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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 6, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ >> tonight "dancing with the stars" terrifying tour bus accident. >> it's crazy to come out. >> trapped in a 70-car pile up. the latest on the injuries. what the stars are telling "e.t." about the crash. >> then quentin tarantino under fire. audio surfaces defending a convicted rapist. >> she wanted to have it. that's not rape. >> our oprah exclusive. her new photo shoot. >> i'm in paris with the "fifty shades free" cast. >> then the backstreet boys give "e.t." a tour of their stage and tom cruise's new death defying stunt. >> it's very extreme and
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dangerous. ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us. we have news from all over the world tonight. >> literally. we start with cameron mathison in paris. >> tonight it is all lit up for the premiere of "fifty shades freed" stars dakota johnson and jamie dor nan are here. i'm sitting down with them like how did dakota end up with an item from the red room in her home. >> let's leave it there. >> we begin with the latest on the "dancing with the stars" tour bus. it got involved in a horrific crash which involved one fatality. >> the bus was on its way to iowa. it slammed into another truck that was involved in this massive pile up which left one motorist dead saying it was pretty scary.
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another source said it felt like a tumble dryer inside the bus at the time of the impact. who was on board? it was pros lindsay arnold, sam cusick, emma slater and sasha farber. producers say there were minor injuries. >> this is our bus everybody. >> just last month basher showed "e.t." what life is like on the road. >> sasha and his fiance posted photos. they're okay. he called it one day i'll never forget. jordan fisher was not on board at the time. he tweeted thank god for the safety of our crew. derek hough whose girlfriend is on the tour posted this image and said i'm so than lk my love is safe. i'm so glad you're all safe after such a terrible accident. >> it's crazy to come on the road. >> last season's runner up
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frankie mu nis said the tour was a dream come true for him. last night's show was canceled. the dancers hit the stage tonight in illinois. >> well val is not on the tour. his girlfriend is. val posted prayers for my "dancing with the stars" familiar. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in that accident, not just the dancers. >> yesterday we showed you the video of uma thurman's car crash on the set of "kill bill." she released the footage. now quentin tarantino is under fire because an interview resurfaced where he defends roman polanski who was convicted of raping an underage girl. >> how come hollywood embraces a
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director who raped a 13-year-old girl. >> it was statutory rape. she wanted to have it. she dated the guy. by the way, we're talking about america's morals, the morals in europe. >> in 1977 polanski pled guilty to unlawful sex with a minor. >> she talked about it since he didn't really do anything to me. it was a technicality with being 13. >> would you ever seduce a 13-year-old with pills and booze. >> no. >> this is resurfacing as tarantino is facing backlash. is he accused harvey weinstein of attempted sexual assault which he denies. she called out tarantino for nearly killing her during this stunt. tarantino is expressing remorse over that saying i'm guilty for putting her in that car. it's the biggest regret of my life getting her to do that stunt.
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>> now we reached out to tarantino to comment. he didn't respond by our deadline. >> let's move on to oprah and reese together again. they're teaming up for another photo shoot. the two pals posing in a similar manner. oprah and reese with mindy kaling who is pregnant. oprah has three hands and reese has three legs. we get a look at the ladies in full character for the back cover. during a sit down lady o got a stunning revelation from reese about her past. >> what's the most difficult decision you had to make to fulfill your destiny? >> leaving an abusive relationship. >> physically, verbal, both. >> psychological, verbal, yeah. >> what moment was it several
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instances? >> yeah. >> some moment you decided? >> a land got drawn in the sand. it got crossed. my brain switched. i knew it was going to be difficult, but i couldn't go any further. i'm a different person. that's part of the reason i can stand up and say yes i'm ambitious because someone tried to take that from me. >> such a strong lady and has done so much with the me too movement. we've got more with oprah and reese tomorrow taking us inside the making of a wrinkle in time. >> someone who could use some extra time kris jenner. i've got an interview since the birth of her newest grand kid. >> how do you master mind something like keeping kylie's pregnancy secret? >> i'll let kylie answer that. i'm really proud of her. >> kylie posted this sweet photo revealing the name of her little girl, stormy.
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the new mama won't be hiring nin nina ninaany nannies. >> i feel lucky and blessed. >> can we hear the heart beat? >> is there enough kris jenner to go around? >> it's overwhelming. it's a lot of little people. >> we caught up with kris at rach rachel zoe's. >> we film everything. season 15 is well on its way. we're about halfway through. it's exciting. >> we hope to see a lot of babies. still ahead -- >> behind the scenes of the voice's commercial. >> which no show's card board
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cut out stole the show? >> the backstreet boys get emotional talking about their kids. >> did another star's son tear up their dressing room? >> alex rodriguez getting a jump start on a valentine's day surprise for jlo. >> it's going to be good. >> arod let us in on this is he krelt. when it comes to family time jlo is in charge. >> we like to keep it simple. she's great and she's like everyone's boss around here. >> the 48-year-old is also a boss in the gym. >> jennifer always kicks my butt. >> the couple has been sweating it out together. they made it a family night at the wheels up pop up party this weekend. >> she loves it as well. the combination of me is a hybrid. you can burn
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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>> three americans discover a terrorist plot. clint eastwood wood talks about casting the
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>> they started shooting, a source tells us they thought it seemed cheesy. in the end kelly and blake loved the way it come out. speaking of loving fans of the backstreet boys flocking to see their residency at britney spears' former dig. tickets go on sale this sunday. they gave me a tour of their larger than life stage. ♪ >> you share a theater with
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jennifer lopez, pit bull, lionel ritchie. do they leave things? >> either brittany's kids or jlo's kids tore it up. >> britney spears owes you a record player. >> or jlo. >> when the show starts you're about 40 feet above the stage. >> on stage they've got cool tricks for the show. backstage it's chill. there's a family room for the wives and kids. a.j.'s dad to two girls. >> she still won't take a bottle. what are we going to do? you take what you can? i would not have it any other way. >> brian your son is old and on broadway. >> what are you saying? he's oncolo stage in new york.
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he's got a girlfriend in new york. >> i think it's time for another one. >> there has been some talks. it's crazy. >> every time i interview you guys you feel like five best friends. what's the secret sauce to stay together? >> we genuinely love each other. >> they treat their fans like family too performing 20 songs three nights a week. still ahead -- >> ex cluz if inside tom cruise's helicopter stunt. >> break to the left. >> how he pulled off the crazy moves with no one else in the cockpit. >> thing you've seen all of jamie dor nan? think again. >> it drives my wife insane. ♪
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♪ >> every time i see that i have the same reaction. it has been nearly six months since tom cruise injured his ankle doing that roof top jump. there was particular stunt that had tom in total cruise control. >> i can't wait. i get very excited. i'm very excited for the audience to see this next mission. it's very extreme. >> it took two years of planning before tom could shoot the sequence. >> first time we're doing it. >> the helicopter sequence is incredibly exhilarating. very dangerous. there's one country that would allow us to do it where we build special camera rigs. >> an accomplished airplane
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pilot on the graham norton show he revealed he got his chopper license for this film. >> i got my license. i trained on air ro ba ticks. we're flying very low. >> the stunt was shot one month before tom broke his ankle leaping from one building to another. >> that's what i want. >> how is that? >> very upsetting here. >> what could be even more extreme? how about hanging from the chopper. tom was also in the cockpit for this scene where the chopper is on a collision course with a truck on the ground. the aircraft was suspended on a plane. >> this is probably the largest practical action film ever shot. >> how about in your next movie stay in one position the whole time, tom. mission impossible fall out hits
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theaters july 27th. a different action movie opening on friday, "fifty shades freed." cameron is back with us in pa s paris. >> yes i'm hanging out in a 150-year-old opera house in paris. stars dakota johnson and jamie dornan happy to be back in paris. >> welcome back. how tough is it to say good-bye to this character? >> it doesn't feel tough. it feels pretty great. the subject matter is obviously a bit intense. >> turn around. ♪ >> over the course of the three films it never got easier. luckily jamie and i were so comfortable with each other. it felt safe and protected. it's still an environment that's
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scary. >> a 4 1/2 year ride that kul nates with a wedding a steamy bedroom scenes. >> jamie said he's ready to focus on roles which are less about his six-pack. >> do you watch "this is us"? >> of course. >> you know kevin character in the manny. could you take your shirt off? it felt like that. >> in "fifty shades freed" jamie reveals his singing voice which is featured on the sound track. ♪ >> he could be in a boy band if he wanted to. he may have been. ♪ >> jamie was in a short lived uk band the sons of jim. >> i got her something framed
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from the red room which seemed like a good idea at the time. he reaction proved maybe it wasn't. >> oh, my god. >> did you keep it by any chance? >> it's in my garage. >> it's in the your possession. >> i can't put it in my house, maybe one day. probably not. >> did you take another souvenir? >> just my emotional trauma. >> which you'll have forever. >> i'll hold on to it fight tightly. >> i gotta go. i got more sight toss see and food to eat in paris before i come home. back to you guys. >> cameron, you are free in the city of lights. >> yes he is. >> this year's oscar nominees took their annual class photo. how cool is that. carly steel with me to talk about a pinch me moment. >> i would say that's true for allison janney who unlike her
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character in "i, tonya" came without a feather friend. >> i wish the bird made an appearance at the oscar photo. >> i brought him to the globes. that was enough. >> you don't think he'll make an appearance? >> if he really was my bird, that might be fun. >> no birds. but allison was photo bombed by this card board cut out of a french film maker who couldn't make it but stole the big day. even the meryl streep was impressed. >> whenever i'm in a room with meryl streep that's a good day. >> she's a queen. this is like summer camp. >> with margot robbie in a chanel mini dress and saoirse roman in an orange cut out. you know what you're wearing oscar day? >> i saw some sketches. i don't want to say anything. it's pretty hot.
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>> i've had a couple bang feeling from dresses. >> one thing you won't see a repeat of this. >> i love you've gone barefoot. >> had too. >> julia roberts did this at cannes. you're like the julia roberts of oscar luncheon. >> that's what i think of myself. >> i would go barefoot every time if i could. heels hurt. >> they do. >> i thought you meant they do about the heels. >> we'll be there for the oscars. >> if you're recovering from the post super bowl episode of "this is us," good luck getting through tonight. we've got noyour sneak peek nex.
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>> tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> there are certain people i don't want to be there. om ra so. >> my reputation precedes me. >> reality bites with the cast of celebrity big brother. >> how crazy will it get? >> will you have xanax in the house? >> oh, yeah. >> "this is us" fans where did he have stated to find out how jack died. >> right after the super bowl. things don't get any easier tonight on nbc. >> yes, we have to be to the cemetery before the urn gets there. >> why? >> because we just do. >> damn it.
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>> you have to make the fat part longer. i can help you with it if you want me to. >> screw it. i'm not wearing a tie. >> you're not going to wear a tie to dad's funeral. >> he wouldn't care. >> i'm just asking for one happy episode. >> bye. >> just one. ♪
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help, please, please. everyone who looks at me... (screams) ...they think i did that to him. did you murder lieutenant o'connell? no. this injury, it's the result of a left-handed swing. abby: whoever murdered lieutenant o'connell was a serial killer. starting over can be its own special kind of hell. listen, we just broke for lunch recess. there's a sushi place around the corner. to whom did mary smith give her statement 11 years ago? gibbs: if i tell the truth, fornell loses everything. judge: agent gibbs, answer the question. fbi agent tobias fornell. hicks: agent gibbs, thank you. sloane: he knows we're here. switch hitter. he played us. game's not over. (rock music playing)


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