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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 1, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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from the home. still a very active scene here plumes of smoke still pouring out of this home on hickory street, in delanco, new jersey shot in the eye. a man with the gun is found injured in the parking lot of an auto dealership. president trump talking tough on guns, with top lawmakers. >> it doesn't make sense that i have to wait until i'm 21 to get a handgun but i can get this weapon at 18 so i'm just curious as to what you did in your bill. >> we didn't address it, mr. president. >> you know why because you are afraid of the nra. >> fab four made their debut in the royal engagement in london, what the young royals charities of choice. >> pretty tied up with planning a wedding at the moment. >> and hopefully the weather will be warmer on may 19th. >> and other people you do not see for a month but does that seem crazier.
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>> i think working for the white house was a little craz ier. first day of the big brother house, omarosa talks about her opinions of the white house. >> lets get katie's opinions on what the weather will be looking like. >> oh, boy, it is not pretty. quiet for now though. we have this morning's drive working, the storm coming our way, we can handle it. we have seen storms like this before but there are a lot of moving pieces with it, this is very much location based so if you are doing your thing getting kids lunch ready whatever it is, just stop and listen when forecast comes up because it depends where you are what you will see, especially precipitation wise and impact wise too here's storm scan, nothing yet, all we have is clouds to start to build in and quite mild outside but rain will eventually work its way in this afternoon and get heavy,
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tonight. we are currently at 43 at the airport. low to mid 40's around the board so we are off to yet another mild start. but as we travel we will see a peak of sun trying to break through that included cover, don't get used to it, those showers pick up and it will be heavier rain, into tonight, especially later tonight this is also about the point where the wind begins to pick up. so we are looking at just the current set of alerts. they may in the have gone in effect just yet but this is a short list of what goes in effect. high wind watch regional wide, flood watches for philadelphia and points northeast, winter storm watch for poconos, specifically, and then coastal flood advisory for south jersey and delaware. so, if this graphic doesn't tell that story, i don't know what does. there is a lot of complexity with this storm system and a lot of details to cover and we will do our best to break this down in a simplified manner later in the show, meisha. >> sounds good, katie, thank you. good morning. happy gateway to our weekend
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to you. we have an accident here on the schuylkill eastbound blocking it that left lane at vare avenue. left lane is block. you are seeing drivers, drive pennsylvania it we are getting a gaper delay, of course. just a heads up on this. however, when we were looking at backup shot camera behind it we don't have any real backups forming, so you are still getting by that accident , okay, for now, and those are the keyword, at 5:30 if that accident is still out there schuylkill eastbound at vare avenue in the next 20 minutes we will talk about a much different story. we will see what happens, heading outside right now i would still give myself an extra 10 minutes or so but really you still getting by for now. ben franklin bridge looking good traveling westbound in center city, we have another accident in southampton where a vehicle hit a pole, davis ville closed between charlotte avenue and harding road, use an alternate, mapel avenue is your best bet, rahel , over to you.
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well, tough talk on guns, when president trump holds another meeting on school safety today. >> president discussed gun control during a meeting with top lawmakers yesterday. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with more, good morning. >> reporter: tough talk, indeed rahel and jim, good morning. lawmakers call out was pennsylvania senator pat toomey, the exchange happened during a meeting of senators at the white house yesterday and as you mentioned to day the president is scheduled to have yet another meeting on school safety. for the first time since that mass shooting took 17 lives, two weeks ago, students from marjory stoneman douglas high school sat dunn for class yesterday, shortly after president trump talked tough on guns with top law makers in washington. >> we have to stop this nonsense. it is time report report during a bipartisan meeting with congress the president crossed both party lines and nra, he called for tighter back gun checks, asked g.o.p. to shelf a conceal and carry measure and advocating the age to buy weapons like the one
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used to buy in parkland florida. >> it doesn't make sense i to wait until 21 to get a hand gun and wait until 18, i don't know. i was curious what did you in your bill. >> we didn't address it, mr. president. >> you know why because you are afraid of the nra, right. >> nra spokesperson says while the meeting made for great tv gun control proposals discuss wood make important bad policy lawmakers now question whether the president, will follow through. >> two things we will see. i hope that he sticks to it. >> i don't know yet whether that was just a performance or whether that is naturally the position of the white house. >> reporter: meantime the big box retailers are making changes on their own, dick's sporting goods says it is removing assault style guns and high capacity magazines from stores, dick's and wal-mart announce they will no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21. so back to senator toomey now after the meeting toomey
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said he did not think president's nra comment was aimed at him personally but rather direct to members of the congress generally. toomey has not received any money from the nra since 2010. life from the news center, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new back inside to you. high school teacher in georgia faces serious charge these morning. five three-year old randall davidson a social studies teachers fired a shot in his classroom yesterday no students were in the room at the time but incident set off panic inside of the school. >> when the principal put a key in the door to try to unlock the classroom, mr. davidson fired a shot from a handgun, through an exterior window of the classroom. it did not appear it was aimed at anybody. >> unaudible. >> police reacted quickly to helped students' vac wait the school, he was arrested without further incident.
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in business news this morning what is powering a surge in weight watchers customers. >> also a peak inside oscar swag bag, and a look at the markets on march 1st. money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: wall street happy to usual inner march after war month in two years. threat of the higher interest rates and inflation sent dow jones for another loop dow jones dumbled 388, nasdaq 57. best buoys closing 250 of its stand alone mobil phone stores in this country. they opened a decade ago when mobile phone business where is fast and high profit margins but nation's largest consumer electronic chain says running the stand alone locations then its larger stores. weight watchers is bulking up bottom line they report aid 23 percent jump over the last year. weight watchers say over factor and star power of the brand's social media, ambassador dj khalid is a big
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draw for customers. swag bags are an oscar tradition, los angeles marketing company handed out nominees in the major category this year gifts are worth at least a hundred thousand dollars and included in the bag, just some of the items 12 night trip for tanzania for two, genetic service and luxury diamond necklace. >> you know, 23 and me send a sample bag and they tell you all about your genetics. >> i was like what the heck. >> yeah you get them both. >> okay. go visit your relatives maybe they are from there. >> apparently. >> we will get check with you tomorrow. >> just win an oscar or being nominated. >> oh, yeah, swag bags are not just for winners. >> all you have to do. >> to do list. >> bensalem bucks count police hope you can help them track down two suspects targeting atm users. >> police say these men installed a skimmer at bb and
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t bank on bristol road last movement device records bank card fur and then they use to steel money from the user account. suspects are also wanted for placing skimming devices on atmness letter merion. if you recognize these men call police. philadelphia police are looking for four teens wanted for attack a boy inside a restaurant. surveillance shows one punched a 12 year-old boy and steel his cell phone. it happened this month inside city view pizza on the 5600 block of north broad street. boy told police he knows one of the attackers as poppy and eras kasan. if you recognize these teens, please call the police. and this is becoming a familiar scene trucks crashing in the railroad bridge near radnor septa station. it has happened again, yesterday. now the driver of the moving truck is facing charges for driving under the influence. officers also arrested the passenger in the truck for possession of the controlled substance this marks the fourth time that a truck has hit the bridge in less than a year. well, a lawyer from montgomery county is facing child pornography charges,
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authorities charged 69 year-old lawrence breen with 40 counts, felony counts, of child porn this week. court papers show eight flash drives were taken from his home in ardmore. police were led to breen when yahoo tipped off national center for missing and exploited children alerting them of a possible down load of porn at an internet address , tied to the home. breen's preliminary hearing is tied for march 8th. body of the reverend billy graham will lie in honor at u.s. capitol until later today as thousands pay their respects. president trump laid a wreath by graham's casket yesterday during a day long remembrance in the row continue dave graham died last week at 99. he counseled presidents all the way back to harry truman. graham's just the fourth private citizen to lie in the rotunda, his funeral is tomorrow in his home state of north carolina. up next we will tell you why celebrities may be trying to avoid on the red carpet at this weekend's academy awards.
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we will tell you what it takes to craft the oscar statues, you know they are a work of art, katie. >> jim, coming up we are looking ahead, to a very complex storm system with rain , wind, snow, flooding, all concerns, for our area, and so we will try to unpack details of the system for you coming up after the break but first your cure auto insurance travel forecast. ♪ when seeds we sow
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maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ oo8z z12fz y2oo8y y12fy preparations for oscars are underway if hollywood gets ready for biggest night, they rolled out red carpet in l.a. yesterday, the academy award will be broadcast live this sunday night with jimmy kimmel returning as its host but ryan seacrest espeseth to interview stars on the red carpet. seacrest tea fends himself against allegations of sexual harassment, e has chosen to stand by its long time host.
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ever wonder what initial to making the shiny gold oscar statues, it takes three months to make the award. they are coated in 24 carat gold after multi step process. it produces five a day and roughly 60 total, inspect each one to make sure it is perfect and they make it for every nominee in each category so at governor's ball after the oscars. and, i have to tell you what is bugging will smith. >> love georgia but you have to do something about them bugs. >> west philadelphia native is , near savanna filming, and smith hit instagram to show off his latest obsession, mosquito mask. here's what prince harry and megan markle what they want, what they really, really want, the spice girls, mel-b let the cat out of the bag during a recent interview saying all five members were invited, she would not, however confirm if they would perform during the reception.
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>> that would be amazing. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you want my future, forget my pennsylvania. >> ♪ >> we will move on. >> please, everybody going back, and recording that, right now. >> that just happened. >> i used to, blast that song in high school, driving in my mom's station wagon to band practice and be blaring. >> boy, you were cool. >> i was the coolest. >> station wagon with the band practice. >> all about girl power. >> yes. >> we have a lot to get to. >> yes. >> what we really do not want is a storm, too bad, guys it will come whether we like it or not and it has got a lot of
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complexity to it. here's a live look in ocean city where nothing has started to take place, just yet, win is still nice and calm. it will stay that way for now and tonight and tomorrow that wind starts to crank and you are not going to find that at the shore. this is every where the wind picks up but shore, coastal flooding, erosion is an issue and we will see this coincide with the full moon to make things more interesting which means flooding could continue for couple high tide cycles. looking at the region with the weather watchers we have decent, conditions, mid to upper 30's to report. we are still very quiet across the region right now but it is also mild, technically speaking for beginning of the march to start off in the upper 30's and in the mid 40's we will eventually, again, be well above average here later this afternoon. here's one piece of the large puzzle of the wet weather lifting northeast. that is where includeds come from and later this afternoon
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and night fall rain will over spread region and also intensify in just how heavy, it will become. tonight looking very, very dicey for travelers but you have got morning drive on your side here. we have been talking about the win, do not discount it, it is going to whip, why? because this storm system as it intensifies off shore really gets wind going so gusts could peak as high as 50 if not 60 miles an hour and that is not exclusive to the shore but anywhere. so make a point before you leave to secure any loose objects out on your deck, it has been so nice, some might have stuff outside skill that could be projectile put it back in the garage or get it out or secure it at least. with the rain a change over to snow takes place and we will get a sweet spot where you want it, up in the mountains. it looks good for ski lovers with 5 inches or more, possibly double that depending on how robust batch of snow
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gets and ends up being here but down in the city mainly rain, wind potential for coating for back edge. i wouldn't worry about the snow, rain, win is big issue and remiss not to mention my philadelphia union have their home owner on saturday, storms gone but breezy but might feel as good as 32 at kick off. looking forward though it will get better in to monday, back to sunshine and mild high of 50. >> come on monday, i never thought i would wanted a monday to come on. >> yes. >> all right, hi, katie, thank you. we are looking outside, good morning, happy gateway to our weekend, so right new we have got dry roadways, katie pointed out not going to last, but as we head outside, we have to be careful in certain areas because we have activity , we have a car fire 202 southbound at 252 pulled off to in a far right lane, in the too many brake lights here , little bit but we're okay in terms of the volume traveling past that.
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this is where we are not okay we have an accident here at schuylkill eastbound at vare avenue, left lane that is block, now all of the lanes are block, and you're nosey nellie neighbor is giving you gaper delays again westbound side of vare avenue tapping on their brakes, and all lanes are block schuylkill eastbound at vare avenue. so about 15 minutes ago we had a couple drivable lanes opened i said in the next 15 or 20 minutes things will probably change and sure enough, they have, this is backup shot, absolutely, dead, stopped, parking lot here. so if you are heading out there i just wouldn't, why would you? this is wharf to head into. schuylkill ease bun at vare avenue you leave the day way right now all lanes block and sitting in this. i will let you know when that clears. right now not looking good, jim, over to you. this morning police in california are looking for a man tried to rob a jewelry store claiming to have a bomb this happened last night in santa monica the suspect told workers he had a bomb strapped
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to him and threatening to blow it up. he got away without any jewelry and crashed his suv trying to get away. police say he dropped what was the explosive device next to the suv before running off. >> it looks like it is something homemade but i cannot make that determination and that why is we requested our bomb squad to come out, take a look at that device. bomb squad death made the safely. police did not say whether it was a actual bomb. suspect still on the run. authorities in southern california are searching for a man who savagely beat a store clerk during a robbery attempt it attack was caught on camera suspect asked drivers for money before he went inside the gas station, building and confronted the clerk. suspect grabbed a baseball bat from behind the counter and attack the clerk witt, all over ten dollars worth of gas. >> he just got upset, and all of a sudden he started to throw stuff from the counter. why do you come here.
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>> hopefully they find that guy. police are hoping someone recognizes man or white getaway car. the clerk is expect to be okay up next hear from a local man had a few drinks and ended up paying 16 bun bucks for a uber ride. >> he had a few, few drinks. >> we will tell you where these pups caused a traffic jam during the rush hour, stay with us, we will be right back
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♪ >> this is a great song because you know what a night out drinking can lead to some dumb decisions. >> a local man who drunkenly paid $1,600 for a ride home. kennett bachmann of sewell, new jersey was part wig friend ness morgan town west virginia when he decided it was time to go home, he ordered an uber. nothing unusual about. that he punched in his home dress in new jersey. he got in the car and ended up paying $1,635.93. >> i just woke up in the uber next to an older dude just
5:56 am
telling me i was an hour out from new jersey. >> i said that is crazy like why do you agree to take me to new jersey from west virginia. >> well, that wasn't bad enough he accidentally ordered a more expensive uber xl which then doubled the price. >> if you travel that distance you want to go in style, don't go in a broken up truck. take a look at this do you see that small white doggie and another pup brought a traffic to the halt on a highway in phoenix. pups darted as drivers got out of their cars to help police catch them. one caught one of the dogs other pup ran to a rv park where it was eventually captured, bet dogs are fortunately okay. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" updating breaking news fast moving fire in south jersey. plus college baseball coach is in hot water for turning a i way student from colorado, yes says that matters. omarosa stops by to chat with stephen colbert hear what she told late show host about
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working for president trump coming up
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we are following breaking news flames tear through a delanco home, sending two people to the hospital we are live on the scene with the very latest information. surprise resignation from white house director, hope hicks we will have new details and what it means for the trump administration. and turning to the
6:00 am
forecast, u.s. is bracing for severe weather from coast to coast, katie's timing out when it hits our area and who will get rain and who will get some snow. >> it is thursday march 1st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning this march 1st. >> good morning. now i can echo that sentiment. looking outside right now jumping out there on the schuylkill it is so busy because of an accident that has all lanes blocked and backups are as far as the eye can see. >> that is not good. we thought this would be quiet commute too, so eventually the weather is the main issue this evening, that leads to the slow downs but yes, sit tight for that report but for now at least things are quiet, across the board. we are at 42 at whitefield elementary school 1lone car driving down a still dry roadway and it will stay that way through lunchtime but cloud are that sign of things to come starting to bilo in and advance and eventually the rain will do the


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