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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 28, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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take care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the gatekeeper to the president is out. hope hicks, communications director, resigns one day after admitting she told white lies for her boss. also tonight, the president says he will step up on guns. >> it's time. we got to stop this nonsense. it's time. >> glor: in florida, stoneman douglas students return. >> welcome back. >> glor: in georgia, a teacher is arrested after firing a gun in his classroom. a big-city mayor under fire after tipping off illegal immigrants to ice raids. >> what i did was my job as the mayor of oakland. >> glor: the link between pedestrian deaths, marijuana, and smartphone use. and when kimberly cooper opened her heart. >> six people were saved just because i chose to be selfless for a day.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. we'll begin tonight with a surprise resignation at the white house. the woman who had perhaps more power than anyone to grant access to the president is leaving. hope hicks had been a top aide to mr. trump and before that his daughter for years. we get more now on this from white house correspondent and "face the nation" moderator margaret brennan. margaret, what happened? >> well, 29-year-old hope hicks is president trump's longest-serving political aide and his most trusted. the white house says she had been considering leaving her position for months, and now she wants to take on a job outside of government. >> so no comment at all? >> reporter: the announcement came a day after she testified before the house intelligence committee, which is investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. sources say she told the committee that her work for the president required her to tell
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white lies, but she never lied about russia. >> she started off with us right from day one. >> reporter: she's been at mr. trump's side for the past three years. >> now hope hicks is a tremendously talented person. >> reporter: but tried to stay out of the spotlight herself. this was one of the rare moments she spoke publicly. >> and thank you, donald trump. >> reporter: hicks was thrust into it earlier this month when news of her relationship with staff secretary rob porter became public. porter was forced to resign after his f.b.i. background check revealed domestic abuse allegations by two ex-wives. >> she used to be in my real estate company. >> reporter: the former model started her career working for ivanka trump's clothing company and later the trump organization. she was one of the first people the president informed of his intent to run for office. >> i said, what do you know about politics? she said, absolutely nothing. i said, congratulations, you're into the world of politics. right? she knew nothing.
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and she was there the first day, and she was fantastic. >> reporter: hicks remained loyal to mr. trump throughout some of the rockest moments on the campaign trail and now works just outside the oval office. today the president said,ly" miss having her by my side. i am sure we will work together again in the future. >> glor: margaret, this is a wig change at the white house. what does this mean now? >> reporter: well, hope hicks is very close to the trump family, so her departure will certainly be felt. she is the fourth communications director to leave the white house. this is a job that hope hicks reluctantly took on after the sudden departure of anthony scaramucci. it is a challenging position in any white house, particularly this one, given that president trump believes he is his own best publicist. >> glor: a lot of turnover here from communications directors and others. is the white house concerned about all that turnover? >> well, there's no replacement yet for hope hicks, but chief of
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staff john kelly is trying to minimize any kind of disruption it could cause. now, we have seen, as you said, a lot of departures. there's always turnover at the end of the first year of an administration due to burnout. just yesterday we saw a close communications aide for jared kushner announce that he's leaving, but what's interesting about the churn in this white house is that so many scandals have surrounded the departures of others. for hope hicks, she is the 18th official to leave. >> glor: margaret brennan, thanks very much. the president gathered members of congress, democrats and republicans, at the white house today and said, it's time to end the nonsense and do something about gun violence. here's chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> i'm not into popularity. i'm into getting something didn't that's good. >> reporter: president trump scrambled the partisan divide on guns today, siding with democrats on dramatically expanding background checks and raising the purchasing age for semi-automatic weapons.
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>> it doesn't make sense that i have to wait until i'm 21 to get handgun, but i can get this weapon at 18. just curious as to what you did in your bill? >> we didn't address it, mr. president. >> why? because you're afraid of the n.r.a., right? >> reporter: pennsylvania republican pat toomey. >> my reservation frankly is the vast majority of 18, 19, and 20 year olds in pennsylvania who have a rifle or a shotgun, they're not a threat to anyone. they're law-abiding citizens. >> reporter: president trump also clashed with republicans, including recent shoot shooting victim steve is a lease when they argued gun owners need the right the carry weapons across state lines. >> these are people who are helping us stop crimes. these are people who are well trained who go out there and help prevent crimes. >> i'm with you, but let it be a separate bill. you will never get this passed. if you add conceal carry, you will never get it passed. >> reporter: he was less enthused about a ban on assault rifles. >> you know, the problem, diane, these aren't what you walk enter
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a store and buy, this is where you hand them a gun and hand them some money. >> oh, no, you can go into a store and you can buy an ar-15, a tec-9. you can buy all these weapons. >> reporter: those weapons, he argued, should have been confiscated from the florida shooter, even if it meant skirting the law. >> the police saw there was a problem. they didn't take any guns away. that could have been policing. i i think they should have taken them away anyway, whether they had the right or not. >> glor: there has been a lot of talk about whether something narrow happens or something comprehensive if something happens at all. what is the consensus, if any, on the hill right now? >> reporter: well, there is a bill, jeff, to close one loophole in the background check system, and that bill should come up for a vote some time in the next couple weeks. but whether congress goes beyond that and embraces universal background checks really depends on whether the president does indeed crusade for it and go up against a gun lobby that has opposed that legislation for years. as for banning bump stock,
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mr. trump said today that he is going to write up an executive order shortly to do it himself. no legislation required. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you very much. all of this come, of course, in the wake of the school shooting in parkland, florida, that left 14 students and three adults dead. two weeks after the shooting, students returned the marjory stoneman douglas high school today, and adriana diaz is there. >> welcome back. >> reporter: students from stoneman douglas were greeted by well-wishers with flowers. for the first time in two weeks, they returned to the school where 17 lives were lost. where were you shot? >> in my... right here, in my right chest, and grazed on the back. >> reporter: before the bell rang, we spoke to samantha grady. what does it symbolize that you and all of your peers are going back to school? >> strain. definitely showing that we're overcoming this tragedy. >> reporter: she joined more than 3,000 students who faced
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their fears. they were protected by small army of police officers and staff. >> i like how there's a lot of police around here to show that everybody is safe. >> reporter: students were told to leave their book bags at home because today was about healing. inside they were comforted by more than 40 therapy dogs and 150 councilors. tenth grader nicole velazquez lost three friends. >> walking into that class today and not seeing him was like my heart breaking all over again. >> reporter: father andrew pollock was also. there he lost his 18-year-old daughter meadow. what was it like being there at school this morning? >> i'm emotional every second of the day. so going there, i like going there, to tell you the truth, because i got to see kids going back to school. >> reporter: he's lobbied florida's governor for safer schools and spoken directly to president trump. >> i'm pissed because my daughter i'm not going to see again.
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>> reporter: why have you decided to speak out? >> i feel obligated to do it as a parent. i feel like it's on my shoulders that i can't allow it to happen again. >> reporter: 95% of the student body showed up for school. the day started with fourth period so students could be reunited with the classmates they were with during the shooting. the day started first with the pledge of allegiance, then a 17-second moment of silence, followed by a recording of the school song. jeff? >> glor: adriana diaz for us once again in parkland. adriana, thank you. dick's sporting goods stores pulled all assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines from its shelves today and vowed it will no longer sell firearm to anyone under 21. referring to the florida school shooting, the company said, "our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their loved ones, but thoughts and prayers are not enough." dick's had already stopped selling the weapons at its maine stores after the sandy hook shooting in 2012 but offered them at 35 field and stream
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stores. the impact on the company's bottom line is expected to be small. last year it reported sales in its hunting category were already on the decline. now just one major retailer will still sell assault-style weapons, bass pro shop, which also owns cabela's. wal-mart, the nation's largest retailer, stopped selling the weapons in 2018. a gun shop caused panic in dalton, georgia. a social studies teacher, as you see in this video, locked himself inside a classroom. they say when the principal tried to open the door, deeper fired his handgun out the window. nobody was hurt, but the teacher faces felony charges, including aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. we do have an update tonight on that hazmat scare that topped our broadcast last night. preliminary tests have turned up no toxic material inside an envelope that was opened yesterday at joint base
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mayer-henderson hall outside washington. 11 people had said they felt ill and three were taken to the hospital last night. they were later released. turning now syria, bit by bit the assad regime there is wiping out resistance in the western half of the country. government-controlled areas are in the red on this map. the shrinking rebel portion is in light blue. one of the last opposition hold-outs near the capital is ghouta. seth doane, the only u.s. correspondent inside syria, reports from government-held territory in damascus. >> reporter: there is a steady stream of patients at this state-run hospital in damascus. this we're being told is the victim of a mortar attack. he was just brought in in the ambulance. dr. ali ghazi works in the e.r., often treating civilians who have been caught in sniper attacks or explosions. >> it's affecting everything. it makes a very big stress on
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the medical team. >> reporter: but he says for the most part this hospital has what it needs. it's a different story only a couple of miles away in the besieged suburb of eastern ghouta. there the rebels are completely surrounded by president bashar al-assad's forces. hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped. it's impossible for us to cross the line from here in government-held damascus to rebel-held ghouta, so we reached a doctor there by phone. >> we are under siege. we are under siege. >> reporter: dr. sakhr told us he's now operating underground after his hospital was bombed. >> my patients die, and i cannot do anything to help. sometimes when i -- i don't have anything. i cannot evacuate the patients to i.c.u. due to the continuous shelling and air strikes. this is a very bad situation for me. >> reporter: again today, no
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medical aid came through those humanitarian corridors and dr. sakhr has little faith it will. >> they will not send a doctor. they send rockets. >> reporter: the dockets may be divided geographically by this conflict, but, jeff, they share a commitment to save lives and a frustration they cannot do more. >> glor: seth doane who remains the only u.s. correspondent inside syria. seth, thank you. much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," including the mayor who defied federal agency. report we're here at oakland city hall where the mayor is unapologetic. she says she's even willing to go to jail to protect her city's sanctuary status. we're here to find out why. >> reporter: until today, they were strangers, but now they share an unbreakable bond. >> six people were saved just because i chose to be selfless for a day.
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>> glor: a battle over sanctuary cities has exploded into a public feud between the head of immigration and customs enforcement and the mayor of oakland, california now. it started when the mayor tipped off residents about a federal round-up of people living in the u.s. illegally. more on this from carter evans. >> reporter: this video shows one of the 150 undocumented immigrants being arrested in a multi-day targeted sweep throughout northern california, including oakland, where mayor libby schaaf publicly warned the community that ice agents were coming. reaction to the mayor was swift. some called her office directly. >> and the little creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one that gets called out for treason. >> reporter: others rote on facebook, "people like you make this country much more dangerous." the director of ice. >> this is a whole new world to
6:47 pm
intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is coming. i just can't believe it's happening. she gave them warning and there are 800 we were unable to locate because of that warning. >> reporter: we're here at oakland city hall where the mayor is unapologetic about tipping people off to the recent immigration round-up. she's even willing to go to jail to protect her city's sanctuary status. we're here to find out way. >> every day as the mayor of oakland i make decisions that are criticized. that comes with the job. >> reporter: but now you're being accused of protecting people with criminal records. >> what i did was my job as the mayor of oakland and reflective of the values of the people i represent. >> reporter: under president trump, arrests are up 42% compared to under president obama, and while criminal arrests under both administrations were about the same, non-criminal arrests saw a 334% spike under president trump. this afternoon people took to the streets of san francisco. can i ask you a question really
6:48 pm
quickly? are you willing to get arrested here today? >> i'm willing to get arrested for my immunity, yes. >> reporter: 25-year-old juan is undocumented. he's been living here for 17 years. has your family changed the way they're living because of the current climate? >> absolutely. there is a depression rising in my family. family members no longer want to go out of their households. that's no way the live. >> reporter: protesters don't look like they're leaving any time soon. they have formed a human chain here. they are locked together and have essentially blocked access to the immigration building. ice says the deportations will continue as planned. as for tipping off her community, oakland's mayor schaaf says she'll do it again. jeff? >> glor: carter evans inside oakland for us tonight. carter, thank you very much. coming up here, marijuana may be linked to a rise in pedestrian deaths. not only does it hold for 12 hours to reduce denture movement, it also helps provide better bite,
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customary invitation in september after superstar steph curry said he didn't want to go. today curry said he has no regrets. >> rhetoric and hate and kind of general disdain from the top trying to be divisive has had the opposite reaction it intended. >> glor: instead of the white house, he visited the african american history museum with school kids. there is danger afoot. according to a new study, pedestrians are dying in numbers not seen in 25 years. nearly 6,000 were hit and killed by cars and trucks in the u.s. last year. experts say that smartphones and legal marijuana may be partly to blame. in states that legalize recreational pot, pedestrian deaths spiked more than 16% in the first half of 2017. elsewhere pedestrian deaths were down. in london today royal couple watchers were seeing double. prince william and kate middleton and prince harry and
6:53 pm
his american bide to be, meghan markle, made a joint appearance. the british media has dubbed them "the fab four." markle made noise supporting the me too and time's up movement. >> you'll often hear people say, you're helping women find their voices. i fundamentally disagree. women don't need to find their voice. they have a voice. people need to be encouraged to use it and people need to be encouraged to listen. >> glor: harry and meghan markle are getting married in may. william and kate are expecting their third child. up next, lives are saved as one act of generosity leads to another. [seen it. covered it. n. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> glor: we end tonight with math lesson, a fun one and heartwarming. dean reynolds shows you the result of multiplying a single act of kindness six times. >> reporter: until today, kimberly cooper and brendan flaherty were strangers, but now they share an unbreakable bond. what do you say to someone? >> it's hard to say thank you. thank you for giving me freedom to be able to live my life the way i want the -- to live it, not tied up for ten hours a night. >> reporter: kimberly's kidney lives in brendan's body. each one of them can be traced back the kimberly's act of generosity. >> you're like, oh, my god, really? six people were saved just because i chose to be selfless for a day. >> reporter: and this was not necessarily meant to happen, because, well, it's complicated. brendan thought he'd get his
6:58 pm
friend phillip's kidney. he ended up with kimberly's. phillip donated his kidney anyway and started a chain reaction. >> i made a lot of selfish decisions in my life. i thought this would be a great opportunity to kind of amend those decisions. >> reporter: it turned out phillip's kidney was match for cotilda ruiz, whose daughter daisy was rejected as her donor, but daisy's kidney worked fine for scott rile, and so it went until a dozen donors and recipients were matched. all of them met for the first time this afternoon. >> i'm going to have a lineage to someone that's going to be able to live on, you know, and that's more than money and that's more than words, proving once again that generosity truly is its own reward. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> glor: and one heck of a fantastic legacy. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. the news continues now on our
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ryan seacrest boycott? >> are you worried about the oscar backlash at the red carpet? >> will a-list stars steer clear of ryan seacrest on oscar night. >> there's a chance they'll boycott doing interviews are ryan -- with ryan seacrest. >> why is the statue being erased from the red carpet. as the florida high school ropes school shooting -- reopens, school shooting survivor skills. how to get out alive. and how your cell phone can put you in more danger. and billion dollar oops? >> i'm out. >> i'm out. >> i'm out. >> you're dead to me. >> "shark tank's" epic blunder? >> do you regret not making a higher offer? plus, the fab four.


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