera spot aid rare, silver eagles helmet signed by eagles quarterback carson wentz. it is part of the largest collection of the exclusive super bowl merchandise. >> we have over 1500 shoes at this location, so it is widest
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assortment of super bowl product here in minneapolis. additionally over 50 percent of the inventory we have here is exclusive to us at this location so you will not be able to find it anywhere else. it is awesome place to find unique product. >> we will be celebrating the eagles and their fans this friday night as we get ready for super bowl sunday, join us for a big one more win line upstarting with a special addition of "eyewitness news" at 4:00 o'clock, following "eyewitness news" at five and 6:00 and then we have a special one more win, fan fest addition of "eyewitness news" at 7:00. the second the big game end on sunday we will be live right here on cbs-3 and bring you live post game comments from coach pederson and players. we will have a front row seat as bird fans throughout the philadelphia region react to the game, it is eagles an "eyewitness news" this sunday night, you don't want to miss it. in other news, president trump says that the state of the union is strong, he delivered his first state of the union address last night. he wants to unite what he
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calls long divided country. moa lenghi has more on the president's plans for the coming year. >> the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: president trump says the accomplishments of his first year in office speak for themselves. >> we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history. >> reporter: president touted the economic upswing and put forward a plan to rebuild aging infrastructure. >> i'm asking both parties to come together to give us safe, fast, reliable and modern infrastructure. >> reporter: president trump offered to work with both part toys get a deal on immigration , offering a path to sit send ship for 1.8 million dreamers in exchange for billions for a border wall with mexico. >> for over 30 years washington has tried and failed to solve this problem, this congress can be the one that finally makes it happen. >> reporter: more than a dozen lawmakers boycotted the president's speech, others
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sent a subtle message from their seats in the chamber. some democrats, wore black as a nod to the movement against sexual harassment and many lawmakers invited dreamers as their guest, republicans hardly applauded the president often rise to go their feet, democrats were less enthusiastic. massachusetts congressman joe kennedy delivered the official democratic response. >> to all of the dreamers out there watching tonight, let me be absolutely clear, that... >> spanish speaking. >> you are part of our story. we will fight for you and we will not walk away. >> the president is meeting with taxpayers wednesday at the white house to discuss the effects of the tax overhaul. moa lenghi for cbs-3 eyewitness news. still ahead an update on the missle alert that sent hawaii in the panic, we will have the latest on the work shore sent out that false alert. also a helicopter slams in the house in california, we will hear from an eyewitness.
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suspecs ghter are murdered in philadelphia. addline hill and renee were street home on monday need. the suspect is the 39 yeayfriene victims. at this point authorities are still working to determine a the surveillance video sexually assault aid 22-yearlddent early saturday morning inside her apartment on race street. he said victim was asleep and woke up with the suspect on top of her. if you recognize this man call philadelphia police. disgraced sports doctor larry nassar returns to court today to face more victims. mourn 50 victims are expected in a michigan courtroom to speak out about his abuse. former michigan state university and u.s.a. gymnastic doctor will be sentenced on three counts of the criminal sexual conduct.
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nassar was sentenced to a maximum of 175 years in prison last week for sexually abusing young gymnastness his care. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a hell cooperate tore crash in the southern california home, three people were killed and two others were injured. chopper went down shortly after take off slamming in the home in new port beach, yesterday afternoon. fire officials say four people were on board the helicopter at the time, three of them died, one was injured, one person on the ground was also hurt, eyewitnesses say chopper fell out of the sky like a rock. >> it was going down and there was really no sign of it. it was just a failure pretty much. >> i heard it too, it sounded like it should have sounded like. >> residents of that home were inside at the time but none of them appeared to be hurt. the employee who triggered a fake missle alert in hawaii february 13th is now out of the job. now we are learning he has a history of confusing drills with real life. report described how a drill
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led to the mistake of an alert that sent pan ache cross the island. workers collogue said they knew it was a drill and the word exercise was used six times while getting ready but worker said he didn't hear it and thought a missle attack was imminent. a airline an trifecta is happening as we speak, super moon, blue moon and total lunar eclipse are all happening this morning. scientists say this event hasn't been seen since 1866. stargazers out west will have best view scientists say lunar line up like this won't happen again, until the year 2037. katie. >> jim, you might be retired by then. >> i will be, i will sit on my lawn chair somewhere in florida saying look at that. >> i think, yesterday we reported thatis seeing our effe. >> yes. actually a very nice moon lit sky if you try to get or two, first of all
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we'd love to see your pictures and if you are a sendhem our wa. it is a nice shot looking to the northwest at tbefo that wil. now snow troubles from yesterday, this system that did perform as expect anywhere from a coat to go an inch or two, and locally higher amounts. that did take place in bayville. that was the spot that did thatg storm. they had 16 some odd inches that way butscan now it is tota, dce, clear, systems even though pattern is active we are sitting between theseisits very cold, still brey and just breezy enough that elativy light wind we notice it and feels temperatures in the teens, lower 20's you need to bundle up adequately. with time included rebuild but very clear right now and that wind is easing up. it is about as cold as yesterday we are just starting off, colder then it was this same time yesterday, yesterday
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temperatures stayed steady in the low to mid 30's. overnight, still cold but not as harsh as it currently is, only 30 degrees. again, not quite as bad and we still go on this roller coaster ride from the 30's, 40 's, back again with these differentnd in your graphic , isn't's adorable. >> cute. >> lithis friday morning and there will be a front coming through thursday night into friday morning perhapsit early morning snow, and that may lead to minor problems for morning drive, bclear it out fod cold, all over again,>>thanks, a look at traffic right now the ramp frombound to route 202 southbound is closed, due to a trailer that became unhitched from its truck and then fell off the roads so this will be causing problems. meanwhile i-76 eastbound is closed for construction between vine street and south street, by the way westbound is cleared. and it looks like lets look at
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the maps in new jersey the i-76 eastbound ramp to i295 north is closed for construction until 5:00 a.m., that is 10 or 15 minutes from now, route 30 white horse pike is also closed at evesham avenue until 6:00 a.m. well, if you have not had breakfast we are about to make you salivate when you see items on the menu for super bowl lii, coming up. also robberies are known as jackpotting, latest scam where hackers are making atms spit out cash like a slot machines gives out
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welcome back. hackers and robbers are teaming up to target atms. >> they have stolen more than a million-dollar in just a few days, it is referred to as jackpotting hacker posts as a atm repair technician and they install malware on the atm and another team comes, withdraws money from the compromised atm s. they can dispense 40 bills in second and they can steel ts
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from one atm. >> we have seen, just how be, d, what are we looking at here. >> we're looking at atm in the mid of street not in the store with the front you are looking for if you are doing jackpotting. >> reporter: officials f the next 10 to 15 days. well, time is 4:5 o business news. >> dianne king hall joins us from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, dianne , this has been in the news last couple days folks are teaming up to create a new health care company, what are the details. >> good morning, rahel and jim , three corporate heavyweights, amazon, jp morgan chase and berkshire hathaway say they are entering health care sector to battle sky rocketing costs. companies says new entity will be free from profit making, and constraints, benefits expert say it could be a system that bypasses insurance companies and is certainly rattled the health care sector
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yesterday. jim and rahel. >> that should be interesting. >> valentines day right around the corner, i understand crispy cream has something up its sleeve. >> that is right, hot light is on they are rolling out oreos cookie is and cream doughnut inside stuffed with creamy oreo filling and cookie crumbles. it is available through valentines day, jim and rahel. now i want crispy cream you need them warm. i have seen them get into car accidents trying to get accredits lanes to get to a crispy cream. >> it is crew, there was a gym i used to go to and almost across the street from the gym was a crispy cream. so would you see people, when hot light was on make a beeline, rahel, stop judging. >> my goodness. >> planet fitness, in judgment >> yes, i was right there at the gym. >> speaking of the gym i don't want to know how many calories it is, you just enjoy it.
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>> it is valentines day. >> that is right don't think bit. >> we will see you next hour. preparations for super bowl 52 go far john as chefs get ready to serve up menu on par with the world class event eagles fans may want to try out south philadelphia roast pork sandwich organizers say porkies often under rated and wanted fans to give it a try. for patriots is there new england clam roll, fried clams lettuce and tarter sauce and wild rice and chowedder. we will be right
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we are ready for whatever it takes and the eagles doing whatever it takes for them to j. super bowl isirner. this intensity and build up is just killing me i cannot kno yoe same way but for now we are
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also enjoying a quiet break when it comes to the weather as well, so, you know, thankfully weather's not taking center stage like it did during midday yesterday with the snow coming through. it will again in the days ahead but for new storm scan is nice, quiet and empty more importantly and that means we will see more sun then anything but for now under cover of the darkness it is quite a nice sky with that clear view of the blue blood moon if you want to check that out in the next few hearst before the moon sets. eighteen is current temperature at the airport. cold start, wind isn't particularly strong but it is absolutely noticeable so i will say knock five to 10 degrees off, do that math, if you pass a bank thermometer make sure you are factoring in an extra chill with that wind blowing. bottom line it is cold, quiet and tomorrow night and early friday morning we are looking at a mixture of rain turning over to snow with the frontal passage. >> that is your forecast if i ever did see one, katie, thank you.
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construction has been cleared between vine and south street all lanes are opened in both directions. ramp for route 100 south to route 202 southbound is closed due to a trail their became un hitched from the truck and fell off the road and still out there, and new jersey, i-76 eastbound ramp to i295 north is closed until 5:00 a.m. route 30 white horse pike is closed at evesham avenue until 6:00 a.m. we are hearing this morning from the family of eagles defensive lineman jason peters. >> he never made it to a super bowl and injury will keep him off the field this time. he played high school ball in arkansas where his family is following eagles in super bowl lii. they say jason has been nicknamed the body guard ever since high school football. >> he was my big brother, so he like, was very protective of me, you know and he is still protective of me. >> we will be playing music for our team.
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>> peters suffered a season ending knee injury in october and says he is staying connected on the eagles super bowl run by mentoring the bird younger lineman and offering advice to his old line mates. jeremiah trotter is all in forbidder in the super bowl, trot signed autographs for fans last night in mount laurel, the linebacker was a member of the 2004 super bowl team that who to the patriots. in of that this year. trotter says a lot is riding on this team and he believes this team will rise to the challenge. coming up the two next half an her on "eyewitness news" how city of philadelphia is preparing for the super bowl and eagles fans, meisha? well, good morning from chilly, minneapolis, this morning, we are going to be talking about all things super bowl as we are marching one day closer. right new we are standing on the rooftop of our cbs sister station and we will talk bit all coming up in a little bit. it is an unusual sight in one of the nation's busiest
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field is set it takes years of practice, planning, patients to make it to the super bowl and now eagles and patriots are days away from their goal. we are live as we march on toward the big game. and, philadelphia police are ready and they are telling bus extra effort to keep revellers and residents safe sunday night. if you have in the been outside bundle up this is a live look at parkway in center city, temperatures are starting off in the teens this morning and you could encounter black ice on your morning commute. today is wednesday, january 31st, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we will check with kate any a moment but first meisha's live where we are getting r


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