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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 31, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment, but here's what you need to know to start your day on this wednesday, january . >> let's come together, put politics aside and finally get the job done. from the economy, to immigration, call for unity in
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president trump's first state of the union address. we are one day closer to the big game. of course, we will check out u.s. bank stadium where you can only imagine crews are in there working hard getting all of this put together. philadelphia police have a game plan for keeping fans safe on sunday night. >> and i'm at intersection of frankford and cottman avenue police are expect something 30,000 fans. i think about this experience and everything when i get home, and i... >> quarterback nick foles fights back tears talking about his daughter. >> i get to see her. >> here we go for cbs-3. i'm going to have to work on that.
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obviously pat gallen having some fun at the super bowl experience in minnesota. >> katie, we heard it is colder here then it is there, what is up with that. >> yeah, it looks like that this morning, it is really cold, out there there is a little veil of ice, snow left on the box that i have to stand on here on the sky deck, thankfully not too slippery but you might encounter that anything that just left over puddle from yesterday could have refrozen so it is cold outside, and you will see your breath, feel that chill, the wind chillies nothing to mess with either which we will get to but lets take a look at a really quiet start to the morning and i i cannot see from it this shot but we have a moon lit sky out here this morning, and blue blood moon in the north west sky but i have a giant wall blocking my view from that but you will see that here and it is peeking over the span of the next hour or so. now taking a look at temperatures it is easier sometimes to go by wind chill and this is what i want you to
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do this morning feeling no better than single digits across the region. actual air temperatures about 10 degrees warmer then this but it is obviously cold and we are off to a chilly start, anytime this win blows that is another thing that need to be taken into account, 18 at the airport. seventeen in atlantic city. factoring in that relatively modest northwest wind and that is what it does tour feels like values. sending kid out to school we will need heavy winter coat extra winter weather gear we would find on a chilly day, grab to it day, we will need it but you don't to have factor in extra time for any kind of wet weather today, that however will return to this forecast and we will let you know when, later on, guys. taking a look at traffic lets look at this map there is an accident on route 309 bethlehem pike north of the cowpath road in montgomery township, there is no word on any injuries or lane blockages at this point. also on route 30 white horse pike closed both directionness evesham avenue due to construction, that roadway
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will reopen at 6:00 which is about 25 minutes from right now. and the roadways look clear right now we are taking a look at southbound 202. well... >> moving on president trump says state of the union is strong. >> he delivered his first state of the union address to the joint session of the congress last night, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the big take aways, good morning, jan. >> reporter: president trump called for unity last night as he spoke for about an hour and a half. during that time he taughted achievements during his first year in office including job creation, stock market gains and tax cuts, and looking ahead the president now says he is ready to work with both parties on immigration. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> reporter: president trump in his first state of the union address says his first year accomplishments speak for themselves. >> we enacted the biggest tax
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cuts and reforms in american history. >> reporter: hot button issue that could bring the g to the brink of another shut down in about a week is immigration. >> tonight i'm extending an open hand, to work with members of the both parties. >> reporter: president trump called for construction of the southern border wall in exchange he offered a path to sit send ship for 1.8 million immigrants brought here illegally as children. >> under our plan those who meet education and work requirements and show good moral character will be able to be full citizens of the united. >> reporter: massachusetts representative, joe kennedy the third delivered the official democratic response, he told dreamers quote we will fight for you and then attack trump administration divisive first year. >> bullies may land a punch and they may leave a mark but they have never, not won in the history of our united states managed to match strength and spirit of a people united in defense of
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their few tour. >> now according to a cbs news poll viewers approved of the president's first state of the union address, three out of four people improved, just quarter of people who watched disapproved but as is typically the case people who watched at dress seemed to lean toward president's 42 percent identified as republicans. on the issue both side applaud ed, president for $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending plan but did he not t machi would i come from. in the news center jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness cbs news correspondent major garrett is at the white house and breaks down the speech and that report is coming up on cbs this morning that airs at 7:00 right here after "eyewitness news" here on cbs-3. in other news more victims of the larry nassar are expect to speak out in a michigan court about his abuse, through former michigan state university and u.s.a.
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gymnastics doctor will be sentenced on three counts of criminal sexual conduct. nassar was sentenced to a max 175 years in prison last week for sexually abusing young gymnastness his care. time is 5:37. in business news this morning big news in the health care industry. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the insuring stock exchange with the details but first a look at the numbers, good morning, dianne. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. equities registered sharp loss dow jones suffered war drop in may losses in health care share, the dow jones slumped 362 points, nasdaq who 64. they are teaming up to create a new health care company, amazon, jp morgan chase and warren buffet's berkshire hathaway say they are entering the health care sector to bolt sky rocketing cost. industry heavyweights say it will be free from profit making incentives and constraints. benefits expert say the new company could be a system that bypasses insurance companies. facebook is banning ads
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for all crypt toe currencies including bit coin new policy is in an effort to block financial products and services frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices. facebook says it has pulled ad s including phrases like user retirement fund to buy bit coin. american love to work so much so that 662 million vacation days, go unused, every single year. put another way more than half of us fail to use all of our time off including project time off sponsored by u.s. travel association. by forfeiting those days employees are forking over $66.4 billion in benefits, the main reason lack of planning, jim and rahel. >> okay, i'm plan, i'm not leaving one day on the table. who are these people. >> reporter: i know, i respect it, i love it. take a page from your book. >> for real. >> thanks, dianne. >> give them here i know what to do with those. we will check with you
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tomorrow, thanks. and super bowl 52 is now just four days away and along with great football you can expect great food. >> is there plenty of it this week in minute so the a meisha 's live in minneapolis with the look at great dishes people will be dining on as she's with jason our anchor at local station wcco there, hi there, guys. >> yes, hey, good morning, yep my buddy jason of course sitting next to me. we are doing every morning what we do in minnesota before we get to work we do hair, make up and we go ice fishing. speaking of ice fishing we have to talk about food, first it is so cold we are not just talking about athletes in the big game and football but we are talking about food because that is what people will do here. >> absolutely. >> right. >> yes. >> so take a look at what some of the chefs are preparing. >> anything, you try to anything minute so the a it will be cold, and is what the tag line the bold north.
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it will be 15 below on game day so we have to embrace bold north. it will be great eating, for out of towners to let them try this local minnesota food. >> that is right, you heard it , it is all about trying our minnesota hot dishes. >> yes. >> so, jason good morning by the way. >> yes. >> you were with us we are sitting on your amazing rooftop on our sister station wcco in the heart of the downtown minneapolis. you guys got quite the location for super bowl lii. >> all of the activity is happening outside our front door. this isn't just a set, there are live fish, in this kind of , there is no ice, it is not full ice. >> oh, no i didn't get that. >> we have actual fish in here , we have set it up with the state department of natural resources all on the up and up but pretty fun. >> but you guys have a few
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other things up here. >> lets take a look for a second. >> so we will leave the line. >> yes. >> so, when they first brought it, i asked fit was in the free section on craigs list. >> this is what a typical minnesota be kaine looks like. >> this is a little bit more spacious to be honest but this is quite nice but we are opened to the outside. we are on the rooftop of the building. >> what in the world, jason what is going on here. >> so these are crazy people who agreed to camp out on our rooftop overnight from a local outdoors goods company. >> very cool. >> they spent the night. they invited our morning team with you like to camp out. >> i would definitely do this. >> we went with a hard no. >> well, who would camp out. >> if i do it overnight you are certainly camping out with me. >> this is fun. >> what is this. >> why wouldn't you have a four wheeler a tv on the roof. >> so, okay, i feel like i'm
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right at home. >> i did it, i used to ride these all over the nation actually. >> this is great stuff, local company here polarthat is makes these so as you can see we have an inch or two of snow overnight. i know meisha you are from minnesota we have nothing but love for you but there are some, taking it to the eagles fans, like a little bit of snow, a little bit of that. >> we are going to get pay back i will get for a ride, when in doubt, throttle out. we will show you more about the minneapolis sky line coming up, later. >> meisha, meisha what is the date for ice fishing do you use tater tots as bait. >> no we're going to use corn, little pieces of corn. >> i figure it was tater tots. >> it is all catch and release for me, very important. >> that is for sure.
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>> thanks, jason. >> bye, guys. >> we will see you soon. new members of the new jersey hall of fame are announced we will tell but notables. >> a new warning about atm machines it turns out crooks can convert them into jackpot machines. this season we have seen some celebrations but dot bird have anything, special up their sleeve for, you know that game on sunday we will be right
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i got to tell you first trailer is out for ant man's and wasp, movie a follow up to ant man released in 2015, paul rud and michael douglas and others return for marvel sequel and hits theaters july 6th. another honor for meryl streep actress ace monk 20 new members of the new jersey hall of fame, originally from summit, new jersey closer to north jersey and class of 2017 includes astronauts mark and scott kelly, buddy the vessels tro and debbie hard friday blonde. >> i didn't know, they were a jersey girl. interesting. i like that. >> katie, you learn something new every day on "eyewitness news". >> of course, we do and we learn stuff with you. it makes it that much more exciting. >> yes. you are all knowing in the weather department. >> it is freezing outside.
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>> it was stuck this morning in the car, yeah, yeah, i got in there finally. >> that is in the a good thing >> well, can't get to work today, sorry, but yeah it is very chilly, outside, nice clear sky, you don't have a blanket of cloud cover to trap any heat inside so it is just about as cold with daytime highs as it was yesterday but -- >> feels colder. >> it is cold they are morning yesterday temperatures stayed steady through the course of the day. lets look outside to a gorgeous shot, isn't this beautiful a live picture have the blue blood moon, beautiful , no hint of blue let alone red but this will be peak nothing just about an hour or so, so keep your eye to the sky, it is in the western sky, and really putting on a beautiful show, so pretty, and nice clear sky, so you will need, to bundle up , if you head on out there take some pictures and i know our weather watchers have been doing that very same thing if you are not jazzed about standing outside looking at
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the moon we have ample pictures of it for you here, ed connor sent one in for us, beautiful, it looks like a live picture but he took this late last night, and then there is one more, again, a similar view but beautiful detailing on this shot, taken last evening from phil chap line hoist out in chestnut hill. now, we have also got some eagles spirit that continues to be a theme, in the eyewitness weather watcher reports that have come in and every fall, we rise, just love that but little blanket of snow from yesterday out in lynn springer's neighborhood, but now that the snow is gone and there will be more that returns to our forecast, quickly checking on temperatures a quick snapshot of the map here there is a consistency, in location is necessarily warmer or colder then any other, generally just in the teens across most of the region but we will start to see more snow moving in later on in this week and as you look at this wide zoom, including both philadelphia and minneapolis, they are actually had been a little burst of snow that crossed
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through twin cities in recent hours. this is part of the larger system that brings cold front to our area late tomorrow into early friday. now i know a lot of you will be, pulling an all neither and doing tailgating for wing bowl 26 hosted by wip and angelo and the gang over there but if you are going to be out tailgating between four and 6:00 when event starts and when they open up the lots at 4:00 there will be a rain/snow mixture from that front. so factor that in your plans if you go crazy here and enjoy it. now i'm getting wrap, jump you to the seven day, we will have the forecast in the next hour but we have a few opportunities for snow thursday night into friday morning especially and then again late on super bowl sunday, guys. >> all right, katie, thank you quiet right now here's i-95 near cottman avenue and northeast philadelphia, there are no delays or incident at this time, traffic moving smoothly there traffic, looking good on the schuylkill expressway right now this is 476 at girard avenue all things look clear there patco is still running on a modified
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schedule all take while crews make repairs to monday's down electrical pole. well, authorities are warning folks about an elaborate new crime that turns atms into slot machines, that always hit the jackpot. heist are referred to as jackpotting a hacker posts as a atm repair tech and they install malware on to a machine. then another team comes along and withdraws money from the compromised atm. machines can dispense up toe 40 bills in 23 seconds that means pay out of tens of thousands office dollars from a single atm. wow. still ahead we will show you a brand new baby penguin on display. and this is a bird of a different feather find out why they wanted to bring this peacock, yes, peacock on board her flight when we
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well, just one more win and eagles can celebrate their first ever super bowl champion ship. >> celebrating, of course, one
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of the hallmarks of this team. team has choreographed elaborate celebrations after many touchdowns this season. players and fans, of course, love show of emotion but question is will eagles celebrate like that when they score on sports biggest stage. >> i don't think we have anything planned for the super bell but who knows but during the sees than we had a great time. >> i dent necessity about that we will watch and see. word is patriots tightened rob gronkowski will play after suffering a concussion last week. yesterday at mall of america, he played madden with former teammate and current eagle lagarrette blount. they beat broncos/patriots 33- 13. "eyewitness news" has you covered from minneapolis, meisha's joining us in the morning, back in our next hour and jessica dean, don bell and pat gallen are reporting live, you can find everything eagles on line at cbs united airlines is explaining decision to deny
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entry to a peacock on a cross country flight. >> passenger claimed peacock was a comfort animal. this is decks store new york city base photographer and performance artist and said dexter is here motional support animal. she bought a ticket to fly from newark to los angeles so bird could have his own seat but airline said no, citing health and safety concerns, instead decks store will be driven to his destination n a statement united says animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons including weight and size and they go on to say they explained that to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport. this is getting out of control everybody is claiming they are support animal but i understand people need them but peacock do you want to sit next to the peacock, in the empty center seat. a zoo in wisconsin added a new member to the family, a baby penguin. >> look at this, cutie, the penguin, hatched on december 18th at milwaukee
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county zoo, to grab parents oscar and fiona. zoo keepers says it ties soon to tell whether it is a boy or girl and too early to release the baby in the exhibit so they are caring for it behind the scenes. our 5:00 o'clock producers , loves penguins vin 's watching right now. coming up next on "eyewitness news" for get cereals, we will tell you why pizza is a perfectly acceptable option for breakfast. >> in the just for college students. and humans may be vulnerable find out how it spread and meisha's in minneapolis. i sure am, good morning, everyone we are back being super bowl lii, talking about the players, football but we are also talking about merchandise, which by the way is flying off the shelves, we will have more coming up in a bit. we will be right
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definitely a frigid start, and katie's tracking a couple more chance these week. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. in one of the longest state of the union speeches ever president trump called for unity on immigration and the economy, and this morning, both democrats and republicans are responding. whether eagles win or lose
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super bowl police say they are ready to deal with fan reaction. we are live with the look at security preparations underway >> it is wednesday, january 31st good morning i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. we will check with kate any a moment. we are only four days away, meisha's in indianapolis where excitement is mounting. >> are, good morning. >> reporter: the excitement is not melting the snow, it is still cold, we will talk about the cold in a little bit but i have to tell you have one is so excited we are talking about super bowl live in the heart of the downtown minneapolis and touching base on what is going on here in downtown minneapolis the excitement, of course, merchandise all that coming up but katie, i have to say what is so crazy talking about minneapolis cold it is weird, it was 1 degree yesterday, it is 29, 30 degrees today, short lived. >> yes. >> it will be, you are right, very cold air working its way in but that is interesting geographically speaking what


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