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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 1, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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breaking news opens our broad was right now video just into cbs3 fire fighters arrived to find flames shooting through roof of the home in delanco burlington county earlier this morning. eyewitness news conference one person was rushed to the hospital, at this point, no word on their condition, the fire broke out after 3:00 along unit block of hickory road, cause of the fire is under investigation. today is thursday march 1st good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. >> sit march 1st. >> february. >> just like that. >> lets check the forecast with katie and road was meisha >> busy information cast. >> yes, i have been. it has been really nice. i'm just saying the construction, really looks good. >> quiet for now. we have been saying this throughout the week this is commute lucky meisha that
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draws licensing straw for traveling conditions because later today that things will go sub standingsly downhill, so, you know, again, it is not often that the a.m. shift draws licensing straw let's enjoy it while we have it. at the moment we have some clouds overhead but things are getting, interesting, at the moment, it is just clouds, but this afternoon, we will start to see a slew of watches and warnings and advisory beginning to go in effect and we will talk about that much more throughout the show but get you out the door in weather-related worries just yet. if you are out all day walk out the door with rain gear, 45 at the airport. generally in the 40's every where. mild as this storm starts to advance, which means it starts off, simply enough with rain showers but that rain will be heavier at times, with time winds kicks in we're talking snow. this is a monster of the system so march coming in like a lion to say the least.
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>> gross. we do not want to talk about snow, thank you i guess we have to enjoy it while we have it. nice roadway. we have some construction out there, overnight construction on the schuylkill westbound between south street and vine right lane compromised, also, eastbound on ramp to 30th street that is also closed. moving out the door this morning heading up on that. ninety-five looking nice, great around that s curve. same store which 42. couple quick peaks and they are looking g we have an accident that just popped up on audubon, new jersey kings high what the at 13th highway and mercon trucks on lincoln drive. lincoln drive southbound is closed between wissohickon avenue and kelly drive. all the made mid veil avenue is your best bet. now back to you. now the search is on for gunman. >> this happened just before 10:00 in the 1500 blue of ru ann street in frankford where they found him lying in the parking lot of the car
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dealership. >> based on witness account, they say a male, walk up to the victim, and from point blank range fired multiple shots. >> what is interesting about this particular shooting is that when police found the victim, lying in the parking lot, he had a gun in his hand. >> doctors say that unlikely he will survive, no arrests have been made. president trump is urging law make tours quickly send him gun control legislation, president met with members of the congress yesterday to discuss ways to prevent school shootings. president trump had a brief testy exchange with pennsylvania senator pat toomey, senator toomey proposed expanding background checks. >> it doesn't make sense, pat, turf wait until i'm 21 to get a hand gun and get this weapon at 18. i am just curious as to what did you in the bill. >> we didn't address it, mr. president. >> you know why because you air frayed of the nra. >> my reservation about it is
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the vast majority of the 18, 19, 20 years olds in pennsylvania, who have, a rifle or a shotgun they are not bad they are law abiding citizens. >> president trump suggested arming teach toes prevent school shootings. retailers are changing their policy, dick's sporting goods and wal-mart both announced they are raising their age required to purchase firearms to 21. dick's is also ending sale of the assault style weapons at its field and stream stores and it will no longer sell large capacity magazines. with flowers in hand students return to marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. classes resume yesterday for first time since the deadly shooting on valentines day. 150 grief counselors were on hand. principal tweeted a photo with students of a therapy dog, one of 40 brought in. a former student is charged with 17 counts of murder. body of reverend billy graham will lie in honor of the capitol rotunda until
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later today. yesterday's day long remembrance included a wreath laying by president trump. graham died last week at 99. he was a trusted advisor to every u.s. president since harry truman. graham will be buried near his hometown of charlotte, north carolina. another shake up in the white house hope hicks is stepping down as president trump's director of communications. she made the announcement one day before testifying before a congressional panel. moa lenghi has more from washington. >> no comment at all. >> reporter: twenty-nine year-old hope hicks was the president's longest serving, and most trusted political aid she announced that she's stepping down, the fourth communications director to leave in just over a year. the white house says that her departure has been in the works for some time. hicks resignation comes just one day after she testified, before the house intelligence committee investigating russian interference in the lassie lex. >> persisted and declined to answer questions about her time in the administration.
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>> reporter: cbs news has confirmed that hicks admitted her work required her to tell white lies, but she said that she did not lie about anything relevant to the russian investigation. hicks, a former model began her career working for ivanka trump and then president's real estate company. she was one of the first people president informed of his intent to run for office. >> i said what do you know about politics. she said absolutely nothing. i said congratulating you are in the job. she knew nothing. she was there the first day. >> reporter: hicks stayed out of the spotlight, until news of her relationship with staff secretary rob porter became public. porter was forced to resign after his fbi background check revealed domestic abuse allegations by two ex-wife's. president trump said i will miss having her by my side but when she approached me about pursuing other opportunity i totally understood. i'm sure we will work together again in the future. hicks will officially leave the white house in a few weeks moa lenghi for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". pennsylvania governor tom wolf is calling on state representative nick nick rel toy step down. the republican is facing accusations of sexual assault and misconduct and physical abuse. he represents delaware county, two women, a state official and political consultant are making those accusations. in a complaint they say he threatened to kill one of them and forced other to have sex after they broke up. the pennsylvania house of representatives is now investigating. >> the house acted swiftly. they took the allegations extremely seriously. their paramount concern as of yours is the security of our client. >> i think that the clients are extraordinarily strong women and i think they are eager for resolution with the house. >> he declined any request for an on camera interview. he said in a statement quote i can tell you there is not a stitch of truth to any of it. this time, me too has gone too far. i'm running for reelection and i will be vindicated. lawyer for montgomery county is facing child
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pornography charges. on tuesday authorities charge 69 year-old lawrence bream with 40 felony counts of child porn. court papers show officials seized eight flash drives from his home in ardmore, police were led to breen after yahoo tipped off national center for missing and exploited children about the possible down load of the pornography at an internet address tied to the home. breen is due back in court march 8th. philadelphia police are asking for public's help finding four teens they say attack a 12 year-old boy inside a restaurant. lets take a look, you can see one of the teens punch the boy and then, his cell phone, this happened earlier this month inside city view pizza on the 6600 block of north broad street. victim said he knows one of the attackers is poppy and eras kasan. they ran away after the attack and we're learning more about the crash of the moving company truck. officials tell "eyewitness news" that the driver of the truck has been rested on
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suspicion of deriving under the influence. police rested passenger for possession of the controlled substance this is fourth time in less than a year a truck has crashed in the low clearance bridge near radnor septa station. well, still ahead aspirins harry and megan markle get ready for their royal wedding we are learning about the well known girl group that could be on the guest list. a major grid lock on the highway see small problems that caused big time backups for morning commuters. more weather problems for residents of the west coast, just two months after deadly mud slides, we are back in two ne1 minute hair masks. it's the new way to nourish hair, fast. the creamy masks nourish in just one minute. 98% naturally derived ingredients. get super silky hair. super fast.
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. more and more student debt is keeping people from doing what they love. (horn sound) ♪ ♪ like buying a home. ♪ ♪ (knocking sound) traveling. ♪ ♪ even getting married. ♪ ♪ at citizens bank we can help you refinance both your federal and private student loans. so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. back on "eyewitness news" with concern over more mud slideness southern california. authorities issued evacuation warnings for areas recovering from january's deadly mud slides. those mud slides killed 21 people and destroyed more than 100 homes, winter storm set to bring heavy rain and officials are urging people to be prepared and they are warning people who choose to stay that they could be trapped for two
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or three weeks. time 4:41. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast. we have our own storm concerns around here. >> we do. this storm is showing its hand at this point. not too much has change with the expectation here. there is still seeing a lot of moisture drawn into this we are seek pieces of the puzzle come together. this storm will be basically just turn into a coastal low, it is not forming in your typical way that it would but it is regardless going to be sitting spinning off shore throwing back moisture kicking up the windness a big way, in the next day and a half here. so we have got a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the different watches, advisories and warnings in place here. we have a high win watch that goes into effect tomorrow regional wide with that. flood watch for philadelphia and point northeast with the heavy rain coming down. winter storm watch goes into effect for poconos as this cold air wraps in, that is only poconos, no one else will see that winter storm watch
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and coastal flood advisory where else? at the coast for that possibility for good possibility of coastal flooding and erosion. those all will be going in effect in the next 24 hours, future weather, this is at high noon there will not be a drop of rain out there, just yet, as day progresses depending on the timing this could come in sooner leading edge of rain moves in, just rain later on today and tonight but it will be heavy as indicated here throughout the overnight. then cold air wraps n see this rotate back around, and then even they there it is a lull in the precipitation we will get back in, this is where wind is at its peak and we could talk wind gusts up to 50 plus miles an hour and then snow on the back edge of it and that could leave behind modest accumulation, especially up in the poconos. maybe in the so modest up that way where you could see four or more inches of snow but only in that zone. down through lehigh veil you will see about an inch or so,
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and then what we could see coating in the city main legacy for this storm of the city is rain and very gusty win. i do worry about tree limbs coming down. i worry about power lines potentially coming down. at the shore, mountains they have their own set of problems with erosion, flooding, and snow up at the ski slopes. >> yikes. thanks very much. very good morning to all of you. so, all right, now we necessity is what going in the world of weather we will look outside now walking out the door we will not have those issues just yet. we are looking good now. another are overnight construction schuylkill westbound right lane compromised. eastbound on ramp from 30th street is also closed. see cones in the roadway. we know it will get busy as they move this out of the way and once it moves out of the way we will go back to normal. heading up on. that blue lieutenant headlights moving southbound past ridge pike just a quick peak here looking good both directions ben franklin bridge , it is same story gorgeous shot here pushing in the west bun direction crossing the bridge, great company there.
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we have an accident in audubon , new jersey this one has however just been cleared out, so no worries there construction, southbound closed between wissohickon avenue and kelly drive your alternate will be mid veil avenue, this is an area that will get busy so i will let you know when that clears out of your way, rahel, back over to you. megan markle and british royals take the stage together for first time. >> william and kate, harry and megan talk about their charity work in the royal foundation in london. they say this brings together all of their interests, causes their charities and their campaigns. the royals want to work through this foundation for the rest of their lives. >> often we hear people say well, you are helping women find their voices. i fun. ly disagree about that because women don't need to find a voice, they have a voice. >> it has always guided our family, to seek to engage in public life in the way that was updated and relevant for our generation. >> prince harry and megan markle will mar any may. >> speaking of the royal wedding get this the spice
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girls air parentally on the guest list and mel-b let the cat out of the bag during recent interview saying all five members of the band were invited but wouldn't confirm if they will perform during the reception. inquiring mind will have to wait until the wedding. >> can you imagine one heck of a guest list. still ahead this morning how a local man rack up a $1,600 uber ride. new poll says the type of home most americans would like to move into next in our money watch report. cappuchino art taking to a whole new level the amazing designs made in the cup of latte when "eyewitness news" continues.
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welcome back. can you imagine seeing this on your way to work this morning, two small dogs brought traffic to a halt on the highway in phoenix yesterday. pups darted in and out of traffic as they tried to catch up to them. one officer manager to catch
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within of the pups, other ran to a nearby rv park where it captured both dogs are okay. >> good to know. safe to say we have all done some stuff, dumb stuff, you may say, during a night out of drinking. >> safe to say but local man may have out did us all after he paid over $1,600 for one ride home. kennett bachmann of sewell, new jersey was part wig friend ness morgan town, west virginia friday night, in the exactly that close. he was having a good time. next thing he drunkenly ordered a uber home instead of where he was staying. he ended up paying 1635 and 93 cents for a ride. >> i just woke up in the uber next to a older dude just like telling me, i was an hour out from new jersey. >> i said that is craze why did you agree to take me to new jersey from west virginia. >> and listen to this making matters worse, he accidentally ordered a more expensive uber xl which also drove up the price. >> you want to go in comfort fit is a licensing drive you
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don't want to be in a little car. >> yeah. >> time right now 4:50 time for a check have business news >> money watch's die ann king hall joins us, so alexa google home, siri, voice commands are not just way of the future but they are into shopping, what can we expect. >> reporter: basically alexa need a new slippers, new robe, center, and voice shopping is wave of the future. $2 billion of products are purchased through amazon's alexa and other voice activated shopping port also and that is expect to jump to $40 billion by 2022. >> i understand new home sales , data shows more people are pressing pause when it comes to buying a house, so what are you finding out. >> that is right pending home sales slumped in january after a three month rise in activity national association have realtors say all major regions experienced declines in the last month, index is now in the lees level since october
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2014, experts predict that this year there will be five and a half million existing homes sold, roughly same number as last year so needle's not moving. real estate web site believe it has identified america's favorite architecture style, a pole found 43 percent of people wanted craftsman type house, 41 percent would love to move in the ranch style home and 36 percent like colonial. >> i agree with those number, would i like a craftsman like cottage. >> is that what craftsman is. >> it is like lots of exposed wood, 1920's, 30's house. >> yes. >> i don't know if you have ever been in fill but west philadelphia they have really tall ceilings, i grew up in one so i always loved those. >> those are gorgeous, i love those old homes in philly, i love them. >> you need to come visit us dianne. >> i know, i'm working on, i got to work out timing i am
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coming to vice i you guys in person. >> we will buy you a cappuchino. >> thanks, die ann. >> believe it or not that is what you are looking at right new but not just any coffee creation, it is 3-d. look at this. a barista is whipping them up in tie one. one cup of coffee art can cost 23 bucks. >> you know how thrifty i am but i would actual do i this, once, would i splurge because i think this is incredible. >> it is a dancing cappuchino for low, low price of $23. stay with us, katie has latest on the coastal storm heading our way. >> more on the timing and what areas could see snow from this storm, we will be back in a
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a lot of kelly clarkson lear things morning we are catching our breath before this next storm gets in here this morning but she's talking about a lot of complexity nothing so sim bomb this storm system. there is a lot of detail to cover outside bethlehem and every where else we are still dry. we are still just waiting at this point for things to happen and they will begin to take place this afternoon. that is when rain starts to get in here so more regional zoom we are getting club fred tennessee out through carolinas and we will see that rain get in here, picking up in intensity especially tonight and then high wind watch takes effect pretty much all day, tomorrow, for gusts that yes could peak as high as 60 miles an hour. we do have to worry about down tree limbs, debris in the road , patio furniture still out over span of the winter could start to become a projectile you have to keep that in mind and before this all gets here take extra minute to secure things on
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your porch, in your backyard, because we had nice weather you might still have stuff out there. lets talk about the best chance for snow, absolutely to the northern counties especially through poconos we will see a good burst of snow coming in here. while it probably wraps up as a brief period here in philadelphia don't expect much out of that. this is mainly for city and all point south, and wind. now at the shore, erosion, coastal flooding a big concern what he even have a flood watch that goes into effect later on from philly on north and east. there are a lot of moving piece was a complex storm system evolving here. long and short of it is p.m. drive and especially through tomorrow, just look miserable, as this storm, is rolling through. >> that is not good, katie, and it can be very dangerous as well as we all know, thanks very much. looking outside right now, 95 near betsy ross looking good, nice as it should, vine same story keeping an eye on the
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vine that is looking good as well. we had overnight construction crew is still out there schuylkill west between south street and vine, right lane compromised, in the roadway and eastbound on ramp from 30th street is also closed so just a heads up this morning, we have another accident, we have had another one that cleared, second one that popped up in southampton charlotte avenue near davis ville road, make note, construction, starting at 9:00 n broad street and walt whitman bridge. so, this absolutely will, slow you down. jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live with more of the gun control debate that took center stage at the white house. chaos inside a georgia school after a gunshot goes off we will tell you surprising suspect involved. they are rolling out red carpet for this weekend's oscar award but it could be a trying night for one celebrity , we will explain, when we come back at the top of the hour.
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we continue to follow breaking news in south jersey where flames are destroying a home in delanco burlington county. right now we know one person has been taken to the hospital , and our trang do is on the scene and will have a live report coming up. also this morning investigators are tracking gunman who shot a man in the eye and then left him fighting for his life we will tell what you police found in the victim 's hand. we are on storm watch right now storm scan three is showing a massive system that will bring rain, snow, heavy win toss our area katie's here to time it out. today is thursday march 1st, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, gateway to the weekend so right now things are look g


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