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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. it was my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping. a local lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct and he responds to the allegations. sticker shock after an uber ride, how a uber man racks up $1600 trip, a coastal storm taking aim, you can see the large system moving across a portion of the south, by the time it reaches us, it's expected to pack quite a washington. >> i'm jessica dean.
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>> march is level definitely coming in line a lion, kate bilo >> we have one hour left if february, it's been a nice end so february an mild february objective, you can see temperatures rain shower still above the daytime high. normal average high 47 we're still at 51 at the airport. 52 in reading, 45 in allentown, the reaching the 60's outside today. but all that is about to change. march will roar in tomorrow, you can see on stormscan 3 locally right now, just a couple of hours impacting poconos, most of these stays off to our north but notice this thick deck of clouds lurking off to the south as the system starts to gain strength and moisture, it's not a typical formation, for our area likely will not meet the definition of nor eastward. we're look i want to go two systemses that will be coming together off the coast. here want that looks like as we
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get into tomorrow and then the storm moves offshore, when it rapidly strengthens our strongest wind around the back side. rain could change over to a brief period of snow but the biggest threat with this will be the wind especially through the day friday. i'll tell how high winds will get. and which areas could see quiet accumulating snow. nick mic relli is accused of sexual assault. they're calling for him to step down, delaware county republican will he not only not step down he's run fog r reelection. the delaware county republican representative nick mic relli is facing allegations of sexual assault, misconduct and physical abuse. two women allege they are
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victims of micarelli, an army veteran with deleted deployments >> i think the clients are strong women and eager for resolution >> representing the two women who came forward with the allegation. she said her client, a state official an political consultant wanted the pennsylvania house of representatives to open an investigation. "eyewitness news" has learned that investigation is underway. >> the house acted swiftly. they took the allegation extremely seriously. and their paramount certain as is ours is the security of our client >> republican leaders released a statement which reads in part, these allegations are alarming, and if true, cannot and will not be tolerated in our caucus in the house or anywhere. it continues. while we hope to conclude the investigation this week, as of today, law enforcement is involved.
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we reached out to representative mic rellily for on camera interview but did say there's not a stitch of proof. this time, me too has gone too far. i'm running for reelection and i will be vindicated. >> tom wolf said in a statement, representative mic relli must resign and the allegations must be fully investigated bay all property authorities. again saying he will not resign. representative micarelli has not been charged. sources tell me there will be more investigation, more information about that house investigation coming up tomorrow. reporting live tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. big shake-up at the white house, communications hope hicks is resigning, she's one of president trump of most loyal aids. the announcement comes one day after he testified. hicks admitted to telling what
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amounted to white lies for the president. president trump said hicks is pursuing other opportunities. mixed emotions in parkland florida as students return to marjorie stoneman douglas high school for the first time since the mass shooting. volunteers handed out flowers as students return for half day of classes they continues to mourn the 17 classmates and teachers killed two weeks ago. about 150 grief counselors were available and the principal tweeted a photo of students therapy tooks brought in >> you kind of can't help but feel sad and happy because there's so many people here. >> it's weird to go to school a and everybody you look is a police dog president trump meantime met with members of congress to discuss ways to prevent future school shootings.
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he urged the bipartisan group of lawmakers to quickly send him gun control legislation. the president had a brief exchange with pat tomby. senator tomb me rephrased expanding background checks >> it doesn't make sense i have to wait till i'm 21 to get the gun. i'm curious what you did >> we didn't address it >> you're afraid of the nra >> frankly is that the vast majority of each, 19 and 20-year-olds in pennsylvania who have a rifle or should go they're not a threat to anyone, law abiding citizens >> also suggest arming teachers to prevent school shootings in the aftermath. wal-mart announced tonight it's raising the age to purchase ammunition and ammunition. dick's sporting goods announced it is also raising the age to
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purchase firearms to 21, dicks also ending the sail of assault style weapons and will no longer sell large capacity magazines a lawyer from montgomery county is facing porn charges, he was charged yesterday with 40 felony counts of child pornography, court papers show eight flash drives were seized from his home in ardmore, police were led when yahoo tipped off the national center for missing and exploited children and an internet address tied to the home. we have new information tonight about the crash of moving company truck in an amtrak? bridge in radnor, the driver has been arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the fourth time in less than a year a truck crashed in the low clearance bridge near the regard
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nor septa station uber surge prices got you down how would you feel if you reached home only to realize the cost of your ride was more than $1600, alexandria hoff explains how had a local man experienced a very expensive ride. >> i guess kind of embarrassing. >> reporter: let's start with the good news in the story. kendall boxman of sewell make r made it back home safe to gloucester county from a party friday. the bad news? the party was in morgantown west virginia >> i was like that's crazy, why did you agree to take me to new jersey from west virginia? >> kenneth had been out with buddies near the campus of west virginia when he said he wanted to call eight night. he ordered an uber ride, which he doesn't quite recall doing and fell asleep >> i just woke up in the uber next to an older dude >> once he made it home, the price tag of the blurry trip
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became clear >> $1,635 and change >> he accidently ordered a more expensive uber x l >> it would have been $800, but came to 1600. >> reporter: john denver since country roads take me home, in kenneth's case, they took him home but won't be here flash flood warning >> i'm going back to west virginia, pick up my bags and >> reporter: alexandria hoff sewell new jersey. youtube sensation, children spending hours watching other children play wind guth toys >> how parents should handle. . plus this >> i'm a survivor and i'm on season 36. >> what does it take to become a
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cast away on the long running cbs hit survivor? vittoria woodill asked how he finally made his dream come true >> kate tracking coastal storms when and possible flooding, breaking down the timing and what areas
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. one survivor unafraid of the challenge is philly's own >> i see city hall right there.
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that's where i used to clerk for my judge, wendell holland has steels like a swiss army knife >> put me anywhere and i'll succeed >> calls himself a true student of the game and he's been taking those for year >> since he's been watching he's been applying to be on the show n sending audition tapes >> he said what different was the focus, a reclaimed wood furniture designer and owner o furniture company, he said he like i'm more like himself. livi living. i believe they saw that. >> reporter: we'll have to. what and see hurt. i'm putting his eye for design decisioncbs3 >> let's see what will >> to see if our furniture
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should be of our island >> this is our cafeteria >> you don't see impressed >> everything must go, get rid of the tables and floor reclaim tabletops, awesome steel bases >> i would take you to the o helping those people. i mean, those desks but >> sounds good. >> i thought he would give us c up >> we need help. how would you describee want to that and go in more of a natural lively environment, sort of like survivor. >> maybe like another >> can we do a pop-up van tea forsteph? i'm thinking free, if get cbs? maybe you can do something for you >> maybe a little something,
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something. >> pop-up van tea >> technology changed so much, there's a new phenomenonal where kids are turning to other kids to play with toys >> nicole brewer has more on what every parents need to know on the child's tablet habit >> brothers have built in play mates. but recently hit it off with a friend they never met. >> here i am >> what do you say >> i'm making with a >> ryan has kind of become the friend that we don't really know but we know him. >> reporter: maybe it's because he mays with the same toys they hike. or introduces them to new ones. courtney jackson said her kids made quite the connection especially three-year-old bennett. if we let him we would jump from
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one video to another >> call eight modern day play date, ipad if you will launching less than three years ago, it's become one of the most popular youtube channels in the world. 12 and a half million subscribers and 19 billion views. >> come with a man. >> according to for yours brian brought in $11 million last year. >> what do you think of those when you watch them >> good. >> what's the attraction? some say borderline obsession to watching another child play? and should parents be concerned? dr. walls is a pediatric psychologist atny more of hospital for children >> these videos, as long as they're appropriate are normal worry for less development appropriate. >> reporter: it comes down to kids craving new information >> youtube sort of created this world where there's this
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paralleled access to con. what we know about the observational learning is that when kids are watching others do things they feel more in doing it themselves as long as it's not all they're doing >> as long as they're going to school, doing their homework, that's ok, we don't want let take over >> the american academy of pediatrics. dr. wall said if you allow your child to access these videos, you should be within eye and earshot of them as you really never can be sure of what pops up next. >> that's true. what kind of filter in >> they can get a little strange on youtube. >> kate is nodding in agreement. >> interesting. >> playing tag and hide and go seek and running around
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>> i hope they're still doing that and i think those boys are. >> this is a small part >> they won't be doing any of that tomorrow. maybe in the morning, recess at school. maybe they can get out few minutes then goes downhill. quick. starting tomorrow midday, that's when the rain going to move in and then we'll be inside, we're not going to go see the sun until saturday after tomorrow morning, the rain moves in by midday and our storm really take hold late tomorrow into friday. here ap look outside, quiet at the empty. take you up to bethlehem. skies clear, moon is nearly full. moon will be full tomorrow, you're not going to go see it tomorrow night when it's full, get out and see tonight. first of two in the month of march former but looks pretty full out there. tonight. let's take a look at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach, no problems out there. clouds building in and our system starting to take shape a lot of moisture with this one as it moves through the south. this depend once again not going
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to be a traditional coastal storm. lit take hold and strengthen once it's out over the open water. future weather. 8:00 tomorrow morning, clouds in, maybe a little bit of filtered sun, rain begins noon hour, tomorrow during the evening commute that the rain is gad start to ramp up and i think some of the heaviest rain for our area will be actually tomorrow night. the storm kind of comes int torg and night. strongest winds b snow friday. here's the heaviest rain be 10:00 this time heavily overnight continues automotive across the area, then the wind start to pick up.middae get into the back edge of the stopper, that's when the h old n we can see the brief change over from rain wet snow friday afternoon and evening and that can be slow ev commute. rain for the thursday evening commute, snow possible for the
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morning, not looking greatly we'll end upr rain much of the area, flood watch in effect. the win threat with the stim. winds will be how long thursday but and friday night as the lowr intensify. winds could gust especially at the coast as h leading to the threat of for coastal flooding andeaerosion, knot as imminent this is more ofere' friday, winds gusting over 40, n, or 50 miles an hour. that's chance for snow comes mn has best chance. lehigh valley best chance at an inch or more. a or more possible in philadelphia. a lot of watches and warning to high wind watch. a flash flood watch from philly. a winter storm watch friday into
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for south jersey and delaware. lots going on with the system. heavy rain tomorrow, wind and the chance for wet snow on friday and wind will be with us saturday as well even though the sun comes back, windchills in the 30's all day. gradually improving sunday and monday. >> i get a chill hearing you say that >> don up next with sports >> amazing game slope but fun, nova and seton hall going above and beyond. plus will nick foles be back in philly?
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. fourth ranked villanova visiting seton hall. both teams coming off saturday night. wildcats trying to avoid back-to-back losses first time in five years, we're at the prudent center and we have overtime again, booth from distant, he had seven points, nova up by three, nova beating. look at the ball movement sharing is caring, mickle bridges from the corner, nova goes up by five, bridges had 23, jaylen brunson was clutched was not good early but did this later on. he had a 14 and nova escapes on the road 69-68. temple visiting -- he had 15 points to lead. the owls up by two in the half. jaylen adams coming alive. he finished with 25 points, nice
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drive. yukon made 11, threes in this game and temple loses 5-6. lasalle, b jay johnson, went to lower merion, finished the game with 27 points be second half, more from lasalle. tony washington. throw it down, 14, explorers cruising, 71-53. switching gear, nick foles has one of the most fascinating resumes in nfl history. in three years, he's been cut twice and played for three different teams. but he's also a pro bowler and now a super bowl mvp but will he remain in midnight green, howie roseman talked about it at the nfl scouting combine >> trying to keep as many as possible and you're talking about a super bowl mvp he's been unbelievably successful. he's got great character and room and we have a franchise quarterback, we have a super
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bowl mvp. and we have a young quarterback that we're excited about as well. that's kind of how we're looking at it as we get started. we have a lot of areas we have to address, we're getting started a little bit behind the other teams if we don't get to work and get serious, we'll get our but kicked >> stay tuned. clearwater, phillies, didn't go so well, fell 7-1, vince velasquez gave up three run, phils loan run came ton a scott kingry home run. >> thank you,
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? >> man center hosted tonight >> tonight the man center announced july's community festival with conductor leonard bernstein's legacy as a champion for social justice. kate? >> the weekend is coming closer and the if news is the vast majority of the impacts from our coastal low will be moving out. we're still going to be influence r under the influence of it. high pressure building in from the west. coastal storm sitting and spinning off the coast.
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wind will stay strong especially saturday backing off slightly sunday, temperatures seasonal
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to find smarter solutions. to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at coming up next is it's the late show. for kate, don everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at have a great night family
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and sleep well. captioning sponsored by cb >> jared kushner now has less access to high-level information. the white house downgrade his clearance from top secret and sensitive to secret level. ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert."


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