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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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♪ harmonica plays now is the only reality that we have. it's time to secure your domain. i chose but you should pick a name that is not my company. >> hundreds of high school students walk out of class this morning, to support a teacher who was placed on administrative leave. the teacher had voice concerns off sever your at this at cherry hill high school east. solomon, cleveri'm jim dom line live at camden county where parents came out to support the pro aernoon. >> good afternoon, well, the protest has now at least moved inside, went back to class, but at least gone back into the building as you mentionedents wo
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support the stus right to protest, haven't gotten any is over. >> hundreds of student at cherry hill east high school walk out oflidarity tuesday mor, marching along nearby street, and around the school the protest is to support history teacher tim lock according to student and parent lock fortunately spoke out last weekbor erry hill eastf up security after the masss w hd lock's warning that the shooting was likely at the school, allegedly reported him to administration leading to his administrative leave. some parent we met came out to support the student protest. >> one of the girls from east posted a very well written post, public post on facebook, that i thought was amazing last night, and i knew they were marching, then i saw kind of the helicopter coverage and thought this is good for them. >> so racial kirk and her friends brought severals and brm
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over. >> what do you think? >> amazing. >> i absolutely think it is>> my movement i think is incredible >> we have a request to talk to the superintendent.ther or not that will happen. they say, right now, the district is not commenting on any personn , parents and student say they plan to attends a school board meeting tonight. live in che bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ". >> all right, clever, thank you. also in camden countoiy ther concerns about safety owe comes at eastern regiol voorheea forum, gathering comes after student reported their classmate, 18 yea jacob threatened to shoot up their school just days before the parkland arrested him february 15th, and the high school says it is still brain storming how to strengtsecuity n place. >> meanwhile on capitol hill, two senators are introducing first gun control legislation,
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since the deadly school shooting in florida the bipartisan b required to purchase assault weapons to 21 correspondent weijia jiang lobby could make it difficult for other members of congress to get behind the plan. >> two senators, one introduce w gun control bill in the u.s. age 21 for as all women on, those type make -- >> president trump has called forow the white house is being more cautious about whether the president would sign the bipartisan wld be premature for us to way in but the president still supportive of the concept. >> the president may supportpt s not. and that will make it very hard for congrss raises the ageo buy assault weapons. now, that's not one of the
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ones being talked about as much as basically clothing loopholes. >> congressman steve scalise, himself a victim of gun violence met with student friends marjorie stillman douglas high school monday. >> we talked about policy, but really we talked a lot about shared experience, and obviously got very e meisha until you know, some of the things that they've been through or similar to some of the things i've been through the students have been very vocal in their push to change gun laws since the mass shooting at their school? park land florida almost two weeks ago i believe they're changing the way our country things about this issue. >> students met with morning. >> weijia jiang, for cbs-3, " ne philadelphia police are searching for a gunman responsible for a triple shooting that turned deadly. th. block of west clearfield street. in the fairhill section of north philadelphia. official wearing a ski mask, and shot two men outside of corner store last night one of the men died after
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being shot in the head. second man currently in stable condition at tem h a third victim was struck by strayack police returned her to temple hospital where she is in stable condi about the shoe g is squad to contact philadelphia police. >> investigators still trying to i builds that caught fire more than a week ago. they want to look f started. the february 18th blaze at 239 chestnut street may extremely u. all five floors collapsed du alarm fire, the special agent in charge, from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, says, his department has not ruled out any cause, including investigators hope to get into the building by the end of this week. >> well, we're enjoying some tuesday, but another storm system is brewing. cbs-3ologist, katie fehlinger skydeck to let us know how long the sunshine will stick
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>> hey jim. at least we have the rest of do eventually as you said have new storm system that looms. and it will bestart off the new. so we will talk much more about that, as thepr sresses, ae or what we have right now. which is some reallyortae warmtl yay this much, on the skydeck, back, so it feels really comfortable. if you are taking ur or maybe jk little break betweentside and yn the shadow it will feel cooler to you. on, kids out for recess at this hour, it looks like they're playing little four sqre center of the screen behind the fencing there, but breitbart and it is sunny pretty much everywhere else, i think the parks will be pack here the rest of the day, 52 the value at this observation site. we get to few others in a second. but storm scan, has no storms on it, actually got both the radar and the satelite layer
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here, and there is nothing to see. isn't that a nice treat? but here are the current temperatures depending where you are warmer, cooler, 51 at philadelphia, feeling miler in the sunlight, 43 up in the mountains, and 56 currently, that's the warmest spot of the bunch in wilmington. so expect the rest of the day nothing more than sunshine, very light wind out of the southwest, we've got surface area of high pressure keeping just really hooking us up here for the rest of the day. temperatures will eventually warm up to about 10 degrees, above their typical average. now, looking ahead, yes. there is a storm system brewing. so we go from absolutely stellar conditions, today, to some very raw chilly soggy weather tail end of the week. so coming up, march does indeed come in like the proverbial soggy lion this year. but i'm going to track the rain that's on the way and let you know of some other side effect that will come along with the storm system, as well that's later in the show, guys >> all right, katie, see you soon, thank you.
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scare in the air over salt lake city utah, flames were seen from the engine after airplane just moments after take off. eyewitness on the ground captured cell phone video yesterday. authorities say engine fire forced los angeles bound southwest airlines flight to make an emergency landing, back in salt lake city without incident, and passengers were then re book on another flight >> a possible resolution over attacks dispute could soon open the doors of one of the holiest sites in the world. for christians, the church of the holy is uplicer has been closed for three days now, church leaders closed the sacred site to protest new city law that would tax church property. they claim a long standing tax exemption. well, israel prime minister and jerusalem mayor says they've put together a team that will negotiate the with the church many people who live in rome are enjoying something that has not happened in years. >> next the city first snowfall. but some tourists cents don't seem to be having a lot of fun they maybe want to move inside the bus, we'll explain. also ahead:
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>> sports fans gear up for march madness, employers might not be too excited. i'm hena doba with new study claiming workers spend hours distracted by the college tournament.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," with pelted with snowballs. this is rome's first snowfall in years. most of the city were closed, hundreds of shops were closed. snowball fights have been breaking out all across the
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city as locals enjoy the rare occurrence. >> terrible for the tourists, there, though. basketball fans are gearing up for the upcoming march madness tournament, you can watch here on cbs-3. >> your boss may not be so excited. hen a doba takes a look at a new study on productivity during the playoff. >> americans seem to go mad for march madness. but as the field windles down with kansas as number one seed contender, all so all of the employee excitement good or bad for business? >> a new study from office team is suggesting americans spend 25 and a half minutes during their work day on sport activities during the college basketball playoffs. and with the tournament spread across 15 work days, that's a total of six hours. while checking game scores, and team ranking, the most common occurrence in the workplace, simple sports talk can also be time consuming.
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>> habits are time consuming. >> time management expert says the key to more product duck tiff habit at work achieving small goals. according to the study, make sure you're following the company play book. know your employers rules on personal internet use, sports attire, and workplace decorations. don't fall behind on assignment, then it is okay to root for your favorite team. but remember it is just a game >> they seem like really small choice, right at the moment it seems like nothing, in order to make these choices. but, over the span of our lifetime, and making difference. >> the study is also suggesting employers shouldn't worry too much about march madness, being a distraction. allowing employees even a few minutes can be time well spent giving staff the opportunity to bonds with colleagues, and return to their desks rejuvenated. hena doba for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well, a group of clergy and nacp members along with resident from north philadelphia are planning to
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host a no new stadium town hall later this week. >> small group gathered today to announce plans for thursday they would like darryl clark and temple university officials to join them for the town hall proposed construction of new 35,000 seat multi-purpose stadium. temple area resident have concerns for the community is. >> we have enough trash, noise , partying, never mind with tailgating, 35,000 seat stadium, just like i said, all-in-all, it would be like putting a whale inside after goldfish bowl. >> and from a residence perspective, it is just no good. >> thursday's town hall scheduled to take place at carver high school of engineering and science starting at 6:00 p.m. >> putting live animals on television, is always a little bit risky. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," the hilarious bird blooper that caught couple of news anchors off guard. katie? >> i just love this story. we look ahead to our upcoming weekends, and it looks as though we will end up with
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mild, but very typical daytime highs. in the meantime, we have the sun returning, as we will have coastal area of low pressure making it exit. so it is looking like pretty decent weekend at this point. but yes, there is cents coastal low in this forecast. which we will track for you and let you know exactly what we know about what that storm will bring, right after the break.
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>> good for ridding your garden of bugs! >> oh, anchor got quite the surprise when scarlet landed on her head during a segment about the zoo, at a san diego
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tv station. >> her co-worker eric laughed as michelle took the landing in stride. but when sophie headed toward him, well, he didn't seem comfortable, using him as a perch. don't blame him. >> i feel like there are similarities here, except i think that i would be the guy, jim, only because your hair is very -- >> you know me, i don't like birds. birds, look at my hair as a nest, and i do not want them resting in the nest. >> katie? >> i -- i got to give that female anchor serious props, because if i had some bird, i don't care how tame it is, landing on my head like that? we got problems. >> freaking out. exactly. >> and you know what could happen. >> exactly. >> it is supposed to be good luck, but i don't think so. >> whether you're on tv, you don't want a bird depositing anything on your head. >> at all. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my goodness, we're in for some beautiful weather the rest of the day. switching gears, there is a storm that does move in, we will talk much more about what we know about this storm since
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it is a few days away, nothing to track just yet on the radar , until this actually starts to form, are we, you know, not going to necessarily have the exact track of where this will go, but we definitely know we're in for impact from this. and specific to the far northwestern counties and then near the shore point, we will end up with some side effect impacts that come from this. so let's get out there. start it off with a view of the shore. and no shock here, we have seen a lot of people up and down the boardwalk, looks like pretty quiet ocean city cape may county plenty more people as the day goes on, perhaps not as much traffic out here on the board, but there are couple of folks out, there not a single cloud to be had out there. as we get to this point of the year in full sun, sung angle starting to climb high enough it actually starts to feel warm. when you're in that direct sunlight. so nice start to the afternoon the rest of the day is going to follow suit. i know my girls are at the park right now with dad, so they're hopefully getting pooped out out there on the
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jungle gym. looking at storm scan3, totally clear east of the mississippi basically. we do have the combination of some stormy weather starting to form over parts of oklahoma , part of the lone star state as well, and eventually this is part of the energy that's going to be working it way toward us, and then transferring the energy into a coastal area of low pressure. so, how is the mechanism of the upper atmosphere really causing all of this? the basic idea is this. that we're going to see an area of high pressure set up a blocking pattern. what that means, is that as this storm is just out to sea it will have the opportunity to intensify. and as is it does that, depending on where it finally ends up tracking, you end up potentially with some very drenching precipitation, and it is strengthening as it goes , too, so we will eventually see this clear out in time for the weekends, but this will post some pretty substantial impact for us, on the pm hours of thursday through most of friday. so, the wild-card with this are the exact track. since nothing has actually blossomed just yet, or formed, and also, how intense does
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this become as it is moving off shore, meantime, also, the not only the amount of precipitation but the actual kind of precipitation is something that is still a bit of a question mark. now, i think it is primarily a rain event. if you go into the far north and western suburbs, especially, so lehigh valley, poconos, berks, lancaster counties, that's your best chance to maybe see some snow out of this, as the colder air gets wrapped into the back side of this storm system. for philly, this is very likely strictly just a raw chilly rainy system. again, it is thursday pm through friday. let's just talk winter in general. we haven't had a lot of snow. we have seen 18 days throughout the span of the winter, of at least trace of snow, and that has led to over a foot worth of total snowfall so far. but recall, i mean, we're all still young enough to remember old enough i guess depending how you look at it the zero nine/2010 season ended up with the most snowy season ever since lords began and ended up
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, and no hope of achieving that specially with such warm month of february that we've seen. now the other thing working against you typically your average heights are starting to climb nicely, usually gain about 10 degrees over the span of any given month or loose 10 e time of year. by the end of march averaging near 60. so really is getting to the point of year where it is starting to feel warmer and warmer. tomorrow is following suit with temperatures currently in the low and mid 50's, and only going to climb from here few additional degrees. i expect the high to hit about 58 in the city, it is clear, it is calm tonight, as we drop down to 37, that sun goes cents down before 6:00 p.m. but regardless, we will enjoy the rest of the afternoon. looking ahead to thursday pm and friday, pack your patience on the umbrella you will need it for what promises to be some unfortunately very miserable weather to start the new month but today is nice. >> so enjoy this. >> thank you, katie. well if you aren't worry about your calorie count, today is a great day to choy down on some pancakes. >> today is national pancake
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day. i hop is serving a stack for free, can enjoy short stack of butter milk pancakes on the house, asking customers make a donation to the children's hospital or the children's miracle network. i hope raising to hope $5 million.
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>> welcome back everyone, philadelphia eagles wide receiver torrey smith visit add south philly elementary school today to celebrate a special breakfasts with students. >> the winner of the breakfast of champions challenge.
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the student wed head-to-head with a he will elementary school in new england as part of friendly super bowl win. when they won, smith talked to them about the importance of eating breakfast. >> i'm person that believes when you start the day out the right way, good things happen for you. from the moment you get up, you get that breakfast, you are learning all the sudden i'm excited about what's going on in class. i'm in the frustrated because i'm hungry. >> important message there. the breck was cents fast hosted by the american dairy association. >> i'm tell you, the men on this team, every day, they amaze me. >> they could be on vacation but nerve ' in the schools. that's "eyewitness news" at noon for today, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for katie and all of us here thanks for watching of course "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we will always be on line for you at remember to eat your breakfast , and the young and the restless is coming up next : good advice. >> dinnertime! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> j.t.: no matter what happens, mac and i are not gonna have a tough custody battle. >> phyllis: you said you wouldn't say anything to nick about christian. you let nick stay blissfully unaware. >> sharon: chelsea is the one who hit me? >> phyllis: given her past, is that so tough to believe? >> sharon: you're just speculating. >> victor: what do you want? >> phyllis: are christian and connor with you? >> victor: were you checking on our grandsons, or what? >> nikki: no, they're not even here. chelsea came by and picked them up earlier. >> chelsea: my dearest nick, by the time you read this, i will be long gone. i love you, nick, and i always will. chelsea.


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